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 Post subject: Project X Zone
PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:01 pm 

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I know the forums have became a ghost town, but I want to put a review for a game I have recently played. Project X Zone for the Nintendo 3DS.

The biggest crossover game with over 50 characters from 29 titles from Capcom, Namco Bandi, and Sega. It is a strategy RPG game with a fighting game element in it. This is the second company crossover game with these game type elements made. The first, Namco X Capcom, never made it outside of Japan when it was made, but an English translated version can be found on the computer from what comments on YouTube says. Anyway, controls are easy to use. You move around using the thumb pad and change the camera view with the D-pad, attack and talk with A, end turn with B, break objects and collect items with Y, access other options with X, cycle turn order with R and L, and finally checking the battlefield in free camera mode with the touch screen or holding both R and L while moving the thumb pad. That is for the strategy part. The battle is simple to do. The attacks to perform are mainly done by a combination of the D-pad and the A button. Now every character are set up as pairs, so it is not one character you control at a time, but two at the same time in battle. Now if a second pair is near your controlled pair, you can call them in to help fight with the R button. Now each paired group has a slot for a third person to place in. These are solo units that can help the pair units in battle by calling them in with the L button. Finally, every attack builds up a bar called the cross bar. This bar is filled by XP (not to be mistakened as experience). When this bar reaches 100% to 150%, you can perform a devistating attack with the Y button. This bar can be used in the map as well for units' skills and to do a single action multi-attack where you can attack four enemies at once. To perform the multi-attack, press the start button and then A for the maximum number of enemies you can attack. The battle is gruesome in later levels as you are swarmed by dozens of enemies. The tougher the enemies are, the longer it takes to defeat them. They can also counter attack you. But when they attack you, you can defend or counter for a small amount of XP. The boss characters can perform major damage with their powerful cinematic attacks when countering, which causes major problems. Now each level requires you to defeat all the enemies, defeat certain bosses, or do something within a specific turn number. You fail if all or a certain unit is defeated, or failed to do something in time.

The story is that a family worked behind the scene protecting the world from evil, but when a prized treasure is stolen, all the worlds in different time and space are being thrown together and people sent to unknown locations. The latest member of the family hires a detective to help find the stolen item and runs into those that gets thrown around from their place. The cutscenes can be tiring later on in the game since every character has to have their fifteen minutes of fame, but helps in explaining about things going on since their is no actual anime scene like when you start up the game. When the cutscenes start having voice acting to hear, don't expect to understand them cause they speak in Japanese. You have to read everything to understand what they are saying. But it is good to hear how the character actually sounds instead of changing their voice with a voice actor in another language.

My verdict: It is a great game that is easy to pick up on and learn to control, the story is great, and the number of characters from these three companies together is amazing. I know a few of these series that was put in it. The battles are insane in later levels and you have to use up all of your items to survive. Each battle can go for hours. Over all for first playthrough is at most 60 hours. I give it 9/10.

Super Mario Numb3rs
(Season 2, now on)

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