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 Post subject: FF News: Happy New Year from Footprints Filmworks...
PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:52 am 

Joined: Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:08 am
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Welcome to Footprints Filmworks
April 2014

Footprints Filmworks is an investment company that invests into

internet media, print media,

text media, FILM and distribution...

Footprints Filmworks is created by Omar Abdulla, and

today ranks as one of the leading marketing and promotional

companies in Africa...

Welcome to the 672th edition of Footprints Filmworks

marketed and promoted through

websites, newspapers, text messages, films and other

forms of commercials creating a leading

brand locally and internationally...

Footprints Filmworks is the leading shareholder in FF News,

Footprints M0bile,

Footprints Chrome and Footprints in South Africa,

which is the focus of attention

for 2014, all operating as their own companies, with

specialization in their own industries

and markets...For purposes of simplification,

this FRONT PAGE highlights the investments

that the companies are involved in, and the outcome

of marketing and promotional activities

in the landmarks of our country's that we market in...

Further investments not open to the public,

and is under planning include The Footprints Universities,

The Footprints Schools, Footprints TV

and Radio Footprints which will be in operation in 2015/2016...

If you are reading this commercial

with due interest and attention, we assure you, our customers

that we rely on quality customer service,

speedy delivery, and awesome reality, allowing our clients to

always have a smile on their faces...

Thumbnail 3:38
Footprints filmworks
click 'n play introduction

Footprints Filmworks

Footprints Filmworks is the major shareholder in the

companies mentioned above the

page and is the major shareholder in these companies

holding a majority of 26% in

each company, holding the voting rights when major

decisions of the company are

made...Footprints Filmworks sells shares into these

four major companies that are

in the limelight for 2014, and as per say, the company

administrates the function

of Footprints M0bile, Footprints Chrome,

Footprints in South Africa and FF News...Each

company has their own share price, and if you read below,

individuals can choose to purchase

whole shares into Footprints Filmworks or sub-divisions

of the company through direct contact...

For April 2014, shares in Footprints Filmworks are

offered at R12 500, down R1500 from February 2014,

as we had to merge certain companies with other companies

and had the opportunity to buy back

shares sold in previous years, thus the selling price of

R12 500 per share...If you are interested

to buy Footprints Filmworks shares, please call our

head office number...Prices of shares are re-valued

every two months, and investors may choose to

withdraw their funds from our segregated accounts

within 14 working days...

Shares in Footprints Filmworks are thus

offered at R12 500 for April 2014,

and investors are guaranteed an 18% PA return on


with no profit taking on return...Flat

return, Flat excess...

Invest with Footprints Filmworks today...

FF News

FF News (Footprints Filmworks News) is a news portal which transports

more than 80000 posts per

day, and markets companies in South Africa,

Australia, United States, Cuba,

Spain, England, France

and more than 88 other country's where we

advertise companies brands and promotions through

direct and indirect marketing through posts on the internet...

FF News holds shares in other Footprints

brands companies including Footprints Fuzz Forums,

Footprints SA Investments, and Footprints USA Investments...

Each of these companies are owned wholly by FF News, and in turn,

Footprints Filmworks holds the major

shares into FF News...Footprints Fuzz Forums is a posting network,

that allows individuals to post and

advertise their companies for FREE, and thus developing

Footprints USA Investments which is in the

current production of 500 000 websites in The United States...

Clients may choose to purchase shares

into FF News or by advertising on the relative websites...

A quick snapshot of prices excluding administration

fees include that an individual may choose to place his/her company

ADVERT on these websites for ONLY

R4 per website from our allocated 8888 websites in South Africa...

If an individual chooses not to place

a banner ADVERT, and instead chooses an editorial of his/her

company, the same price may be arranged

with an individual 'Editorial fee,' of R500, with the rest

charged on the amount of websites taken up...


may be fictional when advertising for simplification and

understanding...Other additional features include that

advertisers may choose

to post INTRODUCTION VIDEOS on Youtube, Facebook,

Twitter and Google with

charges of R10 000 per two minute commercial...

These are all optional covers that the advertiser

may choose from...Please note, once the video is produced,

the same video may be advertised

on the websites, with the same R4 per website charged...

