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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:58 pm 
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Dezeren wakes up after hsi nap. He hops down to ground level, when something bumps into him.

Dezeren: Eh?

He turns, only to see a black gorse sitting there.

Dezeren: Go! Shoo!

The horse stays there, and neighs.

Dezeren: I said shoo!

The horse bumps him again.

Dezeren: You kno-

It hit him right there...

Dezeren: Ho-
Horse: Neigh.
Dezeren: Are you my-
Horse: MMpphh.
Dezeren: How did you get all the way over here?
Horse: Ne-e-eigh.
Dezeren: So some merchants took you after I left, and tried to slaughter you?
Horse: Ne-e-e-e-e-eigh.
Dezeren: And you escaped?

Horse nods his head.

Dezeren: So, how about we try to learn to fight as one?

The Horse nods. Dezeren mounts him without a saddle, and he practices a bit with swordplay, but no archery.

Dezeren: We rock!

Horse Neighs.

Dezeren: So god to see you again Hadar.

Hadar neighs.

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:15 pm 
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Alf stands at the side of the boat. Soaked by the storm that they have been going through, he is deeply hurt by the way he reacted to Aurelius before he even got to know his full story.


Alf: Don't think you're the only one who's got it rough!


Alf: What was I thinking?!

Ashen: Alf what's wrong?

Alf: *sigh* Nothing..

Ashen: Don't lie to me! Tell me what's wrong!

Alf feels the tears coming down his cheeks

Alf: Just the way I reacted to Aurelius before I got to know his full story behind love. I could see everything happening in his eyes as he told the story.. I'm sure all of us could...

Alf stares deeply into the horizon and he is too blind from the shock of what he saw in Aurelius' eyes to notice anything ahead of him.

Alf: Aurelius... I'm sorry...



 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:30 pm 
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Fravir didn't know what to say now...after his attempt to help Aurelius of the wodden floor of the deck was brushed aside, he sat down on the boat and place his hands in his lap. With a sigh he began to ponder the events that had taken place recently...his hand was quick to move from his lap to his shoulder in defense when something brushed it.

Saratonia: it's only me...

fravir looked up at the beautiful etheral princess and sighed

Fravir: Milady...i'm sorry...

Saratonia sat down, although she wasn't really sitting, seeing as how she was not of the material realm

Saratonia: for what?

Fravir: i promised you such a long time ago that i would find who seperated your spirit from your body and get you back to the way you were...and as of this moment i have found nothing to the gain of my goal...

Saratonia: have done more than enough for me already...if you were to throw the blade i dwell in in the ocean right now i wouldn't mind: i have already found happiness in you. Being with you, travelling with you, fighting with you, it has all made me realise just how...

Fravir: Fighting with me?

Saratonia: whenever you use the Masamune in battle, i am there right beside you

Fravir: i see...milady...

Saratonia: Fravir you have put your trust in me...agreed to give me the moon...and yet you still do not call me by my name? You were the one i told my name to...i don't mind if you call me by it

Fravir: thank you milady

Saratonia looked pleadingly into Fravir's eyes

Fravir: thank you...saratonia...

Saratonia smiled and embraced him. though he could not feel her touch, he felt energetic in his spirit and light in his heart. but after she vanished the old man's words and story struck him the rain poured on and around him the thoughts were haunting him: Would she leave once he had fulfilled, IF he fulfilled, this quest? And so the knight sat asking himself such questions.

Apathy is the enemy of Creativity

 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:43 pm 
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Gerosin slung himself over the railing at the front of the boat, eager to land at the drath continent, but his interest subsided with the dark clouds that tormented the mid-day with its depression. The boat, strong and swift sliced the water as it made haste towards the danger that was visible over the drath continent.

The guardian rampaged the drath continent, killing probably as Gerosin thought about the second encounter. His hand wrapped near his sheathe by his hip, but the handle couldn't be found. Gerosin now looked at his empty sheathe wondering where the sword Raphores handed him had gone. He then recalled his experience in the Divine Dragon prison, as much as the cruelty haunted him, and remembered the guards confiscating his sword from his unconsious body, and it had vanished in the mess and destruction the mass murderer had caused...

Gerosin: (Thinks) Yes...The Dragonslayer...That monster who knows no limits. Another Krotosen it appears. When the defenseless women and children beg on their knees, their faces buried and unrecognizable with blood and tears, the Dragonslayer leaves no trace of life in his heartless ambitions...

Rage swelled in Gerosin, he prepared to breathe flames, but then the stone shrouded in mystery glowed yet again, and recalling his previous time with the stone, he settled down. That time with the golden stone, another priceless memory turned crimson by the evils that seemed to spy on Gerosin's every movement. Their voices burned in Gerosin's memory, unable to be forgotten.

