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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:14 pm 
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???: Hey you! this is our side of the Gym! I suggest you leave or get creamed?

Ateren turns around to see surprisingly a 17 or 18 year old with his arms folded.

Ateren: Finally someone to spar with.

Gym Bully: What? haha! you wantin' a death wish? Well you got it! (I made up a new type of Trainer :D) ... re=related (Battle against a weak trainer.)

Gym Bully: I choose you! Raichu!

He throws a Poke-ball out and an orange like rat with a long tail pop out ready to go. Ateren just smiles and stares.

Gym Bully: I know he's the best, if you're scared you can leave.

Ateren: Sure, scared, that's what I'm feeling right now. *In a monotone and sarcastic manor.*

Gym Bully: What? got no Pokemon? oh I know! You are too embarrassed to take out your Pokemon! Let me guess... a Ratata?

Ateren: Believe it or not but Ratata can be a powerful foe.

Gym Bully: Ha! Quit flattering yourself!

Ateren: *Shrugs* Maneuver 4.

Gym Bully: What are you mumbling about now?

Charizard comes out of no where behind the Trainer. He spins in midair and aims at Raichu.

Gym Bully: Raichu Look ou-

Too late, Charizard hit Raichu hard with a mega punch in the back. Raichu faints with a thud and the Gym Bully is out of usable Pokemon.

Gym Bully: What was that! hey that's cheatin'!

Ateren: Sorry, my Pokemon was late to the battle that's all.

Gym Bully grits his teeth in anger and storms off. -Stop teh music!!-

Gym Bully: Yo, Freddy! we final got ourselves a lucky one over here!

Freddy: Hm? ha...

Freddy steps down and cracks his knuckles. About 21 years old with blond hair.

Freddy: So you beat my friend. Well that's just grand, I haven't had a battle with someone in a long time. *In a rich aristocratic tone with his arms folded.* Although I run this here Training area or at least this side.

Ateren: Right then... choose your Pokemon.

Freddy: *smiles* Well then you just sealed your fate.

Ateren rolls his eyes. ... re=related (Battle against an average Trainer.)

Freddy: Go, Mr. Mime!

He throws a Poke-ball and a clown Pokemon comes out.

Ateren: Right then, Charizard be careful, they may seem weak in a weak Gym such as this, but you never know what hidden secrets they have.

Charizard nods.

Ateren: Maneuver 9...

Charizard crouches in a weird position.

Freddy: Mr. Mime, give it no mercy! Psybeam!

Mr.Mime concentrates hard and fires a beam from its fingers.

Charizard quickly jumps into the air and flies around the beam with a quick Ariel Ace and uppercuts Mr. Mime with his wing. While it's in the air Charizard fires a Fire Blast to burn it.

Freddy: M-Mr. Mime!

The Mr. Mime falls down onto the ground fainted.

Ateren: Barely a challenge.

Freddy: H-h-h-how could you! Go. Nidoking!

Ateren's eyes the Nidoking as it comes out of it's Poke-ball. He then thinks to himself. •Hm, a Nidoking, I had actually wanted one a while back, I wonder if there are any Nidorans nearby, he did say... "I haven't had a battle with someone in a long time." This must mean there are some outside of town.•

Ateren: Charizard Ariel Ace!

Charizard speeds up and attacks at Nidoking whom staggers backwards.

Freddy: Use horn attack!

Ateren: Maneuver 17!

Charizard somersaults in the air around the horn attack and trying to avoid the spikes on its back Charizard Mega Punches it in the lower right cheek. Nidoking barely keeps himself steady and tries to rebound.

Freddy: Use Horn Drill!

Ateren's face goes white.

Ateren: Charizard! dodge it now! Now! that's a one-hit KO move!

Charizard trying to dodge but the momentum from his last attack causes him to be helpless. Although Charizard does on last ditch effort and tries to ram into Nidoking and not away from it to try and get one more hit in. They both collide both attacks hitting and both knocked out with both trainers with no more Pokemon.

Freddy: First one up wins.

Ateren nods.

After what seemed like a life time Charizard tries to get up even with a deep injury.

Ateren: That's it Charizard, you fought well.

Charizard nods but collapses on top of Ateren whom catches him.

Freddy: *sigh* You win, good game though...

Ateren: You too.

Ateren tries his best to get to the Pokemon center.

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:09 pm 
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Location: Syosset, New York (Its on Long Island)
Nestor: Cerise Gym...

Nestor marveled the words as he rested his ambitious eyes on the facility before him. What better place to test their initial skills than a Pokemon Gym? Nestor smiled, always venturing to this place as a child with his Aron curious as to every little aspect the gym offered. Aron at this point was within Nestor's pokeball prepared to be flung into battle. Nestor courageously walked in.

Nestor briefly scanned the inner environment. Stalagmites of solid ice erupted randomly throughout the gym floor whilee the floor around it was frozen around the pillars, and an arrangement of cold tiles everywhere else. A chill came onto Nestor who found himself now walking between upsidedown icicles.

As Nestor waddled through obstacles, he heard the sound of a raging battle, and the cries of a failing pokemon became blatantly evident. As he approached he witnessed a woman in the apparent progress of an easy sweep of a young trainer.

Woman: Sealeo, use Aurora Beam!

A blue seal peared its face between a close pair of frozen stalagmites, and let loose an astoudingly colorful blast at a poorly coordinated and slipping Sandslash. The unevasive mouse took a full painful shock from the accurate attack. It barely stood.

Trainer: Use Rollout!! Quick!

The pokemon swiftly rolled into an orb and gathered its remaining energy into a final smack. It spun rapidly, though on the ice, it took it a few moments to gather enough momentum to actually get distance.

Woman: Dodge it and counter with Body Slam!

