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 Post subject: FF News: Russian Ship stuck in the ice
PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:09 pm 

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She loves me, She loves me not...

by Ameen Kareem

(8 April 2014--FF News) I write this letter on Footprints Filmworks

because I know my beloved that I once dated more than six years ago,

still pines for me, still cares for me, still dares to hold me in her sleep

and still dreams about being my wife.

You see, when we started dating, it seems almost six centuries ago, we

were naive about our own desires and dreams and felt that the

world was our oyster and we could break open the world and discover

'new-things,' about each other. At that time, we had traveled the community

of Johannesburg, sharing hotel rooms, sharing our philosophies about life

and each other, and were destined to live with each other forever.

Today, I am thirty something, and we have broken up, we no longer

speak, we no longer hold hands, and she does not even take my calls...

If this is what love is, than I should of never loved. Yes, she is still alive

and well, yes she still watches Footprints Filmworks, yes she sometimes

peeks at my Facebook profile, but perhaps she cannot find the courage

to tell me that she has the same feelings for me because of circumstances

that has drifted us apart.

Sure enough, I am no Angel, I have made mistakes, and it has been

just over four years that I have not spoken to her, I have not heard

her sweet voice, I have not related to her, and somehow I felt

the need to write this letter on this website to 'outcry,' her destined


It is perhaps unfortunate that many of us love, break up, and never

see each other again. I know that inertly she still loves me because

I betrayed her family trust, I betrayed her sisters thinking of me,

I betrayed her brothers thoughts and I hurt her mother unconditionally.

Sometimes I sit alone at night, pecking a w a y on the roses on my desk,

asking myself does she really love me, or not.

Let us refer to this woman as Miss. A. You see, when Miss. A and I

dated, I was in my own world and realized the d r e a m s of others

instead of the woman who lay by my bed. I was the first guy

she had kissed, she was the first woman I truly, madly, deeply loved,

I was the first guy she slept with and she was the first woman that

taught me you have to be comfortable in your life to create leapfrog


Yes, I have dated several women over the last few years since we have

broken up, and perhaps she has too, but the feeling of loving her

has never changed.

I know many teenagers and lovers who read

Footprints Filmworks,


my writing on this channel.

I feel that somehow, somewhere, we lost each other Miss. A and I

know that you are pissed off with me about so many things, that I

don't care to mention. I was a dog who thought about himself, I

constantly smoked marijuana, and I behaved like an immature baby

who was crying for his bottle.

I can now safely say that I no longer think ONLY about myself,

I have stopped my smoking habits that contributed to our demise,

and yes my milk bottle is full, so no crying for more.

You see, I am quite good looking and can easily have a n y

woman I choose, but I choose you because I know that you

gave me everything, and more. You gave me your heart,

you gave me your body, you gave me your dreams and

you gave me something never to forget-Your love.

I have asked the Managing Director of Footprints Filmworks

to select these songs for you because I feel that music

is the heart of the soul, so listen with aww my love.

About 49,700 results for Footprints Filmworks

Thumbnail 5:14
Aye Mere Humsafar [Full HD Song] |
Qayamat se Qayamat
Tak | Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball that we have to hit a

home run, Sometimes life tests our love for each other by

large hurdles, sometimes life is ever so dreadful that we

feel "Never again," and sometimes love is so deep that

it's worth fighting for-and with you Miss. A, I feel that

it is truly worth fighting for...

--Angelic Beauty Therapies Advert: 0218928211--

As I write this letter, I feel tears dropping down my

hazel eyes, yet I feel that I am the man of the relationship,

and it's no shame to cry for someone whom you really loved.

I honestly feel love is a different language, and the language

of the love we shared was caring, sharing, loving and

smiling. My smiles has turned into frowns without you,

my billions has turned to cents without you, and my heart

has turned dark brown without you. All I am saying to

you, Miss. A, is that I want you to be my wife, I want

you to be the "queen of my heart," I want you to bear

my children and I want you to 'gell-well,' with my family.

