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 Post subject: Re: Mario Brothers Begin [Season 1]
PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:44 am 
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Episode 9 "Richard" Preview

“Want some spaghetti?” Luigi asked.
“You know,” Mario said, “we’ve had lots of food with pasta and tomato sauce in it. Next thing you know, we’ll be known for eating this kind of stuff.”
“Want to order a pizza?” Luigi suggested.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” King Toadstool pleaded.
“The truth,” an anonymous familiar voice said.

Danger lurks in the country

Charlotte broke into shock and tears.

“I hate my job,” Principal Snyder moaned as he stared at the name on the plate.

“You swiped evidence from a scene of a crime?” Kerog asked again.
“Unless you want to deal with the cops, I’m glad I did it,” Kara said.
“What do you mean?” Luigi asked.

The past

“What do you want?” Principal Snyder demanded for the quick answer.

Peach walked up to her mother’s grave with red roses.

“Hello Anthony,” the koopa said. “Today’s your lucky day.”

“WHO ARE YOU?” the Commander yelled.

Has come to fight back for revenge

"We have been fighting this as if we’re tampering with a deity’s new creation to this world."

“YOU CALL MURDER JUSTICE?” the Commander yells.
“I would call that an understatement,” the human said.

“KARA!” Kerog shouted as he suddenly got pinned to the ceiling.

The Commander tried to get a closer look and saw three live figures in black suits. One was human, a nomadimouse, and a koopa.


The floor was huge with a maze of prisoners.

Dean points the gun directly at King Toadstool’s head.

“It shall be awesome to breathe in that fresh air again rather than stay in this sad excuse for purgatory,” Anthony said.

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 Post subject: Re: Mario Brothers Begin [Season 1]
PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:13 pm 
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Joined: Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:13 am
Posts: 2092
Location: Vancouver
Episode 9 "Richard"
Part 1

King Richard Toadstool, the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom has been kidnapped. He was handcuffed from behind and tied in rope hanging from the ceiling in a dark room.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” King Toadstool pleaded.
“The truth,” an anonymous familiar voice replied.
“What have you done to Tim?” King Toadstool asked.
“No need to worry,” the anonymous voice said. “He’s alive. But it’s not like you would care.”
“I’m different!” King Toadstool said.
“You’re a liar,” the anonymous voice snapped. “You’re not saying that because you feel sorry for the members of Staritas, but because you want people to like you just so you can turn your back on them.”
“I would never do that!” King Toadstool snapped. “Going against Staritas was the biggest mistake of my life.”
“You know Richard,” the anonymous voice said. “This sounds really familiar. Not your quote but your actions. Except there’s no descendants you can help to give your forgiveness.”


King Toadstool was in disguise helping a female human in need get into a rave club. But it was for business.
“I can’t believe you actually got me in here your ma-” the women said before King Toadstool interrupted her.
“Careful!” King Toadstool silenced her. “We have business to discuss Charlotte. Last thing we need is the rave to go into a riot.”
“You’re right,” Charlotte said. “I’m sorry.”
King Toadstool and Charlotte walk through the crowd dancing in the party. They go up the stairs and onto a balcony where most of the drinks took place at.
“So could I get you a drink?” Charlotte asked.
“No thanks,” King Toadstool replied. “I always prefer the drinks that are brought in my own office.”
“At least these ones won’t have a chance of being poisoned,” Charlotte said.
“That’s not the point,” King Toadstool said. “I need to make less attention as possible. It would put both our lives in danger if we were caught.”
“I see,” Charlotte said. “I honestly see no reason why citizens can hate a good man like you. I know very less of the society you are after but from what I heard, they weren’t that good.”
“No need for research about that,” King Toadstool responded. “My wife is dead because of them. But now is not the time to go off topic. Let’s sit down.”
“If there’s even a place to sit,” Charlotte said seeing that all seats were filled.
“I brought you here to tell the truth,” King Toadstool said.
“And what truth may that be?” Charlotte asked.
“Well I bet you’re probably confused on why someone like me would bring you to this membership club,” King Toadstool said.
“Well why would my husband’s boss want me to see the king himself?” Charlotte wonders.
“How long have you been married to Dean?” King Toadstool asked.
“Six years,” Charlotte replied. “Going onto seven in a few weeks.”
“What a coincidence,” King Toadstool said.
“Excuse me?” Charlotte asked.
“You’re lucky to have Dean as your husband,” King Toadstool said. “But I need to tell you something that he’s been hiding from you.”
“Hiding from me?” Charlotte said in confusion. “What are you talking about?”
“Before he took the job as Friday’s janitor,” King Toadstool explained, “he was a former member of Staritas.”
“He never told me that?” Charlotte said.
“But he left Staritas after they failed to prevent the nuclear plant explosion,” King Toadstool said.
“What is it exactly Staritas failed to do?” Charlotte asked.
“The nuclear explosion wasn’t some random coincidence,” King Toadstool said. “It was supernatural. A curse to be exact.”
“So how does that make them bad?” Charlotte asked.
“Trust me,” King Toadstool said. “There’s a lot about Staritas that you don’t know about.”
“But my husband left,” Charlotte said. “Why am I really here?”
“You need to know the truth Charlotte,” King Toadstool said. “Then again, maybe we should get something to drink.”
“What do you want?” Charlotte asked trying to put a smile on her face.
“I’ll get the beer bottles over there,” King Toadstool said. “You should check out over by the balcony.”
King Toadstool went to get the beer bottles.
“Since when does a king have beer?” Charlotte wondered to herself.
She looked over by the balcony that hanged over the party but once she saw a certain someone, her smile dropped. A smile which will be her last smile forever.
Dean was drinking beer with two other girls sitting next to him. The girls were all over him. One girl was a toad well the other was human. Charlotte walked up to the sofa in major disappointment. Dean laughed and when he noticed Charlotte his laugh dropped to fear.
“Business at the Mushroom Kingdom on Tuesdays?” Charlotte snapped. “After all this time.”
“Charlotte!” Dean said trying to calm things down. “I can explain.”
“What’s going on here?” King Toadstool interrupted.
“Wait a minute!” Dean said. “Are you who I think you are?”
Charlotte instantly had tears of disappointment running down her face as she was taking her marriage ring off.
“Charlotte NO!” Dean screamed. “It’s not what you think!”
“GO TO HELL!” Charlotte yelled as she threw the ring directly at his face. She ran out of the pub area to leave the club.
“You son of a b¡tch!” Dean yelled. “YOU SET THIS UP DIDN’T YOU?”
“No Dean,” King Toadstool said. “I didn’t ruin your marriage. You did.”
Dean ran past King Toadstool and went after Charlotte. King Toadstool reacted quickly to make sure Charlotte doesn’t get hurt.
Charlotte walks through the crowd during the middle of loud metal music with strobe lights.
“Charlotte!” Dean called out as he grabbed her wrist. She reacted quickly right when King Toadstool came in between them. Dean took out his pocket knife and stabbed King Toadstool’s right shoulder.
Everything was happening so fast in strobe lights, it was hard to tell what was going on. King Toadstool reached inside for his protective handgun he brought with him incase something bad happens.
Everything happened so quick. Since the music was so loud, only a few people noticed what had happened. Dean has been shot in the chest with a bullet. King Toadstool looks behind at Charlotte. Charlotte broke into shock and tears that her husband has been shot. No one that day knew who shot Dean as it was all kept a secret.


