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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:34 am 
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[Uh, I don't think Eppes was the one there.]
[Update: Edited]

The FBI triples the security to guard Rowan Cross at the hospital after the other security guard got shot. The guard was lucky enough to survive, after the man shot the guard while he was unconscious. It was strange however that he did not kill. The man was still in custody, refusing cooperation.

Meanwhile in the FBI office, Marshall has calmed down but couldn't stop talking about how lucky he and Otacon were to have handled a man on their own. Marshall and Otacon look into Wendy Vernon's emails, and collected every message sent by Rowan Cross. Most of them were mentions about a Caesar's List, and the last email was unread saying to be prepared if the FBI appears on your doorstep. But while checking the emails, they found the two other mathematical pieces that were supposed to be four and five mentioned in the letter Otacon received around the time of the case with Jack.

Marshall solves the fifth piece which was a Fair Division algorithm problem. This is well known in university as the cake cutting algorithm, where if a person favors the chocolate side of the cake only, then it becomes complicated to figure out your fair division. According to the question, there were three men by the names of Isaac, Widget, and Francis.

"Every thing he has given us must have some sort of purpose," Otacon stated. "The first question he asked me was who made the laws of motion and how many there were. The name Isaac must refer to Isaac Newton. The second question, he asked me about a probability problem between two machines producing a widget, and the answer was that the defect rate to the first machine was eighty-seven point five precent. He repeated it again for the fourth question."

It turns out the second question he was asked on the bridge was the number fourth mathematical equation he had to solve.

"This is quite a complicated setup if this does lead to anything," Marshall murmured.

"I mean I needed the Straddling Checkerboard and Caesar Cipher in order to crack the code of the first three equations, so that way we find Wendy Vernon," Otacon said. "He had this planned for a long time. And after realizing he was poisoned, he had to talk to us as soon as possible before he dies, even if it meant blowing up an entire bridge."

"So he was going to give you some time and then talk to you," Marshall guessed. "Sometimes I wish I could be as great as this man. Serving in wars to save many lives. Or even you solving crime. The best I've done is teach and help college students become successful themselves."

"But then you turn those students into people who can use the math for good," Otacon stated.

Marshall finishes up the Fair Division algorithm as he shows Otacon the results.

"It's not accurate," Otacon said confused.

"That probably might be the point," Marshall replied writing the names of the divisions from lowest to highest in order. Francis, Isaac, and Widget.

"So that's it?" Otacon said lost on where Rowan Cross was leading them. "But this doesn't make any sense. This leads to nothing."

"Hey guys," Eppes said coming into the room. "How's it going?"

"We're getting there, but the main problem is where Rowan Cross wants us to use the source we have," Otacon replied.

Dylan goes back to the army base where Nathaniel Pole is being held at.

"You seriously can't expect me to be able to answer every question you ask right?" Nathaniel snapped.

"Pending on your cooperation the Attorney might drop you as a Top Security Risk," Dylan stated. "The very least you can do is answer everything I ask you."

"Life Imprisonment," Nathaniel smirked in sarcasm. "Is that seriously the best your government can give me?"

"Do you know Wendy Vernon?" Dylan inquired.

"No," Nathaniel answered.

"What about this Caesar's List thing?" Dylan asked.

"It's an old spy fiction," Nathaniel said. "What does that have to do with the case?"

"I can tell a liar when I see one Pole," Dylan snapped. "Now tell me this. Who poisoned Cross?"

"I don't know!" Nathaniel replied.

"Was it the Chinese?" Dylan inquired.

"No it was Iraq," Nathaniel lied. "The Brits, the Japanese, the Koreans, take your pick!"

"Fine," Dylan groaned walking away. "See you before you die Nathan."

"Alright alright!" Nathaniel said. "I don't know who poisoned him. But I do know something about the Caesar's List. They've probably told you it doesn't exist, and they are right. But Cross was trying to build one himself."

"Building one?" Dylan asked.

"Yes," Nathaniel said. "Right before you guys busted me, I gave him two names of spies working within the US government for the Chinese. I was going to give him a third if I could, but I had no time."

"Where is it now?" Dylan asked.

"Do you think he would seriously tell me?" Nathaniel said. "I'm more than likely on that list myself, and anyone who is on it would want to see it die of ever being created. But my guess is whoever poisoned him obviously had a reason to choose a slow poisoning instead of giving him cyanide."

"Somebody wants the list to be found!" Dylan said turning around to go back to the office.

"Oh hey and tell Jared this!" Nathaniel called out. "Tell him that I was a better friend than he is."

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" Dylan asked.

"He'll know," Nathaniel said.

Back at the safe house, nightfall came as Wendy, Susan, and Jared finish their chinese dinner.

"I think I'll be going to bed," Wendy said.

Susan and Jared nod as suddenly the lights go out.

"The lights are on next door," Susan said looking out the window.

Jared takes out his cellphone. "No signal."

"What's going on?" Wendy panicked a little.

"Go lay down in the bathtub!" Jared demanded.

"Why?" Wendy asked.

