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 Post subject: Mario Brothers Begin [Season 1]
PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:01 pm 
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This story is property by Nitsua Productions. Most of the characters is trademark by Nintendo.
Do not attempt to react or recreate this story


Season 1
Let it begin!
Before the birth of the Mario Brothers, a secret society called Staritas from the Mushroom Kingdom were sailing off to the ocean to investigate a sacred prophecy. However a storm occured. It destroyed their boat and most of them did survive.
Mario and Luigi are twin brothers who were born stranded on an unknown island with their parents. When they found a way off the island, they sailed back to the Mushroom Kingdom.
Years later, a big anniversary was held at the plant of the Mushroom Kingdom.
However things went wrong when the sacred prophecy of a dark ancient magic comes to the Mushroom Kingdom. This prophecy will change everyone's lives, forever.
This is a 15-episode adventure of the Mario Brothers' Origins. How do they begin their adventures? What happened to them before they lived in Brooklyn? Find out on this exciting series of Mario Brothers Begin.

Main Charcaters:






King Toadstool

Episodes (15)

1 ) Pilot post120300.html#p120300 - When a disaster happens, a certain king creates a whole new beginning for the Mushroom Kingdom.
2 ) Quest post121145.html#p121145 - Mario, Luigi, and Kerog are set to do an impossible quest and Peach finally speaks up.
3 ) Staritas post122940.html#p122940 - Things are going downhill. Save the girl and bring her back home or die trying?
4 ) Freshmen post128210.html#p128210 - It's the Mario Brothers' first week of high school and Mario becomes a victim in an ancient tradition.
5 ) Prey post129413.html#p129413 - Dragged in the forest forever alone on a cold dark night. Peach becomes kidnapped again.
6 ) Fade post134227.html#p134227 - Who will win? Who will survive? Why aren't the flowers red?
7 ) Prospect post138342.html#p138342 - An insight of the future. Is it great or filled with depression and pain?
8 ) Plant post143421.html#p143421 - Where friendship can save the lives of many, but fail to the old ones of the past.
9 ) Richard post149494.html#p149494 - Hanging on to the past, gripping out of the dirt, and a painful redemption.
10 ) Spear - Kara's possessed and Kerog is a target. King Toadstool feels pain.
11 ) Telekinetic - The children will help the thieves and the thieves have spikes.
12 ) Wario - Who am I and why do you worship me? A prisoner goes loose.
13 ) Injustice - Save the kingdom, stop the terrorists, and die in fire.
14 ) Beast - Things are changing. Romance in the air and unspeakable pain.
15 ) Vessel - Just when things were getting better. We fight till our hearts stop.

Mid Summary 1-8: post149171.html#p149171

Discuss here: mario-brothers-begin-t6552.html

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 Post subject: Re: Mario Brothers Begin [Season 1]
PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:04 pm 
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Location: Vancouver
Mario Brothers Begin [Season 1]
Episode 1

The Mushroom Kingdom is about to celebrate their anniversary of the day people returned after a year stranded on a tropical island. The anniversary is being held outside of the Plant on the big lawn.
A limousine pulled along the driveway. The driver opened the door and the King of the Mushroom Kingdom stepped out along with his lovely wife and daughter. The King is named King Toadstool
King Toadstool: Well. Here we are!
Queen Toadstool: Much more bigger than last year.
Their lovely daughter Peach is only four years old. She had a nice pink dress with long blond hair.
Peach: Can I go out and play with those kids daddy?
King Toadstool: Of course you can my dear. But you must stay with James at all times.
James is a toad who was one of their trusty servants who watches over Peach.
James: I'll make sure she's safe at all times.
Queen Toadstool gave Peach a big hug and kissed her on the forehead.
Queen Toadstool: I love you my dear.
Then Peach soon ran off into the field with James following her.

Young Mario and Luigi at the age of four were playing superhero pretending to fly.
Mario: Mom! Look at me!
Mom: Yeah I'm watching!
But she was more talking to her sister-in-law. Their parents were talking to their aunt and uncle.
Dad: Three years since we been off that island.
Mom: Glad our children won't remember the moments we've had stranded on that island.
Uncle: Too bad I wasn't one of the ones stranded on that island.
Aunt: And you wouldn't want to be.
Mom: Just glad we came back here after all the strange events that have been occuring on that island. The dinosaurs were so friendly though.

Luigi: Hey Mario! Want to race to see who can fly faster?
Mario: Okay! From here to the cotton candy way over there!
Luigi: Okay! Ready?
Mario: Set go!
Mario ran ahead
Luigi: Hey you cheated! No fair!

The plant was surrounded by a fence. Their cousins Wario and Waluigi were at the same age. They went playing along the fence imagining an evil monster in that Plant (or to them it was a temple.)
Wario: We must get through the fence.
Waluigi: Don't worry. i, Super Waluigi will burn down this fence with my laser vision.
Of course nothing happened.

Meanwhile from way above the atmosphere, a giant meteor rock was heading towards their planet.

Mario: I'm going to beat you Luigi!
Mario looked at Luigi running behind him. Then he looked ahead and all of the sudden he smashed right into a Koopa kid (who was also at the same age). Luigi laughed as he continued to run.
Mario: Ow, my arm!
Koopa: Are you okay?
Mario checked the bruise on his arm. Then Luigi came back laughing.
Luigi: Ha ha, I beated you! Even when you got a head start!
Mario: That didn't count. I bumped into him.
Luigi: Hey there! What's your name?
Koopa: My name is Kerog. And you two are-?
Mario: I'm Mario.
Mario shook hands with Kerog.
Luigi: I'm his brother Luigi.
Luigi shook hands with Kerog.
Mario: Sorry I bumped into you.
kerog: I'm sorry too. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going.

King Toadstool spoke on the microphone which could be heard anywhere outside of the Plant.
King Toadstool: May I have your attention please! I have an announcement to make. All adults! Your children can play in the fields. My guards are surrounding this Plant so you don't have to worry about your young ones escaping.
All of the adults including Mario's parents went to where the King was giving his speech.
All of the adults (humans, koopas, and toads,) were at the edge on the outside on the Plant well the children had fun in the fields.

Then the meteor rock from above was passing through the atmosphere. It was heading right towards the Mushroom Kingdom.

King Toadstool: I just got to say this anniversary is much bigger than the last two years. I'm very happy that all of you could come here today.
While King Toadstool gave his speech, Peach was running here and there.
Peach: Look! That's a pretty dress!
James: Your Highness! May you please slow down!

Wario and Waluigi gave up trying to go through the fence.
Wario: I give up. Wish I was super strong .
Waluigi: So what do you want to do now Wario?
Wario: Bah! I don't know.
Waluigi looked up into the sky. But then suddenly, he sees a bright fire like meteor rock falling from the sky.
Waluigi: Wario! Look!
Wario: The toad in the clown costume?
Waluigi: No that thing in the sky!
Wario looked at where Waluigi was pointing to.
Wario: Whoa! What is that?

Mario, Luigi, and Kerog looked up into the sky too. It was a meteor rock falling from the sky.
The adults started to notice it too. The King went silent when he looked at what everyone was looking at.
Mom: What in the world?
King Toadstool: My god!

Peach: What is that?
James: Your Highness, we need to head back to your father right now!

Everyone watched the meteor rock as it was flying pass them. It hit the Plant and made a huge explosion.
Some people screamed. Wario and Waluigi made a ran for it incase the explosion spreads.
Then suddenly a bluish like explosion spread. It was spreading across the field slowly.
Then everyone was running away from the explosion. It was like nothing anyone has seen before.
The bluish explosion hit Wario and Waluigi.

King Toadstool: ARE YOU MAD?
Queen Toadstool: Our daughter is in that field. I must find her before she gets killed!
king Toadstool: She's with James. She'll be fine.

Peach and James were running as fast as they can.
James: Peach. We must find your father as soon as possi-
Peach screamed. A hamburger stand was bringing blown away from the explosion.
Peach: Come on! Let's go!
But James stood there. He had blood draining from his mouth. A sharp knife has stabbed him in the back. James kneeled to the ground.
Peach: JAMES!
James: Princess Peach. Run! Don't look back! Go!
Peach started to run. She had no choice but to let James suffer.
Peach ran as fast as she could. But then suddenly a wardrobe fell on top of her. She couldn't move.
Peach: HELP!

Meanwhile Mario, Luigi, and Kerog were running together to get away from the explosion. Luigi ran far ahead while Mario and Kerog were going at same speed behind Luigi.
Mario and Kerog stopped at the scream. They noticed Peach was trapped under the wardrobe.
Kerog looked over at the explosion and it was drawing nearer.
Kerog: I'm sorry but we won't have the time.
Mario: Wait! Kerog!
Kerog was already running ahead. Mario didn't know if he should run ahead or if he had time to save her.
Peach: Please! Help Me!
Mario couldn't just leave her there. he attempt to pick up the wardrobe but it was too heavy. Then suddenly Luigi appeared out of nowhere to help Mario lift the wardrobe up. Peach was just able to side out. They dropped it down as soon as she got out.
Peach: Thank you!
Mario: We better go, NOW!
The explosion was very close behind them.
Luigi: We are not going to make it!
They were too late. The explosion covered them.
Meanwhile, Kerog was triping as he ran up the hill. But he was too late too.
As soon as the explosion covered Kerog, the explosion faded away.

The adults started to look for their children who got hit by the explosion.
King Toadstool: Find my daughter!
Toads Guards: Yes your majesty!
The King walked further into the field. He noticed a pink dress covered under grass. But it wasn't his daughter. It was his wife.
King Toadstool: No! NO! Rose look at me! Don't leave me.
The Queen opened her eyes and saw her husband in his arms. But then she died out.
But there was nothing he could do. His wife is dead.
King Toadstool came running from his wife to his daughter.
Guard: She's still alive!
Her father kneeled down and held her in his arms.
King Toadstool: Peach?
Peach woke up slowly.
Peach: Daddy.

Meanwhile, Mario's parents came over as they found Mario and Luigi injured and covered in grass.
All of the adult were all along the field. Most of the children have survived for some lucky reason. Even Wario and Waluigi survived.
Mom: This is terrible. How could something like this happen?
Dad: I don't know.

After that day, nothing in the Mushroom Kingdom went okay. All was chaos.

Ten Years Later

The Mushroom Kingdom wasn't as friendly as it was before ten years ago.
Meanwhile on some random street in a small town called Toad Town, three young girls were selling some lemonade for one coin each cup. Two girls were human and the other was a toad.
Girl 1: Hopefully this will be enough money to pay the King the taxes he pushed against us.
Girl 2: What will he do if you don't pay it in time?
Girl 1: Then we will be punished and sentenced to life prison. Prison is the last thing I need to live my life.
Girl 3: Well we got to make sure that doesn't happen. We can get that money and save you and your family.
Girl 1: I'm glad you two are able to help.
???: Hey! I'll buy a cup of lemonade.
The three girls jumped. This guy in front of them is one of the King's enemies that the King is trying to hunt him and his twin brother down.
Girl 1: You're him! You're one of the Mario Brothers.
Mario: Indeed I am. I would like to buy a two glasses of lemonade please.
Girl 1: You know if they catch you, you will be sentence to execution?
Mario: I know that. But what's more important? Us or your family?
Girl 1: Both.
Mario: I would like to buy two glasses for my brother and I.
Girl 3: Where is your brother?
Mario: He's hiding.
So Mario payed the girls two coins for the two glasses of lemonade. He ran over to the hedge which lead to the haunted forest (which people avoided to enter.) Mario's younger twin brother was sitting on the other side taking the sip of the lemonade.
Luigi: Five years. Five years since our parents were executed.
Mario: And five years of us being street rats surviving the last four years of school.
Luigi: I just don't get why King Toadstool is doing this? He's going too far.
Mario: And I wouldn't doubt that. I just hope somebody kills him for everything he has done.
Mario took another sip of his lemonade.
So the Mario Brothers were street rats. The King is trying to find them to execute them along with their parents. Reason why he killed their parents is unknown. Their cousins were in prison and their aunt and uncle were execute along with the Mario's parents.

Meanwhile in the High School, Toad Town High, Kerog was now a teenager. He is a reporter who investigates the bizzarre and unexplained events that have been going on. He works with his girlfriend Kara and his other friend who was held in prison.
Kara: So Kerog, any luck on what happened to Tina?
Kerog: None. It was like she had vanished out of nowhere.
Kara: Well if this involves King Toadstool than we could have no chance of finding this missing girl.
Kerog: Kara. He was the one who putt us in an orphanage. If King Toadstool is torturing this girl then I would risk anything to stop him from harming this girl.
Kara: Well I would too Kerog but it's too dangerous. King Toadstool was no more Mr. Nice Guy after that nuclear explosion ten years ago.
Kerog: He has gone too far and I am not going to let him kill another innocent person.
Kara: I don't want him to either, but there is nothing we can do.
Kara went onto her computer. The headline news popped up first.
Kara: Oh no!
Kerog: What is it?
Kara: The Mushroom Kingdom. They caught the Mario Brothers.

Meanwhile the guards were carrying Mario and Luigi in the castle towards the throne room. Inside was a lot of people, and a bucket and axe next to a tilted wooden table.
The King walked in with Princess Toadstool (Peach) behind him.
Peach: Dad. I hate it when you do this. You should reconsider this.
King Toadstool: My dear child, how many times must I tell you. I am the King and I can do what I wish for.
Peach: But dad, this-
King Toadstool: No buts Peach! I will continue with this execution.
Nobody heard their conversation.
Mario and Luigi were pushed up against the wooden table. The executioners were beside them with their sharp axe.
King Toadstool: Mario and Luigi. You are here by sentence to execution for being a part of the secret society Staritas.
Luigi: Staritas?
Mario: We've never heard of Staritas.
King Toadstool: Lies. Someone has to be continuing it and it can only be you two.
Luigi: We don't even know what Staritas is.
King Toadstool: SILENCE! That will be your last words. EXECUTE THEM!
Mario and Luigi were pushed up against the table with the bucket below them. There was no escaping. They closed their eyes tight waiting for the moment of death.
The executioner held the axe back getting ready to cut their heads off.
Meanwhile Peach was feeling no good. It wasn't her pretending. Something felt strange.
King Toadstool: Are you alright my dear?
Peach: I don't feel good.
Then suddenly Peach let out a loud scream.
King Toadstool: Peach! What is it?
The executioners stopped before they could have a change to execute Mario and Luigi.
Mario and Luigi looked at the throne area. Peach was screaming in pain with her hands on her forehead.
King Toadstool: We'll execute them later. Send them to the dungeon.
The guards grabbed Mario and Luigi forcing them into the dungeon.
King Toadstool: Peach! What's wrong.
But she didn't answer. She went unconscious. However on her forehead, she had a mark burned into her forehead. The mark was the symbol of Staritas.

The next day, Mario and Luigi's charges didn't send them to execution. Instead, King Toadstool forced them into a torturous community service, until he finds out what is going on with his daughter.
Mario was tortured to clean the Mushroom Kingdom and Toad Town. Luigi was tortured to do the inside of the castle. They used whips to get them moving if they stopped. Everyday, Mario and Luigi would have blood on their back.
Mario: Three Days of being kidnapped. I can't putt up with this any longer.
Luigi: I just wonder what Staritas is.
Mario: I never heard of it.

Meanwhile, Kerog was at Kara's home.
Kerog: This our fault Kara. The reason why the Mario Brothers are in that castle is because of us.
Kara: We can't blame it on us. King Toadstool just lost control of his good side.
Kerog: Yeah but if you think about it, how many members of Staritas are still around?
Kara: What do you mean?
Kerog: Kara. Our parents were a part of Staritas. We've been continuing it undercover. According to the news, the Mario Brothers are stating that they don't know a thing about Staritas. It's not them they are looking for. They are looking for us. And every other member either was sentenced to death or prison.

The next day, Kerog went to a village known as the Koopa village which only Koopas live in. The village was smaller than Toad Town but this village was were he hidden all of the records of what was left of Staritas. He hid it under a stomp that looked real. He looked closely at the members on the list. According to him, all of the members that appeared on the list were either dead or in prison.

Meanwhile, Luigi was cleaning the windows in the castle. Mario was at the river cleaning graffiti under the bridge for the train. Just a little bit down the river was another bridge which was for cars.
Guard: Come on! Get that stuff off that wall.
Mario really wanted to snap back at the guard but doing so will give him a painful whip.
???: You three look bored.
Mario looked behind him. The two guards were looking around for the voice.
Guard: Who's there?
Then out of nowhere, a brick hit the two guards in the head.
The guards were both on the ground unconscious. Mario was looking around to see who did it.
Mario: Hello? Who's there!
But then out of nowhere, a brick hit Mario in the head.

When Mario come to focus he was tied up to a pole. The other two guards were still unconscious tied to the pole on the other side of the bridge.
???: Looks like the prisoner has finally awoken.
Mario looked to see who was in front of him. There was a floated match in front of him. Then the creatures became visible. It was three Boos. Boos were ghosts that haunt the Forever Forest. No one were daring enough to go into the Forever Forest. Those who do usually never come out to tell the story.
Mario: What do you want? What are you doing?
Boo 1: Why don't you look at what's one the ground.
Mario took a look. It looked wet. But when he took a sniff it smelled like gasoline. The he saw the one of the boos were holding a match.
Mario: Please. Spare our life. We can be your master's servants.
Boo 2: Our master has no need for mortal servants.

Meanwhile Kerog was driving in his car back home. The people at the Mushroom Kingdom could drive at the age of thirteen or over.

One of the Boos lit a match and dropped it onto the pavement. Fire was spreading everywhere.
Boo 1: Enjoy the ride!
Then the boos laughed and disappeared.
The fire was drawing nearer and nearer. The guards were still unconscious and Mario couldn't get himself out of the ropes tied around him.

Kerog was driving along the bridge. He noticed the fire that was under the other bridge.
Kerog: Oh my god!
Kerog pulled over and jumped out of his car.
Mario felt the strong heat of the fire as it got closer to him. The smoke was getting into his face and everything was getting hotter and hotter. Mario soon went feel asleep. There was no way he could escape.
But then suddenly Kerog jumped in to untie the ropes around Mario. Kerog dragged him far away from the fire has he possible could. He was going to go in and safe the guards but then the fire made exploded.
Kerog didn't have the chance to save the guards but he managed to safe Mario.
Kerog: You're the Mario Brothers?
But when Kerog checked to see if Mario was breathing, he wasn't.
Kerog gave Mario CPR. Mario gave a loud cough. Mario was able to breath again.
Mario: Who are you?
Kerog: I saved you before you got burned to state. I'm Kerog.
Mario: I'm-
Mario was still catching his breath.
Kerog: Mario. I know who you are. We better get out of here before they find us both.

Kerog drove down the road heading towards the Mushroom Kingdom.
Mario: What do they have against you?
Kerog: Nothing yet. We must go to my house. You can hind there until I figure something out.
Mario: No. We must get to the castle.
Kerog: But then they will kill us.
Mario: My brother is in that castle. I must tell them what really happened before they press the charge on us.
Kerog: Well, what really happened?
Mario told Kerog the whole story.

Luigi: I swear I don't know!
King Toadstool: Fine! Then maybe I shall execute you since you are no use to me.

Luigi approached to the table where he has going to lose his head.
Peach was not in at the throne with her father. She was in her room with her doctor examining the mark on her forehead.
King Toadstool: Luigi Mario. You are here by sentence to be executed for the explosion at the bridge.
Mario and Kerog came running in with the guards chasing them. They came to a stop next to Luigi.
King Toadstool: So you didn't get eradicated in that explosion.
Kerog: I saved his life. I was going to safe the guards but it was too late.
King Toadstool: So you dare to safe the criminal!
Kerog: He's not the criminal around here and nor are you.
Mario: The explosion was caused by Boos.
Silence went all over the room.
King Toadstool: Boos? Now that is the most ridiculous lie I have ever heard.
Kerog: IT'S NO LIE! I saw them when I came over to safe him.
That was actually a lie. Kerog didn't see the boos. But it was the only way to convince the King that the boos were there.
King Toadstool: Is that so?
Mario and Kerog shook their heads. Luigi was trying to figure out what was going on.
King Toadstool: Very well, tell me your story.
Mario and Kerog explained everything from their point of view.
King Toadstool: Very well. I'll hold your charges for later.
Mario: What?
King Toadstool: I shall give you a quest and you must do it.
Kerog: Yes your majesty?
King Toadstool: The three of you will go into the Forever Forest and do whatever you can to eradicate the boos.
The whole crowd went: What!?
Peach's professor interrupted: But sir, you can not kill a boo.
King Toadstool: I'm aware of that Professor.
When things started to become silent, the king spoke.
King Toadstool: If you complete this quest, you reward will be your freedom.
The guards released Luigi so he could stand up.
King Toadstool: You have forty-eight hours to complete your quest. Now go.
Kerog: We can go?
But the King didn't answer back.
Mario, Luigi, and Kerog started to walk slowly out the front door. They had a quest that they must complete.

Next Episode 'Quest'
Coming May 7th.

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 Post subject: Re: Mario Brothers Begin [Season 1]
PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 2:45 am 
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Episode 2 'Quest' Coming this Friday!

This Friday on Mario Brothers Begin!

Kara: You know King Toadstool is just trying to get you guys killed.
Kerog: I know that Kara.

Will they survive the quest?

They entered the old house were the front door was bursted down.

What danger lies ahead of them?

Kerog: Tina Bow!

Can they escape before it's too late?

Two rotating saws came towards the chain that was holding their cage up above the toxic.

He slapped Peach across the face.

Mario: KEROG!

King Boo: I have no interest in mortal servants.

Mario Brothers Begin
Episode 2 on May 7th
On the Richalvarez Fan Forums!

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 Post subject: Re: Mario Brothers Begin [Season 1]
PostPosted: Fri May 07, 2010 3:25 pm 
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Mario Brothers Begin

Episode 2

The Mario Brothers went to Kerog's house for the night. They had a big and impossible quest to accomplish.
Luigi: You know, whether he believes us or not, he just wants us dead.
Kerog: I sure I know that Luigi. But if we could actually do something about the boos, than we will be able to clear our charges.
Mario: I'm sorry you got involved in this.
Kerog: Well it's my fault you guys were wanted dead or alive in the first place.
Mario: What? No it isn't.
Kerog: Come inside.
Mario and Luigi stepped inside Kerog's house and took their shoes off.
Kerog: Maybe you guys should take a shower. I can wash your clothes for you.
Mario: Huh. Shower. Haven't took those in a long time.
Kerog: We'll talk about our charges later, for now, you guys should take a nice warm shower.
Luigi: Thanks Kerog.
Kerog: Well we are in this together. If we work together to clear our charges than everything will go back to normal.

Mario took a long shower first. Then Luigi went second as Mario was waiting for their clothes to dry.
Kerog, at a young age was living on his own. His house was simple and clean, one floor, three rooms for bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a room where he watches television.
Kerog made them spaghetti. Not the best spaghetti they've had but better than nothing.
After spaghetti, Kerog gave Mario and Luigi a bag of original chips.
Mario: I forget how these things.
Kerog: Well there's two ways you can do it. You can either pull the sides of the bag or just squeeze the end of it.
Mario pulled the two ends of the chip bag and it opened perfectly. Luigi squeeze the top and-
Kerog: Uh, Luigi wait! You need to-
But then Luigi's popped the bottom open and chips fell out from the bottom.
Luigi: Oh great!
Then suddenly Kerog opened his chip bag with a pair of scissors.
Luigi: Oh, you could have told us that method!

Kerog took a shower later trying to make the water hot since the Mario Brothers used it all up.
Luigi grabbed a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water from the tap. Suddenly they heard Kerog screaming in the bathroom.

Kerog: So you guys can sleep here.
Kerog extended the couch witch made it into a bed for two.
Mario: So Kerog. You haven't told us why you were blaming yourself for what happened to us.
Kerog: Oh yeah. Well, how much of Staritas do you know?
Mario: None.
Kerog: Whoa! Then you guys have a lot to learn about it.
Luigi: Well what is it?
Kerog: Well to tell you the truth, I don't know much about it myself but what I do know is that it was supposed to be a secret society that was supposed to prevent this dark prophecy of some sort from happening. I don't know what it is or how they knew it was going to happen but the nuclear explosion ten years ago had something to do with it.
Mario: That nuclear explosion at the Mushroom Kingdom's Plant?
Kerog: Yeah.
Mario: We were there!
Luigi: But that was when we were like four years old. I don't remember much of it.
Kerog: I was there too. My parents told me about it before they were executed.
Mario: Sorry to hear that.
Kerog: Well it's not your fault. The nuclear explosion killed King Toadstool's wife and almost his daughter.
Luigi: Oh my god!
Kerog: Yeah so he kind of lost his good side since that day. That nuclear explosion had something to do with Staritas trying to prevent it from happening. But they failed to stop it.
Mario: But no one could stop a meteor rock falling from the sky. I mean it can't have a direct target on where it wants to land. How do they know that was going to happen?
Kerog: My thoughts exactly. But since that day, King Toadstool blamed it all on Staritas and started to eradicate every member who were a part of it. Including the children who's parents were a part of it.
Mario: Wait! Are you saying our parents were a part of Staritas?
Kerog: I don't know. But my parents were.
Luigi: Things are becoming clearer now.
Kerog: Yeah? Well wait till you see what my best friend and I have discovered.
Mario: What is it?
Kerog: I'll show you guys another day. For now, we need our sleep. We got a quest to complete tomorrow.
Then suddenly, somebody opened the front door.
Kara: KEROG!
Kerog: Kara!
Kara ran towards the kitchen where Kerog was running through. Kerog and Kara gave a big hug.
Kara: Thank goodness you are okay! I read the headline. You could have been killed.
Kerog: I'm fine Kara. I'm right here in one piece.
They gave another hug.
Kara: So these are the Mario Brothers?
Mario and Luigi were just around the corner.
Kara: I'm Kara.
Mario: Mario.
Luigi: Luigi.
They shook hands with her.
Kara: So the news said you were lying to the King about the boos causing the explosion.
Kerog: It's not a lie! They were there.
Kara: I know that. That's just what the news said. But then they said Toadstool was giving you three a quest you had to complete to clear your charges. Fight the boos in the Forever Forest.
Kerog: Yeah.
Kara: You know he's just trying to get you guys killed. You can't kill a boo, but they can kill you.
Kerog: I know. But we have no choice. And if there is a chance of getting rid of them once and for all, then they won't be able to harm us anymore.
Kara: Kerog, it's not going to be that easy.
Then Mario stepped into their conversation.
Mario: We know that. It will be a risk.
Kara: Let me come with you guys.
Kerog: Kara, it's too dangerous.
Kara: I've experience danger before Kerog.
Kerog: That's not the point, this quest was for the Mario Brothers and I to complete.

Meanwhile back at the Mushroom Kingdom, King Toadstool was talking with the doctor.
Doctor: It seems that the mark wasn't a burn. It's was more like a tattoo under her skin.
King Toadstool: Are you able to removed the tattoo.
Doctor: If I had your permission to do so. But since this mark just magically appeared on her, I can't tell if there is a way to removed it without hurting her.
King Toadstool: Okay. That will be all for today. Come back next afternoon. I want that mark to be removed.
Doctor: Yes your majesty. Good night.
The doctor headed out the door. The king went inside Peach's room to check up on her.
King Toadstool: Are you okay my dear?
Peach: I feel fine. What did the doctor say?
King Toadstool: He said that he doesn't know what could have happened. But he's return in the afternoon to see if he can find a way to get the mark off.
Peach: Dad. If he can't take this mark off, I'll be fine with it for a while.
King Toadstool looked at her forehead. The Staritas symbol was black. It looked more of a tattoo than a burn since she recently got it.
Peach: Why did you do it dad?
Peach was looking at the headline on the newspaper about her father sending the Mario Brothers and Kerog to the Forever Forest.
King Toadstool: What do you mean?
Peach: You send these fourteen year old teens on a dangerous and impossible quest? Why are you doing this dad?
King Toadstool: I don't need to explain myself Peach.
Peach: Well maybe you do! Dad, every person I saw you execute makes me wonder if you are even my real father.
King Toadstool: They committed crimes Peach.
King Toadstool: Peach! Just calm down.
Peach: Well, what is there to calm down about? I've been researching dad. Most of those people you killed committed no crime. It's all because they are a part of this secret society. The society of the mark I have right here!
Peach pointed out the symbol of Staritas on her forehead.
King Toadstool: I'm not sure where you are getting your information from. But you need to stay out of it.
King Toadstool: I didn't say you were a child my dear. Staritas is nothing now.
King Toadstool: Peach! I have reasons to end Staritas. Staritas is our enemy.
Peach: Last I check, Staritas was a secret society who wanted to prevent evil from happening.
King Toadstool: And their failure destroyed us. I must end Staritas for what they did.
King Toadstool: I don't have to listen to this.
King Toadstool: SILENCE PEACH!
King Toadstool: SHUT UP!
He slapped Peach across the face. Her lip was bleeding She was scared to look at her father. He looked at her realizing he hurt his own daughter.
King Toadstool: Peach, I'm-
Peach: That's the last time you will ever touch me!
But before she could leave her room her father spoke.
King Toadstool: I'm not going to let you walk away Peach.
Peach: I may have not have known my mother so much. But I know she wouldn't have wanted this.
Her father didn't say a word. He thought over the lines of what she said.
Peach opened her door and left her room.
King Toadstool: Peach, I'm-
She headed down the stairway and out the door. She was running away.
King Toadstool: What have I done?

The next morning, Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Kara had breakfast at the table together talking about how they are going to do this quest. Kara thought of rejections but that wouldn't help them clear their charges. The only thing they thought of needing is flashlights when it gets dark. Luigi wanted to go with Kara's rejection ideas but that won't help them.

Mario, Luigi, and Kerog got their stuff ready to head into the Forever Forest. Kara was to stay behind since it wasn't her charges she had to clear.
The townspeople surrounded them were watching and asking questions to them as they walked into the entrance of the Forever Forest. They ignored all of the questions as they walked into the Forest. They crowd behind them were still watching but they didn't go any farther.
Soon the crowd was out of sight. They walked deeper into the Forever Forest. It was true what those who came out have said. The Forever Forest gets dark the farther you go into it, (even when it's bright outside of the forest above the trees.)
Kerog: No wander why this is a great place for them to inhabit.
It was getting too dark, they had to used flashlights.
Luigi: This really sucks.
They went so far ino the forest that they couldn't see any sign of light of where the entrance is.
Kerog: Guys! Over here!
Kerog was too far ahead. Mario and Luigi hurried up to reach Kerog.
Kerog: Look at that!
Mario and Luigi looked at what Kerog was pointing to. It seemed to be an old wrecked house.
Luigi: This is getting scary guys.
Kerog: Come on. You've got to proceed ahead.
Kerog was more determined than Mario and Luigi was. Luigi was scared of every step they made.
They entered the old house were the front door was bursted down. Inside looked like what any other abandoned old house in the middle of a forest would look like.
Kerog looked behind every corner. Mario looked here and there. Luigi was too scared to look. He knew a boo was just going to pop out at any second. Luigi notice beds at the far side of the wall. He looked under a bed sheet and-
Luigi: HA!
Luigi fell to the ground making Mario and Kerog notice.
Luigi: God!
Mario shined his flashlight on the bed. It was a skeleton.
Mario: Well this is sure getting creeper and creeper by the minute.
Then out of nowhere, Kerog got knocked out by a pipe.
Mario: KEROG!
Luigi: Mario! We need to get out of here now!
Mario looked ahead behind Kerog. There were a at least four boos in front of him.
Boo: Our king will be pleased.
Then suddenly everything went black.

Kerog: Mario! Mario! Can you hear me?
Mario: What happened? Are we dead?
Luigi: Not yet.
Mario observed around him. They were in an underground tunnel in a big cage. There were boos surrounding them as if they were getting ready for a show. Below them was a green pool that looked deadly. And on the other side of them was a young toad in another cage.
Mario: Who is that girl over there?
Kerog: Tina Bow.
Mario: Not her!
Kerog: You know her?
Mario: She's a b¡tch.
Then suddenly, [Music] a straight line of boos came from a door. Behind those line of boos was a boo with a red jewel crown, with red eyes, and a blue tongue.
Kerog: You're the King! Aren't you.
King Boo: Yes. I am king of all boos.
Then all of the boos at once said: Hail King Boo!
King Boo: Wake the girl up!
Two boos obeyed. They scared Tina Bow awake making her scream really loud.
King Boo: Good. Now who should I start with first?
Mario: What ever you are doing, keep her out of this. Do whatever you want to us.
Luigi: Mario! What are you-?
King Boo: Grahahaha! I don't give mortals any mercy.
Tina: Please! Just let us out of here!
King Boo: No problem! How about we- DROP YOU DOWN!
Then all of the boos gave an evil laugh. What was this green liquid below them supposed to do?
King Boo: What you see below you is a toxic that will make you become one of us. You will have no care about what you were before.
Kerog: No! Just let her go! It's us you want the most!
Boo: Yes sir!
Suddenly on each end of the walls, two rotating saws came towards the chain that was holding their cage up above the toxic.
Tina: No please!
King Boo: I have no interest in mortal servants.
King Boo: Okay! I'll let her go!
Then Tina's rotating saw went faster than theirs'
Mario and Kerog: NO!
Luigi was too scared to speak or do anything. He knew that they were going to die.
Tina: No!
Kerog: She's just a child! Let her go!
But it was too late. The saw was already making sparks above her cage. The cage tilted over and the boos laughed and cheered. Tina was really freaking out!
Tina: No! Please! Don't do this to me!
But then the chain was cut. Tina and her cage fell into the toxic below.
Kerog: NO!
Mario: What kind of sick-minded ghost are you?
Then they heard sparks above their cage. Their cage was about to fall into the toxic below.
Then out of nowhere an evil female laugh filled the room.
King Boo: She's became one of us now! She will now live immortal haunting this forest and beyond.
Mario, Luigi, and Kerog looked closely at the area where Tina and her cage fell in. They would have expected a white boo to come out but all they saw was something green coming out of the toxic.
King Boo: Wait a second? What's going on?
Then suddenly, a green boo floated above the toxic. Was it really Tina?
King Boo: What happened?
Tina: You took my life away from me and now, I'm going to take yours away.
King Boo: Grahahahaha, you can't take my life away! I am immortal!
Then the cage Mario, Luigi, and Kerog were in tilted over.
King Boo: What? You think you can stop me and save them? Impossible for you.
Tina: I'm counting on it.
Tina zoomed over to the boo controlling the saws. She hit the stop button right in time when a few more cuts could have dropped The Mario Brothers and Kerog in the toxic.
King Boo: STOP HER!
But then Tina flew right over to King Boo and touched his face. His face glowed.
King Boo: AHHHH! What are you?
But then King Boo was surrounded by a glow of light. Then he disappeared in a puff.
Tina: Anyone else?
Then all of the boos evacuated.
Kerog: That was easy. Now how are we going to get out of here?
Then Tina lowered them down as she made a floor cover the toxic pool below. She opened the cage so they could get out.
Luigi: Oh mamma mia! I thought we were going to die there.
Kerog: Thanks Tina! But what about you?
Tina: I'm afraid it's too late for me. I'm dead.
Mario: Don't say that! If there is a way to reverse this then-
Tina: There isn't! I have to be a boo forever. It's too late for me. You guys need to go!
Kerog: No Tina! Not until we figure something out.
Tina: But King Boo can be back any second now!
Luigi: What!?
Mario: I thought that light killed him.
Tina: No. He's still out there. You must get going before he comes back. Go!
They didn't want to argue. But it's true. It's too late to save Tina now.