In the many years that we dated, you gave me your

families support, you gave me something that no-woman

has given me, and perhaps it's over time, that we learn

that we have lost a gem whilst looking for stones, and

YES, I had found hard rocks that cracked my head. I

want you back Miss. A, today and I will treasure you

like no king has treasured his queen, I will protect and

promote you like no media mogul, and I will respect you

more than a father respects his daughter.

You see, Miss. A, sometimes in life you have to take a leap

at life, and I assure you no man will ever love you the

way I have loved you, no prince will dare create that sparkle

in your eye, the way I do, no amount of magic will create

the miracles that I will create for you.

I know that I am no Shakespeare, but know that with every

breathe that I take, I take it with your name, with every

w o r d, I take it with your name, and know that your

name has occupied my entire heart, there is no space

for anyone else to enter but you...

So, my final plea to you is to resign your mind,

body, and soul to me,

and I will do my best to sustain and maintain

the quality lifestyle

that you have enjoyed. I know that

I will support you with my

well paying job, and my ever large ego

that sometimes bulges my

personality. You have done the hard

work by loving me over the

years, but somehow, I feel that you

are afraid of your parents

and families, because I did hurt you,

I did behave arrogant,

I did ignore you and I did certain

things that you were never

proud off...If you are willing and daring

to marry me, not date

me, I will fly as fast as I can to propose

to you, get my family

to sought out the mess we have created,

and make your ever

loving father proud. I know we have only

a few years to have

children, so I want to work as quick as possible,

so I can look

my son in the eye and tell him how proud

I am of him,


I sweated to meet his mother,

and ultimately, if we have daughters.

I want them to have your cool, calm, and

conceited nature. This

is my final plea to you Miss. A,

and pray to Allah,

day and night

to bring you back in my life.

If your brothers choose to have that

final punch at me, why not,

as long as I get to marry you.

I don't

want a divorce ever, that is my worst FEAR.

Maybe Allah is testing

us, who knows, but know that these w o r d s

are from Allah,

and my heart jointly. So if you really dare,

get one of your friends,

or even you to text or call me,

and we will work out the garden

wedding as planned previously.

It's time that we invest in ourselves

Miss. A, and I know that you are

tired of 'family-stuff,' so be

the Angelic princess that

you are and let me know as soon

as possible.

--Mercantile Law Firms Advert: 011 8297811--

Finally, I would like to say that I pray

that you have forgiven

me for my belly button ways, and I say I am sorry.

I know that

my ego was too big to ever say that,

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm


If I have received no response by 30 April 2014,

I will take your answer, and settle

for second best,


ultimately, you are the best, and will always be.

If you decide to get married to me, I promise

you I will

do my best to make you happy, I will be

as faithful

as Mahatma Gandhi,

I will be as loving

as Romeo,

and I will be as rich as

Warren Buffett...

Yours faithfully

Ameen Kareem

Omar Abdulla
November 7, 2013
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Who will be the next South African President...??

by Zanele Nkosi

(17 April 2014--FF News) South African's and the

rest of the world are in close knit ties

with their

friends and families for the joining of hands

to elect a

government that leads fairly, for a cabinet that is

well-balanced and for a nation that is well oiled

for a bombastic future says SABC.

According to news received from The



of South Africa, (17) parties are


to hold seats

in parliament from an allocated 400 seats.

"We see the splitting of The African



crossing hands with The Economic

Freedom Fighters,

The Pan African Congress,

The Democratic Alliance

and The Congress of the people." noted

Mr. Julius

Malema, party director of (EFF)...

Malema says that he is confident that the


majority holding of The ANC will drop from


(264 seats) to about 61% with the


of President Mugabe's ZANU PF and

the recent

booing of The African National



when the late Nelson Mandela had



--Jumping Jacks Castles Advert: 0126675656--

"I have always praised the likes of


they have assisted us, by marketing and

media houses

locally and internationally, as the

local media has

supported the holding party. We see

this as unfair

and unjust on behalf of the media and

are working

closely with Zimbabwean leaders to

gain a minimum

of eight seats in the coming election." he

was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Footprints in Tembisa,
United Democratic Movement leader Mr.

