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 Post subject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse RPG
PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:05 pm 
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The zombies were getting right back up. Theo took his sword and sliced 3 heads off, and Jessica shot 2 heads off with a shotgun.

"We have to decapitate them." Theo said.
"That's lame." Jessica replied with.
"Can you try to use something quieter?"
"The noise from guns makes noise, which attracts zombies."
"Then what do I do to quiet it?"
"Try a suppressor, bow and arrow, or a crossbow."
"You can't silence a shotgun..."
"Then every time you shoot, you will attract zombies."

The two continue in the store, seeing that all the zombies had run off somewhere else, or had died. The back of the store was stuffed with supplies, and the two jumped over the blockade in front of it and started to loot stuff. As they were looting it, a lunatic with a hand grenade came in.

"Hey you, get away from my stuff!" The lunatic yelled, as he pulled the pin on the grenade and ran at them. Theo and Jessica ran out as fast as they could, but after 10 seconds and no explosion, they realized it was a dud. As soon as they tuned back to it, the explosion came, and bit of the blockade came flying at them. Theo kicked a desk over and him and Jessica hid behind it. The table snapped when one piece of desk hit it, but it was the end of the flying debris. They looked at the supplies, which were now on fire because they were all gassed up.

"Well, that was unexpected." Jessica stated.
"Look out for psychos, they are usually everywhere and very unpredictable." Theo replied with.

The two walked out of the store, only to find nothing.

"Um, where's our van?" Jessica asked.
"If I knew, would we be standing here like dummies?" They said.

They saw the van go by as 3 lunatics were laughing and driving by.

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 Post subject: Re: Zombie Apocalypse RPG
PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:35 am 
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Justin arrived in to see a group of people surrounded by zombies. One of them a girl, just fighting back.

"Well then might as well join in" He responded pulling out a gun and knife slashing at the zombies with all his strength. Suddenl;y he felt tired upon killing one final zombie and blacked out.

Justin awoke in a mall to a girl his age tending to him. "Waky waky" She said as he looked her.

"What happened?"

"Simple you got really tired after killing the final zombie and we carried you here and tended to your wounds. The name's Gabby by the way"

"Justin. Justin Ryan. So this looks like a nice place to be at for a while mind if I stay." He asked getting up and collecting his weapons on the table nearby.

"Would be a pleasure." Gabby replied as the two smiled at each other.

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