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 Post subject: FF News: President Abdulla flies Airforce One...
PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:52 am 

Joined: Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:08 am
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by Christian Werner

(25 December 2025--FF News) South Africa's President Omar

Abdulla wished residents from South Africa and internationally a 'happy-festive,'

season for the month of December and warned residents not to be intoxicated

whilst driving the busy South African streets...

"Many residents have already packed their caravans and trailers for a fun-filled December

to the coast, and we warn residents to obey all rules and regulations of the road."

Whilst the president is noted to be on Holiday @ Camp Woodland in The Western Cape, it

is said that the president will spend quality time with his wife and family behind the closed

doors of the fire-lite camp.

"My four children and wife had locked me into the camp dorm, and have said that the next

time that I see the Summer Sun is in 2026...I feel appreciated and have taken this time off

to really get to know my children and wife through the busy year."

Other residents from The Western Cape who spoke to Footprints in Cape Town, say that

the president had attended to f o u r meetings per day, and really had no time to rest.

"He has traveled locally and internationally, and spent the majority of his time in hotel rooms

and presidential suites, he has taken this time off at the presidential resort to unwind and plan

the goals and targets for 2026, 2027, 2028, and 2029..."

According to the traditional teachings of The Holy Bible, Christmas is celebrated as the birth of

"JESUS CHRIST," nicknamed "Son of GOD..."

"He was a miracle baby borne from Mary, who had not planted any seed with her lovers...According to

sources close to Paris, Mary was a sex-worker who had not married or spent any night with a man in the hope

for a son...Some researches believe that it was JOSEPH who had fathered and brought the little JESUS into

the world in the year BC 4..." says The Bible Chronicle.

Whilst millions of South African's will be lighting the skies with their fireworks and decorating their homes

with Christmas tree's and ornaments, many international residents had said that their traditional CHRISTMAS

will be spent with family and friends to light up their homes.

"I have hundreds of friends and family members, and the women folk of our household has prepared more

than 30 turkey's for our people..." says a resident.

Jesus of Nazareth as he is well-known as was gifted with "touch," where he had filled the people

who he touched with miracles of health, wealth and wisdom.

"The moment Jesus were to hold your hand, and use the name of The LORD, he would cure

any ailment, any heartache, any challenge and any hunger..." says father Michael Wililamson from

The Church of Durban...


Christmas is not a time or place but a state of mind. To cherish Peace and Goodwill,

and to be forever giving is the spirit of Christmas. Take time off, relax and get in

touch with your spirit this CHRISTMAS...

--Tom Cruise--Mainland--

The main reason that Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the

bad girls live...

--Adriana Lima-New Zealand--

I have just signed a 24 month contract with Footprints Filmworks for 2026 and

2027, so all readers get ready for Sunday Sermons, live on Radio Footprints

and Footprints TV...Celebrate this blessed Christmas with the people you

love, forgive and forget your enemies and be happy for the next years...

--Father John Paul--Australia--

Christmas is not a season, it's a feeling...We at the Zionist Christian Church

in Polokwane, wish and pray that all residents love, cherish, admire

and share during this auspicious day...Be the feeling and experience

that you choose to experience this Christmas..Give and share in the name

of God...

--Zionist Christian Church-Polokwane--

Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don't, who will?
Read more at ... zURcRMC.99

Believe in love. Believe in Magic. Believe in Santa Claus. Believe in Dreams.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your children. Believe in GOD,

heck believe in what what works for you as long as you have a large smile

and happiness all pasted on your face this CHRISTMAS...


Whether your are wishing for your favorite toy, for that business deal to go through, to

date a playboy bombshell or drive the fancy Aston Martin, drop me a hand-written letter

and I will do my best to grant every wish that you desire. Don't forget to pray for that special

parents and family that has outlasted you this 2025...Be merry and no matter have the passion

of CHRIST in your heart and soul..


I joined Footprints Filmworks in 2010, and ever since I have been an ever strong

team member of The Footprints Team...I would like to wish my friends, families,

fans and foes well over the next year, plan your goals and dreams and edge closer

every day...I am totally nuts of our president, well in those days, he was my friend...Support

your team through the troughs and curves of life and be sure they will be there when you

need them...Never abandon your loved ones, and mediate your visual life for 2026...Cheri o.

--Sakeena Joosub--LAUDIUM--

Work takes me away from my wife, yet when we do get to be together, we make

it a memory never to forget...From my wife, my four children-Alison, Zakiyyah, Adam

and Michael we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...I am the President of

South Africa, and like Santa, my work sometimes takes a bit of time, but be sure it will

be done, more than perfection..MY prayers for the next years is to have another four

children with my wife, be the best president that I can be and hopefully try to inspire

the billions of people who watch me...

--Omar Abdulla--Cape Town--

President Abdulla on Mid-Summer Murders...

by Strawberry Popz

(8 December 2025--FF News) SA's President Mr. Omar Abdulla and gentlemen from the

Policing Forum of Natal had warned residents to beware the lurking "Oceanic Killer," that has killed

sixteen teenagers in a space of three years...

