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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 2:13 am 
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Jon quickly began interrogating James.

"Look we have a lot of evidence blaming you on Jeff's death. But you should admit it now, because if you do we can lower your prison time significantly a yar or two.... And I know anyone would want that." Jon played his card on James.

"Fine I did kill him. The pay wasn't bad." James admitted.

The duo took him in so he and the others would face court for their crimes.


Luke made his call and waited carefully managing to see a car drive up outside the window. Luke then got up only to be met by Seph.

"I must admit I didn't think you'd get this far." Seph noted smugly.

"You underestimate me. Now I have the file."

"But I have a bunch of men with guns surrounding you."

"Good point."

Luke carefully thought through what to do. He then knocked the file up into the air creating a rain of paper. In that time he collects as much notes as he can before breaking the window with a kick and jumping through it on to the car.

"Holy sh*t, are you crazy?" Susan asked as Luke climbed into the passenger seat.

"It was my only option and I managed to get some files together. Also thankjs for the help"

"You're welcome I just need to ask why call me?"

"Jon was busy on his case. Plus I thought we should get to know each other a bit."

"Fair enough. Now let's leave."

Susan quickly drives off as Seph watches. He then immediately picks up as many papaers and rummages through them.

"*smiles* He doesn't have enough evidence to get me. We need to amp up security and keep our watch on those two. Also get me Ms Bennet here."

Seph smugly walked off knowing his plan hasn't been stopped.


Luke and Susan arrive to see Jon, Austin and Jimmy having some lunch.

"What happened?" Jon asked with some worry as Luke summed up everything that happened.

"Ok this is getting serious. We need a plan." Austin noted with concern as Jimmy replied "I can help."

"Are you sure this case seemed to be a bit of trouble for you. This whole conspiracy might be too much." Jon stated.

"Don't worry I'll sort myself up. Besides this could be fun." Jimmy said.

"and Dangerous. We're dealing with something we don't understand I just hope these files can give some clues.

The group huddled together to read the files curious.

End of Case 4

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 2:45 am 
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Jimmy's Unfinished School Business

The group searches through the files. Jimmy attempts to grab a piece of a file but jitter for a second.

"What the heck is this supposed to mean?" Susan wondered looking at a document.

"Actually guys," Jimmy said getting out of his seat. "I probably should head back to the university. I need to hand in something if I'm going to be a math professor 2 years from now."

"If you need to clear your head, go ahead," Austin said. "Man Seph has more interesting stuff than I do at home."

Jimmy arrives at the university and heads towards the entrance. For a second, he thought he saw Megan standing next to a pillar. But as the students went past, she wasn't there.
Jimmy runs up the stairs to the second floor and he suddenly sees Susan and Luke standing right there.

"How did you guys get here so fast?" Jimmy asked. "Aren't you supposed to be busting Seph's ass?

"We're not the ones that want to see you Jimmy," Luke said.

"You want to know why Megan left you Jimmy?" Susan said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Jimmy asked in worry.

Suddenly Megan comes out of nowhere holding Austin's hand and the two suddenly kiss.

"Whoa!" Jimmy yelled "What the hell?"

Austin took out his gun and pointed it at Jimmy.

"You're a failure Jimmy!" Jon screamed next to the stairs. "Megan didn't left you because of your fight."

"What the-?" Jimmy raged in panic.

"Austin is such a handsome man," Megan said. "No wonder why you made friends with him. But why did Austin become friends with something pathetic and useless like you?"

Jimmy panicked in fear.

"It's because I planned for this day to come," Austin said. "And now, you shall suffer in hell remembering this moment.

Austin shoots Jimmy in the shoulder.

"AHH!" Jimmy screamed in pain.

Jimmy got up and stepped further back.

"You guys are not real!" Jimmy freaked out in pain as blood ran down his shoulder. "This is all in my head."

"No Jimmy," Megan said. "This is real."

Austin pointed his gun at Jimmy again making Jimmy run too quickly back into the ledge. Jimmy falls over screaming in pain as he falls and collapses on a table.

A bunch of people scream and noticed the fall. Jimmy was unconscious as he laid on the broken wooden table.

"SOMEBODY CALL 911!" a girl screamed.

Jimmy didn't make a sound as he fell into a sleep due to not sleeping for almost 48 hours and consuming too much caffeine. But how does that explain the nightmares?


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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 4:49 am 
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Case 5 Begins
Jon after visiting their boss walks back into the room.

"Good new everyone. I convinced our rarely seen boss to let me take the case and any one of you are free to help me." Jon announces happily.

"Well that's good but unfortunately I have one small case to deal with. I'll try to finish it fast so I can help you guys." Austin revealed.

"Well make sure you do good, whatever this is, is much more important. Still these files are confusing. It's like Seph knew we couldn't understand them." Luke stated skimming over the papers.

"The only thing I can see is that the project cost a substantial amount of money and Jon's name is all over parts of it. Why does he want you in?" Susan noted.

"I don't know but we have to get to work. I'll get Jimmy and my tech guys to keep watch on BCI for any developments." Jon stated as he pulled out his phone and called the group of hackers.


"Ms Bannet, lovely to see you again." Seph said smugly as Olivia sat down.

"Yes of course. Now what is it?"

"I need to go on another date with Jon. He needs to be distracted."

"God fine I'll do it. The first date was fun. Have you realised how creepy you sound wanting me to date him?"

"Yes but I have other things to deal with."

"Ok then. I'll be off."

Olivia quietly leaves as Seph turns around reads the projects current report.

