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 Post subject: Jordan Dragon, RP character History.
PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:24 pm 

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RP character History

If this doesnt go here, lemme know and i will move it.

Hello, I am Jordan Dragun, survivor of the dragun clan. Yes, my clan was destroyed by..a certain someone.... Anyways, I'll tell you what happened. Dragun are people that have the spirits of dragons inside of them, in need, they may call to their aid to gain their appearance, but not size. Its like wearing a suit of armor. their scales are stronger then most substances, and of course, the power of flight and abilities, such as the common fire. But now, to me. I am the son of the King and Queen of the once proud clan. They named me Jordan, for why, i do not know. I was the 100th born out of the entire race, so i was given the Red Dragon Of Dragunity, it was said to contain not 1, but 3 vessels. 3 entities, if you will, each with the mastery of a element. Quickly, i made friends, as i grew older. 7 years after my birth, they had the 110th dragun, my brother, Joey. I was instructed to be a nice brother, and teach him what i knew. There was no need to tell me, i was going to anyways. I taught him, he learned fast. His teacher gave him a special sword, which he named Red Flash, due to it giving him speed, and its red and white blade. Everything seemed peaceful in the valley...until that one night... Naxel, said to be the greatest dragun, up there with even my father and mother, requested to be a Dragun Lord, and to lead the fight against a group of individuals. My dad saw darkness in him, he had the Black Dragon, which was a dark omen. The dark dragon chose no one but the ones with evil in their body. My father refused, and Naxel was outraged. He used all the darkness in him, and slowly within an hour, destroyed everyone i loved. He killed my parents, destroyed my friends, and worst of all...murdered my little brother, right infront of my eyes. He looked at me, he didnt kill me, he said he respected my look of hatred. I jumped to kill, but he was already gone. My entire home, on fire, destroyed, no corpse remained. All that remained was my Brothers blade. The white part of the blade turned black, i assumed it was my Brothers unsatisfied vengance. Thats when i vowed to kill Naxel, and restore my clan of its honor.

So yes, if your looking for a fight with me, send me a message, and meet me in the chatroom. I will accept any fight, inexperianced or not. And i am also free to partake in any RP adventure in the chat room, if anyone will let me.

The day that Stupid Mario Bros stops will also be the day that pigs fly. WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

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