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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:34 pm 
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Location: NethaLands
The sun started to shine, as Alex slowly woke up. Dylan was already perked up and ready to go. Dylan was an early morning man, and Alex was more of a late morning man. None of them were used to the sun shining on them as early as it did, but they slept well. The two walk into the town, and are greeted by nobody. They just head to the pokemart and bought some supplies. Once they were set, they set out. The trail was still sleepy, so they managed to walk through without much trouble until a Pidgey attack Alex.

Alex: Go Mareep!

The sheep-like pokemon comes out of the pokeball, as Dylan uses his pokedex on it.

Mareep, the sheep like pokemon.
Its fleece grows continually. In the summer, the fleece is fully shed, but it grows back in a week.

Dylan then did the same to the Pidgey.

Pidgey, the bird-like pokemon.
Common in grassy areas and forests, it is very docile and will chase off enemies by flapping up sand.

Alex: Really dude?
Dylan: Yea...

Alex: Mareep, use thundershock!

Mareep lets out some lightning, and nearly KO's the pidgey. It tackles Mareep.

Alex: Hey Dylan!
Dylan: What?
Alex: Catch it quick!
Dylan: Me?

Pidgey tackles Mareep again.

Alex: Just hurry!

Dylan gets out a pokeball, and throws it at Pidgey, and catches it.

Dylan:Here ya go.

Dyan tries to give the pokeball to Alex, but he denies it.

Alex: I already got one. It's yours.
Dylan: But I did nothing to catch it.
Alex: Just take it.

Dylan keeps a hold of it, and the two keep moving on.

Image Thank you ML

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:24 pm 
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Joined: Mon May 03, 2010 8:16 pm
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Location: In the place we like to call "nowhere"
Flame landed a couple of miles away and as Diana got off he lay on his side and began to snore. Diana watched as her other pokemon continued to circle overhead, but she decided not to push Charizard any further. She gazed out into the harbor and watched as some ships slowly sailed by.

As she was watching a medium sized ferry carrying passangers (much like the one she was originally going to board but missed) arrived in the harbor with a loud blast of its horn. This aroused Flame and waking up he glanced around and seeing the cause of his alarm sent out a puff of smoke.

"Looks like some new people have come into the harbor." said Diana stating the obvious as usual. Flame seemed a little grumpy upset that his nap had been interrupted by something so trivial. Diana just smiled and pulling out her pokeballs called back her other pokemon.

"Come on Flame lets go check it out! Maybe theres someone on board that can help us around here." Diana had forgotten to ask Emilee before they parted ways where she was staying and she had rushed out of the pokecenter that morning without even thinking to ask for directions.

Flame let out another puff of smoke but followed Diana obediantly as she walked over to the boat. Diana gazed at the bulky looking sailors as they lowered the plank for people to walk down.

The people who walked off all seemed to be either tourists or sailors and she guessed that the majority of them werent going to be willing to give their time of day to a lost pokemon trainer. In fact most of them seemed to avoid her. It just seemed hopeless.

Meanwhile on deck:
Officer: So we got all the supplies unloaded?
Sailor: Just a few more things to unload and then we will be ready to ship off again sir! *suddenly turns seeing someone left on deck* Hey you!
Nestor: *turns around and points at self* who me?
Sailor: No I mean the aron behind you! OF COURSE I MEAN YOU!
Nestor: Oh...what is it?
Sailor: Didnt you come here with the crew from Cerise? You should get off now. Were about to ship off back to Cerise island.
Nestor: OH! *quickly grabs his bag and shuffles off the ship his aron following him* Phew that was a close one...*glances around* well we are here aron!
Aron: AR!
Nestor: Hmm wonder where we go now?
Sailor: KID!
Nestor: *turns around* What? *notices a sailor running towards him* ...did I forget something?
Sailor: *out of breathe catches up to Nestor* Hey kid. Sorry to bother you but I forgot to give you something. *pulls out a large folded sheet of paper*
Nestor: *takes it* Whats this? *unfolds it eyes widen*
Aron: *attempts to see what Nestor is looking at but fails and sits and begins to take a nap next to Nestor*
Nestor: Its a map! But wait where did this come from...its not mine.
Sailor: *stands up tall and shrugs* Im not sure some lady on the island came up to me just before the ship set sail and told me to look out for a kid with an Aron and to give him this. But I have to go now! You take care kid and have fun training that pokemon of yours!*begins to run back in direction of the ship*
Nestor: *glances at the map and smiles noticing a small note from his mother scrawled in the corner turns and waves to sailor* THANKS! *glances down at Aron who is sleeping patiently by his foot* Come on Aron looks like were not going to be lost afterall now that we have our map!
Aron: *sleepily* Aron!
Just then a girl who appears to be in her early thirties appears out of nowhere and stands looking down at Aron.
Diana: Oh look Flame its an Aron!
Charizard: *looks down at aron for a second before turning away*
Diana: *sighs* you dont have to be like that...*pulls out pokeball* Flame return!
*charizard goes back into its pokeball and Diana quickly replaces it on her belt before leaning down and picking up the unsuspecting aron*
Diana: What an interesting pokemon! I have never seen a wild Aron this far from the cave
Nestor: *steps up to her* Excuse me...thats MY pokemon your holding!
Diana: *blinks* it is...oh Im sorry! *puts Aron back down* my mistake I was just surprised to...I mean... uh hi my names Diana whats yours?
Nestor: *pauses and stares at Diana for a moment looking her up and down. He notices her poke belt and realizes she must be a trainer as well* Are you from around here? *leans down and picks up Aron who is rather confused*
Diana: *blinks again and takes a minute to think before answering* umm no actually I come from an area...pretty far from here. This is my first time in what was the name of this town again?
Nestor: *pulls out the map he just got* Azure town the port of the blue waters.
Diana: *glances at map* well thats a useful item...hey do you think you can point me in the direction of where I can get one of those?
Nestor: *shakes head* Im sorry I just got here myself and this map was a gift from my mom.
Aron: *begins to squirm in Nestors arms* AR!
Diana: Oh he looks hungry!
Nestor: *shakes head* no hes just tired. Its been quite the ride over here. Still what are you doing here anyway?
Diana: Well I uh...Im not really sure actually. Im kinda just exploring. Im an explorer see. Ive traveled from my area to here in order to see what new kinds of places and pokemon I can discover.
Nestor: So you arent a pokemon trainer?
Diana: Well...hmm tell you what kid why dont we discuss this over lunch. Ill tell you a little bit about who I am and we can swap stories okay?
Nestor: Well Im not really...*stomach growls* Okay why not! Lead on Miss Diana!
Diana: Youre the one with the map...
Nestor: Oh yeah.