Back at the HQ

Jon receives a phone call in his office as skimmed once more through the files.


"Hello sweetie."

"Oh hi Olivia, we have pet names now?"

"Ha ha I love you humor."

"That doesn't sound like sarcasm."

"I know anyways interested in a second date. I promise it will be better this time."

"Look I'm kinda busy now, It's a bit complicated conspiracy, mysterious company etc..... But I'll go this saturday. Why you ask? Well I just want to see ow far this goes. It could be fun"

"Yeah I promise it will be. I'll choose the place this time."

"Thank you. I ran out of places to go."

"Ok well bye."


Both hung up before looking back on their previous date remembering what they said about their lives and jobs. Jon soon realised how interesting Olivia was as Olivia realised Jon was someone who is more interested who she really is than her actual shell.

Both knew that second date would be different.

(As you could tell I split you up to handle Jimmy and keep Austin involved)

Being Meta since 2010.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 8:41 pm 
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Austin drove to the university to see if Jimmy wanted to help. But he kept in mind that maybe Jimmy should take a next 10 hours of sleep before helping them again. When Austin drove by the front, he noticed an ambulance outside the front doors with small people surrounding the area.

Austin parked the car and ran to see what the problem was.

"What happened?" Austin asked holding up his badge.

Once the driver saw the badge he replied, "an accident. Apparently somebody fell from the second floor and onto a wooden table."

"Oh Jesus!" Austin said. He saw the person being carried out of the building on the bed. But as the unconscious person went past, he noticed it was Jimmy.

"Jimmy!" Austin said in shock.

"WHAT?" Susan said in shock.

"Jimmy fell off from the second floor," Austin said on phone as he waited in the lounge of the hospital as Jimmy was taken in.

"Is it possible Seph is behind it?" Susan asked.

"I don't know," Austin replied. "Witnesses of his fall say no one was around him as he walked backwards and off the edge."

"Are you sure?" Susan asked.

"When are people ever truthful?" Austin asked. "You can't be sure if it's told by witnesses. But after rounding up what people say, it was an accident."

"If Jimmy's in a bad state, you better let him rest so you can help us out," Susan said.

"I'm just going to see what the doctor says about it," Austin said. "The poor guy suffered not being able to sleep with the Jeff Hawthorne case."

"Well what the heck has he been doing after he helped us?" Susan asked.

"I don't know," Austin said. "But whatever is wrong with Jimmy, I'll find out first before helping you guys. I need to know what happened to him before that fall."

"Have you asked him yet?" Susan asked.

"He's still unconscious," Austin said. "I'm just waiting in the lounge for an answer."

"Alright," Susan said. "I'll tell the guys what's going on. But please, be quick."

"I'll see you later," Austin said hanging up the phone without saying goodbye.

Austin sits down worrying about Jimmy.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:20 pm 
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(That's right I'm back but only for a short time so I'm gonna make this count, buddy)

Jon got the call from Susan about Austin and Jimmy. Shocked he sits down for a bit before getting to work.

Jon using his resources and favors people owed him looked at closesly as he could into BCI. Finding out any info that he can.

Luke quietly walked in to check on Jon.

"So how's you investigation so far?" Luke asked curious.

"So far ok. The entire company seems to be clean but the history of the business when it was first opened is somewhat gone. It's like something happened when the company was created. Seph clearly has something to hide there. Strangely the business opened a year after my former partner Mark died. But there's little connection to that." Jon replied.

"Hey Jon"


"I miss these talks it feels like forever since we worked on something as big as this."

"Yeah but this seems to be way bigger than I ever imagined. There's a conspiracy here. Something I can't explain or comprehend. Seph is up to something and for some reason it involves me."

"Well I can't think of anyone better to solve this than you."

"Thanks buddy."

Luke quietly leaves Jon to continue working and meets with Susan for lunch.

The following day..

"Huh it's a saturday and I have a date." Jon notes as he wakes up and eats breakfast. Jon then gets dressed swiftly and calls Olivia.

Olivia picks up the phone happily.

"Good morning loverboy"

"I still don't like this nicknames thing. Also how do you feel about having brunch? you know breakfast and lunch."

"I know a good pancake place."

"Do they have chocolate pancakes?"


"I'm in. I'll see you in about an hour."

"Ok. Bye sweetie"

"I still don't like it."

Both hang up and get ready for the date.

One Hour Later...

The two meet at the pancake place in casual wear. Olivia in jeans and a t-shirt and Jon in jacket and pants.

"We don't look so bad in casual wear do we?" Jon remarked.

"*laughs* Yeah besides I can't wear stuff like dresses forever."

"Or catsuits." Jon replied smugly.

Olivia gives him a confused face as jon replies "Don't give me that face I've already figured everything out about you. I have some techie friends that helped me investigate you. Don't worry I won't tell. Not until I catch you steal again."

"Ok I guess that should've been told from the beginning."

"No sh*t Sherlock. Now I only have two questions. Why are you dating me? and What exactll made you become a cat burgular?"

"No need to swear but fine I'll come clean. I'm dating you because well you seem like an interesing guy and you seem to be the only person not alluded by my charm."

"Yeah I'm like that with a lot of people."

"Well as my decision to become a cat burgular. Well how do I say this. In high school I was a bit of a nerd, I had the glasses, hair in a ponytail and everything..."

"Continue and don't worry I'm a nerd too."

"I was always ignored by people and I loved comic books and movies quite a bit. For the most part I didn't care about what people thought of me until I was booed off stage on graduation day after I did a speech calling out every popular kid in my year as idiots and dumbasses."