They made it back to Kerog's house. They rest on the couch thinking about what had happened.
Kara: I'm glad you guys are okay!
Mario: Yeah! Hopefully it's enough to clear our charges.
Kara: Well King Toadstool may not be thinking about that right now.
Kerog: What do you mean?
Kara: Take a look at this!
Kara handed Kerog the newspaper.
Kerog: Princess Toadstool had gone missing last night.
Luigi: What!?
Kara: My guess is that she either may have been kidnapped or something else has happened to her.

Before they went to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Kerog alone went into the Forever Forest to find Tina.
They found her in a wide open space with a crowd of boos.
Tina: I'll deal with them. Start building.
Mario: What's going on here?
Tina: I'm building myself a mansion.
Kerog: Really!
Tina: And I recruited some boos who weren't on King Boo's side to be on my side. I'm going to do what ever it takes to make the Mushroom Kingdom a better place. If King Boo is still out there somewhere, I'll be ready for him.
Mario: Are you sure you want to do this Tina?
Tina: Call me Bow. It's my last name. Prefer that than my first name. And yes I'm sure. You guys don't need to worry about me.
Kerog: But you were forced to become a boo and that's not fair.
Tina Bow: Well honestly, I think I can manage this. Besides, I don't even know my real parents. I'm an orphan.
Mario: Sorry to hear about that!
Tina Bow: It's okay. Doesn't bother me. Now that I am starting new, I'll make sure I can protect the Mushroom Kingdom. You guys can just return back to Mushroom Kingdom. And can you promise me one thing?
Mario: What is it?
Tina Bow: Make sure, King Boo doesn't harm anyone else.
Mario: Okay. We promise.
Tina Bow: Well, I have a mansion to built. Good bye!
Tina flew off into the forest.
Mario: Okay! Good-bye. Bow.

Mario and Kerog walked towards the entrance. Then out of nowhere, a boo made Mario trip.
Kerog: Mario!
Mario: Get off me!
The boo was pulling him off the trail. Then out of nowhere, a light made the boo vanished away.
Kerog looked behind him. It was Luigi with the flashlight.
Luigi: Mario! Are you okay?
Mario: Yeah. Thanks Luigi!
Luigi: No problem.

They rested the whole night at Kerog's house. Kara meanwhile was researching on her computer.
She opened up a file with a background saying, Staritas G.2.
On the page contained a lot of people. She opened up the file of Tina Bow and changed the statuses on her.
She typed down 'Yes' in the box below the line that said, 'Nuclear Effected.'

Next Episode 'Staritas'
Coming May 14th

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Episode 3

How can you find a missing princess who ran away?

King Toadstool: Ever since that nuclear explosion I thought I was doing something good for the kingdom by disposing Staritas. But I was wrong.

The two guys thrown Peach in the back of their truck and speeded off.

Violet: My name is Violet. I am the last survivor of Staritas.

Peach: Help! Is someone out there!

Teen: In time princess, you'll see that we are doing this for your own good.

Violet: Staritas was a secret society that was going to prevent an evil soul that was coming.


Violet: It was suppose to find a host. A host that it could take over. And become the evil king that would rule this land.

Kerog: We'll find Princess Peach. But how can we get her back?

Violet: Don't let your emotions get ahead of you Mario or you might do something you will regret.

Mario Brothers Begin
This Friday May 14th
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(Sorry for the delayed Episode)

Mario Brothers Begin

Episode 3

Peach was alone in a dark alley. She had no money, food, or anything with her. She took some leftover chicken from the garbage with tasted horrible. She just couldn't live in an alley for long. Nor does she want to return back to the kingdom.
Teen: Hey Princess.
Peach jumped scared. An teenage human was walking up to her.
Peach: Who are you? I am not who you think I am.
Teen: Princess Toadstool. Daughter of the king.
Peach: If you are wanting the two thousand coins from my father, I am not going back.
Teen: And you don't need to. That's not what I want to do.
Then out of nowhere, another teen behind her covered her face in a cloth.
Peach was screaming as loud as she can trying to fight the guy behind her.
Teen: Shhh!
Then Peach went unconscious.
Teen: We got her!
Then suddenly a truck pulled in with loud music. There were two teenagers, one toad who was the driver and koopa in the front. The two guys thrown Peach in the back of their truck and speeded off cheering!
[End Music]

Kara didn't get to bed until five in the morning. Kerog woke up to start breakfast. Everyone was all tired after the quest. No one could stay awake.
Luigi: I didn't sleep well.
Mario: Too many bruises to have a good-night sleep.
Luigi: Are you sure Tina is okay with this new impact on her life? I mean this is huge.
Kerog: There's nothing we can do to help her.
Mario: But what I don't understand is, why did she have her mind of her own after she was affected by that toxic. Not to mention she turned green instead of white. What was different about her compared to King Boo's previous victims?
Kerog: I don't know. But before I even meant you guys, Kara and I have been investigating where Tina could have been. We checked everywhere on every street. The Elementry and High School in Toad Town. And we had no luck. Until we began our quest in the Forever Forest.
Luigi: What do you guys do anyways?
Kerog: Well. When Kara gets up, we'll both tell you guys everything.
Then somebody was knocking on the door.
Kerog: I'll get that.
Kerog opened the door to find a toad guard outside.
Guard: Is the Mario Brothers here?
Kerog: Yeah. We have done the quest and we got a lot to explain about.
Guard: That's not what I am here for. Your quest was cleared before you even entered that Forest. King Toadstool has another quest for you guys.

King Toadstool: I'm glad you guys came.
Kerog: We completed the quest you gave us your ma-
King Toadstool: You're not here talk about. Your charges are cleared.
Mario: Really?
King Toadstool: So you guys are free now. But I have another problem. You may have read the paper about my daughter.
Kerog: Read it this morning. I'm sorry for what happened to her.
King Toadstool: It's not your fault. It's mine. I hit her.
The three of them jumped in surprised.
King Toadstool: Ever since that nuclear explosion I thought I was doing something good for the kingdom by disposing Staritas. But I was wrong. Instead, it turned me into some sort of monster.
The three of them couldn't believe what they were hearing. Was this really the King thinking about his mistakes for a change.
King Toadstool: If you guys can get my daughter back. I''ll reward you a better life. I'll provide you twins a home and a school to go to.
Mario: Well, we missed eighth grade. So that means-
King Toadstool: No, you two will be in freshmen year just like your koopa friend here.
Kerog: We'll find Princess Peach. But how can we get her back?
King Toadstool: Please tell her that I want to forgive her. I love her and I don't want her to remember me for what I have done.

Kara: But Princess Peach can be anywhere.
Kerog: But the question is, where?
Then somebody knocked on the door.
Mario answered it. There was a women who looked oddly familiar.
???: Hey, are you the Mario Brothers.
Mario: Why?
???: My name is Violet. I am the last survivor of Staritas.

Meanwhile in an unknown building, Peach found herself tied to a metal chair that was molted in the ground. Everything was dark and dusty. She noticed two windows above her which was the only thing giving light.
Peach: Help! Is someone out there!
???: Need a little help princess?
Peach looked at a door that just opened. It was one of the teenagers that kidnapped her.
Peach: What are you doing?
Teen: I'm saving you.
Peach: Saving me from what?
Teen: Your father. Who knows what he will do to you when he find you. I wouldn't like to imagine the results now would you?
Peach: My father, would never kill me! I ran away because I was scared.
Teen: Well, maybe we might be able to take care of you for a while until your father quits looking for you.
Peach: I would rather live in that castle then be in this dark room with you.
Teen: Come on princess, don't think of this as a prison. Think of it as a way to save you.
Peach: If you were to save me, why am I tied to a chair right now!
Teen: Because, I need you to understand before you overreact. You'll be safe here for now. Me and my friends mean you no harm.
Peach: Like you expect me to believe that?
Teen: In time princess, you'll see that we are doing this for your own good.

Kara: So you are the only survivor of Staritas left?
Violet: Unfortunately yes. You four seem to know a bit about Staritas.
Kerog: Not really.
Luigi: My brother and I learned about it a few days ago.
Violet: You four are so adorable. You look so much like your parents.
Mario: You knew our parents?
Violet: Why yes. We were best friends in high school and we were all a part of Staritas.
Mario: So are parents were really a part of it.
Violet: Since the nuclear explosion ten years ago, he blamed it all on Staritas. He killed everyone, one by one.
Mario: Including our parents.
Violet: Don't let your emotions get ahead of you Mario or you might do something you will regret.
Kerog: But I don't understand why he is going after the children who were not a part of Staritas?
Violet: King Toadstool believes that you guys are the next generation of Staritas.
Kara: Actually, we kind of are.
Violet: What do you mean dear?
Kara: The Mario Brothers don't know this yet. Should we tell them Kerog.
Kerog: They should know.
Kara: Since seventh grade, Kerog and I have been investigating the weird and unexplained events that have been going on since the nuclear explosion spreaded all over the people who have survived. We discovered a little bit of Staritas but we have no clue about what it is about. What we do know is that those people have been affected by that nuclear explosion have been mutated.
Violet: Mutated? I didn't know that! That explains everything.
Mario: Explains what? There are still things we don't know.
Violet: I'm affected. I caused the mark on Peach.
Everyone: What!?
Violet: I thought it could be the best chance to kept your executions on hold.
Mario: So you saved us by creating that mark on her forehead.
Violet: Yes. That was me.
Everyone stood in silence thinking about everything that they talked about.
Kerog: I want to know what Staritas is. What was the main purpose of it?
Violet: Staritas was a secret society that was going to prevent an evil soul that was coming.
Mario: An evil soul?
Violet: This soul was kept in a sacred rock out in space. The one that hit the plant ten years ago.
Kara: So this soul mutated people who were affected?
Violet: That wasn't the main purpose. It was suppose to find a host. A host that it could take over. And become the evil king that would rule this land.
Everyone was still trying to accept what she said. An evil soul in a host.
Kara: Who's the host?
Violet: That what we don't know yet. But that explosion killed King Toadstool's wife that made him eradicate us because of his loss.
Kara: But there was nothing Staritas could have done.
Violet: You are right but without knowing who the host is, we are probrably too late.

Some time in the afternoon, Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Kara went looking for princess Peach throughout Toad Town which was the closes town to the kingdom. They had no luck finding her.
In the mushroom kingdom surroundings, there were lots of locations and towns. Toad Town was supposed to be for toads but even koopas and human live in this town. The Koopa Village is small and only had koopas living in this small village. And the other town was known as Vista Hill, which was more populated by the humans but toads and koopas live there too. Toad Town is the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom. Kerog lives just on the edge of Vista Hills. Each town has one Elementry and High School.
There was no luck finding Peach.

Peach: Hello! Is someone outside that door?
The door opened and the same teenager came in.
Teen: Yes princess?
Peach: I need to get to a bathroom. I promise I won't run.
Teen: Okay. Anything for someone as pretty as you. And by the way, you can call me Anthony.
So the teen Anthony lead Peach straight to the washroom.
Anthony: Let me know when you are done.
Peach: Okay.

Kerog: I can't find her anywhere!
Kara: Well we got to keep searching.
Kerog: Where did Mario and Luigi go?
Kara: They're downtown.
The two kept together as they looked around.
Kara: Oh my god!
Kerog: What happened?
Kara: Look at this headline.
Kara handed Kerog the newspaper.
Kerog: Four teenage girls went missing in the last week. But how does this have to do with Peach?
Kara: Well what if she fell victim just like these other four girls.
Kerog: Don't you think you are just jumping to conclusions? I mean anything could have happened to Peach.

Anthony: Are you done yet? Princess! Hello?
There was no answer. Anthony looked under the door and saw no feet.
Anthony: What are you doing in there!?
Anthony tried to open to door but it was locked on the inside.
Anthony: Princess! Are you in there?
He went over to the cupboard next to the washroom and took an axe out of the cupboard. He broke down the door with the axe and broke into the washroom. Peach wasn't here. He looked at the ladder that was just below the vents. The vent was opened above.
Meanwhile Peach was crawling through the vents trying to find a way out. But the best luck she could get was only one unlocked vent that lead into a garage.
Peach tried to find a way outside, but there didn't seem to be a door. Then she turned around a corner and-
Peach: AHHH!
Peach let out a big scream. There were four dead naked blooded teenage girls in plastic bags. Then suddenly out of nowhere, Anthony knocked Peach out with a pipe.
Anthony: You've seen too much princess.

Later that night, Kara was out to investigate well Mario, Luigi, and Kerog ate dinner.
Kara thought of an idea that might lead Kerog and the Mario Brothers to were Peach is.
???: Hello there baby! Need some help!
Then a teenage koopa came out of the fog. Kara noticed this guy from high school. Then suddenly, two humans and a toad come from both directions in the alley
Kara: What have you done with Peach?
Anthony: I'm sorry, but we don't recall anyone name Peach.
Kara: Don't lie to me. My hutches are never wrong. Where is Princess Peach?

Violet: She'll be alright. Princesses are survivors.
Mario: But where could she have gone? Somewhere far away that she is in an unknown place or something?
Kerog: At least the Forever Forest would be a good place to hide now.
Luigi: Are you kidding me! That's the last place I would go.
Violet: You guys are so much like your fathers.
Kerog: Thanks.
Then suddenly, Kerog's GPS rang.
Mario: What is it?
Kerog: It's Kara! She send me a tracking device to some building in Vista Hills.
Mario: Did she find Peach?
Kerog: I don't know. But we better get going.
Violet: Hold on! I'll go. It will be too dangerous for you three.
Mario: It's because we are fourteen isn't it? We survived dangers before.
Violet: Just because you survived a dangerous moment does not mean you will survive the next. Your parents wouldn't want to see you get hurt.
Kerog: Violet. We can do this. Besides, the king will give us a better life if we find the princess.
Violet: That's not the point! You are too young to experience more pain in life than you already have.
Kerog: Pain is a part of life. Besides we can take this.
Mario: My brother and I have survived on the streets for over a year after our parents died five years ago. This moment will be not so bad for us compared to those days on the streets being searched for.
Violet: I just don't want you three to get hurt. Or even worse.

Meanwhile, Kara woke up with somebody telling her to wake up.
Peach: Are you okay?
Kara looked closely around. She was tied to a pole with her shell causing pain on her back, and Peach was in a chair tied up too.
Kara: Where are we?
Peach: I don't know. I tried to escape but I got caught.
Kara: You're Princess Peach?!
Peach: Yes. I am. And you are?
Kara: Kara. I am friends of the Mario Brothers and Kerog.
Peach: Did they survive the quest my father gave them?
Kara: Yes. But their quest and charges were cleared after you ran away.
Peach: I had to. I don't want to explain why.
Kara: I already know why. What your father did was the most terrible thing he could have ever imagine. All he want now is you back and to forgive him for everything he has done.
Peach: How do you know this?
Kara: I've been helping the Mario Brothers along with Kerog to complete their quest.
Peach: Kerog? Is that the name of the koopa?
Kara: He's my best friend. And-
Then suddenly the door opened with Anthony and the koopa teenager coming inside.
Kara: What are you doing Alex?
Alex is the name of the koopa.
Alex: Just trust us Kara, so no one will get hurt.
Kara: Get hurt? You guys stole Peach and I off the streets!

Mario, Luigi, and Kerog ditched Violet to get to the building.
Kerog: Here it is.
Luigi: Now I would prefer this than the Forever Forest.
Mario went to open the door.
Mario: It's locked.
Kerog: Well let's try the other side.
The went over to the other side of the building and found two doors. The first one was locked but the second one was wide open.
Kerog: We got to sneak in.
They looked at what was inside. It was a stoned hallway with pipes on the roof.
Kerog: Let's go!
The three of them entered cautiously looking both ways.
Luigi: Never mind. This is creepy too.
Mario and Kerog: Shhh!
???: Hey! Who are you?
A teenage toad and human held a hammer in their hands walking towards them.
Kerog: I'm sorry, but I think we are lost.
Teen: Go back out the way you came.
Then Kerog punched the human teen in the face. Mario and Luigi rushed over to fight the other. Luigi ducked below the hammer swing. Mario tackled the hammer trying to rip it out of his hands. The teen behind them was still fighting Kerog. Mario got punched in the stomach, Luigi throw a punch at the teen's face which made Mario rip the hammer out of his hands. Mario made a fist around the hammer and punched the teen out.
The two were both unconscious on the ground.
Kerog: Good job guys! Let's keep moving.

Kara: Don't worry Peach. We will eventually get out of here.
Peach: But nobody knows we're here.
Then the door bursted right open. Mario came running in.
Mario: Kara! Peach!
Then suddenly Anthony punched Mario to the ground. Then right behind Anthony, Luigi punched Anthony out with his fist tight around the hammer.
Kerog: Kara!
Kara: Kerog! Look out!
Alex used a pole with a sharp end and almost stabbed Kerog. Mario punched Alex down to the ground and Kerog slammed dunk on Alex making his face hit the ground quick and hard.
Peach: Thanks guys!
Mario: No problem. We'll get you out of here.
Mario and Luigi went to untie Peach as Kerog went to untie Kara.
Kerog: If Kara didn't send us a tracking signal, who knows what would have happened to you two.
Peach: I wouldn't want to imagine it.
???: Nor would I.
Everyone looked quickly at the door. It was Violet.
Mario: Violet?
Violet: You guys are sure stronger than I expected.
Peach: Who are you?
Violet: I'm Violet. I am the last survivor of Staritas.
Peach: The last one?! I thought my father got everyone already!
Violet: Everyone thought that. But I was a spy. My name did not appear on the list. But I was a member of Staritas.
Peach: Wow!
Peach touched the mark of Staritas on her forehead.
Violet: I'm sorry about the mark.
Peach: It's not your fault.
Violet: Actually it is. I was the one who made the mark.
Violet looked at the wall and suddenly a burning mark appeared right on the wall of a happy face.
Peach: You did this?
Violet: My apologies. I did it to save the Mario Brothers.
Peach: Oh! Well, I forgive you. At least you did it to save them instead of a prank.
Violet: I can remove it for you.
Peach: You can?
Violet: I can only remove the marks I make. Do you want me to remove it?
Peach: Oh! Yes please!
Violet looked towards the mark on her forehead. Then suddenly, it vanished like magic.
Luigi: Whoa!
Peach: Is it gone?
Mario: Yes.
Then suddenly they heard something slimly. Violet was breathing hardly.
Mario: Violet!
Peach: Oh my god!
Violet had blood running out of her mouth and blood over her stomach area. Behind her was Anthony holding a the sharp pole in her back. He withdrawn it making the blood spill everywhere.
Peach screamed. Kara holded on tight to Kerog. Luigi stood behind Mario.
Peach: How could you do such a thing?!
Anthony: I'm sorry princess. But I'm going to have to kill you all.
He let out a big rage pointing the pole at Mario. But then suddenly, Anthony got hit by Violet's burning power. He fell to the ground with the half side of him burned.
Mario: Violet?! [Music]
Violet was trying to speak but she couldn't breath.
Violet: You are so much like your mother and father. Take care of yourselves!
Kerog: Violet! Can you hear me? We are going to get you some help.
But then Violet gave her last breath. She died with her eyes still open.
Peach and Kara were both crying.
Mario: Violet?!

Later the next day, Peach returned to her father. They told him everything and he apologized to Peach about everything he has done.

Then later that day they went to Violet's funeral. Surprisingly there were a lot of people who came to her funeral. It was because they wanted to say good-bye to the last member of Staritas. This funeral meant that Staritas is now dead. Also at the funeral, King Toadstool gave some words.
King Toadstool: For all of the members of Staritas who died, I hope for them to rest in peace. I ruined lives since the day of the nuclear explosion ten years ago. My wife died trying to find Peach. Peach survived. I blamed it on Staritas for what had happened. I thought disposing Staritas would have made changed things for the good but I was wrong. I've only made things worse. (He cried a little bit.) And I can never take what I have done back. If I could changed everything I would, but it won't be possible. I can only give my apologizes for everyone I ruined. The best I can do is release the member's children and provide them a home with a school to go to. I hope for Violet and all of the other members of Staritas to rest in peace. And I want to say to everyone.......... I'm sorry. I am truly sorry for everything I have done.
King Toadstool walked away from the grave towards his limousine. Peach remained with Mario and his friends around the grave. They each took a some dirt and slowly sprinkle it on the coffin where Violet's rests.

Coming Soon
Episode 4

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Episode 4

Vista Hills High. Home of the Marauders.

Mario: I don't think I'd be able to jump off wall to wall, even if my life depended on it.

Vikings in Vista Hills?

Kerog: Well, as people say, the Vikings were the first to discover this land over 500 years ago.

However some ancient traditions

Jason: You three shall pay for what you have done to me.

The Coach chased Luigi down the dark hallway.

Can ruin one's life

Allen: So who's going to be the Marauder spirit this year?
Mario fell to the ground unconscious.
Mario had a big red 'M' on his chest
Troy: Mario.


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[Tip: If these episodes are too long for you to read, print them out if you want.]

Episode 4

The days in the Mushroom Kingdom could have never been better. Life in the Mushroom Kingdom has changed since King Toadstool got his daughter Peach back. He released non-criminal prisoners (all children or teenagers) from his dungeon and used his power to provide them a small home and a school. The Mario Brothers even got their own house in Vista Hills right next door to Kerog's house. [Music]
Today was the first day of high school for Mario and Luigi. Even though it's the second week of school, all they wanted is to get in school.
Mario and Luigi made their way to the high school. Vista Hills High. Home of the Marauders.
Luigi: This is awesome! Homework instead of living on the streets.
Mario: Well it's better than living out on the streets.
They walked towards the front doors. People around them were talking to each other about them as they passed. Teenagers from human, to koopa, to toad were all watching them as they went into the doors.
Luigi: This is interesting.
Mario: Oh don't worry Luigi. Everything will be alright-
Then suddenly out of nowhere, a teenager stuck his foot and made Mario trip. The guy was wearing the school's hoodie which had the school's colors red, yellow, and white.
Mario: Thanks for that jerk!
Teen: No problem!
Mario and Luigi continued to walk down the hallway to find their lockers. They finally got to them and started to sort out for their today's classes.
Mario: Well besides that one jerk back there who gave me a harsh welcome, every else seems to want to get ten or less feet from us.
Luigi: Yeah.
Luigi watched a group of girls as they passed. Everyone seemed to want to see them. Some ask questions but they were ignored.
Mario: Well when we go through the next few weeks of school and do nothing heroic, then this crowd will probably slow down.
???: Yeah!
They turned around to notice it was Kerog.
Kerog: People have been going crazy to me too. I'm not sure about Kara but yeah, this is crazy.

A few minutes later after students got to their classes, some guy was starring at the picture of the foot-ball team from three years ago.
???: You three shall pay for what you have done to me.
Suddenly a voice came down the hallway. It was the principal.
Principal: Hey! You are supposed to be in class!
The guy looked at the principal as he walked down the hallway.
Principal: Hello sir? You are supposed to be in your class.
But the guy didn't obey. He walked towards the exit doors and opened it up.
Principal: Hey! Get back here!
But the guy just ran out the door.

During lunch break, Mario and Luigi went to a room that Kerog and Kara spent most of their lunch in since they started High School.
Luigi: A classroom?
Kara: Actually it's a support room for students who need support on homework.
Luigi: Oh.
Kerog: How has the crowd been for you Kara?
Kara: Well let's just say I'm like the sidekick in the stories where the heroes get more endorsement.
Kerog: Well trust me when I say, you can never get anywhere when the students are around.
Mario: No kidding. During English class, the subject was more on me than Poems.
Kara gave a small laugh.
Kerog: Well anyway, big game at the end of this week.
Kara: I don't care about the game.
Kerog: Really? How about I told you I signed up for team.
Kara: You didn't!
Kerog: No I did. Practice after school in the gym.
Mario: Well good luck getting in and all.
Kerog: You know what, you guys should sign up too.
Kara and Luigi: What!?
Mario: I don't know. Besides I think we got enough fame for right now. Also I'm not really good at sports.
Kerog: Well you did a good job surviving on the streets and saving the princess. And if you can do that, then you can do anything.
Mario: Anything? I don't think I'd be able to jump off wall to wall, even if my life depended on it.

After school, the Mario Brothers watched Kerog and the other teammates practice in the field. The school's main sports where Basket-Ball and Football. But the school seemed more big on football than anything else.
Kerog: Hey guys! How do I look?
Luigi: I think need a smaller helmet. Makes you look like a tackle dummy.

Mario: So are you in Kerog?
Kerog: I don't know until the next day.
Luigi: But don't you have a game at the end of this week?
Kerog: For the Seniors yeah, but not for us until a month.
They walked through the corridor behind the gym where it had weird symbols and paintings of the Vikings.
Luigi: Who are the Vikings?
Kerog: Well, as people say, they were the first to discover this land over 500 years ago. And in fact, Vista Hills was their main base.
Luigi: Do the Vikings still exist?
Kerog: No. They ran out of power. For what reason? I don't know.
Mario: So the school is basically carrying on their spirit?
Kerog: The whole town actually. Also there has been a rumor that the Vikings came from another world?
Mario: Another world?
Luigi: As in moving from one country to another?
Kerog: I don't know. But so far, to people, magic does not exist. So if they were from a different world, it wouldn't be surprising, considering we experienced a supernatural event with Tina Bow and the Boos.
Mario: Not to mention the nuclear explosion mutated people which is kinda paranormal.
Kerog: Yeah. But who knows. History and legends can only take you as far back as they can go.
Luigi looked at one painting on the wall that showed the Vikings surrounding a tree with one of their kind tied to it. The Viking that was tied to the tree had a big 'M' on his chest. What did this mean?

Paul was an adult human who graduated from Vista High 2 years ago. He worked as a mechanic fixing cars.
Paul: I'm sorry we are closed!
There was a mysterious figure just walking into the shop towards the work area.
Paul: I'm sorry pal, you're going to have to come in at noon.
???: Not until I finish with you.
Paul: Do I know you?
The figure walked into the light. It was a human teenager.
Paul: Of course! I remember you! Jason. You were the chosen one to be-
Paul: Cool down man. Besides, where have you been for the last 3 years?
Jason: Suffering! Nothing but suffering! Because of what you and your friends done to me!
Paul: Dude. Just consider it has a prank and let's get over it. Now get out!
Jason: Not until you suffer like I did.
Then suddenly Jason breathed fire out of his month and nose.
Paul: Whoa! Dude! You need help!
Paul grabbed the phone but Jason scratched deep in his wrist.
Paul: AHHHH! Dude what are you?
There was blood dripping all over the floor.
Jason took a deep breath in and breathed hard on Paul.

Luigi: What are prime numbers again?
Kara: Numbers that can only be divided by one and itself.
Luigi: Thanks! Hey Mario, are you done your homework already?
Mario: Yeah.
Luigi: That was quick!
Kerog: Well I'm going to go to the market. I'll see you guys soon.
Kara: I'll come with you! What about you two?
Mario: No thank you, I'm good.
Luigi: I would love to but I got to finish homework.
Kara: Okay. See you guys later.
Mario: Bye!

Kara: Are you alright Kerog?
Kerog: Yeah I just feel like my throat is on fire.
Kara: It's not even hot out? Do you feel sick? Any coughing?
Kerog: No I'm fine. I don't feel it anymore. It's just a-
Kara: Oh my god! Kerog look!
Kerog looked at what she was pointing to. There was a crowd of people around the auto shop with an ambulance and police car there.
Kerog: Let's check it out!
The two of them rushed over to the shop.
Police: Stand back! We need you to stand back.
People were snapping photos, including Kara.
Kerog: What's going on?
Police: Sir, we need you to stand back.
Kerog: What's going on?
Police: We are not to give any information away until further notice.

Mario: Three identical attacks?
Kara: Yes. Paul Leman was the place we were at. He was burned to death.
Mario: By fire?
Kerog: Well that would be the closes thing that would burn somebody. However there were no finger prints found on the welder.
Luigi: Well he could have been wearing gloves.
Kara: Or maybe the three could have been burned by a person. The other two that were burned worked at a coffee shop and a bowling ally. These burns are identical. What if the criminal can conjure fire.
Luigi: You're guessing this person may be mutated after the nuclear explosion?
Kara: It's paranormal activity which people don't believe in but since we have seen the weird and unexplained before, there's no doubt that we have a pyromaniac killer.
Kerog: But finding this guy won't be easy and it's dangerous.
Mario: What was his reason for killing these three men? I mean they are not related.
Kerog: Well some killers go after random people and some go after those they hate.
Kara: Well maybe I can search up their names and find out who they were and why these three were this killer's victims.
Kerog: Okay.

The Next Morning

Mario: Luigi! I got eggs and bacon ready! Luigi?
Luigi: Haven't you ever heard of a good-night sleep?
Mario: Come on man. We got school in the next half-an-hour.
Luigi: Why do they have schools this early? I mean we all need our sleep.
Mario: Yeah? Well according to the agenda, we have late starts on first Fridays of the month.
Luigi: How late?
Mario: Warning bell rings at 10AM.
Luigi: Are you kidding? I hope I don't fall asleep in class.
There was a knock at the door.
Mario: I'll get it!
Mario opens the door with Kara standing outside.
Mario: Hey Kara? What are you doing here? Where's Kerog?
Kara: He's getting ready. I was up most of the night and I found out that the victims were on the same Football team at Vista High.
Mario: So they were teammates?
Kara: Yeah. But for finding the person that would kill them, it could be anybody?
Mario: Was there anybody that hated them when they were in school?
Kara: I don't know. They graduated from High School 2 years ago so I wouldn't know.
Mario: Is that all you found?
Kara: For now yes. But right now we should start getting ready for school.
Mario: Right! We'll see you at school!

Kerog went to practice to see if he was in. But his name was not called.
The selected Juniors went with the seniors, as Kerog and seven other people who were not chosen went back in the locker room.
Most of the boys were complaining. Kerog didn't really care must since the coach is a jerk anyways.
???: Hey Kerog!
Kerog turned to see three senior players behind him.
Kerog: What do you want?
The three were Sean (Human), Troy (Toad), and Allen (Koopa)
Troy: Sorry you didn't make it on the team man. It's quite surprising you know.
Sean: I guess Coach hasn't seen the news about you guys.
Kerog: What are you guys here for?
Allen: Nothing bro. We just wanted to say sorry for the coach rejecting you into the team. We hope the school replaces him next year.
Kerog: If the coach said no then I'll stick with that. I may try out again next year.
Sean: Next year is a long way man. We'll see if we can get you in.
Kerog: That's kind of you but I'm okay.
Troy: You sure? Because you helped the Mario Brothers and if you can do that, then you can do anything.
Kerog: Well. I do want to be on the team. It's just that-
Allen: Come on man! You need to really do something for this school. Maybe the Mario Brothers can even help.
Kerog: Okay. If you can get me on the team, that would be great. But you don't have to do it if it's just going to waste your time.
Troy: It won't waste our time. Somebody like you can be really useful on the team.
Kerog: Okay. go ahead. If there's no way you can get me on then it's okay.
Allen: Okay bro. Good!
Sean: Nice talking to ya!
Kerog: Yeah. See you any time
As Kerog was finishing up, the three guys were talking so Kerog couldn't hear.
Allen: So who's going to be the Marauder spirit this year?
Troy: Mario.

Mario: Sorry you didn't get in man.
Kerog: One thing I can say is that the Coach is not the type of person you can depend on.
Kara: He's kind of harsh in some ways but never knew he was harsh to the teammates.
Luigi: I guess I know who my least favorite gym teacher is.
Kerog: He's not a teacher. He's a coach.
Mario: But we are not here to talk about him. We are here to talk about the killer.
Kara: Yeah. I found something interesting.
Kerog: You think you have a hunch on who the killer is.
Kara: No.
Kara opened up a window on her computer that showed a Marauder with an 'M' on his chest.
Luigi: This looks familiar. What is this?
Kara: This is the official Marauders website for teammates eyes only.
Mario: And how did you get this?
Kara: A few days of investigating, I managed to hack into this site by adding the link in the address bar. I found the link hanging out of Allen's locker on a piece of paper.
Luigi: Who's Allen?
Kerog: He's one of the Senior Football Players.
Mario: But what does this have to do with the killer and our chance of finding him?
Kara: This site creates and holds every information about the team for everyday. Events, Threats, Minutes, History on the Marauders, it has everything.
Kerog: Are you guessing a threat may be a clue?
Kara: If we can find that threat then maybe.
Mario: Can you go back to the year Paul and the other two were here?
Kara: Well that's the problem. This site keeps blocking me from going anywhere. I tried to best I could to hack into the system but, it's blocking its pages faster than I can hacking it.
Luigi: Why don't we ask the coach that we need to look at it because it involves a crime scene.
Kerog: Sure. But I can't imagine that it will not go the way we want it to with him.
Kara: Kerog is right. We would have to sneak in which means breaking school rules.
Mario: Well what more important? Our education or a person life? It's could even be more than a person's life.
Kara: Both are important but you're right Mario. We need to hack into the coach's computer.
Kerog: How? There's no way we would live to see tomorrow after that.
Kara: Come on Kerog, it's not like he's the devil's peasant.
Mario: So this evening during the homecoming dance and game. Coach's office.
Kerog: I'm in!
Kara: Me too.
Luigi: I guess I'm in too.
Mario: Good. So we meet at Kerog's house at 4PM.

