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 Post subject: The Chronicles of OB: Prank Wars Script Rated YT-Y7-DL
PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 4:10 am 
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It's a long read. The 8D students challenge the 8D teachers to a prank war with the principal and vice principal as judges.

Prank Wars
written by Joe San Agustin

(Fade in to: Some students pulling a prank on one of the teachers.)

Ed's Inner Monologue: 8D teachers and students love pulling pranks on each other. Whether it's teacher.vs. teacher...

(Behind Ed: A teacher pulling a prank on a teacher.)

Ed's Inner Monologue: student vs. student...

(Behind Ed: Gwen & Bebe talking. Kent appears out of nowhere.)

Kent: BOO!

(Gwen & Bebe scream and sucker punch Kent.)

Kent: OW!!

(He falls to the ground.)

Kent: I'm okay!
Ed's Inner Monologue: or even student vs. teacher....

(Zoom in to: The room where the guys are pulling a prank on a teacher.)

Kent Jenkins: So, we're duct taping her stuff again?
Nate: It never gets old man.
Jenkins: Right. Derrick, you done with her computer yet?
Derrick: Just let me press "Show Icons" and I'm done! Now, when she clicks any icon, nothing will happen!
Nate: Let's get out of here before she comes back.

Ed's Inner Monologue: either way, you'll find mischief in my block.
Ed: Kent, are you okay?
Kent: I'm just fine. I just got sucker punched but I'm just fine.
Ed: Okay then.

(Kent gets up from the floor.)

Kent: Look Emo Rangers, violence doesn't solve everything.
Gwen: You are just the philisophical jackass today aren't you?
Kent: It's only 8:10!
Gwen: Shut up and flashback!

(Flashback to: 6:30 AM. An alarm clock rings.)

Kent: Hey Big-Head, wake up.
Ben: Shut up.

(Ben walks out of the room.)
(Flashback to: 7:30 AM. Gwen gets hit with a snowball at the bus stop.)

Kent: I can't believe you got hit off guard Weeping Tears Emo Ranger.
Gwen: Shut up Chronic Stoner Emo Ranger.
Kent: I'm introspective!
Gwen: So is Ed!

(End of flashbacks.)

Gwen: You are.
Ed's Inner Monologue: She's right.
Kent: Besides, I go by 3 types of asses. Jackass, dumbass, and smartass.
Ed: How can you be a smartass and a dumbass at the same time?
Kent: I'm a confusing person. Either way, they're all in the same ass.
Kent: Mine.

(Jenkins walks up to Kent.)

Jenkins: Do you have your camera to film?
Kent: No, I'm not allowed to bring it in. I brought my cousin's Barbie Video Girl and placed it on the shelf when you weren't looking.
Jenkins: You're such a loser.
Kent: You didn't notice so it works! It's been recording the whole time.

(The teacher they pranked starts screaming because of the prank. Luckily the Barbie got the whole thing.)

(Fade to: 8th period. Everyone is seated on the floor.)

Ed's Inner Monologue: Another 8D team meeting at the end of the day. I wonder what this one is about.

(Fantasy Flash to: The team meeting.)

Fantasy 8D2 Homeroom Teacher: We are gathered here today to celebrate Ed and his first girlfriend.

(Everyone cheers.)

Fantasy Ed: Thank you, thank you, you're too kind. I'm glad to have my first girlfriend and now I feel proud to say that, out of my main group of friends, Kent Koy is the only one without a girlfriend!

(Everyone laughs.)

Fantasy Kent: You people are more heartless than I am.
Fantasy Bebe: It's okay Kent, I've never had my first kiss yet.
Fantasy Kent: You almost did.
Fantasy Bebe: Yeah, I don't want to flashback.
Fantasy Gwen: I don't have a boyfriend.
Fantasy Ed: Yeah but almost everyone hates Kent.
Fantasy Pete: Oh my god. He doesn't have any witty comebacks.
Fantasy Kent: I can't think of any.
Fantasy Didi: You really hurt him you guys.
Fantasy Gwen: You gonna be alright?

(He gets up and walks up to Ed.)

