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 Post subject: Re: The Chat Mind Control RPG
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:23 pm 
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Joined: Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:52 pm
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Location: Somewhere... known as.... *Before I say ask yourself do you really even care? No? Didn't think so.*
== forcedude22 [[email protected]] has joined #StupidMario
* forcedude22 falls into the chat onto Dark_Wizard_of_Doom
<@Dark_Wizard_of_Doom> WHOOF!
* Dark_Wizard_of_Doom drops the Mindsnare Materia
* Sephiroth_One-Winged-Angel lets go of his head and sighs
<Sephiroth_One-Winged-Angel> Nice landing forcedude...
<Forcedude22> Now if only i landed on a softer villan XD
<@Dark_Wizard_of_Doom> SILENCE FOOL!!!
* Dark_Wizard_of_Doom grabs the mindsnare materia and gets set to use it on forcedude
* Forcedude22 wonders why everybody is a fool to a villan unless they work for them
* Dark_Wizard_of_Doom uses the mindsnare materia on Forcedude22
* Forcedude22 grabs his head in pain
<Forcedude22> AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Sephiroth_One-Winged-Angel> FORCE!!!!
* Forcedude22 passes out
<Sephiroth_One-Winged-Angel> AWWW COME ON!!!!
* Forcedude22 gets up
<@Dark_Wizard_of_Doom> MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
<@Dark_Wizard_of_Doom> Sick 'em Force
<Forcedude22> Yes Master...
== Forcedude22 has changed nick to Were_Force
* Were_Force Howls and charges at Sephiroth_One-Winged-Angel baring his fangs

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