The Sealeo shifted lazily to the left. Surely it was no elegant dodge, yet it was enough to make a fool out of the poor Sandslash, which tumbled and crashed into a sudden glaciated prong, shattering the obstruction, but interrupting the rollout combo. The mouse looked back only to find an airborne seal on a direct collision with it. Before either the trainer or Sandslash could react, Sealeo overcame it with a ferocious slam utilizing every pound of belly fat the pokemon had. The phlegmatic blue pokemon trotted away, while the mouse lay fainted and crushed.

Trainer: No! Sandslash!

Woman: Great job, Sealeo!

The trainer revealed a red and white orb to which the unconscious beige pokemon retreated. It is at this point when Nestor learns that there was a referee on the side of the frozen arena opposite him.

Referee: The challenger is out of usable pokemon! Gym leader Carol is victorious!

Carol smiled vivaciously while she followed the trainers lead, and recalled her Sealeo. When the trainer exited, the gym leader focused her attention to the newcomer who witnessed the recent skirmish.

Carol: And who are you might I ask?

Closer inspection on the gym leader revealled her eye's were ice blue, and her hair snow white. She wore a lengthy and white winter coat which was wrapped together by an ice blue belt and a pendant with a music note design positioned around her neck. Her feet were covered and protected by a pair of blue boots.

Nestor: Im Nestor and I've come to challenge you!

Carol: Fine, go to the arena there.

She gestured to the side the trainer with the Sandslash had fought on. Nestor nodded confidently before both made their way to the arena. Carol threw a familiar pokeball into the air and from its confines, came the triumphant Sealeo. Nestor clutched his lone pokeball and unleashed his faithful companion.

Aron: ARRrrrOOn!

The referee quickly determined what was going on and adapted to the new challenger.

Referee: Round 1: Aron v. Sealeo commencing.


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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:37 pm 
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Ateren passed by Brandon on his way out.

Ateren: Greetings Brandon.

Brandon: Hey! oh what happened to Charizard?

Ateren: Nothing a quick visit to the Pokemon center wouldn't hurt, we had our training. Also it's been fun and all but we really have to get going. You guys can look us up any time at all.

Brandon: Oh, well, ok.

Ateren bows and continues on. After the Pokemon center Ateren decided to check out the surroundings.

Ateren: He had a Nidoking and after talking to some people around here they sometimes come during the day.

Charizard nods. Ateren pulls out a pokeball and smiles.

Ateren: Alright you know what to do.

Charizard salutes and gives a small burst of fire with a small smirk/wink afterwords.

Ateren punches the air and points forward with his index finger and middle finger together.

Ateren: Let's go!


Ateren noticed a few things. The name of the city, which he was negligent to notice, is Zaffre. Also a forest was right in front of him.

Ateren: Er, are they outside or inside the forest?

Charizard shrugs. Ateren facepalms but shrugs it off and decides to look in both. (Battle against a weak foe.)

The first Pokemon he ran into was an energetic Pidgey.

Ateren: Alright Charizard this may be boring work but we have to search somewhere.

After about a few hours of knocking out weak Pokemon and searching he managed to find a Nidoran (Male) to jump out.

Ateren: Whoa, he's fast.

The Nidoran(M) took a tackle attack.

Charizard sighs and spews a Fire Blast almost knocking it out cold.

Ateren throws the Pokeball at the Nidoran(M) and catches it.

Ateren: ...That was easy... Let's train it some before moving on, and rest back in town.

Charizard nods.

(Nidoran's moves are Tackle, Poisonsting, and Leer.)

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:59 pm 
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Location: Macon, GA (Zaffree City)

After resting up for a while, Brandon decided to have one more practice match with a trainer here so he can level Fire up to Lv 10.

Brandon: Fire? Do you want to have one more practice battle?

Fire: Cynda!

Fire appeared to desire another battle.

Brandon: Alright, after this, we'll head back to the Pokemon Center and start making plans for tomorrow.

Brandon entered the training room again and a bug catcher stood awaiting a challenger.

Bug Catcher: Hey! Do you want to have a battle with me? You look like a pretty good practice partner to use my bugs up against.

Brandon: Sure, I'll accept your challenge. ... re=related (Brandon VS Trainer New Region)

Bug Catcher: Go Caterpie!

Bug catcher threw out Caterpie.

Caterpie Lv 7

Brandon: Alright, prepare yourself Fire!

Fire charged into battle and faced Caterpie.

Fire Lv 8

Bug Catcher: Use string shot!

A steam of some sort of sticky substance wrapped around fire and caused his speed to drop slightly.

Brandon: Fire! Use tackle!

Fire charged towards caterpie and landed a did decent damage.

Bug Catcher: Use tackle!

Caterpie used tackle, but missed.

Brandon: Use tackle again Fire!

Fire used Tackle again and hit Caterpie once more, Caterpie fainted.

Bug Catcher: Not too bad...go Weedle!

Weedle LV 9

Bug Catcher: Use Poison Sting Weedle!

Weedle used poison sting and did decent damage.

Brandon: Use Tackle Fire!

Fire used Tackle again and hits the weak spot. Weedle is nearly finished.

Bug Catcher: Use poison sting!

Weedle used Poison sting and hits Fire again with decent damage.

Brandon: Finish it off! Use tackle once more!

Fire charged again and hit Weedle, Weedle fainted.

Fire leveled up! Lv 9!

Bug Catcher: Your pretty good with that Cyndaquil, now's my the best out of all my Pokemon. Go Beedrill!

Beedrill was thrown out.

Beedrill LV 10

Brandon: Fire, be careful, try to avoid it's stingers!

Bug Catcher: We'll see about that. Use fury attack!

Beedrill landed two hits on Fire. Fire is nearly down. Fire ate his Oran berry and recovered some HP.

Brandon: Use Smokescreen Fire!

Fire unleashed a stream of smoke and temporarily blinded Beedrill causing his accuracy to fall slightly.

Bug Catcher: Use Fury Attack again!

Beedrill attempted to use Fury attack, but the cloud of smoke prevented him from landing any hits. Attack missed...

