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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:16 am 

Joined: Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:11 am
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Location: In his own house
Brock Crobat fell against the ground.

Gary: And that finishes this battle. Rob has beaten all three of Brock's Pokémon. Well done, Rob.
Brock: Well done indeed. Here, I have something for you.

Brock walked up to Rob and handed him a small grey badge that had the form of a rock.

Rob: Is this...?
Brock: Yes. It's the boulderbadge. I know this isn't really a gym. But this is the battle you were meant to have in my gym, so you deserve the badge.
Rob: Great. Now I can go off to Cerulean City to fight for the next badge.

Rob happily ran out of Oak's garden and ran back towards route 1.

Brock: I wish him good luck. Misty is tough fighter.
Delia: Now that the battle is over, can we go the Central Universe and try to find Ash and the others.
Oak: Of course, Delia. That's what we promised.
Gary: We're all going.
Cilan: Yeah.

The five people made their way to the portal leading to the Central Universe, but they couldn't get in.

Cilan: Why can't we go in?
Oak: Someone locked it.
Delia: Why would they do that?
Oak: There must be something wrong in the Central Universe. I think they locked the portal for our own safety.
Delia: But if Ash is in there, he can't get out.
Gary: Maybe he took another portal and ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Let's have look there.
Delia: Okay.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 1:24 am 

Joined: Wed May 05, 2010 1:08 pm
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*As the battle goes on, Mario and Luigi was getting everyone out of the battle field. While doing this, they saw someone coming towards the battle.*
Luigi: Is that who I think it is?
Mario: Dr. Pipeazoid?!
*Pipeazoid was walking towards them. The damage do to his body was patched up for a temporary fix. His right arm was still being worked on.*
Mario: What are you doing here?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Out of my way. I have to stop Azurith from using that Zuel Blade.
Luigi: Why?
Dr. Pipeazoid: He created it incorrectly. It is unstable. If it goes critical, this whole universe will be destroyed and nothing will replace it.
Mario: And why should we trust you, Pipeazoid?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Don't call me that. That monster is no more. My name is Eric Bright.
Mario: I don't care what you call yourself, you caused so much pain and suffering. You even tried to kill me and my brother.
Eric: I know what wrong I did, and I know I can't go back and change that. I never wanted any of this to happen. But if I could do something that can change my fate in the afterlife, I would do it now. And to start, I want to say, I'm sorry.
Luigi: Those are two words I never would have heard from him.
Mario: What about Sonic? Look at what has happened to him now.
Eric: I know that it was my fault that lead him to this, but I know he can over come this. But that sword has got to go somewhere else.
Luigi: How do you know if that sword is unstable?
Eric: I studied everything about the Soul Blade and all the myths and legends behind it. Six of light and fifteen of darkness clashed in battle suppose to create it.
Mario: You're saying he made it by an illegal process?!
Eric: Exactly. Forcing one of light together with one of darkness is not right.
Mario: Is what we are doing going to matter by what you have said?
Eric: Getting everyone away from the battle? No. When that sword goes off, nothing is safe. That is why it has to be moved to another world, and I know where is the best place to move it. Castle Death.