"I hate those kind of people."

"So once I graduated and moved from home I decided to take some inspiration from Selina Kyle. I changed my look, bought a catsuit and boots. The whole schtick. And so I began a life of crime, stealing artifacts sellling them online and making myself sorta rich. It's pretty good."

"Interesting, I'll let it go. you seem nice enough. you don't have any real agenda by dating me unless you want me to help cover up your robberies."

"No no. It feels good getting that out in the open and no I can cover them up myself. Wanna eat?"

"That would be nice."

The two sorder their pancakes and continues talking about their lives. Both clearly struck by their hidden depths.

Later on at Olivia's house...

"Mind if I come in?" Jon asks nicely.

"It would be a pleasure."

The couple enter the house as jon gets given the tour of the place including the area where Olivia hides burgular gear.

"Nice hiding spot."

"Yeah it's like my own personal Batcave. I'm just gonna go check on something you can look around."

Olivia leaves quietly as Jon searches more around the house seeing a photo of Olivia when she was younger and looking nerdy. Jon picks up the photo and walks up to Olivia.

"You were pretty cute for a nerd back then. I could've dated you if I wanted to"

"Aren't you sweet." Olivia notes sincerely as she snatches the picture off Jon and gives him a kiss.

"You're a better kisser than I thought." Olivia jokes as Jon replies "Well this time I was caught by surprise."

The two smile at each other before sitting down on Olivia's couch and talking more before essentially making out.

As they kiss Olivia remembers why exactly she's dating him and resolves to tell him as soon as possible, knowing she actually might like him.

(I'm the master of subtlety here.)


Seph anxiously walks around his HQ on some news.

Suddenly a random worked runs up to him.

"Yes?" Seph says unpatient.

"The plan is ready to start sir."

"Good, now we wait for Jon."

TO BE CONTINUED (in the next week or so depending on my time)

Being Meta since 2010.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:12 am 
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Austin was still in the Hospital Lobby waiting for a response on Jimmy's condition. After two hours, a nurse came in to give him the news.

"Is he alright?" Austin asked.

"We don't know," the nurse replied. "We cannot explain why he's unconscious. His fall may have been the trigger but he should have woke up sooner."

"What else?" Austin asked in worry.

"He may be passing out due to extreme shock, it could be paranoia," the nurse replied. "Also his blood doesn't seem to be natural."

"What do you mean?" Austin asked


Jimmy is running down the street. He was running from the cops. The sirens got louder and closer as if he were running away from a hellhound or Slender Man. Jimmy jumped onto a fence and climbed over to hide in an alley from the police. Jimmy was wanted by Austin and Jon for being the loser of the team. Nothing made sense to Jimmy whatsoever.

Jimmy checked out his shoulder where Austin shot him when he fell off the balcony at the University. He didn't understand how he got onto the streets or how the wound healed so quickly. He knew that if something had to be done, he would have to avoid Austin and his team.

Dawn approached as Jimmy was hiding in the woods. He could hear the sirens from the far distance as he hid in the woods. He was hoping that nothing pops out at him in the middle of nowhere. He decides to press on by walking down the path in the middle of the woods. Then suddenly he jumped as he heard a gun loading behind him.

"We find criminals James Ferguson!" Austin grinned pointing the gun directly at Jimmy. "They can run but they cannot hide."

Jimmy decides to turn around to see that Austin, his best friend is gun pointing him.

"You son of a b!tch!" Jimmy roared in anger. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why?" Austin laughed insanely. "Why? Because, it's justice. We get to humiliate you till the day you die, and there's no law in the world that can save you. This is real Jimmy. You are worthless. Useless. A pathetic consultant that wasted time on the Jeff case."

"Stop talking and SHOOT ME ALREADY!" Jimmy shouted. "This isn't real and I know it. Kill me now, so I can wake up."

Austin smirked as he lowered his gun and pointed back at Jimmy. "Alright. But one last thing before you go. Say hi to the archangel downstairs for me. He sure supports us by torturing our worldly criminals."

Austin was about to pull the trigger. BAM! Austin got shot from behind through the chest. Austin turned around to see who shot him. Jimmy couldn't believe his eyes when he saw who killed Austin. It was himself, but a different Jimmy.

"Ain't I a stinker?" Jimmy-2 mocked in a terrible Bug's Bunny voice.

Austin drops dead to the ground as a pool of blood spreads around the corpse in Austin's lifeless body. Jimmy was shocked. He just witnessed his best friend being shot and he's seeing himself in front of him with a gun.

"Hello Jimmy," Jimmy-2 said in a grin.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:19 pm 
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After spending several hours kissing and talking (including Olivia wearing glasses for the first time in months and tiying her hair in a ponytail for the sake of it.) Olivia finally decides to get her story straight.

"I think I'll be off." Jon notes getting up to the door.

"Wait I need to tell you something important and please don't take it the wrong way." Olivia rushedly says getting in front of the door.


"I'm not exactly dating you for the reasons you think and no its not because I want my record cleaned or my robberies unknown. It's something I don't really understand."

"Continue" Jon noted with curiosity.

"I was hired to date you as part of a distraction by this guy called Seph."

"Oh god... I know all about this guy."

"Look he threatened to get me arrested at first. And please just forgive me for this. Everything we've been doing for the past day has been real. I'm being sincere here. I think I might be falling for you."

".. I don't know what to say. I need to take a walk about this. I can tell you're sincere but this a lot to take in."