Brandon: Fire! Use Tackle!

Fire leaped at Beedrill and landed a decent hit.

Bug Catcher: Use Poison sting Beedrill!

Beedrill manages to hit Fire with poison sting. Fire has become poisoned.

Brandon: Fire! Try your best and don't give up! Use tackle again!

Fire leaped at Beedrill and landed a decent hit.

Bug Catcher: Looks like I'll finish it off. Beedrill! Use Fury attack!

Beedrill landed two hits on Fire, fire also was damaged by the poison. Fire is barely hanging on.

Brandon: This is you last chance Fire! Use tackle!

Fire used what strength he had left and leaped into the air as hard as he could and hit Beedrills weak spot. Beedrill fainted.

Fire Leveled up! Lv 10! Fire Learned Ember! Fire fainted from poison... (Trainer Victory Brandon's Version)

Bug Catcher: You were pretty lucky. I almost had you...

Bug Catcher gives Brandon 500 Pokedollars. Brandon now has 5000 Pokedollars. (Zaffree City)

Bug Catcher: You did a pretty good job. I guess I'll need to train my bugs some more...

Brandon: That's alright, the best thing to do is to keep training them. Don't push them hard though..

Brandon left the training facility and returned to the PKMN Center and healed Fire. (Pokemon Center Theme New Region)

Nurse Joy: Fire has been fully healed! We hope to see you again!

Brandon: Thanks Nurse Joy.

Brandon returned to his room. Once he arrived, Flagg and Levi were already there waiting for him.

Levi: You finally got back. How did everything go? Squirtle held up pretty well against the trainers we faced.

Brandon: Everything went fine. I managed to get Fire up to Lv 10. He did an excellent job and we nearly lost to a bug catcher just a few moments ago.

Levi: I see...I didn't have much trouble with the trainers there.

Flagg: Nor did I...

Brandon: What do you two plan on doing tomorrow? Ive decided I'll look for a couple of Pokemon to add to my roster and then train all of my Pokemon, including Fire, up to Lv 12 before heading to the first gym.

Levi: Sounds like a good plan. I think I'll go ahead and split up for a while, I'm going to wait until I get into the next town to train my Pokemon and catch new ones since there are different types of Pokemon in different areas.

Flagg: I think I'll split too. I still need to think about what I need to do next though. Probably challenge the first gym leader or something along those lines.

Fire then curled up onto Brandon's lap and fell asleep. Soon the rest of the group headed to bed and fell asleep...

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:16 pm 
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Dylan and Alex had just arrived in Prysm town, and the moon was full, as the whole town slept. The only light that was on was the one to the professors lab. Both Alex and Dylan had pokedexes and starters from there, so they went into the field to the east. No pokemon were up and about at night, so they decided to head back into Prysm town, and check itno the lab. The door was unlocked, and the two let themselves in.

Professor: No more giveaways until tomorrow.
Alex: We aren't here for starters, but a place to rest.
Professor: Oh! I see you came back Alex, and Dylan.
Dylan: Yup. We both need to expand our pokmon rosters.
Professor: Lemme check your pokdexes...

After a quick check, the professor comes back.

Professor: You got about 60 Alex. You're in decent shape, but Dylan here has only caught 4. You need to work on that.
Dylan: Now don't go mocking my way of doing things. I want more pokemon now.
Professor: I see...
Alex: So you got a place for us to rest?
Professor: I think I do, but it's not the best.

The two follow the professor to a small room.

Alex: Erm....

(To be continued)

Image Thank you ML

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:21 pm 
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Ateren: You can do it!

Nidoran(M) jumped out of the way of a Fire Blast Charizard had spewed.

Ateren: Quick maneuver 9!

Nidoran(M) Goes in a defensive position waiting for Charizard. Charizard goes in with an Ariel Ace. Charizard had came in such a high speed that Nidoran(M) was caught off guard by this feat. Charizard saw this and stopped the attack knowing that Nidoran(M) wouldn't dodge it.

Ateren: Well I'm impressed it took my training well, good job.

Nidoran(M) regains sense and rests on the grassy floor.

Ateren: Food time!

Charizard rushes in at high speed tackling Ateren and taking his portion.

Nidoran(M) runs and happily eats his.

Ateren: No mercy... sure...

Ateren gets back up patting his red flame shirt.

Ateren: Well after this we should go on in the forest.

After they ate they marched on into the forest.

Ateren: Does this forest have a name?... bah... whatever. All I know is that we are on our way to... *takes out map* Image (Map made by Adam, not finished.) Jonquil... alright... let's go!

After a few minutes they managed to find out the place is like a maze.

Ateren: I wonder if they thought of... oh I don't know... Roads!?

Ateren sighs and runs his right hand through his chocolate hair.

???: Don't move...

Ateren: Yike!... Charizard Mane-

???: Shh!

Ateren: ...What!?

???: *sighs* I'm one of the many ninja's that lurk here, I have laid eyes on you therefor we must battle.

Ateren: Really? oh alright...

Ateren turns to see a fully black leather cloaked guy with brown eyes peering through a wrap mask.

Ninja: Go, Koffing! (I think that's how it's spelled @_@)

A purple like meteor gas Pokemon rises peers at Ateren.

Ateren: No elements of surprise here, alright Nidoran(M) time for some practice! ... re=related (Battle against an Average Trainer.)

Ateren: Take the initiative! Use Tackle!

Nidoran(M) Flanks the enemy and tries to ram it from the side but Koffing dodges it by backing up.

Ninja: Koffing, Sludge.

Koffing spews out a purple slick slime and it covers Nidoran(M). Despite this Nidoran(M) shook this off with a quick shake not effected by it too much.

Ateren: Have you forgotten? Nidoran(M) Is part poison.

Ninja: That maybe so, but you won't win this battle.

Ateren: I see... Nidoran, give it a good ram.