“WHO ARE YOU?” King Toadstool demanded.
“Don’t you remember me?” the voice replied finally showing his face into the brief light. “You killed me.”
King Toadstool was able to have a look even though his point of view was upside down. He couldn’t believe his very own eyes when he saw him.
“Dean,” King Toadstool answered.
Dean nods as he turns around to load his gun.
“Don’t worry Richard,” Dean said. “This will all be over soon.”
Dean points the gun directly at King Toadstool’s head.
“No!” King Toadstool bagged.
King Toadstool closes his eyes waiting for the trigger to be pulled.


It was a normal day during lunch break in Vista Hills High like any other day.
“HEY! SIR!” Principal Snyder called out yelling at a student skateboarding down a busy hallway. “GET OVER HERE!”
“Jerk,” Kara said to herself spying on Principal Snyder.
“How do you think he found out about the article?” Luigi asked her.
“I still don’t know,” Kara said.

Mario sits down just to finish off math homework he didn’t do last night. Kerog meanwhile was on the opposite side of the room waiting for the warning bell.
“You know, I wish most of our current problems can be solved within seconds,” Kerog said.
“Unless they’re fun to solve,” Mario replied.
“There’s lots of things going on around here,” Kerog said looking at his laptop. “I mean look at this possible paranormal conspiracy.”
“Yeah, I’m kind of finishing off work for next class,” Mario said.
“My most personal favorite is the one is the unsolved crime of Pearl’s death on the dyke,” Kerog said. “Too bad royalty defence is not enough, but at least we disposed the evidence.”
“Any idea on what could have happened to Velma?” Mario asked.
“I don’t know, like I told you, I found her dead when I arrived,” Kerog lied knowing whatever his future had hold actually killed Velma in the process. He still couldn’t remember what he saw or heard. But he does remember a deep voice in flames.
“You know when she said, someone close to me was going to die,” Mario said. “I don’t think she meant one of you guys. I think it was her.”
“It’s the major problem with investigating bizarre situations,” Kerog said. “Mind you, I like helping people, but for the fact we’re investigating events that involve the nuclear explosion, it makes you wonder what kind of cases Staritas used to do.”
“It probably became their burden,” Mario said.
“Well I don’t know if I would say doing this kind of career is a burden,” Kerog said. “We may not get paid, but at least we’re more spoiled for saving Peach a few times.”
Mario tried to do his math homework in his head but it didn’t help that Kerog started a conversation. “You know, I wish our brains were as fast and smart as a calculator.”
“Hopefully faster than a graphing calculator, that’s for sure,” Kerog added making both of them smile a laugh.

Principal Snyder sat down back in his office after the third class session started. He took a sip of coffee and placed it aside. He pushed some paperwork aside, accidentally knocking over his name plate. He pushed himself back and went over to the other side to pick it back up.
“I hate my job,” Principal Snyder moaned as he stared at the name on the plate.

Principal Snyder walks over to his car and sits in the driver’s seat. He was in a frustrated state. Principal Snyder remembered the old days before he became principal for Vista Hills High. Those were the good times and he wished to go back to them. He didn’t know about Kara spying on him, but he does have a grudge against her. He looked at his private files with articles in it. He flips through the pages and it was all about Mario, Luigi, Kerog, Kara, Peach, and King Richard Toadstool. The article he looked at the most was the case with Anthony kidnapping the princess. Anthony killed Violet who was the last survivor of Staritas. Anthony and his friends are currently held in maximum security prison deep below the Mushroom Kingdom where most of the Staritas members who weren’t executed were held. Very few people have been able to go inside the prison and out. Peach never even walked down there and King Toadstool avoided it at all costs for his own safety.
Principal Snyder closed the file and placed it under his seat.
“The next generations are always as worse as the first,” Principal Snyder said to himself taking out his keys. He was improvising to go get a cup of coffee but he really just wanted to get out of the school forever. Suddenly out of nowhere, somebody smashed his window. Principal Snyder tried to see who it was hoping not to get hit or killed.
“What do you want?” Principal Snyder demanded for the quick answer.
“Nothing,” a familiar voice replied.
Principal Snyder got to look at the face.
“It.. it can’t be,” Principal Snyder said right when the person knocked him out by injecting a syringe into his neck.
Principal Snyder was unconscious as he was being dragged into another car. One of the office ladies witnessed the attack from the front doors of the door but didn’t bother to intervene.

“Any idea why we were suddenly told to go into lock down?” Luigi asked.
“No idea,” Mario replied.
“Rumors are going around,” Kerog said. “But who knows.”

Kara went to investigate why the school was told to go into lockdown. She got a closer sneak peak at the crime scene seeing that the driver’s window to Principal Snyder’s car was smashed. She also got to overhear the witness’ story using a hearing piece that the Commander gave to her to hear distant conversations. The police were shooing off the students to avoid the story going around about the principal being kidnapped. After hearing what the witnessed saw, Kara went over to the evidence stand near the police cars. She saw the natural coffee cup, candy bar, and cell phone, but also a file. She made sure no cops were looking and she swiped the file.