"It's made of granite it will protect you if things get ugly," Jared answered. Wendy nods as she runs straight to the bathroom.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:30 pm 

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(Yeah, I think you mean Jon and not Eppes.)
Dr. Pipeazoid: You know, you're right. I need to make a move. Prepare yourself.
*Pipeazoid takes out his beam saber and charges towards Sonic. Sonic then runs and rolls underneath as Pipeazoid swings his sword. Sonic starts running towards Amy.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: Very clever hedgehog.
*Pipeazoid gave chase. As soon as Sonic got near Amy, Pipeazoid grabs Sonic and throws him in the air. He then spins around and kicks Sonic back across the tower.*
Amy: Sonic! No!
Dr. Pipeazoid: You thought you could trick me into moving away from her so you can rescue her and avoid this fight. The rolling slowed you down. I will not let you do that again.
Sonic: I am not giving up. I will save her from you at any cost.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Even if it cost you your life?
Sonic: Even if it does take my life.
Dr. Pipeazoid: The words I was hoping to hear.
*Pipeazoid puts his sword away and takes out a button. He pressed the button and four pillars came up. Before Sonic could react, the pillars created a tractor beam and traps Sonic.*
Sonic: Not this again. You stole this from Eggman.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Yes. Seeing how he was able to use this to stop you in your super form, I decided to have this installed just as a last resort incase you came here some other time in that same form. I am going to enjoy this.
Sonic: When I break free, I will get her out before you kill her.
Dr. Pipeazoid: I never intended on killing her. I need her alive to get the Zuel Blade. That is why her one arm is left free. It is you who is going to die. But I am going to beat you up before I do that.

Super Mario Numb3rs
(Season 2, now on)

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:57 am 

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(I corrected it.)

In Oak's lab, Cilan and Gary found Rob.

Rob: I can't believe I fell asleep. That's so annoying.
Oak: Don't you worry, Rob. I did a little research on it and I figured out that this less worse than people think.
Cilan: How so?
Oak: Oh. Hi, Cilan and Gary. You've come back. Where is Ash and the rest?
Cilan: We don't know. They went off to the Kingdom Hearts world, but we haven't seen them again.
Delia: Oh dear. I hope my little Ash is alright.
Gary: Don't worry, mrs Ketchum. I've told you before, Ash is stronger than you think.
Delia: Well, I hope so.
Oak: We just have to wait, Delia. Anyways, let me tell you what this sleeping problem is that Rob had and some other trainers have endured during battles.
Gary: Yes, tell us.
Cilan: Yeah.
Oak: The trainers who have this problem are usually trainers who are too excited for battles. They want to win and stay up all night to train their Pokémon. And the next day, they train again and that goes on for an amount of time that they decide themselves.
Gary: I see. So, you want to say that they fall asleep at other moments, to fill in the moments that they didn't sleep.
Oak: Precisly. My guess is, that whoever had this first must have tought something was wrong with him, but it's just a sleep like any other sleep.
Gary: We never tought something was wrong with Rob.
Oak: I didn't say that, but it so happens that other trainers think so when that happens.
Gary: I see.

Then, there was knock on the door.

Oak: Who could that be?

Oak opens the door and Brock walks in.

Brock: Hello, everyone.
Gary: Hey, Brock. What brings you here?
Brock: I was wondering, is Rob back awake?
Rob: Yes, I am. Why?
Brock: Well, I want to battle you again. Our last battle was...interrupted to say so.
Rob: Yes, and it was all my fault.
Brock: Look. Everyone can have sleep trouble, Rob. Anyways, how about we do this battle right now?
Oak: What? Here in my lab? No way. I mean, the last time you used your Onix in here, I had to replace half of my furniture.
Brock: Don't worry, professor. This time we fight in your garden.
Oak: Okay. But be carefull.
Brock: We will try to be.
Rob: Yeah.

After these words, Brock and Rob left to the garden. Cilan and Gary followed them to support the battle.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:37 am 
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Jon was happy to see that Gary and Cilan were back in the Pokemon world but he still could not find Ash or the others.

"Dammit I still can't find Ash, May or Iris anywhere. Yen Sid must've sent them somewhere." Jon stated.

"How do you know Yen Sid sent them away? They could've just left as sonn as he demanded it." Hayley asked.

"Perhaps but I'm assuming any scenario. I just hopoe Mario, Luigi and the others are doing ok." Jon explained.

"Hopefully the angels wont bother us again. After all Mario, Sonic and Luigi are their main focus now in defeating Pipeazoid. Alex couldn't have anything more to do with it." Hayley stated.

"I sure hope so. Hmm maybe after this is over he can go back to his normal life. Maybe." Jon imagined as he kept on searching.

Being Meta since 2010.

Super Mario Numb3rs Forum:

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:53 am 
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[Two things. One, we are on page 6 already. Two, the big reveal is vague here, and more information about the angel's intentions are revealed more and more in the later posts, Season 3, and possibly Season 4.]

Back in the FBI office, Eppes' cell phone rings.

"Eppes," Eppes answered.

"Eppes! I tried to call Jared and Susan but they are not answering their phones!" Dylan said driving through the city.

"Oh crap, I'll be there with some backup!" Eppes replied as he rushed out of the office.

Marshall watches Eppes as he runs straight to the elevator. "That can't be good."

"Alright, clearly he wants us to see more in these emails, so let's keep searching," Otacon suggested.

Luigi paces back and forth in the Green Room worried about Mario and how far they've come to be in this situation.

"What is it that you angels want?" Luigi asked. "Is it too much to ask why you want another world being to be destroyed?"

Luigi turns around to see Raphael came back into the room.