"This is an international matter being investigated as the "Oceanic Killer,"

had struck in Miami

and Uma and has now shifted his spree of killing in Durban...He will be

caught as we have

top team members from Gauteng who are assisting in

bringing justice to cause."

According to the amended constitution of South Africa,

should the

"Oceanic Killer,' be caught

and proven guilty he will be forced to agree to the death

penalty of either lethal injection,

poisoning, "The Electric Chair," or dumped into the Ocean

with bricks on his chest said The National


The "Oceanic Killer," has been on this killing spree, killing

teenagers and young women for the crack

kicks that he suffers from...

"We have a sketched artist and a psychosocial team who

have said that the killer might be between 30-50,

brunette bearded, and wear a size 8...Other investigators

have said that the killer might off been from a low-class

environment who knew the method of killing his victims...

We have other investigators who have said that the white male,

could off qualified as a doctor as he used precision when carving

the eyeballs and eye lashes off his victims." says Station

Captain for Durban Metro Police.

The South African National Paper wrote on their website

that the president had met with key Police officials to nab

the serial killer who has tormented Durban residents.

"We have sent a broadcast with pictures of the suspect,

and any residents who familiarize themselves with this killer

should call the toll free policing number of 10111..."

noted Mr. Abdulla.

Miss. Laila Gani, a Pretoria resident says that she was confronted

with a man who seemed weird and suspected

that The "Oceanic Killer," had moved to Pretoria.

"We have assumptions that the killer is in hibernation in Pretoria,

as Police are searching Durban for his whereabouts."

Speaking to Footprints in Durban, local resident Mr. Amrish Patel

says that he felt that the killer had changed location

after dumping over sixteen bodies into the Pacific, Atlantic and

now Indian Ocean.

"There were warnings broadcasted in Atlanta in 2022, and it

seems that his crimes will not go UN-punished

in South Africa. South Africa has sentenced more than 9000

prisoners to death since 2023 and we will not

face threat by these hooligans who torment SA shores."

says Melissa Pienaar, a Cape Town resident...

"This killer suffers from a deep insecurity as he rapes and kills the

women whom he dumps into the ocean. When

the murders were committed in Peru, we knew that he had escaped

Uma borders through Ecuador." says

Professor Peter Johnson from The University of New Delhi.

Whilst the majority of investigators had agreed that the killer

might be working alone, there

were assumptions that pirates could be the cause of these

killings, whilst other members

from the community thought that there was about three

to four people assisting the killers.

"There were no traces of evidence on the bodies, as we

had pulled pubic hairs from some of the victims

and are awaiting more results..." says Forensic Investigator

Mrs. Sheila Vilakazi.

Autopsy Expert Mr. Gary Samuels told members from the police

that they had exhumed the bodies

of XXX and TTT from Miami, and had to pin point the signature

marks of the victims...

"All these victims were shot to the head with a Smith and West rifle,

raped whilst they were dead,

cleaned for any fingerprints and scuffs and had their teeth removed

for any DNA identification...We had

found in all these sixteen victims that their eyeballs were removed

and hands tied."

The South African Investigating Officer of Murders, Mr. Richard Chetty

says that he had compared the rope

used for the victims in Uma and Durban and they were


"We are working with close sources to locate the manufacturer

of these ropes to assist in finding

this killer."

Thumbnail 1:32:56
Midsomer Murders s11e06 Days of Misrule

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says that they had pulled

eight bodies from The Pacific

and will as assist South Africa in tracking the movements of the killer.

"He had first killed in The United States, then moved to Peru, and has

laid his benchmark in South Africa.

We are dealing with a serious wacko who has shammed our

department to the highest level."

President Abdulla who was dressed to the nines in his red shirt

and white pants told members from Durban

that the community will not rest until justice is served.

"We have patrolled the beaches of Durban and Cape Town,

and have placed UN IDENTIFIED policemen

on guard, hence if we were say so loudly, we have even laid

a trap to catch the "Oceanic Killer."

The Department of Justice in South Africa sent an email to

The Metro Police saying that they were still

investigating the reasons why the "Oceanic Killer," had killed

so many victims in such a short space of time.

"There are some who would say that he was raised an orphan,

with others saying that he was raped

at school, with other residents saying that he must of been

brought up in a poor environment where

men were taught the reason for keeping a firearm on hand."

Sultan's Firearms who is the largest supplier of firearms in

South Africa says that their sales had

dropped by 81% since Abdulla's ruling of bringing the

death penalty to South Africa.

"Most of our sales are to security companies and the general police

and we find more and more people,

not purchasing guns, as a gun alone is a warrant for danger."

Minister of Oceanic Waters, Mrs. Gabriella Wilbert grabbed at the

local police saying that no ships had docked

in South Africa with private slogans or ammunition.

"All the ships that enter South African borders have to pass a

1000m lighthouse before they even enter

into SA waters. We can assure police that the killer had not

entered South Africa through our harbors

or naval bases."

Brits resident, Mrs. Waseela Langry says that

she had opposed Mr. Abdulla's agreement with

Saudi Arabia for implementing the death penalty

and is ever grateful that she can walk

the streets of South Africa at 11: PM without

a care in the world.

