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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 5: The Essence of Chaos
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:58 pm 
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Korgen looked at his friends and smiled as he rests his head to capture some sleep. Just before he closed his eyes, in his peripheral vision he saw a new figure and then he opened his eyes wide. After a closer look he realized it was Lindikai, his new mentor after he died by a clever trick Rezarkin implemented. Seirvo had to sacrifice his time here to help Korgen. Another thing he noticed was that he had froze time like Seirvo would do. Lindikai was in his 50's and was old looking with identical armor as the oracle armor. He held a wooden stick for multiple reasons.

Lindikai: You know how hard it was to get all the way to you?

Korgen: W-What? why didn't you just contacted me telepathically like you usually do.

Lindikai: *Chuckles* "Contact telepathically" he says. You must not know what's going on then. Look I have only 5 minutes and then I'm going to be unavailable to you. Your fight with Rezarkin was all a cheap trick, and for you to have been tricked twice already I'd say this one took the cake.

Korgen: *Eyes widen and then quickly turned into a raised eyebrow.* But I destroyed him, there was no trace left.

Lindikai: *Shook his head* He is very much alive, that's why I couldn't contact you. Now I have low on time, so I have to summarize this. Ateren was being possessed, and Rezarkin had enough and left his body to fight you. However! he had a backup plan, he knew he might not have had much chance, so at the end he dissipated into a spiritual being that can possess object as well. I have reasons to believe that he is following you.

Korgen: Other then deterring you away, I don't see any other reason to worry.

Lindikai: *Shook his head* If only it were that simple, at any choice he can come out and do as much damage as before, the bad part is, the longer he stays alive, the stronger.

Korgen: Ah, but I get stronger as well.

Lindikai then takes a wooden stick that he was holding on to and bonked Korgen on the head.

Korgen: Hey! What was that for?

Lindikai: For not thinking! listen, what if he pops out right when you are wary? worse yet, what if he transfers to your children? and their children? they will be haunted and he still gets stronger.

Korgen: W-What?...

Lindikai: Not only that, but there is no way to find out what he is possessing.

Korgen looked down disappointed, he thought that things would get smoother. Despite the fact that they have to find their essentia stones. Korgen then gets an idea.

Korgen: Well, what's done is done, but do you know where my essentia stone is?

Lindikai: Why yes, in fact I know it's exact location!

Korgen Brightened up and then listened closely to what Lindikai had to say.

Lindikai: I-.....

Korgen then looked at Lindikai weirdly. He noticed that Lindikai too was frozen like his friends around him. Time would have continued if he left or was forced to leave, in fact it wasn't even 5 minutes yet. Korgen then tapped Lindikai but he got no reaction. He then took a step further and pushed Lindikai but he didn't budge.

Korgen: Somethings not right here.

Korgen then stood there and started to get worried. What if this stayed like this? what if he was frozen in time by an odd cruel fate? He then shook the thoughts out of his head and decided to do something about it. When Lindikai started again.

Lindikai: What in the...

Lindikai looked at Korgen with a ghostly impression.

Lindikai: That was not a good thing.

Korgen: No kidding, why did you freeze like that?

Lindikai felt his forehead and then looked Korgen square in the eyes.

Lindikai: I didn't freeze, you sped up.

Korgen turned his head to the side confused.

Lindikai: It's a random time lapse, Seirvo had trouble with them before, it lasts about a year with a person, you will randomly slow down or speed up. Sometimes you will fast forward, sometimes rewind.
Before I'm forced to leave, trust your gut on finding it, I don't have enough time to-

Lindikai disappeared in mid-sentence and then Korgen sat down as time started normal again. He looked at his friends and then went to sleep.

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 5: The Essence of Chaos
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:25 pm 
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Before Ashen had started dreaming, Alf had been gazing at the stars while holding Ashen close in his arms. It had been a while since he ever had a chance to properly embrace her without a threat trying to tear them apart. He looked to find their star. Oh their star. It shined brighter than the first night they spent together. Immediately, Alf had thought of the blade that Ashen had weilded. The Shiningstar. What marvelous power it holds. Alf had slowly shifted his head down and looked at Ashen's face to see her fast asleep. He giggled.

Alf: *Whispering* She's so beautiful. Smiling in her sleep.

Alf gently kisses her nose and closes his eyes. Seconds pass and he feels himself drifting off to sleep. It has been a while since he, or possibly anyone has had a good night's sleep. He lets out a sigh of relief and falls into a dream.


Alf looks around to see himself in the Maroni forest once more. Where he had found a part of the Nevtelluma.

??: Nice to see you again.

Alf turns around to see his entire family and friends from his home village. Alf suddenly becomes speechless. It has been years and years since he has seen everyone he has known from the once peaceful town of Nibelheim. Alf slowly walks up to Chase with his arm out. He touches his arm to make sure that he is real.

Chase: haha! It's me little brother. *he hugs Alf tight and tears run down Alf's face* You ok, Alfy?