Gerosin had had enough rage in his mind for this one moment. Then again, with a setting such as this, what good could one think? Nevertheless, Gerosin climbed to the highest point on the boat, bringing him to the lookout station. He faced where they had set sail, the port no longer visible. And then his eyes wandered to the drath continent, gray with sorrow. The Guardian, Shrow'd, and a grand storm that intimidated grown men, all awaited the heroes in a mocking tone. But above all, ...the Dragonslayer.

The rage returned, without the faint glow of the stone.

Gerosin: (Thinks) What is this returning to me?! I thought i beridded myself of his presense when I inhaled the second potion what seems so distant in the past. I thought I erased him, but I cant shake him. ...Darren... You're still there aren't you? After those 14 or so years of being your puppet, the master graces his invention with the gift of his emotion. I feel it...The Dragonslayer's ashes will kiss the air in several directions and will me greeted forcefully by oblivion!


 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:08 pm 
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Calburg: Tale brings sadness to my eyes.

Korgen: Don't go swinging your hammer thinking that's a problem.

Calburg: Problem stick can't fix love.

Korgen: I wonder about my future love, I can sense it not just from Alf and Ashen alone.

Aiesha: We have to still stick together.

Korgen then gets an itchy twitch.

Korgen: Y-ya...

Korgen faces away from everyone and begins writing in his "The Key" Book.

Aiesha: What you got there?

Korgen slams the book in surprise.

Korgen: N-nothing.

Aiesha puts her hands on her waist with an eyebrow raised.

Aiesha: Nothing?

Korgen: Well, it's something, but not to be addressed yet.

Aiesha rolls her eyes and goes to chat with Razorok and Calburg. Geldon was speaking to Grace about a few things. Korgen then begins to write the exact words of Aurelius and his thoughts. Finished he then went to chat further.

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:24 pm 
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Ether had, had several days to ponder over the position that he was in. just a few days prior he had been a human man, but now he was no more than something in which was not even supposed to be. He was now a nothing, something that had been cursed by just existing. At first he didn’t know how to actually take it. But with the help of hamari and hath, he was able to get over the pain in his heart. For ether things settled down. Even though he now knew this horrible truth about himself. Now that ether was able to cope with this new secret things became easier for him. Things that he had never tried before he tried. Now that he knew it was not human blood running through him. And he tended to cope with the pain and new curiosity by competing with the drath. They easily bested him with all that they had. But for a drath it was still a hard fight. It seemed as though ether was growing stronger and stronger with each opponent that he fought.

Hath: ether I think you have had enough.

Ether: no, just starting to hurt… so this means I still have plenty of fight in me.

TigerDrath: for young one, you fight strong like us tigers.

Hamari: that is because he has tiger blood in him.

Ether: my mother was tiger?

Hamari: yes it is true.

TigerDrath: no wonder you fight so strong like me. What mother name?

Ether: I’m not sure… she died when I was young.

TigerDrath: serves her right. Mating with human.

The tiger drath looks over at ether whose cheerful smile had faded to a glare of revenge. The drath realized what he had done by mentioning ethers mother. But no fear was on his face. Instead his face showed a glare of I am sorry but what are you to do about it, look. The rage inside ether was beginning to burn like he had never felt it before. A sudden burst of energy hit ether. And without a second thought more ether charged at the drath knocking him to his back. The tiger looked around not sure of what had just happened. But one look at ether standing right above him and he quickly got the idea.

TigerDrath: you no should done that.

The tiger sprang to its feet so quickly that even ether, who had started to grow adapted to the drath looked back in amazement. But ether did not move to get away he stood his ground ready for anything.

TigerDrath: I say you got courage. But courage bad for parentless boy.

The tiger man sprang for ether and both went pummeling to the ground. Ether kicked the tiger off of him. Both sprang to their feet once again.

TigerDrath: you are much stronger than I first intended…

The drath lowered his head, changing into a tiger making him able to use his full strength and abilities.

TigerDrath: so I’ll have to dispose of you…

hamari: Ether no! You can’t continue. He will kill you!

Ether: quiet hath! I know what must be done. And I know the consequences.