If an individual chooses to buy shares

into FF News the asking price for April 2014, is R2500 per share,

with share prices fixed at 24%

return over two years...This investment matures after two

years and individuals may buy

a maximum of 30 shares at any given time...

FF News is investing heavenly into Footprints USA Investments and share prices

may rise to R15 000 ea by 2016...So buy low, and make the moola where it

counts...NB: This is a fixed return on investment, and no-matter what the price

of the share may be after two years, the capital + 24% is paid after two years..

Promote. Prosper. Prepare. with FF News...

Thumbnail 0:43
Footprints Filmworks, Footprints in Laudium,
Footprints in South Africa

Footprints Chrome

Footprints Chrome is a newspaper magnet that manages

and directs more than

60 000 newspapers

internationally, 5 million e-mail addresses and more than

40 000 magazines...Footprints

Chrome is ideal for personalities who lead their directorship

of their companies and allows

leaders of the companies a 30% discount on advertising in

newspapers, and via e-mail...At

Footprints, we design the ADVERT for you, FREE of charge,

with charges only based

on the newspapers or magazines that you choose...

For Example, a Handyman chooses

to target the Port Elizabeth market, with an estimated

six tabloid newspapers...Footprints

Chrome arranges the marketing in these targeted

audience market for 30% below prime rates...

Clients may also sift the individuals in our e-mail

database for the clients they choose their brand

to be marketed...This format of advertising is ideal

for nursery schools, handymen, plumbers,

builders, and residents who have a set market,

like a store, or a location that is fixed...Prices

in Footprints Chrome range from R500 per

newspaper with bundles of R5000-00 charged

for twelve newspapers, with FREE design by

Footprints Chrome...

If an individual chooses

to market his brand ONLY to vehicle dealers, he/she

will pay R2 per e-mail chosen...Footprints

Chrome is currently trading at ONLY R1500-00 per share,

with shareholding in other companies

including Peter Pan Productions, Investment Solutions,

Gunns and Roses and Fashion Freak...Shares

offered at R1500-00 per share, and shares are re-valued quarterly...

Individuals receive return

on the sale of the share, when the client chooses to "cash up..."

If for example, a client purchased

40 Footprints Chrome shares at R1500 ea in April 2014, and in

June 2015, the price is at R4000 ea,

the individual may withdraw either the capital or profits at any

given time...Please note, prices

of shares may drop if we as a company have to hedge our investments...

This investment is for

the individual who enjoys risk, and who monitors

his company through our advertising mediums...

Apple has said that e-mail is the future of advertising,

so why not take advantage of this

"once in a lifetime opportunity..." Please note,

there is no lock in period for this share...

Invest. Advertise. Dream. ONLY with Footprints Chrome...

Footprints Filmworks

Footprints in South Africa

The Movie

Footprints in South Africa is a four part series of our

country encapsulating

the F I R S T m0bile FILM produced in South Africa

and distributed via websites,

DVD and Vcd...Footprints in South Africa is made up of

four 88 minute documentaries,

with a maximum of 32 commercials, each at two minutes ea

and is OPEN only to

South Africans...

Many thousands of residents who view our

sites internationally

have 'begged-'n-pleaded,' to know about the store owner

who works in Hatfield,

many residents have asked us to see beautiful

sunny beaches in Durban, whilst

others have asked about the farming community of the country...

All this information

is best viewed on PAGE 2 of this website, but for simplification

purposes Footprints

in South Africa, is the first real-life history of our

country that teaches the eight major

subjects at school, proclaiming the history of the country,

the geographical locations,

the mathematical photosphere, and exclusive interviews

with movers and shakers, money

spinners, the man who walks the street, old pioneers,

teenagers and other facets of

the country, which makes her who she is today...

Footprints in South Africa is FREE for

viewing on our websites, but when released in October 2014,

the copy will cost

you a cost-efficient R120-00 for four DVD's which includes

the memorial service of the

late Mr. Nelson Mandela...

Our interviews in Footprints in South Africa are charged at

no cost to the individual, as we select the people whom we

choose to interview,

whilst commercial advertising is charged at

R25000-00 ea for two minutes with

distribution via websites, DVD, VCD and other sources

totally a minimum of 50

million viewership internationally...