Kara met up with Mario, Luigi, and Kerog at Kerog’s house.
“You swiped evidence from a scene of a crime?” Kerog asked again.
“Unless you want to deal with the cops, I’m glad I did it,” Kara said.
“What do you mean?” Luigi asked sitting next to Mario.
Kara opened up the file and showed them the documents and newspapers with them in it. The boys were shocked at what Kara placed in front of them.
“And I thought I had a crazy girl fan knowing we saved Peach during our conviction and the plant,” Luigi said, “but this, this makes it look like he knows more about us than we know of him.”
“Why would somebody kidnap Principal Snyder in the first place?” Mario asked.
“Who knows,” Kerog said. “But one thing’s for sure is if he was spying on us, he probably got the sneak peek at the article during the president election thing and framed me for exposing you.”
“Besides the fact that I know he’s been an ass to a couple of students in the past before us,” Kara said, “I think I should tell you guys one fact I know that I haven’t told you guys yet.”
“I thought you said you had no leads?” Mario questioned.
“You guys were busy,” Kara said. “I found one fact out when I was kind of anti-social to you guys.”
“What have you found out about Principal?” Kerog asked.
“Eugene Snyder is a fake name,” Kara said.
“What!?” the boys said in shock instantly at the same time.
“I did some research and his resume and records are messed up like someone made them up,” Kara said. “No criminal record and fake parent names. I looked up his parents and there’s no record of them. It’s like they never existed.”
“So you’re saying Principal Snyder is not Eugene Snyder at all?” Luigi asked realizing he asked a stupid question.
“I’m sorry I never told you guys about this, but it was my problem,” Kara said.
“Well Kara,” Kerog said. “This is our problem too. He’s been spying on us behind our backs. He might even know about you trying to expose him.”
“Well what is it that Snyder finds an interest in us?” Mario wondered.

King Toadstool was in the library reading over the warrants and problems in the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach on the other hand was walking in the royal cemetery.
The front row would contain the guards of the Mushroom Kingdom who didn’t have a family to be buried next to and were loyal to the kingdom. Many of them were cremated but the ones that had showed more loyalty usually had a choice of being cremated or being buried if they died. If no choice was made, the kingdom and king would decide if the valiant solider should be cremated or buried in the royal cemetery. The second row had the few princes and princesses who were either grandparents or aunt and uncles to Peach and King Toadstool. The back row had passing kings and queens buried with larger tomb stones. One of them being Rose Toadstool. However there was one great big tomb stone that represented the first king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Not much was known about the first king.
Peach walked up to her mother’s grave with red roses which were her mother’s favorite flowers. Peach didn’t know much about her mother besides what she was told and the lost childhood memories of her singing to her every night before she went to bed. Peach cried because her voice was so beautiful when she tucked her to bed. She has forgotten what it sounded like and she would give anything to hear it again.
“I wish you were here mom,” Peach said talking straight at her mother’s tomb stone. “I know you’re probably in peace right now, but I would give anything to be in your arms again.” Peach teared because she loved her mom so deeply but Peach has forgotten a lot about her. “I’ve changed a lot since I made friends. Not royal, but they’re special. But the truth is, I don’t know how much I can carry on. I know dad’s changed for the better good.” Her eyes were red as more tears dropped down. She tried to keep the smile but she had to explain about her feelings to someone. She didn’t know if her mother could hear her and she never felt her presence. “But. But I don’t know if I can run the kingdom myself if he’s gone. I love dad, I really do. But ever since you were gone, our lives have changed in a dark way. He’s not the same dad I used to know. He might of changed what you never would have wanted, but it still doesn’t change the past. I don’t know if I can do it anymore mom. I want to live a normal life. Not a princess under royal blood. I want to be human like the citizens are. I just wish the nuclear explosion had never happened, because now everyone looks at everyone like a freak. I mean I’m a freak with no knowledge of mutation. It’s just, it’s not easy without you mom. I hate this life. I don’t want to be queen of the Mushroom Kingdom and I know running away is not the option. I don’t like this kingdom anymore. The only time I feel happy is when I’m with my four friends who have helped out not just me but a lot of people. I just wish I could have the same happiness with dad, but I can’t. I just can’t. I miss you mom.” Her sight was being blocked by her own tears. “Very very much.” Her tears dropped down onto the soil where six feet deep, her mother rests. She placed her hand on the top of the tomb stone and said the three words she wished she could say to her mother in person. “I love you.”
Peach tried to wipe the tears off of her but it didn’t help that her face was red from the tears. She walked back into the castle and into her room so she can calm herself down.

King Toadstool, unaware of his daughter’s visit at the cemetery, was reading over the last bit of work right when Wooster came bursting in.
For over three months, Wooster has been careful around King Toadstool to avoid King Toadstool knowing about Peach’s escapes from the castle to go visit her friends and the criminal Pearl who captured her and his car.
“What is with the sudden run in?” King Toadstool asked.
“The Commander,” Wooster said trying to catch his breath after running. “He needs to see you, your majesty.”

King Toadstool made his way down the elevator to get quicker to the office below.
“Your majesty,” the commander said walking up to him.
“What is it commander?” King Toadstool asked.
“There’s been a recent crime that has happened in Vista Hills,” the Commander said.
“What?” King Toadstool questioned. “Did something happen to the kids?”
“No sir,” the Commander replied handing King Toadstool a file. King Toadstool gaze upon the words.
“Tim,” King Toadstool questioned.
“That’s not all,” the Commander said. “This might make it hard to believe but I ran into somebody and he’s really angry with you.”
“Who?” King Toadstool asked.
“It was Dean,” the Commander said. “Charlotte’s ex-husband right before his death.”
This placed a shock on King Toadstool’s face.
“That’s not possible,” King Toadstool said.
“It’s exactly who I saw and who the guy addressed himself as,” the Commander said.
“It can’t be,” King Toadstool said. “He’s dead.”

The Commander used a black car and drove King Toadstool in disguise as an agent to the cemetery where Dean was buried by his parent’s money.
“You probably should stay inside where it is safe,” the Commander said.
“If Dean’s really out there,” King Toadstool said, “we need to find out how he escape the grave.”
King Toadstool in his disguise and the Commander stepped and out of the car and closed the door as the Commander used the coordinates to Dean’s grave.
“I saw the man die right in front of me in strobe lights,” King Toadstool said. “He was pronounced dead.”
“Try to pretend that case never happened sir,” the Commander said. “It’s best if that case is forgotten.”