Thank you Gavin! :3

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:22 pm 
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Location: Macon, GA (Jonquil Forest)

Brandon and his Pokemon entered the forest...The forest appeared to be dense and almost maze like in a sense.

Brandon: Hopefully we won't get lost or wander onto the wrong path. There might be a few trainers also lurking about most likely...

Fire hopped onto Brandon's back, Wise Owl perched onto Brandon's shoulder, and Fox sat atop his head as so they won't get separated from their trainer. Brandon continued to find his way through the forest, when suddenly, someone approached Brandon.

???: Halt! What business do you have in our forest?

Brandon: I am a novice trainer trying to make it to the next town. Do you know the way to the next town?

???: If you wish to know, then we must battle each other first. If you lose, you will have to leave until your ready to try again. That is the poison ninja way...

Brandon: So your a ninja...I didn't know there were any ninjas lurking about in the forest.

Poison Ninja: Of course! This is our territory, you can't come walking in uninvited. Let's begin the battle!

However, right before the two trainers could begin their battle, an explosion was heard somewhere deep within the forest.

Poison Ninja: What's happening? I better go check it out. You can come along too since it could be serious.

Brandon: Ok.. (Darren attacks!)

The entire clan of ninjas rushed to the scene of the explosion. The ninjas soon found out who caused that explosion. A Blaziken had just used a powerful fire type attack on some of the trees and began a dangerous forest fire.

Ninja Leader: What do you think your doing to our forest?

???: Following my leaders orders. I suggest you all evacuate while you can, or you'll end up burning to a crisp!

The man who had just said that was a man in his mid 50's and had short gray hair, red eyes, a flame designed long sleeved shirt, and khaki pants. The Blaziken appeared to be the Pokemon he was commanding to set the forest on fire.

The Ninjas unleashed all of their Pokemon. However, to their utmost surprise, their Pokemon were all easily beaten by the man's Blaziken.

Ninja: Who are you?

Darren: My name is Darren. I'm am the third thief, The Thief of Raging Flames! Your pokemon are all pathetic. You should train them more if even think you can stand a chance against any of us! Farewell for now...

Darren quickly evacuated the forest. Soon, Brandon and the Ninja found out what was happening.

Poison Ninja: We need to evacuate quickly! The fire is spreading too quickly and if we don't get out soon, we could risk getting killed!

Brandon: Right, I'll go back to Zaffree City as fast as I can and report this to the fire department.

Poison: Good! Please make haste!

Brandon quickly began to run as fast as he could, however, just as he was about to exit the burning forest. A woman suddenly jumped in front of him blocking his path.

???: Hello. Where do you think your going off to in such a hurry?

Brandon: I don't have any time to explain. We need to get out quickly!

???: I can't allow you to go any further. I sense a mysterious energy coming from your bag. Come with me, our leader wishes to see you.

Brandon: I'm sorry, I can't let you do that. I have to report the situation to the Zaffree City emergency department immediately!

Sara: I am Sara! The second thief of the night! The Theif of Flowing Leaves! I must take you to our leader, it is my mission.

Brandon: *Thinks* Looks like I don't have a choice. I'm going to have to battle her quickly so I can get out of here!

Brandon: Fire! Looks like were going to have to battle quickly!

Sara: So you wish to challenge me for your freedom. Fine...I guess that's a proper way to settle this. ... re=related (Vs Sara)

Fire suddenly surrounded the two as soon as the battle began. Their time was short...

Sara: Go! Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur Lv 12
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Leech Seed
Item Held: Sitrus Berry

Brandon: Let's defeat her quickly Fire!

Fire (Cyndaquil) LV 15 Male
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember
Item Held: None
Nature: Outgoing

Fire felt somewhat energized by the Fire surrounding them...

Sara: We don't have to battle you know. Come with me and we won't have to risk our lives in this Fire.

Brandon: I don't know why your doing this...but I need to get to Zaffree City. Fire! Use ember!

The battle begins!

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

Visit my youtube channel:


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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:08 pm 
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A spiky black haired 6 foot tall guy steps on the stage. He wears a wrapped robe like shirt around his torso and black pants with black shoes. He has dark brown eyes with thin eyebrows. Ateren then steps onto the stage.

Announcer: Begin!

(Charizard: Fire blast, Ariel Ace, Mega punch, Hyper beam. Nidorino: Tackle, Poison Sting, Bite, Double Kick.) (Battle against Gym's 1-4)

Vahnem: Go Grimer!

Ateren: Go Nidorino!

A sludge like monster like before and Nidorino jump out of their pokeballs.

Vahnem: Use sludge!

Grimer spews out a purple substance known as sludge heading toward Nidorino.

Ateren: Maneuver 17!

Nidorino had to think for a moment as he wasn't quite used to the maneuvers. While thinking he was hit directly with the sludge attack.

Ateren: Bah...

Vahnem: Hahaha. what pokemon stands still?

Ateren: Alright ignore that and attack it with a good double kick.

Nidorino ran up and flips and quickly pounds Grimer on the head twice with its feet. After doing so it flips off Grimer and behind it.

Vahnem: Turn around and use Toxic.

Grimer rotates on the spot spewing a toxic liquid around like a sprinkler.

Ateren: Maneuver 11!

Nidorino dives under the liquid and slides feet first below Grimer's chin with a speedy double kick. This weakens Grimer greatly.

Vahnem: Hrmp. Impressive. Grimer use another sludge attack!

Grimer slowly obeys after a shock like that its actions is a bit slowed. This left perfect opening for one last attack.

Ateren: Tackle it!

Nidorino swerves to the left and rams into it before it spat any out. Grimer then falls with a thud.

Announcer: Grimer is unable to battle, Nidorino wins!