Mario and Luigi walked out of the school.
Luigi: Oh! I forgot my stuff from my locker! I'll meet you at home.
Mario: Okay.
Luigi ran back into the building.
Mario continued to walk towards home. Until somebody grabbed Mario's shoulder.
Troy: Congratulations Mario! You just became the Marauder Spirit this year.
Sean and Allen came up from behind.
Mario: Marauder Spirit? I'm sorry, I would love to support you team but I have something important to do.
Troy: Everyone has chosen you Mario. Without a Marauder Spirit, we lose the first game.
Mario: I'm sorry but you are going to have to find another person to be this Marauder Spirit.
Sean: Come on Mario. Every year a freshmen must be a Marauder Spirit before the first game.
Mario: A freshmen? And I suppose you forced others in the previous years to be it. Or did they chose to be one?
Troy: Being a Marauder Spirit isn't a choice Mario. It's givin.
Mario: Look. As much as this Marauder Spirit thing is interesting, I can't do it. I have something more important than games.
Allen: You Mario, are going to be the Marauder Spirit wether you like it or not.
Then suddenly Troy knocked Mario out with a brick. Mario fell to the ground unconscious.
Troy: Let's get him on the truck.

Mario woke up. It was very cold.
It was night time and slightly foggy.
Mario looked around at where he was. He had a big blooded red 'M' painted on his chest. He was wearing only his underwear. The rest of his clothes were not in sight.
He tried to move but he couldn't.. He was hanged on a tree with ropes tied around his wrist, ankles, and waist.
He was in the woods that surround Vista Hills. It was very cold and painful.
???: Hurts doesn't it?
Mario slowly turned to the voice.
Jason: Name's Jason. I was the Marauder Spirit 3 years ago. It ruined my life. I thought if I killed the three that hanged me up it would stop. But the thing is, is that it never stops.
Mario: You're the killer! You are the one who killed Paul and his teammates.
Jason: I thought this would stop by killing them. But no. It carries on doesn't it? Then what truly happens to the other Marauder Spirits? Do they forget the entire thing? Me, I suffered. But my suffering gave me a gift.
Jason then suddenly breathed fire out of his nose.
Mario: The fire.
Jason: I don't know why I got this gift. But I'm going to use it to save everyone.
Jason then started to walk away.
Mario: Wait! Where are you going?
Jason: Homecoming dance.
Mario: Can you get me down from here? Please it hurts.
Jason: You are safer here. Go anywhere near that school and you are dead.
Mario: No please! Help me.
But Jason walked out into the fog.
The coldness on his skin, the pain on his back and feet, the mosquitoes, and the rope burns made it hard for Mario to do anything even when he's doing nothing.

Kara: Where's Mario?
Luigi: I don't know? He came home from school and I didn't see him home.
Kerog: Did you try his cell?
Luigi: Yeah. Forgot it in the kitchen.
Kerog: Well let's not jump to conclusions. He could be anywhere.
Kara: You know what. It's almost time for the homecoming dance. We must get to the coach's computer.

The three of them made it outside of the coach's office.
Kerog: Door's locked.
Luigi: And if Mario would have been here on time, then we could have got what we needed already done. Where is he any\way?
Kara: I don't know. But since all of these doors are locked, there's no way we can get inside. You are too late.
Kerog: We are going to have to try again tomorrow.
Luigi: But we need that information.
Kara: We'll just wait for another attack to happen and we might continue this investigation tomorrow. Not that I'm hoping for it to happen.
Luigi: So now what?
Kara: I don't know. Stay home.
Kerog: Or we can go to the homecoming dance.
Kara: Okay. I wasn't going to go but, why not?
Luigi: But wait! What about Mario?
Kara: I'm sure he's fine. Just relax and he'll either come to the homecoming dance or your house.
Kerog and Kara walked off towards the homecoming dance. Luigi stayed behind.
Luigi: Mario alright? He didn't show up at home or meet us at Kerog's hosue. Something is not right here.

Luigi stole the Janitor's key when the janitor was not looking. He unlocked the doors that lead him towards the gym, the change rooms, and the coach's office.
He tried to open the door to the office but it was locked. But then he remembered another door through the locker room. Turns out for some reason the door between the locker room and the coach's office was ajar. No one was in the locker room or the office.
Luigi: Hello?
No answer.
Luigi: Ah the computer. On its screensaver.
Luigi moved the mouse and the screen was already on the page they were looking for.
Luigi: Awesome! This is it!
The site was already logged on. He scroll through the site looking for something that would help.
But something caught his eye. The image of the Viking with big 'M' on his chest.
Luigi: The paintings on the wall! That's where I've seen it.
Then Luigi had his mind off of finding the threats and he looked further into what the image was about.
Luigi: Marauder Spirit?
He read the lines of the page.
Luigi: Every year a freshmen of the army must be hanged to give the spirit to their first battle of the fall. The spirit provides nothing but luck. It will make the Vikings win the battle. Without a Marauder Spirit there is no luck whatsoever.
Then it jumped to the next part of the page which contained a box filled of Marauder Spirits of the years.
Terry C. 4 years ago [Memory wiped]
Jason C. 3 years ago [Deceased]
Marcus M. 2 years ago [Missing]
Nathan P. 1 year ago [Memory Wiped]
??? This year


1) A Marauder Spirit must be a male freshmen.
2) The Marauder Spirit supposed to be naked in the tradition but the tradition seems to worked when in their underwear.
3) This happens once a year before the first game.
4) No Marauder Spirit. No winners.
5) Paint a big and perfect red 'M' on the Marauder Spirit's chest.
6) Hang him high on a tree so he can't touch the ground without a second person to get him down.
7) Show no mercy to the Marauder Spirit.
8) No one is supposed to know about this tradition except for the team.
9) Have him hanged up all night.
10) Have him in a sight no one goes and has no ability of hearing him.
11) Obliterate the Marauder Spirit's memory to the day before he was captured. This is so our secret tradition doesn't get dispose.

Luigi: This is terrible. And if the game is today then that person is suffering right now. He's needs help
Troy: I know right. That game was awesome!
Allen: They were far points away from us.
Luigi quickly got up and hid in the coach's washroom.
Troy, Sean, and Allen came into the office and went straight to the computer.
Sean: That's weird? It's already on the page?
Luigi tried not to breathe.
Troy: Maybe Coach was going to type it in but didn't have time to.
Allen: Yeah.
Troy type something on the computer and clicked entered.
Troy: Awesome choice for the Marauder Spirit this year don't you think?
They left the office as their conversation faded away.
Luigi peaked around the corner and saw no one.
He walked back into the coach's office and looked at the page they typed on.
Terry C. 4 years ago [Memory wiped]
Jason C. 3 years ago [Deceased]
Marcus M. 2 years ago [Missing]
Nathan P. 1 year ago [Memory Wiped]
Mario M. This year [Still Hanged]

Luigi: No. Those son of a b¡tches hung my brother!
Then suddenly the door bursted open through the locker room. It was the Coach.
Luigi stepped away from the computer.
The Coach looked at what was on the computer. Then suddenly Luigi made a ran out the door.
Luigi ran down the hallway with the coach on his tail.
Coach: Stop right now Mr. Mario! You and I need to have a talk!
But no matter how fast Luigi ran, the coach was faster than he was. The coach grabbed Luigi's shirt and pulled him back. Luigi fell backwards onto the floor.
Coach: No one's here Luigi. They are all at the homecoming dance.
The coach wrestled fast on the floor.
Luigi: GET OFF ME!
Coach: Not until you no longer remember what you saw. Now let's get back to my office.
The coach held Luigi's arm painfully behind his back. Luigi tried to break free but the coach was twisting his arms well pulling him back into the office.
Luigi: Why are you doing this?
Coach: We can not let you ruin this tradition.
Luigi: This isn't a tradition, this is criminal act.
Coach: What's criminal is how you are betraying your own kind. The school.
Luigi: Your an idiot! You think torturing innocent lives is a good thing?
Coach: IT'S TO GIVE THE SPIRIT TO OUR TEAM! WE NEED THE SPIRIT TO WIN THE FIRST GAME! And I'm not going to let someone like you ruin it for the whole school.
He thrown Luigi into his office and locked the door.
Luigi: What are you going to do? Kill me?
Coach: Kill you? Hell no.
The coach took a syringe and some sort of drug out of the drawer.
Luigi looked around knowing he had no change of escape. He then saw a bat leaning against the desk.
Coach: One syringe of this, you and your brother won't remember a thing of it. As if it never happened.
Luigi held the bat tight in his hands and rapidly swung it at the coach's face. He dropped unconscious.
Luigi: And that's why you don't mess with us.
Luigi took the syringe and looked at it. Then he installed the drug into the coach's solder
Luigi: So that way, you won't remember any of this.

Luigi ran into the forest looking for Mario.
Mario heard the familiar voice.
Luigi: MARIO!
Mario: Luigi.
But Mario's wheezes were too quiet for Luigi to hear.
Mario: Luigi.
Luigi heard the voice.
Luigi: Mario!
Luigi ran further to where the voice was.
Luigi: MARIO!
Mario: Luigi. Here.
Luigi looked up and saw Mario hanging up in the dark tree with the big red M on his chest. He was about three and a half meters high.
Luigi: Mario! Just hold on. I'm going to get you down.
Mario: Please. Hurry.
Luigi walked around where the slope went up. The slope made it possible to reach the ropes tied around the tree. Luigi untied the knots and Mario fell face flat to the ground.
Luigi: Mario! Are you okay! We need to get you some help.
Mario felt more comfortable on the ground after being hanged for a few hours. But then he remembered about Jason.
Mario: No.
Luigi: Mario. You need help.
Mario: I have to stop Jason from making a mistake.
Luigi: Who's Jason?
Mario: One of these Marauder Spirits they talked about. He's going to the homecoming dance.
Luigi: So?
Mario: He's the pyro killer. I think he's going after the whole team.
Luigi: If that's so, we better get in the car and drive to the school as fast as we can.
Mario: You have a car?!
Luigi: I borrowed it from Kerog. I got a change of clothes in there and I'll use the air conditioner to heat up the car.

Luigi drove all the way back to the school telling Mario everything that happened.
Mario: I'll handle this.
Luigi: I'll come with you!
Mario: No! You've done your thing. I'll handle this.
Luigi: But Mario! You've hurt.
Mario: I'll be fine, just stay here.
Mario looked all over the school to find Jason. Then suddenly he saw Jason walking towards where the homecoming dance took place.
Mario: JASON!
Jason slowly turned.
Jason: You got here pretty fast. I'm impressed. Now if you excuse me, I have something to do.
Mario: You mean killing my friends under your breath. I'm not going to let you do it.
Jason: Pa! Friends? These guys aren't your friends. They tortured you. The only way to stop this is to kill them.
Mario: Killing people is not the answer Jason. It just makes you become the villain.
Jason: WRONG! I'm doing this for us. For everybody like us. I must save the freshmen from having the most torturous time of their lives.
Mario: There are other ways to stop this. But one thing is for sure is that I will not let you do it your way.
Jason: So you're against us?! Then you shall suffer with your friends as well.
Jason breathed fire out of his mouth straight at Mario. Mario jumped out of the way avoiding the hot flames.
Mario: Give it up Jason.
Jason: Never!
Mario picked up the garbage can lid and throw it at Jason.
Jason: Is that the best you got?
Mario: No.
Mario grabbed the fire extinguisher off the wall and sprayed it all over Jason.
Jason: I'm not made of flames you idiot.
Jason blew fire again. Mario tossed the fire extinguisher at Jason's head making him stop blowing fire.
Jason: AHH! OW!
Jason rolled on the ground with flames coming out of his nostrils.
Jason: That's it! You're are so dead.
Mario attempt to punch Jason but Jason blew fire at his fist.
Mario: AHH! OH!
Mario's hand was burned.
Jason: Die!
Jason breathed fire again. Mario closed his eyes knowing he was going to be burned to death. But there was no fire?
Jason: AH!
Mario opened his eyes to see what was going on. Luigi stabbed Jason's shoulder with a syringe. Jason fell to the ground unconscious.
Mario: Luigi! You saved my life! Again!
Luigi: No problem.
Mario: What happened? You didn't-
Luigi: It erases the last 24 hours of their life. This was used so the Marauder Spirits couldn't remember a thing.
Mario: So that means we're a witness.
Luigi: Yeah. So what are we going to do with him now?
Mario: Jason? He's not going to get over what happened to him. But he needs help.
Luigi: But who are we to call? I mean the last thing we want is a burned down hospital.
Mario: We'll call the Kingdom. They'll know what to do with him.
Luigi: I got the phone right here, but I forget the number.
Mario: Here, I'll call them.

So Jason was taken away to a secret lab known to only the kingdom.
Mario and Luigi peeked inside the Homecoming Dance. The Marauders won their game and they were everywhere inside.
Luigi: I always knew those two were lovers.
Mario: What do you mean?
Luigi: Look over there.
Mario took a look. He was pointing to Kerog and Kara dancing together on the floor.
Mario: We can't risk the team seeing us. We'll tell Kerog and Kara about everything when they are done.
So Mario and Luigi missed the entire homecoming dance. But that was not what worried them. The Marauder Spirit tradition is not over yet, and it will be a matter of time before they figure out that Mario escaped.
They told Kerog and Kara everything. The whole thing with Jason, still left some questions they had which might never be solved. It was like he resurrected from the dead.
The night started to go into a Saturday, and they been through a lot. Mario and Luigi slept in throughout the entire weekend mornings. What more lies ahead of them?

Next Episode:
Episode 5

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Episode 5

Kara: How can you say it's not bad, it's freezing out here!
Kerog: Well you should have grabbed a coat.
Kara: What do you mean a coat? You don't even have a coat!
Most of the school were partying at the lake at night.
Luigi: Glad we don't have crazy students like we had last week.
Mario: No kidding.

A few minutes later as night time went black, Allen, Troy, Sean, and Kerog played catch with a foot-ball.
Troy: Well thanks to you guys, our coach is in jail and our tradition is ruined.
Kerog: Well-
Allen: But that doesn't bother us. We hated our coach and the Marauder Spirit thing was just plain cruel.
Sean: We tried to apologize to Mario but so far, he's never accepted our apology.
Kerog: I'll be sure to tell him that. And I want to thank you guys for getting me on the team.
Troy: Well let's just say Mario becoming a Marauder Spirit sure helped you get on the team.
Sean: But that doesn't matter now. Let's play!
The four passed the foot-ball at each other.

Luigi: The lake is like ice cold.
Mario: Well then don't stick your finger in it. Refreshments are over here!
???: Hey Mario!
Mario turned to see who it was.
Mario: Do I know you?
???: Yeah, you saved my life from teenagers that kidnapped me.
Mario: Peach!
Peach: Shhh!
Mario: What are you doing out here in disguise?
Peach: I thought I could join the party.
Mario: Wouldn't somebody notice you are here?
Peach: I don't talk to much people on the outside of the castle face-to-face so I don't think anyone will notice it's me.
Mario: Oh. So.... you want a drink?
Peach: Something warm would be nice.
Mario: Okay, I'll see what they got-
He suddenly walks into two girls carrying sodas with them.
Mario: -oh I'm so sorry!

Kerog catches the ball, he passes it to Troy, then Troy passes it to Sean, and Sean throws the ball right past Allen and into the woods.
Allen: Dude, not so powerful throws man! I'll go get it!
Troy: Okay! We'll meet you at the truck.
Allen: Okay!

Kara sat by the warm fire.
Peach: Hey Kara! How's a going?
Kara: Princess Pe-
Peach: Shh!
Kara: Oh! Sorry. Um, what are you doing here?
Peach: Seriously, is there a problem with me being here? I came here to have some fun!
Kara: No. No problem. Surprise no one has notice you yet. Does your father know you are out here?
Peach: Not really. He's at a meeting outside of the country. He'll be back tomorrow evening.
Kara: So you are here by yourself?
Peach: I can take care of myself.
Kara: Well what if something happens to you?
Peach: The worst thing that could happen to me is being attacked by a bear or burned to state in this fire.
Mario: Or a guy asking you for your phone number.
Luigi: How would that be bad?
Mario: Here's some peach tea.
Peach gave a smile: Thanks Mario!
Kara: They have tea here?

Allen walked further into the dark forest without light.
Allen: Here it is!
He picked up the foot-ball that turned out to be flattened.
Allen: Oh great! Thanks for wasting my money stupid animals!
Allen walked his way out of the forest until something came running behind the trees.
Allen: Who's there?
Fast footsteps surrounded Allen, but he couldn't see anything in the dark.
Allen: Who are you?
Then suddenly out of nowhere, something pushed him from behind on the ground making a hissing noise.
Allen: What do you want?!
???: Your flesh.
Then the thing behind him dragged him deeper into the woods.
He screamed for help but no one was able to hear him.

School began on a Monday morning.
Luigi: Why did we bother to go to that lake? I'm so tired.
Mario: Well get use to it!

After school, Kerog went off for practice.
They had a new coach that most of the team seemed to like.
After practice, Troy went to see Kerog in the locker room.
Troy: Hey Kerog! Have you seen Allen?
Kerog: No, why?
Troy: Haven't seen him since we practiced at the lake.
Kerog: Same here.
Troy: Same with Sean and the other teammates who were at the lake.
Kerog: Does he usually slack off?
Troy: Allen? Never. I'm guessing he had an alternate way home and he got sick. I'll give him a call and see what is going on.
Kerog: Okay? Well good luck finding him. I have some work to do.

King Toadstool: Peach! I'm back!
Peach: Okay! I'll be out in a second!
King Toadstool waited until his daughter finished changing.
Peach: Yes dad?
King Toadstool: Just wanted to say, I'm back!
Peach: How was the meeting?
King Toadstool: A little boring but it was okay.
Peach: I missed you!
King Toadstool: I missed you too my dear.
They gave each other a hug.
Suddenly they heard glass break.
Peach: What was that?
King Toadstool: I'll go see what's going on.
Guard: Your Majesty!
King Toadstool: What is it?
Guard: You must come see this.

They hurried to the security room where they had cameras to view locations of the castle.
King Toadstool: What's going on?
Guard: We have no idea what it is but is seems to be a creature of some sort being able to move fast.
King Toadstool: How fast?
Guard: Like a blur.
King Toadstool: How?
Guard: We don't know. If you look here, our guards on the outside were attacked.
King Toadstool: You mean it's here right now!
Guard: This happened a minute ago but so far, nobody has been able to find where this creature may be hiding.
King Toadstool: Okay, well we need everyone to guard every door, corridor, and location. If they see this creature, tell them to kill it.
Guard: Yes sir.

After school the next day, Mario and the gang went back to the Mushroom Kingdom to take a look at the attack outside of the castle.
Kara: Three guards and blood spilled everywhere. Are you sure it was a creature that did this?
Guard: Well what other thing could have done this?
Kara: Good point.
Mario: Is Peach and her father okay?
Guard: You know, it's rare somebody would be calling her by her first name.
Mario: Is there a problem with that?
Guard: Sort of but it all depends on what she prefers to be address.
Then suddenly Peach came out of nowhere.
Peach: Both are okay. It just depends on what you want to call me.
Kerog: Is everything alright with you?
Peach: I've been in my room. I had no idea what was going on.
Luigi: How's your father doing?
Peach: He's wanting more protection around the castle. If this thing attacks again, we better be ready for it.
Kerog: So you have no leads on what it could be and why it would want to attack here?
Peach: No.
Guard: Well, we check our patrol list of who was to be out here, there's supposed to be four.
Mario: Four?
Luigi: So three died and the other was captured?
Kara: Or dead as well.
Guard: This attack is not common to happen. This is beyond anything I saw when it comes to a mysterious attack.

Meanwhile, Troy and Sean went to look for Allen at the lake since he's been missing.
Troy: Where can Allen be? Was his shell to heavy for him to carry so he couldn't get out of here?
Sean: Don't insult a race man, it's bad enough that Toads and humans are alike while koopas are like way different.
Troy: Sometimes I find it weird how three different races can be best friends.
Sean: Why do you find that weird? My parrot and I are like the best of friends even though it can't do so much like we can.
Troy: Yeah. And next time I visit your house, duck tape that parrot's beak shut.
Sean gave an inside laugh.
Sean: So has Mario accepted our apology yet?
Troy: Haven't talk to him yet.
Sean: Hold on! What is that?
Troy: What's what?
Sean: Is that blood?
He pointed at a tree that had blood on the side of it.
Troy: This is scary.
Sean: And look! A trail!
They followed the blood that was on the ground, until it lead them to a ditch.
Troy: Is that who I think it is!?
Sean: I think we just found Allen.

Kerog: I can't believe this. Allen was brutally killed.
Mario: I'm guessing same cause as what happened to the castle guards outside?
Luigi: Wouldn't doubt it.
Kara came running over to them.
Kara: With the king's permission I took a look at the body.
Luigi: And?
Kara: It was so awful, I wish I rejected. The body stinks so bad.
Kerog: So besides getting grossed out, what happened?
Kara: It looks like this creature wanted his meat.
Luigi: Oh gross!
Kara: He's been eaten to the ribs and they have no idea what could have done this.
Mario: Well since this attack is identical to the one at the Mushroom Kingdom, what if we have a mutated killer that hungers for raw meat?
Luigi: Wild animal or somebody who can speak English?
They looked over at Troy and Sean. They were answering questions. They had the tears in their eyes, which means Allen was a close friend.

At Vista Hills High, Kara was alone working on the investigation.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
Peach: I'm sorry, Am I interrupting anything?
Kara: Oh, No! No you didn't. I was just, umm....
Peach: Solving the case of the carnivorous creature.
Kara: If it is a creature.
Peach: What do you mean?
Kara: Well, welcome to our world, where we investigate mutated freaks who have been affected by the Nuclear Explosion.
Peach: Mutation? The only person I knew that had some sort of power was Violet.
Kara: Yes. She, like other people were affected by the Nuclear Explosion. Ever since that day, people have been mutated with extraordinary abilities.
Peach: WAIT! Are you saying I'm mutated?
Kara: Why would you say that?
Peach: Because my father told me I survived well my mother didn't.
Kara: My gosh! I'm sorry.
Peach: But there's nothing beyond normal about me that I know of.
Kara: Well if you do have some sort of misplace ability, you can talk to me.
Peach: Okay I'll keep that in mind.
Kara: So this carnivorous killer. It could be one of us or a wild animal. It hunts for its prey and takes it with him.
Peach: My gosh! What if the killer is among us right now! He or she could be in disguise as one of us!
Kara: Don't worry. We'll find this killer and make sure he doesn't harm anybody else.

Kerog left the locker room after practice and meant up with Mario and Luigi.
Kerog: Do you know where Kara is?
Mario: Either she's upstairs or at home.
Luigi: I wouldn't be able to tell.
Kerog: So, I'm guessing there's no attacks since the the first two?
Mario: Nothing that I've heard yet.

Later that evening, King Toadstool talked to the guard name Larry who went missing.
King Toadstool: Three of our guards were brutally killed on the outside of this castle. Where have you been when you were supposed to be at your post?
Larry: I've been at my post the entire time. I thought I heard something suspicious, so I went to take a look. After I saw nothing, this thing attacked the other guards.
King Toadstool: What did it look like?
Larry: I don't know. It was black but that could because it was dark. I couldn't tell what it was.
King Toadstool: And why didn't you return?
Larry: I had to hide until it was gone.
King Toadstool: But why come back a day later?
Larry: I was going to investigate myself. See if I could find this monster.
King Toadstool: So you went to investigate it when you were scared?
Larry: I wasn't scared.
King Toadstool: Silence! You are just lucky I'm not on my bad side. But for your cowardly actions, you're job is now terminated.
Larry: But your majesty-
King Toadstool: No buts! You're job is terminated. Now leave!
Larry didn't say a word but he was disappointed. He walked out the door without a word.

Larry: Terminated! I show him what really termination is!
He talked to himself using a variety of swears.

Peach spend her time in her room thinking about what Kara said.
Peach: What if I'm a mutant?
Peach tried to use her mind, hands, and eyes to see if she had some sort of power. But nothing.
Peach: Maybe it could have affected me, but I stay normal for some reason.
There was a knock at the door. Her father came in.
Peach: Is it for the fact that you miss me or are you worried about me?
King Toadstool: I'm just coming in here to make sure my daughter is okay.
Peach: I'm fine.
King Toadstool: Is something wrong my dear?
Peach: No, nothing's wrong.
King Toadstool: Are you sure? You seem a little worried about something.
Peach: I'm not about anything. I'm okay dad!
King Toadstool: Just making sure.
Then suddenly another glass broke outside like last time.
King Toadstool: No! Not again! Stay here!
Peach stayed behind as her father looked outside.
King Toadstool: What's going on?
Suddenly the creature they saw on camera came out of nowhere and attacked the two guards outside in a blur.
King Toadstool Quickly got into Peach's room and slammed the doors shut.
Peach: Dad! What's going on?
The creature tried to open the door but King Toadstool pushed hard on the doors to try to keep it close.
King Toadstool: I can't hold it!
Peach got up to try to help. But then she got an idea.
Peach: Dad! Hold on!
She picked up one of her umbrellas and slipped it through the two handles.
Her father stepped back as the creature outside kept pushing hard on the door.
King Toadstool: That was a good idea!
Peach: I hope it can last long.
The creature gave another push against the door then stopped. They waited for another but it didn't attempt to open the door.
Peach: Do you think it's gone?
King Toadstool: I don't know.
He stepped closer to the door with his daughter behind him.
King Toadstool: I think it's gone!
But the creature made a loud rage out of nowhere and broke the doors down.
Peach: Dad!
They looked at the creature. It was not an wild animal. It was a human in black clothing with rips and blood on it. It went from his hands to standing on two feet and looked eye to eye at the king.
King Toadstool: Larry!
Larry: Who else did you expect?
King Toadstool: So, you didn't run away. You killed my guards!
Larry: Of course. They were really pissing me off and I was hungry.
King Toadstool: I'm not sure what you are Larry. But I'm going to make sure you get an execution for what you have done.
Peach: Dad, wait!
Larry: Fire me? How about I take her away, kill you, and then go after you.
Larry then grabbed King Toadstool and through him across the room. His head hit the edge of the counter in Peach's washroom and went unconscious.
Peach: DAD!
Larry: Come on Princess.
Peach: Get away from me!

An hour after the attack, Mario and his friends made it to the Mushroom Kingdom after hearing what happened.
Guard: Great! I'm glad you guys made it!

Kara: So who did this?
Guard: King Toadstool told us it was one of our guards. His name is Larry and he has kidnapped the princess.
Luigi: Not again!
Guard: We have no leads where she may be. We'll be lucky if we find her alive.
Mario: So Larry works here and he turns out to be the creature.
Kerog: That means he killed not only those guards. But Allen as well!
Kara: And he could have killed more.
Luigi: This is not good.
Guard: Our king wants to see you at the medical centre downstairs.
They went underneath the castle to a medical centre they had for royal blood only.
Guard: Your majesty, I brought the ones who saved your daughter last time.
King Toadstool: Good. I need to speak to you guys.
He sat down on a chair with wounds on his forehead on neck.
Luigi: Someone name Larry did this?
King Toadstool: Yes. He has my daughter. I need your help!
Mario: What is it that you want us to do?
King Toadstool: I need you to help get my daughter back. You managed last time so I'll trust you to do it again.
Kerog: But how? This guy so fast and violent that there's no way we could stop him.
King Toadstool: I trust you guys. And I want you to do whatever it takes to get her back.
The guard placed four guns on the table.
King Toadstool: Take it. You may need it.
Luigi: First time I held a gun.
Kara: So you are wanting us to kill him?
King Toadstool: If you have to. You will have no charges if you do. Please find her and stop him if you can.
Kerog: Alright. We'll find her, we promise.

They went straight home and thought about where Larry's location may be.
Mario: Glad to see the king trusts us but I still don't like him.
Kerog: Neither do us. But the more the king gets amused by our actions, the more of the good guys we become to him.
Kara: But where could Peach be? Who knows what she's going through right now.

Peach woke up in a dark shed in the middle of a cold forest. She was lying in a ruined bed with nothing tied or chained to her.
Peach quickly got up and started to run.
But then all of the sudden Larry blurred right in front of her.
Larry: Where do you think you're going princess?
Peach: Leave me alone!
She attempt a punched but he zoomed out of target.
Larry: Stay here Peach, where you'll be safe.
Peach: You don't want to save me. You just want to kill me.
Larry: Kill you? My dear princess, why would I kill you. I would really regret killing somebody as pretty as you.
Peach: Then what do you want from me?
Larry: Nothing. But I won't kill you or let you leave this shed.
Peach: I can control what I want. Not you.
Larry: You're safer here then out there princess. I won't let you do anything reckless.

Kara worked on predictions on where Peach might be. The police are currently looking all over the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad Town, and Vista Hills.
Mario and Luigi worked on their homework, and Kerog went to practice.
During practice, Kerog noticed that Troy wasn't at practice but Sean was. However Sean had a hard time at practice. It was not easy for the team to lose a teammate.

They returned home and they continued to figure out where Larry is with Peach.
Kara: I hope she's okay.
Kara kept on marking predictions on the map of their country.
The boys were lazing about in the kitchen, worrying on what may happen next. Allen dead, nine of Toadstool's guards killed, and Peach kidnapped. Who knows if she's dead or alive. If the king found out his daughter died, who knows, maybe the history of hell they went through, would repeat itself again.
Kerog sat there thinking about Sean and Troy. For the fact they lost a good friend and they never got the apology from Mario.
Mario: Are you alright Kerog?
Kerog: Me? I'm fine. Just can't believe this is happening.
Luigi: I just want a normal day where there's no trouble or kidnappings. I mean if you think about it, we've been through the horror with the king, the boos, Violet getting killed, The Marauder Spirit, and now Peach getting kidnapped for the second time. This time by a half-beast half-toad.
Mario: Hopefully it's slows down. Or more likely stop.
Kerog: I just wish none of this current problem has happened. I mean Allen didn't deserve to die like that.
Mario: Yeah.
Kerog could see in Mario's eyes that he didn't mean to say 'yeah.' Obviously he still doesn't forgive them.

Peach just couldn't escape. If she tried to, Larry would stop her and turn her back to the shed.
Peach: Seriously, what do you want from me?
Larry: I don't know yet. But I won't kill you, no matter how delicious you look.
Peach: How did you even get like this?
Larry: Ha, I knew that question was going to pop out soon. The answer is, I don't know. It started two weeks ago. I had these powers and sharp teeth. I found my milk and veggies disgusting. All I seem to want is meat. But cooked was too dry. I was very thirsty. I couldn't have water or anything. But my instincts forced myself to have raw meat. I thought it was going to be gross but no. The blood and fluids is what satisfied my thirst-
Peach: Okay, I think I get it. I don't need more detail. But just one thing. Why us and not raw meat from the store.
Larry: Blood from people like you is beyond something better than I ever tasted. Raw meat wasn't good enough. But my instincts told me that the fresher and more satisfying meat is from my prey.
Peach: Does it matter what your instincts say? Are you aware that you are killing off innocent people? Why would you prefer that over raw meat?
Larry: I tried to stop. But I couldn't. Raw meat is just not good anymore.
Peach: And you said you got this way two weeks ago right?
Larry: Correct!
Peach: But you don't know how you got it?
Larry: No clue.
Peach: I do.
Larry: What? Are you saying there are other people like me?
Peach: There's a lot. Some are using it for good and some like you just get out of hand.
Larry: But how can they control their hunger?
Peach: Well no. They don't have the same mutation as you do. Everyone's different.
Larry: What do you mean by mutation? Am I a mutant?
Peach: It was caused by the nuclear explosion ten years ago.
Larry: The Nuclear Explosion at the Plant?!
Peach: Yes.
Larry: How do you know this?
Peach: There's a good friend of mine who told me about it.
Larry stood there thinking about what happened that ten years ago.
Larry: I was sixteen years old when it happened. I was close by the gate surrounding the plant, eating a hamburger. After the meteor blasted that tower, that explosion almost killed me. It didn't kill me. It mutated me along with the other children. That means there's more young people mutated then the adults that were there.
He rubbed his hands against his face.
Peach: I was caught by the explosion. I haven't found any thing extraordinary yet about me. Maybe you and I are like mutants who need time to get our power.
Larry: And you haven't discovered yours yet?
Peach: No.
Larry told a deep breath out thinking about everything he's done.
Larry: I should have died in that explosion. Now it's too late to turn back.
Peach: It's never too late Larry. You may have done some bad but that doesn't mean you are bad. There's still good in you.
Larry: I don't think so Peach. My instincts are talking me as if I'm being hypnotized. I can't control myself.
Peach: Then what are you going to do?
Larry: I don't know. But I can't turn back.
Peach: What?!
Larry: I'm sorry Peach. But you may have to be my next victim.
Peach: No, Larry. Don't do this.
Larry: I'm sorry princess. But my instincts will kill me if I turn back.