Fantasy Ed: I'm sorry man.
Fantasy Kent: It's okay. It's not your fault I act like a complete jackass and people find me revolting.
Fantasy Student: YOU ARE REVOLTING!

(Kent runs away upstairs crying.)

Fantasy Ed: Well at least we know he'll be the girl in the relationship if he gets into one, am I right?

(Everyone starts laughing. Then the girls start throwing stuff at him while the guys keep laughing.)
(End of fantasy.)

Kent: You okay? You were out there for a long time.
Ed: I'm sorry.
Kent: Sorry for what?
8D2 Homeroom Teacher: As all of you know, I was majorly pranked this morning by some students who shall be not named for now.
Ed's Inner Monologue: This just proves that students are better at pranks than teachers.
8D1 Teacher: What was that Ed?
Ed: I didn't say anything.
Kent: Yeah you did, you said that students are better pranksters than teachers, which is true.
Ed: That was out loud?
Gwen: Yep.
8D4 Homeroom Teacher: Students are not better pranksters than teachers.
Kent: Yeah we are, we're younger and we have more energy.
8D5 Homeroom Teacher: Yeah but we are older and have more knowledge and can do calculated pranks.
Bebe: Yeah but we're unpredictable. You don't know when we're going to be appcent or present. Our pranks can be very confusing, like Kent's personality.
8D3 Homeroom Teacher: Which one?
Bebe: Asian one.
Kent: Hai.
8D2 Teacher: It's settled then. Whichever side wins, gets bragging rights.
Derrick: If the students win, we get homework passes or no homework for a month.
Jenkins: Or, a block day.
8D4 Teacher: Homework passes only. If the teachers win, you all have to do extra homework for a month.
Nate: Place your bets people!
Ed: I bet the students are going to win the prank off,
8D Teachers: We bet the teachers are going to win?
Kent: Wait wait wait. Who's going to be the judge?

(Everyone agrees and wonders.)

Didi: Why not administration?
8D5 Teacher: Eh, why not? What could possibly happen?
8D2 Teacher: Rush this over to Mr. Shaw.
8D3 Teacher: Just called him and administration.

(The bell rings.)

8D Teachers: Back to your classes for announcements.

(The intro plays.)

(Fade in to: Lockers. Mario, Kent, and Gwen are talking.)

Mario: So if you guys win, you get homework passes but if the teachers win, you get extra homework for a month?
Kent: Yeah.
Mario: Why not a block day?
Gwen: Because the teachers already decided on homework passes.
Kent: I remember last year when our block didn't have any block days because the teachers thought that block days were in the way of work
Mario: Your block didn't have any block days?
Kent: Yeah.
Mario: I'm sorry.
Gwen: Don't even try to flashback.
Kent: Fine. But our 7th grade science teacher still needs to give me back my Superman pen.
Mario: You had a Superman pen? I miss a lot of things when I'm not in your block.
Kent: You were in my block in 6th grade.
Mario: Yeah and you guys were on my bus for 2 and 1/5 school years before you moved.
Gwen & Kent: We know.
Mario: Well I gotta go. See ya guys.
Kent & Gwen: Bye.
Kent: Alright, they can strike at anytime, just like that snowball fight.
Gwen: Snowball fight?
Kent: You missed it.
Gwen: I miss everything when I'm upstairs!
Kent: Yeah you do.
Gwen: Shut up.
Kent: I'm gonna go to my locker now.

(He walks away while the screen fades to the same screen. Kent stops walking.)

Kent: No, there's been too many fades in this episode. Just this one time, let's try a different transition.

(He starts walking away again and Gwen has a puzzled look on her face.)
(That '70s Show transition to: Kent's kitchen. The guys are in a circle like in That '70s Show.)

Ed: So, what are we gonna do?
Kent: We strike first. We have to prank them before they prank us.
Ed: No, what are we gonna tell Cindy? If she finds out about this, she'll flip. She doesn't want me in any kind of danger!
Mario: That's your problem. I'm glad I'm not in this. Nazz would be giving bad ideas.
Ben: She's a fan of pranks?
Mario: A super fan. She used to be good at them but she uses the same pranks all the time and their kinda predictable.
Kent: Like what?
Mario: Wedgie hook, gluing doors shut, Wile E. Coyote cave painting, the usual.
Ed: I bet we could use 2 out of three of those.
Kent: Probably.

