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 Post subject: Re: Invasion of the LOLcats!
PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:07 am 
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"I quite liked him as a neko..." NekoMage said.

"You haz cheezburgerz?" Sephiroth asked WhiteMage.

"And what's all this about?" WhiteMage inquired. Katie explained the situation. Then, Were_Force began to twitch slightly from where he was.

"He's waking up." Insanity said.


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 Post subject: Re: Invasion of the LOLcats!
PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:39 am 
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Matt groned and his eyelids flicked open, he looked around him and saw rubble and fire lots of fire. he coughed and knelt up, looking down he saw blood, his blood. his hand moved upto his head and pulled away again stained red. He looked around for something to hold to the wound but there was nothing so it came to him ripping his shirt sleeve of on tying it round his head like a bandana

he stumbled to his feet and griped onto a metal pole to keep himself standing. He managed to edge along the wall slowly but surly he was moving. He felt weak and he had to get out of here as soon as possible.

He stumbled around for ages then he saw light, Matt picked up the pace and ran out into the sunlight and into freedom. as he looked around he saw no sign of anyone but himself, he called out for help but there was no answer, did they belive he was dead? He didn't know but he had to find them.

then from behind he heard a voice saying "you missed them by about 10 minuits."

Matt spun and found himself looking into the eyes of a young boy. his face was filthy and his clothes were all ripped and he looked like he had been pulled through a hedge backwards. Matt looked at him and asked "who exactly are you?"

The boy replied "the names Josh and i'm here to help you out."

Matt looked at the boy as he pulled out a bottle of blue liquid and held it out to Matt. "drink it" he said "it will take you to your friends"

Matt paused then reached out and took the bottle from the boys hands and looked at it. He thought it through then pulled the lid off and smelt the liquid, he didn't know if he could trust it. he decided to take the risk and took one long mouthful and in an instant dissapeared with a pop.

A moment later Matt found himself standing alone in a circular room. He survayed the area and saw nothing he was alone, he called out for anyone but no one came. As Matt started to walk towards the big door in the far wall a voice floated from behind him "so glad you could join us"

Matt stopped and looked round to find Dr LOLcat looking at him.

"oh great" matt sighed

"you will become one of us!"

"and if I refuse"

"you'll die"

"we'll see about that"

Matt pulled out his machine gun but befor he could even aim he was pinned to the ground by multiple cats all laughing evily. Matt's machine gun was grabbed off him and he was dragged off by the cats into the lair of Dr LOLcat.

RIP Matthew Anthony Staples 6/1/2011

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