Dean has been shot in the chest with a bullet. King Toadstool looks behind himself at Charlotte. Charlotte broke into shock and tears that her husband has been shot. People stood around Dean’s dead bloody body in shock but the music kept on playing.
Minutes later, when the police arrived, the Commander of the Mushroom Kingdom came in to King Toadstool’s aid.
“I told you this mission was suicide!” the Commander snapped.
“I’ve got stabbed,” King Toadstool moaned pressing a cloth against the stab wound avoiding any attention from the police. He looked at Charlotte in tears over Dean’s dead body. The police covered the body up and Charlotte gave a look at King Toadstool. King Toadstool took his eye contact away from her but she kept on staring.
“Tell me what happened,” the Commander requested.
King Toadstool explained everything about getting Dean and Charlotte to break up for Dean working with Staritas even though he left it. He states he has no idea who shot Dean, but it wasn’t with his own protective handgun.
The Commander even though he was on King Toadstool’s side, he never agreed to his decision to kill off Staritas.
“Here’s what happened sir,” the Commander replied. “You were never here and you’re not to have contact with Charlotte again. If she starts spreading around the town that you were here, you were never here and I can deal with her if she does that.”
“Thanks Commander,” King Toadstool said.
“I’ll give you a ride back,” the Commander said. “You need stitches once we get to the kingdom. I’ll tell them a fake story on what happened. Just remember that you were not here and Charlotte is nobody.”
The Commander and King Toadstool left the club leaving Charlotte there in deep depression.


The Commander and King Toadstool walked up to Dean’s resting place. They both kneeled down to feel the ground.
“It’s quite soft,” King Toadstool said.
“That’s natural after they bury the body,” the Commander replied.
King Toadstool and the Commander felt a softer spot where it felt like it was recently dug. The Commander used his hand and spread the soil to the side.
“The hole matches the estimate volume of a human body,” the Commander said.
“Are you saying Dean has some how revived and just dig himself out of the grave?” King Toadstool asked. “How is that even possible? How is it even possible to even dig yourself out anyway?”
“Bodies are buried in a way that they can break free out of their coffin and dig six feet out of soft soil,” the Commander said. “It’s just incase a miracle happens if the body somehow comes back from being dead. But of course no one believes in supernatural miracles but with Kara’s theory on the nuclear explosion, that disaster might have made this possible.”
“The nuclear explosion?” King Toadstool questioned. “What is this theory that that koopa girl has?”

Mario and Luigi looked through the cupboards looking for something to eat for dinner.
“Want some spaghetti?” Luigi asked.
“You know,” Mario said, “we’ve had lots of food with pasta and tomato sauce in it. Next thing you know, we’ll be known for eating this kind of stuff.”
“Want to order a pizza?” Luigi suggested.
“Not really,” Mario sighed.
It usually never was hard for the brothers to come up with something to eat, but since they’ve sync into living in a normal house, their appetite gets picky and it usually goes towards food like pasta and tomato sauce. Luigi calls for some meat pizza and to have two separate medium size boxes for him and Mario.
Once the pizza arrived, the brothers sat down to eat.
“This is the best kind of pizza,” Luigi admitted. “The one I tried with mushrooms on it was gross. I hate cooked mushrooms.”
“I don’t mind it but it definitely doesn’t fit for pizza,” Mario said.
“I like mushrooms raw but cooked is disgusting,” Luigi said.
“What do you mean?” Mario asked. “They’re the same thing.”
“Why is it that people say raw and cooked mushrooms taste the same? They don’t!” Luigi stated.
Mario’s phone suddenly rings.
“At least people aren’t eating the toad’s heads,” Mario said as he answered the call from Kerog. “Hey Kerog.”
Luigi takes a bite out of his pizza and enjoys it.
“Yeah, we’ll meet you there,” Mario replied hanging up.
“But we just started eating!” Luigi said with a mouth full of food.
“Kara has a little bit of information on Synder,” Mario said putting his box of pizza in the fridge.
“Where does she pull this information out of?” Luigi wondered.

The Mario Brothers went next door to Kerog’s house and sat down at the table.
“So I’ve spend my time analyzing the files,” Kara said. “And I think he’s making our high school a living hell on propose.”
“What do you mean?” Luigi asked. “Besides lying to you, he seems like a decent adult.”
“He may not have every case we’ve been involved in for the past months since the fall,” Kerog said, “but there seems to be one previous case we did that he seems more interested in.”
“Which one?” Mario asked.
“The one where Peach got kidnapped by Anthony,” Kara replied.
“Wait!” Mario said. “Why that case? What was so important that he had to investigate that?”
“I don’t know,” Kara replied. “If my theory on Eugene Snyder being a fake name is right, he may have some sort of connection to these teens from the past or something.”
“Relative?” Luigi suggested. “Son of a friend? I mean I’m not one to see Snyder as a serial killer like Anthony and whoever the other teens were.”
“Okay,” Kerog said. “So who the heck is this Snyder guy? Because there’s got to have been a way he could have changed his identity. Then again, you could be wrong.”
“More likely than less likely but I’ve been more than likely right about things for quite a long time,” Kara said.
Kara’s cell phone rings with an slow tune.
“I got to admit,” Luigi said, “phones are the most annoying way as a method of contact.”
“Hello?” Kara answered on her phone.