Ateren jumps for joy.

Vahnem: Really Impressive... Go Seviper!

A large snake slithers out and eyes Nidorino collectively.

Ateren: Give it a good kick!

Vahnem: Seviper, you know what to do... Constrict!

At almost the speed of light Seviper dodges and wraps Nidorino tight with its body.

Ateren: What? no! Nidorino use Maneuver 20!

Nidorino then bites hard into Seviper. This loosens it as Nidorino spins causing Seviper to spin around like a lasso and flies off into the wall.

Ateren: Now finish it!

Nidorino chases at high speed dealing a double kick to the head knocking it out.

Announcer: Seviper is unable to battle. Trainer Ateren wins! (Stop music!)

Ateren jumps for joy.

Vahnem: Impressive, you have trained your pokemon very well... Here is your Toxic Badge!

Ateren was given a purple diamond like badge. He then puts it in his badge case and holds his enthusiasm.

Vahnem: You are no beginner are you?

Ateren: Nope fighting to be the best Ace Trainer in the world!

Vahnem: I hope you earn that goa-...

A girl in the same outfit as Vahnem then runs up to Vahnem.

Stranger: Vahnem! there is smoke coming from the forest! scouts has reported that our fellow Ninja friends are battling a huge forest fire!

Vahnem: What!... I can't go out since I'm the gym leader, get my brother Sievon. He might be able to help put out the fires.

Stranger bows then leaves.

Vahnem: You are welcome to do as you wish, you train your pokemon with hear, therefore I trust you to achieve your goal.

Ateren: Thank you! that means a lot.

Vahnem: Only one other seems to have that same set of mind.

Ateren: Who?

Vahnem: The one named Jet. You know of him?

Ateren grew wide eyed.

Ateren: Yes I do.

Vahnem: Well, then good luck.

Ateren bows and leaves the gym.

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:39 pm 
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A hungry crowd surrounded Nestor, Diana, and Aron as they ate their lunch. Diana chowed down on a delicious-looking cheeseburger while Nestor inhaled a pair of hot dogs. Aron ate out of a food bowl, both his food and himself seated on Nestor's chair, who sat opposite the ranger.

Diana: You start first. Where do you two come from?

Nestor: It all started yesterday when my friend motivated me to go on an adventure.

Nestor pondered this for a brief moment, it had been yesterday when Dagan's ship departed the familiar shores of Cerise, and only now did Nestor decide that Dagan was responsible for their current position.

Nestor: See, all the kids on Cerise Island can leave for an adventure with pokemon when they're twelve, but I stayed for three years. I thought mom would miss me dearly, but it turns out, she was fine with it all.

Diana: So you waited on the island for three years for nothing.

Nestor nodded.

Nestor: So, I took that boat before with the intention of collecting all the badges. Aron's going to help me out, right buddy?

Aron continued scarfing down his food relentlessly, but within his hunger he let out a minor "Ar."

Nestor: But, I have to get a pokedex first...

Nestor recalled Carol's wisdom. Prysm was still his first and foremost destination.

Nestor: So I have to go to Prysm Town before I can do any badge-hunting.

His story and purpose completed, Nestor returned his attention to his hot dog and awaited Diana's story to be revealed.


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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:05 pm 
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Location: Macon, GA ... re=related (VS Sara)

The forest fire began to spread farther as both Brandon and Sara began to battle one another.

Brandon: Fire! Use ember!

Fire shot small flames at Sara's Bulbasaur

Sara: Bulbasaur, dodge it and counter with tackle!

Sara's Bulbasaur launched it's vines onto a tree limb that had not yet been affected by the fire that surrouended them all and quickly swung towards Fire and landed a hit. The impact caused Fire to fly back a little onto his back, but he quickly recovered from the blow and readied himself again. The attack did some damage.

Sara: We can make this easy..just come with me and we won't have to risk our lives in this fire.

Brandon: I'm sorry, but this is an emergency and it needs to be reported immiediately. I'm not sure why you or the theif duo that I encountered earlier want my Ocarina so badly.

Sara: I am only doing this because our leader asked me to. The reason why he wants it is unbeknowest to me, but I must take you to our leader.

Brandon: I'm not letting you take my most cherished possesion...Fire, use smokescreen!

Sara: Bulbasaur quick! Use vine whip on it and trap it!

Brandon: Watch out Fire!

Fire tried to dodge the vines that Bulbasaur had launched out at him while trying to unleash smokescreen, however, Bulbasaur was too quick for him. Fire was now entraped in the vines.

Sara: Now then Bulbasaur..use your special technique!

Bulbasaur then began to toss Fire onto the ground over and over again with great force causing great damage each blow he takes.

Brandon: *Thinks* I better think of something quickly...I know! Grass is weak against fire attacks and Sara's Bulbasaur happens to be using it's vines all around Fires body. If Fire uses the flames on it's back to burn it's vines, that should defeat Bulbasaur!

Brandon: Fire! Activate your flames!

Fire: Cynda...

Fire activates the flames on his back and causes Bulbasaurs vines to catch on fire. The fire quickly made impact with Bulbasaur and landed a 1-hit KO to it.

Sara: *Returns Bulbasaur* It's not over yet...I still have two more.

Brandon gave Fire a potion and healed it completly.

Brandon: Your doing well Fire...but we need to finish this battle as quickly as possible. The fire is starting to get closer as we speak.

FIre: Cyndaquil!

Fire understood the situation and rushed back into battle.

Sara: Go butterfree!

Butterfree Lv 15
Moves: Confusion, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Wing Attack
Item Held: Focus Band

Brandon: Fire! Use Smokescreen!

Sara: Quick! Use Wing Attack!

Fire attempted to use smokescreen, but Butterfree began to swoop down at him with full force.

Brandon: Fire! Change it to ember!

Fire unleashed a small firey attack at Butterfree.

Sara: Dodge it and counter with sleep powder!

Butterfree quickly dodged the flames and shot sleep powder at Fire and made a direct hit.

Fire fell asleep..

Brandon: Darn...

Sara: Use confusion!

Butterfree used confusion on fire and used it's psychic power to throw fire straight into the fire that surrounded them.

Brandon: No!