(Gwen walks in.)

Gwen: Why are you guys sitting like that?
Ed: I don't know.

(Bebe and Didi walk in.)

Bebe: Do you wanna change the camera angle?

(The camera angle changes.)

Didi: That's better. I have an idea.

(Ed starts to fantasize.)

(Fantasy Flash to: The Senior Center.)

Fantasy Kent: Youuuuuuu! Are going dowwwn!
Fantasy Ed: You wish. GO CHARIZARD!
Fantasy Kent: GO BLASTOISE!

(Gwen, Bebe, Didi, Pete, Ben,and Red are in the crowd cheering. Mario is referee.)

Mario: In this corner is Kent. His Pokemon weighing at 188.5 lbs, BLASTOISE! In this corner is Ed. His Pokemon, weighing at 199.5 lbs, CHARIZARD! Coin toss to see who starts. Kent, you call.
Mario: It's Sonic! I mean Tails.
Ed: Yes!
Mario: Ready, set, BATTLE!
Ed: Charizard, use flamethrower!

(End of fantasy.)

Ed: Did it involve Pokemon?
Didi: No. I'm thinking that Kent should go live on blogTV and ask for prank ideas!
Kent: Okay but you guys have to be on too. I'm gonna go live now.
Didi: K.
Bebe: I can't. My face can't be on the internet.
Ed: Why are you on this show then?
Bebe: I don't know!
Mario: This is a weird show.

(Fade to: The Kitchen, again. Kent has the show set up but he's not getting any views. He paces around for an idea.)

Kent: I got it!
Ben: What?
Kent: The most popular shows are always girls on camera. I would know.
Gwen: So what are you suggesting?
Kent: Gwen, Bebe, and Didi, get on camera.
Bebe: But,
Bebe: Fine.

(She punches his shoulder.)

Kent: Ow.

(They go on screen and they gradually begin to get more viewers. Kent gets on screen.)

Kent: Hey guys, we made this bet with our teachers and we need prank ideas.

(They get off after getting enough ideas.)

Kent: Alright we have ideas.

(Ed's phone rings.)

Ed: That's mine. Hello? Hi Cindy.
Cindy: I saw your live show.
Ed: It wasn't my live show, it was Kent's.
Cindy: I don't care! You are not doing that prank war!
Ed: But if I don't we won't win and we'll get extra homework for a month!
Cindy: And?

(Ed thinks for a few seconds.)

Ed: And, if we get extra homework, we wouldn't be able to see each other as much.
Cindy: Oh my god you're right. I encourage you!

(Kent whispers to Mario.)

Kent: I encourage you?

(Mario shrugs.)

Ed: If we do win, we get homework passes and I won't do my homework so we can be together more.
Cindy: You're so romantic. Bye, I gotta do homework. Loveya!
Ed: Loveyoutoobye.

(He hangs up.)

Kent: You're so romantic Ed.
Ed: Yes, I know.
Bebe: I wish I had a boyfriend that romantic.
Kent: You wish.
Bebe: Yeah, I do. I just said that.
Didi: Clean your ears out.
Kent: Well then.

(Fade to: Monday. Ed, Kent, and their friend Sheldon are talking.)

Kent: Look, all I'm saying is, I saw the moon with a freakin creepy face on it.
Ed: Yeah and Darth Vader is Luke's father.
Kent: He is, didn't you watch The Empire Strikes Back?
Sheldon: Look Kent, just because Mario said he saw it, doesn't mean you can say you saw it either.
Kent: Well I did see the moon with a face.
Ed: There's another reason why I don't believe you.
Kent: Your fear of looking at the moon, thinking you'll turn into one of the werewolves in Twilight and the only reason for that is because you don't want girls fawning over you because you hate Twilight and have a girlfriend? Look Edna, that is the most ihirrational fear I've ever heard of.
Ed: Yes Dr. Cox, yes that is why I don't believe you.
Sheldon: How did you know?
Kent: He told me in 6th grade.
Sheldon: You have weird fears.
Ed: Yes I know. And I have no idea what weed you've been on Kent, but you've been taking too much.
Kent: What are you talking about? I quit last week!
Ed: Oh yeah.
Sheldon: How long have you been doing it?
Kent: A week.
Sheldon: Okay then.