Nidoran tries to flank it again.

Ninja: Ha, dodge it again...

Nidoran side steps and tackles Koffing while it was backing out and Koffing let's out a cough.

Ninja: Hm... Koffing, Selfdestruct.

Koffing breaths in and holds it and shrinks a fraction of its size then a huge explosion erupts.

Ateren: Nidoran! quick get out of there!

Nidoran screeches a bit and tries his best to get out of the blast range. Nidoran tumbles as he was slightly hit yet barely able to stand.

Ninja: Oh darn... well good show...

A slight buzzing noise is then heard.

Ateren: Er... what was that?

Ninja: ...?...! Beedrill!

A horde of Beedrill then swarm in. ... re=related (*New* Against all odds.... Panic!)

Ateren: I bet it was the explosion!

Ninja: ...Sorry, I'm a new recruit! how was I supposed to know?

Ateren slaps his forehead.

Nidoran tries his best to keep steady.

Ateren: Any other Pokemon sir Ninja?

Ninja: I.... no....

Ateren: *sigh* Maneuver 1!

Nidoran and Charizard nod.

Ninja: Which is?

Ateren and his team run off past the Ninja.

Ninja: ........ Hey! wait up!

The Ninja runs after them.

Ateren: Just great! I don't think you can handle that many stings Charizard! not to mention you have to help me protect Nidoran!

Ateren had picked up Nidoran and his holding him in his left arm.

Nidoran: N-Nido!

Ateren: Don't worry, the town should be... wait...

Ateren stops and wonders where the towns are at.

Ninja: Wait! *huff* up!

Ateren: Yo, the town? where is it?

Ninja: *huff* It's... East...

Ateren: And we were going north... Great! just great...

The Beedrill then surround them.

Ateren: Uh... now what?

Ninja: I just hope the others can make it.

Ateren: Others?

Then Many Ninja's of all colors and genders pop up with Weezings at ready. They then command them to use smog and the Beedrills then flee from the mass effect of gas.

Ateren: ...Phew... I kinda wish they came earlier...

Ninja: Ya... well...

Another but taller and more formal with a voice that sends pure authority to those that hear it walk up.

Ninja Commander: I'm the Commander and you are trespassing... Leo? why are you here?

Leo: Ya... sorry, I lost the battle and then the Beedrill.

NC: Enough... I'll let this slide, but this is our territory, south east is the city, why not go there?

Ateren: Kinda ran, not knowing where to go... also who are you guys

The squad Commander laughed then pointed eastward.

NC: We are just a group north of the city that train in Poison. You can also battle the Poison Gym leader Vahnem, we are good friends. Now go!

Ateren nods and then runs to the city.

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:39 pm 
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Location: Macon, GA (Pokemon Center Theme New Region)

Brandon, Fire, and the others awoke early the next morning and headed off to get some breakfast. As they were eating, Levi had something to give to Brandon.

Levi: Here, Ateren wanted me to give this to you.

Brandon got Ateren's number!

Levi: He told me to call him if you ever need him for anything. Anyways, I'm finished eating, I'll see you again sometime soon.

Brandon: Alright, bye Levi.

Levi and his Squirtle left the Pokemon Center...

Flagg: I have to go as well, bye for now.

Flagg left the Pokemon Center as well...

Brandon: Looks like it's just us for now Fire. Are you ready to gain some new companions?

Fire: Cyndaquil!

Fire appeared to be ready to leave.

Brandon: Let's head on out to Route 2 and see what kind of Pokemon we can possibly add to our team.

Brandon and Fire exited the Pokemon Center and arrived on Route 2. (Route 2 Theme)

Brandon began to search around for any wild Pokemon that may be lurking about. Soon enough, a Pokemon appeared. (Vs Wild Pokemon New Region)

A Wild Eevee appeared!

Brandon: That's unusual...I thought Eevees were extremely rare in the wild. Apparently this is one of them...Come out Fire!

Fire faced the Eevee.

Fire LV 10

Eevee LV 14

Brandon: Fire! Use smokescreen!

Fire quickly used smokescreen and a thick stream of smoke surrouned Eevee, temporally blinding it, reducing it accuracy slightly.

The wild Eevee attempted to use Tackle, but missed due to the smoke.

Brandon: Use Leer Fire!

Fire used Leer and reduced it's defense slightly

The Wild Eevee tried to use Sand Attack, but still couldn't hit Fire.

Brandon: Use Leer once more Fire!

Fire used Leer again and lowered it's defense slightly.

The smoke finally cleared around the Eevee and it then used Tackle. The attack did good damage.

Brandon: Fire! Use tackle!

Fire charged towards the Eevee and landed a good hit.

The Wild Eevee used Sand Attack, but Fire dodged it. Attack missed...

Brandon: Use tackle once more Fire!

Fire used tackle and landed a critical hit! The Eevee is nearly down.

Brandon checked his bag and noticed that 10 Pokeballs happened to be placed in his bag, his friend Levi apparently slipped some into his bag.

Brandon: I almost forgot to buy some at the Pokemart, at least my friend helped out in this battle.

Brandon picked up an empty Pokeball and threw it at the Eevee.

Brandon: Pokeball! Capture it!

The Pokeball made impact with the Eevee and a red beam of energy absorbed it into the Pokeball. The Pokeball began to wiggle..once...twice...three! Brandon has captured the Eevee! (Route 2 Theme)

Brandon released the Eevee and welcomed it to the team. The Eevee seemed a bit reluctant to go near Brandon since it had just been captured.

Brandon: Hey Eevee. My name is Brandon and I'm your new trainer! You don't have to be afraid of me, we'll be traveling together from now on!

The Eevee relaxed a little, but was still catious around his new trainer.

Brandon: Since you look a lot like a fox, I will name you Fox. Does that name sound good to you?

The Eevee seemed to be fine about it and walked up towards Fire and began to speak to it.