"I know just take all the time you need ok. Just don't let us go fast becuase of this ok?"

"Ok." Jon kisses Olivia on the cheek and quietly leaves as he thinks about this in his car.

Oivia watches him go with hesistation as her phone rings.

"*picks up phone* Yes"

"Hello Ms Bennet, it's Seph. visit me in your office for your pay. We no longer need you for this."

"Ok I'll be there *hangs up*"

A little mad by this Olivia quickly runs to her car and drives off the to BCI HQ.

Upon arriving, she instantly enters Seph's office and slaps him.

"I didn't see that coming" Seph jokes smugly as he covers his bruised cheek.

"I know we're done but that's for putting through this bullsh*t"

"Well I can understnd there. So your money is here on the table *slides the envelope to Olivia*"

"Keep your stupid money. I'm just glad we're done here. *slides envelope back*"

"Fine then, thanks for your help Ms Bennet. I hope we never meet again."

"Aren't you funny." Olivia jokes snidely as she walks out the office and drives home glad this whole problem is over.


"Wait he still hasn't woken up and his blood isn't natural? That is really weird. I trust you to stay by him and keep up on the news. i'll talk to you later. *hangs up*" jon puts down his phone puzzled by Jimmy's condition as he continues work on looking into BCI. He then meets with Luke and Susan who have been talking a lot.

"How are you guys going?"

"We're fine, did you hear about Jimmy?"

"Yeah just got off the phone. That is weird. but not as weird as what happened to day. I went on my latest date with Olivia."

"It turned out pretty well. We ended making out and I find out she was quite a nerd in high school. It's all cute really."

"Ok cool. well yesterday me and Susan went out for lunch."

"Yeah it was fun, we have a lot in common." Susan notes happily.

"Hmm just like it to have my own assistant and our recruit or rookie to hook up, sort of."

"Yeah that's funny Jon. Are you ever not gonna compare life to a tv show or movie?"

"Not until I die." Jon jokes as he walks out leaving the two to themselves.

Jon then walks in to check on his tech guys wh owed him some favours.

"So you guys hacked in to the BCI HQ successfully."

"Yeah but it wasn't so easy this Seph guy really wants to keep it all secret. Luckily he forgot about a channel where we can stream it and he can't track it back to us."

"Oh you Cybermonks are hilarious."

"We're not cybermonks, we're just talented hackers."

"Ok so anything interesting."

"Nothing but a woman walked into Seph's office and slapped him."

"Can you show me it?"

"Of course"

Jon then watches the security footage with audio of Olivia slapping Seph and refusing his money. Surprised but happy by this, he leaves the hackers to their work and drives back to Olivia's place.

*ding dong*

Olivia opens the door to see Jon with open arms.

"You made up your mind?"

"Yep and I saw fottage of you slapping that idiot Seph."


"I have good friends and connections."


"I'm staying with you. Anyone who can stand up to that assh*le is in my good books."

"Anything I can help with?"

"Well seeing as you've been sorta associated with the investigation. i'd like you to give me descriptions of anything you saw inside the building that is interesting or suspicious. But first tihs.."

Jon then goes in for the kiss, which Olivia accepts happily.

(Yay happy ending for now)

Meanwhile.. at BCI.

"Sir, should we make our move on Jon?"

"Not yet but I have a feeling, he''l be here very soon." Seph notes smugly as he smiles.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:56 am 
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Jimmy was confronted by himself with a gun in Jimmy-2's hand. Jimmy-2 walks over Austin's dead body.

"Who- who are you?" Jimmy asked freaking out.

"I'm you," Jimmy-2 replied. "Just your mind's shoulder."

"This is all a dream!" Jimmy shook his head. "I have to wake up!"

"Well you got one thing right Jimmy," Jimmy-2 said. "You are in your grapefruit. But you are shattering down. Piece, by piece."

"I- I don't understand?" Jimmy questioned in fear.

"You can't escape this dream Jimmy," Jimmy-2 said. "Your friends and everyone you know is turning against you."

"But- but this is only in my head!" Jimmy snapped. "Austin and Jon would never attempt to kill me! Megan would never hurt me like this!"

"You're right Jimmy," Jimmy-2 grinned. "Now, the real question is, how can you fight this off? If you can't wake up, you have to fight."

"I'm not following you?" Jimmy questioned.

"You're falling down piece by piece," Jimmy-2 said, "If you want to fight off this dream, you must kill your friends. They are what stand in your way."

Jimmy jittered in fear as he couldn't believe what him own self was suggesting.

"Come with me Jimmy," Jimmy-2 said. "Together, we can fight off the evil that's in your head."

Jimmy suddenly felt a pulse in his chest. But he ignored it. He finally decided to reply what is right.

"No," Jimmy replied.

"No?" Jimmy-2 questioned.

"You heard me you son of a b¡tch!" Jimmy snapped. "I would never - NEVER - kill my friends! If you think I'm stupid, I am not! I know what you are!"

"Of course Jimmy," Jimmy-2 replied softly. "I'm you."

"No you're not!" Jimmy roared. "You are nothing but an illusion in my head trying to trick me into thinking you're helping me! You are some drug that's in my system! And I will do anything, to fight you off!"

"You're talking nonsense Jimmy," Jimmy-2 replied.

"SHUT UP!" Jimmy roared.

"Fine," Jimmy-2 said. "I guess I'll make your journey to the pits a lot quicker!"

Jimmy-2 points the gun at Jimmy. Jimmy jolt from the spot and into the deep part of the woods.