Kara: Let's think. Where would you hide if you were an animal that hunts for it's prey?
Luigi: A den.
Kerog: But think about this. He's a Mushroom Kingdom guard and he attacked not only the guards at the castle, but Allen at the lake. But what would he be doing at a lake in Vista Hills?
Kara: I have information on him and he's never had any relatives, friends, or records of living in Vista Hills. He's been in Toad Town since birth. He had no relationships. He would have been sixteen in the nuclear explosion and he has killed ten that we know of. He's never lived in Vista Hills.
Mario: Doesn't mean he's never been here in his life. I mean people have come and go through different towns, even countries.
Kerog: But why Allen and why the lake?
Kara: The lake is a five minute drive from here. But then what's his propose there?
Luigi: For meat but then he could just take a lady from the streets.
Kara: Unless....... One second!
She moved quickly to her computer.
Kerog: What?
Kara: I'm going to see where he lives.
She typed in the key word and clicked to the next page.
Kara: Homeless? But lives in the kingdom with the other guards.
Kerog: Yeah! And if he can run very fast, he can escape well the guards are asleep.
Kara: According to this, he been going awol since two weeks ago. He was fired yesterday!
Kerog: Wanted revenge but left the king alive and took his daughter.
Mario: Maybe the moments he's been going awol, that could have been the moment that he got his powers.
Luigi: I hate to be a dope but what does awol mean?
Kara: Somebody who has left his post. It's a word used in the military.
Luigi: I see.
Kerog: So if his powers caused him to go awol, what if he found a location to hide during his absents.
Mario: And that could be where he's keeping Peach.
Kara: Which shows us why he was at the lake.
Luigi: That means his den is at the lake in the forest somewhere.
Kara: That make sense! I'll call the commander!
Kerog: And we'll get ready!
Mario: And don't forget the guns the king gave to us.
Luigi: Glad I didn't get killed, I took a pee in a bush. Why didn't they have toilets there?
Mario: They were at the entrance.

The four of them along with some castle guards stopped at the edge of town.
Guard: Take these.
Luigi: So your the commander?
Commander: Yes. Now these are night-vision. Everything will be green but that's normal.
They put the night-vision device over their eyes.
Luigi: Oh, so that's where the toilets were.
Commander: Alright everybody. We need to find the princess and stop Larry. Shoot him if you have to but try to save him for questioning.

They all went deep into the forest wearing camouflage uniforms.
Luigi: Looking for an awol soldier!
The other three: Shhh!
Luigi: This is style! No way I'm going awol!
Kara: Luigi, we need to keep quiet. Last thing we need is Larry knowing we're here.
They continued to go deeper into the forest. They never thought a day would come where they would be wearing a camouflage uniforms, with night-vision, and guns. This is totally beyond what they have done before.
They soon split up. Mario and Luigi went together while Kerog went with Kara.
Luigi: I'm not sure if I'm excited or scared.
Mario: Shhh!
Luigi: Sorry.
They went further and further but nothing.
Luigi whispered: I hope Kara is right about this.
Then they heard something shake beside them. It scared them at first until they realized it was just Kara.
Mario whispered: Where's Kerog?
Kara: Over there, somewhere.
They continued forward but they saw nothing but green bushes, trees, and their selves.
Kara whispered: Wait! Is that light over there?
They looked at what she was pointing to.
Mario: That must be him! We better sneak up on it.
Luigi: I'll get Kerog! You guys go take a look.
Luigi left to find Kerog.
Kara: Scared I guess?
Mario: Yeah.
Mario and Kara went towards the light.
Mario: Let's get down low.
They stealth low towards the light.
They saw an old shed where the light was hanging up in the center.
Mario: Let's go!
They stealth past the bush and into the shed.
Kara: I don't see anything, do you?
Mario: No. Just a lot of drawers, cage, and utensils.
Kara: Hold on! Is that Peach!?
Mario turned around and saw Peach lying down on the bed asleep.
Kara: We better get her out of here!
Larry: Oh no you won't!
Then suddenly, Larry zoomed right into Mario and pushed him across the shed. Then he grabbed Kara making her drop her gun.
Larry: You won't take her away from me!
Mario came running with his gun pointed at Larry.
` Larry: You think your bullets can kill me before I run out of the way. If you shoot, I will run while placing her in front of the bullet.
Kara: Mario, just shoot him. Don't worry about me.
Larry: What's your choice kid?
Larry: Sure. You, these two, and everyone who is out there in that forest.
Larry: Never!
He took out a knife. Mario was about to pull the trigger but another trigger was pulled.
Three gun shots hit Larry in the chest without getting Kara. Larry fell dead to the ground with no chance of stabbing Kara.
Mario looked behind him and saw Kerog with the gun with Luigi next to him.
Kerog came running over to Kara.
Kerog: Kara! Are you alright?
Kara: Yeah, I'm fine.
Luigi: That was a good shot man!
But then Mario remembered about Peach.
Mario: Peach!
Mario ran over to the bed and tried to wake her up. She had wounds all over her arm and forehead.
Peach woke up and found Mario above her.
Peach: Mario? Oh Mario!
She hugged him tight.
Peach: Where's Larry?
Mario: He's dead.

They returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. King Toadstool jumped from his throne just when he heard his daughter has returned.
Peach: Daddy!
King Toadstool: Peach! Oh my!
They gave each other a hug.
King Toadstool: I was so worried! Are you alright my dear?
Peach: I'm alright! I'm just so glad to be back!
King Toadstool: Thank you all for bringing her home!
Commander: We didn't do anything your majesty. These four are the real heroes.
The boys blushed while Kara stand in command.
King Toadstool: And Larry?
Commander: Dead.
King Toadstool: Good. I thank you for saving my daughter. I don't know what I should reward you four!
Kerog: We prefer not the public to know we were the heroes. It got crowded since Mario and Luigi came to Vista Hills High.
King Toadstool: I see. Then what else can I reward you?
Mario: Your thanks is good enough your majesty. We are happy to help get her back.

So the day ended with a happy ending. But after they returned home, Kerog wasn't feeling good.
Kara: Are you alright Kerog?
Kerog: I don't know.
Kara: Well what's bothering you?
Kerog took a breath in to tell the truth.
Kerog: I killed a man. That's not me. Larry is the first person I've ever killed in my lifetime.
Kara: At least you won't be convicted for it. You're not a bad person Kerog.
Kerog: Once I saw him take out that knife. I had to do something before he killed you.
Kara: I understand. Thank you for saving me back there.
She instantly gave Kerog a kiss. It wasn't their first kiss but it sure felt like it to them.

At Vista Hills High, Troy met Mario in the school hallways.
Mario: Troy.
Troy: Mario!
Mario: So you wanted to see me?
Troy: Yes. I'm going on vacation for a few weeks. But I just need to do one thing before I have to go.
Mario: Yes?
Troy: Mario, I'm very sorry for what I've done to you with the Marauder Spirit thing. Sean is too and I bet so is Allen. Can you forgive us?
Mario thought about it. Allen is dead. Can't just hate them because of what they done forever.
Mario: I forgive you! Sean and Allen too.
Troy: Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better!
Mario: Me too. I'm very sorry for what happened to Allen. And just so you know, the creature was caught and killed last night.
Troy: Really? Well that's great news!
Mario: I'm sure Allen was a good friend.
Troy: Yeah. We were friends since pre-school.
Mario: I'm sorry for your lost. I hope you have fun on your vacation.
Troy: Thanks Mario. You're a cool guy! I'll see you in the next three weeks!
Mario: Alright, bye!
Troy: Bye.

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Two weeks have past since Mario and his friends saved Peach from Larry. They could now finally enjoy their days at school without having some crisis moment happening.
There was a voting for class president. Three students were competing to become class president. Terry (toad), Megan (human), and Susan (human.)
“I’d go for Terry,” Kerog said.
“What about the other two?” Mario asked.
“The girls? Never really liked them,” Kerog replied. “Too selfish to be class president.”
“I see,” Mario said.

They went to the classroom Kara usually sends her time in.
“Hey Kara!” Kerog called. “Submitted your vote yet?”
“Actually, no.” she replied back. “I just been given the job to round up the votes.”
“Really!” Kerog said in surprise.
“Yep.” Kara said. “More homework. At least I’ll get credit for this.”
Kerog walked over to take a look at the votes.
“I knew it!” he said. “Terry has a better chance of winning than the other two do.”
The suddenly a girl spoke out of nowhere.
“Terry? He’s a loser. He not going to win against a pretty girl.”
Megan who is one of the competing students for president was right at the door. Her color is pink, she has long blond hair, rings pierced into her ears, and long pink finger nails.
“Well that all depends on how the vote goes,” Kara said. “I mean there’s still three more days until election and you are in second place.”
“That’s not good enough!” Megan snapped. “You need to open your stupid little eyes and see that every card says me!”
“Don’t you talk to her like that!” Kerog snapped at Megan.
“Kerog!” Kara said instantly. “I’ll handle this. (She turned back to Megan,) I’m not cheating anybody. So here’s a little advice for you. Stop bragging about yourself.”
“Ah!” Megan said in a stubborn way. “Then how would I win? I mean who would want better and enjoyable education when school sucks as it is.”
“Terry and Susan promise that,” Kara said. “What would you promise?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Megan said. “Laters!”
Megan walked down the hallway and ripped something off the wall.
“At least we know who is worse,” Kerog said.
“Hey where’s Luigi?” Kara asked?

Meanwhile downstairs, Luigi hanged out at Terry’s voting stand.
“Support Terry for president!”
Everyone seemed wild on getting Terry as president. Terry had a black mushroom head. He’s an exchange student from another country and he had a way of being the nicest friend.
Megan would spent most of her time going around being a show-off. She then walked by Susan who was in third place.
“Seriously,” Megan asked in a snap, “Who’s going to vote you?”
Susan had black hair, glasses, skinny body, with a small amount of freckles on her nose.
“You know,” Susan said, “I’m sure people would appreciate it if you stop it with you’re spoiled little talk about how great you are.
“AGREED!” some random teen said.
“If I were you, I would drop out right now,” Megan said.
“I’ve been looking forward for something like this for a long time,” Susan said. “I am not giving it up just like that.”
“Fine,” Megan snapped. “But I checked the results and I’m in second place while you are below in the pits.”
Then Kara came walking by.
“Actually, I got updated on the results,” Kara said, “and it seems Susan just got in second place
“Really?!” Susan said in excitement.
“No way!” Megan said building rage. “You’re a lier! I saw that I was in second place, fifteen minutes ago!”
“Until I got an update,” Kara said. “Looks like you have some catching up to do.”
Megan knocked the homework out of Kara’s hands.
“HEY!” Kara shouted.
“More like you have some rechecking to do!” Megan said. “I need to win this!”
Megan walked off without another word. Kara picked up her papers and binders. Then Susan came down and helped her pick up her work.
“Thanks!” Kara said.
“What a brat,” Susan said.
“I agree,” Kara said. “I just hope it’s either you or Terry.”
“Well I’m hoping it’s me, because I need this to help me get into College of Leadership,” Susan said.
“Looks like you have a bright future ahead of you,” Kara said.

At nighttime, Terry went to brush his teeth after his shower. He noticed his toothpaste was missing.
“Great,” he said. “this is the lust thing I need.”
He searched every cupboard for his toothpaste but didn’t find it.
“Hope mamma doesn’t mind me using her toothpaste,” Terry said to himself.
He pasted the toothpaste on his brush, but before he started to brush his teeth, something dropped near the bathtub.
Shampoo dropped on the ground without making a mess.
“Spooky,” he said to himself.
He went over to pick up the shampoo and put it back on the edge of the tub. Then suddenly out of nowhere, the door closed and locked itself.
“What the?” Terry said. “Is someone there?”
Terry stood in the center of the room looking around. It felt like someone was in the room.
“This is weird?” he said.
The racks on the wall suddenly broke off the wall.
“Who are you?” Terry asked. “Are you a ghost?”
Terry went over to see the rack. It was laying on the floor. But then he noticed one end of it was off the ground and something transparent was holding it.
Suddenly the rack swung up right into Terry’s face. Terry fell back with a bleeding spot on his forehead.
“Oh my god!” Terry freaked out. “What do you want?”
Whatever was making the rack float in the air was constantly swinging at him. Terry was getting brushes and bleeding spots everywhere on his face.
“HELP!” He freaked out.
Then the rack went must more faster as if whatever or whoever was moving it was getting more fierce.
The rack was constantly hitting his face. He was bleeding all over his face with less chance of getting away.
“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Terry screamed.
“Son?!” his mother said on the other side of the door. “What’s going on? Why’s the door locked.
“MAMMA!” He screamed out loud as the rack kept hitting his face. “Get out of here!”
“Son!” she screamed. “Son!
She ran across to her room, grabbed a paper clip, and bended it straight.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” Terry screamed in pain as blood kept running over his face and the floor.
His mom quickly installed the paper clip into the knob making the door unlock. She quickly opened it up and found her son laying down with blood all over his face.
“Son!” she screamed. “What happened?
“The rack,” Terry said.
“What rack?” she asked.
As she went over to help Terry, the rack went down the hallway and out the door.

Everyone at school heard the news about Terry. He’s going to be alright, but he has a series of scars and brushes all over his face.
“Who would want to attack Terry?” Kara wondered.
“In such a vile way without killing him?” Luigi concluded.
“I don’t know,” Mario said, “but hopefully this won’t stop his supporters for becoming president.”
“It wouldn’t,” Kerog said. “But something tells me that there will be a new change.”
“What’s that?” Mario asked.
“You think we should show him Kara?” Kerog asked.
“Better now than never,” she said, “or he’ll be utterly confused.”
“Show me what guys?” Mario asked.
“Come with us Mario,” Luigi said. “We’ll show you.”
“You know what they are about to show me?” Mario asked. “Is this like a surprise.”
“You’ll see,” Kerog said.
They lead him down the hallway. Suddenly some random kid came passing by.
“Hey Mario!” the kid said. “I’m so going to-”
“Shhh!” Kerog interrupted. “ He doesn’t know yet.”
“Doesn’t know what?” Mario asked.
“Look around the corner,” Kara pointed out.
Mario walked down the hallway and looked. It was just some students at their lockers.
“What am I supposed to be - what the?” Mario said in shock.
On the roof, there was a banner that said; MARIO FOR PRESIDENT!
“What is this?” Mario asked.
“Mario!” Kerog said out loud. “Mario!
“Mario!” Kara cheered.
“My bro!” Luigi yelled down the hallway.
“Mario!” Kerog and Kara said.
Suddenly most of the students in the hallway called out Mario’s name.
“You can’t be serious?” Mario said.
“Oh, this is seriously happening man,” Kerog said. “MARIO!”

Meanwhile at the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach went to spent her time in the courtyard, while King Toadstool is handling business with another king from another country.
“That will be all King Stephan,” King Toadstool said ending their conversation.
“Zanks vor you time ya majesty,” King Stephan said.
King Stephan headed out the door, as King Toadstool’s chef advisor Wooster, came running in.
“Your majesty!” Wooster said trying to catch his breath. “Did it go well?”
“I believe so,” King Toadstool said. “Is there something wrong?”
“No sir,” Wooster said. “Been running here and there.”
“I understand,” King Toadstool said. “What’s that paper you’re holding?”
“Oh,” Wooster said while still catching his breath. “Looks like one of your daughter’s heroes is in a competition to become Class President for Vista Hills High.”
“May I see it,” King Toadstool asked.
Wooster handed the sheet over to him.
“It landed my windshield on the way back,” Wooster said.
“Huh?” King Toadstool said. “At least I know who I’m voting for.”
“But that’s just High School your majesty,” Wooster said. “Are you actually going to vote for Mario?”
“And help him,” King Toadstool added. “He and his friends helped save my daughter twice. I would reward them anything for that.”
“Sounds like a fair reward,” Wooster said. “But what about the others? I mean you’re not going to cheat him into winning are you, your majesty?”
“No,” King Toadstool answered. “But I think I might be able to help him win without cheating. If you can, could you invite him over?”
“Yeah,” wooster said. “I’ll be able to do that your majesty.”
Wooster started to walk off but the stomach cramps really bothered him from running.
“Take five if you want,” King Toadstool said.

“Who’s idea was this anyway?” Mario asked about his name being nominated in the election.
“Don’t look at me,” Luigi said. “I’m sure it was all Kerog’s idea.
“Well I’m going to drop my name out of the ballot,” Mario said.
“What?” Luigi asked. “Drop your name? Mario you’re going to be a great Class President.”
“I mean I have no idea about political stuff,” Mario said. “I didn’t ask to be nominated.”
“Kerog did it because he had a great idea that you would win,” Luigi said. “He’s also our friend. Don’t worry about how hard this will be, just take the ride.”
“I don’t know,” Mario said. “I’m not sure if I really want to run for Class President.”
Then suddenly, their phone rang.
“I’ll get it!” Luigi said racing over to the phone. “Hello? Oh, it’s for you Mario.”
Luigi handed the phone to Mario.
“Hello?” Mario answered.

Mario arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom after the call. Wooster lead Mario into a library where King Toadstool and Peach sat down reading.
“Mario for President,” King Toadstool said.
“How did you know I was running your majesty?” Mario asked.
“My chef advisor gave this to me,” King Toadstool answered showing Mario the piece of paper saying ‘MARIO FOR PRESIDENT.’
“You would make a great president!” Peach said.
“Yeah, but I’m not sure if I want to enter,” Mario said.
“Why’s that?” Peach asked.
“Well Kerog nominated me,” Mario explained. “I didn’t know, anything about political stuff, so I might drop out.”
“Drop out?” King Toadstool said. “I think being Class President of Vista Hills High would be a great opportunity.
“But what do I have, that the other three don’t?” Mario wondered.
“Well your a smart, charm-student,” Peach said. “You just have this part of you that represents justice and a bright future.”
“You really see that from me?” Mario asked.
“Yeah,” Peach said. “But I know there’s more to Mario, than what meets the eye.”
“I think she was better phrasing that out than I could,” King Toadstool admitted to himself. “You know Mario, you may quit if you want. But I’ll warn you that once you do, it will be to late to turn back.”
“Yeah, but I have no idea on how to run a campaign,” Mario said. “Like what should I do?”
“Well first, you need a good and catchy slogan,” King Toadstool said. “You need something that will make people look up to you.”
“A slogan!” Mario said. “But what kind of slogan should I use?”
“Well, unfortunately I’m pretty bad when it comes to slogan,” King Toadstool said. “I can never think of a perfect slogan for myself.”
“I think I might be able to help him come up with a slogan,” Peach said.
Mario tried not to blink, knowing for the fact that a princess wants to help him with a slogan.
“Anything else besides a slogan?” Mario asked.
“Well I can’t help you from there,” King Toadstool said. “You win on your own terms.”
“Yeah,” Mario said. “Oh I’m sorry, I haven’t been addressing you properly, your majesty.”
“That’s alright,” King Toadstool said. “I noticed you have been calling my daughter by her first name.”
King Toadstool went off somewhere to find a book, leaving Peach and Mario alone.
“Slogan?” Mario asked.
“I think I have some ideas,” Peach said. [Music]
Kara walked down the hallway noticing more ‘MARIO FOR PRESIDENT’ signs up then before. Also they had a slogan at the bottom. She walked up to where Mario was handing out badges saying ‘Vote for Mario.’
“Become the number one,” Kara said reading the slogan. “Catchy.”
“You think so?” Mario asked. “Peach made it up for me.”
“Really?” Kara said in a small surprise.
“Hey Mario!”
Luigi came running over with ‘Vote for Mario’ badges all over him.
“I finished the whole box,” Luigi said showing the box of where they kept the badges.
“Looks like we may have a president on our hands!” Kara said.
“Do you think I’m going anywhere too far?” Mario asked.
“I don’t think so,” Kara said.
“Excuse me, Mr. Mario!”
The Principal of Vista Hill High came over to him with some paperwork.
“Principal Snyder,” Mario said. “Have you come for a badge?”
“No, but I’ll take one anyway,” Principal Snyder said taking a badge. “I just wanted you to know that you should slow down how your advertising yourself. You’re kind of going a little over-board.”
“I thought so too,” Mario said. “Is that all?”
“Yeah that’s all,” Principal Snyder said. “I just need to make sure the votes go even instead of you having two times as much as the other candidates.”
“Yeah I understand,” Mario said. “I’ll be sure to slow down.”
“Alright, good-day Mr. Mario,” Principal Snyder said.
He walked down the hallway towards his office.
“I’m not sure how to take that?” Luigi said.
“Hey Mario!” Kerog called out running over to him. “I thought you said you were going to pull your name out of the ballot?”
“Change of heart,” Mario said.

Peach came over to the Mario’s house to help him with his speech.
“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Mario said thinking of how he should start his speech. “Boys and girls! Hello fellow students and teachers! How’s a going everybody!”
“Never thought the first line would ever be hard to figure out,” Peach said. “Where’s your brother?”
“He’s supporting me by going into parties and handing out badges,” Mario said. “As for Kerog and Kara, they are next door.”
“Sounds like we may have a candidate!” Peach said.
“Yeah,” Mario said. “However the Principal thinks I’m going a little too overboard. Haven’t told anybody that you and your dad were helping me. Expect for Kerog, Kara, and Luigi.”
Mario wrote down what he might say in his speech, after his intro.
“I’ll get us something to drink,” Peach said.
“No it’s okay, I’ll get it!” Mario said.
“It’s alright Mr. Hero,” Peach said. “Even a princess has to get her hands dirty at times.”
“Are you sure?” Mario asked.
“Of course I’m sure,” Peach said. “You just finish up your speech and I’ll get us some sparkling.”
Peach went into the kitchen to get the drinks. Mario sat back down writing out his speech.
Becoming Class President must be exciting, Mario thought. But it’s sure harder as while as easier than it looked.
As he wrote down his lines, something around the corner made a noise. Mario looked around the corner but saw nothing.
“Weird,” Mario murmured to himself.
Then right behind Mario, a cloth was lifted into the air. Then suddenly the cloth went over Mario’s head and pulled back on his neck.
“Ahh!” Mario screamed. The cloth was choking him.
Mario elbowed back and it appeared that he hit something invisible.
“What do you want?” Mario asked.
“Mario are you okay?” Peach called out from the kitchen.
Mario stood there trying to see if he could see anything. Then out of nowhere, something punched him in the face. A small vase then got lifted and it hit hard on Mario’s face. Mario’s forehead started to bleed down her face.
“Mario!” Peach yelled coming in. “What’s going on?”
“Peach! Get out of here!” Mario screamed.
The vase hit Mario on the face again, making him go unconscious.
Peach quickly grabbed the sparkling bottle and tossed it across the room. The bottle seemed to have shattered in thin air. The vase dropped to the ground and Mario was not getting hit anymore.
Then suddenly the door broke open.
“Your highness?” one of the guards called out running it. “Your highness, what happened?”
“I don’t know,” Peach said trying to figure out what happened. “Mario was attacked by something. I didn’t see what or who it was.”
“Okay,” the guard said. “I’ll call paramedics. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” Peach said. “I just came in and tossed a sparkling bottle across the room. It seemed to have hit someone or something.”
The guard looked at the glass shattered all over the floor. Then he noticed a bit of blood on a piece of glass.
“Maybe we can get someone to analyze this,” the guard said.

Mario came back to school with a bandage on his forehead.
“Princess Peach Toadstool saved your life?” Kerog kept saying over and over. “Looks like hero boy got his reward.”
“I had no idea what happened,” Mario said. “I was hurt, I was trying to tell Peach to run, and I don’t know what happened after that.”
“Well your lucky to be alive,” Luigi said. “Who knows what would have happened if you were alone.
“Two candidates,” Kara said. “Brutally attacked in the face by some invisible person. You thinking what I’m thinking?”
“That someone is trying to kill off the three candidates, so one can win,” Kerog answered.
“But who is it?” Kara wondered. “Susan or Megan?”
“Hey Mario!” someone yelled down the hallway. It was Megan.
“Yes Megan?” Mario opened up.
“That must have been some ride,” Megan said. “You would have ended up like Terry.”
“Such a painful ride that you should be more careful when you are out there alone,” Mario said.
“I don’t need to be careful,” Megan said. “You’re a freak Mario! Why don’t you just drop out?”
“That’s my decision to make,” Mario said. “But not even a bunch of wounds would stop me.”
“Mario,” Megan said. “Just drop out. It will be the smartest thing to do, if you don’t want to end up like Terry, or worse.”
“That sounded like a threat,” Mario said. “You don’t seem to already know who’s behind it, do you?”
“Ah, Mario!” Kerog interrupted. “Have a nice day Megan!”
Kerog pulled Mario out of the conversation.
“What are you doing?” Kerog asked.

“So if Megan is the invisible person,” Kara said. “That means Susan and you are both in danger.”
“Well we need proof,” Kerog said. “Maybe we should stake out at her house or something.”
“The sooner we get her convicted, the better,” Mario said.

After school, the principal drove out of his parking spot to head home. But the exit was blocked by Megan’s car.
The Principal honked his horn several times but her car didn’t move. He then got out of his car and walked over to her driver’s seat.
“Excuse me,” he called out at her. “May you please move your car out of here right now!”
There was no answered, sound, or movement.
“If you don’t move,” Principal Snyder said, “I’m going to drop your name out of the ballot.”
Again there was no reply.
The Principal than decided to open her door. Then unexpectedly she fell right off the drivers seat, onto the ground. Principal Snyder jumped back scared when he saw that Megan was brutally beating up.

The next day before school, Mario and his friends came into their favorite room to discuss about the attack.
“Megan got attack?” Kerog said again. “Does that mean Susan is behind the attacks?”
“Who knows?” Mario said.
Kara then came running in.
“Hey!” Kara said.
“Have you heard what happened to Megan?” Luigi asked.
“Yeah,” Kara replied. “I went to the hospital. She’s in worse shape than Terry. She’s in a coma.”
“Three candidates been attacked,” Kerog said.
“Well I’m glad I didn’t end up like those two,” Mario said.
“Are we coming to the conclusion that Susan is the killer?” Kerog wondered.
“I have my doubts that it is her,” Kara said. “But we might as well go with the theory.”
“That means we need to make sure Mario will be okay,” Luigi said.
“It’s okay guys,” Mario said. “I’ll be fine.”
“But if you are by yourself,” Luigi said. “then Susan could just come up from behind a injure you without no one knowing. I mean Terry did not end up worse like Megan because one of his parents came in after what happened.”
“Actually it was his mother,” Kara said. “His father died years ago.”
“Yeah,” Luigi said. “And as you, Peach and the guards were there to help you. But as for Megan, she had no witnesses until she was found in her own car. That means Susan has figured out that she must attack when no ones around. So you need to be around people.”
“I’ll be fine for now,” Mario said. “Right now, we should focus on stopping Susan.”
“I know where her house is,” Kara said. “We can search there, but we got to be careful.”
Then the warning bell went for a five minute warning to the first class.
“Luigi and I got English,” Mario said. “We’ll see you after school.”
Mario and Luigi headed out the door to their class.
“Don’t you have Math to go to?” Kara asked Kerog.
“It’s just three doors down,” Kerog said. “So, what are the results so far?”
“It’s either Mario or Terry,” Kara said. “Megan is dead last, well Susan is in third. If Susan is behind the attacks, I would be surprised. I mean she is kind.”
“Until she decided to do something ugly,” Kerog finished.
Kara did some work on her computer.
“Don’t you have a class to get to?” Kerog asked.
“I have a free period, due to my job of taking care of the votes,” Kara said.
“No Science?” Kerog said. “I’m not sure if that’s a privilege or a dang I have a lot of homework.”
“I think I would prefer to be in class than take this job,” Kara said.
Kerog looked at a folder beside her that had the latest article in it.
“So,” Kerog said getting up to see the article, “what’s on tomorrow’s article?”
“Oh! Nothing!” Kara said trying to act defenseless.
“Why can’t I see it?” Kerog asked. “I mean I’m usually the first one to see your articles.”
Kerog picked up the folder but Kara stood up trying to take it from him.
“Seriously Kerog,” Kara said trying to reach the folder, “it’s not finished!”
“Seriously, why are you being so protective of an unpublished article?” Kerog asked.
“Kerog!” Kara said trying to grabbed the folder out of Kerog’s hands.
Kerog opened up the folder and looked at the article. He smiled at first and then his smile went down. The headline said: There could be no one better! TERRY FOR PREZ!
“You endorse Terry? Kerog said in anger.
“Look Kerog, before you go all mad on me let me explain,” Kara said. “Terry’s name is still in the ballot. He has a great chance of winning and he is like probably the best president we’ll have out of the others. I’m not against Mario in anyway. I just believe Terry will be a better president. That’s all.”
“Yeah I understand Kara,” Kerog said in a snappy mood. “I need to head to class now.”
Kerog walked out the door without a good-bye.

After school, Mario, Luigi, and Kerog went to Susan’s house to investigate. They searched on the outside of the house first.
“Where’s Kara?’ Luigi asked.
“She’s not coming,” Kerog said.
“Is it because you found out she was endorsing Terry?” Mario asked.
“Doesn’t matter,” Kerog said trying to cut the subject out. “Let’s just see what we can-
“WHOA!” Luigi freaked out. “My hand!”
“Shhh!” Kerog hushed back.
“Guys!” Luigi called out to get their attention. “Look at my hand!”
They came over to look at Luigi’s hand.
“Luigi?” Mario started to freak out. “What happened?
Luigi’s hand was faded. Three of his fingers were gone while the tip of one finger was visible. Luigi touched his fingers, they were still there but invisible.
“This is freaky!” Luigi said.
Luigi wiped his finger with his clothes and his fingers reappeared, (expect for a few fading spots.)
“How did you do that?” Kerog asked.
“I don’t know?” Luigi said looking at the white flowers.
Kerog went over to the flower and rubbed it on his hand. The flower made his hand fade away.
“This is cool!” Kerog admitted.
“So this flower is how Susan was able to turn invisible?” Mario wondered.
“That means she’s not affected by the nuclear explosion,” Luigi said.
“You know what?” Mario said. “We got to think of a better name than nuclear explosion.”

The three of them went to he front door and knocked.
“Kerog, you still have a little fade spot on your finger,” Luigi said.
Then somebody answered the door. It was a teenage boy who had black hair and wears a white shirt.
“Yes,” he said. “May I help you?”
“We’re here to see Susan,” Kerog said.
“If you came here to tell her to drop out,” he said. “Then get lost!”
“No!” Luigi said instantly. “We’re here to warn her to be careful about a possible attack and if she knows anything.”
“You mean the attacks that happened on Megan and Terry?” he asked.
“Yes,” Kerog replied.
“Well, she not here at the moment,” he said. “And I suggest you leave her alone.”
He slammed the door closed without another word.
“Looks like we have someone who said no to our invitations for future parties,” Luigi said. “Who is he anyway?”
“Peter,” Kerog answered. “He’s Susan’s brother.
They walked further down the street heading towards home.
“If we are ever going to get Susan convicted, we need someone who can help us,” Mario said. “We know about the flowers and that’s proof that she has been using it to attack us.”

Kara finished up with rounding up the votes. Mario and Terry are close to a tie. She finished as Principal Snyder walked in.
“Principal Snyder!” Kara said. “Just finished rounding up the results.”
“Without cheating?” Principal Snyder asked.
“What do you mean?” Kara asked. “I’m not cheating Mario into winning.”
“It’s not Mario that you are cheating into winning,” Principal Snyder said, “it’s Terry. Kerog told me you were trying to run the others out.”
Kara felt disappointed that her own boyfriend would do such a thing. “I’m not cheating anyone. I’m letting the right votes come into election with the correct total.”
“I’m sorry Kara,” Principal Snyder said. “But I’m going to have to fire you from this job.”
“What?” Kara said in shock. “No, I told you, I’m not cheating anyone.”
“The how would you explain this?” Principal Snyder said snatching tomorrow’s article.
“I’m not going to publish it,” Kara said.
“Sure right you aren’t,” Principal Snyder said. “Therefore, you are fired from this job and you’ve been late for eight classes. And because of this job is not an excuse.”
“But the information of me taking this position is still valid,” Kara said.
“Doesn’t matter,” Principal Snyder said. “I’m going to have to replace you with another student who can do the results. Now I suggest you get a good-night sleep so that way your not late for your ninth class.”
“First class,” Kara said back. “I had a reason to miss the thirty minutes of those classes.”
“Not anymore,” Principal Snyder said. “Now I want you to get your stuff together and head home. Good-day Kara.
Principal Snyder walked out of the room leaving Kara in tears.

“She’s not answering her phone,” Kerog said. “I hope I wasn’t too hard on her.”
“Well we’ll go to the Mushroom Kingdom without her,” Mario said.
“Seriously, why the King Toadstool?” Kerog asked Mario.
“He’s helped me with my whole president thing,” Mario said. “I’m sure he could do this one request.”
“Somebody who has not only helped you but killed our parents,” Kerog said.
Mario stopped stunned. Thinking of all the bad he did in the past. The death penalty, Staritas, and the nights on the street.
“I know what he did Kerog,” Mario said. “But that’s all in the past now.”
“The past?” Kerog said. “Mario, wake up! We’ll never see our parents again because of him.”
“Kerog just stop it!” Mario said. “It’s time to move on. I hate him as much as you do, but that’s all in the past.”
“You know what, I’m not going,” Kerog said. “You can go without me.”
“I think I can see why Kara won’t answer back,” Mario said getting his coat on. “I’ll see you later.”
Mario left out the door to get Luigi. Kerog stood there frustrated. He walked into the living room and slammed his hand hard on the table with rage.

