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 Post subject: Prisoner Of Lust - LordGavin
PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2011 2:41 pm 
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Been quite a while since I've done any pieces for the Literature Lounge. Hopefully, I haven't forgotten anything since I've been writing "Shadow Of The Eclipse." I'd like to think I haven't, as this piece turned out rather nice. Hopefully, you all like it too.

With that, please do enjoy.

- - -

Settling his nerves, he quietly awaited for her upon a nearby bank. Hidden all around him within the dull, morning twilight was the tranquil meadow he had come to know so well. The early blooms of spring had already come and gone, leaving the rest of the forest to welcome the season's change in their wake. Cupping his hands, he breathed into them in hope to dull the sting of the early morning cold. Despite being the first day of spring, it was still far from ideal weather. Especially at such hours before the sun would rise.

Song birds called out in the distance as the sun began to peek above the horizon. Their melodies echoed off into the darkening oblivion, leaving him behind to embrace the warmth of dawn breaking overhead. As the hours passed, gold and amber light leaked through the luscious canopy overhead, dancing through the droplets of dew that fell from their leaves. He lightly shook his head to cast aside the stray drops that found him.

Slowly, the forest came alive all around him. In the midst of the growing light, birds took to the sky and flower buds opened to reveal their brilliant, restrained colours to the world, unsoiled from winter harsh grip upon them. The grass over the ground straightened and flowed like a river through the subtle, cool breezes that passed, driving the accustomed sense of cold down his spine, where he now welcomed it.

He didn't care. It wouldn't be long now.

As the darkness cleared before him, so emerged the shape of his valued prize. A single, innocent flower stood tall and alone in the middle of the small opening of the forest that lay before him. Even though it still sat in it's bud, it's colour was more grand than any of the other inferior plants that surrounded it. Yet, it looked as delicate as any single leaf upon the strong base of a tree branch, granting it a sense of child-like wonder and dainty care.

Swiftly, he rose from where he sat and came down the hill towards the small flower. As he neared it, his paced slowed to a crawl as he lay down before it. He felt his heart begin to race. He could hardly wait any longer, but he wouldn't rush her. He wouldn't dare awaken her early, lest he ruin her grace and beauty. He would last the few seconds longer so to be there to welcome her into the world once more.

With a subtle wince, the flower moved. It was hardly anything, but it excited him like a child on Christmas day. Then again, it moved and began to finally push open. He found himself smiling with glee. She had made it through another winter and was coming back.

As the bud opened, a small, slender hand curled around its edge. The gorgeous, pink rose that she had once slumber soundly inside fall open all around her as she pushed her body up from its center. Her light, green skin rose up from the golden nectar that pooled around her tiny waist. Her light, emerald hair fell lengthily down from her head as many small vines and flowers began to crawl up her fragile body, blossoming over her chest. As she finally looked upon the world again, he was met by the familiar wonder of her violet eyes.

She smiled at him as a sparkle danced inside her golden bath. She was so small, yet simply the most beautiful thing he had even known. With each spring, she grew and grew and now she was already the size of a newborn child. She came forward to take his face and pull her body against it, leaving a small kiss along his brow as she drew her hand along his cheeks. He wrapped his hands lightly around her. She was so cold, but he would warm her up soon enough.

He heard then the voice of dreamy qualities fade into his conscience. She had such a wonderful voice. He had ached so hard to hear it and now he was in complete ecstasy. "My love..." she said. "Thank you for waiting."

"I'd do it again for you, Alraune. Be it years, if it must. I want you to grow strong enough to be mine, year round."

She smiled and kissed him with her tiny lips. He knew in time, when she grew to his size, he could have her to all he desired. She would take him into her flower and trap him inside it, leaving them alone and together forever. It was truly all he desired now. He loved her, and nothing more.

Lightly, he took in the sweat fragrance of her scent. He craved it now beyond anything he could remember. He might have been a fool before to have allowed himself to catch a whiff of it all those years before, but now he had accepted his fate.

He was her prisoner of lust now, and to be nothing more.

- - -

Gavin MacLean



 Post subject: Re: Prisoner Of Lust - LordGavin
PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2011 7:49 pm 
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Joined: Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:44 pm
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Wow! That was a great piece.I really liked the detailing and the flow was very nice!

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