For other actors, actresses, models and people

who have made a difference to our country,

we will not pay you, or charge you,

simply call our head-office number with your

enquirer and we will gladly assist...As

mentioned previously, Footprints in South

Africa is owned by

Footprints Filmworks,

and shares offered to the public in

Footprints in South Africa

has remained at

R4000 ea, with no capital or profit guaranteed...

Individuals may only choose

to "cash-up," their shares after two years

at the selling price at that time...Advertisers

in the film will receive 50 FREE copies of the FILM...

This is an ideal opportunity to expose your business

to millions of South Africans

and international residents...

Market. Manage. Motivate. Only with Footprints in South Africa

Thumbnail 1:15
Footprints filmworks
click 'n play

Footprints M0bile

Footprints M0bile in association with 8ta Networks

has launched the first advertising

commercial on M0bile...Want your business exposed to

people who you know...? Do you


your business to be exposed to your competition...?

Want to get more than 50 calls

per day about your business...??

If you have answered YES to all of these questions

than Footprints M0bile is the ideal advertising medium

for you...Let's say that you

are a farmer who farms eggs at the local farm and you

choose the entire FREE STATE to

know about your company...

Simply, call our head-office number, and we will manage your

advertising risk according to your pocket...If you were to

send a text

message from your

mobile to market your business it cost you up to R5000-00

to send an SMS to

5000 people...

At Footprints M0bile, it's no biggie, as we charge

you only 0.33c

per text message to whoever

you want, whenever you want,

to the market that you choose...

Footprints M0bile is owned

by Footprints Filmworks and shares in the marketing

decisions when it's crunch time...

Why are

you still reading this...??

Get dialing and call our head-office number today...

Please note, bundles

can only be sold with a minimum of 10 000 SMS's,

(these are our researched numbers)

with a maximum of 250 000 SMS's sent

over a three month period...

Shares into Footprints M0bile are charged ONLY

at R3000-00 ea,

and as this is the growing arm of Footprints Filmworks,

we are giving away our shares

at the nominated price with no profit guarantee,

and ONLY capital guarantee...

Shares are re-valued quarterly for Footprints M0bile...


may choose to "cash-up," their funds at a n y given time,

as this share holds no maturity...

Footprints M0bile is the new invention of the 21st Century

that is here to stay for a long

time...For now, clients are ONLY available to advertise

in South Africa, and if clients

choose to e x p a n d their horizon into

international markets

they may make use

of Footprints USA Investments, Footprints in South Africa

or FF News...

Final Remarks

Footprints Filmworks started back in 2006, when the founding director

Mr. Omar Abdulla

had lost over R100 million rand in trading the South African

stock market, and with only

a few cents to rub together, he borrowed money

from his then girlfriend to START up

the company with a measly R8000...

Unfortunately for him, she passed away in a tragic

motor accident, and this motivated him to continue the business...

Mr. Abdulla has now

resigned as the Managing Director of Footprints Filmworks,

and has been working with

other companies in South Africa to outstretch his own


Photo's of

me, his wife, will never be released,

as I wear Purdah (veiled) and am forced to sit at home

and make the babies...HAHA...

So, it's me, and my team of personnel that run the show,

and from time to time, get inundated with calls and

advertising bookings...

Thus, if you

choose to market, promote, advertise your business

on a n y of these formats, please

be so kind to find out more information...

As a gift to our new shareholders for April

2014, we will be giving a 20% premium reduction

to shareholders who choose to

advertise on a n y of the brands mentioned on the

FRONT PAGE...Get dialing

and to know more about the fictional stories written on

Footprints Filmworks,

simply, type Footprints Filmworks in Google...

PS: My husband still remains the face of the company,

whilst I do the dirty work :(

Happy Rea searching

The Footprints Team

Tel: 012 3703469 Tel: 0847867865

Tel: 011 8888888 Tel: 0836627863

Tel: 0860 Footprints Tel: 0815988000

NB: Click on the videos to choose 'your-form,' of advertising...

Thumbnail 1:04
Footprints Filmworks


Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla.jpg
Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla.jpg [ 9.52 KiB | Viewed 370 times ]
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