The tiger sprang at ether with claws at full extension. Ether who had not had a sword anywhere near him was in a bad position. Without an once of thought ether dropped to his back sending the tiger flying straight over him. Ether sprang to his own feet and grappled onto the tigers back and away from the teeth and claws. The hold that ether had on the tigers neck could only be compared to a tiger holding onto its prey. But in this very instance the tiger was the prey. The tiger was flailing all around to try and somehow rip his teeth into ether. But could find no such way to. With each movement of the tiger ethers grip became tighter and tighter. The drath’s movements began to slow as its breathing became fainter. And with one final strengthening of his arms ether flung himself to the side and the tiger came along with him. Both wrestled around on the hard ground. With the tiger out of energy and lack of breathing ether was easily able to hold his own. The tiger lay restless. Ether let go of the tiger.

Ether: you have had enough.

Ether walked away from the tiger as it slowly started to regain its breath and return to normal. When in the distance ether saw a figure coming straight at him.

Hath: ether! There is a boat approaching the shore. Supposedly of humans.

Ether: why would that be important to me?

Hath: some of the charecters on the ship fit the descriptions for the people you always talk about.

Ether: they are here? Hath quickly run to the house and grab my armor and ebony. We must go greet them.

Before ether could say anything else the drath had began running toward the house to get the things ether wanted.

Ether: hamari I am so sorry to quickly run like this but my comrades are almost to the shore… they do not know much of the drath so I must go to guide them from the city.

Hamari: of course… but me and my son shall go with you.

Ether: no you two have done so much for me.

Hamari: no… we must go… I see storm clouds out at sea. They may be in some danger. And drath are not ones to welcome humans onto our land as guests. As you have found out.

Ether: you are right. And thank you for coming to help.

Hath arrives with both ebony and the armor of the drath. Ether quickly puts on the armor. And it changes into a tiger like shape. This was the first time he had worn it sense the day he first arrived on the drath country. He was still so surprised of the armors light weight. Ether got on ebony and the company rode off towards the city.

The city came into view after a long ride through the desert sands. Unlike the last time ether had taken this trip he did not get off of ebony he instead kept riding straight through the city and towards the ship ports. Many drath stared as the group went through the city. But ether did not care. He was to happy to see his old comrades again. Ebony stepped onto the docks just as ether could begin to pick out the different faces of the group he had traveled with. It was them alright. They were really there…

 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:45 pm 
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Ashen rests her head upon Alf's shoulder hoping to calm him down. The wind from the storm is blowing his hair in front of his eyes, Water drips from his hair as well. He then turns around and examines others. Fravir sitting on the boat thinking of the words that he has heard form Aurelius. Gerosin, looking as if he were ready to destroy what caused his pain.. He took a look at Ashen and could see all the pain that he, himself, was feeling. She was also feeling the faint sadness of the possibility of the two of them not making it through all these tough times ahead of them. Ashen looked deep into his eyes, and saw his memories, his love, his hate, his compassion, and his soul. Alf could feel his heart beating more rapidly as each second went by. Ashen turns her head for one moment and notices land on the horizon.

Ashen: Alf..

Alf slowly turns his head and notices the land as well.

Alf: Is that it?

Fravir had overheard Alf's question and looked as well. He quickly exclaimed to them both.

Fravir: that's the place.

Alf: Captain Fravir, Do we land?

Fravir had examined everyone on the boat. He then quickly turned his head back towards Alf and Ashen. And without a moment to spare, he quickly answered to them.

Fravir: Yes. EVERYONE! Prepare to land!

Gerosin had immediately gotten to his feet and he heavily eye-balled the land they were heading for.

Alf: what do we have to die for?

Fravir: Plenty! We not only have each other, We also have the loved ones that we are doing this for. What brought us all on this quest to begin with? Think about that! All of you!! This is no time to be weak or mislead!

Alf: The fall of my family and my home-town.

Ashen: The kidnapping of my daughter.

Brendan: My father not respecting his own son.

Gerosin: The influence of Darren..

Fravir: We all have something to fight for! We all have our own techniques that makes us strong individually, but together, we are a force that should not be reckoned with. The Drath are not the nicest people you will find, so stay on your toes! Keep a wide-eye out! And if by any chance we do get split up for any reason, Keep in touch with each other! Heart to Heart does wonders!!

Alf grabs a hold of The Nevtelluma, Ashen Grabs a hold of the ShiningStar, Fravir, The Masamune, Brendan, The Areoblade and so on. Everyone prepares for the worst as they approach the dark clouded area. As the boat reaches the land, Alf stops and asks.

Alf: But what of Aurelius?

Fravir: Let him be. We won't bother him. Let him decide whether he wants to help us or not.

With that being said, They all one by one get out of the boat. The wind blowing through them. All of them stood ready for what they were about to face... An Essence of Chaos...



