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 Post subject: Re: Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 60
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:15 am 

Joined: Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:15 am
Posts: 23
I don’t know why that kid Blair…John or whoever he was didn’t yell:

“I don’t know him! He’s not my Daddy!”

When he was approached by The Darkness. In situations like this, I was always taught to kick, scream and do whatever it took to get away, if a stranger came anywhere near me.

The Darkness is clearly a Stranger and that means Danger. The heavy eye shadow and the black trench coat are dead give-aways. It’s the quintessential Bad Guy Look.

If some strange man approaches you and he looks just like The Child Catcher, you RUN. You don’t engage him in pleasant conversation. You don’t let him touch you. That’s what pantomimes, comic books and movies teach children. Boo! Hiss! Kids are basically taught to avoid anyone who looks like a Goth or a walking fashion disaster.

The trouble is that most really dangerous people wear boring, workaday clothes in real life. They look ordinary. They don’t wear outlandish outfits or speak with a creepy accent. Unfortunately, this makes them very hard to spot and arrest.

I’ve heard of strangers trying to lure kids away with the promise of sweets etc, but superhuman powers? That’s a bit extreme. It verges on the ridiculous.

Is it just me or does Blair seem incredibly naïve and stupid here?
Or desperate?

Perhaps The Darkness is just a manifestation of Blair’s trauma?

Perhaps The Darkness is an imaginary friend dreamed up by Blair to help him cope with his feelings of loneliness and alienation?

Blair copes with his lack of recognition by indulging in delusions of grandeur. Maybe he justifies his miserable existence by believing that his imaginary friend (The Darkness) wants to him give him special powers?

The Darkness could be a metaphor for Blair’s depression and rage at the world. His anger turned inwards on itself. This psychosis leads to Blair’s self-destruction.

I also found it disturbingly funny that The Darkness sort of looks sort of like a bizarre combination of The Joker and Boy George.

Maybe The Darkness is like The Bogeyman?
He scares children and kidnaps them.
Maybe The Darkness wants a “changeling boy” to be his “henchman”?
Blair says that he’s “no longer John”.

Blair = Changeling Boy?

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