Mario and Luigi made it to the Mushroom Kingdom. Wooster lead them in the room King Toadstool was studying in.
“Your majesty,” Wooster greeted. “The Mario Brothers have something important to tell you.”
“Thank you Wooster,” King Toadstool said.
Wooster closed the doors but stayed inside.
“So Mario,” King Toadstool said. “How’s the election coming along?”
“It’s good,” Mario said. “But we have a problem your majesty.”
Suddenly Peach came into the room.
“Mario!” Peach said in surprised. “How’s your head?”
“It’s getting better,” Mario said.
“So you said you guys had a problem?” King Toadstool asked.
“Yes your majesty,” Mario said. “Whatever attacked me last night, we believe it’s one of the candidates.”
“So you weren’t the only one?” King Toadstool asked.
“No,” Peach replied. “Mario was the second one attacked. A third was attacked worst than the first. Which leaves Mario walking alive and one who has not been attacked.”
“Exactly,” Mario said. “We went to talk to her. She wasn’t there at that time, but we believe that she’s behind the attacks.”
“How do you know?” King Toadstool asked.
Luigi held the white flower’s stem an placed it on the table.
“A flower?” King Toadstool wondered.
“Not just any flower,” Luigi said. “The flower’s petals seem to have some extraordinary ability to made someone fade. Make them invisible.
“May I see,” Peach asked.
“Ah, Peach, you don’t know what it could-” King Toadstool said.
“It’s alright,” Mario interrupted. “You can wipe it off.”
“Excuse me!” Wooster said jumping into the conversation. “You never interrupt the king of the Mushroom-”
“It’s alright Wooster,” King Toadstool said trying to calm him down.
Peach picked up the flower and touched the petals. Next thing she knew, is that her fingers were faded.
“I think we need some of these flowers to hide ourselves from enemies,” Peach said.
“Okay, could you wash that off,” King Toadstool ordered his daughter. “That is really starting to scare me.”
Peach went off to wash her fingers. Then King Toadstool went back to the Mario Brothers.
“So one of the candidates is using this stuff to attack the others?” King Toadstool asked.
“That’s what we believe too,” Mario said. “We were wondering if your team is able to handle this situation.”
“For a teenage girl that attacked three students, no problem,” King Toadstool said. “Wooster! Could you call the Commander down here!?”
“Yes your majesty,” Wooster said.

Kara joined in to investigate Susan’s house. Kara was not her normal self. Her eyes were red and she seemed very disappointed.
“Are you alright Kara?” Mario asked.
“Kerog and I broke up,” Kara cried.
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Luigi said.
“Well he got me fired,” Kara cried. “Now my records are ruined because of what I’ve done.”
“Hey Kara,” Mario said. “I know you were endorsing Terry. But I’m fine with that. After all, we got to stop whoever attacked Terry and Megan.”
“I need to you guys to stay quite for a second,” the Commander said.
The Commander knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Then Susan’s mother came over to answer the door.
“Yes, may I help you?” Susan’s mother asked.
“Good-evening madam,” the Commander said. “Chief Commander of the Mushroom Kingdom. We are following up on a report to do with the attacks of three students of Vista Hills High.”
“You mean the attacks that happened on the other three candidates?” she asked. “Please, do come in! My daughter is upstairs doing homework.”
“Thank you madam,” the Commander mannered. He walked into the house with Mario, Luigi, and Kara following him.
“What are they doing here?” Susan’s mother asked.
“These are the Mario Brothers,” the Commander introduced to her. “Mario was the second victim and the only one to come out with only a cut and bruises. And this is Kara. She’s a reporter.”
“Well thank goodness you came,” Susan’s mother said. “I’ve been worried about Susan going out on her own. I’m worried that she will end up being a victim.”
“Well that’s what we are here for,” the Commander said. He turned to Mario, Luigi, and Kara, “you guys take a look around.”
“Why are they looking at our stuff?” Susan’s mother said instantly.
“There’s a chance that whoever the attacker is may have been in your house,” the Commander said. “Well they do their job, I have a few questions to asked you.”
“I don’t know nothing about the attacker if that’s what your going to ask,” she said.
“So you haven’t seen anything misplaced or mysterious going on?” he asked.
“No,” she answered. “Susan’s been busy with the whole campaign. My son Peter is in senior year and he’s been hanging out with his friends.”
“Commander!” Kara called out. “I think we found something!”
The Commander got up to go see. Susan’s mother behind him followed.
“These white flowers?” Kara said holding them.
“Susan planted those roses,” Susan’s mother said. “They were supposed to be red though.”
“Are we aware that it can fade a person’s body?” Luigi said showing his hand.
“My goodness!” Susan’s mother freaked out. “Your not predicting that Susan is behind the attacks, do you?”
“Three candidates attacked in one week,” the Commander said. “That leaves your daughter as the only candidate who did not end up as a victim.”
“No!” she freaked out. “Susan would never do that.”
“I’m sorry madam,” the Commander said. “But we are going to have to take your daughter in for confession.”

A limo was outside of Susan’s house. They forced her and her mother to get in.
“Mom,” Susan said in panic. “What’s going on?”
“It will be alright my dear,” her mother said.
Susan got into the car with her mother right next to her.
“I’m sorry about this madam,” the Commander said. “I truly wished I could do this an alternate way.”
Susan’s mother looked at the Commander viciously. Her window was rolled up as the driver drove them to the Mushroom Kingdom.
“I’ll go with them,” Kara said. “If I find out anything, I call you guys.”
“Alright,” Mario said.
Kara got into another car, and the car drove away to the Mushroom Kingdom.
“So now what?” Luigi asked.
“You guys should go home,” the Commander said. “I believe the election ends tomorrow right?”
“Last day of the week, yes sir,” Mario replied.
“You two can go,” the Commander said. “Get some sleep for tomorrow. I’m sure we can take it from here.”
“Are you sure sir?” Mario asked.
“Yeah,” the Commander said. “I wish you the best of luck Mario!”
“Alright,” Mario said. “Good-night sir.”
The Mario Brothers left to head back home. The Commander stayed behind to investigate the house more.

As the agents asked Susan some questions, Kara went with the Mushroom Kingdom’s Biologist to compare the blood the day Mario was attacked to the blood sample from Susan a few minutes ago.
“Alright,” the Biologist said. “We just place them in separate tubes, and this computer should be able to analyze if it is different or identical.”
After placing the blood in the test tubes, the biologist observed it carefully.
“If it is her,” Kara said, “I couldn’t believe it.
“Nope,” the Biologist said
“No what?” Kara asked.
“I’m sorry Kara,” the Biologist said, “but they are identical.
Kara just couldn’t believe it. Susan. On the outside, she looked like a innocent girl. But is this really what she is on the inside?
“Hold on the second!” the Biologist quickly said taking a more closer look at the DNA.
“What’s wrong?” Kara asked.
“They look identical,” the Biologist said. “But according to my computer’s records, it’s not.
He observed it more and soon realized a difference.
“She doesn’t happen to have any siblings, does she?” the Biologist asked.
Then the image shot Kara’s mind.
“We must warn everybody!” Kara said. “Mario’s in danger!”
The Biologist and her ran out of the lab and ran towards the confession room.
“I’ll contact the Mario’s Brothers!” Kara said quickly. “Hopefully Peter hasn’t harmed them yet!

Mario and Luigi had something quick to eat while they finished up homework and the election work for tomorrow. Mario finished his speech for tomorrow if he was the winner.
“I have my fingers crossed for you bro,” Luigi said.
“Thanks Luigi,” Mario said. “I couldn’t have gone this far without you. Kerog may have nominated me, but you really helped with this election.”
“Don’t forget the person that made up your slogan,” Luigi reminded. “You’re little girlfriend.”
“No!” Mario said instantly. “Peach? She is not my girlfriend. Besides, I wouldn’t get the blessing, even if my life depended on it. Besides, why would I want someone who ruined our lives to be my father-in-law.”
“I see your point,” Luigi said. “We should stop talking about that.”
Then suddenly their phone rang. Mario picked up the phone and answered.
“Hello?” Mario answered.
“Mario!” Kara breathed hardly.
“Kara, what’s wrong?” Mario asked.
“We don’t think it’s Susan that attacked you guys,” Kara said. “We think we know who did it.”
“Who?” Mario asked.
“Mario, what’s going on?” Luigi asked.

Mario and Luigi hurried back to Susan’s house.
“Hopefully he didn’t get to the commander!” Mario said as they run through the doors.
“Peter!” Luigi called out.
“Peter!” Mario called out.
There was no reply.
They walked into the living room and noticed the commander tied in a chair unconscious.
“Peter!” Mario called out.
“We know you are behind the attacks!” Luigi said. “We just want to talk.”
Luigi suddenly turned around an got knocked out by a gun.
“LUIGI!” Mario freaked out.
Mario noticed the gun floating in the air. It was the commander’s gun.
“How could you guys do this to her!” Peter said in his invisible form.
“We thought she was you,” Mario said. “Why did you attack me and the other candidates?”
“Why does it concern you?” Peter said pointing the gun at Mario.
“Because,” Mario said. “I want to know why you want your sister to win so badly.”
“So that way she can go to a better college!” Peter said. “I have failed to get where I wanted. And I’m going to make sure my sister doesn’t end up like I did. She needs to win this election Mario. I want my sister to have a happy life. I want her to be a leader, not a follower. But you three are standing in the way. I must make you guys drop out of the election.”
“By killing us!” Mario snapped.
“Killing you?” Peter said with a laugh. “I didn’t kill anyone. I only wanted to scare you guys enough to drop out.”
“You put Terry and Megan in a hospital!” Mario said trying to get that through Peter’s mind. “Megan is in a coma! You could have killed her!”
“But I didn’t,” Peter said.
“Besides,” Mario continued, “Terry and Megan’s name is still in the ballot, and so is mine. The three of us are not going to drop out. It doesn’t matter how many scars we have on our heads, we will not drop out.”
“I’m sorry Mario,” Peter said. “But you have giving me no choice. Drop out right now or I’ll pull this trigger!”
Mario froze for a second. Peter had Mario gun pointed forcing him to drop out. He looked down at Luigi on the floor and thought of all the things they went through to get where they were right now. If he said no, he could be a dead man.
“Say it Mario!” Peter yelled. “You will drop your name out of the ballot! SAY IT!”
“I have nothing against Susan,” Mario said. “She’s a good student at Vista Hills High. But I’m pretty sure she would not want her old brother to kill someone. If you’re going to shoot me, then do it right now. Just think about what your sister will say.”
“The Mushroom Kingdom already knows,” Mario said. “And pretty soon Susan will.”
Peter still pointed the gun at Mario. It took him awhile to say something.
“How?” Peter asked. “How do they know?”
“Your blood was on a piece of glass when you got hit with a bottle,” Mario said. “They compared your DNA to your sister’s DNA. They found out first before us.”
Peter still had the gun pointed at Mario, but it was hard to tell what Peter’s emotion was. The gun was shaking. He sounded frustrated. But what he is willing to do is uncertain.
“My sister, is going to find out that, I’m a killer soon.” Peter said. “Same with my mother and the rest of my family and friends.”
“It doesn’t need to be this way Pete,” Mario said.
“What choice do I have?” Peter asked in a bad mood. “My life is destroyed already. I don’t care what happens to me. I just want my sister to become what she wants to become. But when she finds out that I attacked you guys, I don’t want to imagine what she will think. She won’t trust me and I will be unable to help her.”
“Then pulling that trigger will make it worse for both of you,” Mario said. “You’re not a murderer Pete. You’re just upset that your life didn’t go the way you wanted. Luigi and I may not have the same story as you, but we know how you feel.”
Peter’s invisible arm lowered the gun. The gun was tossed across the room away from Pete. Mario wasn’t able to see Pete but it didn’t worry him. Then siren noises faded in down the streets. The Mushroom Kingdom’s agents were coming back to the house.
“I’m not going to run away,” Peter said. “I’m just going to go through this. Nothing matters to me anymore.”
Red lights and blue lights reflected off the windows as the sirens were louder.
“I have so many apologize to say,” Peter said. “I just hope this doesn’t have a big impact on my family. Can you promise me one thing Mario?”
“Yes,” Mario replied. “That depends on what it is.”
“Watch over Susan for me,” Peter said. “Make sure she stays safe. I want her to have a happy life. Just make sure I’m not a reason for stopping her.”

Peter wiped the fading spots off of him when he was arrested. He was giving a pair of clothes since he had nothing on while he was invisible. Mario did the talking while Pete stood silent and depressed. Susan and their mother were still at the Mushroom Kingdom. The Commander and Luigi were receiving medical care to put bandages and stitches on their heads.
Mario watched Pete being driven away to the kingdom. Kara came out of nowhere behind Mario.
“I’m glad things didn’t get ugly,” Kara said.
“If it weren’t for you,” Mario said, “who knows what would happen to the Commander. Or what Pete would do.”
“I’m happy that you somehow convinced him to stop what he was doing,” Kara said. “At least he didn’t kill anybody.”
“He was just making the wrong choice, only for his sister,” Mario said.
Kara watched the agents finishing up their work. But Mario could see in her eyes that she was still upset about Kerog.

The next day, everyone cheered and partied for Terry. He is the winner for class president.
“Where did we go wrong?” Kerog asked.
Kerog apologized to Mario for what he said back then. But he never got to resolve a way to convince Kara that he didn’t tell Principal Snyder about the endorsement article. However the principal found out, was not Kerog’s fault.
“I got to admit,” Mario said, “Terry does have a better way of running a political career. I feel sorry that he won’t be out of the hospital until a few weeks.”
“So what’s Pete’s charges?” Kerog asked.
“Nine months in a detention centre,” Luigi answered.
“Yeah, what he said,” Mario confirmed.
The three of them sat down with some sodas while the party went on. Kara was around, but she was trying to avoid Kerog. She was busy observing the flower Pete used to make himself invisible.
“Excuse me Kara,” Principal Snyder said. “I want a word with you for a moment.”
Kara tried to be cool and she turned around at Principal Snyder.
“Well thanks to you, I almost lost my job,” Principal Snyder said. “Your position of rounding up the elections is now credits for your graduation. King Toadstool threaten me to make the change or he would pull me out of my job.”
“Thank you Principal Snyder,” Kara replied back turning away. “I accept your apology.”
“You told him to do this to me didn’t you?” Principal Snyder asked.
Kara stood there. She did ask King Toadstool for some sort of help. Looks like he really did help.
“I have backup that you cannot imagine,” Kara said.
“Next time you do this to me,” Principal Snyder said. “I will make your school years hell, you hear me?
“Is that a threat?” Kara asked. “Something tells me that Kerog didn’t tell you about the article. You’ve been sneaking into my work, haven’t you?”
“Don’t get on my bad side Kara,” Principal Snyder said. “You’re lucky that stupid king was able to help you.”
“Stupid king huh?” Kara laughed as she pulled out a tape recorder. “I’m sure the king would love to hear that.”
Kara walked away from Principal Syder. Kara is going to stop him from pushing her. Just like he did to a few other students in the past.

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[Special Episode as this is my 1000th post!]
[It's divided into two parts due to the character limit. That means this episode will be longer than previous episodes. 67524 characters.]



Mario, Luigi, and Kerog were doing a school activity by helping the elderly, for graduation credits.
Luigi was to help an old women toad that is in her nineties. Her name is Pearl. She has been in a wheel chair since her late fifties.
"Could you please pass me a glass of water my dear," Pearl asked.
Luigi went to pick up the glass and he slowly handed it over to her.
"Here you go madam," Luigi said trying to be as polite as possible.

Mario and Kerog both helped another elderly women by the name of Velma. Velma is eighty-seven years old. She is a human and she is blind. Kerog did most of the maid work while Mario handed her drinks and guided her to places.
They were told to wear gloves at all times because most of the elderly are sick or have a disorder.

"Mr. Luigi," Pearl said while coughing. "May you take me out to the balcony please? I would love some fresh air."
"Certainly madam," Luigi said quickly as he went over to her wheel chair to push her towards the balcony.
It was a hard job working with the elderly. But if they were to ever to get graduation credits, they need to work at least twenty hours on this job.
"Oh thank you dear," Pearl said. "Could I be alone for a few minutes please?"
"Certainly!" Luigi replied. "Take all the time you need. If you need me, just call me."
Luigi went inside leaving Pearl outside on the balcony. He walked around looking at pictures on the wall. Most photos of her were in black and white. The ones where she was young, looked more drawn than photo-captured.
"And I still have a long way to go," Luigi murmured to himself.

Kerog cleaned the tables in Velma's room. Mario handed her a glass of water by her order.
"Here's some water madam," Mario said.
Velma slowly moved her hand outward. Mario place the glass in her hand so she could grip it.
"Thank you young man," Velma said. "What's your name again?"
"I'm Mario," Mario introduced,
"Right," Velma said. "You're such a helpful gentlemen. If only I could see how handsome you look."
Kerog interrupted their conversation.
"The table, the pictures, the books, and the piano is all wiped down," Kerog said.
"You too Kerog," Velma said. "I can tell you two boys have bright futures ahead of you."
Mario looked at Kerog seeing that he's not totally happy since his broke up with Kara. He and Kara would avoid each other. They would only talked to Mario and Luigi. Kara has been working on other stuff lately with convicting Principal Snyder and helping the Commander with bazaar events. The boys however spend more of their time with school, and working on this job.

Pearl breathed in the fresh air. She wished that she could be young again. But because of her age and condition, she can't go out there again. She sometimes wishes that she could die and start over again. But then who knows what kind of difference the afterlife would be like.
"Your lunch will be ready in five minutes," Luigi said.
"Thank you Luigi," Pearl said. "You've really helped a lot. Oh giddy, I hate being old."
Luigi left her alone again cleaning up the dinning table. He felt disappointed that Kerog and Mario worked together while he worked alone doing everything for Pearl.
Pearl moved herself closer to the edge looking down at the pond. She leaned against the wooden fence putting pressure on her legs. She heard a cracking sound on the fence. She though of an idea that could fake her suicide into an accident.

"Lunch will be ready very quick!" Kerog said.
"And who knows what's on that plate," Velma moaned. "Oh since that terrible day, I now cannot see what's in front of me."
"It's exactly what you ordered," Kerog said.
Mario guided her to her seat at the dining table.
"How's Luigi been doing?" Kerog asked.
"Alright," Mario replied. "He and I are doing fine."
"Luigi?" Velma wondered. "Isn't that the name of your brother?
"Yeah," Mario said. "How did you know that?"
"News flies everywhere Mario," Velma said. "Some avoid them and some come around them. Even when you're blind."
Suddenly, a student came in with a notepad.
"Excuse me madam," he said. "What was the kind of wine you wanted?"
"Red apple wine," Velma replied.
"Whoa! I must have wrote down the wrong one," he said as he accidentally dropped his pen. "Opps!"
He kneeled down the pick the pen up. He accidentally touched her fingers while he got up.
"Oh my!" Velma said.
"Is there something wrong madam?" Mario asked.
" Not you, it's him." Velma said. "He's going to be here until midnight."
"Me?" he asked. "I thought we were only here until seven in the evening."
"Unless it's different for you guys," Kerog suggested.
The student walked out the door as he checked his pocket.
"Wait a minute!" he said stopping right outside the door. "Where did my keys go?"

Pearl leaned harder against the fence feeling the pain on her paralyzed legs. Luigi was putting the finishing touches to the table.

"Here's your meal Velma," Kerog said. "You don't mind if I call you Velma, do you?"
"My name's alright," she said trying to figure out where the food was on her plate.
"I'm going to help in the kitchen," Kerog said. "Could you takeover for a few minutes Mario?"
"Sure," Mario said.

Pearl leaned harder against the fence. It finally broke loose and she fell right off the balcony.
Luigi heard the sound outside and quickly rushed over to the door. He saw the broken fence with the wheelchair sitting there. He heard a splash and looked down. He felt the terror as he saw the ripples of the pond down below.
"No!" Luigi freaked out. "NO PEARL! OH NO!"
"He kept on saying 'no,' as he ran out of the room to find help.

Velma all of the sudden shrieked dropping her fork while leaning back.
"Velma!" Mario freaked out running over to her. "Velma! What's wrong?"
"No!" Velma yelled as she stopped.
"Velma?" Mario said trying to make sure she's okay.
"Mario, listen to me!" she said in a strict voice. "Somebody who's close to you is going to die."

Princess Peach got dressed into street clothes to go outside of the castle without letting anyone noticing it's her. She got her disguise on and took a secret passage way inside her room. The secret passage was meant for emergency uses only. But she used it to visit her friends. Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Kara really helped her a lot and she wanted to help them in return. Nobody knew about her sneaking out. Until-
"Princess Peach?" Wooster said. "Is that you? What are you doing here with those clothes on?"
"Oh great!" Peach moaned. "This isn't what it looks like!"
"Oh that's a relief," Wooster said, "because it looks like your sneaking outside without permission or protection."

Pearl's body was missing. There was no sign of her in the pond.
Mario and Kerog observed any kind of evidence while Luigi talked to the police about what happened.
"So she was up on the balcony," Kerog said ordering what happened, "Luigi was cleaning her dining table for lunch, next thing he knew, the balcony fence broke lose, she fell three stories into the pond, and her body is gone."
"Well she couldn't have disappeared out of thin air," Mario argued. "They found her wheelchair. But how was she able to disappear when her legs are paralyzed?"
"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Kerog asked.
"That she may be nuclear affected?" Mario wondered.
"Yes, my prediction exactly," Kerog said.
"Last I checked, it was mostly the children that have been affected," Mario said.
"True," Kerog nodded. "But we have faced against adult affected people before."
"Larry," Mario gave an example. "And unfortunately Violet."
They looked at Luigi staring straight at the pond with his arms tucked together. Luigi felt terrible for leaving her on the balcony. Now her body is missing, that only made Luigi feel worse.
"Luigi, are you okay?" Mario asked.
"I'm fine," Luigi lied.
"You don't look okay," Mario said.
"I'm fine!" Luigi snapped.
"Look," Mario said trying to get Luigi's attention. "It's not your fault on what happened to her, okay. Maybe we should get something to drink or something."
"I'm not thirsty, okay!" Luigi moaned. "Just don't bother me right now."
Luigi walked back inside the building feeling guilty.
"He's going to get over it eventually," Kerog said. "He may have put her outside, but it's not like her pushed her off."
"Two weird things that have happened today," Mario stated.
"Two?" Kerog asked.
"Around the same time Pearl fell off the balcony," Mario explained, "Velma was acting weird. She told me someone close to me will die."
"What do you mean someone close to you?" Kerog asked.
"Someone close to me," Mario said. "Wouldn't that be Pearl?"
"Or maybe she meant someone close to you," Kerog said.
"Luigi?" Mario wondered in shock. "If that's true, than what does it mean?"

"Princess, I can't just not keep this a secret from your father!" Wooster argued. "You could be killed out there."
"Wooster please," Peach said. "I've been out many times. But I promise that the only person who recognizes me is Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Kara."
"You know what princess," Wooster said. "I won't tell you're father about this. However, let me warn you that I will tell your father if you go out again."
"Look," Peach said. "Just let me go out this one time. I promise I'll come back safely."
"Absolutely not!" Wooster said. " You may be the princess but you don't have the right to go out on your own."
"Alright," Peach said. "How about we make a deal."

Mario went to see Velma to ask her about her sudden act of prospection. Mario gave a knock on the door and waited for her to reply.
"Who is it?" Velma asked.
"It's a me," Mario said. "Mario."
"Oh Mario!" she said laughing. "You silly boy, I believe you don't come back until tomorrow."
"I know," Mario confirmed. "But I want to know what happened well you were having lunch. You told me somebody was going to die."
"And I did indeed," Velma said. "But please excuse my words, I shouldn't have said a thing like that to you."
"It's alright," Mario forgiven. "I want to know what you were talking about when you said that though. Because something went wrong at the same time you said those words."
"Well young man," Velma said. "Do you want to know a secret?"
"Okay," Mario said.
"I can see the possible future," Velma said. "I know it sound like a fantasy."
"No, not at all," Mario said. "Besides, I've seen other things happen around us. It began since an explosion at the Mushroom Kingdom's plant."
"The same day I became blind," Velma said. "I knew that day always meant something."
"So the nuclear explosion gave you this ability to see the future?" Mario asked.
"Not predict the future," Velma replied, "but I see the future when I touch somebody."
"So when you touched that waiter," Mario concluded, "you were able to see the his future that he wouldn't get home until later at night."
"He never saw it," Velma said. "I mostly see the bad stuff happen rather than the good in the world. You know Mario, maybe I could see a prospect of your future."
"Well honestly, I don't really want to know what my future will uphold," Mario said.
"You don't have to know what it is," Velma said. "Besides, I can see how much of a handsome boy you are."
She reached out her hand waiting for Mario to make a decision.
"Alright," Mario said. "It shouldn't be so bad."
He reached out his hand and they grabbed hands. Suddenly everything was dark.
Mario heard rain everywhere. He got up to look around. He was in a wooden shack. It was dark outside. He could only see through the windows that the rain violently pressed against. He opened the shack's door which lead him into a graveyard. It was raining really hard. He looked from a distance and noticed koopa skeletons hanging on a tree. Where ever he was seemed to represent death. Lighting stroked hard around him. He walked deeper in the graveyard toward the hill. He looked over the hill but it was only an endless field of graves. Lightning stroked again and he noticed a name out of the corner of his eye. He started at the dark grave as rain became ore violent than ever. The lightning stroked lighting up the tomb stone. Mario jumped back as he saw the name.
"Luigi!" Mario screamed in fear. "No!"
He looked in his surroundings and saw Kara's grave, Kerog's, King Toadstool's, and Peach's.
"NO!" Mario screamed so loud that he couldn't look at the names anymore. "NOOOOOOO!"
Suddenly the rain disappeared and in a flash, Mario was back in Velma's room.
"No!" Mario freaked out.
"Wait!" Velma said in a instant. "You saw that too?"
"It can't be true!" Mario freaked out again running out of Velma's room.
"Oh dear!" Velma said in shock.

"This is the only time I'm ever doing this!" Wooster snapped. "If your dad finds out about this he'll fire me!"
"He doesn't have to find out," Peach said being more positive.
Wooster pulled his car up by the Mario Brothers house.
"So how do I look?" Peach asked.
"Like a girl," Wooster said with the only comment in mind.
Peach got out of the car and made sure she looked more of a girl than a princess. She walked out to the door and knocked. She waited patiently thinking of what to say. She waited but no answer.
"They're not home," a voice said next door. It was Kerog.
"Oh!" Peach replied. "Do you know where the are?"
"Someone went missing today and Mario is trying to find answers," Kerog answered. "Luigi on the other hand, he's not feeling that good."
"Well what's going on?" Peach asked.
"I'll explain everything until Mario comes back," Kerog said. "He recently called me and it sounded like he's not in a good mood either."
"Well, it's hard for them you know," Peach said. "I'm sure it's hard for all of you. If only you could enjoy the day without something bad happening."
"Well to tell you the truth," Kerog said, "Mario and Luigi are probably more lucky than Kara and I are. I mean Kara is wanting to help people. We pretty much experience bazaar stuff every week. Well okay, maybe not every week but more than what those bros have. They get along well you know. Unfortunately- never mind. I don't want to talk about it."
"It's alright, I know," Peach said. "I went to see Kara a few days ago. She's feeling the same way you are. If I were you, I would deal with something about it."
Wooster sat inside his car looking at Kerog and Peach talking.
"What do those two have in common?" Wooster asked himself.
Suddenly Mario pulled up in the drive way, noticing Peach and Kerog talking to each other. He was desperate to make sure they were okay. He quickly parked his car and got out quickly. But as he walked towards the house he was shaking.
"Are you okay Mario?" Peach asked.
Mario didn't answer.
"Where's Luigi?" Kerog asked.
"I don't know," Mario stuttered
"Mario, what's wrong?" Kerog asked. "What happened with Velma?"
It took a while for Mario to give a straight answer.
"I saw my future," Mario said.
Peach was confused but Kerog knew right away that Velma could prospect the future.
"Let's go inside," Kerog said. "Tell us what you saw."
The three of them went inside while Wooster remained in his car.
"I should have brought something to eat," Wooster murmured. "I'm starving!"

Mario told them everything he saw in the vision. The rain, the skeletons, and their graves.
"I was alone," Mario said. "I felt life was over."
It scared Peach a little but Kerog didn't want to believe in what he saw.
"Well we all will eventually be under graves," Kerog said. "Unless of course there's some other reason for you to see that particular future. I mean we can sometimes alternate whatever we see."
"Kerog's right Mario," Peach concluded. "You can't let whatever you saw bother you. If I were you, I would take a break from it and figure it out later."
"I would go with what she said man," Kerog said. "We're not leaving for a long time."
Mario nodded to their words. Even on the chances of their possible death, they seem to be there for him.
"Alright," Mario said taking a breather. "I'm just going to have something to drink."

Meanwhile, an adult koopa name Dominic watched football on TV. He was single and living alone in Vista Hills.
"Come on!" Dominic yelled at the screen. "Get down there! Pass it! Come on! Touchdown, touchdown!"
But before he could see if the team made a touchdown, he lost power and everything went off.
"Oh great!" Dominic yelled in frustration. "Just what I need!"
Dominic checked next door to see if anybody else lost power. But he seemed to be the only one. Then out of nowhere, somebody tied a rope around his neck. Dominic tried to fight back but he couldn't. He looked into the eyes of his killer. It was a teenage toadette with blond hair.

The next morning, Mario got out of bed feeling a lot better. He quickly got his stuff ready to go see Velma again. However Luigi was not looking well.
"Are you ready Luigi?" Mario asked.
"Ready for what?" Luigi asked in a moan. "There's nothing to be ready for."
Mario can tell that Luigi's voice was the sound of him being depressed.
"Luigi," Mario said. "I know what you saw yesterday was bad, okay. It wasn't your fault."
Luigi didn't reply back. He stood in silence outside a window with his uneaten food.
"Come on Luigi," Mario said trying to get his attention. "Why are you acting like this?"
Luigi still didn't reply.
"Luigi we need to go-"
"Just please!" Luigi snapped. "Leave me alone! Okay? You don't understand at all."
"No I understand what's going on," Mario snapped back, "the thing is I don't think you know what's going on."
"Look Mario," Luigi moaned in his depressed attitude. "Pearl isn't alive anymore because of me, okay. I basically lead her to her death. I'm a murderer."
"Luigi," Mario said. "You're not a murderer! Pearl fell off the balcony by accident. Now come on, snap out of it!"
"SHE'S GONE OKAY!" Luigi yelled while having a hard time breathing. "NEXT THING YOU KNOW, SOMEBODY ELSE WILL END UP DEAD! There's nothing good about me."
Luigi walked off but Mario took in rage and pulled his brother towards his face.
"Ow," Luigi moaned trying to step back from Mario.
Mario let of Luigi realizing what he had done.
"Look, I'm sorry," Mario said. "Just don't let this go on."
"I-" Luigi stuttered afraid to say anything to Mario. "I don't think - I-"
Luigi couldn't say anything and just ran outside the back door. Mario looked outside at Luigi standing there at their fish pond.
"You saved my life before," Mario said to Luigi. "I just wish you could get out of this fantasy of yours and be more useful for once!"
Mario left the house leaving Luigi in the backyard at the fish pond. Luigi's tears dropped into the pond watching the fish swim around.

Mario went with Kerog in his car.
"Where's Luigi?" Kerog asked.
"He's not coming," Mario replied.
"Is it because of what happened yesterday with Pearl?" Kerog asked.
"Pretty much," Mario replied.
Mario wanted to avoid talking about it as Kerog continued to drive.
"Whoa!" Kerog said staring out the window.
"What is it?" Mario asked.
"Looks like something happened at someone's house," Kerog replied. "Want to see what's going on?"
"If you want to, go ahead," Mario said. "But I'm not in the mood right now for another investigation."
Kerog thought it would be best not to leave Mario in the car, so he went past to house.

"Princess Peach?" Wooster called from outside of her room. "I just came to inform you that your father is at a meeting."
There was no voice or sound inside. Wooster gently knocked on the door.
"Princess Peach, are you in there?" Wooster asked.
Still no reply.
Wooster slowly opened her door while making sure no one was looking. He peeked inside and didn't see her anywhere. He looked over by the emergency exit, but it was closed. So she could have been out for a while now.
"Not again!" Wooster moaned.

Luigi sat down on the porch tossing a football up in the air and catching it. He couldn't think straight. He didn't miss a catch throwing the ball up but it didn't get his head off of what happened.
"Hey Luigi," a voice said suddenly. It was Peach in her street clothes.
"Hey Princess Toadstool," Luigi said.
"You can call me Peach you know," she said smiling. But she realized that Luigi didn't seem to be in a happy mood. "May I sit down?"
"Okay," Luigi said forgetting to give his manners.
Peach sat down right next to Luigi. From inside, Luigi felt more comfortable to sit beside her than anyone else. However, it made him nervous. He placed the ball down and looked out down the streets.
"Mario's not here?" Peach asked.
"No," Luigi replied without looking at her.
"You seem a little depressed," Peach said. "What's the matter?"
"Well, I honesty don't want to talk about it," Luigi said.
"Hey," Peach said warmhearted. "Whatever it is that's getting you down, you don't have to talk about it."
Luigi felt peace coming out of her words.
"But one thing I do know," Peach continued, "is that you can't hold on to it forever. If something is bothering you, you have to find a way to get rid of it. If you let it drag on, you'll only getting to make yourself depressed. I may be a princess, but I know the feeling."
"Have you ever felt responsible for someone's death?" Luigi asked.
"Many times," Peach replied. "The truth is, it's not your fault. You can't predict what could happen. Life is affected by many things. You can't stop what was created for us. Even if you were the ruler of the land."
Luigi couldn't get where she was going.
"What if I can't get it out of my head?" Luigi asked trying to avoid crying.
"Well whatever it is," Peach said softly, "it will go away as hours pass. Sometimes it can take days. But if you want it to go away as soon as possible, maybe there's something you can do before you leave it behind."
Luigi thought about what she said. Her words were so peaceful and soft, it was like an angle had cure at side of his depression.
"I wish I could tell you, but-" Luigi said with a pause.
"You don't have to say anything," Peach said. "I'm sure whatever it is, you'll get over it soon enough."