 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:49 pm 
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(And now my friends... the conclusion of chapter 4... we will be moving on to chapter 5 shortly... please wait for the official thread to be made...)

Ether watched as his allies slowly came off the boat. He smiled and greeted them. Hath and Hamari waited behind him.

Ether: My friends... it is good to see you again.

Alf: It is good to see you again as well.

Fravir nodded.

Fravir: My friend, I am happy to see you again, but we don't have much time to talk. The guardian is approaching quickly, and a serious threat will soon team up with him if we don't act quickly.

Ether: The guardian is on it's way here?

Fravir nodded. Ashen, standing next to Alf looked behind Ether at Hath and Hamari

Ashen: Ether, who are your companions?

Ether looked back towards them.

Ether: They are good friends of mine. They have done so much for me, and have kept me safe. They can be trusted.

Fravir nodded.

Fravir: We must warn you, the threat attempting to team up with the guardian is powerful.

Hath shook his head.

Hath: No, you need our help. We need to lead you around the city. The drath won't be friendly to your kind, and we need to avoid any un-necessary conflict during this upcoming crisis.

Alf: I agree.

Ether got onto ebony and looked at his allies. Above them, the storm clouds began to thunder even louder.

Ether: Come then, we must act quickly. We must head towards the plains in front of the city.

The group began their journey from the docks towards the plains, carefully avoiding coming into contact with the drath. After a long journey, they eventually made it to the plains. Miles behind them was the city and the dock where their boat was, along with their druid companion.

Ashen: Will Aurelius be alright?
Fravir: We must give him time to be alone to make up his mind.

Suddenly, a massive roar echoed across the land. The ground shook violently as the group tried to keep their balance.

Alf: It's here...
Fravir: Brace yourself my friends... the guardian has arrived.

The guardian began to walk into the plains. It roared loudly as it began to head towards the drath city. However, it was on the other side of the plains, and it would pass by the heroes without any resistance if the heroes didn't move to the other side quickly. Any drath outside the city quickly started to vanish, realizing the threat that was quickly approaching.

Gerosin: The mighty guardian... it is going to destroy the city.
Hath: Oh no...
Ether: We must not allow this to happen! Quickly! Move!

The group began to run towards the guardian, as everyone raised their weapons. They moved across the plains as fast as they could.

Alf: We must hurry... who knows how long until Shrow'd figures out the guardian is here...

Suddenly, a massive screech was heard, causing everyone to stop. The guardian, which had been marching towards the city, also stopped in its tracks at the sound of the mighty screech. Out of the sky, a giant purple fire pillar came down in between the heroes and the guardian, causing the heroes to back up.

Ashen: NO! IT CAN'T BE!
Alf: OH NO...
Fravir: Impossible... there's no way he could have beaten us here...

Suddenly, the sky began to release ashes, which slowly fell down towards the lands. The drath city and the plains were slowly being covered in ashes. Suddenly, a large figure could be seen coming down from the clouds. A large, dark purple, flaming phoenix came down from the sky and landed on the flaming pillar. Shrow'd had beaten the heroes to the guardian, and was ready for them.

The phoenix though, didn't direct it's attention at the heroes at first though. It turned toward the guardian as it's eyes widened. The two beasts looked at each other, as if they were communicating with each other. The phoenix looked toward the city, and raised it's wing slightly toward it. The guardian made a slow growl, understanding what the phoenix meant. The phoenix bowed and then pointed it's wing towards the heroes, but didn't turn it's face towards them. The guardian made a loud growl and showed its teeth, indicating it's rage towards the heroes who tried to slay him long ago. The phoenix bowed again, indicating it would deal with the threat. The two growled and screeched loudly in a specific tone, indicating they were working together, and would begin the mass genocide. The guardian began it's march towards the city, as the phoenix raised a wing, causing a giant flame wall to appear on both sides of the flame pillar, blocking off the heroes from attacking the guardian. The phoenix turned around and gave it's attention to the heroes...

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 4: A Path Diverged
PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:35 am 
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The phoenix form slowly began to disolve and turn into a figure with a dark cloak. Shrow'd had returned to his human form. Ashes began to fall from the sky and fall past Shrow'd. The plains were starting to turn gray, and the city was slowly becoming covered in ash.

Though Shrow'd's cloak covered most of his face, you could see an evil grin slowly appear. He looked down at the large group of heroes.

Shrow'd: Well, well, well. At long last, you've all come. I've waited for this day for a long, long time. When I first approached that pathetic town, I wondered how long until you all came to face me... and here you are...

The heroes all stayed close, with their weapons at their side.

Alf: That's him... that's Shrow'd...
Brendan: We must try to convince him to join us. He isn't pure evil... I know he isn't.

