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 Post subject: Plumber Knight Season 1 Reflection And Feedback Thread
PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:28 pm 
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I originally wrote up a over complicated and ridiculous thread (as per usual) for this and scrapped it because... well, it was over complicated and ridiculous. I wanted to make a thread like this before the season ended, but never got to it. After talking to a few people post finale, I'd like to have this discussion since it seems there's a few common issues everyone has. I still think there are some big improvements with this production, but I'd like everyone to look at Season 1 as a whole and bring up pros and cons. Not necessarily just to improve Plumber Knight Returns, but also just for general Richalvarez stories in the future (Whether it be future seasons past PKR 2, a new Mario story saga, something completely new, ect.)

Basically, let's look at the whole of season 1 (Not necessarily the end result) and see what worked and what didn't. Were there many plot holes? Did answers you get bring up more questions? Were questions not answered? Did some characters react/not react in a way you thought was off? Any similar issues here that you've seen in past productions? Also, what did you feel this production did better at/improved on a previous issue other productions had?

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 Post subject: Re: Plumber Knight Season 1 Reflection And Feedback Thread
PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:27 am 
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I feel that TPKR was an amazingly done effort by Richie and the crew. It felt like a largely mature and well made series, that had a nice fast pace, good effects, decent action and well done plot for the most part.

And while the ending leaves a bit to be desired, I just hope Richie can clear things up with Season 2. After all even with the Koopa reveal, there's so many opportunities to explore. How much of Stupid Mario canon applies to this show, whatever adventures/help Wario's son might contribute, what threats are to come?

The plot on a whole kept things tense and interesting with the stakes well high. Between a few big deaths to a reasonably realistic amount of time that Mario has to deal with healing from big injuries. The Goombas were reasonably threatening goons, even if acting from some of them verged on comical. Still Jeckle as a character was extremely fascinating. His strength, actions, thoughts. You really got the sense he was a true monster of a villain and threat for Mario.

The world of TPKR has plenty of possibilities and even with the main focus on Farrell City, there's been hints of other things going on. Ness is clearly busy keeping Onett safe and that news report about Rapid City and the vigilante there is plot to explore.

I'm content with Plumber Knight as a whole. It has its flaws but it's still well made and it gives me hope that Richie and RMA can continue churning out some quality videos to come.

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