Bantu Holomisa says that he was confident

that his party will win voters in Polokwane

and Kwa-Zulu Natal as Bantu and Shona rebels

had dis-agreed with the ANC's leading policy,

and aimed at moving his current holding of

(4) seats to (10) seats.

"We see the need for change in South Africa,

as South African's have been complaining

about poor water sanitation, poor housing

and development and unfair taxes to residents

who earn below the bread line."

Mr. Julius Malema says that he had a fall out with

party leader Mr. Kenny Kunene who leads

The Patriotic

Alliance, but was confident to 'mend-fences,'

and use

his name, and Kunene's wealth to secure

a national vote

that will roar at the ANC.

"We see The EFF roaring at the ANC,

as many

South African's feel betrayed by the



of late. If Kunene and I can repair the

bridges broken,

we could have a fighting change against

The ANC,

and Democratic Alliance." he was noted

as saying.

President of South Africa Mr. Jacob Zuma

says that he

feels when he 'hands in the towel,'

as the national head,

his deputy Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa will lead

SA as president.

"Many have said that Cyril is not a

political leader and

manages and leads his business

with due force. I am

confident in Ramaphosa to lead the

country as president

of the country as we have

so much to learn

from the leader

who had fought crimes against the

government in the

1950's and 1960's. His business brains

and acumen

will be additional benefits to government

and the

country when The ANC wins the elections

in June."

Minority Front leader Mrs. Shameen Rajbansi

says that

she will take the memories of her late

husband and

try to win voters from The Inkatha

Freedom Party,

African Peoples Convention and perhaps

even the

Democratic Alliance.

"Many anti Helen Zille voters have

swung our way,

after national speeches in The

Western Cape,

North West, Free State and Polokwane."

“A government big enough to give you everything

you want is a

government big enough to take from

you everything you have.”

Thumbnail 11:36
ANC DP Cyril Ramaphosa speech

The National South African Express says that Mr.

Malema is barking up the wrong tree when he addressed

the white community of Klerksdorp earlier this month.

"Malema and his friends should stick to try to win voters

from other black parties and not try to 'wheel-'n-deal,' his

force with our white friends who have voted for us

for years on end. We see that his pecking will one day

get him killed by men with revolvers by making false

promises about changes to the land act and The

South African constitution. We only see the EFF as

an extension of The ANC, and Malema has not

the balls or brains to even lead a community, let

alone a country. He has been a laughing stock for

us, and this was proven when he talked about

change in Klerksdorp." says an angry resident.

Whilst white farmers were seen as Anti-Malema

on the banks of The Orange river, many other

residents had said that Mugabe should of died

in a car bombing in 2010, and were asking questions

why he had supported the likes of Malema.

"Mugabe had used a thriving Zimbabwean economy

more than forty years ago, and turned her into a black

hole that always asks South Africa for aid. If the so-called

president wanted to assist South Africa, he should not

try to influence parties in South Africa. If we have him

supporting South African parties, we will see South Africa's

economy drop by 20% in three years, and more than

50% in twenty years." jotted an Apartheid supporter.

Speaking to CNN, Mr. Anton Klupper says that he was

ready to make a change in the country by becoming

a Member of Parliament.

"I have always supported the likes of Helen Zille and

her clergy of men who have battled the battered

streets of South Africa to win black voters. We

all know that The Democratic Alliance is made up

of a majority rule of white men, but if we can convince

our black allies, that we will come into power, and bring

back the positive change that South Africa deserves,

we could move mountains within years of experience

in the party."

Researchers at The University of Westville say that

the need for change in South Africa is to connect

further with international allies, the scope for growth

in hundreds of sectors including medical, justice, media,

crime, the economic growth cycle of the merger

of companies in South Africa with international companies

and the epic of change within oneself.

--Noise Boys Sound Dynamics Advert: 0838289900--

"The education level of a grade 12 learner in South Africa

is equivalent to a grade 5 learner in The United States,

if we were comparing apples for apples. If South Africa

does not pull her socks together by educating our youth,

towards a positive future, we could see our throne as

the leading country in Africa, lost to Egypt, Morocco,

Nigeria and Tanzania."