"Michael knows you are going to eventually figure it out sooner or later," Raphael said. "If it's a question you want answered, it's one I'll give to you."

"Michael?" Luigi asked.

"The oldest of the archangels," Raphael replied. "What is it that you want from us Luigi?"

"I want you to send me to Mario, so I can stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life," Luigi begged.

"You're not allowed," Raphael said.

"Why?" Luigi asked. "Why are you doing this to my brother?"

"Because we need all the help we can get to put the plan into motion," Raphael replied.

"What plan?" Luigi asked.

"You are right about one thing Luigi," Raphael explained. "Why would we care if some other world being is killed? Is it because of the disaster he'll bring? No."

Luigi turns around to head straight to the doors, but there was only a wall.

"Sorry, but there's no door out of here," Raphael smirked.

"What is it you angels want?" Luigi inquired angrily.

Raphael took a while to reply as he passes by a portrait that suddenly changed to a picture of monsters and people fighting. "To finish what has been started a long time ago."

"What do you mean?" Luigi asked as he walks up to Raphael.

"Eric Bright is a key," Raphael explained. "A key to a lock. A lock that will lead to sixty-four other locks that will eventually lead to one more. It's a cage we need to open."

Raphael turns his head to the portrait right next to him. Luigi looks at the picture and clued in what the angels are actually doing.

"You're going to release him from his prison," Luigi said in shock.

File comment: Michael and Lucifer
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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:35 pm 

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(There is not much I can do, really. I need to wait for Shadow or Sonic to do what they have to do and then free Ash from the middle of nowhere.)

In Oak's garden, the battle started.

Gary: Okay. I'll be the refree. Each person uses three Pokémon. First one to have all three of his Pokémon beaten loses. The other wins. Understood?
Brock: Sure.
Rob: I'm ready.
Brock: Then here I go. GO! GEODUDE!

Geodude pops out of its Pokéball.

Geodude: Geodude!

Rob throws his Pokéball and Gardevoir pops out of it.

Gardevoir: Gardevoir!
Gary: First round! Gardevoir vs Geodude. START!
Cilan: This is going to be epic.
Oak: Indeed.

Cilan looks and sees that Oak and Delia have also come to the garden.

Cilan: You're going to watch too?
Oak: Yeah. Why not? It's always great to see a good Pokémon battle.
Delia: And it will - maybe - not make me worry that much about Ash.
Cilan: I see.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:40 pm 
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Back in the FBI office, Marshall clicks on one email that displays these series of numbers:


"Whoa whoa!" Otacon exclaimed.

"Binary code?" Marshall suggested.

"No it can't be binary code! What if that's a trick to lose the enemy's tracks!" Otacon said. "Every thing he gave me had nothing to do with binary code! What if it's Bacon's Cipher! Where five A's and B's are arrange to create a letter, revealing a message. 'A's and 'B's-"

"One and zeros," Marshall said finishing Otacon's sentence.

Luigi is shocked once he finds out the angels' plan to release the Devil himself.

"My old brother Lucifer, a lot of people mistake him as some red horned demon, when he really is an archangel," Raphael said. "Long ago, he rebelled from Heaven and unleashed a tragic war that made many angels lose their lives. Michael faced him himself, and by God's orders cast him into Hell where he remains locked up."

"Why?" Luigi inquired. "Why would you release someone who would cause armageddon?"

"Simple," Raphael explained. "Michael was suppose to kill Lucifer, but he had no strength to. Michael had to send him down into Hell by our Father's orders. But now we know what makes us strong. We can't just use any living vessel. We have to use one that follows our bloodline."

"So you plan for the Devil to spread havoc on Earth, just so you can destroy him?" Luigi snapped. "But if you do that, hundreds of people will die!"

"Billions Luigi," Raphael corrected. "The sacrifice will be everybody on the planet. Trust me Luigi, people would prefer to live in peace dead, rather than suffer an everyday flawed society."

"You can't be serious!" Luigi roared. "You're just going to wipe out all of Earth! Alex's home world just to kill the Devil! Why can't you just leave him in his cage!"

"Because it is just," Raphael said.


"The plan is already set in motion Luigi," Raphael said more calmly. "It doesn't have to be Mario that kills Eric Bright, just as long as it is a man."

Luigi steps back knowing there was no point in trying to fight an angel who could easily kill him with a touch.

"Trust me, once this is all over, we'll be looking back and laughing at this," Raphael grinned.

"Trust me Raphael, the only laugher you will get is complete silence," Luigi said. "You are nothing but a soulless angel! You know what really matters? Family. People. You know this is the wrong thing."

"You just don't understand what's so right about it," Raphael countered.


"Even if you cannot understand, just have faith," Raphael said.

"I'd rather believe in people!" Luigi yelled. "I mean is this what God wants? Does he play a part in this?"

"What God?" Raphael asked. "He left the building billions of years ago. Just like most of the other Gods after they shape their world. Did you seriously think we were following orders by our Father? No. He entrusted it to us."

Luigi couldn't believe it. There was no God in Heaven. Where is he now? He couldn't believe that they were following orders from someone else since the start.

Raphael disappears from the room leaving Luigi in anger.

Luigi takes a small pedestal and starts smashing it against the wall, hoping to break out of the room. But after a few hits, the wall kept on repairing itself every time it gets damaged.