The four of them arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom after receiving a call from the Commander. The Commander lead them inside the castle and into the library where King Toadstool was spending his time reading.
“Brought the whole gang?” King Toadstool said.
“I’m sorry your majesty,” Kara said. “I insisted to them that I probably should have gone alone.”
“Don’t worry about that,” King Toadstool said placing the book he was reading aside.
“What is it that you wanting from me your majesty?” Kara asked.
“Oh please, you guys don’t have to say your majesty at the end of every sentence,” King Toadstool said. “When it comes to people who are close to the family, you can address me by my first name Richard.”
The Commander cleared his throat.
“Right, I’m getting a little off topic here,” King Toadstool said.
As King Toadstool continued talking to Kara while Mario, Luigi, and Kerog were listening to the conversation, Peach was peaking from the second floor eavesdropping.
“You want to know something about me?” King Toadstool asked.
In Kerog’s head he was thinking ‘not really.’
“Ever since Violet died, I’ve been reading,” King Toadstool said. “It’s quite surprising how I’ve never noticed it. Over the ten years since my wife died, I’ve never truly sat down to read a book and enjoy it. But now I really enjoy reading books again like I used to do ten years ago. Ever since you guys came into our lives, things have gone better for Vista Hills, Toad Town, and this kingdom. I’ve learned a lot on the way and there’s been many encounters that were always puzzling to me. The Commander brought up the conversation, and it made me curious. Is it true that every unnatural thing that is happening around us, is it really the cause of the nuclear explosion?”
The four of them felt like the king has actually changed because of the book and themselves. But for the king to know the real cause of these terrible situations puts a whole new level of trust to the king.
“Yes,” Mario replied before realizing that Kara should have been the one to reply that.
“It started off as a scrapbook when I was still in Elementary school,” Kara explained. “But then it just sort of expanded into the actual truth. While living in the Koopa Village before Vista Hills, I was researching on the nuclear explosion because it caught my interest. The way the photos show the explosion is beyond anything that anyone has ever saw. I wanted to find out why people were able to survive it. And later on, I realized that every bizarre thing that is happening around us, the nuclear explosion is the point of origin. Violet, Larry, Erik, Jason, the white flowers, and many encounters before I’ve meant Mario and Luigi.”
King Toadstool nodded to her story knowing that this is a whole new load of information. If Peach survived, then maybe she is mutated. But why did Rose have to die in something that produced a miracle. A miracle that has either made things good or mostly bad.
“This does explain a lot,” King Toadstool said in a reply. “From my point of view, it is a miracle. But we’ve encountered very few people who have used their ability for bad. Which means there’s lots of good people out there with an ability.”
“There’s even some who are affected and don’t seem to possess an ability,” Kerog said even though he doesn’t know about Peach’s survival (Kara does) and for the fact he knows both Mario and Luigi are affected for being able to see the future Velma was able to foresee, but it still hunted him on why Velma died when he touched her.
“I’m sorry I never told you sooner,” Kara apologized with a pause deciding whether or not to address him as ‘your majesty’ or ‘Richard.’
“I’m not mad,” King Toadstool said. “I may not know why my wife was affected and died. But I suppose it’s better that everyone else survived. My wife cared for this kingdom and I’ve ruined it for the past ten years. Maybe this is a sign for us to move on and start off new. But instead, we have been fighting this as if we’re tampering with a deity’s new creation to this world. Maybe if we just flow with life and provide what is right and what is good, we may have a bright future ahead of us. With no more people dying. But with a new creation, comes a mess to clean up.”
Kerog is surprised in how much King Toadstool has really changed. It’s no longer the voice he hates but just the fact that their parent’s death is King Toadstool’s fault for going after Staritas.
“I want to thank you for your visit Kara,” King Toadstool said. “I know it was short, but I suppose you four should head back home before it gets close to midnight.”
Both Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Kara wanted to say something before leaving but could think of nothing to say. It’s hard to say if this new beginning will lead to a better life. Even though they do have to stop bad and provide good. Luigi however knows King Toadstool is right after foreseeing a vision back in the fall when Velma and him saw his future.
“We will have a mess to clean up,” Luigi said realizing that this is his first time speaking since they got here. “But I can guarantee that our future will be worth it. And we will continue to help more people than we already have. That’s a promise. Goodnight Richard.”
The four finally left and none of them could believe that Luigi out of all people would be positive about King Toadstool’s theory. Luigi was the first one to call King Toadstool by his first name and didn’t get in trouble for it. It seems King Toadstool was trying to make them more family than enemies. It doesn’t change the way Kerog feels negatively about King Toadstool but King Toadstool was definitely developed into a better king then he used to be. Possibly better than when Rose Toadstool was alive.
Peach heard the entire conversation without anyone noticing and walked away to her bedroom with a smile on her face but still had the tears.

King Toadstool and the Commander went down below in the Commander’s office to discuss their situation about Dean’s resurrection.
“Dean may have been a lucky one to crawl out of his tomb,” King Toadstool said, “but we must find him. The last moments before he died, he was murderous.”
“I’m surprised Dean didn’t attempt to kill me when he had the chance,” the Commander said. “But I believe his main target is you. Which means I can’t let you go out in public ever again until he’s captured dead or alive.”
“We’re also going to need to find Tim,” King Toadstool said. “I may have given him a second chance but chances are, his kidnapping was not even a kidnapping at all.”
“Well right now, Dean is our main focus,” the Commander said.
“Alright,” King Toadstool said. “So what’s the plan-”
A bomb exploded just outside of the office. The soldiers got into action as the Commander pulls King Toadstool down.
“Okay,” King Toadstool said in worry hiding his fear. “What’s the meaning of this?”
“Hide under the desk until I get back,” the Commander said.
King Toadstool gets under the desk quickly as the Commander burst out of his office locking the door behind him. The Commander got his gun ready as he noticed the soldiers were running not towards but away from something behind them. The Commander tried to get a closer look and saw three live figures in black suits. One was human, one was a nomadimouse (a mouse humanoid specie from the dry hot deserts in the far southeast of the next country,) and a koopa. The nomadimouse had another bomb in its right hand. The Commander pointed his gun at the nomadimouse and shot a bullet at it. However the bullet ended up hitting a force field that was defending the three terrorists.
“WHO ARE YOU?” the Commander yelled.
“Stay out of our way,” the koopa replied in a male voice.
The human who seemed to be the one controlling the force fields used a force field blast at the Commander knocking him up against the wall knocking him unconscious.
“That was awesome,” the nomadimouse whispered to his fellow partners.
“Alright,” the human controlling the force field said to the koopa. “You know what to do.”
The koopa nodded and disappeared in bluish fog.
Many of the soldiers were shooting while the human used force field blasts at the ones who kept on shooting.
The koopa who disappeared teleported himself into the dungeons that not even the king himself has entered. This was the royal prison for certain prisoners and none have ever escaped. The floor was huge with a maze of prisoners. Many of the Staritas prisoners before Violet’s death were sentenced in these prisons. But the ones who committed crimes that mostly affects the kingdom is transported here. Very few are known to have a release since many of them live here forever to only eat small portions of food, use the unsanitary toilets in their stalls with no privacy, and sleep. There was no fun in the Mushroom Kingdom’s dungeons. But the koopa wasn’t here to release everyone. He is here to free two prisoners. He walked up to the one stall with the human in it while he still has to look for the koopa.
“Hello Anthony,” the koopa said. “Today’s your lucky day.”
Anthony was the teenager along with Alex and two others who were serial killers that kidnapped Peach after she ran away when her father slapped her. Mario, Luigi, and Kerog saved Peach and Kara being the bait for them but failed to save Violet when Anthony killed her with a metal end of a pole from behind.
Anthony turned his head towards the koopa and the koopa had a surprised shock look on his face.
“My god,” the koopa said. “What have they done to you Anthony?”
One half of Anthony’s body was normal but the other side from the mid forehead to the ear and down was burned off. This was due to Violet using the last of her powers to save Mario, Luigi, Kerog, Kara, and Peach from being killed.