(Ed and Sheldon walk away while Kent goes to his locker.)
(Fade to: Downstairs. Ed, Kent, Sheldon, & Pete duct tape the desks to the walls.)

Kent: When we're done, it'll be like Poltergeist.
Pete: I wonder how the others are doing.

(Transition to: 8D4 Homeroom. Bebe, Gwen, Didi, & Cindy, who decided to help, duct tape the desks to the walls as well.)
(Transition to: 8D2 Homeroom. Derrick, Nate, and Jenkins duct tape the desks to the wall and the books to the shelves.)
(Transition to: 8D1 Homeroom. Other students do the same.)
(Transition to: 8D3 Homeroom. Other students stack the chairs on top of each other and push the desks to the back of the room. Some even duct tape a desk to the blackboard.)
(Transition to 8D5 Homeroom.)

Pete: Whose idea was it to duct tape the desk to the black board in the first place?
Sheldon: Mine.

(Fade to: Outside the classrooms. Everyone is standing outside waiting for the teachers to see what their prank was.)

Gwen: This is gonna be so funny.
8D5: Homerooms everybody!

(They all walk in. The screen then shows each teacher's reactions.)


(Fade to: The Meeting. Administrators are at the meeting as well.)

Principal: Seeing what we have here, I say it's a great way to start a prank war.
VP: Yes, indeed.
8D2: Well now, it's our turn.
8D5: A good way to do that is by exploiting secrets of the major characters in this show that are in 8D.
8D2: Gwen is more insecure about life than her brothers.
8D5: Kent Koy wants to punch his enemies in the face but knows he can't because we're in school.
8D4: Kent Jenkins hates fish.
8D3: Sheldon secretly loves his name.
8D1: Ed almost always does what his inner voice tells him to do.
Ed: That's not true!
Ed's Inner Monologue: It is so true it hurts.
8D2: Pete and Didi secretly hate each other a bit.
8D5: Nate and Derrick have been held back.
8D4: Denzel loves black jokes.
8D2: Brian really doesn't do weed.
8D1: Thalia hates the world.
8D5: And, Bebe's real name is
Bebe's Inner Monologue: Oh no.
8D5: Barbara Ann!
8D3: That is all the secrets of the maor characters in this show that are in 8D that we can exploit.

(The students are shocked.)

Ed's Inner Monologue: From that moment on, we knew that none of us were going to look at each other the same way ever again.
Kent: You're real name is Barbara Ann?
Bebe: Leave me alone.

(She runs away crying. She punches Kent in the face before she leaves.)

Ed: Kinda sounds like that Beach Boys song.
Kent: I don't see it.
Ed: Really?
Kent: No wait, I see it. So Bebe is short for Barbara?
Ed: I don't know! You wrote this episode.
Kent: Right.

(Everyone starts to argue with each other. Principal blows the whistle.)

Principal: Remember, this was a prank in the prank war.
Nate: It's only a prank if none of it was true.
8D4: Actually, one was false. Jenkins loves fish.
Jenkins: I do.
VP: Anything goes in a prank war.
Kent: Ohoho. This really means war now!

(Cut to: A montage of pranks with "DJ Got Us Fallin In Love" performed by Christina Grimmie and Alex Goot as background music.)
(Cut to: School. Kent opens his locker. He opens the top locker and muffins fall on his head. The same thing happens to the other students.)

8D5: Blueberry muffins prank. Classic.
Kent: I hate blueberry.

(Ed walks up to him.)

Ed: You gonna eat those?
Kent: Have them.
Ed: I got a whole lunch!

(Fade to: Lunch. Sheldon, Kent, Denzel, Brian, Tim, and Hutton crack jokes like they usually do.)

Kent: We need to think of a better prank to end this war.
Brian: Dude, all they did was stuff muffins in our lockers!
Sheldon: It's a classic. No one can beat the classics.
Kent: Yeah but we can.
Tim: Kent.
Kent: Yeah?
Tim: Fry.

