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 Post subject: Mod Warning: Quit Making Multiple Topics about same thing
PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:51 pm 
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I've noticed that there have been multiple topics that are having discussions about the exact same thing. We've had two similar patterns recently:

1. Operation Blindstorm

2. "What's the name of the song in (insert episode/act # part #)?"

Now, granted, I will admit Operation Blindstorm has no official board as of yet, (Although I have talked with Adam, he is going to make it.) I can understand that people are confused about where they can talk about Blindstorm. Some have been discussing it in the movie board, and some have been discussing in the fan discussion. I can understand the confusion about where to talk about it. However, the fact that I've seen the fan discussion board filling up with Multiple topics on the same subject, and with the same topic title, right next to each other, is un-excusable. If we knew a tad more about Operation Blindstorm, and could have different discussions concerning different topics about Blindstorm, I would be ok with multiple topics that had to do with Blindstorm. But when I see topics right next to each other, talking about the same thing, with the exact same title, being made over and over again, that doesn't make me happy. It's spam, and it pushes other topics that have different discussions down, preventing more people from seeing it, and discussing in them. This is Forum 101 stuff everyone, don't make topics about the same thing. If this keeps up, I will be bringing this up with Adam...

Now, let me address the problem I've seen in the movie board. I'm now starting to see topics devoted to what the title of certain songs are. Now I'll cut these people some slack (unless your in the fan discussion board, I'll explain in one second.) because they might not have gone to fan discussion. But we do indeed have a thread created by adam called "Fan Project: Soundtrack" where we try to figure out which songs are in the episodes. Granted, it hasn't been getting updated as often, but I do believe that we need to try to correct this. Please, if you have a question about songs, go there. I'll place a link below:

Now that I've officially pointed this out, if any other threads are created about specific songs, they will be considered spam. If I see these threads being made again, I will be talking to Adam about this as well.

Ok, that's all I have to say. Operation Blindstorm will eventually have it's own sub forum. In the meantime, post in the official thread on the movie board.


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