Fire landed into the flames and was quickly awakened by the burning of the flames, however, it didn't seem to hurt him, but rather power his fire attacks up.

Brandon: Fire! Use ember and aim well!

Sara: Dodge it and use poison powder!

Though Butterfree attemted to dodge, Fire aimed well enough to land a hit right into Butterfrees weak spot and land a super effective blow to it. Butterfree fainted...

Fire leveled up! LV 16

Sara: It's still not quite over yet..Your lucky you have managed to defeat 2 of my Pokemon, however, this is where it usually ends for those who I have faced in the past. This is my strongest pokemon out of the two, and people usually can't even beat my bulbasaur. Now then...Go Bayleaf!

Bayleaf LV 18
Moves: Razor Leaf, Poison Powder, Reflect, Solar Beam
Item Held: Miracle Seed

Brandon: Even if its your strongest Pokemon...we shall never give up.

Sara: Your awfully courageous for someone who is on the verge of death...

The flames began to creep closer to Sara, Brandon, and their Pokemon.

Sara: Bayleaf! Use Razor leaf!

Bayleaf shot very sharp leaves at Fire at high speeds..

Brandon: Fire! Counter with Ember!

Fire shot small flames at the leaves and burned them before they could make impact.

Sara: That was quite impressive..

Brandon: Fire! Use leer!

Fire used Leer and lowered Bayleafs defense slightly.

Sara: Use Reflect!

Brandon: Use Ember!

Bayleaf activated a wall of Pyschic energy and Fire shot small flames at Bayleaf, the attack managed to hit a super effective blow since reflect only defends against physical attacks.

Sara: Oh...I forgot..Reflect only defends against physical attacks.

Bayleaf was severly damaged.

Sara: Looks like I'm the one who is about to be finished with..Bayleaf! Use Solar Beam!

Bayleaf began to charge using the sunlight coming from outside the forest, however, this gave Brandon time to land one more attack.

Brandon: Fire! Use ember one last time!

Sara: Dodge it!

Bayleaf dodged the attack and was ready to unleash Solar Beam.

Sara: Use the attack now!

Bayleaf launched Solar Beam and landed a powerful blow to Fire. Fire struggled to get back up onto his feet.

Brandon: Your almost finished with Bayleaf. Try to get up if you can!

Fire struggled, and amazingly got back onto his feet.

Brandon: Fire aim well and use ember for the last time!

Bayleaf was exhausted from the amount of energy it had used from Solar beam, and the flames were weakening it. Fire unleashed small flames at Bayleaf and landed a direct hit. Bayleaf fainted.

Sara: Return! .... (Victory against one of the 7 theifs)

Brandon: The battle is finally over...

Sara: You are truly brave to battle to the very end, despite the fact that we are surrounded by a fire. I suppose you earned your right to escape..this time. Until we meet again young trainer..

Sara left an item on the ground and jumped onto a limb that was not burning and jumped her way out of the forest.

Brandon picked up the item and it was the focus band her butterfree had.

Brandon: You did an excellent job Fire. *Uses a potion on Fire and heals him back to health* (Bad Situation)

Though Brandon and his Pokemon were safe, the fire began to get extremely close to them. The entrance to the forest was blocked by flames.

Brandon: Somehow, we have to get out of the forest and get back to Zaffree City.

The flames began to surround Brandon and fire and move quickly towards them. Brandon felt that it may be too late for them to escape. Brandon braced himself and could only hope that help arrives.

Fire suddenly began to glow was evolving.

Brandon: Fire...Your evolving...

The fire began to get close enough to burn Brandon...Fire soon finished evolving and became a Quilava. Fire noticed that they were both in a life or death situation. Fire quickly ran in front of Brandon and somehow repled the fire away from them. Fire had saved his trainers life.

Brandon: Fire, thank you. If it weren't for you, I probably would have died..We need to get through the entrance somehow.

Fire: Quil!

Fire appeared to be encouraging Brandon to simply run straight through the flames.

Brandon: If this is the only way to get out..then we shall run through them.

Brandon once again braced himself and ran as fast as his legs could carry him through the fire. Soon enough, they were outside the forest and back on route 2. Brandon did not stop running however, and ran all the way back to Zaffree City. Brandon arrived at the emergency deparement and reported the situation to them.

Officer Jenny: We'll deploy the fire department to the fire immidiately! We'll also send out the medical unit and I will also go to help out. Come with me!

Brandon and Officer Jenny hoped onto her motor bike and drove alongside the fire and medical deparment vehicles. When they arrived, the fire department released their Water type pokemon and began putting out the fires...

After fighting the fires for several hours, the fire was contained and everyone who was in the forest made it out with little to no injuries.

*Stop music*

The emergency departments left and declared the forest safe to traverse again. However, half of the forest was completly burnt down to nothing but ashes and charcoal.

Brandon: *Thinks* What does the theifs leader want with my Ocarina and why would they go to great length to do such a thing...

As Brandon began to access the damages, he began to feel an odd energy coming from within his bag. It felt very familiar...

Brandon pulled out his Ocarina and found out that it was the source of the mysterious energy.

Brandon: *Thinks* This seems a lot like the dream I had last night...I don't believe that playing the song that I played in it would do something like that...I suppose I could give it a try...

Brandon put the blue ocarina up to his lips and began to play the song from his dream... (??? Song)

When Brandon finished playing the song. A strange energy began to flow out of the Ocarina. The energy spread across the entire forest and a blinding flash came from the energy. When the light cleared, something very strange had happened. The forest was completely restored back to the way it was!

Brandon: How...?

Brandon was in shock and also quite surprised at what he had just done. He wasn't sure how playing that song could do something like that.

Brandon: It looks like this instrument is much more than just a simple Ocarina....This must be why the thief leader wants it so badly...I can't let it fall into his hands...I'm not sure where this Ocarina came from or where it's power is coming from, but at least the forest is back to normal...

Brandon decided to return to Zaffree city for a while and return to the pokemon center to rest for a while, whilst he continues to wonder why the Ocarina his father gave him has mysterious powers...

(The Ocarina having powers does not mean the Brandon is "A" or "The" Chosen One. I would not put the Ocarina in it if I knew that it went against the rules.)

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:46 pm 
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At the Pokemon center.