Alf: I... I just can't believe I'm actually able to see you, feel you, and hear you once more.

Chase: I know. I wish I could stay like this, but I only have a limited amount of time to tell you what you must know.

Rowen walks up to Alf and lays his hand on Alf's shoulder.

Rowen: The Nevtelluma...

Lydia walks up to Alf and lays her hand on Alf's other shoulder.

Lydia: The Quiver of Light...

Chase looks down into Alf's eyes

Chase: Your essentia Stone...

Alf: What.... What about it..?

Rowen: Those 2 weapons were forged from the lightest of minerals. But the stone itself... Through our lifetimes, we have heard rumors that a Deotrano would hold an essentia stone. We all trained and trained to see if it was us, but when I failed at eliminating the darkness, I knew that I was not the stone holder. There is great responsibility whilst holding that sacred essentia stone. Alferion Sage Deotrano! I know you have that urge to give up at times, but you never have. There was a song that explained the stones....

Alf: I... I think I heard this from... Aurelius.. One line said this...
"From royalty, from loyalty, and from… love."

Lydia: Exactly! See, in the song, it tells the story of the beginning. It tells of 12 heroes that would merge together to stop evil. From Royalty: Ashen. From Loyalty: Fravir. And from... Love: You. Your inspiration to keep fighting comes from your love. Not just for Ashne but for your friends as well. Along with your friends that you lost track of along the way.

Alf: ...

Chase: You remember them all?

Alf: Yes... Stephen.. Jekuthial... Messre... Rhade... Linda... All of them were vital to our journey. They all served their purpose.

Rowen: Doesn't mean that they won't return. Alf, your strength comes from the love in your heart. Don't solely focus on your love fro Ashen. I know she is your life, but your friends are too. If it wasn't for them, there would have been a lot of times where you would have been dead. Keep your love for your friends in your heart as well.

Alf: Ok. I will.

Chase: Also, take care of Ashen. She will have something to tell you when you awake.

Everybody that Alf sees starts to gradually fade.

Rowen: Our time has run short.

Lydia: Heed our words, son.

Chase: Let your love for your friends and Ashen be your guide.

Chase, Rowen and Lydia all fade away into thin air. Alf sheds a tear and thinks to himself.

Alf: The final battle. It is near...

Alf's dream starts fading into black.



 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 5: The Essence of Chaos
PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:01 pm 
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(Okay, here's my first post. Let's hope this goes well.)

A beam of pale moonlight slashed through the dark night. Shrow'd looked up towards the moon, clutching at something in his hand. It was important, he knew that much. Somehow he felt it - the heroes were gathering their powers together. He had to be ready so that he could fulfill what he wanted to do.

One of them held the key to figuring out where to go next... he just had to get them to come to him. The stone he held might just be able to help him. Slowly he passed a hand over the stone, causing it to release a magic pulse. Shrow'd smirked. Hopefully this would get the attention of the one he wanted...

He heard the sounds of footsteps coming closer. It was time. Shrow'd made his way away from the open area and towards a darker, more secluded area. The footsteps were following. The pulse was working as it should. He looked behind him and a shaft of pale moonlight lit up the figure of an aged man slowly following him. Shrow'd hurried further away, right into a swampy moor. It wouldn't be long until that pathetic druid reached him. Then he could find out the information he wanted. He went deeper into the moor, waiting for the right time. The sounds of sloshing water were coming closer. Aurelius stopped and looked around.

"So you've come." Shrow'd said, turning around to face the druid.

"Thou..." Aurelius replied bitterly.

Shrow'd smirked. "Good. You recognize me. Now... tell me what you know." His voice held a note of challenge.

Aurelius was unmoved. "Doth not assume thou hast one over thyself. I uphold the weight in this exchange."

"Don't push your luck, old fool. Tell me what I want to know, or you won't ever see the girl again."

Still, Aurelius showed no sign of intimidation. "Thou wastes thy time. I should be half way to the grail by now. After that I shall be with her for eternity, so operates the afterlife."

Shrow'd laughed. "Even an old fool like yourself can't know about the afterlife."

"Nay, I hath learned many things from thost predecessor, a genuine Gatekeeper of Souls. Thou is not fit to even sit in his shadow."

A low growl escaped Shrow'd's lips. "Are you challenging me? If this predecessor you speak of was as great as you imply, why didn't he remove your curse? But... if I were to kill one who had lived longer, that would surely make me the greater. If I were to end your pathetic life, it would make me even greater than immortality ever could." He began to slowly advance on Aurelius, reaching for his sword as he did so.

"It wouldst be rather foolish for thoust to engage in a fracas here where the elements art most potent."

"Silence, old fool! The elements have never stood in my way before. All have turned to ash before me." With that, Shrow'd sent forth a blast of purple fire that ignited the trees around before he charged towards Aurelius, each step carrying a vindictive promise of suffering. A battle was about to be waged. The battle of life and death.

End of Chapter Five


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