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 Post subject: Planet Unicorn(Signups)
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:05 pm 
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In the year 2117, an eight-year-old gai boi named Shannon found a magic lamp. He was granted three wishes.

The first: A fur jacket.
The second: A flying car
And the third: A planet..full. Of UNICORNS.

This is the story of that planet...

"A gai boi wished for a planet full of unicorns,
Planet Unicorn,
Unicorn Planet!

Give it up for Feathers,
oooohoooh, Cadillac,
aaaand Tom Cruise!

Planet unicorn! Heyyy!..."

And that was how the Planet of Unicorns came about.
Trouble and evil was always stopped by the unicorns Feathers, Cadillac, and Tom Cruise. The land was at peace, and a monument and castle was built in the trio's honor.

Now the year is 2341, and evil has returned to Planet Unicorn. With Feathers, Cadillac, and Tom Cruise gone, it's up to the next generation of unicorns to save their world. The unicorns, accompanied by their brethren, the pegesi, and the fursons, must embark on a grand quest to keep the planet safe!


Unicorn: The main species on Planet Unicorn. They may or may not have a mark on their thigh.

Pegesi: The chosen knights to guard the Palace. They are like normal Unicorns, but with sharper horns, wings, and more serious attitudes.

Fursons- Small, often rodent-like creatures that co-exist with the Unicorns.

Character Sheet-

Age(Child, teen, adult, etc. No no numbers. Those are confusing):
Objects/Items on hand:

If you want to be a pegesi, you better give me a good reason you'd be a good pegesi.
Mary Sues will be shot on sight, as always.
You may have as many characters as you can handle. If your posts start getting hard to read because of numerous characters, one of them mut be deleted.

We just lost

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