Ateren: So the whole thing was a false alarm?

Nurse Joy: They said as soon as they got there the fire was gone and there were no signs of it.

Ateren: Strange, they acted like it was there. Brandon should be on his way here, so I'm going to give him a warm welcome and wish him luck on getting his first badge.

Joy: Well you can stay as long as you like.

Ateren: Hm... how much for a lemonade?

Joy: 350 Pokedollars!

Ateren: ....k...

Ateren pays up for a lemonade.

(Seriously in the Pokemon games, water is freaken 200 pokedollars! and the Pokemon center is free xD)

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:40 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:12 pm 
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Brandon and his pokemon had finished resting up, however, the young trainer couldn't help but to continue to ponder about what had just happened.

Brandon: *Thinks* I still don't know how a simple Ocarina could restore a forest by playing a short tune on it. Apparently there is more to this instrument than meets the eye. It's definitely not an ordinary ocarina. The energy that came out of it felt very strange...almost otherworldly when I began to play it and it restored Jonquil Forest back to normal. Where did my father exactly find it at. All I know is that he got it from another region. Hopefully one day I will find out exactly where this Ocarina came from and where it's power is coming from. Until then, I will continue to focus on my quest while keeping those thieves from stealing it from me.

Fire began to nudge Brandon. It was ready to leave and head to Jonquil Town.

Brandon: Oh, sorry Fire. I was thinking about what happened a while ago. Are you ready to head off to Jonquil Town?

Fire: Qui! Quilava! (Appears Eager)

Brandon: Alright, let's head out then.

The group quickly headed off back into Route 2 and then straight into the restored Jonquil Forest. (Jonquil Forest Restored Version)

Brandon: It seems quite astonishing that I was the one who restored this forest by playing a simple tune...

Fire: Quil..

Brandon found a few pieces of Charcoal laying on the ground and put three in his bag. The charcoal had come from what little was left of the fire, even though the forest was completely restored thanks to the Ocarina and Brandon.

Brandon picked up three Charcoals! Brandon gives one charcoal to Fire.

Fire: Quilava!

Brandon: Your welcome. Now then...

Brandon and Fire continued to move through the forest. Soon enough, the ninjas appeared in front of Brandon to ask him a question.

The Ninja leader approached Brandon and began to speak to him.

Ninja Leader: Hello traveler. Do you know what had just happened a little while ago. We all know that a fire had just taken place here, but shortly after it was contained, we heard someone play a tune on an Ocarina and a strange energy flowed through the entire forest. A bright flash appeared and everything was restored back to normal! Do you know who or what has caused this?

Brandon: I'm the one who did it. I played a song on the Ocarina my father gave me..*Pulls out Ocarina* I heard a song in a dream I had the night before the fire and when I played the song after the forest fire had been contained, I played the song and the forest was restored by a strange energy that came from the Ocarina after I finished playing the song.

Ninja Leader: That's unusual...but since you are the one who restored our forest, we must thank you some how...

Brandon: You don't have to give me anything...

Ninja Leader: I know, here..take this as our thanks.

Brandon got the TM Toxic!

Ninja Leader: We usually only give that to Ninja's of a certain rank, but for what you did, you deserve it. The TM contains toxic which is a very old move that has been used by our ninja clan for many centuries. Any Pokemon can learn it, and it can poison your opponet far worse than a normal poison attack. May it be useful in your journey...

Brandon: Thank you..there is one other thing I need to know. Which way is the exit located at?

The Ninja Leader points the way and bids him farewell.

Brandon leaves the forest and arrives in Jonquil Town. ... re=related (Jonquil Town)

Brandon began to look around and noticed that it was a fairly peaceful town surrounded by Jonquil Forest. The people all around the town seemed to all be talking about what had taken place a while ago..something that Brandon had caused...

Brandon decided to visit the Pokemon Center of this town before heading off to the next gym leader. Brandon enters the Pokemon Center... (Pokemon Center)

When Brandon entered the Pokemon Center, he came across Ateren sitting down drinking a lemonade. Ateren noticed Brandon walk in and greeted him. Brandon walked over to Ateren.

Ateren: Hello Brandon. Are you planning on challenging the first gym leader?

Brandon: Yep, I will stock up on supplies and head off to the next gym leader in a little while.

Ateren: Good luck then. The gym leader uses Poison type Pokemon. The Pokemon she uses is grimer and seviper. I'm sure you shouldn't have too much trouble now that you know exactly what to expect.

Brandon: Alright, thanks for the advice...

Ateren noticed that Brandon's Pokemon had evolved into a Quilava.

Ateren: You must be training your Pokemon quite well. Fire has already evolved into a Quilava in only a few days.

Fire: Quilava!

Ateren: My Nidoran has already evolved as well. I'll probably need to find a moonstone before I can evolve it again.

Brandon: That reminds something I found in the forest.

Brandon gives Ateren one Charcoal!

Ateren: Thanks, this could come in handy if I ever need it. Why is there charcoal in the Jonquil Forest? Was there a fire there in the first place?

Brandon: There was...

Ateren: Why does the forest appear to be normal?

Brandon: Half of the forest was burnt down, I was actually trapped inside of the forest when it happened.

Ateren: What exactly happened then?

Brandon: Someone had set the forest on fire when I was about to battle a poison ninja. When the fire broke loose, it quickly spread through most of the forest. The ninja I was going to battle asked me to report it to the Zaffree City Emergency Department and quickly began to rush off to there. However, a young woman with green hair blocked my path and demanded to hand over my Ocarina. Her name was Sara and she was the second thief of the night and is also called "The Thief of Flowing Leaves". Her leader apparently wanted it for some reason and I ended up having to battle her with the fire surrounding us. We had an intense battle, and I managed to defeat her. She fled and left a focus band behind also telling me that this was the first time she had ever been beaten. I nearly died in the fire, but fortunately, Fire saved my life. We ran out and continued to run all the way to Zaffree City and reported the situation. After the Fire Department put out all the fires, a strange energy began to flow through the Ocarina I have. I played this song... (???)

Brandon finished playing the song and continues speaking to Ateren

Brandon: After that, a strange energy came flowing across the entire forest and a bright flash appeared. Once the light cleared, the forest was restored back to the way it was...It was quite unusual...