The other two were still standing in the same spot with the human knocking out soldiers who kept on shooting. One of the soldiers splashed water on the Commander and the Commander was conscious.
“We can’t fight them sir!” the solder said.
The Commander got up and looked at the human and nomadimouse standing in the same spot with a transparent force field around them. However the Commander noticed the koopa was missing.
“Where’s the koopa?” the Commander asked the soldiers who avoided to shoot.
“I don’t know?” the first soldier replied.
“He disappeared and hasn’t returned,” the second soldier said.
Suddenly, the koopa returned within the force field with the two prisoners. The Commander got up to get a closer look and realized who they were.
“No!” the Commander shouted.
Anthony and Alex who both got arrested for the kidnap of Peach and various murders including Violet have escaped.
“It shall be awesome to breathe in that fresh air again rather than stay in this sad excuse for purgatory,” Anthony said.
“You guys suck!” Alex said with a smile. “Pretty soon, we’ll be in a better place continuing to serve justice.”
“YOU CALL MURDER JUSTICE?” the Commander yells.
“I would call that an understatement,” the human said.
“Count your guards,” the nomadimouse said. “We never killed any of your guards now have we?”
Suddenly in a burst of blue ash, the five of them were gone.

Meanwhile in an unknown location, Principal Eugene Snyder was in the middle of a dark room.
“Hello?” Principal Synder called in hope for a reply.
“Sorry for the method of bringing you out here,” his kidnapper said.
“Who are you?” Principal Synder asked in fear.
“I thought you already recognized me?” the kidnapper said turning around into the light.
There was a moment of pause but Principal Synder took a while to say the name because he couldn’t believe who it was standing in front of him.
“Dean,” Principal Synder answered in shock. “How?”
“It’s been a long time Eugene Snyder,” Dean said. “Or should I say, Tim.”

The Commander explained to King Toadstool about the attack.
“So let me get this straight,” King Toadstool said. “Three guys come bursting in with abilities and takes two out of the four teenagers that kidnapped my daughter and killed Violet?”
“That sums the numbers up,” the Commander replied. “A few of our numbers have been harmed but nothing serious. They intervened with no plan of killing anybody.”
“What the hell is going on in this world?” King Toadstool wondered. “First Tim is kidnapped, Dean escapes his grave, and now this?”
“I know Tim is important too,” the Commander said. “But we need to focus on capturing Dean and these men who freed two prisoners. This marks the first time someone’s escape from our heavily guarded prison. We can have no soldiers watching with all of the cages opened and none can escape due to the multiple doors that need to be opened to get in or out.”
“So where do we start?” King Toadstool asked. “Because if those teens are out there, Kara and her friends could be a target.”
“Too much of what’s going on is an adult situation,” the Commander said. “I doubt bringing them in to help will be a good idea. The four of them are still kids even though they’ve faced danger before.”
“I suppose you’re right,” King Toadstool agreed. “They’ve definitely been through a lot.”
“I’ll be sure to tighten security to make sure you and your daughter are safe,” the Commander said. “Although it cannot be a guarantee due to the koopa’s teleportation power and the human’s force fields.”


