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 Post subject: Re: Stupid Mario Brothers: Special JMK Episode (LOST Episode)
PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:48 pm 
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Richalvarez wrote:
MC Gamer wrote:
Alright. I love JMK. So this was pretty awesome...


This video has a few annoying things.

1. It goes nowhere. It goes from practicing and it seems like Richie just wanted to finish the script and just skipped to a scene to get rid of Scott.

2. Richie, please, if you read this... USE YOUTUBE ANNOTATIONS PLEASE. I understand you want your viewers to see things like "Bad lighting" but that shouldn't go on the footage... it just is unprofessional and icky. Like imagine watching Harry Potter and this bold text comes up at the bottom "Malfoy looked at the camera right her".
It is meant for commentaries or annotations in this case.
Just my opinion, but it pains me and probably others very much.

3. Please start exploring the world of fonts.
In Seasons 1-2 and I believe Season 3 all we saw was Times New Roman. Now we have this wide bold text. Just kind of... strange.

Just my opinions Rich, but I always love your content... just got to get some things right. ;)

The fact the episode wasn't very good was one of the reasons it never went up. But i thought you might enjoy it anyway, but from your point of veiw perhaps I should have just left it on my hard drive never to be seen by anyone but me.

Where was it supposed to go? It was only meant to be a funny episode. Ever since season 2 everyone expects every episode or part of SMB to "Go Somewhere", It's like I can't just make something funny for the sake of it anymore, very annoying.

I put the font on the video because i wanted it to be very exaggerated, because i wanted to stress the point that I thought it was filmed badly and rushed. This video was more of a history archival thing, and not not meant to be an actual episode. And i'm sorry you don't approve of my use of fonts, but I like the one i'm using now thank you very much.

Erm... Well, when the episode statred, it had a lot of build up and seemed like it would be a season 2-esque side plot. Then it had a quick conclusion.

 Post subject: Re: Stupid Mario Brothers: Special JMK Episode (LOST Episode
PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:00 pm 
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(My classmates make fun of me now since I say taco salad at least once a day now. Thanks Dane.)

I am Gmn1997.

 Post subject: Re: Stupid Mario Brothers: Special JMK Episode (LOST Episode
PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:29 pm 
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(^^Goombowser, I'm sorry; your avatar is just so bizarre that I can't get through any of your posts without staring at, and I can't really take you seriously, just putting that out there)

But I don't see a problem with it. I thought it was a pretty good episode


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