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 Post subject: Unsung (Part 1)
PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:10 pm 
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This tale is not one to be read lightly. It is a read for those who like my style. Also, it was written to the best of my ability with my reflections on how certain individuals are seen with my eyes. So without further ado, to take from this piece, here is Unsung. (if you would like me to make a chatter thread let me know)

She walked along as she kept a steady pace in her mind. Left. Right. Left. Right. She chanted these simple words over and over, moving her step to the rhythm. Regardless of wherever she was going, it was important. The girl didn't know why yet, but she had a strong feeling something interesting was going to happen. Every fourth step, she snapped her fingers, letting lose a very small flame from their tips. She used this to keep time and pace, as she scored her marching rhythm along invisible measures of a seemingly endless staff. Turning the corner, she lost no time keeping up her ceaseless rhythmic writ. The mountain she was descending was quite large, but was completely navigable by a young aspiring Traveler like herself
"Travelers" she said to herself, "I wonder who thought up the idea..."
She paused, glancing downward, and noticed the end of the mountain trail and a cliff right ahead
"There!" she exclaimed to no one in particular, "Whatever I’m looking for is down past that cliff!"
The girl stopped her march and let loose a small gust of wind to quicken her pace down the trail to the cliff's edge. Looking over, she realized the cliff connected to the earth a few feet below. She jumped down, and started walking down the hill she was now on, continuing her march. After some time in quiet nature around her, she reached the bottom of the hill. Finally, she realized the world around her. Above was a towering mountain, beyond which, she never wanted to go again. Behind, was the fairly small hill leading up to the base of the wall of rock she just traveled. And in front of her...a beautiful field, stretching far into the distance with vibrant grass, and a small stream cutting it longways down the middle. On the other side was a chasm, she knew from her studies, that if one looked into it and fell, they would fall for eternity. To her left, the stream flowed into what looked like a town. To her right, a dirt road led off into a distance.
“I don't think I want to head into a city yet...i wonder where this road leads.” The girl marched to the road beside the stream and started away from the direction of the city.
Suddenly, a loud crash was heard a little ways ahead of her, and she ran off towards the location of the sound.
“AUUUGH!!!” a male cry came from a man under a recently fallen pile of rocks from the mountain above.
The girl ran over to him and surveyed his situation. His lower legs were caught under a boulder. She simply stood firmly in front of the rock and pushed it over, releasing the man under it. He had an a look of curiosity on his face as she did that. Bending down, she speechlessly placed her hands on his lower legs and closed her eyes a moment. A few seconds later she stood and met his curious gaze.
“You can get up now,” she said with a smile, “Your legs should be fine.”
“Thanks” the man said, standing up, “I'm Zerrel...and who might you be?”
The girl looked at Zerrel a moment then replied. “I am called Eras.” She smiled again then began to walk away.
“Wait!” Zerrel called, “You're a Traveler aren't you?”
Eras stopped in her tracks, with her back to Zerrel.

Apathy is the enemy of Creativity

 Post subject: Re: Unsung (Part 1)
PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:01 pm 
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This story seems interesting Cappy, Eras seems like an interesting character. I wanna see this story go somewhere if anywhere amazing and creative. I believe you have potential with this story, my brother.

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