Mario and Luigi go to Vista Hills High and meet up with Kerog and Kara in the support room Kara always goes in five minutes before the warning bell for first class.
“So anymore leads?” Luigi asks.
“No,” Kerog and Kara replied at the same time.
The four of them were in silence because of King Toadstool getting to know the causes of the nuclear explosion and they had nothing on Principal Snyder.
“So,” Luigi said trying to come up with a topic, “who wants to-” Luigi broke his sentence once Kara’s phone goes off.
“Does that always happen to you?” Mario asks.
“More than your’s ever will,” Kara replied answering the call. “Hello?”
Kerog was the one who wasn’t in so much acceptance for King Toadstool making them family. He never wants to call him king or Richard. Kerog still has a hatred towards King Toadstool even after what happened last night, it never changed the way Kerog thought about him. It surprises him that Mario and Luigi are not just like him since they’ve been through worse. The streets.
“I’m sorry sir, you got the wrong number,” Kara said hanging up. “Now those calls usually don’t happen to me.”
“Not unless it is a reason,” a voice said from across the room.
The four looked to see who it was but no one was there.
“Hello?” Kerog called out. There was no reply.
“That was weird,” Luigi admitted. “Could have sworn I heard someone.”
“I should probably get my binders out of my locker,” Kerog said walking over to pick up his bag half way across the room.
Mario and Luigi decided in their heads that they should get their books too. Kara on the other hand has her way of multitasking and never being late for a class. She walks over to her laptop and suddenly gets pulsed up in the air and pinned on the ceiling.
“AH!” Kara screamed on she was being forced against the ceiling.
“KARA!” Kerog shouted as he suddenly got pinned to the ceiling.
Mario and Luigi ran over to Kara right when they got pinned to the ceiling as well.
“What’s going on?” Luigi wondered in fearful pain.
Their bodies were being pressed against the ceiling with some sort of force field. The two doors that were opened up to the room got closed and locked with their blind folds down.
“I got to say,” a koopa said on a side of the room that the four on the ceiling were not looking at, “you’re a pro with that force field thing of yours.” The koopa and human that intervened the kingdom (the four know nothing of this) were inside the support room of Vista Hills High.
“What do you want?” Kerog pleaded in pain with his shell against his whole body.
“Just a simple answer,” the human replied.
“Where is he?” the koopa asked.
The four didn’t reply right away since he didn’t give a particular name.
“Who?” Mario asked.
“Your so-called principal of this school,” the koopa replied in snappy attitude.
The four were suddenly confused. So many things are happening at once that suddenly these older teens want to know where the principal is? It took a while for one of them to reply but the four wondered why the principal’s disappearance was so important.
“We don’t know,” Kerog replied.
“Don’t bluff boy,” the koopa snapped as the human applied more force against Kerog on the ceiling. “Where is he?”
“We don’t know!” Mario snapped back. “He was kidnapped yesterday, we don’t know!”
“Alright, fine,” the koopa said as he walked through right underneath them. The koopa and the human seemed very patient, but they didn’t look like the type of guys you would want to mess with. “Then what do you know?”
The four again didn’t reply immediately. But it was Kara who decided to tell the truth without bringing the file into the equation.
“Nothing,” Kara replied. “We have no leads on where he is. He was kidnapped. We don’t know who.”
The koopa nodded to Kara. The human lets the koopa do the interrogation while he was holding the force fields that pressed the four against the ceiling.
“Who are you?” Luigi asked before thinking that he should have kept silent. “Who are you and what is it that you want with a school principal?”
Luigi was expecting a harsh or painful reply back for speaking too early, but the koopa smirked.
“Who we are is a secret,” the koopa replied as he walked over to Principal Snyder’s file on the desk. Kara tried to move but she couldn’t stop him from touching the file. “But Eugene Snyder is an amazing agent.” He looked through the files and he turned to Kara. “Now what would you call this? No leads?”
Kara was scared to speak but she replied anyway. “No. It gets nowhere.”
The koopa smirked rudely as he looked through the files.
“Saving the princess from a group of teenagers,” the koopa said going through the main headlines, “fighting Boos, fugitives becoming the heroes of the kingdom, the bomb under the bridge that Mario was at, Mario competes for class president and fails, an elderly dies who was under the care of Mario and Kerog, four teens helped save the king and the plant from methane and a sick criminal, The Mushroom Kingdom banishes a high school tradition, and my personal favorite, Kara endorsing against Mario.”
The four felt nakedly exposed to these guys.
“I got to say,” the koopa said, “it’s quite impressive. Staritas was being hunted and you change the king. But trust me when I say, he’s never going to redeem himself for what he’s done.”
“What is it that you want?” Kerog asked in a sappy mood.
“Well since you have no leads on Snyder’s whereabouts, we’re pretty much done here,” the koopa replied taking the file with him. “We may meet again, we may not. Just continue with what you guys do, because you’re good at it. You may have helped our country but you’re going to need our help soon. We want a better future just like you guys. In time, we may be fighting side-by-side against evil. And we all know that King Toadstool is one of them.”
Mario wanted to snap something back at him, but kept the words to himself. Kerog couldn’t disagree less.
“Bring them down slowly,” the koopa ordered as the human slowly brought the four down to the ground.
Once all four of them were on their feet. Kerog walked up but walked right into the force field.
“We’ll meet again Kerog,” the koopa said as he suddenly disappeared with his partner.
The four were confused since they had a harsh confession that ended friendly.
“I don’t know what’s worse,” Luigi said. “The fact Snyder was investigating us or the fact these guys will learn more about us.”
“We need to find out who Synder is,” Kerog stated. “There’s something about these guys that makes them look less trustworthy.”
The three nodded in agreement as the warning bell goes off for their first class.

King Toadstool was a little tired and shaken up from last night’s attack. Peach knew nothing about it since she was asleep during the time. King Toadstool with the knowledge of the mutations caused by the nuclear explosion, he knew that it was the reason why many bad things were happening which made him glad that he had a quick answer for the powers the interveners had. Wooster was curious on the noises and gun fires that were happening last night, but King Toadstool never answered him to avoid panic spreading all over the kingdom.

Meanwhile near the dike in southern Vista Hills, Dean and Principal Snyder got out of a white van with Dean holding the gun in his hand.
“So what’s the deal Dean?” Principal Snyder asked. “You’ve kidnapped me and now a bunch of stupid teens are probably texting about it.”
“Probably Tim,” Dean said avoiding to answer his questions.
Principal Snyder tried bonking his head or pinching himself a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. But he felt minor pain with each pinch, but he wasn’t in acceptance that Dean is alive.
“I don’t want to harm anyone Dean,” Principal Snyder snapped after they had a previous conversation. “I am not going to work for some walking dead!”
“Believe me Tim, I am myself,” Dean replied. “It’s a miracle that not even I know how I can be revived. It seems that God is given me another chance, and it’s a chance that I won’t screw up.”
Principal Snyder wasn’t comfortable around Dean and Dean just kept an eye of his shadow and reflections to make sure he wasn’t going to run. Dean wanted revenge for what King Toadstool has done to him. Dean remembered that night as if it was not too long ago. Dean was with a few women, but he never wanted to leave Charlotte. But now he knew he could never take back what was a complete misunderstanding from his point of view. King Toadstool is the one thing on his mind. He wanted him to die right in front of his eyes, just like what King Toadstool did to him.


Charlotte walks through the crowd during the middle of loud metal music with strobe lights.
“Charlotte!” Dean called out as he grabbed her wrist. She reacted quickly right when King Toadstool came in between them. Dean took out his pocket knife and stabbed King Toadstool’s right shoulder. Dean couldn’t believe he just stabbed the king. Knowing he was in danger and that King Toadstool made Charlotte take her ring off and throw it right into his face, he attempted to slit the king’s throat. King Toadstool reached inside for his protective handgun.
Dean had his eyes last on King Toadstool with strobe lights flashing, he dropped to the ground and everything was black. Dean was dead and he knew at his last moments that it was King Toadstool who killed him.