As government expands, liberty contracts...

Thumbnail 45:03
Sunday Live: Helen Zille

Political analyst Mr. Idrees Bhamjee says that

South Africa is ready to

'take-on,' a new president, with the likeliness

of change affecting

the poor and needy.

"It is unfortunate that South African political

leaders have

the largest extended penises by driving

Ferrari driven vehicles,

when our poor and needy are still walking

the streets till

late hours in the evening either drunk or stoned.

The only

way to improve the standards of our

country is if we see

the need to improve the standards of our poor.

If we convert

our millions of shanty homes into homes that are

liveable, we

could cross boundaries with 1st world countries."

Concluding his remarks on CNBC,

SA President Mr. Jacob

Zuma noted that as South African's we have a

duty to serve

Mankind to the best of our potential.

--Shaka Zulu Arts Advert: 0318820921--

"My rein as president of the country for the

l a s t two

terms is somewhat tainted after falling outs

with former

presidents, after the recent demise of

Father Nelson Mandela,

and the angry residents who throw beer bottles

at my Limousine.

I am not upset by these small errors that

residents make, but

what makes my blood boil, is that if our

residents actually

'walk-their-talk,' then we would see real


in South Africa.

Again I say, we as The uBuntu nation

of Africa,

should aim

to see the Sunrise without pollution, we

should aim to see

that our neighbors bellies are full, we

should aim to pick

up the litter on the street even if it's

not our own, and

we should vote for a government that

sees the future with

bright eyes and that cares to change for

the better. Vote on

election day with the end goal in mind

of a better and more

prosperous future for all."
Omar Abdulla
November 16, 2013
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Ostrich kicks boy to death...

by Alison Kells

(29 April 2014--FF News) The Ostrich Farm based in

Free State South Africa is facing a public liability lawsuit

from a father who claims that his son had died after visiting

The Ostrich Farm, located locally.

Speaking to Footprints in Free State, local resident Mr. Riaan

Grobler says that his family and a few guests from work

were visiting the farm, during the Easter weekend.

"We were visiting the farm with my work colleagues and

I decided to bring my family along as I thought they might

enjoy the experience of the road trip. It was the worst

mistake of my life." he claimed.

Mrs. Adriana Grobler, noted that she was swimming in

the pool with her daughter, when she had told her son

to 'stay-away,' from the ostrich eggs not more than 30M

away from the spa.

--Koop 'n Loop Advert: 0373829910--

"From a far distance I could see that he had jumped

out of the pool, and had seen a large ostrich egg,

not far within reach. He had picked the egg up,

and taken a bite, and within one minute the female

ostrich had kicked him in the face, killing him

instantly." she grasped.

--Gary Kirsten Cricket Academy Advert: 0418921201--

The Vryheid Plus says on their website that Little

Joshua was a

mere 8 yrs old, when he had faced death.

"It's a sad moment for the entire community,

as Joshua was

in our primary school, had the likes of all his

teachers and

had won personality of the year in 2013.

He will be missed

by his friends at school."

The boy's father, says that he had laid a

lawsuit against

the farm, and will receive a payout of R5 million

rand from

the insurance due to the neglect of the farm.

Holding his head in his hand and weeping


Mr. Grobler says that no money in the world

could bring

his boy back.

--Mogale's Driving School Advert: 0118218210--

"I had warned him to stay away from the


when either me or his mother was not in sight.


adventurous personality had eventually killed him."

he quirked.

The Farming community of Free State is

in uproar after

the recent death and all other farming

and game lodges

have been warned of this incident.

"Crocworld, Shark Bite, and Snake

Kingdom have

been closed for the day in memory of

Little Joshua,"

says Urmilla Chanday, a local resident.

Residents of the community of South

Africa are warned

when visiting the local "animal kingdom,'

parks of the

country to beware and hold onto their

children especially

when they are not around.