"There's no point Luigi," Gabriel said behind him. "Whoever kills Dr. Pipeazoid, the seal will be broken."

"How the hell did Dr. Pipeazoid from another world become a seal for the Devil?" Luigi asked.

"It's a long story," Gabriel replied. "But you need to understand Luigi, this is what was foretold in the prophecy for a long time."

"Do you think I care what the prophecy says Gabriel?" Luigi snapped. "You know this is wrong! You know this is not what God would want."

"Luigi, all I can say is that I'm sorry it had to be this way," Gabriel said.

"Sorry?" Luigi said. After pausing for a moment, he punches Gabriel across the face, which become ineffective on him, and instead hurt Luigi's fist. "Do you think saying sorry for bringing on the apocalypse is going to make me forgive you? THINK AGAIN YOU STUPID ANGEL!"

"But it's what the prophecy says Luigi, we have to swear our obedience to follow what it is foretold," Gabriel countered.

"Obedience?" Luigi said. "So you are telling me you never questioned a damn order in your life? Especially one that could cost many lives?" Gabriel grew sick of looking at Luigi that he turned his back. Luigi quickly grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around. "LOOK AT ME! You think some prophecy is some future story that's already written for us? NO! IT'S NOTHING MORE THAN PEOPLE PUTTING YOU AND ME IN LINE TO MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS! It's the choices and the decisions we make that moves us forward, and they are controlling us to make sure they end all of Alex's world!"

Gabriel stood there in silence.

"You need to break me out of here so I can stop Mario or anyone from killing Dr. Pipeazoid!" Luigi demanded. "It's what those rebels have been trying to do, and it seems like those people wasting our time did the right thing! Please Gabriel, don't be the reason for that world to end! What matters the most is that people live their lives."

"And suffer pain and agony rather than live in peace? I see it everyday when I gaze down on you people!" Gabriel countered.

"You know what Gabriel, screw peace!" Luigi roared. "Do you think people can learn to live without any pain or suffering! It called development! To help us thrive and not back down when the world needs help or love! And I guess because you're not human, you won't understand. And nor do you seem to care. We're done talking!"

Luigi walks away from Gabriel.


"We're done!" Luigi roared.

Luigi stood there waiting for Gabriel to do something. He turns around to see that Gabriel left the room. Luigi figured there was no hope. These angels won't come in to terms of what is right. Dr. Pipeazoid is going to be killed, and the seals will be broken to release the Devil himself.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:18 am 