Luigi: Why there?
Eric: All of the Metuids are there. Take them all out in one shot.
Mario: Wait, they're your creations. You are going to destroy them all!
Eric: I actually built a fail safe in them, but the device I made in my left arm that activates it was destroyed by Sonic. This is the only option in doing so, even if it means dying to do so.
Luigi: But you can't do that! The Angels will...
Eric: That's if you two or anyone else kill me. Nothing about self sacrifice.
Mario: He does have a point on that. But if he has really changed, that is not good.
Eric: You two already killed me and I was supposed to be dead when I lost my real body. I was never ment to live. I am ending it today.
*Mario and Luigi stood there in silence. Meanwhile, within Sonic's subconscious, Sonic and Azurith has fought a long battle.*
Sonic-Azurith: I grow tired of this. It is time to finish this. Prepare to lose yourself to the darkness!
Sonic: I will never give into the darkness again!
*Sonic and Azurith charged at each other and clashed swords. They begin to just run in place, not going anywhere.*
Sonic-Azurith: You know you can't stop me. It is pointless to try.
Sonic: I will never give up!
*Sonic starts to build up speed, pushing Azurith back.*
Sonic-Azurith: What?! This can't be happening!
*Sonic knocks Azurith in the air. (Play Reach for the Stars or some kind of epic music) Sonic then runs back and forth, hitting Azurith each time he passed by. Azurith went up into the air. Sonic charges up for a light speed attack and timed it to attack Azurith before he touched the ground. Azurith flew back, letting go of the Zuel Blade. Azurith soon disappeared and the Zuel Blade dissolved into nothing. (End music) Sonic then drops to his knees, then flat on the ground.*
Sonic: I guess this is it.
*Meanwhile, back at the battle in Station Square, Amy and Shadow continues to fight Azurith.*
Sonic-Azurith: You can't hope to stop me now. I will be vic...
*Azurith starts screaming, grabbing his head as if an unbearable pain came over him. A bright light soon flashed from the Zuel Blade, knocking him away from it. The Zuel Blade froze in place. Azurith lands on his back. Suddenly, a dark orb comes out. Sonic's body returns to normal.*
Shadow: Sonic did it. He knock Azurith back out of him.
Azurith: No! This can't be happening! The Zuel Blade is mine!
*The orb begins to move towards the Zuel Blade, only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of the Grim Reaper.*
Azurith: Aeros!
Grim Reaper: Azurith, you have cheated death for long enough. It is now time for you to go to where you belong.
*The Grim Reaper takes the Scythe and sticks the blade into the orb.*
Azurith: Wait, Aeros! The Zuel Blade is right there. We can undo everything. You can be alive again.
Grim Reaper: I don't care about being alive. My death was caused because of you. I can finally put my past behind me now. Remember this: Fear not for whom the bell tolls.
Azurith: No! Don't do this!
Grim Reaper: It tolls for thee.
*The Grim Reaper yanks on the Scythe, destroying the orb completely. Azurith was finally dead.*
Amy: Sonic!
*Amy runs past the Grim Reaper to head over to Sonic.*
Amy: Sonic, please wake up. You can't die now. We have a future together. You just can't die. Please, get up.
*Shadow heads over to check on them. The Grim Reaper disappears, no longer needed there.*
Shadow: Come on Sonic. You have friends who still needs you.
Amy: Sonic!
*Sonic eyes opened up. His eyes were green.*
Sonic: Ugh... Amy...
Amy: Sonic! You're alright!
*Sonic sits up as Amy hugs him.*
Sonic: Man that was weird. I was lost in a dark place, then a bright light shined and I heard her voice calling me.
Shadow: The Grim Reaper was right. Amy saved your life for once.
(Not done yet.)

