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 Post subject: Re: A Forum RPG of Randomness and Chaos
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 4:11 am 
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JR glad to be out listened to the plan.

"I'll take south. something about it sounds fun. also Nitsua Scream isn't supernatural, it's very real and very meta."

JR glad of himself thought through what he could do.

"Well we seem to be stuck on this zelda plot. But it can't sop me from breaking the fourth wall. Besides I have someone who can help and who I haven't introduced to the forum yet."

JR made a call as a portal opened and a nice brunette girl in fairly good clothes walked out.

"People say hello to my girlfriend Olivia princess of the Realm of Light. Yeah that's right. I'm also from that realm. It's a long story. I won't get into it."

"Yeah he's a great guy and I could provide help. I can do magic." Olivia remakred nicely.

The two kissed and hugged as they watched the others talk.

Being Meta since 2010.

Super Mario Numb3rs Forum:

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 Post subject: Re: A Forum RPG of Randomness and Chaos
PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 4:50 am 
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"Alright," Nitsua said. "We are running out of time. I'll head East towards the Canyon."

Nitsua starts walking away.

"Not my fault if I haven't seen any of the Scream films," Nitsua sighed to JR's previous post.

Nitsua stops by a wall where a creepy man with one red eye was staring at me.

"In order to gain passage to the Canyon," it spoke, "you must show me a mask in order to pass."

"Oh great," Nitsua moaned, "one of the most annoying parts of Majora's Mask next to the egg collecting mission and the Gibdos at the bottom of the well. Listen yo Poe Collector! I don't have time for this! The world needs to be saved, and I need to pass now. I don't care about being prepared."

"You shall not pass," the Poe Collector said. "You can find the mask around the ranch in the southwestern area of where the moon will land."

"I'm not going horseback riding, just to get a stupid mask!" Nitsua complained.

"No more!" the Poe Collector said. "No mask, no entry."

Nitsua takes out his gun and shots the Poe Collector but it disappears instantly.

"Great," Nitsua moaned. "Now I'm being trolled by the evil supernatural. If only I had something that could get me up there. You're so damn lucky to have a spaceship JR!"

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 Post subject: Re: A Forum RPG of Randomness and Chaos
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:22 pm 

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Tim had been reading everything on the forum and quickly ran upstairs. He knew this people we're gonna need his help. Tim ran up to his bedroom, opened his closet and grabbed a purple cape. Tim put the cape on, but nothing happened.

Tim: How is this ---? Of course!

Tim ran downstairs again, ignoring the surprised look of his brother and his parents and ran up to the kitchen. But he didn't find anything.

Tim: MUM! Where is the bottle?!
Mum: What bottle?!
Tim: The bottle with my own created superhero potion!
Mum: Superhero potion?
Robin (The Brother): He means Tim Fresh!
Mum: Oh! Well, That bottle is stored in the garage!
Tim: Thanks, Mum!

Tim rushed to the garage, ignoring his mother asking what he was planning to do. Tim found the potion and saw that there was still something left in it. He quickly drank the potion and immediatly he gained his Super Powers again. Tim blasted away to the sky, unfortunatly, the door of the garage was closed and Tim broke the door by flying away. He flew higher and higher, up to the atmosphere. Tim did not know if the legend was true or not, but if it was, then somewhere in space, there is portal to the universe of Forums.

(This is actually based on a commercial I made for school! If you're interested, I post a link to it!)

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