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(Wow, you guys went crazy on the post today. Especially you Nitsua. I always say wait until at "least" two people post after your last post before making another post. But this site became a ghost town, I am guessing no one is monitoring the rules other than me. Well, I guess it is time to unleash the big moment I have been building up to.)
*Pipeazoid begins beating Sonic up.*
Amy: No. Stop it. Stoooop iiiiiit!
*Amy begins to cry, knowing that she can do nothing to help. She then remembers what the mysterious man that talked to her.*
Mystery man: He will die trying to save you. One and one is two, one minus one is zero. In order for one to remain, one must remove itself from the equation.
*Amy continues to watch Pipeazoid beating up Sonic.*
Amy: I know what I have to do.
*Pipeazoid deactivates the trap, letting Sonic to drop to the ground. Pipeazoid turns his right hand into a blaster and grabs Sonic with his left.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: You've lost, hedgehog. I won. Now to seal the victory by letting you watch her watching you die.
*Pipeazoid points the blaster at Sonic's head.*
Amy: Stop it now!
*Amy summons her Soul Blade in her free hand.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What are you going to do with that? You know you can't hurt me with it.
Amy: I know, but I can keep you from getting what you want.
Dr. Pipeazoid: What do you... No.
Sonic: Amy, no! Don't do it!
Amy: I'm sorry Sonic.
*Dr. Pipeazoid drops Sonic and prepared to rush over to stop Amy, but was too late. Amy quickly turns her Soul Blade towards herself and stabs it through her chest.*
Sonic: No! Amy!
*Sonic rushes over to Amy, passing by Pipeazoid who was stunned to see everything he was working towards was ruined. Sonic untied the rope and grabs Amy. Her body fades from existence right in Sonic's arms.*
Sonic: No. I wasn't fast enough. I couldn't save you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: That stupid girl! She ruined everything! Both of you are weak and pathetic. My goals are gone! At least I will kill you now.
Sonic: *angry* Weak? You think we are weak?! You have a lot of nerve saying that. You have a lot of nerve calling her stupid. I see now that you don't deserve life. You think I am weak! Well guess what, I am going to prove you wrong. I am going to show you how strong and fast I can really be!
Dr. Pipeazoid: I doubt you have the strength to do that.
*Pipeazoid points his blaster at Sonic and fires it. As soon as the shot got close to Sonic, Sonic slaps it away, sending it to another tower, exploding on contact.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What the?! That is not physically impossible?!
*Pipeazoid charges up for another shot. Sonic then suddenly runs to Pipeazoid in no time and punches the blaster as it was firing, causing the blaster to back fire, blowing up half of the arm off.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What?! How did you get over here so...
*Pipeazoid looks at Sonic and noticed something different. Sonic's fur has turn to complete black. His eyes were completely white.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What is this?!
Sonic: Guess you missed my dark form you sorry low life.
*Sonic begins beating up Pipeazoid's body, knocking him back with each hit. Each hit breaking small parts of the body's armor off and making dents in it. Sonic stopped at the edge of the tower.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: No. This is not possible. It was not suppose to end like this.
Sonic: Yeah. She is supposed to be here to watch you fail.
*Sonic runs towards Dr. Pipeazoid and tackles him, sending both of them over the edge into a free fall. Meanwhile, Shadow has been fighting Azurith, both of the even.*
Shadow: Give up. Sonic is not going to die. Amy will never create the Zuel Blade for you.
Azurith: You think that it is the girl that will create the Zuel Blade? She is just a pawn like Pipeazoid. All I had to say is that Sonic would die trying to save her and tell her that for one to remain, one would have remove itself from the equation.
Shadow: Wait, if Amy wasn't the one you were after, then that would mean... No.
Azurith: Yes. He is the one I need to create the Zuel Blade. It should be happening right about...
*An explosion appears at a tower.*
Azurith: Now!
Shadow: Oh no. What have you done?!
Azurith: The gears have been in motion since you two got here. All I had to do was to tell a few lies. So long, Shadow.
*Azurith jumps back and disappears.*
Shadow: Sonic, I got to snap you out of this, and before Azurith gets to you.
*Shadow takes off to find Sonic. Meanwhile, Mario stopped at a few feet from a doorway with stairs leading up, guarded by Metuids.*
Mario: I guess that is where Pipeazoid is at. If Sonic came through here, those things would be gone, so I guess he is lost. Darn hedgehog giving me a headache from knocking me out. He will pay for that after I kill Pipeazoid.
*The roof from the tower to where Mario was collapsed from Pipeazoid's and Sonic's fall.*
Mario: What the world?!
*The dust clears out. Sonic was standing over Pipeazoid. Pipeazoid's body was so damaged, sparks were flying out of it. The Chaos Emeralds that were shot out of Sonic's hand were laying on the ground with the rubble of the roof. The Metuids retreated, heading to somewhere else in the fortress.*
Mario: My God. What has happened to you Sonic?
*Pipeazoid looks up to see Sonic standing over him.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: How did this happen? I was suppose to win.
Sonic: It happened because you kidnapped her. You should have stayed dead when Mario and Luigi killed you the first time. Now I am going to kill you like it should have been done.
*Above Mario, on the roof, Azurith appears and looks down to see Sonic.*
Azurith: Yes. Now is the time. *takes out his Soul Blade* May the power of darkness take my soul and pass it to a new body to control. *Stabs himself with the Soul Blade and pulls it out, creating a dark orb and grabs it* I choose him to be the new vessel!
*Azurith pushed the orb towards Sonic's direction. As Sonic was getting ready to kill Pipeazoid, the orb hits Sonic, knocking him back off of Pipeazoid. Sonic eyes closed as he lands on his back.*
Mario: What the heck did I just saw?! How did Pipeazoid shoot Sonic off of him?!
(I'll continue the plot on my next post.)

Super Mario Numb3rs
(Season 2, now on)

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:45 am 
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[Holy F*cking Sh*t! I think from this point on, it's going to be nothing but negative twists! This is going to be the best Season Finale, since we had a closure for Season 1.]

Eppes and Dylan were driving as fast as they could to get to the safe house at the beach.

Three men came up the stairs to the safe house and into the living room.

"Find her and kill the others," one of them ordered.

Jared and Susan come out of nowhere from behind the counters and shoots. One man was killed by their gunfire. They duck down as the other two take their shots.

"They got night vision!" Susan said.

"Alright, cover for me," Jared whispered. "I'll get her."

Jared runs across to the other side of the house as Susan shoots at the men. The men miss firing at Jared, as he runs straight to the bathroom. One of the guys, go after Jared. Susan took cover and moved from her spot. Jared shot the one guy who went after him as he goes into the bathroom to get Wendy Vernon.

Back in the living room, the other guy searches for Susan with his night vision on.

Luigi paces in anger again as he couldn't find a way to calm himself down, knowing the angels plan to destroy all of Alex's world, just to get to the Devil. Any minute now, Mario or someone else will probably kill Dr. Pipeazoid, and the first seal will be broken. He wondered how Dr. Pipeazoid became a seal for the Devil's cage. As he tried to think outside of the situation, he could barely remember how their lives were as simple as saving the Mushroom Kingdom. The more he thought about it, the less he realized he was a little hungry. He closes his eyes and wishes for his favorite burger from Toad Town. Upon the table presented two dozens of burgers fresh and on the plate. He grabs one and hopes this could help take his mind off of knowing it will be too late. As he tries to take a bite, somebody grabs him and pins him against the wall with a hand over his mouth. It was Gabriel.

Gabriel looks at him subtly. Luigi nods knowing what he's trying to say. Gabriel is telling him, he's going to rebel.

"Gabriel?" Raphael shouted. "What the hell are you doing?"

Gabriel takes out a board from his tux, which had a sigil on it. He pressed his hand against it, and in a bright light, Raphael vanished from the room.

"What did you do?" Luigi asked.

"We don't have much time Luigi!" Gabriel explained as quick as he could. "They will be after us, and I will lose my power once Michael finds out I'm a fallen angel. I sense Dr. Pipeazoid is still alive. You must run straight and stop anybody there who might kill him."