Super Mario Numb3rs
(Season 2, now on)

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:49 am 
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Joined: Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:13 am
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[Well that made the awesome Sonic music short. I didn't get to the best part.] [Conclusion Music for the FBI plot and Alex]

Alex tried to get himself to move naturally and be able to breathe comfortably. But the loss of Jon and Hayley was still unbearable. The backpack was filled with simple weapons, food, water, clothing, and a sleeping bag. The stuff comes from several worlds, so he was able to fit it all in a bag. He also brought an electronic map which indicates where all portals are in every world, where they lead to, and what to do to make the portal appear or accessible. He knows there's no turning back. The longer he stays here, the sooner the angels will find him.

Eppes in the FBI office stands outside of the interrogation room looking at the table inside where he interrogated Jared. Jared was one of their best agents, if not, the best. And now he's going to be handled by the government. Possibly getting the death penalty or life time imprisonment. Nathaniel on the other hand will be getting the death penalty for sure. There's no denying it. Eppes takes out an ejected disc containing the whole footage of Eppes' interrogation with Jared. He makes sure not to be seen as he takes the burned disc with him to look at later.

Otacon watches Rowan Cross as he tries to spiritually tell him through his coma that they found the List, and his motive is complete. Otacon felt so sorry for him. If it weren't for Rowan Cross, Jared may have done something worse than poison a man and betray his country giving the Chinese information within the American government. This man deserves so much more than what he gave to his country. After an hour passes, Rowan Cross was pronounced dead. Eppes came in at the last minute to witness the death of Rowan Cross.

"He deserved so much more than what he got," Otacon murmured.

"Yeah," Eppes agreed. "I guess to him, whatever he couldn't achieve in life, he-"

Eppes cuts himself off as Otacon finishes his sentence. "-then he could have it in death."

Eppes nods as he and Otacon watch Rowan Cross be taken out to the morgue. They leave the hospital and head out towards their own way home.

Alex took a deep breath trying to forget about Jon and Hayley and come to accept that his life is over. And now he's being used as a weapon that needs to be in hiding. He was no human being to the angels. If anything, he was an object to them. An object that needs to be in exile. For possibly the rest of his life. Alex choses a portal and plans out a route to get to the next portal. So if the angels were to search any of them in the Central Universe, then he would be far off from their reach. Alex took a deep breath and dared not to look back. He slowly walks forward into the portal and enters into the next world.

Image Image

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:02 am 

Joined: Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:11 am
Posts: 1030
Location: In his own house
Delia, Oak, Gary, Cilan and Brock arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom. They saw Wario and Waluigi walking over a path close-by. They run up to them.

Brock: Hey, guys. Have you seen Ash around here lately?
Wario: No.
Gary: Did someone else see him around here?
Wario: No. Nobody did. If Ash was here, we surely would've known, because our garage, where me and Waluigi live, is close to where this portal is located.
Waluigi: We haven't seen Ash since the Mudkip incident.
Delia: *whispers.* I've got a bad feeling about this.
Oak: Could he be in any other world.
Wario: Well, I don't think so. I mean, there are not that many portals in your world from what I've heard. If he is not in any of them, then I don't know where he is.
Delia: Oh no.
Wario: Sorry.


Crying, Delia returns back with the others to Kanto. They arrive back in Pallet Town and Oak takes Delia home again. Brock, Gary and Cilan watch them.

Brock: Where are you, guys?

Inside, Delia starts to cry even harder. Oak stands by her side, but doesn't exactly know what to say. Mr. Mime is just standing there, confused.

Meanwhile, Ash and the gang are making their way trough the Forbidden realm.

Ash: This is hopeless. We never get out of here. We're lost! And it's all my fault!

(And this is where this part ends.)