Austin in the hospital lobby waits for further changes in Jimmy's condition. According to the nurse, he has been drugged before he started to help work on the Jeff murder case. Whatever drugged Jimmy was pointless for investigation since the garbage is long gone away from the university. The drug could have been placed in his drink or coffee. The Doctors have been unable to determine what the drug is which puts Jimmy's life at risk.

Jimmy runs as fast as he could away from his counterpart. Jimmy-2 was walking rather than running.

"Come out come out come out, wherever you are!" Jimmy-2 mocked.

Jimmy-2 walks back on the path as he lost track of Jimmy. But it doesn't stop him from finding Jimmy.

Jimmy walks back to Austin's dead body as he has an idea.

Jimmy-2 walks back to the site where Austin was killed. He could sense the presence of Jimmy, but could never truly know where he is. He suddenly saw Jimmy's dress shirt behind a bush. Jimmy-2 pointed his gun and shot three bullets. He walked up closer to realize it wasn't Jimmy at all. It was just Jimmy's dress suit. Jimmy-2 was confused since he could feel Jimmy's presence somewhere around him.
Jimmy-2 was shot from behind the exact way Austin had died, right through the back and out the chest. Jimmy breathes hardly as he keeps Austin's gun pointed at his counterpart in case a bullet wasn't enough.

Jimmy-2 coughs out blood lying flat on the ground in pain as he slowly dies.

"If you think this is over Jimmy," Jimmy-2 wheezed on his final breath. "It's not! Everyone you know shall died before your very eyes!"

"I'm not going to follow a drug!" Jimmy snapped glad that he killed his counterpart.

Jimmy-2 finally dies and a bright light flashed into Jimmy's eyes as he woke up in the hospital bed with a syringe in his chest. He ejects the syringe out and notices a masked figure in the room. The masked figure was a person with dark blond hair and looked to be a female.

"Who are you?" Jimmy asks wondering if he should be scared or thankful.

The mask figure climbed out of the window and jumped onto the tree. Jimmy tried to react quickly by getting out of his bed but collapsed to the ground.

"WAIT!" Jimmy shouted out. "WHO ARE YOU!?"

Austin came bursting into the room.

"Jimmy!" Austin called out trying to help him back in his bed.

"No!" Jimmy shouted. "No! She saved me!"

Austin placed Jimmy back on the bed.

"She saved me!"

"Who?" Austin asked.

"I don't know?" Jimmy replied. "Some vigilante in a mask just woke me up!"

"For a second, I thought you were going to say angel," Austin murmured realizing there's no time for a sense of humor. "Where is she?"

"Out the window!" Jimmy pointed.

Austin quickly rushed over to the window, but no person was in sight. Whoever saved Jimmy is long gone and unknown.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:11 pm 
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Jon then gets a call from Austin about Jimmy, being told about it, he and Olivia quickly drive to the hospital.

"Hey I just got here as soon as I can." Jon said in a rush as ran into Jimmy's room.

"Yeah, Jimmy just catched me up on what dream he had. *looks at Olivia* So you must be the girl Jon's going out with. The name's Austin." Austin noted as he quickly introduced himself.

"My pleasure." Olivia said as she walks out of the room to leave the 3 boys to work.

"Ok that's out of the way. Jimmy tell me what you saw. Everything.." Jon ordered Jimmy.

"Ok" Jimmy replied as then explained the dream he had and the person he sort of saw.

"God this just gets weirder and weirder for us, doesn't it?" Jon jokes as he ponders what it all means.

"You got that right. Now I'm gonna quickly leave and see the security tapes. *points to camera on corner* There's gotta be some footage there of whoever broke in. We need to solve this." Austin says swiftly as he walks out determined.

"You ok?" Jon asks nicely as Olivia walks in with Luke and Susan who were also called in.

"Yeah I'll be fine, so how's your investigation?" Jimmy asks curiously

Luke replies "It's going ok so far."

"Yeah I'm sort of planning to sneak into BCI HQ tomorrow." Jon notes with hesitation.

"Any chance I can help?" Jimmy asks clearly trying to distract from his current problem.

"No you can't. I have enough help from everyone as it is and you have a pretty big problem here and I trust austin can solve it for you. Remember we're all here for you buddy."

"*smiles* Thanks guys."

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:44 am 
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Jon walks off with Olivia. Austin nods at Susan and Luke as a sign, he'll do fine by himself. Susan and Luke nod as they head out along with Jon and Olivia.

"You do know the dream probably has no needed propose for evidence right?" Jimmy wondered. "I mean it's just something that was being juggled in my mind."

"Well any illusion can be important for an investigation," Austin replied. "You still have yet to hear about a guy who's been attacked by a fairy. The lore ones, not the stereotypical Tinkerbell ones."

Jimmy nods trying to figure out if anything can help them. But a dream that was caused by the drug is just a dream, so it would be useless to say what had happened.

"Are you feeling alright?" Austin asked.

"Well, besides the fact I fell a story and my back and neck is in pain," Jimmy replied. "Surprisingly fine."

"Alright," Austin said. "I'm going to take this syringe to the office so we can figure out what kind of antidote was used on you. It may lead us to whatever drugged you. But I can't say for sure if we can find out more. You should rest for now. You need it after that whole Jeff case and this unpleasant experience. Plus we need to make sure you get to a full recovery."

"Thanks Austin," Jimmy said. "It's kind of awkward how the drug was making me think different about you guys. But I know you wouldn't betray me and I would never betray you. For you, a thousand times over. I wish I could help, but I guess I'm safer here than out there in the field."