Gabriel touched Luigi on the shoulder and in an instant, he was in a familiar corridor. He looks around to see Gabriel was not in sight. But not only that, he started to recognize the corridor.

"Castle Death!" Luigi murmured to himself. He tries to remember what Gabriel said to him. "Go straight he said." Luigi didn't know which one of the three ways was straight.

"AH!" somebody screamed down the corridor, which made Luigi look in the direction Gabriel wanted him to go.

"No!" Luigi said as he runs down the corridor, hoping it will lead to Mario or Dr. Pipeazoid.

Alex walks into the computer room where Jon was still searching for Ash.

"Ever since our fight with Dr. Puke-a-zoid, the computer has been acting up lately," Jon said frustrated.

"Could that be a reason why you aren't finding him?" Hayley suggested.

"The thing is, it should work fine," Jon said. "Unless something happened to Ash, there should be no reason for the computer not helping me find him."

Alex watches Jon as he goes over both Ash's world and around Yen Sid's Tower, but still no luck in finding him. Alex suddenly hears a high pitch ringing in his head.

"AH!" Alex screamed getting Jon and Hayley's attention.

"ALEX!" Jon yelled running over to him. "What's wrong? Hayley what's going on?"

"I don't know?" Hayley replied shaking her head.

Alex tries to focus, but the ringing was being forced so violently in his head. "It's Gabriel!"

"What's he saying Alex?" Jon asked.

Alex tried to focus as he hears Gabriel's voice in his head. It repeats again as Alex says it aloud for Jon and Hayley. "Run! They are after you! We are your enemies! They are coming! RUN!"

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:41 am 
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"Run? Enemies? You don't think he means.." Hayley states.

"Yeah looks like the Angels can't be all that trusted. Like i thought. Come on let's move now before they get here." Jon states as he picks Alex up on to his feet.

"Just when I thought we were out of danger, they pull us right back in. Such goddamn luck we have." Alex laments as he and Hayley run outside while Jon stays in. "Aren't you coming with us?" Alex asks.

"Just keep running ok. I just need to sort some things out here. I'll be close behind." Jon replies as he forces Alex and Hayley out the door and makes them run for it.

Jon then rushedly ran around his base locking up anything the angels could use including the machine and collected a heap of weapons including guns and knives to use for defense.

Jon then locked up the whole base and ran after Alex and Hayley. 

"Ok guys take these. You need to defend yourselves and these angels will go down because of the human bodies they take and won't risk showing their true forms to us." Jon explains as he passes guns to both Alex and Hayley who comedy stick them.

"Ok let's keep going. They might be here by now." Alex stated nervous and scared for their safety.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:08 am 

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(Nitsua, you just made my day with your opening comment on your post. Don't worry, my part isn't going to end in a negative. If you remember, I brought back a certain character that is going to help. Glad you sent Luigi to stop Mario.)
*Dr. Pipeazoid begins to get up, struggling with the damages done to his body.*
Mario: Pipeazoid!
Dr. Pipeazoid: Oh no. Not you now.
Mario: What have you done to Sonic?
Dr. Pipeazoid: I did nothing to him other than beat him up. I was so close to kill him until that stupid girl killed herself.
Mario: Amy is dead.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Yeah, ruining my plan to get the Zuel Blade. Then he went completely crazy and did this to me. I can't even kill him now, let alone getting up is hard right now.
Mario: Then now is my chance to kill you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Go ahead. All my plans failed, my own creations have begun to rebel against me, and I could not save Alice from that explosion fifty years ago.
Mario: Alice? You mean Alice Ideasly?
Dr. Pipeazoid: What?! How did you know her name? My invention killed her.
Mario: You really didn't know she was alive?
*Luigi arrives and tackles Mario.*
Luigi: Mario, don't kill him!
Mario: Luigi?! How did you get here?
Luigi: Gabriel sent me here to stop you. I know why the Angels want you or anyone to kill Pipeazoid to start releasing the Devil himself.
Mario: What?! Are you still mad at them for what happened in that surreal world? Cause I am not going to listen to you.
Luigi: No, Rapheal revealed their goal to me. They plan on destroying Alex's home world so that their leader, Michael, wants to kill the Devil.
Mario: What? You mean 'the Devil' ruler of the underworld?
Luigi: Yes, and Pipeazoid's death by you or anyone else is the key to unlocking the first to so many locks that keeps the Devil where he is.
Mario: You're joking.
Luigi: No.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Great. So now you two are not going to kill me a second time.
Luigi: *Finally noticed the area* What happened here?
Mario: Too long of a story, but I want to get revenge on him for killing you. But if what you said is true, then I can't kill billions of innocent lives for just killing one person. I guess we won't kill him. I'm am still confused because Sonic also tried to stop me and knocked me out.
Luigi: Really? Sonic knocked you out?
Mario: Yeah, saying something that Pipeazoid isn't the real enemy.
Luigi: But a victim.
*Shadow arrives just in time to hear the conversation.*
Shadow: That is right.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Oh no. This is getting better by the minute.
Mario: Shadow?! When did you get here?
Shadow: I have been here since Sonic got here. I been fighting the real villain, Azurith.
Mario: Sonic mentioned that name.
Dr. Pipeazoid: The gray haired man with yellow eyes? Why him?
Shadow: You don't remember him. A certain council member that you know of.
Dr. Pipeazoid: What?! He died fifty years ago.
???: Ha ha ha ha ha! You are a fool. I am the same Azurith you shot the arm off of. I have been possessing people for one hundred years in your world. I have lived sixty-five years before that. And now, I have the Ultamate weapon.
*Sonic begins to get up. His fur turns to a dark gray color. He turns around to face everyone and opened his eyes. His eyes were yellow.*
Shadow: Oh no. I am to late to stop him. Azurith.
Azurith-Sonic: Yes. I have the body I need to create the Zuel Blade.
*Azurith sticks his right hand out as two Soul Blades crossing over each other forms in his hand.*
Mario: Two Soul Blades at once?!
Dr. Pipeazoid: You lied to me. The girl was not the key to getting it.
Shadow: And he made sure your portal invention fifty years ago backed fired, causing you to become who you are now.
Azurith-Sonic: And manipulated the vision for Xaria's purpose and starting the war. All of it for this moment. You all played exactly as planned.