Mario and Kerog made it back to the elderly house to see Velma. She was outside in the courtyard.
"Velma?" Kerog called. "It's Kerog and Mario."
"Mario and Kerog," Velma said. "How nice for you to come by. How have you been doing Mario?"
"Alright," Mario lied.
"Are you sure?" Velma asked. "You seemed shocked since the last time."
"He seemed shocked when he got home," Kerog said. "It must have been some nightmare."
"Ah, I'm sorry," Mario apologized. "I should have talked to you before telling Kerog."
"It's alright," Velma forgives. "I didn't only see the vision myself. I also saw how you were connected to those you love."
"You know what," Kerog said. "I'll let you two talk alone. I'll go help in the kitchen."
"Alright," Mario replied as Kerog went inside the building.
"You see Mario," Velma continued, "I see mostly pain from people. You're seemed very less in a big situation. I sense hope. I sense a brave lad. The thing is Mario, what you saw was only an alternate possible future. There's still hope that you can prevent this."
"Prevent it? How?" Mario asked.
"That all depend upon you and how you make the future a better place," Velma replied. "What you may have seen may have been painful and signs of being lonely. But what the vision gave to me is hope."
Mario sat down listening to Velma. How can there be hope when he saw his friend's grave?
"You've helped me a lot Mario and I thank you," Velma said. "The truth is, i believe you are going to help a lot of people. Like a hero."
" A hero?" Mario said. "You mean I'll be wearing a cape and tights?"
Velma gave a small laugh. "Not exactly my dear. What I mean is that you are going to make people proud. For whatever you do, you were meant to help people."
Mario thought about himself. Sure he saved Peach and Kara along with Luigi and Kerog. He's helped Luigi and Luigi has saved him. He managed to stop Peter and turn himself in. Maybe these investigations were only the beginning. What if there were more to come? But what does he need to save people?
"I want to see the future one more time," Mario said placing his hand out to her.
Kerog was on Velma's balcony looking from a distance. He leaned against the side watching Mario and Velma talk.
"Are you sure Mario?" Velma asked. "Because I don't even know what will appear."
"I'm willing to take a chance," Mario said. "If someone is in danger, they need my help."
"Alright," Velma said placing her hand outward. "When you're ready."
Mario didn't want to wait. If he visions a prospection of the future, he knows he can prevent it somehow. Mario grabbed her hand and then there was a sudden bright light.
Mario was in the middle of a Vista Hills street by the public library.
"Where is she?" Mario asked himself that even Mario didn't know what himself was talking about.
"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" a sudden girl scream shouted. It was a long black hair human walking backwards out of the coffee shop with a toadette in blond hair. The toadette had a knife and rope.
"Why are you doing this?" the female human freaked out.
"I'm finishing what I should have finished seventy-five years ago." the toadette said.
"Seventy-five years?" Mario wondered as he noticed she was only in her late teenage hood.
The toadette raised the knife while the victim was screaming for help.
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Mario yelled as all of the sudden he flashed back to Velma right in front of him.
"My goodness!" Velma said. "When I imaged the idea of you helping people, I didn't imagine it to be that gruesome."
"Well if this girl is in danger," Mario said. "I need to save her!"
Kerog stood on the balcony as he wondered what Mario saw in the new vision. Was it the same one or different? Then suddenly the fence he leaned against, tilted far forwards. Kerog flew right on top of the fence and slip sideways holding on for dear life.
"WHOA!" Kerog screamed. "HELP!"
Everyone heard the scream. They looked up and noticed Kerog was hanging on to the fence. Everyone panicked.
"Thanks Velma!" Mario said quickly jumping out of the seat. "KEROG!"
Mario ran as fast as he could to get to Velma's room.
Kerog looked down at the crowd looking up at him. His landing would have been three stories into a garden instead of a pond.
"I'm not dying here!" Kerog murmured pulling himself up to grab onto the edge. "Geez why do we have to wear these stupid heavy shells on our back?"
The fence broke loose off the balcony's flooring. Kerog jumped as the fence fell three stories below him. He grabbed on to the side of the ledge with his arms straight. He tried to pull himself up but his arms couldn't handle his weight.
"Oh great!" Kerog yelled. "SOMEBODY HELP ME! ANYBODY?
The more he remained holding on tight to the ledge, his fingers got sweaty. The sweat made his fingers lose his grip of holding on.
"This is the end!" Kerog moaned to himself. "I never thought it would end like this!"
Kerog's hand was getting too exhausted he released himself from the ledge closing his eyes.

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The more he remained holding on tight to the ledge, his fingers got sweaty. The sweat made his fingers lose his grip of holding on.
"This is the end!" Kerog moaned to himself. "I never thought it would end like this!"
Kerog's hand was getting too exhausted he released himself from the ledge closing his eyes. But suddenly someone grabbed his hand right when he was about to fall.
"Kerog!" Mario called out. "I got you!"
It was hard to pull Kerog up but Mario didn't give up. Kerog grabbed the ledge with his other hand pushing himself up. Mario pulled Kerog up and Kerog got back onto the balcony.
The students and elderly below cheered aloud once Kerog was up.
"Are you okay Kerog?" Mario asked.
"Yeah," Kerog breathed well his heart was rapidly pumping. "Thanks Mario!"
Kerog gave a thumbs up towards the crowd and the crowd cheered louder.
"Congratulations Mario," Velma said to herself. "You are a real hero."

Mario drove Kerog in his car back home. Kerog was exhausted and couldn't stop talking about the situation.
"They need to replace those fences," Kerog said. "If Pearl fell down one and I almost got killed on Velma's balcony, that means they need to replace every single one."
"Well our supervisors are getting onto that now," Mario said. "I mean it could explain that Pearl's fall was an accident."
"But she was in a wheelchair?" Kerog pointed out. "How did she put so much pressure on the fence?"
"Unless she wanted herself dead," Mario suggested.
"Or maybe someone pushed her off," Kerog said. "While Luigi while wasn't looking, someone could have used their power from the Plant's nuclear explosion to teleport there and teleport away before Luigi could see a thing."
"Good theory," Mario said, "but the question is, why would someone want to kill her or why would she try to kill herself?"
"But the main question is," Kerog concluded, "where is she now?"
Mario pulled up onto Kerog's driveway. He took the keys out of the ignition and handed them over to Kerog.
"Luigi must have gone somewhere," Mario said. "Our car's not on the drive way."
"So what did you see?" Kerog asked.
"What do you mean?" Mario said.
"I mean what happened with you and Velma before I fell to my death?" Kerog asked.
Mario thought about everything that happened in the conversation and vision. He decided to skip whatever Velma talked about to him and just went on to the dream.
"I saw another vision," Mario explained. "Things were peaceful in a quiet night. But someone needed help. She was about to get killed by someone. I don't know who the two are, but I believe it will happen tonight. If no one's there to save her, then I must do something about it."
"Are you sure that this is something that's going to happen?" Kerog asked.
"Yes," Mario said. "It's takes place at a coffee shop across from the public library, here in Vista Hills."
"Alright," Kerog said. "I'll come with you."
"No this is something I should do myself," Mario said.
"You're going to need backup man!" Kerog said. "You may have not seen yourself or I in the vision but if we're going to this place, we're causing a paradox. And it's for the better to save this person."
"Alright," Mario said. "Just be careful. The killer has a knife and a rope."

Luigi drove along with Peach in his car to the elderly house. When they got out, they noticed construction workers fixing the balconies.
"Maybe all of the balcony's fences are rusty," Peach suggested.
"Stay by me so that way no one recognizes you," Luigi said. "I believe Velma's room is down the hallway from Pearl's."
"She's the one that went missing!" Peach said. "I heard in the news."
"I was supposed to take care of her," Luigi said. "But instead, she fell off the balcony, splashed into the pond below, and now she's missing."
They remained silent as they walked up stairs to the third floor.
"I believe we take a left turn," Luigi said.
They walked down pass several rooms and found Velma's room.
"Right here," Luigi pointed out as they entered Velma's room.
Velma sat awake silent with the window open as another elderly played the piano next door.
"Mario?" Velma called out as she heard footsteps.
"No madam," Luigi replied. "I'm Mario's brother, Lui-"
"Luigi!" Velma instantly.
"How did you know my name?" Luigi asked.
"And who might this be?" Velma asked.
"Oh!" Peach said trying to think of a false name. "Well, um, my name is-"
"Princess Peach Toadstool," Velma answered.
"Mario told you about us?" Luigi asked.
"I'm sure Mario told you two about my power," Velma said.
"Oh, yeah," Peach said. "Kerog and I were the only ones told. I'm not sure about Luigi."
"Well she gave me a hint," Luigi said, "but I don't know what she means by you can help exactly."
"Oh I can't help my dears," Velma said. "I can only show a prospection of the future."
"So you can predict the future?" Luigi asked.
"Not really predict," Velma replied. "When I touch someone's hand, I can see a vision of their possible future. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it alters in a way."
"Well, I'm sorry for your condition," Luigi said nicely.
"There's nothing for you to be sorry about my dear," Velma said. "I've been like this for ten years since the Mushroom Kingdom's plant exploded by a meteor rock."
"We've had theories that the nuclear explosion caused extraordinary bazaar events," Peach said. "We've meet weirder things before."
There were silence between the three of them for a while as they heard the piano being played in the other room.
"Is there something wrong Luigi?" Velma asked.
"Huh? No madam!" Luigi said as the accident with Pearl still bothered him.
"You know," Velma said, "I want to know what kind of man you'll be turning into before I'm gone. Would you like to see a part of your future?"
Velma held out her hand but Luigi wasn't sure if he wanted to see what his future would be like. After all, he felt disappointed about Pearl and he remembered Mario yelling at him. What if what he sees turns out he's going to have a horrible life? How could he take such a rejection? However, it made him curious on what may become of the future with his friends. Peach being the most kind person he's ever met, what will become of her?
"You don't have to my dear, if you don't want to," Velma said.
Luigi reached out his hand but at first rejected to grab her hand. But what if the future is good? He just wishes to get this depression out of his head. He said to himself it's now or never. He took Velma's hand and a flash of light occurred in front of his eyes.
Luigi had his eyes closed due to the brightness. He was afraid to open his eyes and see what the future looked like. But he heard something, it was a crowd cheering. He slightly opened his eyes and everything was shiny bright. It was twilight, and he saw toads, koopas, and other country species cheering. He even saw some species he couldn't recall. But as he looked at the crowd, there were banners of names including his. He looked behind him towards the sun and saw figures standing on a stage. He couldn't see their faces since the sun was right behind them. But there were two shadow figures that stand in front of the crowd. The posters and banner went high saying 'Mario' and 'Luigi.' He stared back at the figures again realizing that the two were him and Mario. Toad Town looked shiner and bright. He could see the kingdom from a small distance. The Mushroom Kingdom looked absolutely beautiful. He wanted to get closer to see the faces in front of the sunset, but suddenly in a flash, he was back in the room with Velma.
He slowly moved his hand away from Velma since what he saw, was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. If only he could see it again.
"I- I don't know what to say," Luigi smiled in surprised.
"You're going to have a bright future Luigi," Velma said looking at Peach. "You all will."

Later tonight, Mario and Kerog worked out a plan to prevent the attack that Mario saw in his vision. They went to the location where the coffee shop and library was.
"So you were standing right outside the library?" Kerog asked.
"In the vision yeah," Mario said. "Someone over at that coffee shop was being threatened by a toadette in blond hair. I didn't see their full face so I don't know who they are."
"Any information I should know about the killer?" Kerog asked.
"She's not hot," Mario replied.
Kerog laughed to himself taking it as a joke.
"Well at least you she won't be your wife," Kerog said.
"What! Hell no! Wrong specie man!" Mario snapped. "A human and a toad? That's sick!"
"Some people do fall in love with another specie you know," Kerog said. "It's sickening sometimes, and I don't understand why a mammal would want to marry a reptile in the first place. Expectually when they're the same- you know."
"I would hate to know where you're head's been Kerog!" Mario teased.
"No," Kerog said. "Just no."
"Sh!" Mario said quickly. "Do you hear that?"
"Hear what?" Kerog asked.
On the other side of the street at the coffee shop, there was yelling between two females.
"That's them!" Mario said. "Hide behind that car over there! I'll jump in and see what I can do. Be careful, the toadette has a knife and rope."
"Three of us and one of her," Kerog said. "Good luck!"
Kerog ran behind the car and while went to hind in the shadows.
"Where is she?" Mario asked himself.
"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!" a sudden girl scream shouted. It was the long black hair human walking backwards out of the coffee shop with the toadette in blond hair. The toadette had a knife and rope.
"Why are you doing this?" the female human freaked out.
"I'm finishing what I should have finished seventy-five years ago." the toadette said.
"What?" Mario and Kerog said quietly to their selves.
The toadette raised her knife.
"HELP!" the female screamed.
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Kerog yelled from behind the car.
Mario jumped out of nowhere towards the killer. She thrust downwards and Mario grabbed her wrist to stop the blade.
"RUN!" Mario shouted at the victim.
"Thank you!" the victim said running off. "Thank you!"
The killer kicked Mario chest knocking him down.
"A little help here please!" Mario yelled to Kerog.
The killer stepped on Mario's face taking grip of the knife. Kerog appeared behind her and pulled her off of Mario. Thee killer side kicked Kerog up against the car. Kerog rolled sideways off the car as the killer stabbed a hole in the trunk. Mario jumped up and pushed her in the face knocking her backwards.
"Oh my god!" Mario freaked out. "I just punched a girl!"
The killer ran off. Mario and Kerog went chasing after her.
"You'll never ruin what I should have finished a long time ago!" she yelled turning around.

Mario and Kerog went back to Mario's house thinking about what happened.
"Well we saved the girl," Mario said, "but the killer got away."
"I seen the girl from Vista Hills High," Kerog said. "But I don't recognize the killer."
"If she was a new student, she has a terrible way of introducing herself," Mario said. "But she said she had a motive to complete after seventy years? What does she mean by that? She's only a teenager."
"Since the nuclear explosion, anything is possible," Kerog said.
Kerog hacked into the security cameras that were around the coffee shop.
"How do you and Kara do this?" Mario asked forgetting not to mention Kara because of their breakup.
"Two years of supported Staritas a the next generation," Kerog said. "We learned from Staritas files since they got their penalty from King Toadstool.
Kerog finally opened up a back and white low quality footage of the killer and the girl outside. Unfortunately it showed the back of the killer so they couldn't see her face.
"You can see my shell behind the car from the camera's angle," Kerog pointed out.
"Go to the point where she almost stabbed you on that car," Mario said. "We might be able to get an image of her face."
Kerog fast forward it to the part where she attempt to kill Kerog after he saved Mario.
"I'll see what frame comes out best," Kerog said. "The camera's quality is terrible at night when it's black and white."
Kerog played around with the scene until he could find a perfect image. He zoomed in but the face was fuzzy.
"Staritas had a program here," Kerog said opening up a program on the computer, "this programs will be able to sharpen a fuzzy image and we might have a clear, but yet black and white image."
"How long will the process take?" Mario asked.
"Minutes or hours," Kerog answered. "Depends on how sharp you want it."
Kerog activated the program on the still image of the killer's face.

"I've had a great day since you arrived," Luigi said to Peach as they drove back to his house.
"I'm glad to help," Peach smiled at Luigi. "Let's hope whatever you saw will become our future."
"Oh I hope so," Luigi said thinking about the beautiful vision. "I don't even know how many years it will be from now. But I promise this when I say, the Mushroom Kingdom looks like nothing you can ever imagine."
"I had some ideas of improvements," Peach said. "I was thinking of having the rooftops of Toad Town match the red colour on top of our kingdom.
"Red's your favourite colour?" Luigi asked.
"Red and sometimes pink," Peach said. "What about you?"
"Green," Luigi replied, "and pink."
"Haha!" Peach laughed. "You just want to make it look like we have a lot in common."
"No, I do like pink," Luigi said half lying.
Luigi pulled up into the driveway.
"Oh no!" Peach moaned.
"What is it?" Luigi asked.
"My father's chief advisor," Peach said. "Wooster."
Luigi and Peach got out of the car while Wooster got out of his car on the other side of the road.
"Princess Peach," Wooster said looking his straight eye at her. "I've been looking all over for you. What have you been doing?"
"We were just hanging out," Luigi and Peach said at the same time.
"I was helping him out for a while," Peach said, "that's all."
Wooster looked eye to eye between Luigi and Peach.
"Alright, enough of this nonsense," Wooster said. "Let's get back to the kingdom Peach before your father finds out in the next two days."
Peach nodded and looked at Luigi.
"It was great being with you Luigi," Peach smiled. "I'll see you sometime."
"Yeah, I'll see ya," Luigi said. "And thanks for everything today!"
Peach got into the back of Wooster's car. Wooster stared at Luigi as he got into the driver's seat. Wooster drove off towards the Mushroom Kingdom as Luigi went back inside the house.
Luigi went inside as Mario and Kerog waited for the image to sharpen.
"Luigi?" Mario said as Luigi went into the room.
"So um," Luigi said thinking of what to say. "I've gotten over my depression. I'm sorry for what happened in the morning Mario."
"No no no Luigi," Mario said softly. "I should be the one to apologize. There were things I said that regret saying. I'm sorry for giving you a hard time."
"I accept your apology," Luigi said.
"Come here," Mario said as the two brothers gave each other a hug.
Kerog sat there wondering what it would have been like if he had a brother.
"Okay Mario!" Kerog called out. "I got something here."
Mario and Luigi went around looking at the image of the killer's face.
"What is this?" Luigi asked.
"We went to see Velma again," Mario said. "She has these powers to see someone's future."
"A prospection of it," Luigi said. "Peach and I went to see her."
"Wait!" Kerog paused the conversation. "You were with Peach?"
"Anyway," Luigi quickly said avoiding Kerog's question, "what happened with Velma?"
"I saw a vision of a girl getting attacked by this killer tonight," Mario explained. "We went to the location and managed to save the victim. However the killer got away."
"Right now I'm looking through the security cameras getting an image of the killer," Kerog said. "She's a toadette and she claimed to be completing a motive of her's after seventy years. She's only a teenager!"
"So could refer to her ancestors doing the job as well," Luigi suggested. "Has she attacked any other victims?"
"I don't think-"
Kerog paused for a moment to think. She has a knife and rope. She had a motive to complete. What motive exactly?
"One second!" Kerog said opening up the internet.
"What are you doing?" Mario asked.
Kerog opened up the Vista Hills News. He scrolled through the news from sports, to Pearl's missing body, to two murders, and a young male coop save by another young male.
"That's another thing," Mario said to Luigi. "The fences were all lose on every balcony. Kerog almost fell three stories."
"And you saved my butt," Kerog said. "Alright look at this."
"Who's Dominic?" Luigi asked.
"A koopa was hanged in his own house and was witnessed through the window," Kerog said. "Mario and I passed the moment when the police were there.
"So that's what was going on," Mario said.
"And look here," Kerog continued clicking on another news thread. "A toad farmer in Vista Hills was stabbed and hanged in his barn. His wife found him dead."
"Oh my god!" Mario said looking at the horrible deaths. "Are you suggesting that the killer did this to those two?"
"And that girl could have been the third," Kerog said.
"Or even us," Mario said.
Kerog closed his internet and looked opened up the image of the killer at full screen.
"Nope," Mario murmured. "I don't recognize her."
"Me neither," Kerog seconded along with Mario.
Luigi looked closer at the face but could't give an answer.
"I don't know why but I've seen her somewhere before," Luigi said.
"Where?" Kerog asked.
"I don't know?" Luigi replied looking closer at the face. "How many years did she say that she's been on this?"
"Seventy-five years," Mario answered.
Luigi thought about for a moment.
"No!" Luigi said deeply. "It can't be!"
"What is it Luigi?" Mario asked.
Luigi ran to his room and got his binder out.
"What is it Luigi?" Kerog asked. "Tell us!"
Luigi went through his paperwork on the school activity for working at the elderly house. He had images of the place including Pearl's room. He looked at the pictures on Pearl's wall. He looked between the picture on the wall and the image on Kerog's computer.
"You should have died," Luigi said.
"Luigi?" Mario said.
"The killer's Pearl," Luigi said.

Wooster and Peach were talking back to each other about what happened today.
"What is it between you and Luigi?" Wooster asked.
"Nothing!" Peach snapped. "You're just friends. He wasn't feeling good today and he needed someone to talk to."
"About what?" Wooster asked.
"I have a right to remain silent," Peach replied. "Besides, what ever happened, he doesn't want to talk about it."
"Don't you know what will happen if your father finds out about this?" Wooster asked.
"He won't find out," Peach said. "Besides, if he found out you drove me out yesterday, he would fire you and I don't want that to happen."
"Well you're really raising the bar," Wooster snapped back. "Your father will find out if you go on with this."
"Just because he's the king doesn't mean he knows everything," Peach said.
Wooster slowed down the car as he notices a car blocking the road.
"Come on!" Wooster angrily said honking his horn.
The car wouldn't move or was it turned on.
"Stay here Peach," Wooster commanded as he got out of the car. "Excuse me, is anyone in that vehicle?"
"WOOSTER LOOK OUT!" Peach screamed.
Wooster turned around but was knocked out by a toadette, who is the teenager Pearl.
"STAY IN THE CAR PRINCESS TOADSTOOL!" Pearl yelled pointing her knife at Peach.
Peach tried to open her door but it could only be open from the outside. Pearl got into the driver's seat holding onto the knife.
"What do you want?" Peach said freaking out.
"Shut up!" Pearl snapped. "Stay seated and don't do anything or I will kill you."
Peach was really scared right now as Pearl drove Wooster's car back to Vista Hills leaving Wooster unconscious on the road.

"She fell off the balcony on purpose," Luigi said piecing every information together. "She wanted to die because she was old."
"She may not have expected to have the power to become young," Kerog said. "After she became young, she escaped completing her motive."
"Which means," Luigi continued, "i was helping a murderer. She killed people in her younger days before we were even born."
Kerog went to his computer and did some research on Pearl.
"Considering that fact that Velma reacted weirdly," Mario concluded, "it could have ben because of Pearl's transformation to youth. Since you can only go from young to old. She caused a paradox. A paradox where she's going to be an enemy. To create such an evil future I saw."
"Well there's other people that could caused the world to be like that," Kerog said. "I mean Pearl has her limits."
"Which means," Mario continued on, "as I saw the vision of the girl being attacked, we caused a paradox. A paradox of hope."
"To a happy bright future," Luigi said remembering the beautiful vision he saw. If the future is like this, they need to avoid causing anymore paradoxes.
"I got something," Kerog said. "Pearl was arrested for two murders sixty years ago by hanging two Vista Hills citizens. And it looks like the Staritas files has something on her too."
Kerog opened up the Staritas file on Pearl. The file dated from before they were even born.
"Pearl also killed a member of Staritas," Kerog said reading the file. "They even found a list of her targets."
"So she's not being serial," Mario said. "She has targets. But most of them are dead."
"They may be dead," Luigi suggested, "but what about their descendants?"
"Hold on!" Kerog paused. "Look at this!"
They looked closer at the name. King Toadstool.
"King Toadstool's a target!" Mario exclaimed.
"Not him," Kerog said. "King Toadstool's father."
"Peach's grandfather," Luigi said. "Wait! She's going to attempt to complete this motive! What if King Toadstool's the next target?"
"Or Peach!" Mario predicted.

Wooster slowly got up as his mushroom head was bleeding everywhere. He looked around and didn't see Peach or his car in sight. Just the one car that remained on the road.
"Oh no!" Wooster panicked. "What will should I do? If the lord finds out about this, he'll have me killed!"
Suddenly some headlights appeared out of the dark. Mario, Luigi, and Kerog were driving towards the Mushroom Kingdom to warn King Toadstool. But suddenly the car and Wooster caught their eye.
"What happened here?" Kerog wondered.
"Wait!" Luigi said instantly. "Stop the car! That's Wooster!"
"Yeah that's King Toadstool's chief advisor!" Mario said. "Pull aside Kerog!"
Kerog pulled his car aside and they jumped out of the car.
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER YOU VILLAINS!" Wooster yelled viciously.
Mario, Luigi, and Kerog came out of the fog towards Wooster.
"You three!" Wooster said in surprised. "Thank goodness you're here. You guys really are a saviour!"
"Wooster, what happened?" Luigi asked.
"I don't know," Wooster said still panicking. "I was taking Peach home, then suddenly this car was in the way. I step out to see what was going on, then out of nowhere, I was hit on the head. My car is missing and Peach is in it! Boys, someone has kidnapped Princess Peach! If his majesty finds out about this, I won't live to see spring."
"That's not going to happen," Mario said. "We're going to find Peach and stop this criminal at all cost. Do you have something that could help us save her?"
"No," Wooster said still panicking. "Well I do have this GPS chip to track my car, but I don't have a computer to track it."
Mario and Luigi looked at Kerog.
"Good thing I remembered to bring it!" Kerog smiled.
Kerog got out his laptop and installed the drive into his computer. He opened up the program and waited for the system to triangulate a location of Wooster's car. After a minute of Wooster moaning to himself, they got a location of the car moving in Vista Hills.
"She's in Vista Hills!" Kerog said.
"Alright let's go after them," Luigi said instantly getting into the passenger seat.
Mario and Wooster got into the back as Kerog went into the driver's seat.
"Okay Luigi," Kerog said. "Point out the location and I'll drive us there."
Kerog started the car and drove back to Vista Hills.

After twenty minutes driving through Vista Hills Wooster's car seemed to have stopped along the dike of Vista Hills River.
"Oh gosh!" Wooster moaned. "Please don't make this the worse day of my life! I would hate to see his rage."
"Wooster!" Kerog snapped.
"Oh my poor head is going to be gone when he finds out," Wooster cried.
"SHUT UP!" Mario, Luigi, and Kerog yelled.
"The car is to the left!" Luigi quickly said before they made the wrong turn.
Kerog went over the speed limit until they saw Wooster's car up ahead.
"Stop here!" Mario said. "That way she doesn't notice us."
Kerog pulled aside and they got quickly out of the car except Wooster who was still whining.
"King Toadstool needs a new chief advisor," Kerog said. "This guy's an idiot."
They stealth up the hills to see on top of the dike. They could see the teenage Pearl from a distance with Peach struggling.
"LET GO OFF ME!" Peach screamed with her hands tied behind her back.
Luigi wanted to ran at Pearl, but Mario grabbed him to avoid blowing their cover.
Pearl placed a rope around Peach's neck but Luigi had to act fast.
"Luigi wait!" Mario hissed, but it was too late. "We got to go know Kerog!
"LET HER GO!" Luigi yelled.
"Luigi!" Peach screamed.
"Luigi?" Pearl said. "If it isn't the brother of Mario."
"If you're trying to trick me, it's not going to work Pearl!" Luigi said angrily. "I know who you are. You didn't die when you fell off that balcony. You ran away causing a paradox that will leave OUR FUTURE IN RUIN! What kind of monster are you Pearl? HUH?"
"You're were a fine gentlemen Luigi," Pearl said pushing Peach close to the edge. "But do you think you can save her and stop me?"
"I'm counting on it," Luigi said.
Then out of nowhere Mario and Kerog tackled Pearl.
"I'll get her!" Kerog yelled trying to stop her from killing somebody with the knife.
"Mario!" Peach said. "I knew you guys would come!"
Mario took the rope off of her neck and went to untie the knot on her wrists.
"I SHALL NOT FAIL HERE!" Pearl yelled head punching Kerog in the head.
Kerog got knocked back and then kicked back. Mario went to hold Pearls down but she kicked Mario in the stomach, jumped up, and grabbed Peach.
"GET OFF ME!" Peach screamed.
"Goodbye Princess Toadstool!" Pearl spat in her face and pushed her off the wall.
"PEACH!" Luigi screamed.
"AHH!" Peach screamed as she fell off the wall and splashed into deep dirty water.
"NO!" Luigi screamed running at Pearl. Pearl did a sidekick but missed Luigi. Luigi jumped on top of the ledge and dived into the water. "PEACH!"
Pearl got distracted by Luigi jumping into the water that Mario suddenly punched her down.
"YOU KIDS ARE RUINING EVERYTHING!" Pearl yelled with rage trying to stab Mario with a knife. "JUST DIE ALREADY!"
"You shall not hurt anymore people Pearl!" Mario yelled. "Just give up!"
"NEVER!" Pearl shouted.
Pearl slashed sideways and scratch his arm.
"Ah!" Mario screamed.
Pearl slashed her knife and Mario kicked her down. He stood there while Kerog was trying to get up from the sore on his knee.
"I guess I underestimated you kids," Pearl said still on the ground. "You may think you're the hero who will defeat the villain in the end. Well guess what. I am the villain of the story and I shall kill anyone who gets in my way. I shall not be defeated!"
Pearl quickly took the knife and leaned forward to get up. But before she could get up, Kerog jumped and flipped her over on her front side.
"Ugh!" Pearl wheezed. "No!"
She stopped moving. Kerog flipped her on her on her back. Pearl's own knife stabbed her in the chest.
"Pearl!" Mario called out to her.
But Pearl closed her eyes giving her last breath. Kerog felt her pulse and there was no beat.
"Oh my god!" Kerog freaked out. "She's dead! I killed her!"
"You didn't kill her," Mario said. "She killed herself accidentally."
"From what she wanted to do when she fell off that balcony," Kerog said.
They sat there shocked at Pearl's death. But they forgot about something.
"Luigi!" Mario said running to the edge of the wall. "LUIGI!"
"Mario!" Luigi called.
"We're done here," Peach cried.
"Alight!" Kerog said. "We'll find a path to get up here!"
As Mario and Kerog went searching for a path, Luigi and Peach held on to each other tight.
"I'm so cold!" Peach shivered.
"Me too," Luigi shivered too.
"Thanks Luigi," Peach said.

They brought Luigi and Peach back to Kerog's car and Wooster's car where Wooster was still whining about the consequences.
"Peach!" Wooster jumped in excitement. "Oh thank goodness you're okay! Are you hurt?"
"I'm fine," Peach said. "Thanks to these three."
Mario and Kerog smiled but Luigi blushed. It was hard for Luigi to be active since he's all wet. Same with Peach.
"No one in the kingdom should know this happened, alright?" Wooster said to the four of them. "It will be a disaster if her father finds out about this and I'min the middle of it."
"Alright," Mario said. "Make sure you can take her home as soon as possible. You could get sick in this cold winter weather.
Peach got into the back of the car waving a thank you to them.
"Thanks for saving our princess," Wooster said. "I don't know what would happen if-"
"WOOSTER!" Mario, Luigi, and Kerog yelled at the same time so he could shut up.

Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Peach returned home safely. Mario knew his days of helping people is never going to be over. But helping people feels good inside, even Luigi could agree. Only Luigi knew how bright their future will be.
Everyone slept the night as there was only a couple of hours left till dawn. As days go by, everyone ages, and as minutes pass, somebody dies. Life goes on and there's no stopping the flow. Sleep is peaceful and that means the end shall be. If there was heavenly peace or hell, Pearl would be there along with others.
Everybody didn't wake up until the afternoon. It was a nice sunny day outside in the cold weather. Kerog went an hour early to the elderly house before Mario and Luigi were even ready. Kerog looked at the construction workers fixing every fence. He walked over by the pond where Pearl fell and he smelled the beautiful roses in the garden. After Kerog was done sightseeing the scenery, he went upstairs to Velma's room.
"Yes, who there?" Velma asked.
"It's Kerog Velma," Kerog replied.
"Kerog!" Velma said in a smile. "How's Mario and Luigi been doing?"
"Peach was kidnapped last night," Kerog explained. "The three of us worked together and we stopped the killer. We couldn't have done it if it weren't for you."
"I may have helped my dear but you three did most of the work," Velma said.
"But our future would have ended up like what Mario saw in his first vision," Kerog said. "If we didn't save that girl from that coffee shop, the killer would have had more victims."
"We all have our roles in life Kerog," Velma said. "But what you see in the vision won't come true if you don't make the right choices. Luigi's future was beautiful. If you guys make the right choices, you will all have a bright future. The future is not written yet. We all write it together making it the best we can."
Kerog nodded in agreement. But what bothered him is if Kara would be friends with him again. He misses her when she's not around.
"Would you like to see you're future Kerog?" Velma asked.
"My future? I don't know," Kerog said. "I have so many questions that I want answered."
Kerog sat there deciding whether or not he should see his future.
"I just have one question," Kerog asked, "why are there only a limited enough of people that can see the visions like you can?"
"The only ones that can see the vision," Velma replied, "are the ones that are affected by the Mushroom Kingdom's explosion at the plant ten years ago."
This gave Kerog a shock. If Mario and Luigi saw the visions, then that means they don't even know they are nuclear affected. But what is extraordinary about those two? Do they still have yet to find their power? Then Kerog wondered about himself. Is he nuclear affected and doesn't know about it? If Kerog is affected, then maybe Velma can give him the answer.
"I'll try it," Kerog said holding out his hand. "But only once."
"Take my hand," Velma said holding out her hand. Kerog grabbed it and waited.
Kerog closed his eyes but he could still feel Velma's hand. He opened his eyes and Velma was very still with her eyes open.
"I guess I'm not nuclear- AH!" Kerog screamed.
Kerog couldn't see anything. Even with his eyes open, something felt like a force was blinding him.
"Look at me Kerog," a deep voice said in flames. "Let me help you."
"AH!" Kerog screamed and suddenly flashed back into Velma's room. "What was that?"
Kerog looked at Velma. Her hand was hanging off the side of the chair. Her eyes were open but not moving.
"Velma?" Kerog freaked out.
Velma didn't move. She sat there dead.
Kerog waited for somebody to come in. What happened? He couldn't remember what he saw as the vision was blinding him. What killed Velma? Is Kerog different compared to other nuclear affected people?

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First Part of EPISODE 8 'PLANT'

I still haven't finished the episode. I'll be absent from my computer for the weekend so I hope you enjoy the first half of this episode. Once I return, I will finish the rest and edit in the last half of the episode. Enjoy!