"I promise we will find out this mystery together and throw them in jail," Austin said. "We have security outside and the window sealed incase someone breaks in. If someone breaks in, shout out."

"The obvious," Jimmy says in a weird voice.

Austin nods as he leaves Jimmy alone for the nurses to determine if the antidote has cleared his veins from the drug, and to help him with any pain from falling off the second floor. The real question is, who drugged Jimmy and why? But the question that was mostly on Jimmy's mind is who saved him? One thing that is for sure is that it was no angel. But a female who saved his life.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:59 pm 
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(Why do I have a feeling I know who that girl is? ;))

The following day

Jon, Luke, Susan get ready to sneak into BCI HQ.

"Luke, do you sill have your pass cards?"

"Yeah but don't you think Seph would've deactivated them since I escaped them last time?"

"Just in case. Ok buddy? Who knows they may be handy."

"Whatever you say." Susan remarks smugly as the trio get in their combat gear with handguns and kevlar vest.

"You know what would be cool?" Jon asks clearly for a joke.

"What?" Luke replies

"If I had a Lawgiver from Judge Dredd. I mean it's so cool. You shoot different types of bullets. Only one person can use the gun. Each mode is voice activated. It's like the ultimate smart gun."

"Yeah that would be cool." Luke notes with a chuckle.

"You guys are surprisingly calm. Especially for what we're about to do." Susan notes with a bit if surprise.

"Oh no. I'm not calm, I'm actually freaking out inside. But that's ok. Besides there's fun to be had here." Jon says nicely.

The trio drive to the BCI HQ and park several blocks away to avoid being seen.

The three quietly enter the building from the car park and wear masks to cover their identity.

They then arrive at the elevator, they then use Luke's passcard..

It works much to their surprise.

"Ok this is definitely weird. We need to keep watch ok. Chances are Seph might've been expecting us."

They enter the elevator and upon entering the first floor find a bunch of guards ready to shoot them. The trio pull out their guns and shoot as they rushedly get the elevator to go up.

(Note: As the fight sequence happens, listen to this on preview: It makes the whole scene feel more epic.)

"God tihs feels like die Hard or Dredd or The Raid" Jon jokes as he reloads his gun.

"I've only see Die Hard and mind you we're the ones raiding the building. By going up every floor and shooting every guard who tries to get us." Susan notes as she shoots a guard in the shoulder.

Luke rushedly presses the top button to the top floor. The trio enter in and run across the hallway shooting anyone going after them.

Managing to run into Seph's real main office. They lock the door. They then take off any bullet remains on their kevlar vests that they can pull off as Seph appears right before them with a slow sarcastic clap.

"Lovely job boys and girls. I'll take it from here" Seph notes smugly. "Aren't you going to take a seat?"

"I'd rather stand" jon jokes as he puts his gun to Seph.

"Suit yourself."

"What do you want Seph?" susan asks with suspicion.

"I simply want to talk. I knew you'd be coming soon here. So I had Luke's passcard still be active."

"What about hiring Olivia to date me?"

"Ah yes well that was one of my sillier moments to get you distracted while my plan comes into play. Thankfully she left with a good slap. Didn't think she'd have a change of heart with you."

"Well whatever. Now we have you at gunpoint. What is your plan?"

"All in good time. But for now. Maybe I should tell you of my intentions. You see crime is unstoppable."

"Well yes it is." Jon remarks confused.

"But I can stop it myself. One day while working to catch a serial killer, he shot me and pushed me off a ledge. As I fell I realised that such extremes done by people like him can't be done by those working to stop him."

"Wait shot and pushed off a ledge by a serial killer...thats.."

"Yes that's right Jon, you've finally figured it out. It's me your old buddy Mark. Back and better than ever."

"But how?" Jon asked with such confusion and sadness.

"My kevlar vest sort of helped me survive the fall, as I landed there stuck in my mind thought about crime as it is now."


"Once I survived the fall I got taken to the hospital for my injuries. After that was done I took plastic surgery to change my appearance. from then on I used special contacts and resources ot create BCI and my plan. Once I got you involved I began to get everything together."

"Ok then. Plastic surgery can't just change your face." Jon said hesitantly as he htne asked the weirder question.

"Yeah it could but it was over several seesions. mind you"

"Ok but what now?"

"I suggest you three sit down and think about what I just told you after all the real spoilers are coming in just a moment."


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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:12 am 
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(I'm curious where your side of the story is going to go . Things just got *sunglasses* serious! As for my case, it's going to be a confusing one and I think you may know who Jimmy's saviour was.)

Austin got the syringe analyzed but the results came out as unidentified. They tried piecing some of it's elements together but it got them nowhere which means this could have been a new or experimental antidote for whatever drugged Jimmy.

"Sigh, I hate these kind of cases," Austin moaned as he took a break to get some coffee.

Jimmy tried to rest but didn't feel like resting after all that has been happening. After the whole drugged experience, he didn't feel like sleeping. He was surprise he wasn't tired. He was just, hurt. He wishes he could sign out and leave, but he was told not to as he was going to remain in the hospital for a few days to two weeks. Jimmy moaned feeling like he's in a caring version of Alcatraz.

Jimmy leans back to watch the news but nothing interesting was on. He tried to sleep, but didn't feel like it.

Austin drinks his cup of coffee and scrapes his tongue with his teeth due to the hot liquid.

