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 Post subject: Mortem
PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 9:41 pm 
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Alright so nobody has posted in this section for a while and its about dang time that someone does so let me introduce you to a story that I've been developing for a while now. This is called Mortem.

The way I'm going to set this up is in the beginning i'm going to post 3 short stories of sorts that involve the main character in one way or another. these are simply introduction and shall reveal no major plot points or be part of the over all story. These are more of a recollection of certain points of his past just to show what he does. without further delay here we go.



Children’s hospital of Philadelphia
august, 28th 2007

At the moment all is silent down wing C, also known as the rehabilitation wing. At least silent compared with the majority of days. Normally at this particular time the corridor would be bustling with the sounds of various patients working on physical therapy, meeting with family or even just watching TV. Trying to make the best of their time. But on this particular Tuesday afternoon, some of the local businesses decided to pull together a smorgasbord of games and entertainment for the current residents of the hospital. Children are only children once, being the theme. So the majority of patients and staff, including even family members are all outside on the hospital grounds appreciating the fresh air and warm sun. Indeed acting like how children should act even with the downfalls of life that can be hurled your way.
But our focus is not outdoors in the sun and fun. Ours is back in wing C. the second door to the right when coming from the southernmost set of stairs. In a white painted room hosting an assortment of Disney Character murals. Giving off a sense of childhood innocence. In the room are two people. A woman in her mid-30’s.
Black hair tied in a loose bun that was thrown together in such a way that speed was a key factor for this particular fashion statement. Her clothing also resembles the speed decision. Blue jeans and a faded green old navy t-shirt. she seems so happy, not in a life is going completely her way sort, but a living in the moment appreciating all the time she can sort of happiness. She sits in a chair holding the hand of a small girl. The girl looks no older than 6 she’s dressed in a hospital gown. Her hair resembles the same shade of black as her mothers. She also is very happy at this moment, though not the same as her mom. Her happiness comes from the fact that she has a brand new stuffed bear toy. And it’s pink! Her favorite color. She grins so huge staring from her mom to the new toy held in her little hand. For her nothing could be better than this moment right here.
The girl drops her mother’s hand and runs to the window, bypassing the hospital bed to stare out at the lawn below. At all the different smiling faces, and laughter. She looks back at her mother and points something out.
“Look mom, I can see Derek from next door with his brother.”
“Is that so?”
“He looks so funny from up here, I can see the top of his bald head.”
“Be nice, what did I tell you about talking about other people?”
The girl thinks about it for a moment and gets a sheepish smile, knowing that she said the wrong thing. But she turns her head back to the window and continues to stare in amazement at all the people down there. Her mother approaches her and kneels down next to her. Starring herself at the different people. She recognizes several of the other children in the wing near her daughter’s room. And smiles at the happiness that someone else gives to her child.
There is a knock, coming from behind the two of them. And almost on key they both turn at the same time. In the doorway is a spry young male nurse. He’s still in the action of knocking when they spot him that he fails to hide the fact that he has something behind his back. The girl runs from the window to the nurse, she knows he has something for her. But as soon as he gets to where he stands she begins to start a fret of coughing. The nurse and mother both react the same way. Both instantly gaining fear in their look and dashing to the girl’s side. He instantly picks her up, as she continues to cough and puts her on the bed. All the while forgetting about the girls’ surprise. Reacting to the nurse the mom dashes to the bedside picking up the nasal breathing tube applying it to her daughter with the same skill and ease as though she was trained for the job.
Coughing easing with each breathe of oxygen the girl calms. Trying to show that she’s not hurt she turns toward the nurse.
“What did you bring me?”
Before answering the nurse checks the various dials and gauges. Only once he knows the girl is alright does he hold up a finger and leaves the room only to return. Holding a bouquet of pink balloons, that squeak as they come through the doorway. Her smile grows wide seeing the pink.
“I thought, hey I know who would like these.”
The girl giggles, then coughs again twice. Her mom looks worried but smiles again as her daughter plays it off and smiles even brighter. The nurse ties the balloons to a chair just opposite of the bed allowing for the perfect vantage point being from the girl’s position.
“There perfect spot don’t you think mom?”
The mom not expecting the sudden question coming her way turns and quickly nods her head in approval.
“Before I leave is there anything I can do for the two of you?”
The little girl look up to her mom. Knowing that she will probably get turned down for her request. But decides to ask anyways.
“Can I get some ice-cream?”
“For you sweet heart, anything”
Before the mom can protest he runs out of the room. All the while the girl smiles. Before he can make it back though the girl has fallen asleep.

“Wake up, sleepy head”
The room is dark now. Late into the night. Very faint in the background the girl hears a buzzing sound. But to her ears it’s so light that she pays no attention to it. She looks in front of her and sees a small girl about her own size and age. This girls blonde hair is so blonde its almost white. But she is cheerful and happy to see her. Her dress is bright pink the kind of dress that she had always wanted but had never owned. Never seeing this girl before she asked the only apparent question at this time.
“Who are you?”
“My names not important, but what is yours?”
“It’s Emma.”
Emma sits up and stares at the girl in the pink dress.
“Well what are you doing here?”
“Well Emma, I came here to play with you.”
Emma sits up even taller and gets a smile on her face. It had been a long time since anyone had asked her to play. And this other girl seems so fun to play with.
“Can I bring my new teddy?”
“Of course Emma.”
The girl in pink walks over the chair that the balloons are tied to and picks up the pink stuffed bear. She smiles and turns back towards Emma.
“Here you go. Can you come play now?”
Emma leaps out of the bed, and notices that she too has on the exact same pink dress, just as the other girl. She looks down at her dress and then back to the girl. Amazed at the sight not believing what she is wearing but not caring as well.
“Here Emma, take my hand.”
“Are you sick also?”
“No Emma I’m not sick and neither are you anymore. Now come on lets go play.”
The white haired girl, outstretches her hand and Emma takes it. Together the two girls walk out of the room Emma carrying her pink teddy. All the while a light buzzing noise continues to sound.

In a not so quiet room in wing C, everyday life continues to happen. Though not the same as it was yesterday. In a room covered in a Disney mural, the room is completely empty. Except for a lone pink teddy bear.

 Post subject: Re: Mortem
PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:00 pm 
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Dang Relz, not that bad for your first story. Well if it's not your first, it's the first I've read. The ending is kinda sad but kinda uplifting at the same. Emma leaves thinking everything is ok with her bear. Good story.

Snertzy18+Ashendust=Love Forever


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