(Kent gives Tim a french fry.)

Denzel: What do you suggest we do?
Kent: Another classic prank.
Hutton: Stink bomb.
Denzel: How are we going to do that?

(Fantasy Flash to: Ronnie farting in a stink bomb.)

Ronnie: This is disgusting.
Kent: Just be glad you're the last one Ronnie. The first guy crapped in it.
Ed: The second guy barfed in it.
Kent: And the third guy, me, put in stinky cheese. The cheese was left out in the open for three weeks. I was trying to do the cheese touch like in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Ed: Why?
Kent: Because I wanted to!

(End of fantasy.)

Kent: We're gonna have to feed Ronnie a lot of beans.
Hutton: Actually I was just thinking that we harness a huge amount of stink.
Kent: So yeah just like that.
Hutton: The stink has to be a gas.
Brian: So we still feed Ronnie a lot of beans?
Hutton: Yup.
Tim: So it goes either way?
Kent: I guess.

(Fade to: Downstairs. Ronnie is farting in a really big balloon and Kent is filming.)

Ronnie: Why did you guys talk me into eating those beans?
Kent: You're more of a farting machine than I am.
Ed: You getting this on tape?
Kent: Yep.
Ed: Awesome.
Kent: So basically, we have Ronnie here, farting into a balloon that will become a stink bomb. This will probably get us to win the prank war.
Ed: It might also get us suspended.
Kent: Anything goes in a prank war.
Ed: Yeah but when it's over we might be suspended from the pranks.
Kent: Are we suspended from filming these episodes so far? No, no we haven't.
Ed: I see what's going on here, your competitiveness is getting in the way of you again.
Kent: Actually, I had a lot of muffins in my locker. And what do you mean by again?

(Flashback to: Ed, Mario, & Kent playing SSBB.)

Kent: You guys are never gonna beat me! I own this copy!
Ed & Mario: Yeah, we know.

(Kent wins the Brawl and starts freaking out.)

Gwen: KENT!
Kent: WHAT!?
Gwen: SHUT UP!

(End of flashback.)

Ed: Never mind.
Ed's Inner Monologue: As I was walking to get a drink, I realized that the teachers were trying to win as much as we were. I mean, midterms were soon but, why do they want to win so bad? This question probably won't be answered in the episode.
Ed: Hey Sheldon,
Sheldon: Yeah?
Ed: Why do teachers want to win this prank war so bad?
Sheldon: Probably because midterms are being intimidated by the snow, they want to cram the knowledge in our brains to help us pass.
Ed's Inner Monologue: Never mind then.
Ed: Oh okay.

(Kent runs up to Ed and Sheldon from the lockers.)

Kent: Ed! Sheldon!
Ed & Sheldon: What?
Ed: Weren't you downstairs?
Sheldon: What's that smell?
Kent: I'm from the future and
Ed: What an M. Night Shyamalan like twist.
Ed: I'm gonna stop you right there. Who is the president?
Kent: I'm from the future of an hour from now.
Ed: Oh, continue.
Kent: Listen, my competitiveness went ahead of me from one of Ronnie's farts. The stink bomb backfire and stinks up the whole school. Ronnie was quarantined and we were suspended.
Ed: For how long?
Kent: 3 months.
Sheldon: If we're suspended, we won't be able to go to the Great Adventure trip.
Kent: I know!
Ed: Wait, if you're trying to stop yourself, wouldn't that make a paradox?
Kent: I won't be here for long.
Ed: All right Prince of Persia, we'll help.
Sheldon: I didn't agree to this!
Ed: Do you want to get suspended?
Sheldon: No but I don't want to be involved in this!

(Mario walks out of the bathroom.)

Mario: Kent, aren't you supposed to be working on the stink bomb?
Kent: Yeah, I am.
Mario: But you're right here!
Ed: Reread your script.

(Mario takes his script out and rereads it.)

Mario: Oh ok. I'm up to speed.
Sheldon: Good, because I don't want to help. Mario, you help.
Mario: I was going to any way.
Sheldon: Oh ok then. Bye.