Austin looks up possible drug attacks on the internet but nothing that has happened in the past month could be found. The last one was a solved case was where the father poisoned his daughter and killed her which his team was never a part of. He tries to figure out any possibility on why Jimmy was a target. Jimmy had no criminal record, and he's been a successful student in university. So what reason would someone want to wipe Jimmy's soul off the face of the Earth? He tries to think of some possibilities but came up with nothing.

Jimmy was given jello to eat. He really disliked the texture of jello but at least it was red which usually was the color of his favorite flavor.

Jimmy got up and out of bed. He tried standing on his feet. He was able to stand up but his back and neck were in pain. He walks slowly over to the washroom to take a pee. He had no troubles standing and aiming his piss but his back and neck really bothered him. After washing his hands, he heads back over to his bed where he saw the hideous looking red jello waiting to wobble in his mouth. But before he could get back into bed, his cell phone on the bed tray rung. He was send a text message by an unknown person. He opens it up and the words that appeared on the screen shocked him.


Jimmy freaked as he tried to hurry to the doors but his condition was slowing him down. As he made it, the security came from across the hallway to him.

"Mr. Ferguson!" the security guard said grabbing him. "You still not in your condition to-"

"NO DON'T!" Jimmy freaked out. "THERE'S BO-"


Jimmy and the guards dive to the ground while covering the back of their heads. The explosion blew up the hospital room shattering the windows in the hallway. After Jimmy got to the ground too quick, his back gave off a great amount of pain, but not so much from his neck. But now, his ear drums are harmed after hearing a loud explosion and shattering windows. It wasn't like the loud sound he would see in a big movie theater.

The security kept on guard incase it was a distraction.

Nothing made sense to Jimmy. Now there's even more questions to be answered. Who drugged him? Who saved him? And who tried to kill him in an explosion? Also who warned him it was going to happen?

Jimmy got up and tried to ignore the pain he was in, he walk forward to the exploded room and saw it burned in ruins.

'Well what do you know,' Jimmy said to himself noticing the explosion destroyed the jello. 'Silver lining!"

Jimmy was brought into the office for better protection. Austin lead him to the couch in the kitchen. Jimmy was still in pain but he pretended he was better.

"Things are getting serious," Austin said to himself even though Jimmy was listening. "My partners are busy busting Seph's ass, you were almost killed twice in two harsh ways. And you were saved twice."

"That about sums it up," Jimmy nodded in pain but tried to ignore it the best as possible.

"Alright," Austin said. "I'm seeing if my team can trace the text message back to the original user. If we can find the person who send the tex message, we can find them."

Jimmy sighed as he wished he stayed in that room to make the pain stop. He was being hunted, but by who?

"If you need anything, my men can help and I'll be here unless otherwise," Austin said. "There's some coffee and water if you want some."

"Water would be nice," Jimmy said.

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:44 am 
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Jon and the other sat down quite shocked by this reveal.

"So what are you going to do?" Jon asked confused as ever.

"Well my big plan is simple eradicate all crime." Seph replied smugly.

"But how, I mean you can't just easily get rid of crime." Jon said even more confused.

"But you see Jon my company has been building up its resources to the point where we can access cameras from anywhere around the world. Not to mention the fact that we have offices all around the world with agents working everyday to stop criminals and with my program that sense crime at any second even beforehand, within years we can completely take away crime." Seph announced happily.

"But that's insane you can't do that!!" Jon said as Seph replies "Oh but I can and you'll help me in it."

"Why would I help you?"

"Oh Jon, don't you get it? Don't you remember all the times we talked about completely destroying crime, maybe even stopping it before it happens. That was my plan for you to join me, that's why I approached you about working together in some form and when I realised you were getting suspicious I took care by distracting you and mind you I got my revenge on Sam Malcovich."

"But those were all jokes, we only just watched Minority Report. you killed Sam? I thought you arrested him."

"Well I lied and don't worry I gave him the same fate he tried give me. and Yes but my program records info on every person around the world and studies them to figure out if they are capable of performing a crime and when we catch them about to perform a murder or robbery we arrest them. Now Jon join me and help us completely take away crime and make the world a safer and far more peaceful place." Seph offered.

"I wouldn't join you if it was the end of the world. You've gone mad. You can't just do this, you can't spy on people, you can't assume they'll commit crimes. You just can't do this."

"Oh but I can by midnight tonight the machine containing the program will activate and you three will be the first to see it in action."

"Oh really?"

"Yes and I believe you'll enjoy it."

Luke gets up "Not if I can help it."

Luke pulls out his gun and pistol whips Seph on the head.

"Well are we going to escape?"

"Well yeah." Jon said smugly as the three bash the door into the next office.

The trio quickly run with the little bullets they have shooting anyone that gets in the way and travels down to the carpark to their car in the elevator.

Seph wakes up and watches the trio escape as the guards shoot at them.

"Let them go. They know what's happening tonight. They will be back and with more people. But now i'll go check on the machine, my former partner will return to his senses." Seph walks off to the lab to check on his program.

1 hour later.

Jon and the others arrive at their station.

"Ok we need to call anyone we need. this is serious ok, i just called Austin to catch him up on everything but I suggested that he should help Jimmy out first before coming with us. Jimmy almost got blown up!" (Note: I'm just doing that to keep your story out of it, if you want Austin to help I'm fine either way.)

The group exchange a surprised look upon hearing Jon say Jimmy was almost blown up.

"Wow really, god that is getting serious with him. But that might take a while with Austin helping him." Susan notes clearly shocked and scared of what she just heard.

