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PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:09 pm 
Role Player
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Joined: Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:53 pm
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Location: Macon, GA
Name: Raynuka Kubashki
Village: Konoha
Beast: 9 Tailed Red Fox type Kitsune
Interests: Computers, Video Games, Sleeping Video Games, Youtube Pooper
Age: 17
Jutsu: Rasengan/Omega Rasengan, Chidori/Terror Chidori, Ultimate Transformation, (PLZ LET ME PUT THIS IN IT PLZ!!!): Super Saiyan 1 and 2 Transformations, Kamehameha Jutsu, Ninjutsu, Ultimate Taijutsu, Basic Genjutsu, Tailed Transformations.
Bio: Raynuka, when he was born he was given a kitsune as his loyal companion. His father died in an epic battle while his mom leaved for some peace and quiet in Konoha. He became a genin at 8, a chunin at 12 and a jonin at 15. At 12 however his best companion Kitsune was dying and so he used a forbidden sealing jutsu on himself and sealed kitsune inside of him and now his kitsune can transform him when needed. He is now currently a jonin and is now being set up for a new team of genin to look after and train.

I know I put Saiyan and Kamehameha stuff in there but I seriously want to have some really unique transformations as my guy. PLZ let me use just a little DBZ stuff in here ok?

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

Visit my youtube channel:


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 Post subject: Re: Naruto RPG Setup
PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:33 pm 
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Joined: Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:14 pm
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Location: Hidden in the shadows

Uchiha Koneko

Gender: female

Clan: Uchiha


17, later in RP 22+


Chunin (secretly Anbu member)


Konohagakure No Sato/Hi no Kuni


Quiet and serious many outsiders dislike Koneko due to her conceited arrogance and skepticism that she holds to others. Those outside of the clan distance themselves from her seeing that she rarely shows any emotion while keeping her composure even when surprised or irritated. Being able to copy the facial emotions of other Koneko can cast an illusional appearance that she openly shows when needed outside of the clan. Most of the time Koneko tries to portray a more open and friendly nature but lacks the ability due to the lack of understanding such things Koneko senses things early on but tries to keep them to herself in fear that she may be overreacting to the feelings. Koneko often worries about her clan members and tries to keep a careful watch on her mother at all times. Though respecting the new way of ninjas coming together to form alliences she highly reguards the old way of individual clan powers. Koneko is a part of a more secret Anbu team that she decided to stay apart of after they were dismissed from action. Deciding to not have her family know of her choice she prefers to be seen as a Chunin while doing normal duties for the village, although she is quite easily known to be doing much higher ranked missions while in the village as well.

Likes: Combat missions and sparring, being by herself to study and create new jutsu. She is high on formality and respect. She sees highly into the Uchiha pride, honor and respectful history. Liking to observe others and actions and reaction to everyday scenerios to battle scenes. She prefers the night to the day and dryness to the wetness.

Dislikes: Openly emotional people and those who use others, Those who comment on the past actions of the Uchiha and those who rely on others. Though able to deal with them she dislikes loud noises, crowds, fuss and stress. She hates being told what to do when not by a leading shinobi. Those who play dirty or are immature.


Physical Appearance: She is tall and lean with muscular features in her arms and legs as well as her high toned abs. Though in Anbu Koneko has her anbu symbol in a much different place due to wishing to continue to be a secret op, where the only way to find it is to carefully check her corpse if she were to die. Her regular anbu tattoo was carved off so that her clan would not know she ever entered.

Height: 5'8" 1/2



Hair color: Long black hair with a deep gray shine. The tips are much like the Uchiha bangs and are wide spread and thinned out to points and strands. Like almost all Uchihas she has the famous bangs that are easily remarked to be a copy of Itachi's Though a bit longer by an inch. The tips of her hair reach to her tailbone even when in it's usual high ponytail. Her hair has been cut of recent and is now just an inch below her shoulder blades when she wears it in her high pony tail.

Eye color:



Has a black band to cover the scar where her anbu tattoo once was, she wears her band while in the village but never in the Uchiha District. She wears the usual boot-like sandels with backs on them that go to the bottom of her knees.

1)She wears a long slim dress that fits her body well it has no sleeves and is refered to as a tube-top style. It has latches and tiny hooks all the way from her bust to the bottom down the front. The material is thicker but not as corse as jean material and goes down mid thigh.

2) Wife-beater straps that fit her shoulders well it resembles the first outfit but is different in many ways and the ways she wears it. It has latches and tiny hooks all the way from her bust to the bottom down the front as well as the back. She opens different latches both on the front and back to create may different styles and uses of her outfit. It widens out when past her hips. and goes halfway down to her calfs.

Under it she wears cargo like shorts that go right to her knees, but unlike regular cargo shorts hers are not as baggy at all, but are not tight to be snug on her skin either. They are the color slate. Her top half has a fishnet from her second row on her abs to the black collar like ring on her neck holding the material in place, The fishnet has no sleeves and also wraps around her back; in the back unlike the front it goes down to her thighs.

Scars/Tattoos/Etc.: Her Anbu mark is much smaller in size and is far forward to the right on her pelvis bone. Her nails are always pained black as well as her toenails.

Relatives: Ayame (sister) Daisuke (cousin)

History: Never being able to fit in Koneko was always much more mature and serious then the other children, she never had any friends and prefers it to remain that way. While getting offers to be bedded she denies them feeling the need to be alone more sutable to her needs. Her training is what she was able to teach herself while watching other clan members, besides the schooling parential teachings and other methods that children are taught.

Equipment: katana, senbon, kunai, shuriken, nodachi, scrolls, maps, poisons, ointments, herbs, flash bombs, spikes, tonfu, wires, chains, doku senbon, Chakra, Nin animal(Yoru)(chipmunk),

Chakra Nature:

Doton, ho (Fire), Rai (lightning)

Kekkei genkai: Sharingan

Jutsu: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Chidori, Upturned fountain, fire bonds, Burning senbon, Clearing heat waves, aoiro usagi,

Custom or Canon character?:


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