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 Post subject: THe left 4 dead RPG
PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 9:01 am 
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Come one, come all!

The zombies have come, and we're gonna kill em...or die trying.

rules coming soon and more stuff coming soon.

character name;
description (what does he/she look like);
country of orgin;
weapons (the ones that you start out with);

let see if people care...again.


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 Post subject: Re: THe left 4 dead RPG
PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 2:44 pm 
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... Oh, MM. I LOVE you. XD

Name: Diana (if you want me to come up with a last name, ask. Dunno if anyone cares.)
Gender(thought I'd put this in...): Female
Description: Fiery, red hair which is tied back in a ponytail. She tends to wear a black shirt with any kind of image on it, a jacket (it's open, not covering the image), black-ish jeans, and a pair of sneakers. She is about 5.8 feet tall, and has got a slight hourglass figure. She also has got a belt, and two small bags with her, as she attaches her guns and knife to her belt, and keeps her ammo in the bag. She's also got a small first-aid kid with her.
Country of Origin: The Netherlands.
Age: 17
Bio: Diana mostly upholds a 'whatever' kind of attitude. She doesn't really seem to care about most things. What people think of her, what happens around her, and go on. And because of the given situation (zombie apocalypse), this attitude has only increased. This, though, is just to keep herself strong. She mostly convinces herself she doesn't care, even when she does. She also tends to refuse any help, and tries to do a lot on her own. "The only one you can truly depend on, is yourself." and "People aren't there to be trusted." are a few examples of things she tries to remain true to. This doesn't mean she won't open up to anyone, though. If you manage to win her trust enough (fully is hardly possible), she will be able to talk to you about some things that are on her mind, and actually be fun to be around with. She will most likely still keep things to herself, though. Things she thinks would truly make her vulnerable.
Weapons: Two handguns. She's got a lot of ammo for those. She's also got a pretty big knife, in case she runs out of ammo, or a zombie gets too close.

Just a question though, in what country does it take place? (As if we'd do it worldwide, most people would most likely stick to their home country and there would be hardly any interaction. Maybe only between a select few.)


Image <-Thanks ML!


but death sucks even MORE.

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