Ateren: So it seems that Ocarina you possess has some sort of mystical energy that you weren't aware of. I see why the thief leader you were talking about wants that Ocarina, which also explains why the theif duo attacked me when we first began our journey in this region...

The two trainers continued to speak with one another...

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:53 pm 
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Ateren: With everything aside I think you should be able to take care of the Gym leader with no problem.

Brandon: It probably will. I will see you around.

Ateren nods and waves Brandon bye as he heads toward the Gym.

Ateren: I am curious to know how it turns out... I am going to watch his battle.

Ateren catches up to Brandon.

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Dylan and Alex press on as they run across a pokemon.

Dylan: ...
Alex: Haven't seen this one before.
Dylan: Lemme pokedex it then.

The pokedex then reads...

Zigzagoon, the racoon-type pokemon.
"It gets interested in everything, which is why it zigs and zags. It is good at finding items."

Image It's shiny

Dylan: This doesn't look like the original color...
Alex: This is a shiny one!
Dylan: ...

The Zigzagoon attacks Dylan. ... re=related

Dylan summons his Growlithe.

Zigzagoon (Lv. 5) v.s. Growlithe (lv. 6)

Dylan: Growlithe, use....

Dylan did not know what moves his new pokemon knew.

Alex: Tell it to tackle.

Growlithe tackles the Zigzagon, as it retaliates with a tackle of it's own.

Dylan: ... Use ember?

The growlithe let out a small flame as it hits the Zigzagoon. The wild pokemon was now a little tired, but not down yet. It tackles Growlithe, as Growlithe was showing a few vague signs of tiring.

Dylan: Tackle it once more.

Growlithe obeyed orders, and tackled Zigzagoon once more, as it was near fainting.

Alex: Throw a pokeball at it now dude!

Dylan reached for one, and tossed it. The pokeball jiggled a few times before the pokemon was caught.

Dylan: Wow.

Dylan returns his Growlithe, as him and Alex make it to Zaffre town. They find the pokecenter, and request their pokemon for a free healing. Once recovered, the two decide to try and move on, but Alex wants to do something.

Alex: Hey dude. I sort of want to fight the gym leader here.
Dylan: Um, okay?
Alex: Cool!

Alex heads off to the gym leader building, as Dylan follows...

Alex: Well. Here we are. I wonder if I can skip the trainees and go straight for the leader...
Dylan: Well, I don't want to get confused as a battler, so I might stick outside a little bit.
Alex: Okay.

The two split up as Alex prepares to make his way to the leader.

Image Thank you ML

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Diana listened as Nestor finished his story it had truly been an interesting tale.
Diana: So you are on your way to the league huh? Well its no easy journey *Diana takes another bite of her hamburger*
Nestor: Oh yeah? How do you know are you saying you are a pokemon trainer as well? That would explain that big thing that was with you earlier...
Diana: My Charizard Flame.
Nestor: Thanks so that Charizard is yours right? That means you have to be a trainer...
Diana: *takes a sip of her drink*
Nestor: Well?
Diana: Well what?
Nestor: Are you a pokemon trainer?
Diana: *mouth full* what would make you ask something like that?
Nestor: Well I just said I saw you with your Charizard...will you just answer the question?
Diana: *pauses for a minute then answers* Well I guess you could call me that.
Nestor: You either are or you arent. So are you?
Diana: Im not.
Nestor: So you have pokemon but you are not a pokemon trainer...well what are you then?
Diana: Well I guess you could call me a pokemon explorer.
Nestor: Pokemon explorer? I have never heard of one of those what do you do exactly and where exactly do you come from anyway?
Diana: One question at a time. Look why dont I just tell you about me okay?
Nestor: *slightly annoyed thinks in head* Thats what I wanted to know in the first place...*bites into his hotdogs so as to avoid saying something he will regret and nods politely*
Diana: Truth is like I said I am a traveler in these areas. I come from a pretty far distance from here alongside my six pokemon Flame, Splash, Scald, Tropic, Draco, and Sora.
Nestor: Interesting names. Did you raise them all yourself?
Diana: *nodds* Like I just said I am not really a pokemon trainer. At least not anymore.
Nestor: So you were at one just arent now?
Diana: Exactly. See I grew up in a region a bit of a distance away from here. I actually started my journey when I was 10 though.
Nestor: Wow seriously you start your journey at 10 where you come from?
Diana: *nodds* I got my first pokemon on my tenth birthday. Of course you have already met him.
Nestor: *eyes widen* You mean Charizard was your first pokemon?
Diana: *laughs* You could say that. Although back then he was a charmander the pre-evolved form of a charizard.
Nestor: *is growing more interested* So you started out with long did you have him before he evolved into Charizard? *glances at aron a minute wondering what Arons evolved form will be like*
Aron: *looks up a minute and tilts head* Arr?
Diana: Well actually first it had to evolve into a charmeleon and believe me it took months of experience to get it that high! There are many ways of evolving a pokemon. Some of which you will probably learn about later on but the most common way to evolve a pokemon is through repeated use in battle.
Nestor: Repeated use?
Diana: *nods* For example your aron there seems to be pretty close to you so you must care for him alot. Well the more often you battle with aron the more likely it is to evolve
Aron: *hearing its name lifts its head again* Aron?
Nester: *glances at Aron* Wow...thats pretty cool. But you still havent told me why you arent a trainer anymore and if you arent a trainer well then what are you?
Diana: Im getting to it just hold your horseas! (heeheh clever pokemon joke NOT) After I got my first pokemon back in my hometown I too set out to become a pokemon trainer. I traveled from town to town earning badges and catching all sorts of interesting and sometimes even rare pokemon.(A referance to her dragonite which she caught as a dratini the only "rare" pokemon she has ever caught)
Nester: Really? So what made you stop?
Diana: *pauses* Well to put it simply...I lost.
Nester: You lost? You mean you just gave up?
Diana: *shakes head* No I made it all the way to the pokemon league. Like I said it isnt going to be easy kid.
Nestor: *ignores the fact she just called him kid and continues to pry further* So you had never lost before or something? Why didnt you just leave pokemon altogether?
Diana: I couldnt do that. Despite the fact I felt REALLY horrible for losing and letting not only myself down but my pokemon as well I just couldnt leave them...they were my life.
Nestor: *glances at aron* Wow. So then...the last question is..if you arent a trainer what exactly are you?
Diana: *Smiles* Im a pokemon explorer!
Nestor: A pokemon explorer? I dont know what that is...
Diana: *chuckles* It is what it is kid. Its a person who travels the world exploring lands and discovering pokemon.
Nestor: Oh! *smiles* Cool.
Diana: Yep. My pokemon and I have come here to explore this land and see what new kinds of discoveries we can make.
Nestor: Sounds like fun. Hey maybe we can travel together!
Diana: Travel together?
Nestor: YEAH! You could come along with Aron and I and we can go to Prysm town together and meet all sorts of pokemon and stuff!
Diana: Well I dont know how my pokemon will feel about that, but I think it sounds like a good idea. Aww what the heracross lets go!
*Diana and Nestor shake hands*
And so their journey begins....