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:58 am 

Joined: Wed May 05, 2010 1:08 pm
Posts: 1634
*The Zuel Blade started to create lightening out of it.*
Shadow: The Zuel Blade is going critical.
Sonic: It is going to destroy this world. I am not going to let that happen.
*Sonic gets up and charges at it. Shadow and Amy joins him in stopping it. A shock wave comes out of the Zuel Blade, knocking them back.*
Sonic: What happened?
Shadow: It must be powerful to knock anything light weight back.
Amy: What are we going to do?
*Across the road, Mario, Luigi, and Eric watches the struggle.*
Eric: This is it. It is time to end it.
*Eric finishes repairing his arm and placed the bracelet on it.*
Luigi: That looks like what Ash had when we fought Xaria.
Eric: I recreated it. This is how I am going to do this.
*Eric begins to head towards the Zuel Blade.*
Amy: Is that who I think it is?
Shadow: It is.
Sonic: He's still after it!
*Sonic starts running to stop Eric. Mario and Luigi starts running to stop him.*
Mario: Sonic, stop!
Luigi: He is trying to save your world!
*Sonic stopped at Eric. Eric grabs the Zuel Blade. The energy coming from the Zuel Blade starts destroying the temporary fixes on Eric's body.*
Sonic: Save it?! Pipeazoid is not going to save this world!
Eric: My name is Eric, not Pipeazoid.
*Sonic looks at Eric, shocked to hear him calling himself by his real name.*
Sonic: What?
Eric: I know I caused you so much pain. I can't take what I have done back, but I can do something that can change my fate. I am sorry for causing this mess.
*Eric opens up a portal and begins walking towards it, the Zuel Blade slowly moving from it's spot. Everyone watches as Eric goes through the portal with the Zuel Blade. The portal closes behind.*
Sonic: He has been freed from his curse. I hope he knows what he is doing.
*At Castle Death, Eric arrives and lets go of the Zuel Blade. He walks a few feet away from it.*
Eric: I hope this will change my fate. If only I can see her again, then I know that I made the right choice. I am going to die, knowing that I made my own choice instead of someone else's spell choosing my path. Goodbye, everyone.
*The Zuel Blade explodes, engulfing everything there. The world ceased to exist. Back in Station Square, Amy and Shadow's Soul Blades disappeared.*
Amy: My Soul Blade is gone.
Shadow: So is mine.
*Sonic tries to get his out, but it did not come.*
Sonic: I guess they are no longer need. He took out all the Metuids. But why do I have a feeling that he isn't coming back again?
Mario: Because he made sure that he wouldn't come back. He ended it now.
Luigi: He wanted to die.
Sonic: Go out as a hero. That is a way to go.
*Mario then go and punched Sonic in the face.*
Sonic: Ow! Why you do that for?!
Mario: That is for knocking me out back there, even if I did deserved it.
Sonic: Guess I did deserve that. So we are even.
Mario: Yeah.
*The sun was beginning to set and everyone watched it.*
Luigi: So I guess everything will go back to normal.
Sonic: After everything that has happened, what would be normal.
Shadow: I guess what we make it.
Amy: So what now?
*A flyer was blowing through the wind and got caught on Mario's leg. Mario grabs and reads it.*
Mario: The Strongest Universe Warrior Tournament.
Sonic: Those things been all over town these last few days. Someone was suppose to announce it today. I ran into some girl who was going to it. That was after Shadow left me behind when we were going to meet Yen Sid.
Amy: How about we enter? I can use my old boxing gloves for it.
Sonic: Yeah. It does sound like a good friendly competition.
Mario: I'm in.
Luigi: We can see if anyone else would like to join us.
Shadow: I am not wasting my time with some tournament. I got to get back to work.
Mario: Well, we got three months to prepare according to this. We can train for it as well.
Sonic: Good idea.
*Shadow turns around to leave, only to see Riku coming towards them.*
Shadow: Riku, what are you doing here?
Riku: Yen Sid sent me to get you and Sonic again. Apparently, a certain Pokemon trainer threaten to destroy his tower for information on what you two had to deal with.
Shadow: Darn it Brock. I told you to not tell Ash.
Sonic: We can use Chaos Control to get there fast, but I lost mine.
Shadow: I got them. Figured it was best to return them to you.
Sonic: Thanks. Let's go.
Mario: Yeah. We better check on the Princess.
Luigi: I agree. It has been too long.
Sonic: See you guys three months from now.
*Everyone went their separate ways.*
(End of my part)
[End of case]
[End of Season 2]
[To be continued in Season 3]

Super Mario Numb3rs
(Season 2, now on)

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS RPG - Season 2
PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:57 am 
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Thank You For Reading The Second Season of Super Mario NUMB3RS!

We hope you enjoyed the story for this long and are willing to continue on to the next Season!

But before you carry on, we have just a few things to say.

Thank you Richard Michael Alvarez and the RMA crew for inspiring the idea of making great Super Mario and video game parodies! We were not the only ones to be inspired.

Thank you NethaEmerald for giving us a second chance when you locked the first Season way back in the first chapter. No hard feelings :coolmario:

And Thank You Richalvarez Fan Forums for being the place to write the first two Seasons! It was an awesome run, and it's a shame the forums have become a ghost town. But even if everything alive is dead, a new era can be reborn from the ashes.

The first two Seasons will always be here for us to look back and see how much we've evolved and developed from the days of old.

Super Mario NUMB3RS officially has a forum of its own!
On this new forum, we will be continuing the story and expanding on more ideas for knowledge, understanding, and being entertained when times seem dark.

But if you haven't had enough of Season 2 yet, you can read our commentaries here: ... ry-t5.html

Thank You For Reading! :coolmario:

Image Image

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