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 Post subject: Orange Team Chironicles: The Life and Times of Orange Team
PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:13 am 
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This is not by any means my first foray into written art, and it most likely won't be the last. I have been writing since junior high on and off, anything from short stories to magazine articles to a full screenplay at one point. The first chapter was written under the musical stylings of Glee and Family Guy, not that it has anything to do with it, i just like to write with background noise. this story is written in alternating diary-style and flashback-style chapters. I have also done extensive research into the Halo extended universe, so everything in the story as of the time of the writing is canon. And before you ask, some of the already established characters will make an appearance in this series. So, now to get the warnings out of the way. There are action scenes, but no blood and such, yet. If I feel like going into greater detail in the future, I will warn you about it then. So without further ado, on to the story.

Entry 1
Spartan-075 Personal Log Dated [Data Redacted]/[Data Redacted]/2531 20:00:00 Hours
Location: Somewhere in space between Reach and the Outer Colonies
[File Begins]
Its hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since the planet I used to call home has been glassed by the Covenant. I know that I shouldn't feel any emotional connection to Eridanus II, because it hasn't been my home for fourteen years, but I still feel some attachment to it. Anyway, I was conscripted at the age of six, put through hell and back in training, genetically enhanced at age fourteen, and now, at twenty, I look like I could take on an Elite in a fair fight. Looking back on it, it actually makes sense that I was put in charge of Orange Team. Not that there is much leading to do, the three of us can practically read each other's minds anyway. Orange Team consists of myself, designation Orange Actual, Andrew-075, designation Orange One, Zac-032, and designation Orange Two, Brent-043. On our skills aptitude test, I scored Highest in Covert Ops, which was basically a glorified sniper school. Zac scored close-quarters, and Brent scored heavy weapons specialist. The three of us had been together since day one of training. That is why we made such a good strike team. The three of us took on many High-Priority targets, during the rebellion era and the new conflict with the Covenant, as they call themselves. I believe that my favorite mission was the one where Brent fired a rocket, Zac threw a Jackal into the air, and I fired a round into the Jackal's shield, and it ricocheted into the rocket, detonating in the middle of a Covenant battle group. All told, that one shot killed ten Grunts, three Elites, a Hunter pair, and three Jackals, including the airborne one.
So I was talking to John, that's John-117, about what he remembered from home. All he remembered was the day that Dr. Halsey came to observe him, and the smell of his mother. He then asked me what I remember. I lied, and told him I put it out of my head so I could focus my full attention on training. I actually remember a lot. They are telling me it's time to go into the cryo tank now.
[File Ends]
Comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated. This chapter was copied from my notebook under the musical influence of A Very Potter Musical. Also, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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