Super Mario Numb3rs
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:18 am 
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"Bacon's Cipher, not a bad guess," Marshall said.

Otacon realizes what this means. "So he made Caesar's List into a voice mail! This is not the first time something like this happened! The same thing coincidentally was done with the Bloodless List!"

"The Bloodless List?" Marshall asked confused.

Otacon stopped to realize he almost gave away something he had to help his friends back in Toad Town find, during the riot and when the Bloodless were exposed, attacking worlds. "It was a cult," he made up.

Back in the safe house, two of the men were dead. Jared gets Wendy out of the bathtub making sure the third man wasn't waiting to shoot them on their way out. However the third man was looking around the main room for Susan. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Susan shined a bright flashlight into his night vision goggles, and knocked him out with her gun.

Otacon grabbed the phone as he dials Wendy Vernon's phone number.

"What he had to do is hack into her voice mail and set up a second account which she had no idea about and couldn't access without-" Otacon cuts himself off as he looks at the two equations connected to equation five with the cake cutting algorithm problem. "Without Isaac it is 3 laws, and with Widget, it is 875!"

Otacon puts the phone down as he clicks on speaker.

"Welcome to Caesar's List," the voice mail said in Rowan Cross' voice. "The following people have been co-opted."

Dylan and Eppes finally arrive at the safe house. Dylan goes to the back with two other agents, as Eppes and three other agents went upstairs to the front. Eppes breaks into the house, as he finds Susan over the unconscious man she knocked out.

"Susan?" Eppes called out.

"I'm fine, but they are after Wendy Vernon!" Susan said frightened from almost getting killed.

"Where's Jared!?" Eppes inquired.

"He went to get Wendy from the bathroom," Susan replied.

"MI-6 Agent Peter Granger of the UK, by the Russians," the voice mail said going through the names of double agents within the government. "UK agent, Andrew Henderson, by the North Koreans. United States Counter Intelligence Agent Nathaniel Pole, by the Chinese-"

"JARED!" Eppes shouted hoping Wendy hasn't been killed.

"-United States FBI Agent Jared Lathigee-" Rowan said as Otacon dropped the pen out of his hand in extreme shock. "-also for the Chinese."

Eppes turns the corner as he sees Jared taking Wendy out the back.

"JARED!" Eppes yelled.

Jared makes his way down the stairs, making sure nobody was going to shoot them on their way down. But then suddenly, the helicopter's light goes right into their eyes.

"Stop right there!" Dylan demanded pointing his gun at Jared.

Wendy grabs on tight to Jared confused on what is going on. She looks up to see Eppes going down the stairs to them with his gun pointed at Jared as well.

"What's going on here?" Wendy murmured frightened.

"Come this way Ms. Vernon," Dylan demanded. Wendy obeys as she goes down to the two other agents. "Hand it over!"

Jared nods. He gave Dylan his gun and puts his hands behind his head for Eppes to handcuff him.

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In the middle of nowhere...

Ash: What is taking Sonic and Shadow so long?
Max: Maybe they haven't finished their battle yet.
Ash: Calm down, May. We're not sure if that happened.
Iris: You know, I'm starting to get bored in here. I really want to go home.
Dawn: Me too.
May: And that's the problem. We can't go home as long as we aren't saved and it's all HIS fault!

May points to Ash.

May: He was too curious and wanted to know why Shadow was in Kanto and look where we are now.
Ash: Okay, I made a mistake and I can not deny that it isn't my fault. It's entirly my fault. I'm sorry I brought you all into this. I want to go home as well.
Max: Maybe they haven't forgotten us. Maybe they're on their way to save us.
Ash: I hope so.
May: We ALL hope so, Max.

(edit: Can someone send me the link to the Super Mario Numb3rs forum? I deleted the message with the link in it, only to realize it too late.)

