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 Post subject: New Lord Gavin Game In Development - "Koopa Kids"
PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:05 pm 
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Alright, so it's been almost a year now since my last videogame and, given my random tinkerings on the side (you'll already know of this if you watched my YouTube update video), I've begun the basic player mechanics for a new videogame of mine. Currently, it has no title, but can simply be referred to as my "Koopa Kid" game.

Now, allow me to open up the ideas I have for it:

The game is a side-scrolling platformer where you get to play as the Koopa Kid Mario Party character (surprised?). Players will be able to run around levels, jumping on enemies as is normal to a Mario-styled platformer, but will also include another trait. As players continue along the varying paths in the game, they'll collect an assortment of items and power-ups, with the main ones being the new "Shells" to wear. These shells will allow the player to equip themselves with new elemental powers, giving them differing strengths, weaknesses, effects, and magic they can use within two forms (being "Single-Shot" and "Charged-Shot"). Currently, there are these elements in the game:

Fire - Allows the player to shoot a straight-flying ball of fire or unleash a lengthy flame to burn enemies
Ice - Allows the player to throw a bouncing chunk of ice or unleash and upwards cascade of falling ice to freeze/slow enemies
Poison - Allows the player to shoot a wave-pattern bubble of poison that can pass through walls, as well as unleash a large wave of poisonous vapour to poison enemies

The following is planned or merely ideas I have for other elements:

Earth - Allows the player (who is in ground contact) to shoot a powerful shockwave across the ground or unleash an earthquake damaging all ground enemies
Lightning - Allows the player to shoot out an electrically-charged bolt or cast a wild array of lightning that may stun enemies
Air - Allows the player to shoot out gusts of air or summon a wild tempest above them. The player's gravity effects will also decrease, allowing for higher/longer jumps
Darkness - Allows the player to cast forth an evil beast or summon a swarm of them to devour everything around them (obtained at the end for obvious OP reasons)

Love? - Allowed the player to shoot out an array of positive affections that can harm evil beings or consume all enemies within a blast of love. May also daze/infatuate enemies.

As well, the player can collect two item sets, being "Tombs" (Spell Books) and "Crystal Flasks" (Bottles) (Maximum of 5 per type and can all be reused). Using these (and the money they collect), they can enter into stores and purchase potions and single-use spells that can be useful in further aiding them along their quest. Below as some ideas of potions and spells:


Health - Restores limited health
Strength - Increases attack power for a limited time
Protection - Increases defense power for a limited time
Speed - Increases movement speed for a limited time
Life - Restores the player to maximum health


Magic - Decreases the recharge time between magic attacks
Ailment - Increases the chance of giving enemies a status ailment for a limited time
Fortune - Increases the drop-rate of money and treasures for a limited time
Invulnerability - Makes your player immune to damage for a limited time
Death - Summons a wild monster to destroy/damage all enemies on screen

Charms/Guardian Spirits (Basically, you can equip one at a time for an additional, passive bonus)

Healing - Slowly regenerates your health over time
Wealth - Slowly grants you money over time
Sight - Will notify you when you're close to hidden treasures
Barbs - Whenever you take damage, you will also release a small array of spikes, damaging enemies
Chance - Increases the likelihood of landing a critical hit

The story revolves around how Koopa Kid was exiled from Bower's forces and, amidst his brooding, came across a strange wanderer who decided to take him through a strange passageway into another world. There he said Koopa Kid would find "Redemption" for himself, whatever that means. Within this world, there are beings known as the "Inner Evils", which had been created by a mad wizard who had tried to purify himself of his own inner evil. In doing so, he unleashed a horrible curse upon the land, filling it with horrible nightmares that desire nothing more than power and dominance over all others. Depending on how much the player collects before facing the final boss depends on how good the ending actually is, in that there are two be four endings. If the player gets the best ending (number 3), they are awarded with the "Darkness" elements and allowed to continue roaming the world for pleasures, but can also discover a new area that will allow them to unlock the 4th and "Best" ending for the game.

The world will either be level-selection (like most Mario games) or a loosely-based, open-world game (which I MIGHT try and do, since it would probably work best). Throughout the differing paths the player can take, they can go into different areas and have two main paths to follow, of which both have their own bosses and treasures to find. When they either complete (or die and give up), they return to the main area where they can explore and seek out another path to take, or retake the path again to find more treasures (Note: Bosses will not reappear until after the player gains the "Darkness" element).

As well, on top all the items the player can get, they can also collect money and experience points. When they level up, they can add a stat point (to a maximum of 4) to one of their stats: Strength, Defense, Magic, and Speed. To increase their health count, players must find and collect... some magical item I haven't named yet ("Heart Container", why not?), which will add 1 extra hit to their character. In that, this game will have a loose-basis of RPG elements.

Finally, the game will also incorporate a "Time" element, of which time will pass (in shortened or real time). In that, the world will slightly change depending on when the player enters a world, being the times given are Day, Twilight, and Night. For example: Certain enemies may or may not appear during certain times, certain platforms/structures/paths may or may not be accessible at certain times, enemy drops/experience points may change at certain times, and the strength/element type of enemies may change during certain times. Finally, some shops may or may not be open at certain times. Certainly something I've never done before yet.

What do I want from you?

Feedback is all. Ideas, likeness, anything concerning what I've got planned here. I'll probably throw a demo/screen-shots up here every so often so people can have a better idea of what it'll all look like and... yeah.

Also, know that I'm not working on this that often, so progress will be slow. If it takes me 6 months to a year, so be it. I'm not aiming to crack this out very quickly at all, giving both my business and other projects I gotta attend to. This is merely a game I've wanted to do for a while now and decided to give it some time where it's due.

Otherwise, enjoy, and watch for whatever's to appear as time goes on. :)



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