It was a gloomy night in Toad Town. A dark blond hair human name Erik went to his ex-wife's house where he wanted to gaze upon his baby son, for possibly the last time.
Erik worked at the Mushroom Kingdom's Plant after he divorced with his wife. Since an accidental disaster that happened two weeks ago, he's been different.
Erik sat on a tree branch right outside of his son's window. The baby wasn't sleeping. It was too busy looking at the teddy bears right beside it. But then the baby turned its head at the window right towards Erik. The baby stared at Erik but didn't give a reaction.
"I promise," Erik said softly to his son even though he couldn't hear him, "daddy's going to get better."

It was a bright sunny day in the winter of Vista Hills. A koopa name Kara broke up with her boyfriend two weeks ago after he found out she endorsed another candidate in a high school president election and she almost lost credits towards her graduation. Kara still didn't know if she should believe that Kerog really did tell Principal Snyder about the endorsement. She hasn't talk to Kerog in a long time. She's been too busy helping the Commander of the Mushroom Kingdom and finding evidence to expose Principal Snyder's job. She knew there was something about him that was just not right. This doesn't seem to be the first time it happened.
Kara drove her car to Vista Hills High arriving early. She heads upstairs into her favorite room where she hangs out with her friends and does research for bazaar events since the nuclear explosion ten years ago at the Mushroom Kingdom's Plant.
She placed her homework, notices, and Commander's notes in a pile. She stacked up her work for her two morning classes and placed the Commander's notes back in her bag. She had a sheet to go on a field trip to the Mushroom Kingdom's Plant. Since she, Mario, Luigi, and Kerog didn't have a parent or guardian to sign it, they got permission from King Toadstool himself. Kara was excited about the field trip since they're going to where the old plant used to be ten years ago until they build a new one on top of it. She wondered if looking out on that field ever bothered King Toadstool. Because since that day, his wife Rose Toadstool died, and he turned against Staritas in rage.
Mario and Luigi came right into the room seeing Kara with her paperwork.
"Hello Kara!" Mario said.
"Hey Mario!" Kara said without a smile on her face. "Hey Luigi. You guys got your permission forms?"
"Right here," Mario and Luigi said at the same time holding their permission form up.
Kara nodded and placed her permission form on top of her homework.
"Oh no!" Luigi said.
"What is it?" Mario asked.
"I forgot to get my English teacher to sign this!" Luigi said slapping his hand against his forehead. "I'll see you guys later!"
Luigi ran out the door heading straight to his English class.
"Only certain classes for freshmen and senior year students," Kara said. "I'm glad we're one of the few classes in science going."
Kara was constantly trying to straighten her pile of work since she had nothing to do but wait for the warning bell.
"Are you alright Kara?" Mario asked her.
"Yeah I'm fine," Kara lied.
"Hey Mario!" a familiar voice called entering the room.
"Here comes the football junkie," Kara murmured picking up her homework.
Mario turned around and it was Troy. The captain for the senior football team. Troy was a toad who tied Mario up in the middle of a forest creating a tradition known as the Marauder Spirit. Mario already forgives Troy for what he has done.
"Hey Troy!" Mario greeted him with a hand shake. "It's been a while."
The last time Troy was in the school was two days after his friend Allen was killed.
"So?" Mario asked when there was a moment of silence.
"It's good to see you!" Troy smiled.
Mario couldn't tell if Troy was just trying to be a nice person because of the Marauder Spirit thing or because he's a nice guy.
"Well how was your vacation?" Mario asked.
"I had better ones," Troy replied.
"Hey Troy!" a voice yelled into the room. They turned their heads to the door to see Sean holding a football in his hand.
"Hey Sean!" Troy replied.
"Nice to see you back again!" Sean said. "Practice is at lunch and after school today."
"Alright I'll see you then!" Troy said.

"HIKE!" Kerog yelled.
It was after school and the junior football team practiced for their upcoming game. Mario and Luigi sat down doing homework while Kerog practiced. Mario then noticed Kara was actually watching from a distance. Mario looked at her standing there as she stared at the game.
Mario wondered what Kara was thinking right now. They haven't talked to each other since their brake up. Why is she here now watching him practice? Does she still like him? But does Kerog still like her? They both miss each other but they seem to afraid to express their feelings.
"Hey Luigi," Mario whispered. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Torture Kerog until he can catch the ball right," Luigi said.
"What?" Mario said. "No! I mean Kara and Kerog."
"What about them?" Luigi asked.
Mario gave a sigh. "I mean get them together."
"Why?" Luigi asked.
"Well just look at them," Mario said.
"They're both dreadful," Mario said. "They look at each other but they avoid each other."
"Well it's a natural frienemy thing," Luigi said.
"Look," Mario said trying to get Luigi more serious then he was, "ever since the candidate election, they broke up. There's obviously a misunderstanding. Kerog told us he didn't tell Principal Snyder a thing. I don't know what Kara believes. But we can't have them go on like this just because of some stupid election."
"Hey you almost won man," Luigi said. "Terry was lucky enough to get it after being attacked."
"At least Kara did the right thing," Mario said. "We need to somehow stop this brake up. Until we know for sure how Principal Snyder found out about the endorsement, it should help their misunderstanding."
Mario and Luigi both looked back at Kara. She had tears running down her cheek. After a while, she went back to her car and drove home.
"HIKE!" Kerog yelled.

King Toadstool signed forms to the Mushroom Kingdom's Plant, involving the school's field trip. As he signed the paperwork, he looked at a picture of his wife Rose. The nuclear explosion still bothered him whenever he looked at the picture. But the one thing he was glad about is that their daughter Peach Toadstool survived. After he was done signing the forms, he pushed it aside and went off to the dining room for dinner.
Peach was already sitting patiently at the table waiting for food. He smiled as he sat down at the table right next to her.
"It's been a busy week," King Toadstool said.
"It has been," Peach said.
King Toadstool did not know about Pearl attempting to kill Peach last week. Yet he still doesn't know about her sneaking out when she gets the chance.
"Have you seen Wooster lately?" Peach asked.
"It's his day off," King Toadstool replied. "What do you need him for?"
"Oh nothing,"Peach said. "He's just a great advisor."
King Toadstool nodded.
"So by the way," King Toadstool said. "There's a school field trip to the Plant for Vista Hills High students. It seems our four heroes are in it. Do you want to come?"
"Um," Peach murmured for a second. "Yeah! Yeah, I would love to go. It's been a while since we've seen them."
"I believe it was since that High school election right?" King Toadstool asked.
Peach had been meeting them more then that, but to cover the fact she's been sneaking out, she nodded.
"Too bad he didn't win," King Toadstool said. "He would have made a great Class President."
"Well he seem to have not mind his loss," Peach said. "Still it would have be neat if he had won."
"I know you like these kids," King Toadstool said. "Why do you like them?"
"Not only did they save me three times, I mean twice," Peach stuttered trying to believe her lies. "They're good friends. Expectually Kara and Luigi."
"You know if I didn't know any better, I think you know more about them then me," King Toadstool said. "I like the brother Mario."
"I guess poor Kerog gets left out?" Peach asked.
"He's also great too," King Toadstool said. "Saved you from Larry, that's for sure."
"You know dad," Peach said. "Maybe there can be days where they can come over to the kingdom as a friend. There're great people when you get to know them. Not because they helped us before, but they are kind people."
King Toadstool paused while nodding. He wondered if that would even be a great idea.
"Dinner is served!" the chief called out bowing.
The chiefs placed the food on the table for the two of them to feast.
"Thank you very much for making this dinner," Peach smiled.

Luigi was at home doing his homework while Mario was over at Kerog's next door.
"Can't wait for the next game," Kerog said to himself.
"Well you did good out there," Mario said even though he didn't really watch Kerog practice.
Mario was pretty much here for no reason. He was here to get Kerog into thinking about Kara, but he doesn't want to screw it up if Kerog overreacts.
"Dude are you bored?" Kerog asked.
"I'm fine," Mario lied.
"How about we play a game," Kerog said.
"Not chess this time," Mario said as Kerog went to the game cupboard.

Mario and Kerog played Poker while acting like idiots.
"Here's a slam dunking flush!" Mario said trying to act cool.
"Not unless I own you with a full house!" Kerog said placing a full house down.
Kerog double his points using potato chips. Mario slurps down soda in style and slams it down on the table.
"I bet fifteen," Mario said in a deep voice placing the chips aside.
"Twenty-seven," Kerog said placing his chips aside.
"Thirty-three, whoa I don't have that much!" Mario said in a weird accent.
"Thirty-eight," Kerog said. "Final bet."
"I'm done betting," Mario said.
Kerog shuffled the cards and sort five to the each of them. Mario laughed as he never acted like a drug man on purpose like this.
"You're a dead man Mario," Kerog said with his eyes peeking over his cards.
"Well we'll see about that mon!" Mario said.
"What?" Kerog paused.
"I said we'll see about that mon," Mario repeated.
"Only long hair dudes say that," Kerog said.
"Whatever," Mario said. "I'll draw these cards."
Mario waited for Kerog to draw his cards. Once Kerog was ready, they replaced the cards they drawn in. Mario had a smile on his face but so does Kerog.
"You messed with the wrong guy," Kerog said as he place his cards down. "Four of a kind in Jacks!"
"Damn dude, you're good!" Mario said. "But you're just not good enough!"
Kerog's smile went down.
"A straight flush!" Mario said turning his cards around.
There was silence for a second.
"If you excuse me, I need to pee," Kerog said getting out of his seat.
"That's nice to know Kerog!" Mario said in a weird voice. "How would you like that to be on the announcements tomorrow at the field trip?"
Mario then calmed down as the sugar really got his veins all hyped up. He suddenly looked down to realize a huge mess on the ground.
"You're cleaning this up," Mario murmured. "It's your house, not mine."
Kerog got out of the washroom.
"There's nothing quite like a good pee," Kerog said.
"Want another round?" Mario asked.
There was suddenly a knock at the door.
"Hope you remembered to bring flowers," Mario said. "It's could be your girlfriend wanting to kill ya!"
"Can you please not bring Kara up!" Kerog snapped. "I'm through with her."
Kerog opened the door and Erik was standing outside.
"Is that you Kerog?" Erik asked jittering.
"Erik!" Kerog said in surprised. "Long time, no see! What's wrong?"
"Kerog, please!" Erik jittered trying to control himself.
"What's going on?" Mario asked as he went up to the front door.
"Kerog!" Erik snapped trying to get proper attention. "I need your help! It's getting worse!"
"What is?" Kerog asked.
"I don't know!" Erik said jittering.
"Erik, we need to get you to the hospital!" Kerog said.
"NO!" Erik screamed. "No! They can't do anything! I tried but nothing helps!"
"Erik!" Kerog said trying to get his attention. "What is wrong?"
"I- I am-" Erik stuttered. "AH!"
Erik punched through the side of the wall screaming.
"Erik?" Kerog yelled. "What's happening?"
"KEIH!" Erik screamed.
Erik slowly got to the ground screaming.
"What's happening?" Mario asked quickly.
Kerog went up to Erik but was unexpectedly tossed Kerog across the yard.
"KEROG!" Mario screamed running to Kerog. "KEROG, ARE YOU OKAY!?"
"GUYS!" Luigi yelled as he looked out the door. "What's all the screaming about?"
"Kerog? Are you okay?" Mario asked.
"It's just a bruise," Kerog replied.
They looked back at Erik who was moaning on the ground.
"Guys, what's going on?" Luigi asked as he ran to them.
Kerog got up and went over to see Erik. Erik's nose was bleeding but he was still breathing.
"Call the emergency!" Kerog ordered.

Mario, Luigi, and Kerog waited in the lounge as Erik was being looked at in the hospital. But whatever is happening to Erik seemed to bother Kerog a lot. Kerog explained how he knew Erik.
"Erik was a friend of my dad," Kerog said. "I remember those days before he was killed. My dad and Erik would have game nights on Fridays. I went to the movie theatre with them a few times. I can't believe he's like this."
"Did Erik have any kids you played with?" Luigi asked.
"No," Kerog replied. "He had a wife but never had a child. I haven't seen them in years since my parents left me. Since then, I've been living on my own, along with-"
Kerog was about to say Kara but didn't want to say her name.
"Erik's going to be okay," Mario said calming Kerog down. "He came to you because you were the son of his best friend."
"But what can a friend's son do?" Kerog asked.
They nodded to Kerog's question and remained silent. Right over at the desk area, the Commander of the Mushroom Kingdom and Kara came to the front desk.
"Good evening madam," the Commander greeted. "I'm here to see an Erik."
Mario and Luigi turned around and realized it was the Commander and Kara.
"Kara!" Luigi called out.
Kerog turned around at the same time as Kara. They stared at each other eye to eye and turned back to Mario.
"What are you two here for?" Mario asked. "We know Erik, is he in any trouble?"
Kara was about to answer, but knowing Kerog was here, she remained silent.
"He's wanted for murder," the Commander replied.
"Murder?" Mario wondered. "What do you mean?"
"Erik was spotted on security cameras as he attempted to go inside a corporation," the Commander explained. "He somehow killed a janitor trying to get information."
"Are you sure it's Erik?" Mario asked. "Because it could be a mistake."
They heard glass shatter from Erik's room. People were screaming and Erik was yelling on top of his lungs.
"What's going on?" Kara asked.
"It's Erik!" Kerog said jumping from his seat.
They ran down to the room and saw Erik tearing the room down. He pushed the doctor right out the door making him slide up against the wall.
"I got to stop him!" the Commander said reaching for his gun.
"No don't!" Kerog yelled. "He's sick! He can't control himself!"
Mario ran into the room to see if he could help Erik.
"Mario!" Luigi freaked out.
"Erik!" Mario said trying to calm him down.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Erik yelled punching Mario through the window.
Glass shattered everywhere as Mario went through the glass. He landed with his back on the ground in the glass.
"MARIO!" Luigi, Kerog, and Kara freaked out seeing if he was okay.
Kerog looked back at Erik screaming. Erik collapsed to the ground unconscious just like what happened at home.

The nurse checked to see if Mario got any injuries.
"Well you're a lucky man Mario," the nurse said taking off her gloves. "You got bruises but you didn't get glass into you. You should be fine. Can you walk fine? No pain?"
Mario got up onto his feet but no pain occurred.
"I'm alright," Mario replied. "Do you know what happened to Erik?"
"That's not my business to get into," the nurse said. "I was just told to make sure you didn't get glass fragment in your skin."

Mario walked back downstairs where Kara and Luigi waited in the lounge.
"Mario!" Luigi got up quickly. "Are you okay?"
"It's just bruises," Mario replied. "Nothing serious. Where's Kerog?"
"He's with the commander," Kara replied. "They're outside where Erik has been moved."
"I want to see them," Mario said.
Luigi and Kara nodded and guided Mario to where Erik was moved to. The doors said no entering on it but Mario went in.
"Down the hallway and to the left," Luigi said. "We're gonna wait out here."
Luigi and Kara went back to the lounge as Mario went down the hallway. He turned left and found Kerog and the Commander outside of a room for mental health care. Kerog was staring at Erik watching his dad's best friend sleep there sick.
"Kerog," Mario said softly as he slowly walked up to them.
Kerog nodded and looked back at Erik.
"How is he?" Mario asked.
"I don't know," Kerog replied.
The doctor exited the room and close it shut behind her.
"How is he?" Kerog asked.
"He's stable for now," the doctor said. "But we can't be certain if we can help him."
The Commander cleared his throat and stepped in.
"Well what ever you can do for him is fine enough until we get him into confession," the Commander said.
"He's sick!" Kerog said angrily. "What ever is wrong with him it's not his fault!"
"He committed a crime!" the Commander snapped.
"For something he cannot control!" Kerog yelled.
"Stop!" the doctor interrupted. "There's no fighting in this hospital."
"I've known him since I was a young kid," Kerog continued. "He didn't mean to attack me or Mario!"
"You can't let your friendship get in the way of what is really important Kerog," the Commander stated.
"It's not about wether I'm friends with him or not!" Kerog yelled. "You call that not important?!"
"Stop!" the doctor snapped.
"We're dealing with a criminal here!" the Commander angrily said at Kerog.
"He's not a criminal!" Kerog yelled louder.
"Stop it you two!" the doctor interrupted again.
"NO I'M NOT DONE!" Kerog yelled.
"Yes you are," Mario said.
Everything finally went silent. The Commander walked away towards the lounge. Kerog tried to calm himself down.
"I hope you know I'm on your side Kerog," Mario said. "After all that jittering and strength he possess, there's no doubt something went wrong."
"Well we still have yet to figure out the problem in order to come up with a solution," the doctor said. "He seems to have strong amounts of radiation contained inside his body."
"What kind of radiation?" Mario asked.
"I don't know," the doctor said. "It has stronger waves then Gamma Radiation. We haven't seen anything like it since the nuclear explosion ten years ago."
Mario and Kerog looked at each other knowing what this means.
"So this radiation is causing him to jitter?" Mario asked.
"Not jitter," the doctor said. "Increase rage and strength. So if his rage is build up, leave the room or he can hurt you."
"Well maybe you should tell that to the Commander's face!" Kerog said. "I mean what are the chances that someone could end up like Erik and not be able to hurt anybody?"
"Look sir, I know you are frustrated that he's taking your friend in," she said. "But there's nothing we can do. I wish to help him, but it's under a royalty warrant."
Kerog faced back at Erik who was slightly moving in his sleep.
"Could I talk to him?" Kerog asked.
"I would recommend you not to due to his condition," she said.
"He came to me for help," Kerog said. "If he's going to talk to anybody it's going to be me."
The doctor thought about it for a moment knowing it could be risky.
"Alright," she said. "But make it quick and don't upset him."
She turned around to enter the pin code for the door. She opened the door for Kerog and left the two alone.
"Maybe you should stay out here," Kerog said to Mario. "He'll probably feel more comfortable if it's just somebody he knows."
"It's okay, I understand," Mario said. "I'll just listen from out here."
Kerog went inside and closed the door. He activated the speaker so Mario could hear the conversation. Kerog slowly went up to Erik as Erik slowly woken up. Erik moved his head to the side to see Kerog right next to him.
"You've grown since I last saw you," Erik smiled. "You're really starting to look like you're father."
"Wish he could have been here," Kerog said.
Erik looked around Kerog staring at Mario right outside the window.
"Is you're friend okay?" Erik asked.
Erik reached over to the speaker and pressed the button down.
"Hey there! Are you a friend of Kerog?" Erik asked.
Mario pressed and held the button to reply. "Yes. I'm Mario."
"I'm sorry for what happened earlier," Erik apologized. "I couldn't control myself."
"It's alright!" Mario replied. "It wasn't your fault. Only a bruise."
"Well you're lucky," Erik said placing the speaker aside.
"Do you know what's happening Erik?" Kerog asked.
"I don't know!" Erick replied. "It happened since the accident."
"Which accident?" Kerog asked.
"The explosion at the Mushroom Kingdom's nuclear plant two weeks ago," Erik said.
Suddenly outside, Luigi and Kara went beside Mario out of Erik's view to listen to their conversation.
"An explosion?" Kerog wondered. "I haven't heard anything about an explosion besides the one that happened ten years ago to the old plant."
"But this happened two weeks ago," Erik said. "It was located on the fourth level below the plant."
"Just the fourth level?" Kerog asked.
"There's only one room," Erik continued. "I was working on some project to do with repairing muscle tissue. I was alone that one night, and I accident spilled nuclear waste into the radiator that burns tissues mixed with particles from the nuclear explosion at the old plant. Suddenly, the radiator reacted in a way I've never seen before in an oven. The whole thing exploded in blue. The whole lab blew up, but for some reason survived. I had blood dripping all over me. Once I got to a hospital, I found out I had no wounds. But the blood is my blood."
"Did you tell anybody about this?" Kerog asked.
"I already have!" Erik said. "I was fired as if I've never worked there. I told them what happened on the fourth level but they keep saying it never happened. Even my buddies there tell me it's all in my head. Worst of all, whatever is wrong with me, is getting worse and hard for me to control. I feel rage and strength like I've never felt before. If there's something in that plant that can cure me, I really need it. I need your help Kerog."
"Erik," Kerog said. "I really want to help you but how can I find out what truly happened to you?"
"Get in there! Convince I need the cure!" Erik said.
"I can't guarantee what I can do," Kerog said. "It's not going to be easy."
Mario knocked on the window so he could talk to Kerog.
"But I'll try to figure out how to make you better," Kerog said. "You get some rest for now."
"I probably should before I start to have another rage attack again," Erik said.
"Alright," Kerog said heading to the door. "I'm going to see what I can do to help you. You have my word."
Kerog opened the door just when Erik concluded the conversation.
"Thank you Kerog," Erik in a small jitter. "You are just like your father."
Kerog nodded and closed the door.
"So what do you guys think?" Luigi asked.
"Whatever happened at that plant, we need to find out," Mario said.
"But there's one problem," Kara interrupted. "The plant has three bottom levels. Level four doesn't exist."
"How did you know that?" Luigi asked.
"I've been there once with the Commander," Kara said. "All elevators and maps have only three bottom levels."
Kerog really didn't feel like talking when Kara was around. Although Kara didn't really care.
"Working on muscle tissues?" Luigi wondered. "Could that be a key in what is making him go in rage?"
"Mixed with chemicals and particles of the nuclear explosion," Kerog said. "The explosion was blue, just like the nuclear explosion that happened ten years ago."
"So that means an identical explosion that caused chaos in this country was repeated in that lab," Luigi stated.
"I guess we know what we're doing on the field trip tomorrow," Mario said. "What a coincidence!"
The four of them walked back to the lobby for the Commander to take over, as Erik released his finger off the speaker.

Peach got ready to dress nice before she went to go see her friends at the plant.
"Are you ready my dear?" King Toadstool asked with a smile on his face.
"All ready dad!" Peach replied.

"So what?" Mario asked Kerog.
"We'll just enjoy the field trip along with everyone else and see if we can find a level four," Kerog said.
"Kara and I did the research," Luigi said, "no such level exists."
"But they could be saying that just to hide the truth from us," Kerog said. "I'm not going to let them harm Erik because they won't listen to him."
"So I guess we're ready?" Luigi said.
"Pretty much," Mario said.

Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Kara met up at the bus where students were waiting to get on board.
"It's going to be so awesome!"
"A plant sounds lame."
"I wonder what we'll be seeing?"
"I seriously need an extra four hours of sleep."
"My uncle works there!"
"Never thought people would have mixed feelings," Kara said. "I mean it's the plant for crying out loud!"
"Unless they create a magical bus where it makes us small and we take a closer look a plant cells," Luigi murmured, "that would be very cool!"
"Just as long as I'm not the field trip," Kerog joked. Kara held in a laugh but avoided to let it out.
"Hey Mario!" Troy called out. "Looks like we're going on the same field trip! Awesome!"
"Sigh, this guy again," Mario murmured to himself.
"Are you obsessed with Mario or something?" Sean asks.
"You just took the words out of my mouth," Mario said in his head.
"Hey Troy!" Kerog said giving him a handshake. "It's been over a month since we last saw you."
"The unfortunate this is," Luigi whispered to Mario and Kara, "I only remember him as the guy who hanged up brother as a Marauder Spirit."
"It's best if we forget it ever happened Luigi," Mario murmured back to him.

Peach and King Toadstool arrive at the Plant first before the school buses arrives.
"So what's the plan dad?" Peach asks.
"We'll talk with them after they finish their field trip," King Toadstool said. "Because we can't have our appearances shown with their classmates around. So I have hired a royal tour guide to make sure you stay safe."
"Your highness," the royal tour guide mannered.
"You're not coming in dad?" Peach asks.
"No," King Toadstool said. "You have fun."
King Toadstool was acting like he was giving his daughter more freedom but he really doesn't want to go into the plant because of his wife. The king himself owns the plant but has never set foot inside. He's only seen private videos and blueprints of the inside.

Mario, his friends, and classmates make it inside the gates for the school bus to park. Once they got out, they saw the beautiful Plant ahead of them.
"Isn't it amazing guys?" Kara asked.
"Yeah, it is. Never seen it up this close before," Luigi said.
"Wonder what the older one was like compared to this one?" Mario wondered.
"Ask the meteor rock that exploded a half of a mile radius outward," Kerog said.
"Are you guys obsessed with this plant or something?" Sean asks.
"Are you obsessed with using the word obsessed," Kerog said making everyone laugh.
"Touché" Sean said.
"Alright everybody! Let's get together! I need everyone's attention!" the tour guides were yelling with a megaphone.

Once everyone was inside, they were giving badges to put on their shirt indicating that they are students on a school field trip. The rules were as simple as, no wondering off and don't touch anything.
"Alright everybody," their tour guide called out behind him, "be careful not to touch the pipes here or we'll be having your fingers for breakfast."
"This guy likes to joke a lot," Kara said.
"No kidding," Luigi said.
"He's pretty funny," Sean said.
"Hey! Look at that! Sunlight!" Troy said.
"This is not a prison Troy," Kara said.
"If you guys excuse us, we're just gonna get further in the line," Sean said as he and Troy got quickly ahead in line.
"So what's the plan?" Luigi asked.
"I don't know, what is the plan Kerog?" Mario asked but then realized Kerog wasn't here. "Kerog?"
"That stupid boy should have at least took one of us with him!" Kara said.

Kerog sneaked into the security hallways managing to escape from his classmates. He entered a small room that divided into three hallways. He found a small office with blueprints in it but it was blocked off by a security guard sitting down the hallway with his soda and sandwich.
"How am I going to get past this guy?" Kerog wondered.
The security guard got up and went to the washroom right across from him.
"Good, but not good enough," Kerog thought. But then he got an idea.

Meanwhile at the Mushroom Kingdom, King Toadstool walks downstairs to deal with a interrogation of Erik.
Before he went to the interrogation room, he heard the elevator door repeatedly opening and closing. He turned around to see a leg blocking the elevator from closing the door.
"My god!" King Toadstool freaked out as quickly rushed over to open the elevator doors to find the Commander on the ground.
The Commander woke up from being unconscious and picked up broken hand cuffs.
"What happened here?" King Toadstool asks.

As the security guard returns to his desk, he takes a bite out of his sandwich. He then opens up his can of soda and it fizzed all over his clothes and desk.
"Ah!" the security guard freaks out.
Kerog was holding in his laugh from around the corner.
The guards returns back to the washroom giving Kerog a chance to find blueprints.
"I love how a sense of humor saves one's life," Kerog laughed as he enters the room.

Erik managed to get into the Plant when King Toadstool left in his ride back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Erik walked down the third floor hallway with a gun making sure no one spots him in sight.
"Wait a second! Where is it?"
Erik was looking for stairs but there was nothing but walls at the end of the hallway.
"This can't be happening! Where's the stairs? Where's the elevator!" Erik freaked out. "This is not right. Where is it?"

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2nd Part of Episode 8 'Plant'

Erik continued his search but he couldn't find anyway to the fourth level.
"Be careful! Princess Toadstool!" a man said which was her tour guide. "That can easily burn your hand."
"You don't need to baby me," Peach said. "Just make sure, I'm okay."
Erik breaks into the room pointing the gun at the both of them.
"AHH!" Peach screams.
"Stay behind me your highness," the royal tour guide commanded.
"Where's level four?" Erik yelled. "Where is it!?
"Level four to what?" the royal tour guide asks.
"The next level below this floor!" Erik yells. "How do I get to level four?"
"Is that you Erik?" the royal tour guide asks. "Haven't they told you thousands of times that level four doesn't exist?"
"NO! IT DOES EXIST!" Erik yelled louder. "I've been working on that floor. How do I get to it?"
"Look Erik," the royal tour guide said nervously. "You're sick, you need help."
Peach felt useless knowing she had to do something.
"Erik," Peach said stepping in.
"Peach-" the tour guide quickly said.
"Let me say something," Peach interrupted. "Look Erik, I don't know if there is a level four or not. But my father is the one that owns this plant. If you let us go, I'll talk to him about helping you. I promise."
Erik stared into Peach's eyes but his rage blocked him from trusting her.
"YOU'RE LYING!" Erik screams.
"Peach, get behind-"
Erik punches the royal tour guide out knocking him unconscious.
"NO! Don't!" Peach screamed in fear.
"If you're father can really help," Erik said, "then you are my bait."

"Alright everybody," the school's tour guide said. "Before we continue on to the next room where we experiment with methane, does anyone have any questions so far? Anybody?"
Mario was the only one to raise his hand.
"Yes sir," the tour guide points to Mario.
"Is there a fourth level to this factory?" Mario asks.
"As a matter of fact, yes," the tour guide said. "That's where we send signals to other planets to find intelligent life."
"Don't encourage him," Kara said, "he's only going to be fooling with you."
"Any other questions?" the tour guide asks.
Sean raises his hand.
"Yeah," Sean laughed. "What's the lunch special in the plant today?"
"Toilet paper and water with a little bit of alpha on top," the tour guide said.
"Oh!" Sean included. "Don't forget the gamma soda and beta gravy!"
No one laughed to Sean's inclusion.
"Right," the tour guide said. "If anyone has had beans, I suggest you wait outside."
"Is anyone getting annoyed by his jokes?" Kara asks.
"Not really," Luigi replied.
"I just hope Kerog found something by now," Mario said. "If we don't hear from him, we should try to find him."
"Alright everybody," the tour guide said, "gather around here."
The students gather around the front of the desks.
"Now remember that methane is a little different from mint," the tour guide said. "Methane as you may know is a relatively potent greenhouse gas. It has higher global warming potential compared to carbon dioxide. And it-"
He stopped in the middle of his sentence when he heard a yell on the other side of the door.
"What's going on?" the tour guide asks the employees.
"OPEN THIS DOOR!" Erik yelled knocking the door down.
The students freaked out as they saw him holding a gun and Peach hostage.
"NO ONE LEAVES!" Erik screams pointing the gun at the students and employees.
"What's going on here!" Troy wondered.
"Is that the princess?" Sean noticed.
"I thought the commander arrested him?" Kara said to Mario and Luigi.
"Erik?" Mario said.
"GET DOWN TO THE WALL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!" Erik yelled pointing the gun to Mario's head.
"Mario," Peach cried. "Just do what he says. Everything will be alright."

Kerog searches for the class while he stole the blueprints from the office.
"Warning! Warning!" the warning alarm went off in a female voice. "We're in a lockdown. Suspect is located in the methane laboratory. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill."
"Oh no!" Kerog got worried. "I have to find the others!"

The police and royal guards were outside of the plant inside the gate while citizens were crowding the outside of the gate. Some are the parents of their children.
"What do we have here?" King Toadstool asks.
"We have Vista Hill students on a high school field trip kept hostage," the Commander said. "Along with your daughter and the criminal, Erik."
"No!" King Toadstool panicked as he saw his daughter on camera sitting at a desk while the other students were sitting along the wall with the employees.
"This is not going to be easy," the Commander said. "If he builds up rage, he'll also increase his strength. He'll easily hurt anybody in there."
"That is not going to happen!" King Toadstool snapped. "Those hostages and my daughter are coming out alive in one piece, unharmed!"
The Commander nodded.
"What is it that this guy wants?" King Toadstool asked.
"He wants you your majesty," the Commander said. "He wants answers."

The students tried to comfort one another. Mario and Luigi sat next to Kara hoping Kerog is okay.
"What are the chances we're going to make it out of here?" Luigi whispered to Mario and Kara.
"We just need to wait," Kara said.
"This is ridiculous," Sean whispered to Troy.
Erik moaned walking in one spot with the gun in his hands. Suddenly the phone rang and Erik pointed the gun at one of the employees.
"Answer it!" Erik demanded.
The employee obeyed and answered.
"We have to find out where level four is and if it does exist," Mario whispered to Luigi and Kara.
"From what everyone says, it doesn't exist," Kara whispered.
"Either way it's not going to be a happy ending for him," Luigi whispered.
"It's for you sir," the employee stuttered.
Erik snatched the phone from her hands and answered.
"Hello?" Erik said.
"Hello Erik, this is King Richard Toadstool," King Toadstool said over the phone. "I believe there's something you want?"
"What I want is the cure on level four!" Erik roared.
"Level four?" King Toadstool asked.
"Don't you even think of telling me that it doesn't exist like everyone else!" Erik yelled.
"Listen Erik," King Toadstool said. "I can help you get what you want. But I want to hear that my daughter is okay before we proceed on finding this cure."
"There is no level four!" a voice said coming into the room.
"Kerog!" Luigi said first before a few other students.
"KEROG!" Erik yelled.
Meanwhile the Commander put the speaker on hold.
"This is not good!" the Commander said.
Back inside Kerog rolled the blueprints out on the desk.
"I have looked at the blueprints and there's nothing that shows a sign of level four," Kerog said.
Erik pushed Kerog out of the way to look at the blueprints.
"The elevator is supposed to be right here!" Erik yelled. "BUT WHERE IS IT!?"
"I don't know Erik," Kerog said.
"Erik! I'm not choosing any sides here!" Kerog said in a louder voice.
"I'm trying to help you!" Kerog yelled.
Kerog knew that he couldn't win the fight, so he obeyed and sat down next to Mario.
"Where have you been?" Kara asked.
"I was trying to find a way to level four," Kerog said.
"This is not good," Luigi said to himself.
"What if there is not level four?" Mario asked. "How will this all end?"
Peach had tears running down her cheek hoping everything will be okay.
King Toadstool from outside turned the speaker back on.
"I want to hear my daughter first," King Toadstool said. "If you let me hear her, I shall help you find level four."
"FINE!" Erik yelled pressing speaker and slammed the phone down.
"Peach my dear?" King Toadstool called out.
"Dad!" Peach cried.
"How are you my dear?" King Toadstool asked.
"Royal love," Sean murmured to Troy. "Creepy."
"I'm fine! Everyone is fine," Peach said.
"Listen my dear, we're going to do whatever we can do to get you and everybody out of there," King Toadstool said calmly.
While Erik was waiting for their conversation to end, he was starting to jitter.
"Dad, please help us!" Peach said in fear.
"What's wrong Peach?" King Toadstool asked.
"AHHH!" Erik screamed jittering.
"EVERYONE STAY BACK!" Kerog yelled to the students.
"MOVE BACK!" Mario yelled to the students.
Meanwhile on the outside, King Toadstool was watching Erik as he was jittering to the side of the room.
"What's going on?" King Toadstool asked.
"He's building up rage and strength in the most unpleasant way," the Commander said. "If anyone is in range of him, he could seriously injure anyone."
"Kerog seems to be backing up the students from Erik," King Toadstool said.
Back inside, Erik tried to grab hold of something, and he grabbed onto the valve controlling the methane passage.
"NO!" the school's tour guide yelled. "DON'T TOUCH THAT! THAT'S THE-"
Kerog had to do something before something bad happens.
Kerog jumps up and tries to pull Erik away from the valve.
"GET OFF!" Erik screams pulsing Kerog back rapidly on the back of his shell.
"AH!" Peach screams.
"KEROG!" the whole students freak out running to him, trying to make sure he's okay.
"Ow!" Kerog freaked out. "My back bone!"
Kerog looked at Erik to see that he has pulled the valve right out of the wall.
"Oh no!" the Commander said in worry. "He's raising the methane levels!"
"Is that a bad thing?" King Toadstool asked.
"Look what you made me do!" Erik freaked out. "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!"
"I have-" King Toadstool said.
"Not if I have anything to do about it!" Troy murmured as he ran towards Erik.
Mario, Luigi, and Kara tried to grab Troy but Troy was too quick on his feet.
"Oh no!" King Toadstool covered his mouth in worry.
"AH!" Erik screamed swinging a punch at Troy which made Troy fly across the room and slid painfully off a desk.
"TROY!" everyone was screaming.
"Troy we can't do anything with this moron," Sean said.
Erik pointed the gun at the camera and shot it.

