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 Post subject: Plumber Knight - looking to the future
PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:06 pm 
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Now that Plumber Knight Returns first season is over there is going to be some down time between now and the next episode. Lets not have things die down to much so i want to know something from my fellow fans. What do you want to see in the upcoming season/seasons.

Personally seeing as this is a more or less batman inspired show. Mario is obviously playing our caped crusader. (minus the cape). And as of the reveal of the Koopa the shadow is playing a joker like role. I want to see rich and the guys bring out a couple more parodies of villains starting off with my favorite. Riddler! Cause i want to see a villain for this show that wont be just a fight here fight there to win. I want Mario to be perplexed and on guard as to what is going to happen next. He will have to personally grow and learn in order to save the day.

But moving aside from parodies of just batman based villains why not throw out some other villains. put in some marvel/dark horse/hollywood ext. inspired evil.

And not only just for villains I want to see a good antihero. Someone who stands in Mario's way one moment but later because its advantages to them gives a helping hand.

 Post subject: Re: Plumber Knight - looking to the future
PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:25 pm 
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There is plenty of things I'd love to see in the next season, some of which I briefly mentioned in my episode 10 review.

More Mystery: Seeing as Plumber Knight is essentially a parody of Batman, I'd like to see some more detective work being done. Gibbs handled most of the investigating in the first season, but with him gone, we're gonna need to see Mario step it up and become quite a good detective as well. I like mysteries anyways, so it'd be fun to see and speculate.

Night Scenes: There's no doubt that Batman does his best work at night, and although I thought Mario was pretty awesome when encountering enemies, it'd be way cooler and much more memorable if some scenes and battles took place at night. I realize that its difficult to film, but I believe the effort would be well worth it.

Side Plots: With Wario's son, Ness, and possibly the vigilante in Rapids City most likely appearing in the next season, It'd be fun to learn some more about them and I'd certainly hope they have their own side plots. A character with a goal is always gonna be more interesting than some sidekick doing whatever the hero says.

Different Battles: I love fist fights, gun fights, and beam sword fights just as much as the next guy, but its been done A LOT. It'd be so cool to see a different form of fighting than what we are used to. Car chases, foot chases, or battles of wit to name a few. This is one reason I'd really like to see Ness fight, there are practically no limits to what physic powers can do.

Staying Original: With Darkness being revealed as a major character, I hope that Richie doesn't end up bringing back a ton of old characters (unless its just for a quick cameo). I'd like for the cast of the Plumber Knight to stay original, I certainly don't want this next season to end, and we have the exact same cast from SMB. Season one created a variety of interesting new characters, I can only hope for even better ones to develop as time goes on.

That's all I can think of right now. Whether Richie takes our advice or not, I think season two will certainly be great.

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