Fox: Eevee? Eev, eevee?

Fire: Cyda! Cyndaquil, cynda!

Brandon wasn't sure what they were saying since he doesn't speak Pokemon. After the two Pokemon spoke to each other, Fox came up to Brandon and sniffed him for a moment. Fox soon realized that his new trainer was a good hearted, loving person and finally relaxed now that he knew this.

Brandon: Fire must helped you relax Fox. There's nothing to worry about...Now then...let's find one more Pokemon to add to our team.

The two Pokemon quickly agreed with Brandon and they began to search for another Pokemon...

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:43 pm 
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Location: In the place we like to call "nowhere"
Diana woke up with a yawn that could rival that of a Snorlax. It had been a long restless night and she couldn’t help feeling the fact that she was in a place she didn’t know. As she glanced around it took her a few minutes to remember where she was and what she was doing here.

She was in the poke center in Azure city after arriving late the night before with her friend Emilee. She had passed down an offer from Emilee to spend the night at her parents house and instead been taken here to the pokemon center where the beds were considerably less comfortable.

Rubbing her eyes she turned to the nightstand where she had placed her poke ball belt the night before. They were still sitting there waiting for some use. She decided it was about time she let them each out for a stretch. After all they had been in there since she left the other region.

Diana quickly pulled on a fresh tan t shirt and some khacki pants and set her pajamas away in her bag. Walking over to the mirror which she had discovered the night before she began to brush through her dark hair which was all poofed up in a frizzy mess from the fresh salt water it had been exposed to the previous night.

Taking out a lovely silver scarf she tied it up into a pony tail. It now stretched all the way down to her hips but she didn’t care. Some day perhaps if it got in her way she would cut it all down to size maybe donate it to some wig shop somewhere. For now she just let it fall behind her casually keeping it tied back away from her face minus the two wisps of bangs that hung slightly to the side of her eyes.

Examining her self in the mirror she found herself to look satisfactory enough. The surprising thing was despite all the time she spent caring for her appearance Diana was far from vain. In fact she considered herself “average” in the beauty department and would ignore most of the glances that would come her way.

Smiling now to herself she went back to her poke balls. Casually she picked up her belt and tied it around her waist making sure it was secure. “Ah all ready! Now its time to do some exploring!” with that in mind Diana strode outside the poke center breathing in the crisp ocean air.

“Well now that Im out here I guess I should release my pokemon!” she chuckled to herself and pulled off the first poke ball releasing it in the water “Go Splash!” a large gyarados appeared with a roar. It seemed to glare down at Diana before diving deep into the water and disappearing momentarily.

“Huh guess someones not too happy with me…too bad I was going to feed him some of this yummy poke food Nurse Joy gave me.” Diana popped a piece of gyarados chow in her mouth before calling out her second pokemon. “Mmm *mouth full* Gph Sphora!” she pressed the second poke ball releasing a middle sized lapras into the water in front of her.

‘Lapras tilted its head and called out to her with a sort of whine before rubbing up against her. “Great to see you too Sora. Hungry?” Diana pulled out another plastic tin full of poke food this one with the label “Lapras” on the side. Sora immediately moved forward and began head butting Diana which made her laugh and slowly she opened the container allowing Lapras to chow down on it.

“Is it good?” Diana asked as she smiled watching Lapras eat. Gyarados had decided to reappear behind Lapras and was moving about in a fit of jealousy but Diana pretended to ignore it. These two were two of her newer pokemon both of which she had found during her travels as a ranger. Gyrados had only recently evolved and was still quite unruly while Lapras had been found along the shores a baby abandoned by its trainer. She had begun to train them in the other region and through time they had both grown to trust her although they were wary of other humans especially trainers.

Sora broke this moment of Nostalgia with another head but this time nearer to the poke belt. Diana nearly fell backwards. “Okay okay I get it you want me to release your friends huh?” Sora lifted its head and called back in agreement. Diana shook her head and laughed “your right they all need to see this place! Okay here goes!” Diana tossed the remaining poke balls up into the air and each burst open.

A Tropius, Skarmory, Dragonite and finally a Charizard appeared all flying above in the air before landing next to Diana. Diana grinned as she carefully went through each one of them most of which were larger than her softly petting their wings and hugging them as well she could. When she got to Charizard it stared down at her and almost seemed to wink as she ran her hand up and down its wings checking to make sure it was alright. Then she grabbed ahold of it by the neck and got on. "Sora, Splash return!" she called back her two water pokemon into their pokeballs.

“Alrighty Flame lets check out the harbor here.” Dianas Charizard Flame was well rehearsed in how to fly. Even with Diana on its back, although she had never flown him that far due to not wanting to push him too far.

As they took off Diana felt the familiar sensation of the wind blowing against the back of her head as her hair flew gently behind her in the wind. She had lost her hair scarf on more than one occasion this way but she didn’t care for there was nothing like the feeling of flying.

Dragonite, Scarmory, and Tropius also took off flying next to and behind Charizard in a sort of formation that you would rarily see except in show. People on the ground would often stare for a few minutes at this odd spectacle before returning to their own business. Charizard had been Dianas very first pokemon at that time it was only a little charmandar whom she had recieved from Professor Oak before starting her journey in Celedon. She remembered that day well....

Thank you Gavin! :3

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:13 pm 
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Alex: This is a supply closet.
Professor: I know.
Alex: I think we'll just head off on to Zaffre town.
Professor: Whatever floats your boat.

The two men walked out, and went east. All the pokemon were asleep.

Alex: Don't disturb a slee-

A rattata got mad and attack Dylan.

Alex: ...

Battle engaged!

Dylan calls out his Machoke, as he has it use karate chop on the Rattata, knocking it out in one hit.

Battle end!

Dylan: That was easy. *He calls back machoke*. I wonder when we can find some water pokemon...
Alex: We need to get to Zaffre town first.

After a matter on a half hour, the two reach the city.