"I want my boy back, I want my boy back,

I want

my boy back." concluded Mrs. Grobler.
Omar Abdulla
November 6, 2013
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Great Leaders of our time...

by Martin Bench

(9 April 2014--FF News) The world has experienced many

thousands of men and women who have walked the Earth who

have left a "Living-Legacy," since

the beginning of time that has changed the past, the present

and the future of the 77.2 billion people who have walked the

world over the l a s t 80 million years. Today,

Footprints Filmworks

experiences and notes the 'most powerful,'

people of the world

and tries to draw straws out of the men

who have changed the

history of Mankind. Attached herewith is a

biography of snippets

who have changed the world for the future...
Julius Caesar

* Born, July 100BC

*Greatest Rome leader, statesmen, and Ruler

of The Roman Empire...

*Greatest Military leader since the beginning of history...

*One of his wives included the most beautiful woman

of the 60 BC century Cleopatra.

* Captured by pirates, then led them to victory

against their competition they were fighting wars against.

* Fought in the battle of Magetobriga,

Siege of Alexandria,

and Battle of The Nile...

* Known as one of the greatest dictators

of Spain, Italy,

Egypt and Greece.

* His son by Cleopatra was killed by his other son

from a wife he had from a previous marriage.

* His senate Mark Anthony had assassinated

him due to

his powerful regime as the greatest leader in


--Five Roses Tea Advert: 0229029918

Thumbnail 2:31:00
Shakespeare - Julius Caesar (2012)

Napoleon Bonaparte

*Born, 15 August 1769

* Emperor of France, Ruler of Europe, Fought

in The French Revolution, The Battle of Waterloo,

and The Peninsular War.

* Ruled 70 million people in Europe, changed the world

by promoting weapons with gun power. Napoleon could

kill from as far as 35KM on horseback, more than any

other soldier of his time.

*Initially grew up hating France, the country that

one day he would rule.

* Most stylish and well dressed personality in the

world, holding his hand in his shirt whilst posing

for statues.

*His mother, Maria Ramolino was his role model,

after being pregnant 13 times, 8 surviving with

one father.

* His wars that he had fought was to protect FRANCE

from evil rulers in Italy, Egypt, Prussia and Russia as

these country's had seen FRANCE as the wealthiest

country in the world during the 1700's.

* The Battle of Borodino was the highest amount

of deaths for the 17th Century that France had

fought against Russia killing 223 000 people.

* Famous for being a revolutionary leader, ruler

of FRANCE, author, father, and captain of

several ships when he spent exile in Saint Helena.

* Died of arsenic poisoning. May 5th 1821.

--Fashion Freak Advert: 0118298211--

Thumbnail 45:08
Napoleon PBS Documentary 1 Of 4

Nicolaus Copernicus

* Born, 19 February 1473, Poland

* Challenged the Biblical revelations that the

Earth was the center of the universe by saying

that The Sun was the center of the cosmos

of the heliocentric system.

* Greatest scientist, mathematician and astrologer

scientist of the modern era.

* When he published his book

De revolutionibus orbium coelestium,
he feared his death after testing Christians
that The Earth was the center of The Universe.
* He had formulated that The Earth was larger
than the moon, and used his formulations
by saying
that the Earth was spherical instead of flat.
* Formulated that the Earth moves, and does
not remain still, saying that the Earth moves at
a speed of 81 miles per second, a theory that
his fellow friends had laughed about.
* Died at the age of 70, in 1543.
--Benoni Horse Riding Advert: 0114277321--

About 57,700 results for Footprints Filmworks
Thumbnail 16:32
Copernicus and the Scientific Revolution
- Past is Present (2011)
Pharaoh Sobekneferu of Egypt

*Born 1806 BC

* First female Ruler of Egypt

* Ruler of The Sixth Dynasty, after her father

Pharaoh Amenemhat III...

* Brought about change in Egypt by freeing

taxes imposed by her father that would allow

free migration to other Asian country's.

* First woman in Egypt to wear a silk made

cloth made from Chinese woven crofters.

* Her headless body has been mummified

at a British museum sold to Great Britain

for £33 000 quid in the 17th Century.

* First woman to discover archaeological

dinosaur bones whilst erecting the great

pyramid of The Nile.