(He walks away.)

Mario: So what do we do?
Kent: We tell me to not go forward with the stink bomb to prevent me from coming here, thus creating a paradox.
Ed: Wouldn't it be a paradox if you saw your past self and vice versa?
Kent: That's why you guys have to do it!
Mario & Ed: Ok.
Kent: All right, you try to talk me out of the stinkbomb while, I stay here.
Ed & Mario: Got it.

(They run down the stairs to try to stop Kent. Future Kent evilly laughs and walks into the bathroom. Out comes 8D4 with the clothes Future Kent was wearing in his hands.)

8D4: Consider this, the end of the prank war.

(The other 8D teachers and administration walk in and start laughing evilly.)

Ed: Kent, Kent!
Kent: What?
Mario: We were visited by your future self, one hour from now, and he said that we were going to get suspended from using this stink bomb.
Kent: Oh God. Ronnie!
Ronnie: What?
Ed: Stop farting!
Ronnie: I was never farting in the first place!
Mario: That would explain why the balloon didn't expand.
Kent: I would like to see this future me.
Mario: You can't.
Kent: Why?
Ed: It would be a time paradox!
Kent: I doubt that we would have time machines, one hour from now.
Ronnie: A lot can happen in an hour.
Kent: You can go now Ronnie.
Ronnie: Thank you.

(He runs off.)

Ed: Fine, we'll let you meet him.
Kent: Thank you.

(They run up the stairs and find the teachers and administration are upstairs. Future Kent is nowhere to be seen.)

Ed: They killed future Kent!
Mario: No they didn't!
Kent: They pranked us into not pranking them.
Principal: That means, they won.
Kent: Oh man! Now we have extra homework!
Ed: Actually, they're helping us,
Kent & Mario: What do you mean?
Ed: I can't explain it but Sheldon can. Sheldon!

(Sheldon walks in.)

Sheldon: It's because midterms are being intimidated by the snow, they want to cram the knowledge in our brains to help us pass.
Kent & Mario: Ohh.
Ed: Did you just repeat yourself?
Sheldon: Yes I did.
Ed's Inner Monologue: Pranks can get you somewhere like showing how good or bad you are at it,

(Nazz runs up behind Mario and tries to wedgie hook him but she fails.)

Ed's Inner Monologue: But big pranks about someone's secrets can get you nowhere,

(Sheldon starts crying because he remembered the first teacher prank.)

Kent: It's okay loverboy.
Ed's Inner Monologue: but they can sometimes get you somewhere.

(Fade to: Geick Park. Bebe is sitting and sulking because her real name is exposed.)

Kent: Bababa. Babarbara Ann.

(She turns her head and Kent, Mario, Ed, Red, & Sheldon emerge from the poles and start singing "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys.)

Bebe: Kent, did you do this?
Kent: Actually no, I had my mind think of it.
Bebe: You can be more dumb than your brother at times you know?
Kent: Yes I do.
Ed: He's proud of it.
Red: And this is my only line in the whole episode!
Mario: I/brought pizza.
Sheldon: I got the refreshments.

(Gwen, Ben, Pete, and Didi walk in.)

Gwen: I was supposed to bring the drinks.
Ben: I'm not dumb!
Didi: We resolved our differences.
Pete: We know longer hate each other.
Everyone: Yeah you are!
Ben: Well then.
Ed's Inner Monologue: I guess that first teacher prank actually got us closer together. Wait, where's Cindy and Sitka?

(Cindy and Sitka run in.)

Sitka: Guys, we were attacked!
Cindy: By a banana monster who love pizza!
Kent: Really, a banana monster?
Ed: I highly doubt that there would be a banana monster who loves pizza in reality.

(A guy with a banana suit on starts chasing everyone except Cindy & Sitka. The banana takes off his suit and is revealed to be Miguel.)

Sitka: Nice one man.
Cindy: It was hilarious.
Miguel: 8C rules!

(Ed is revealed to be hiding behind a pole.)

Ed's Inner Monologue: They pranked us! Those big sacs! That was a pretty good prank though.

(Fade out.)

It's like C-3PO always says,"We're doomed!" :ninja:

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