"During the period after Apartheid, crime had

become notorious on our

streets, and no

man would be seen driving

or walking the streets after 9:PM...

Today, we have shopping malls

that are open 24/7, we have people who walk

the streets at

11:PM and we have men

who transport goods at night without any fear. If there is

a n y way to get The "Oceanic Killer,"

behind bars until prosecuted, we have to work fast and efficiently

before we pull our next victim from

another coastal plane..."

President Abdulla concluded in his talk with members from Durban

that he had placed a press release

on several television networks and was working closely with

internal allies in finding the source of

the killings.

"We have a couple of tricks up our sleeves that we dare

not share to the public as yet. We will catch this

killer even if it breaks my sleep."

BUS Over Turns and kills 81 passengers
says President Abdulla...

by Yasmin Khota

(18 December 2025--FF News) President of South Africa

Omar Abdulla says that whilst

thousands of residents were streaming towards the shorelines for the December Holidays,
many Bus drivers were embarrassed that the 81 seat er Voyager Express XI had yellow lined

the Morning- side road traffic killing all passengers...

"The Bus was driving towards Cape Town and had over turned the yellow brick road, with

many others being thrown off through the windows and windscreens..."

Speaking to The Cape Townonian Tabloid, local driver Mr. Gilbert Kekane says that he was enjoying

a Sunday afternoon drive in his Porsche when the bus had streamlined the traffic by driving over

the yellow road.

"I was surprised that the Bus was stream lining traffic by cutting corners...This is a luxury liner

that transports hundreds of residents daily, and this has killed the reputation of the company."

In a conversation with United BUS Incorporated MD, Mr. Anton Aston, he says,

that the company owns Voyager Express, Putco, Greyhound,

Star Bus es, Electric Nationwide Bus es, SA Roadlink, American Bus Investments,

and several other public transport companies and noted

that the accident was caused because the highway was

jammed with traffic and the liner was scheduled

to deliver a baby to the local hospital.

"The bus driver had radioed the company stating that the bus

was yellow lining because one of the passengers

was in lab our."

Minister of Transport and Public Works, Mr. Thomas Pinsloo says to Footprints in Chapmans Peak

that the bus was traveling at 200 KM/h in an 80KM/h district.

"Video footage from the debris removal has proven that the bus was traveling above the speed limit,

and had collided with the airy mountain view of Chapmans Peak."

"Rocks were falling from the mountain when the bus had brushed against the mountain, and

had crashed the bus to bits."

According to Radio 911, local resident, Miss. Francina Masipane says that she was driving in front

of the bus and had noticed the smoke as the bus had crashed into the mountain.

"The bus was driving too close to the mountain, and due to the lady's pregnancy the driver

had thought without due skill."

The Road Accident Fund of South Africa says that they will fork out R15 million rand per person

that died to the families of the beloved.

"United Bus Incorporated are insured with their public liability and other aspects that government

will pay tribute too.."

Thumbnail 1:36
[RAW] Warning Graphic: Shocking MOMENT
Pinetown Truck Crash

SS News, a broadcast network in Johannesburg says that many families were glued to their screens

when the bodies were pulled from the crash that had no survivors.

"This is tragic news to the families that have lost their loved ones during this time where drivers

speed the roads."

Mr. Patrick Anthea told The Daily Sun that his father, mother and two sisters were traveling to

Cape Town for the holidays and was saddened by their loss.

"I am working the December period, and chose to live at home, whilst they traveled to the Cape. I

am disgusted by the amount of road deaths at recent times."

South African Statics

says on their website

that more people die on

the roads in South

Africa than any other country.

"Our men speed the

roads without

thinking, we have teenagers

who drag race our dirt roads,

we have Taxi drivers who drive

without permit, we have

15 yr olds driving their

father's tractors,

we have un licensed women who

ride their motor-cycles to university.

Last year we reported

the highest road deaths per capita, and this year,

again more and more people die."

Another resident who spoke to The Pinetown Times

added by saying that he is heartfelt that

his girlfriend had died in the tragic crash.

"We were dating for three years and were set to be married

in March. My heart pains and want

the people who caused this accident to pay for their mistakes."

Pretoria, resident, Mr. Jacob Dlamini says that South African's

were being disrespectful to SA roads,

by dumping garbage and sewage waste on the side of the road.

"If you were to walk the arid roads of Mamelodi or Soweto you

would smell the garbage that these

transporters dump. We have rubbish removal companies that

dump their waste on the side of the

road, creating plague and disease."

Mr. Abdulla who spoke to residents from the community

noted briefly that the Voyager Express was

one of those buses that dis respected the law of the road.

"Be courteous to your fellow drivers by allowing them

preference, and as for this incident,

I would say that the driver should off stopped and

used the 81 passengers to assist in giving

birth to the child."


Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla 200.jpg
Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla 200.jpg [ 64.92 KiB | Viewed 435 times ]
Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla.jpg
Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla.jpg [ 9.31 KiB | Viewed 435 times ]
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