Alex: Aw man. The pokecenter is closed.
Dylan: Now what?
Alex: We got to camp...

The two set up camp next to the city border, and slowly drift asleep.

Image Thank you ML

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:22 pm 
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Ateren didn't go to town just yet, he decided to train up Nidoran some more in case any other trainers decide to pop in for a "Hello." Ateren took what time they had to get some more maneuvers into Nidoran's head. The poor guy did it all even though he was just captured. Ateren wondered how is he able to take such tough training? and to trust him so quickly? The answer was lost and the question stashed in the back of Ateren's mind to be brought up later quickly replacing it with the wonders of the city before him. ... re=related

Ateren walks to the Pokemon center to rest his Pokemon. After this is done he noticed something on the glass. "Become the best! Fight the best! Gather the badges and take flight! 8 Badges are surrounding this sentence along with a few Pokemon and Pokeballs

Ateren: Look's like fun... I say we go for it! Say Nurse Joy where is the Gym?

Joy: Four houses to your right.

Ateren nods and goes it that direction. ... re=related (Gym)

He then makes it to the entrance to the Gym and walks through the front doors. When he went in it was sorta dark but there were lights every now and then. Ateren walks forward with caution until he ran into a Gym Trainer. Despite the dark damp conditions he wore a hat and a simple blue T-shirt with blue shorts and ankle socks around his feet and strap on shoes.

GT: A newbie?

Ateren: I'm no newbie...

GT: You're new aren't you? therefor you are a newbie and you have no badges.

Ateren: ...Just battle me so I can wipe that smile.

GT: *Smirks* Ok... but I doubt it, and you will be years away till you meet our Gym Leader.

Ateren: Oh ya, I met his friend the ninja's.

GT: Ninja's? you mean the group to the north? no wonder you're here, you probably got beaten and ran here crying. Tough luck you should have gone home!

Ateren: Home? hm, tempting but I rather stay. (Stop the music.) (*New* Battle against a Gym Trainer.)

GT: Go! Grimer!

The Gym Trainer throws a Pokeball and a moving form of sludge comes out. The stench then fills the room.

Ateren: ...Nidoran go!

Nidoran jumps from behind Ateren battle ready.

GT: Grimer use Sludge!

The Grimer moves forward and spews out Sludge toward Nidoran. Nidoran Strafed left and right dodging it and Nidoran got close resisting the stench.

Ateren: Show him your new move!

Nidoran flipped and pounded Grimer with its foot then flips in mid air smashing it again with its other foot. (Double Kick Learns at lvl 12 for those wondering.)

The Grimer absorbed this and rebound back with a punchy pound. Nidoran didn't expect this nor could he move from flipping in the air to attack. Nidoran was hit directly and the stench from Grimer kept him from fighting back.

Ateren: Don't let it get to you, stare him down if you have to.

Nidoran turns and stares Grimer right in the eyes leering through Grimer. Grimer flinched from this almost stricken with fear. Nidoran then Double Kicks Grimer once again this time Grimer felt the attack. Grimer tried to come back with another attack but missed.

GT: Grr... Grimer use Poison Jab!

Grimer then takes many Poisoned punches flying at high speed. Nidoran tried its best to dodge them but he was hit a few times. Both worn out Nidoran then tackled the Grimer sending it back. Grimer then retaliates with another Pound. Nidoran jumped over this attack and Double Kicks the top of Grimer's head which was his weak spot causing Critical damage. Grimer then faints from this in a dizzy flail of punches all missing the target.

GT: Grr! I lost!?

Ateren laughs glad. Ateren then hears other battles as well and one in the far end he could see a flaming battle with two Pokemon and three people one of them a trainer, one the leader, and the leader's Announcer.

Ateren: Ah this way... Come on Nidoran..... Nidoran?

Ateren turns and sees Nidoran glowing then back to normal.

GT: It's evolving? hm...

Ateren: Thanks sir obvious... ... re=related

Nidoran grows a full white

Ateren: I haven't felt like this since Charmeleon...

Nidoran then starts increasing in size.

GT: We usually see this happen to most beginners. You don't seem to fight like one.

Ateren: I'm experienced.

GT: Hm and no badges?

Nidoran has finished increasing and size and its horn has now grown to full size as well. It's teeth as grown along with its horn. After about a minute Nidoran has evolved into Nidorino.

Ateren: Well, happy to see you Nidorino.

Nidorino: Nido! *Happily*

Ateren smiles and then they start walking forward.

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:39 pm 
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Brandon began to look around Route 2 once more for one last Pokemon to add to his team. After a short while, Brandon encountered another wild Pokemon!

When Brandon encountered the wild Pokemon, he decided to try out his GB Player.

Brandon turned on the GB Player! (Wild Pokemon Battle New Region GB Player)

A Wild Hoothoot appeared! It appeared a bit groggy and agitated.

Brandon: *Thinks* Apparently something must of woke it up. It's daylight out and Hoothoots are nocturnal....I'll still try to catch it never the less.

Brandon: Attack it Fox!

Fox jumped into battle and faced the hoothoot.

Hoothoot LV 12 Female

Fox (Eevee) Lv 14 Male

Brandon: Fox! Use tackle!

Fox used tackle and easily landed a hit on the Hoothoot due to it's grogginess. The attack does some good damage.

The Hoothoot was now frustrated and used peck on Fox with all it's power. The attack does decent damage.

Brandon: Use tackle again Fox!

Fox used tackle again and did good damage once again. The hoothoot was now weakened. Brandon pulled out another empty Pokeball and threw it at the Hoothoot. Red energy from the pokeball sucked it inside and the ball began to wiggle. Once....twice...three times...Click! Hoothoot has been captured!

Brandon turns off the GB player and picks up the newly caught Hoothoot. (Route 2 New Region)

Brandon threw the Hoothoot out of it's pokeball and gave it time to adjust to belonging to him.