Thank you Gavin! :3

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Brandon entered the gym and prepared himself for whatever awaits him. He began to head towards the gym leader when Ateren caught up with him.

Ateren: Brandon, I would like to watch you battle the first gym leader. I'm curious to know how you battle with your pokemon. Especially after what you told me about earlier.

Brandon: Alright Ateren...I'm not sure what to expect from this gym leader, but I don't think I should have too much trouble since I have a Flying/Psychic type Pokemon.

Ateren: That's a good idea. Use Wise Owl then! Good luck..

Brandon: Thanks..

Brandon approached the gym leader...

Vahnem: must be a new challenger. My name is Vahnem and I am a poison type gym leader. You look like you just started your journey not too long ago correct?

Brandon: Right, I'm here to challenge you for the first badge.

Vahnem: I accept your challenge....*Looks at Ateren* What are you doing back here?

Ateren: I'm here to watch Brandon. Don't worry about me.

Vahnem: Ready! Let's begin! ... re=related (Brandon VS Gym Leader New Region)

Announcer: The battle has begun! Please send out your first Pokemon!

Vahnem: Go Grimer!

Grimer LV 16
Moves: Sludge Bomb, Poison Gas, Mud Slap, Slam
Item Held: Poison Barb

Brandon: Come out Wise Owl!

Wise Owl: WHO WHO! *Pecks Brandon's Head*

Brandon: Ow...Focus on the grimer..

Wise Owl (Hoothoot) LV 15 Female
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Peck, Hypnosis
Item Held: Leppa Berry
Nature: Annoying

Announcer: Begin!

Vahnem: Grimer, use Poison gas!

Brandon: Flap your wings to repel it!

The poisonous gas started to head towards Wise Owl, but Wise Owl easily repelled it with its wings. Attack failed...

Brandon: Quick! Use tackle!

Wise Owl rushed up to Grimer, but..

Vahnem: Use slam!

Grimer quickly pounced onto Wise Owl..

Brandon: Swoop out of the way!

Wise Owl changed the direction it was flying and swooped in another direction.

Vahnem: Darn it...Use sludge bomb!

The grimer used Sludge bomb..


Wise Owl Barrel Rolled out the way and...

Brandon: Use Hypnosis!

Vahnem: Avoid it! Don't look at it!

However, it was too late..Grimer had been hypnotized and fell asleep.

Ateren: *Thinks* Brandon's fighting skills are impressive...Even though he is still a novice trainer...Where does he get this skill from?

Brandon: Now then! Use peck!

Wise Owl used peck on Grimer and did good damage. Grimer was still asleep.

Brandon: Use tackle!

Wise Owl swooped up into the air and charged at grimer at full force and hit the weak spot. Grimer fainted...

Wise Owl Leveled up! LV 16!

Vahnem: Your skills are impressive, but I'm not going to let you get any further than that!

Announcer: Grimer is unable to battle! Brandon wins this portion of the battle!

Vahnem: Go Seviper!

Seviper Male LV 20
Moves: Toxic, Bite, Poison Tail, Screech
Item Held: None

Brandon: Return Wise Owl! Go Fox!

Fox (Eevee) Lv 15 Male
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Helping Hand
Item Held: Pecha Berry
Nature: Cautious

Vahnem: Seviper! Use bite!

Brandon: Counter with Sand Attack!

Seviper crawled up to Fox and as soon as Seviper was about to plunge it's fangs into Fox, the small Pokemon kicked sand directly into it's eyes, blinding it and reducing it's accuracy.

Brandon: Use tail whip!

Eevee whiped it's tail and lowered it's defenses somewhat..

Vahnem: Poison tail! Use it!

Seviper tried to land it's poisonous tail onto Fox, but he missed due to the sand in it's eyes.

Brandon: Use tail whip again!

Fox used tail whip and landed another defense lowering hit.

Vahnem: Pay attention Seviper! Use Toxic!

Seviper shot deadly poison onto Fox and actually landed the attack. Fox was now badly poisoned...however, Fox quickly consumed the Pecha Berry and healed itself.

Vahnem: Darn it! I didn't notice it had a Pecha berry!

Brandon: Use tail whip once more!

Fox used tail whip and lowered it's defenses again..

Vahnem: I see what your doing...Use screech Seviper!

A loud piercing screech sounded through the entire area and sharply lowered Fox's defense.

Brandon: Use tackle and hit as hard as you can!

Fox charged at the blinded Seviper and landed a powerful, critical blow to it which resulted in a 1-hit KO!

Fox Leveled Up! LV 16 (Victory Against Gym Leader!)

Vahnem: Your battle skills have impressed me...

Announcer: The victory goes to Brandon!

Vahnem: I hereby present you with the Toxic Badge!

Vahnem gave the badge to Brandon and he put it away in his badge case. He also handed him $2000 Pokedollars and the TM Sludge Bomb.

Vahnem: Good luck on your journey. By the way..what is your goal in the journey your embarking on.

Brandon: To become the World Champion. My father also embarked on the same journey as I am going on right now, so I'm basically following in his footsteps.

Vahnem: I see...I think you might just have the potential to actually becoming The World Champion. If you do, then I will be honored to have another rematch with you. In fact, here is my number. If you ever want to have a rematch and I have the time, call me and I will meet up with you. You can have my number too Ateren.

