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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:29 pm 
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"This is absolutely useless!"

Gerosin Looks behind him as his companion can be seen furiously turning page to page in the book the two of them had retrieved from the library several days ago. This wasn't the first time he had heard ether proclaim those exact words in reference to the book.

"Honestly I'm not even sure this is the sort of information I originally needed. It’s nothing but maps and family trees! Seriously who needs to know who bedded who to give birth to a... good god! 11-pound boy. poor woman never stood a chance."

"what are you yelling about now Ether?"

Ether speeds up his horse to catch up with Gerosin.

"This damned book we risked our lives for. listen here. -Margaret daughter of Fel gave birth to a 11 pound 2-ounce boy by the name of Demitri son of none. The boy holds no potential as a candidate for the mines. His pigment of skin is too light to be considered for farm labor either. My recommendation would be to send him to the city to one of the mistresses. let the boy grow up to be a my mom. and in margin someone made the comment at least he can't get any of his clients pregnant. What do you think of this Jigglypuff?

Gerosin just shakes his head as Ether continues to read.

"that's horrible, does it actually say all that"

"aye sure does." Ether continues to read silently every so often grumbling as he reads something once again unhelpful.

"What does it mean by son of none?"

Ether looks up blank expression upon his face.

"I've seen it many times in here actually. And I’m starting to think that if the parent was a slave or just not known they used it as a place holder. And as far as I can tell most of these are copies of a slave trade papers, or even just anything at all written about us kinji."

"So far any mention of anyone you know?"

"No and I highly doubt I will. even in all my years of life I've only come across maybe 3 other kinji. At least that I am aware of."

A few more hours go by as the two continue to ride along the road.

"I’m ready for a break. About you?" Gerosin yells back towards Ether finally looking up after being mesmerized by the road itself. Ether looks up from the book and scopes out the surroundings. Nothing but flat plain lands for miles in all directions. Thankfully it wasn’t too much of a hot day. They had both shed their armor several miles back, but just hot enough where leggings and a tunic weren't miserable. agreeing with the Idea of taking a stop Ether closes the book and nods towards a taller bush not too far from the side of the road. Ether dismounts and lets his horse graze as he sits down the shade of the bush.

"find anything interesting yet in that book of yours"

"actually I think I might have."

Gerosin perks up at this bit of information. finally, some good news and not more complaining.

"in multiple of the most recent few pages I have started to see the name of a town or village crop up more than once. and in each instance it hasn’t been about a slave negotiation either. Literal family trees. almost as though it were some sort of mangy pedigree chart of royalty."

“so what’s the name of this town?

“Cape Vistire”

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