Brandon: Hello Hoothoot. I'm not sure what woke you up, but if it was me, I'm sorry about that. If your mad, you can take it out on me.

The Hoothoot gladly obliged and pecked on Brandon's head several times in it's anger.

Hoothoot: Hoo! Who!

Brandon: Ow...

Hoothoot finally calmed down and Brandon rubbed the pain from Hoothoot's pecking away and began to speak to it again.

Brandon: My name is Brandon. I'm your new trainer and we'll be traveling around the world together from now on. I think I'll call you Wise Owl, since Ive heard from somewhere that Owls are quite wise.

Wise Owl: Hoo!

Pecks Brandon's head several more times.

Brandon: Ouch...Anyways, are you ready to train for the first gym leader everyone?

Fire: Cynda! Cyndaquil! *Gets excited*

Fox: Eevee...*Seems to not mind training*

Wise Owl: WHO! *Pecks Brandon's head again in agreement*

Brandon: Ow...that's enough Wise Owl. Let's start training then.

For the rest of the entire day, Brandon fought many wild Pokemon in order to train his Pokemon all to Level 15. After a long hard day of training, it had finally paid off.

Fire (Cyndaquil) LV 15 Male
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember
Item Held: None
Nature: Outgoing

Fox (Eevee) Lv 15 Male
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Helping Hand
Item Held: Pecha Berry
Nature: Catious

Wise Owl (Hoothoot) LV 15 Female
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Peck, Hypnosis
Item Held: Leppa Berry
Nature: Annoying

Brandon and his Pokemon were exhausted from all of the training they had undergone. Though Zaffree City was nearby, Brandon decided to set up camp near the entrance of the forest, which was named Jonquil Forest as far as the sign said. Camp was finally set and Brandon and his 3 Pokemon climbed into the tent. Fire curled up next to Brandon, and despite Fox and Wise Owl being newly caught Pokemon, they did the same. They finally fell asleep....

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:18 pm 
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save spot

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:34 am 
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Carol: Start off with Powder Snow!

A gust rich in snow was hurled towards Aron.

Nestor: Aron, use Harden!

Aron fortified its body and boldly took the snowy attack. However, the blizzard proved to be more aggressive than the armored pokemon. Aron was knocked back by the gale.

Nestor: Alright, its our turn! Get closer and use Mud Slap!

Aron attempted to run towards the chubby seal, however the icy floor prevailed once more, causing Aron to slide across the field rather unelegantly. Upon approaching Sealeo, the grey pokemon smashed his iron foot into the field in an attempt to blind the enemy, but the result was more like lobbing tiny ice chuncks in Sealeo's face.

Aron: Arronnn?


Aron and Nestor put their heads down in shame, while Carol took control of the failure.

Carol: Sealeo use Body Slam!

It's target literally right in front of it, Sealeo found it impossible to miss. Relinquishing all its weight, Aron screached under the supreme burden.

Nestor: *thinks* I have to do something, 'else this battle's over....! *out loud* ARON, BEGIN SPINNING!

A perplexed Aron got back on all fours using all of its physical strength and it began to spin with the assistance of the frozen ground. Slightly moving at first, a curious seal wondered what harm the little thing could accomplish with so minor an action. But upon the second rotation, speed had picked up greatly. The third rotation came and Carol realized what was happening.


But Sealeo found itself incapable of getting off of the spinning rock. The sixth rotation came and Aron could feel the weight of the blue seal diminishing. By the time the eleventh rotation came the two were no longer visible as themselves, but as blurs of blue and grey. At around the twenty-third rotation, the top heard the command of his trainer once more.

Nestor: Now, jump and try to get it off you.

Aron leaped triumphantly with all its might and the upper blue springed off the lower. Sealeo, still spinning in mid-air meteored onto the ground, but tumbled on the ice, and slid into a stalagmite that halted the seal and stopped the momentum of the rotation, but it took substantial damage from the collision with the sharp obstacle, and the sudden lack of spinning caused dizziness in the pokemon. After a few moments of reverting back to the still world, the Sealeo shook off whatever damage it had recieved from the shenanigan.

Aron had fainted on the mercilessly cold floor. The strain from giving the fat seal a rotating piggy-back ride had finally reached the poor pokemon as it lay defeated.

Referee: Aron is unable to battle. Match over! Gym Leader Carol and her Sealeo are victorious!

Carol smiled confidently and withdrew her confused pokemon. Nestor, saddened by his defeat, returned his pokemon to rest within its spherical slumber zone. He exited the gym without a word, but Carol stopped him outside. The sun was around midway between its zenith and the setting phase, commanding shadows to lengthen and a calming breeze to blow.

Carol: The spinning technique was fairly advanced, it was quite impressive.

Nestor: Thanks, it was kind of last minute.

Carol: Even so, it was brilliant. How advanced are you?

Nestor: Not advanced at all actually. Im starting my journey today.

Carol: Wait, how could you have gone to Prysm and got here so swiftly?

Nestor: ...I haven't been anywhere besides this island today.

Carol: So,...if you just started, that means you dont have a pokedex, right?

Nestor: Yeah...

Carol: That means you're not registered. You NEED to get registered before you can earn gym badges.

Nestor: I didn't know that!

Carol: It's okay, but even if you DID win, I wouldn't have been able to give you a badge anyway.

Nestor: So, before I can begin accumulating badges, I need to go to...Prysm?

Carol: Yeah. And you haven't been off the island, you said? Finding a wild pokemon is rare on Cerise. That means you shouldn't have any other pokemon, right?

Nestor: Right.

Carol: Do you have any pokeballs?

Nestor: Nope.

Carol: ...Here, take this.

Carol holds in her hands an empty pokeball which was light blue with black lines intersecting at the top, and white on the bottom. Nestor gave Carol a perplexed look.