Ateren: Thanks

Ateren and Brandon got Vahnem's number!

Vahnem: Farewell..future World Champ...the road ahead of you is a long one indeed...

Brandon and Ateren exit the gym and return to the Pokemon Center so Brandon and his Pokemon can rest up for the rest of the day. (Pokemon Center)

Ateren: That was a pretty intense battle. I am quite impressed with your battle skills even though your still a novice trainer.

Brandon: I'm not exactly sure why I am this skilled...My skill seems to come almost naturally to me..

Ateren: What do you plan on doing next since you have your first badge?

Brandon: I rest here for the night. Tomorrow I will set off to the next town, and possibly catch a Pokemon or two to expand my roster since I only have 3. By the way, what is your goal in your journey?

They continue to discuss things with one another....

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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Ateren: My goal takes me way back... you see long ago my brother and I were being cared for by our mother alone, since my father had died mysteriously and suddenly. My father was the leader of a group of Ace trainers... trainers aiming to be the best there is. Being an Ace trainer is easy, just to take a step farther then most in training. Although to be the best Ace trainer... you have to have traveled every region, met every pokemon, currently discovered of course... survive impossible odds and defeat the current Ace trainer leader. After my fathers death the new leader was Hogun, his brother. My brother Jet is currently aiming to get strong to beat Hogun. Me and my brother are sorta like Rivals. I was stranded here and I am not sure if my brother knows about this place... but while I am here I might as well search the region and gather a few badges along the way. In short I aim to be the best Ace Trainer. My battle style is unique I battle by teaching my pokemon not only moves but Maneuvers for situations in battle. Charizard knows all of them, although I am teaching Nidorino at this time.

Nidorino nods happily and Charizard lets out a proud snort.

Brandon: So you do not want to be the champion?

Ateren: No, not really. I know for a fact that there are other people, possibly friends that might have the same goal. Although there are those that want to be the best Rangers, Breeders, and others. A small bit of advice, never give up.

Brandon: *Nods* I won't!

Joy: That's an interesting story.

Ateren: W-What? you were listening?

Joy: Well I came to tell Brandon his Pokemon is all healed up.

Brandon: Thanks!

Joy: Also I came when you said something about a guy named Jet. I met a person with that name before.

Ateren: Y-y-y-you.... what?.... was his hair Green, brown eyes, spiky hair, wears a black leather jacket with blue pants and black shoes?

Joy: Sure does! at least the hair and jacket part, I didn't see his face.

Ateren: When did you see him?

Joy: Just before you entered town the first time.

Ateren grows wide eyed but then shrugs it off.

Brandon: You ok?

Ateren: Nrgh.... nyggh...

Brandon: If you need to run on ahead I won't stop you.

Ateren: N-no, I'm very curious to see how you earn your goal... and that blue flute of yours.

Brandon: Oh... well the more the merrier.

Ateren twitches a bit but with a reassured look on Charizard's face Ateren calms down. They then continue talking.

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The verbal contract signed, the two had exited the cafe. It was then that Nestor informed Diana that he had to accumulate necessary provisions to before they departed Azure. Nestor's first priority was to find the pokemart and stock up on battle supplies. He purchased a promising 5 pokeballs, scanned the mart for more necessities, but failing to detect anything else of significance, he departed the store.

Diana: So, can we leave Azure yet? I want to go explore the region.

Nestor: Can that wait for just a little bit? Im aware that Azure Town is one of few waterside cities in the region. If you didn't know this, I adore fishing. May I do one fishing session?

Diana: Of course you can.

And with that, Nestor and Diana he turned towards the pier from which the young trainer and Aron immigrated into Azure. They located a respectable fishing zone, and within no time at all, Nestor lolled on the boardwalk with an opaque blue before him, a relaxed ranger nearby him, and a recumbant napping pokemon beside him.

Nestor let the fishing slip his mind temporarily while he gave his attention towards a trio of islands barely visable. He focused as best his eyes could on the most massive of the islands, then towards the pier on the side. It was only yesterday where he had been upon those shores admiring his current position.

And only now, upon returning to his previous thought train, did he see it from the other side of the argument. Yesterday, when the ocean captivated his mind from fishing, was there someone equally as curious on Azure's port? Or right now for instance, did a left-behind trainer survey the water, wondering what wonders awaited him or her on the main area?

Nestor began pondering the mysteries of pokemon he, Diana, and Aron could unravel in this region. Energy upheld him. Nestor imagined the stiff feeling in his arms was excitement, but upon closer inspection, the rod shook as something beneath the surface tugged. Nestor made a dramatic motion as he stood up and forced the fish up. The sudden action awoke Aron and piqued Diana's interest, as they came closer to see a wild Finneon shoot into the sky.

Finneon: FINNNNNN!!!

The peppy fish landed on the boardwalk beside Aron and struck it with Pound. Aron fell backwards, not expecting a random attack.

Aron: Arrrro.

Aron stepped away from the brash water pokemon, but it charged again, and prepared a Water Gun.

Diana: She wants to battle, Nestor. Have Aron attack back.

Nestor hadn't been used to fighting his hooked pokemon. On Cerise he had traditionally released his captives. As much as he wanted to blame bellicose mainland behaviors, he found himself commanding Aron.

Nestor: Aron, use Headbutt!

Aron slammed its skull into Finneon immediately, shattering its focus for a water gun. But the fish retaliated with a minor Gust attack, but Aron's rock-hard exterior gave sturdy protection.

Nestor: Aron, use another Headbutt!! Lets go!

Aron repeated the action, meanwhile the damaged Finneon shot a Water Gun at Aron. To Nestor's surprise, a critical hit was landed and Aron flew back. Finneon aimed for a final Water Gun for a finale.

Nestor looked at Aron who was in bad condition now for a next attack. In an attempt to save Aron, he reached through his bag and gripped Carol's Net Ball and chucked it at the battle-happy fish. In a matter of seconds, she found herself in the confines of a blue pokeball helplessly shaking once, twice, then thrice in the presense of the ball that corresponded to the encounter. Nestor picked up the ball and regarded it intently.

Nestor: So thats how you catch a pokemon...


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