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 Post subject: Nightly Embrace - Lord Gavin
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:40 pm 
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Good lord, you think my job could find me some real amount of work for me to do after five days of being there. Nope, not at all, but I can't exactly blame them. Seems I was hired on at a bad time. Oh well, but at least I'm here and getting paid for it. Regardless, I felt slightly inspired and decided to try my hand at some more of my "blind" writing (or writing for the sake of it). Hopefully, this follows suit in my regular style and is enjoyable for you all to read.

With that, please do enjoy it, and be sure to comment below.

--- --- ---

With the day's end nearing, he could feel the rugged chill of the evening's frost return, softly caressing his face within the last breath of the Earth's, dying winds. Such was the night to ease his soul, bringing peace to him in ways others would never come to understand; though he could never understand why himself. To him, it was the same as taking hold of one you cherished and bringing them close against you, seeing no desire for their release. In the same way as others would find a gentle, flickering warmth of humanity etching away at their soul from that moment, he too would find within the calm serenity of the blackening dusk.

For in the world, all time was his...

The day had proven long and strenuous for him. He was in little mood to delay himself any longer. With the night finally upon him, he allowed himself to relax, if but for the moment, before he was needed yet again. He knew of the future and his desires to see it through to the end, but for now, in the time of which he relished in so much, the world would wait for him, if but only a moment longer.

If only for a moment longer...

And yet, the darkness did not stay. Confused, he watched the lights beneath him gather, emerging from the forest out beyond his home. Firelight, ablaze with the scorns of the damn, marched onward towards him in a wake of unruly wrath. With their weapons gathered in hand and their torches open to the storm, he listened in panicked shock to their cries of righteousness and almighty justice. He hadn't planned for this.

And now, his time ran short...

Away like a flash, he returned to the room. Bursting forth through the doors and calling for his men, he told them to repel the on-coming tides, if only long enough for him and the others to finish their work. They bowed their heads and rallied behind him, descending into the levels beneath to block the main doors. Hopefully, they would be enough to hold back the inquisition.

Every moment counted now...

There was little time left for him, but with the night upon them and the moon at its apex, it was either now or never. If given the chance, those lawless, unenlightened thugs below would sooner gut them all alive in their blind defiance of their mindless faith than listen to enlightened reason. Such a fate, as to die before the fulfillment of their deed, would make for only a greater suffering in the eternal end. The awakening of absolution must come.

And now, it was time...

In unison, he and his fellow acolytes descended into the confinements of the dusty chamber. Beneath their feet, outlining for them the necessary markings of their befallen, lay streams of freshly lain powder, finer than sand. Charred black as oil, it was necessary for it be so, if one was to use priest-hood cremations for such rituals. Having gone through the strife of acquiring such quantities of the material had made it all the more precious, if not invaluable, to them in their mission.

All slowed for them...

Carefully, they recited the incantation. Befitting of the silence that pervaded them, their words echoed off the walls, returning ten-fold to their ears, granting inspiration magnificence to their moment. From trial after trial, after eons and generations of their struggles, the moment was finally upon them. And, within their time of complete ecstasy, they sowed the seeds for the unbinding together.

Yet, had it all been enough?...

Their words finished, the deed at hand, their blood delivered, all had finally come to pass. The spell approached it's climax. Yet, the snuggle outside raged on, thundering it's way up into the citadel from which they stood. Their numbers had failed them and their killers were at hand, but they couldn't leave now, not for even for fear of their own lives. None could resist the desire to witness his awakening.

With that, time itself came to an end...

The eruption from the doors fell deaf before the torrent that arose within the circle. Raw, savage emotion of unbridled hate and decadence rippled through the air, drowning out the meek outbreak behind it as little more than a childish tantrum. As anger turn to fear, the storm unfolded in the radiance of the hollow moonlight, coming to a stop restfully within the darkened contours of the stonework above.

It was breathtaking...

The mere sight of the oppressors was all it took to unleash its ingrained fury upon them. The room jolted violently as immense, blackened power tore through the air, stripping flesh and bone from the many assailants before it. Once all was settled, the darkness descended from the air, coming to settle within the middle of the outlined spell. As befitting, before the sight of their magnificence, he and his followers fell to their knees, bidding their master welcome to the new world.

The master was pleased...

Suddenly, it lashed out at one of his followers and instantly the bindings of his spirit were shattered and his soul released. As promised, the master was to reward them all; those that had released him of his imprisonment, with an escape of their own from their mortal shells. It was almost too much to behold as he watched his fellow members each die in turn and then, before he had even the moment to realise it, he too felt himself escape in the release of otherworldly grace.

And with that, the night and all he had beheld to it, become one with his being...

--- --- ---

Gavin MacLean



 Post subject: Re: Nightly Embrace - Lord Gavin
PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:45 am 
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Nice as usual

Being Meta since 2010.

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