Carol: It's a Net Ball. It's supposed to be useful in catching water and bug pokemon. I had bought one to catch Sealeo a while ago, but the clerk slipped up and gave me two. I usually carried the extra with me, just in case.

Nestor: Thank you. And, if you don't mind me asking, why are you giving me this?

Carol: Because, I want you to become a better trainer. And once you are one, come find me here, I would love to battle a stronger you.

Nestor: I will get stronger. Dont you worry.

With that, Nestor marched to the nearest pokemon center in order to return his Aron to proper health. Upon entering, he met Nurse Joy, who happily took Aron to be healed. After the grateful Nestor had been around for five minutes, he remembered he had left some useful items at home, and wasn't prepared to leave Cerise without them. He asked the nurse to look over his pokemon in his absense, who happily complied.

Nestor trotted home to retrieve the items. His mom wasn't home at the time of return, so obtaining the necessary possessions was a quick errand. He had forgotten money for his expenses, and his reliable fishing rod which he prefered to have with him during this new journey. He reached into his cabinet in his room and withdrew from it 7,500 Pokedollars. He also found his rod sidling along the corner, which he gripped before he ran down the stairs and exited his house to return to the pokemon center.

After returning, he checked up on his revived pokemon, which he took with him now as he and Aron ate their first prepared meal from home at the center. As the sun sank to the horizon's level, the two took off in the direction of the pier, and boarded the ship that bade farewell to Cerise. After about 15 minutes afterwards, they departed Cerise's shores.


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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:36 pm 
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Ateren: Going after the Gym Leader right after a few Gym Trainer battles seems unwise. I should go to the Pokemon center to rest up.

Ateren leaves the Gym and heads for the Pokemon center. After resting up he decided to give Brandon a call.

Ateren: Hey Brandon hows it coming along?

Brandon: Ateren? oh it's going swell.

Ateren: I'm about to challenge the First Gym Leader, a slight heads up... he uses Poison type Pokemon.

Brandon: Alright thanks for the heads up. Hope you to well.

Ateren: Alright thanks. *Click*

Ateren gets a little pumped up wondering what the Gym battle with be like. He then bids Nurse Joy farewell and enters the Gym once more. Once in he looks around and passes the Gym Trainers he had defeated prior and sees a battle from the Gym Leader finishing up.

Trainer: No! I can't believe I lost!

Vahnem: Try training some more, sooner or later you will get the badge.

Trainer hangs his head in defeat and walks by Ateren.

Vahnem: So, are you my new opponent?

Ateren: Er, yes!

Vahnem: Step up!

Ateren gets onto the stage. The stage has a few trees but normal none the less.

Vahnem: Ready?

Ateren nods.

Announcer: Right, This will be a 2 on 2 Pokemon battle...*with a flag in one hand he waves his arms downward commencing the battle.* START!

To Be Continued!

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 Post subject: Re: pokemon rpg reboot
PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:18 pm 
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Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location...

Leader: *Thinks* I think I have finally come up with a plan. This will hopefully attract the attention of the one who possesses the blue ocarina and maybe even a few other treasures.

Leader: Sara! Darren! I have a mission for you.

The two thieves quickly came up to him.

Sara: Yes sir?

Darren: Yes leader?

Leader: I have a plan...I want you two to go to the Ivory Forest, and I want you to burn it down. Once people around the area start to notice the forest fire, it will attract the attention of many people, and most likely the one who possesses the Blue Ocarina I need in order to achieve our ultimate goal. Darren, since you are the Thief of Raging flames, you will be the one to set it on fire. Once you have done your part of the mission, you can return back to base. As for you Sara, I want you to stay there as long as possible and be on the lookout for the one who possesses the Ocarina. If you find him, bring him to me. Do you understand your mission?

Darren: Yes leader! I'll make sure things go out as planned.

Sara: Though I hate to have to burn a forest will be done sir.

Leader: Good! Be off then!

Sara and Darren left the hidden location and headed out into the night towards Ivory Forest....

Meanwhile, back at Route 2... ... re=related (Brandon's Dream)

Brandon began to have a dream...

In the dream, Brandon was walking through an area that appeared to have burnt down to the ground. Brandon began to wonder what happened.

Brandon: What happened here? Was there something here at one point and where am I?

Brandon noticed that he was holding the Blue Ocarina that his father gave him many years ago...For some odd reason, Brandon felt an unusual urge to play it. However, he didn't know how to play it.

Brandon: I'm not sure if playing this Ocarina will help resolve what had happened here, but I suppose I try to play it.

Brandon put the Ocarina up to his lips and almost instinctively, began to play a song he has never heard before... (???)

Suddenly, a mysterious energy began to fill the Blue Ocarina as Brandon began to play the mysterious song. Once Brandon was finished playing, nothing happened at first.

Brandon: That was unusual...

All of the sudden, plants were beginning to sprout from the burn area that Brandon was in. Soon, the plants began to rapidly grow into a forest of trees and many other various plants and grasses.

Brandon: How is this happening? Was it the song I just played?

Soon, Brandon was no longer in a burnt field, but a flourishing forest. Apparently a forest was burned down and the song somehow grew it back to normal.

Brandon: *Looks at the Ocarina* How can a musical instrument restore an entire forest? This seems quite unusual...

Once Brandon finished saying that, he awakened from the dream. He sat up and looked around for a moment and realized he was awake. Brandon quickly took the Blue Ocarina out of his bag and played the song how he remembered it. It did nothing...

Brandon: I figured it was just a dream...A musical instrument couldn't do something like that in real life.

Fire and the other Pokemon soon awoke from their slumber and greeted Brandon.

Brandon: Morning everyone! Are you all ready to head off to through the forest and then to the next town?

Fire: Cynda!

Fox: Eevee!

Wise Owl: WHO! WHO! *Pecks Brandon's head*

Brandon: Ow...that's enough Wise Owl. Let's head off then...

Brandon and his Pokemon headed into Ivory Forest...

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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