"What's with those kids?" King Toadstool wondered.
"Kerog has some sort of connection with Erik as a family friend or something," the Commander said. "And that other kid must have thought he could have done something."
"He's not hurting anybody else in that room!" King Toadstool said. "He's obviously using them as hostages enough to make me answer."
"The only problem is that there is no level four," the Commander said. "It's all in his head."
"HEY KING LOSER!" a crowd of angry citizen were yelling from the outside of the gate. "BRING THOSE KIDS OUT ALIVE AND KILL YOURSELF!"
"Don't worry about them your majesty," the Commander said. "You're out of range."
King Toadstool thought about the situation for a while. If the Vista Hill High students were kept in hostage along with Peach, how can they all escape alive and unharmed? 'I've caused so much pain' King Toadstool thought to himself in his head. 'What if I'm the victim and not those kids.'
"Methane levels are getting higher," the Commander said. "If those kids wait any longer, the emergency doors will shut close and there will be no way out! Maybe we should send in a sniper to kill Erik."
King Toadstool thought more and more about the past. I am afraid. This plant just reminds me of my wife's terrible fate. Oh Rose, why did you have to go? Whenever I look at my daughter, I see both of them. What if I am the bad guy and always will be? I need to do something right. Something that will make people happier. I want Peach safe. I want those kids out of there. If only level four did exist, I could help Erik. Maybe for me to be the hero, I'll have to make a sacrifice.
"There's three doors inside the room," the Commander told three snipers. "Once in command, bring Erik down and get those kids out!"
"No!" King Toadstool said. "No one is going to get killed today. Everyone is coming out alive including Erik."
"But your majesty-"
"We don't need these kids to see justice in a way of gruesome violence," King Toadstool said. "I'm the king and it's my responsibility to protect our country."
"What are you saying?" the Commander asked.
"I'm going in," King Toadstool said. "I'm going in alone."
"You're not going in without defence," the Commander said.
"Yes I will!" King Toadstool said. "If I'm a sacrifice, it's a sacrifice I'll be happy to make."

Kara helped out Troy with his broken arm.
"Is he going to be okay?" Luigi asked.
"He should be fine until we get out of here," Kara replied.
Mario watched Peach sitting there worried and quiet. Kerog was too busy watching Erik making sure he wasn't preparing to shoot a student.
"COME ON!" Erik yelled. "It's already been five minutes! Any answer?"
He waited for the phone to ring but there was nothing. Not a single ring.
"Why don't they just call?" Sean moaned.
"Why don't they just call indeed!" Erik said looking at Sean. "I NEED THE ANSWER! NOW!"
The students were comforting each other hoping that no one dies.
"It's almost ten minutes already!" Erik yelled. "YOU BETTER START ANSWERING BEFORE THE SECOND STUDENT GETS KILLED!"
He points the gun at Sean an the students scream scattering away from Sean.
"ERIK STOP!" Kerog yelled.
Erik changed targets from Sean to Kerog.
"Kerog! You should have let him!" Sean said.
"I don't think you will," Kerog said. "Why would you want to bring down the son of the man who was your best friend?"
"Kerog, don't-" Mario said
"I know what I'm doing," Kerog interrupted Mario. "You know you don't want to kill me or anyone here. You're not a killer Erik. You just had bad luck."
"Kerog, please!" Erik said starting to have tears running down from his eyes.
"I want to help you Erik," Kerog said half lying. "But I can't if I'm kept hostage with my friends. Kill anyone in here and you have caused me pain."
"I'm sorry Kerog!" Erik snapped. "But I can't control myself! I may have no choice but to kill somebody in here."
Erik pointed the gun at Mario.
"MARIO NO!" Luigi screamed.
"STOP ERIK!" a voice yelled from one of the entrances.
Everyone turned to the voice and realized that it was none other than King Toadstool himself. He walked in with his hands in the air wearing dress clothing and a bulletproof vest instead of his king clothing.
"I can help you Erik," King Toadstool said.
"WHO'S WITH YOU!" Erik yelled pointing the gun at him.
Peach was panicking and the other students couldn't believe their eyes when they saw both the king and the princess in one room.
"I came alone," King Toadstool said. "There's no one who came in with me and I made sure of that under my orders."
"Alright than!" Erik said. "You better not be lying! Now tell me your majesty! Where is level four?"
"I shall tell you where it is," King Toadstool said as he took off the bulletproof vest and dropped it on the floor. "But everyone in this room needs to be released."
"NO!" Erik yelled. "I NEED THEM TO GET WHAT I NEED!"
"That's why I'm asking for you to replacing them and have me as your hostage," King Toadstool said.
"Dad, no!" Peach cried.
"I'm not the bad guy here!" Erik said. "I just need the cure!"
"Really?" King Toadstool asked. "You're holding a bunch of innocent teenagers hostage in a plant that might over flow with methane soon. You captured my daughter when it could have been someone else? Why did you just keep these people hostage and no one on the outside? The thing is, I know there is something wrong and I can fix that. But I want the favor of having everyone released and out of this plant. That way you and I are the only ones left. Nobody else."
There was silence for a while as Erik was deciding on what to do.
"Get up!" Erik commanded. "I SAID GET UP! LEAVE!"
Everyone got up stretching or making their way to the doors.
"This way everybody!" the school's tour guide commanded. "We have to run!"
Sean helped Troy up as they quickly went out with the other students.
"Dad!" Peach cried running over to her father.
King Toadstool gave her a huge and whispered in her ear.
"Everything is going to be okay," he whispered. "Escape with everyone else and go to your left once you leave this plant."
"I'm not leaving you!" Peach cried.
"Everything will be okay," King Toadstool said. "Now go! The doors will be closing very quickly."
Mario, Kara, and Luigi were waiting for Kerog and Peach to catch up. Peach caught up with them as Kerog went to ask King Toadstool a quick question.
"Do you know where level four is your majesty?" Kerog asked.
"Yes," King Toadstool whispered to Kerog. "It's in his head."
"Make sure my daughter gets out and I'll handle everything from here," King Toadstool whispered.
"GO KEROG!" Erik yelled. "Once I'm cured I want to see you again!"
"I promise Erik!" Kerog said as he ran with Mario, Luigi, Kara, and Peach.
Mario, Luigi, and Kara were up ahead, but Kerog and Peach were slowing down.
"My father's going to get himself killed!" Peach cried in worry.
"I have to go back!" Kerog said to himself not caring if Peach was listening. All he could think about was the possibility of Peach's father getting killed. Maybe Erik is imagining level four and maybe it doesn't exist. Does this mean Erik has to die?
"Come on guys! We're almost there!" Kara yelled back.
"Come on you lot!" the guards from the Mushroom Kingdom were yelling as the doors were slowly closing.
"Hurry up!" Luigi yelled.
As they ran, they noticed the Commander hiding behind the corner as they reached the doors.
"Three men are not going to die," Kerog said slowing down.
"HURRY UP!" the guards were yelling.
"Yeah, hurry guys!" Sean was yelling from up the ramp. "The doors are closing!"
The five made their way out, but Kerog ran back in.
"Get back here kid!" the guard yelled.
Peach noticed if Kerog was going to do something, she had to do something too. Peach turned around and ducked underneath the closing door.
"GET IN THERE THEN!" Kara shouted at them.
"In there?" one guard asked. "Are you insane? This plant will be filled with methane soon!"
Luigi couldn't believe what he was hearing.
"Cowards!" Luigi snapped at the guards as he ran back inside.
"LUIGI!" Mario, Kara, and Sean yelled.
As Luigi bend down to get inside, Mario and Kara ran in as well.
"NO STOP!" the guards screamed.
But Mario and Kara's speed was too quick for them as they slid through the closing door.
"Wait for me!" Sean shouted as he ran to the doors.
"STOP HIM!" the guard yelled.
The guards tackled Sean to the ground and the door closed completely.
"Well done idiots!" Sean snapped in their faces. "If you would have just gotten in there and take the princess out, they wouldn't have had to suffer the chemical that's not mint!"
"Get out!" the guard spat in Sean's face.

Mario, Kara, and Luigi got up off of the ground and looked around for Kerog and Peach.
"Where did they go?" Kara wondered.
"I probably should have gone after them instead of waiting for you two when I saw you coming in as well," Luigi said. "Those guards? Are they actual guards of the Mushroom Kingdom?"
"Yes," Kara replied.
"But they are cowards!" Luigi laughed. "No wonder why bad things happen so easily."
"We have to find Kerog and Peach," Mario said.
"And try to save King Toadstool," Kara reminded.
"If he isn't dead already," Luigi said.

"Where's the commander? There's too many doors closing!" Kerog said. "We have to take the longer route to the methane laboratory."
"But he's taking Erik to level four right?" Peach asked.
"I don't know Peach," Kerog said. "People are saying it doesn't exist."
Kerog tried to remember Erik looking at the blue prints. He noticed he was running his finger along a hallway not far from where they are.
"I think I may know where to look!" Kerog said.
"What do you mean?" Peach asked.
"Erik was looking down this hallway!" Kerog said as he looked down the long hallway. "I'm going down there."
"But what about my dad?" Peach asked.
Kerog didn't reply as he ran down the hallway. Peach however didn't follow Kerog and she went to find her dad.

Mario, Luigi, and Kara were lost when the doors kept on closing on them.
"I thought you knew you way around?" Luigi asked Kara.
"I've only been here a few times Luigi," Kara said. "I think we should go this way!"
"But what about the methane levels?" Luigi wondered trying to stop Mario and Kara from running. "This whole plant could explode at anytime now."
"Is there anyway to stop it?" Mario wondered.
"Yeah and Erik broke it off the wall," Kara replied.
"But it's a factory this plant is!" Mario said. "There's got to be more than one place to change the methane levels. Obviously they didn't want to change it so they can kill Erik. But now we have seven other people in this plant not including Erik. There's got to be a way to stop it or we will all die. Kerog, Peach, King Toadstool, Erik, the Commander, and us."
"We should split up," Luigi suggested.
"No!" Kara said. "That's not going to work!"
"Well I'm going to stop eight people from dying in one day," Luigi snapped. "Either you're with me or you risk your life in front of Erik."
Luigi ran off.
"LUIGI!" Kara yelled.
"I'll go with him," Mario said as he ran off with Luigi.
"NO!" Kara shouted. "WE HAVE TO- UGH!"
Kara watched Mario as he turned the corner. But maybe they are right. So as the Mario Brothers try to save everybody, she'll go after Erik.

"Alright your majesty!" Erik said. "They are gone. Now tell me, where can I find level four?"
King Toadstool had his back towards Erik as he remained calm knowing what he had to say was going to be painful.
"Level Four," King Toadstool said. "Is non-existent. I'm sorry Erik but it's all in your head."
After a second, Erik slammed King Toadstool on the head.
Erik kicked King Toadstool across the room.
"Go ahead Erik," King Toadstool said as he spat out blood. "I never felt this pain before and I'll rather you continue it on me than those innocent kids!"
"STOP!" the Commander yelled as he came through the door Erik broke down.
"What?" Erik yelled. "YOU LIER!"
The Commander shoots his gun as Erik quickly ducks behind the desk.
"Surrender now Erik!" the Commander yelled.
"NEVER!" Erik screamed as he spat out saliva.
Erik came into range and attempted to shoot at the Commander. The Commander dodges and shoots Erik in the shoulder.
"AH!" Erik screamed as he dropped his gun.
The Commander kept his guard as he pointed the gun at Erik.
"Get down on your knees and hands behind your head!" the Commander commanded.
Erik stretched his shirt down to see where the bullet punctured. However it left a bruise.
"Dad!" Peach yelled from a distance.
"PRINCESS! GET OUT OF-" the Commander yells before Erik pushes his head across the room and knocks him out against the wall.
"Now Princess Toadstool," Erik roared as Peach looked around the corner into the room.
"Peach!" King Toadstool cried in pain. "No!"
"You shall witness your father's destination finale," as Erik point the gun at King Toadstool.
The phone rings before Peach screamed.
Erik picked up the phone and answers.
"WHO IS IT!?" Erik screamed.
"It's Kerog," Kerog answered.
"I'M NOT FINISHED YET!" Erik yelled.
"I know where level four is," Kerog said.
"I have kept my promise that I will help you!" Kerog replied. "I'm telling the truth, I found level four."

Mario and Luigi walk into a room filled with pipes.
"Which one is the one with methane running through it?" Mario wondered.
"If we can stop the flow, we can save everyone," Luigi said.
"I found it!" Mario said.
He noticed the methane level were almost at the danger zone.
"Here's the wheel!" Luigi said and attempted to turn it.

"Let my daughter go!" King Toadstool begged being cuffed in Erik's arm.
"Kerog's words depend on your life as well as your daughter's!" Erik roared as he forced Peach to walk with his gun pointed behind her back.
Kara peeked around the corner watching the three head towards the hallway. She quietly followed them without making any sign she was right behind them.

Mario and Luigi tried to pull the lever but it wouldn't turn no matter how hard they pulled.
Mario looked at the meter and the arrow was just at the border of the danger zone.
"I have an idea!" Luigi said as he quickly picked up a long wrench sitting on top of the machine. "This has to work!"
The wrench was two times bigger than the wheel, Luigi placed it in the wheel and started pulling down. Mario aided him as the meter was shaking on the boarder line.
"Harder!" Mario said pulling with all his might.
The lever finally budged. The meter started to drop.
"We did it!" Luigi said.
"Just before we became something worse than the nuclear explosion," Mario said.

The guards outside noticed the methane levels were dropping.
"Commander, can you read me?" a guard said on the microphone. "The methane levels are dropping. Hello Commander? Can you read me?"
There was no reply from the commander.

Erik got to the end of the hallway and noticed the wall at the end was torn down and an elevator was present.
"Son of a b¡tch!" Erik roared. "HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS?"
King Toadstool sweated. "I can't."
"Let's go!" Erik said.
Peach and Erik cuffing King Toadstool walk throughout the broken wall to the elevator. Erik pressed the button and waits for the elevator doors to open.
"Please, let my daughter go," King Toadstool begged.
"Shut up!" Erik yelled. "Remember that your lives depend on Kerog's words."
The doors open and the three get in. Erik looks at the panel on the wall to see only three levels.
"Only three levels," King Toadstool said. "I'm sorry Erik. I'm sure Kerog tried his best."
"This can't be happening!" Erik roared.
"Hold on," Peach said.
She looked below the third button and noticed a koopa finger print on it.
"Kerog was here," she said placing her own finger where Kerog's print was. After two seconds, a circle of light appeared.
A shock appeared on King Toadstool's face.

Kara stood before the elevator. She waited for a minute before pressing the button.
"Kara!" Mario called from down the hallway.
"What is this?" Luigi asked.
Kara turned around and replied. "I think Kerog has found level four."

The elevator doors open as Erik lets go of King Toadstool.
"Dad!" Peach said as she went to hug her dad.
Erik walked out of the elevator. He took hold of a switch and pushed it up. The lights of an empty room was filled. It was completely empty. The walls stated Level 4. They were three stories above concrete floor with a catwalk bridge that goes across to the stairs down below.
"I kept my promise like I said Erik," Kerog said coming out of a corner.
Erik walks halfway down the catwalk as King Toadstool makes his first step on the catwalk. King Toadstool was shocked to see that level four actually exists.
"You see!" Erik pointed out, "It's here! Just how I remember it! There's used to be samples of muscle tissues there, and the chemicals from the nuclear explosion! And right over there is where it exploded. Where is it all?"
Peach stepped out of the elevator to the side of the catwalk to look down below. There was nothing down below. Kerog stood on the catwalk behind King Toadstool and in front of Peach. King Toadstool couldn't believe his eyes. Not only has he never walked in the plant he owns up to this day, but there was a secret level he knew nothing about.
"WHERE IS IT!?" Erik yelled.
"I don't know?" King Toadstool replied. "I never knew this level existed. They lied to me too Erik. They lied to all of us."
"We were all fooled," Kerog added.
Peach said nothing as she stood by the elevator.
"So I suppose that's it," Erik cried in anger. "I'm not getting that cure! YOU ALL LIED TO ME!"
"Erik! Stop!" Kerog said quickly. "They all played us the fools okay!"
"Face it Kerog!" Erik yelled. "I'm never gonna get better! YOU ARE ALL WORSE THAN YOUR OWN FATHERS!"
Erik started to jitter again before he could point the gun at King Toadstool. King Toadstool and Kerog were losing their balance as the catwalk was shaking. Peach noticed the bolts unscrewing out of the handle bars.
"Dad!" Peach screamed. "The bridge is going to collapse!"
"Erik!" Kerog screamed at him. "You must stop before all of us get killed!"
Suddenly the middle of the catwalk got lose on the opposite side and the one King Toadstool was on, leaned downwards. Erik slid holding on to the rail. King Toadstool slid down the catwalk.
"DAD!" Peach freaked out.
King Toadstool slides to the end of the catwalk trying to grab onto something. The holes in the catwalk were too tiny and painful to put his fingers into. He falls off at the end and quickly grabbed ahold of Erik's legs.
"Whoa!" King Toadstool freaked out looking at the hard concrete floor three stories down below.
"Hang in there!" Kerog called out. "I'm coming!"
Then right behind Peach, the elevators open with Mario, Luigi, and Kara in it.
"What's going on?" Mario asked.
"What's Kerog doing?" Kara asked running onto the catwalk.
Kerog grabbed on the leaning catwalk and carefully walked down towards Erik.
"Kerog!" Kara yelled. "Wait!" She ran down the catwalk to help Kerog and the other two.
"Peach are you alright?" Luigi asked.
"I'm alright," Peach replied. "Please, help them!"
"I'll help them," Mario said running down the catwalk to help the others.
Kerog reached his hand out to Erik. "Erik! Grab my hand!"
Erik grabbed Kerog's hand while holding on to the rail. Kerog tried to pull both of them up, but with King Toadstool holding onto Erik and Erik's strength, it was difficult to pull both of them up.
"Kerog!" Mario shouted out.
"Argh!" Kerog groaned as he used all his strength pulling Erik upwards. King Toadstool grabbed ahold of the rail as Erik began to climb up the catwalk. Mario reached out his hand to help Erik up.
"Get to the elevator!" Mario said as he waiting for Kerog to save King Toadstool.
Kerog lifted King Toadstool up with less of a challenge. King Toadstool climbed onto a rail and slowly walked up to safety. Kara and Mario helped King Toadstool up as he walked back to the elevator towards his daughter.
"Kerog!" Mario called out.
"I'm coming up!" Kerog groaned with difficulty climbing up.
Mario thought of helping him, but thinking about Kerog and Kara's broken relationship, he figured maybe Kara should help Kerog up so that way they can stop with their separation status. When Mario looked behind him, he noticed Erik jittering again.
"ERIK!" Mario screamed. "NO!"
Mario ran to to see if he could do something remembering he couldn't do a thing.
"Mario wait!" Kara yelled.
Kerog held on tight to the rail as it was getting more loose. Erik fell unconscious.
"Kerog!" Kara called out. " Take my hand!"
Kerog opened his eyes seeing Kara above him. As of now, he did remember about the reason why they broke up, but their own lives was more on his mind. He jumped up the rail and grabbed Kara's hands. She helped pull Kerog up onto the catwalk. The two looked at each other and both tried to hide a smile on their face but Kerog failed to do so.
Mario and Luigi dragged Erik back into the elevator along with King Toadstool and Peach. Peach turned around and noticed the catwalk rails were unscrewing.
"Kara!" Peach shouted. "The bridge is going to collapse!"
The catwalk became unstable as it was moving back and forward sideways leaning downward. Kerog and Kara were losing their balance as they both made a run for the elevator.
"Hurry up!" King Toadstool yelled.
"I'm holding the doors open!" Luigi said.
The catwalk behind them was falling to the concrete ground below.
"Almost there!" Peach cheered in fear.
Kerog and Kara were right at the elevator doors until the catwalk dropped. They both jumped for the elevator and they both managed to get inside safely.
"That was a close call!" Mario said in surprise they made it.
King Toadstool walked towards the edge of the elevator and looked down below at the destroyed catwalk that was in dust on the concrete floor.
"Are you alright Kara?" Kerog asked.
"Yes," Kara replied who realized the person who asked it. "Never been better!"
"I can't believe I never knew about this floor," King Toadstool said. "No one knows about what happened. No shall know level four exists until I find out what was being experimented on the floor. Can you all promise to keep this floor a secret?"
"But what about Erik?" Kerog asked. "He was right all along."
"I'll take care of him and see if I can help him become better," King Toadstool said. "Can you promise me not to tell anyone about Level 4?"
"Alright," Kerog nodded. "I promise."
Everyone else nodded in agreement.
"That was some strength you had there Kerog," King Toadstool admitted.
"Thank god you're on the football team," Luigi added.
Everyone had a smile on their face.

Erik was put into an ambulance to be set off to the Mushroom Kingdom to get special care.
Kerog watched the ambulance driving away feeling more sorry for himself that he couldn't help Erik.
"You did your best Kerog," Mario said. "You prove to us and him that he's not crazy."
"But everyone else will think he is," Kerog said. "Truth is, I was more concerned about you guys more than him. I was worried that if something went wrong, someone would have got killed."
"Well a few bruises here and there," Luigi said, "Troy being tossed across the room, King Toadstool, and the Commander in fine shape, the main thing is, nobody died."
Peach was alright. King Toadstool and The Commander had to be treated after confronting Erik but they will be both fine too. King Toadstool avoided questions and made sure he could speak with the commander alone.
"I don't understand how you can still be alive," the Commander said.
"If it weren't for these kids again," King Toadstool pointed at Kerog, Mario, Luigi, and Kara, "we wouldn't be standing here."
"How did the methane levels drop?" the Commander wondered.
"The Mario Brothers did it," King Toadstool said. "Kerog found level four and proved Erik was not crazy."
"What?" the Commander said in shocked. "How can that be? There's no such level."
"Level four does exist and the seven of us saw it with our own eyes," King Toadstool said. "As far as the public knows, Erik was crazy. But the truth is, he needs to be cured of his anger and jitters. Level four shall be known by no one. I want you to help me figure out why they were hiding Level Four from me."
"Sigh, I can't believe it actually existed," the Commander said.
Meanwhile Peach was talking to the others.
"You four are so brave!" Peach smiled. "I don't know how you do it."
"Truth is," Luigi replied, "neither do we."
Peach ran from them to see her father. The four stood there in silence. Kerog and Kara looked at each other, both not knowing what to say.
"So, Kara," Kerog stuttered. "Now that this is over, do you think we could maybe- well-"
"Yes," Kara replied.
"What do you mean?" Kerog asked. "I didn't say-"
Kara immediately interrupted Kerog with a kiss.
Mario and Luigi gave the two some room to be alone.
"Looks like the fight is over," Luigi said.
"And still lots more to go," Mario concluded.

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Mid Summary

Mario and Luigi have been on the path that was set before them. King Toadstool has wiped out Staritas as the enemies. The three things that has haunted King Toadstool the most is the death of Rose, the spontaneous nuclear explosion, and the monster that day made him into.

Mario, Luigi, and Kerog started to walk slowly out the front door. They had a quest that they must complete.

"Who are you?" Mario asked catching his breath
"I saved you before you got burned to state." Kerog said. "I'm Kerog."

Kerog drove down the road heading towards the Mushroom Kingdom.

Kerog and Kara gave a big hug.
"I'm Kara." she introduced
They shook hands with her.

"You send these fourteen year old teens on a dangerous and impossible quest?" Peach snapped "Why are you doing this dad?"
"I don't need to explain myself Peach," King Toadstool replied.
Kerog, Mario, and Luigi, entered the old house where the front door was bursted down.
Two rotating saws came towards the chain that was holding their cage up above the toxic.
Peach across the face.
"Our king will be pleased." the boo laughed.

King Boo was surrounded by a glow of light. Then he disappeared in a puff.

"I'm Violet. I am the last survivor of Staritas."

The two guys tosses Peach in the back of their truck and speeded off cheering!

"What have you done with Peach?" Kara asked
"I'm sorry, but we don't recall anyone name Peach," Anthony replied.
"Don't lie to me," Kara snapped. "My hutches are never wrong. Where is Princess Peach?"

Violet gave her last breath.
"Violet?" Mario cried.

"I'm sorry. I am truly sorry for everything I have done," King Toadstool cried in hope to get redemption.

Mario and Luigi made their way to the high school. Vista Hills High. Home of the Marauders.

"Well you did a good job surviving on the streets and saving the princess. And if you can do that, then you can do anything."
"Anything?" Mario questioned. "I don't think I'd be able to jump off wall to wall, even if my life depended on it."

They walked through the corridor behind the gym where it had weird symbols and paintings of the Vikings.
"Who are the Vikings?" Luigi asked
"Well, as people say, they were the first to discover this land over 500 years ago. And in fact, Vista Hills was their main base."
Luigi looked at one painting on the wall that showed the Vikings surrounding a tree with one of their kind tied to it. The Viking that was tied to the tree had a big 'M' on his chest.

"So who's going to be the Marauder spirit this year?" Allen asked Troy.
"Mario," Troy replied with a smile.

Mario had a big blooded red 'M' painted on his chest. He tried to move but he couldn't. He was hanged on a tree with ropes tied around his wrist, ankles, and waist. He was in the woods that surround Vista Hills. It was very cold and painful.
"Name's Jason," the teen said. "I was the Marauder Spirit three years ago."

Luigi ran down the hallway with the coach on his tail.
Luigi untied the knots and Mario fell face flat to the ground.
Jason suddenly breaths fire out of his nose.

Allen screamed for help but no one was able to hear him.
"I'm very sorry for what happened to Allen," Mario said to Troy.

"I'm very sorry for what I've done to you with the Marauder Spirit thing," Troy apologized to Mario.

Larry fell dead to the ground with no chance of stabbing Kara.
Mario looked behind him and saw Kerog with the gun with Luigi next to him.
"I killed a man," Kerog said confessing his feelings. "That's not me. Larry is the first person I've ever killed in my lifetime."

The rack swung up right into Terry’s face.


“Princess Peach Toadstool saved your life?” Kerog kept saying over and over.
Peach quickly grabbed the sparkling bottle and tossed it across the room. The bottle seemed to have shattered in thin air.
“Looks like hero boy got his reward.”

“WHOA!” Luigi freaked out. “My hand!”
“Shhh!” Kerog hushed back.
“Guys!” Luigi called out to get their attention. “Look at my hand!”
They came over to look at Luigi’s hand.
“Luigi?” Mario started to freak out. “What happened?
Luigi’s hand was faded. Three of his fingers were gone while the tip of one finger was visible.
Kerog went over to the flower and rubbed it on his hand. The flower made his hand fade away.
“This is cool!” Kerog admitted.
Kara was busy at the party observing the flower.

Kerog walked out the door without a good-bye.
Principal Snyder walked out of the room leaving Kara in tears.
Kerog stood there frustrated. He walked into the living room and slammed his hand hard on the table with rage.
“Kerog and I broke up,” Kara cried.

Mario noticed the gun floating in the air.

“Don’t get on my bad side Kara,” Principal Snyder said. “You’re lucky that stupid king was able to help you.”
“Stupid king huh?” Kara laughed as she pulled out a tape recorder. “I’m sure the king would love to hear that.”

"Princess Peach?" Wooster said. "Is that you? What are you doing here with those clothes on?"
"Oh great!" Peach moaned. "This isn't what it looks like!"
"Oh that's a relief," Wooster said, "because it looks like your sneaking outside without permission or protection."

Pearl leaned harder against the fence. It finally broke loose and she fell right off the balcony.
Luigi heard the sound outside and quickly rushed over to the door.

"Mario, listen to me!" Velma said in a strict voice. "Somebody who's close to you is going to die."
"Around the same time Pearl fell off the balcony," Mario explained, "Velma was acting weird. She told me someone close to me will die."
"What do you mean someone close to you?" Kerog asked.

Mario looked from a distance and noticed koopa skeletons hanging on a tree.
The lightning stroked lighting up the tomb stone. Mario jumped back as he saw the name.
"Luigi!" Mario screamed in fear. "No!"
He looked in his surroundings and saw Kara's grave, Kerog's, King Toadstool's, and Peach's.
"NO!" Mario screamed so loud that he couldn't look at the names anymore. "NOOOOOOO!"

"Mario, what's wrong?" Kerog asked. "What happened with Velma?"
It took a while for Mario to give a straight answer.
"I saw my future," Mario said.

Luigi couldn't say anything and just ran outside the back door. Mario looked outside at Luigi standing there at their fish pond.
"You saved my life before," Mario said to Luigi. "I just wish you could get out of this fantasy of yours and be more useful for once!"

"Have you ever felt responsible for someone's death?" Luigi asked.
"Many times," Peach replied. "The truth is, it's not your fault. You can't predict what could happen. Life is affected by many things. You can't stop what was created for us. Even if you were the ruler of the land."

The fence he leaned against, tilted far forwards. Kerog flew right on top of the fence and slip sideways holding on for dear life.

"Kerog!" Mario called out. "I got you!"
It was hard to pull Kerog up but Mario didn't give up.
"Congratulations Mario," Velma said to herself. "You are a real hero."

Luigi looked behind him towards the sun and saw figures standing on a stage.
The Mushroom Kingdom looked absolutely beautiful.
"You're going to have a bright future Luigi," Velma said looking at Peach. "You all will."

"PEACH!" Luigi screamed.
"AHH!" Peach screamed as she fell off the wall and splashed into deep dirty water.

Luigi and Peach held on to each other tight.
"I'm so cold!" Peach shivered.
"Me too," Luigi shivered too.
"Thanks Luigi," Peach said.

Kerog couldn't see anything. Even with his eyes open, something felt like a force was blinding him.
"Look at me Kerog," a deep voice said in flames. "Let me help you."
"AH!" Kerog screamed

"Kerog!" Erik snapped trying to get proper attention. "I need your help! It's getting worse!"
"What is?" Kerog asked.
Kerog went up to Erik but was unexpectedly tossed Kerog across the yard.
"KEROG!" Mario screamed.

"Mario!" Luigi freaked out.
"Erik!" Mario said trying to calm him down.
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Erik yelled punching Mario through the window.
Glass shattered everywhere as Mario went through the glass. He landed with his back on the ground in the glass.

"We're dealing with a criminal here!" the Commander angrily said at Kerog.
"He's not a criminal!" Kerog yelled louder.

"What do we have here?" King Toadstool asks.
"We have Vista Hill students on a high school field trip kept hostage," the Commander said. "Along with your daughter."

"I'm going in," King Toadstool said. "I'm going in alone."
"You're not going in without defence," the Commander said.
"Yes I will!" King Toadstool said. "If I'm a sacrifice, it's a sacrifice I'll be happy to make."

Erik kicked King Toadstool across the room.

Erik came into range and attempted to shoot at the Commander. The Commander dodges and shoots.

Luigi placed the wrench in the wheel and started pulling down. Mario aided him as the methane meter was shaking on the boarder line.

Peach placed her own finger where Kerog's print was. After two seconds, a circle of light appeared.

"WHERE IS IT!?" Erik yelled.
"I don't know?" King Toadstool replied. "I never knew this level existed. They lied to me too Erik. They lied to all of us."
"We were all fooled," Kerog added.

Suddenly the middle of the catwalk got lose on the opposite side and the one King Toadstool was on, leaned downwards. Erik slid holding on to the rail. King Toadstool slid down the catwalk.
"DAD!" Peach freaked out.
Erik grabbed Kerog's hand while holding on to the rail. Kerog tried to pull both of them up, but with King Toadstool holding onto Erik and Erik's strength, it was difficult to pull both of them up.
"Kerog!" Mario shouted out.
"Argh!" Kerog groaned as he used all his strength pulling Erik upwards.

Kerog and Kara were losing their balance as they both made a run for the elevator.
The catwalk behind them was falling to the concrete ground below.
They both jumped for the elevator and they both managed to get inside safely.

"What?" the Commander said in shocked. "How can that be? There's no such level."
"Level four does exist and the seven of us saw it with our own eyes," King Toadstool said. "I want you to help me figure out why they were hiding Level Four from me."

"You four are so brave!" Peach smiled. "I don't know how you do it."
"Truth is," Luigi replied, "neither do we."

"So, Kara," Kerog stuttered. "Now that this is over, do you think we could maybe- well-"
"Yes," Kara replied.
"What do you mean?" Kerog asked. "I didn't say-"
Kara immediately interrupted Kerog with a kiss.

"Looks like the fight is over," Luigi said.
"And still lots more to go," Mario concluded.

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