Grace was curious as to who this threat was, for she hadn't been with the group during their discussion.

Grace: Who... who is this man?

Brendan quickly told Grace everything he knew about Shrow'd, and all of his struggles.

Fravir: Regardless... we must defeat this man if we are going to get to the guardian...

Gerosin's eyes suddenly widened.

Gerosin: Fravir... is this... is this the dragon slayer?

Shrow'd smiled as he heard this.

Shrow'd: So... you're an admirer of my work.

Gerosin glared at him, enraged with anger.

Gerosin: You.... how could you! You slayed Women and Children without even a hint of remorse...
Shrow'd: You say this as if it is abnormal for me. I've done this many times before, by now it isn't even big news.
Gerosin: How could you say something like that... you're a monster, dragonslayer!
Fravir: Gerosin... calm down... he wants you to be enraged...

Shrow'd chuckled.

Shrow'd: You ask me how I can handle slaughtering women, and especially children, without a hint of remorse... let me ask you a question... why should I have remorse?
Brendan: Because they haven't caused you harm Shrow'd... there are good people in this world... good people like us who can help you... who can care about you...
Shrow'd: Good people? Good people! You fools...

Shrow'd shook his head.

Shrow'd: You believe in friendship... love... family... you believe it to be the ultimate good.

The ashes began to fall slower, coming close to Shrow'd's hood, but not touching it.

Shrow'd: But you don't get it do you? These are all the roots of savagery. When you rip a life form of the thing is cares most for... it's lover... it's greatest friend... it's family... it doesn't matter how nice you are... you will turn savage, and your soul will turn dark. You will be willing to kill even the most innocent being to get vengeance for your pain. You will always have a need to kill... This is why society must suffer... because they are not as good as they say they are. We are all evil, but we hide behind the notion that we are good to make ourselves feel better... feel pure.

Shrow'd glared at the heroes.

Shrow'd: But fear and rage will turn your into something different every time. You watch... when I'm done with you all, your friendship won't matter. Your love won't matter. Either you'll be enraged to the point where you'll become a savage... or you'll be in so much fear that you'll abandon all you care about to get yourself to safety... both of these things, I have done...

Shrow'd quickly glanced towards the guardian, slowly making it's approach towards the drath city.

Shrow'd: We've done...

Shrow'd looked back towards the heroes.

Shrow'd: And when you all lose yourselves... who will people...dragons... drath.... look towards for hope? No one... because the biggest symbols of good will have been corrupted... and when the people lose hope... they will resort to savagery... savagery or...

Shrow'd smiled again.

Shrow'd: Suicide. They'll either kill themselves, or wait for the guardian and myself to finish their pathetic lives.

Alf looked towards the dark figure, tired of listening to him.

Alf: You're wrong! It is the bonds of friendship, family and love that stop us from turning savage! I would be angry and alone if it wasn't for Ashen...

Alf took Ashen's hand gently as he said this.

Fravir: It's time for you to make a decision, Shrow'd... We outnumber you... surely you know this...

Shrow'd chuckled at this comment, but he knew it to be true. In his human form, he couldn't beat them alone... but he had a plan... but first, it was time to toy with them. He rose his hand, and below him, out of the pillar, came many purple flame wolves, flame knights in flaming purple armor, and 5 purple flame demons, the ones Brendan had fought before first meeting Shrow'd. Shrow'd slowly took out his dark ruby red sword and held it at his side. Brendan looked around at his companions. Other than Grace, everyone else looked determined to fight. Brendan sadly looked up at Shrow'd.

(No Music is needed for this part.)

Brendan: Make your decision Shrow'd... it's not too late...
Alf: You either repent now...
Ashen: and get forgiveness for your crimes...
Gerosin: Or you fight us...
Fravir: and see what the hearts of light can do to a man of your darkness.

The sky above them thundered. Everyone waited to hear Shrow'd's decision. The ashes quickly vanished as the rain began to come down hard. But because the army was purple flamed, they weren't affected by the water. The guardian continued it's long march towards the city, killing any life in it's path. Far off, the dark being that cursed Shrow'd awaited to hear his answer.

Shrow'd chuckled and raised his sword.

Shrow'd: I choose to begin the genocide I was destined to create...

And the mighty battle between the heroes of light and the beings of chaos began...



Super Smash Brothers 4 - October 3rd(3DS)/Holiday 2014(Wii U). Currently up to a 37 (39 if you count each Mii Fighter as a separate character) Character Roster. Already past Melee, 3 (1 again if you count each Mii separate) below Brawl.

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