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 Post subject: New Story
PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:52 pm 
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Trees were passed as Allen and his brother Terry whized past. Terry was the one behind the wheel. One hand steering them where to go, another with a beer bottle in it. He tried to blow his dark long hair back. Allen just laughed at the attempt. Although, it had gotten him a dirty look. Terry could never hold his drinking. The sky started to get dimmer as twilight was dissolving into the night. Breezy Hills was behind them as they came into all terrian woods. Allen just kept his head in the clouds, wishing his big brother would stop drinking. At the turning of 21, Terry went out and got drunk with his friends. Now all of Allen's days were filled with torture. He was told by his older sibling often that he was a loser, geek, nerd, fairy and whatever else. Allen was scrawny, skinny at height 6 feet. He put a hand up to his hair with it's brillant shade of a tangy orange. Between his orange hair and his emerald eyes, Allen was thought of a freak. Terry's idea of a good looking guy was him. A man with short midnight black hair with a scruffy mustache and goatee. Allen didn't understand why people thought his bro was better looking. He figured girls wanted a clean cut guy. But no matter what, he just couldn't measure up. The homemade bracelet from his best friend dangled from his wrist. If only he knew that this would be the last thing Ashlee had to remember him. Terry put the empty beer bottle into the cup holder. It was Allen's turn to give his lasers, the inner demon that showed in his gem green eyes.
"What?" Terry didn't seem to understand what the big deal was.
"Dude, that's your second beer since we started driving." He tried to burn a hole in Terry.
"Actually, third. I had a beer before we left the house. That was my last one. Hopefully, the guys will have more."
"Wait...we're meeting your drinking buddys?" A chill ran down Allen's spine.
"Yup. They told they wanted to see you. Something about an orientation. You turned 21 two days ago, Al. It's time you started." He messed up his little brother's hair. Terry was twenty-three now. But, Allen didn't want to follow in his footsteps.
Their dusty pickup stopped by two trees. In between the trees, four guys stood. There was a blue cooler behind them. It was a man making ritual. Terry got out of the car and went over to his friends. Allen just sat back, feeling like he didn't belong. How could Terry drink after what his father did? The old nightmares still haunted Allen every night. Ashlee made him vow that he would never lift up a drink other then Coke. He stroked the bracelet, it's beads starting to wear off. Barely out of his daydreams, he heard his name called. Terry was making a motion for Allen to come out. Slamming the truck door after him, he slowly made his way to the group. Each man had a cup in their hand. A guy in a leather jacket, Denny, gave Allen a cup. Looking inside, he could see it was pure alcohol. He grimaced, not wanting to drink the dark brown liquid.
"What's wrong, kid?" Terry asked. "Go ahead, drink it!" He lifted his cup in the sky as if in a toast. "Here's to my brother, Allen. May he become a man with his first drink!"
A silence came over the woods. One of the guys cracked a laugh. "What do you mean, dude? If you don't drink, you're not a man."
"That's not true. My father drank and he was no man. He abused me!" Allen dumped out the contents and threw the cup on the ground.
All of the group just stared at Allen as if he grew antennas. A few seconds went by until he felt a fist hit his skull. He fell to the ground, then lifted by the collar. Allen looked up to see his brother.
"Listen you snot nosed fairy, you're going to drink with us're going to swim with the fishies."
"Terry! You know I can't swim! Besides, there's no water around here."
"Maybe...but we can find some...Jake! Use that duct tape to tie him!"
Another guy from the group came with a roll of tape. Allen tried to break free of their grasp. He bit, he kicked, he screamed. Nothing worked as they slowly tied him up, finishing it with tape over his mouth. More abuse, of course. But he hadn't not expected this from his brother. After Allen was bound, Terry and one other dude got in the front of the truck. They layed Allen down in the truckbed, the other members sitting around him, drinking more beer. Why did they do what Terry told them to? What made him so much better then everyone else? Allen closed his eyes, thinking of Ashlee. She was the whole reason he swore never to drink. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he thought of the day he made the vow with her.

A rainy Thursday afternoon, they were hanging out in Ashlee's room. She giggled, her feet kicking back on her lavendar comforter. Her hair was pinned behind her ears with butterfly hairpins. Frizzy dirty blond hair floated down her shoulders. A bubble of energy was what she was to Allen. Something graceful and beautiful as life itself. There were days when he wished she'd believe that. Her father was a copy of his. He was always telling her she was worthless. So when her moments of weakness beat her in the dark, Allen was there for her. Ashlee had called him to come over. She sounded like herself, but he knew that inside she needed help.
"Allen, why do people drink?" She had asked it out of the blue. He could only guess her dad had been drinking.
"I don't know, Ash. I've always told myself I'd never drink."
She smiled at him. "Me too." Taking his hand she then said, "Allen, let's make an oath."
"You mean a vow? Sorta like they do at weddings? You know Ashlee, if I had to marry any girl it'd be you." He squeezed her hand.
She blushed, then brushed off what he said by replying, "Yeah, sorta like that. Raise your left hand."
He raised his left hand and entwined his fingers with hers. "Now what?"
"Close your eyes and listen to what I say. If you agree with everything, just squeeze my hand. I vow to never drink in my entire life. Not even to take a sip. The strongest thing I will take is coffee. So that no one has to suffer my anger or frustation. This I vow."
Allen squeezed her hand as hard as he could. The next day, Ashlee gave him the friendship bracelet. In beads it had his name, a heart, then her name. After that, he never took off the bracelet.

The truck bumped to a stop. The guys in truckbed got out and dragged his feet to the tailgate. They weren't careful with him, that was for sure. He hit the ground with a thud. He could hear his brother coming out of the front to him. By this time, he was completely smashed. Allen just layed there, wondering what they were going to do with him.
Terry laughed out loud. "Hey guys, I got a better idea. Let's burn to a stake. Do we got more tape?"
After that, Allen just heard the pulling of tape. They lifted his body up and then taped him to a tree.
"Guys, you don't have to do this! You'll be committing murder!"
They just kept laughing at him and then one guy told him, "The fire will get rid of all our evidence."
"All done, Terry!"
"Good job, guys." He took out a pen and paper. "Any last words, snotface?"
Allen lifted his head a little. "Yeah. Tell Ashlee I love her. And..." He tried to break some of the tape. "Please take my bracelet. Leave it with the note."
Terry cut though the tape and took his bracelet. "Fine. It's dead man walking last words." He folded the note around the bracelet and left it near the tree Allen was tied to.
"You're a fool, my stupid brother." Then he lit a match to Allen.

Snertzy18+Ashendust=Love Forever


 Post subject: Re: New Story
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:42 am 
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omg Ashen! Long time, no see.

This is rather heavy stuff. Very vivid. Very sad.

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