"I don't care, I also just called Olivia to get ready as she may be targeted."

Suddenly Olivia walks in "Which is why I'm staying with you and helping out."

"But it's going to be dangerous."

"I'm a cat burglar, I handle dangerous everyday."

"Ok then." The two share a quick kiss as Luke butts in with "Shouldn't we tell a higher authority about this, I mean we're only just detectives"

"We could but who would believe our story. That this madman has a machine that can watch people all around the world and can sense crime before it happens? NO ONE! It's up to us now."

Luke realises Jon's point as the group relaxes for a while.

"Are you going to be ok? i mean this is all pretty big, with Mark being Seph and the machine/program." Luke asks hesitantly.

"I'll be fine, I can take it in but I'll deal with it after tonight." Jon notes with a somber tone in his voice.

"It's like everything led up to this moment in time. I just we win."

"Stop speaking like we're in a movie." Jon says.

Luke gives him a confused look.

"That's my gimmick and trait." Jon says smiling.

The whole group laugh clearly scared but calm.

(Oh yes this is very big and you're right I probably do know who Jimmy's saviour was but why this is happening him? I got no idea)

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:47 am 
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(Seph playing God. That's a pretty good one. Usually whoever plays God says he's a hero when it usually always goes downhill. Great idea!)

Jimmy drinks down his second cup of water. He didn't care if it was tap water, it was purifying to him.

Austin breaks in to give Jimmy an update.

"Well it according to the office, Seph seems to be playing God," Austin said.

"Do you think he's the one who tried to kill me?" Jimmy asked.

"I doubt it, because you have helped us fight crime," Austin replied. "It's got to be something else."

"I'm guessing you bursted in here for another reason?" Jimmy wondered taking another sip to realize there's no water in the cup

"It's the Seph case," Austin said. "It seems very huge. We know his motive but we can't prove he's guilty. Our team is needing loads backup and they need me. But I told them I can't, because I need to figure out who's trying to kill you."

Jimmy nodded understanding. But he hates to be the reason why Seph is closer to winning his battle.

"Go," Jimmy said.

"What?" Austin questioned.

"Go help them," Jimmy said. "I'll be safe in here. We have no leads on who is trying to kill me. And I don't want to be the reason if Jon or Luke doesn't have their backs covered from open fire. They have a chance to beat Seph. We don't have a chance finding my killer. You should help them. I'll make sure I stay safe. I promise not to do anything reckless."

"Jimmy, this is a big request you're suggesting," Austin replied. "I don't want Seph's case to be the reason that you're dead."

"Trust me," Jimmy said, "their lives are more important. Without them, there's no one to fight crime. I'm just a university geek with mathematics, physics, and computers as school subjects."

"Jimmy," Austin said. "I'm not going to go if it means putting your life at risk."

"Go," Jimmy requested again. "They need your help to save people from a guy who wants to be God. I'll be fine. They are the once who need your help."

Austin regretted going, not because it was dangerous, but he could be putting his friend's life at risk with one less eyes on him. He drived to where the team is meeting at and looked at his cell phone several times wondering if he should turn back.

Suddenly, out of nowhere someone's lights were brightly flashing at the rear of the car.

"Son of a b¡tch!" Austin groaned, "turn those dame lights down! You're lucky I don't have time to give you a ticket." Austin tried to ignore it, but then he noticed someone drifting their vehicle far off in a close mall parking lot. "Okay seriously, you two are the reason car accidents ha-"


A long-haul truck came out of nowhere to the right of Austin and smashed the car making Austin lose control. The windows shattered, the car was wreck, and Austin was....

(To Be Continued)
(Do not infer the fact that I'm hit.)

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 Post subject: Re: The Crime Show RPG
PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:15 am 
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(Yep I thought of that idea way back. And man are things getting serious.)

"He should be here now. what's taking him?" Susan notes as the group wait on Austin.

"It might be traffic and we still have six hours til midnight." Luke says calmly.

"I called Jimmy and he said he saw Austin leave, he's on his way. Look here's an idea, me and Olivia will wait on Austin, you two should start going to BCI. I'll call the tech guys to create the distraction. So you guys can get close. If austin doesn't come in the next half hour we'll come." Jon suggests clearly scared.

"Fair enough, I'll do it." Luke and Susan begin to drive off as Jon calls the tech guys to get to work.

Jon and Olivia wait around cozying around each other.

"How do you feel?"

"Ok, it's just a lot to take in. I mean my former partner is alive and crazy, he wants to plat GOD! by eradicating all crime. It's just wow.."

"Ever since I got forced to date you I realised how nice it is to have someone involved in my life. I'm always so closed off. Not to mention that you're funny, witty, smart and don't take crap from me. Well what I'm trying to say Jon is, I love you. "

"*smiles* I love you too."

They kiss passionately.

"If we survive this I'll take you on a nice normal date. Also promise me that after this you'll stop burgularing."

"Ok and yes I promise. I doubt I could do much using you to distract from me robbing places anyway."

"Also kudos on the connect the dots cat on the map area."

"Yeah took me a while to make that. It's pretty fun and made a good calling card for those smart enough to catch."

The duo collectively smile and make out briefly still waiting on Austin.


"Sir, we can see Susan and Luke driving near us."

"What about Jon?" Seph asks.

"No sign so far."

"Let them pass but keep a small eye. They may be a distraction for Jon. We can't let anything pass. We still have 5 hours til the machine's activation." Seph notes smugly as he checks on the machine whick is loading through the files and world readying for activation.

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