* One of the earliest women to understand

and teach hieroglyphics saying that the symbols

had stood for sounds and codes to the public.

* Led her fathers legacy with due leadership after

initiating the construction of two pyramids.

Thumbnail 5:46
- (by Egyptahotep)

--Mishka Hassan Architects Advert: 0218392011--

Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)

* Born, 570 AD, Mecca

*Social reformer, diplomat, merchant, philosopher,

orator, military leader.

* Founder of Islam, Messenger of Allah...

* Compiled the Holy Quran, whilst receiving

revelation at Mount Hira. His wife, would often

say that the Prophet could distinguish between

his own thoughts and the thoughts received

from the angel Gabriel.

* His father had died six months before his birth,

and grew up with his Uncle, Abu Talib who had

taught the him to become a shepard.

* Transformed Mecca as the trade hub of

Saudi Arabia, by calling the water in Arabia

as "Holy water," as the purest and cleanest

water in the world.

* The Quran was revealed to him in two stages

whilst at Mecca, and later in Medina, as certain

revelations make mention of his surroundings.

* Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) makes mention

of his teachings from Prophet Adam, Prophet

Moses, Prophet Isa, and Prophet Abraham.

* He had founded the religion of Islam, proclaiming

that "God is one," with no partners.

* No pictures were ever revealed about the Prophet,

with some saying that he wore a turban, green eyed,

a beard and oily skinned.

* Quranic translation is the responsibility of man towards

his creator, the resurrection of the dead, God's final judgement

and a warning to man if they do not follow the laws set by


* Death, 8 June, 632 in Medina

--Incuba Video Producers: Advert: 031821177--

Thumbnail 2:04:38
The Message Film

Mother Teresa

* Born, 26 August 1910, Albania

* Founder: The missionaries of Charity, which leads charity

organizations in 122 countries, specializing in hospices, family

planning, HIV/AIDS care, drug rehabilitation, cancer, mentally

insane people, soup kitchens, feeding schemes, schooling

and other projects all for FREE.

* Famous for wearing a white satin dress and

blue ribbon as her signature brand.

* Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana, Pope John Paul II

and Nelson Mandela have mentioned her as the most

divine spirit of the 21st Century.

* When she won the Nobel Prize in 1979, she

gave the prize giving money of $122 000 dollars

all to poverty stricken families in Calcutta.

*782 other charity organizations hold her name as


* Spiritual leader that believed that Jesus was the

"Son of God," and proclaimed his teachings with

the miracles that she created.

* Died of ill health on 5th September 1997.

--Pablo's Paving Advert: 0838291299--

AdsSee your ad Footprints Filmworks
Thumbnail 14:25
Exclusive Mother Teresa 1974 1-2

The Wright Brothers

* Born, Orville Wright-(August 17, 1871,) and

Wilbur Wright, April 16 1867

* American brothers, inventors, and aviation

partners who invented the first airplane

in December 1903.

* Brothers had owned a bicycle shop, downtown,

and had the idea to use the pedal model of movement

to airlift a craft not more than 1000m into the air.

* Using the knowledge of ships, they had designed

their propellers to lift the small engine into the air,

and after several crashes in 1899, the brothers

had modified the model using wind speed as

a brush against gravity.

* When the brothers had initially modelized

their craft, hundreds of folks had laughed

about their idea saying that it would not work,

and it did not until 1903

* In 1901, Wilbur had watched how a bird

takes off, and using it's wings during flight,

and had thus used the model for the first

flight in 1903 that lasted 89 miles, before

the engine had seized.

* In 1903, after the initial flight, Wilbur and his

brother had proposed a financing plan to the

then Prime Minister, but the minister had said

that the distance was too little and failed to

invest. The brothers had then proposed their

idea to businessman William Eisenhower, and

today Eisenhower is the founding manager

of British Airways.

Deaths: Orville Wright: January 30 1948,

Wilbur Wright: May 30 1912

About 135,000 results for Footprints Filmworks
Thumbnail 54:17
Wright Brothers' Flying Machine

--Multi Serve Cleaners Advert: 0738292222--

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