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Dr. Pipeazoid: Why you. I am no one's puppet!
*Pipeazoid gets up and starts running towards Azurith. Azurith sticks his left hand out, causing Pipeazoid to stop all of a sudden.*
Sonic-Azurith: Good thing about my dark powers is that any person I placed the hold of dark feelings, that darkness is under my control. But I no longer need you now, so I will take that darkness from you.
*Azurith turns his hand around to where the palm faced up in the air. Pipeazoid begins screaming as a dark cloud leaves him and goes to Azurith's hand. Azurith closes his hands, destroying the cloud. Pipeazoid falls backwards, passing out from Azurith's trap.*
Mario: Is he dead?
Sonic-Azurith: No. His anger has been removed. Speaking of which, I need the anger of the one who was defeated by the very person I am. Xaria.
*Azurith opens his hand and a dark cloud formed out of no where. He then closes his hand and destroyed the cloud.*
Sonic-Azurith: Oh yes. All the anger and hatered these two had is great to add to my power. But there is one more that I can get here. The very last one I placed the darkness in. Shadow.
*Azurith repeated the process he had done to Pipeazoid on Shadow, causing Shadow to drop to his knees.*
Azurith: I see you gotten strong enough that you wouldn't pass out.
Shadow: Of course. But you now made a huge mistake. You can't stop me without defending yourself.
*Shadow begins charging at Azurith. Azurith swings the Zuel Blade, sending a shock wave at Shadow. The wave hits Shadow, knocking him back.*
Sonic-Azurith: I don't need to defend. All I got to do is attack.
Shadow: Sonic, if you are in there, you must fight him.
Sonic-Azurith: Ha ha ha ha! It is too late. He is far in the darkness. You can't do anything about it.
*A shadowy figure appears behind Azurith. Azurith turns around to see the figure.*
Sonic-Azurith: Ah, the Grim Reaper. Come to collect my soul once again.
*The Grim Reaper swings his scythe at Azurith, only to miss as Azurith dodges using Sonic's speed.*
Grim Reaper: Azurith, release him now and come quietly.
Sonic-Azurith: And give up the control of the Zuel Blade? I don't think so. Do you really want to save this hedgehog, or do you want to get revenge for taking over your body so many years ago, Aeros?
Shadow: Aeros?! You're the first one he possessed?!
Grim Reaper: You robbed me of my old life. Fate gave me a second chance as the face of death.
Sonic-Azurith: Well, it is a good reunion, but I must be off. I must go and create a new world by destroying the one that everyone would least expect their hero to kill them all. So long.
*Azurith disappeared.*

Super Mario Numb3rs
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Jared was handcuffed in the interrogation room. Susan and Dylan were watching through the window as Eppes was interrogating him. But this wasn't just any old interrogation they normally do. This was Dylan's partner in crime. Their good loyal friend. One who kept the secret when he found out about alternate worlds. One with a great sense of humor and dignity. One who turned his friend in when he was found out to be a double agent. And now, their partner in crime and good friend has been busted for being a double agent for the Chinese.

"So some old cryptographer makes up a list and leaves it in a voice mail. Are you going to believe him over me?" Jared said pissed they would do this to him. "The guy tried to blow up a bridge!"

"Then where the hell were you taking Wendy Vernon?" Eppes inquired.

"I was moving her out of the fire zone," Jared answered.

"Oh really?" Eppes snapped in denial. "Leaving Susan behind, and taking her out back by yourself? You were going to kill her!"

"No!" Jared replied in shock.

"You were on the list and you knew it!" Eppes yelled.

"Eppes, please-"

"You know what we will have to do tomorrow right?" Eppes said. "We're going to picking through your dirty laundry and your credit cards, and stretch out to any yards to find something we don't know about. Are you really gonna waste more of our time?"

Jared took a while to reply. He thought about the situation and knew what he had to say. "Alright. When Dylan and I went to Rowan Cross' apartment where we found the two bugs, there were three. The Chinese bug was in the sofa cushion, where I put it two months before I became FBI."

"Oh my god!" Susan said in shock nearly tearing.

"I pulled it when Dylan was in the bedroom," Jared said.

"You can't be serious!" Eppes exclaimed in shock.

"DYLAN!" Susan screamed from the other side who chased Dylan who came bursting into the interrogation room.

"Dylan, relax!" Eppes said trying to defend Jared from getting hurt.

"So this is the real you huh!" Dylan yelled. "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN LYING TO US?"

"Since from the beginning Dylan," Jared replied without making eye contact to him. "It's what a spy has to do."

"A spy?" Dylan exclaimed. "YOU ARE NO DAMN SPY! YOU ARE A TRAITOR!"

Susan and Eppes quickly grab onto Dylan and push him out of the room as Jared hears his screams.

"So you save time for yourself on that bridge!" Susan said. "You made sure you exposed the Chinese bug! You wanted to be the one to talk to Nathaniel Pole incase he gave you away! And then you had to make sure you were the one to watch Wendy Vernon at the safe house!"

"So who was the one that poisoned Rowan Cross?" Eppes asked.

"I did," Jared replied making the room cut into complete silence. "I gave him the thallium. But not on my terms. Ever since I put Nathaniel behind bars, I've been keeping track of where he's been held at. I went to see him against your orders, and he wanted me to poison Cross, to set this all in motion. It had to be a slow acting poison. As long as Cross was dead, he wouldn't have been able to lead anyone to the List. This is so if Nathaniel was able to cooperate, he would be able to be put into exile by demand and sent to Beijing if he was no longer seen as a top security threat. Therefore letting him free and I'll continue my life fighting crime."

Eppes and Susan try not to release any emotion out after having to hear the terror of what they had to hear. They both leave the interrogation room in silence. Otacon was watching on the other side. Otacon nods, but can't help but feel guilty for going forward with Rowan Cross' wishes to find the List.

"The attorney general had signed for Nathaniel Cross' exile to China," Susan said. "We have to call them now before it's too late."

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