Dean wanted to avoid remembering that night and wished it never happened. Those days two years ago felt like yesterday since he was out for two years until he got reincarnated in his own coffin. He was hoping to be in some sort of afterlife but instead, he died and woke up two years later. Dean couldn’t breathe in his coffin as it reeked in a bad way. He kicked his coffin a few times and the soil broke through on top of him. He thought he was going to die again in this unknown black void that got sealed up. He used his weak muscles to push himself upwards through the soil. His hand came right above the soil into fresh cold air. He kept on pushing until his head reached the surface. He breathed the fresh air in as he crawled out of his tomb spitting out dirt.
Ever since he came back, his main goal was to kill King Toadstool. But he figured that in order to do that, King Toadstool would have to feel the betrayal that he brought on Staritas, even when Dean resigned from it.
Tim is Eugene Snyder’s real first name. Tim knew King Toadstool and Dean personally, but he tries to keep the past a secret under King Toadstool’s deal.
Dean was in doubt on how he will be able to kidnap King Toadstool in a way he wants to see it. He walks slowly to the other side of the van as Principal Snyder tries not to backup away from him. Dean walks up to him, but walked into something else. Dean and Principal Snyder were suddenly confused as he walked right into a force field.
“Hey dude!” the human from the castle attack last night called out using his force fields with the koopa standing by his side. “You need a shower.”
Dean attempted to point the gun at the two but a force field blocked his movement bringing it upwards.
“Steve!” Principal Snyder exclaimed calling the human this name then turning to the koopa saying his name. “Bill.”
Dean was confused as he didn’t know who these two young adults were. Dean lowered the gun realizing that he could do nothing.
“We’ve been looking for a while since you’re absence from the school,” Steve explained in short words.
“Who is this guy?” Bill asked pointing at Dean. “Dane?”
“Dean,” Dean corrected with a snap.
“Well Dean,” Bill said. “Hate to ruin your idea for fun, but this guy is coming with us.”
Principal Snyder took the urge to step forward towards the boys but Dean tried to block his way.
“I’m sorry boys,” Dean snapped. “I don’t give in to unnatural people.”
The boys smirked and Steve was about to threaten Dean before Principal Snyder spoke first.
“Trust me Dean,” Principal Snyder murmured and stopped to clear his throat to sound more clearer. “You will not be able to harm these boys with these force fields. And one thing’s for sure is that I’d rather be with them than you.”
“Three against one,” Bill replied first.
“I need you to help me serve what needs to be done,” Dean replied second. “I don’t care if Richard is your old childhood friend or anything. The only way he’ll ever redeem himself is if he had someone kill him. The world will be a better place if that guy is carved to nothing in hell!”
Principal Snyder sighed as he did have a hatred for King Toadstool. But King Toadstool was indeed his childhood friend. They’ve lost contact since King Toadstool’s parents passed away and he became ruler in his mid-twenties right before marrying the love of his life, Rose.


After the nuclear explosion happened, Tim joined a group that rebelled King Toadstool’s law against Staritas. The organization included Steve and Bill’s parents. But after a part of the group was intervened by soldiers of the Mushroom Kingdom, Tim was brought in and placed in front of King Toadstool himself. King Toadstool couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Tim who was arrested with this vigilante organization. While the rest of the vigilantes were sentenced to eternal prison or death, King Toadstool kept Tim alive.


Principal Snyder was silent since he did not want to help Dean kill King Toadstool. While Steve still had the force fields up for defence, Bill was curious about what Dean was planning, but the one name struck his curiosity the most.
“Richard?” Bill wondered. “Something tells me that name isn’t just some random citizen.”

Kara called the Commander on her phone around lunch time at the back of Vista Hills High near the football field. Mario, Luigi, and Kerog were usually enjoying their time while Kara was more serious about Principal Snyder’s kidnapping and the interrogation in the support room. She waited for an answer.
The Commander who made sure the security was more tightened searched the web for any possible signs of the attack or Tim’s kidnapping. His phone rang and he checked to see who’s dialing. Once he saw Kara’s name, he figured he should decline the call, but knowing the amount of danger the king was in, he answered the call.
 “Is this an emergency Kara?” the Commander asked.
Kara took a breath since it has been months since she has talked with the Commander helping him out on a few cases that the boys barely knew much about. She was mostly providing her help between the moment she broke up with Kerog and when they finally got back together after helping the Commander arrested an old friend of Kerog’s father.
“I believe so,” Kara replied.
Kara explained everything that happened in the support room. The Commander realized right away that these two were the ones that intervened and stole the prisoners. The Commander didn’t know what to reply back. It took him a few seconds to think of something without having to bring them into another dangerous case. If they found out about the night Dean was killed, they might lose the trust that the kingdom as been offering for saving their king and princess.
“Do you know the names of these two?” the Commander asked since this was unknown.
“No,” Kara replied. “I’ve never seen them before in my life.”
The Commander took a breath knowing he was going to regret it, but he had to leave the case for himself because it only showed King Toadstool’s dark side.
“Thanks for calling Kara,” the Commander said. “But for now, I’ll make sure the king and princess are protected. At least we know what these two are capable of for better strategy. But for now, you four should just lay low and go to school like you should be. We’ll handle the situation from here.”
Kara wanted to argue that she could help, but she replied, “yes sir,” if laying low is better for them.

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Episode 9 "Richard"
Part 2

King Toadstool walks down the library aisles but cannot find a book to read. He didn’t feel like reading because he knew his kingdom was at stake. This made him feel that his speech last night was worthless even though it was true. He sat down next to the piano. He’s never learned to play piano but he has learned to play a few simple songs by himself when he was a child, but those songs have faded away. King Toadstool pressed a key listening to it’s sound. He tried to remember the days when he was a young prince running down the corridors. The good old days when his father and mother ran the kingdom before their unfortunately deaths due to his mother dying from an illness, and father gone missing presumably dead due to not making his trip to another country’s meeting. He sometimes thinks he’s the most unluckiest king alive since he’s lost so many people that he loves, and all he has left is his daughter Peach. His worse fear is to lose her or that he would die so soon for Peach to become queen of the Mushroom Kingdom at a young age. Knowing Tim is the only friend from his childhood left, he hoped that he was okay. Tim and Richard had great fun together as Tim and his parents were friends to the kingdom that weren’t under royal blood. He remembered the last time he met the guy.


“But Joe,” a toad whispered to the koopa. “What about Bill?”
“He’s safe as long as I’m dead to him,” Joe replied to the toad in a whisper. “If we die tonight, we would have died for our country against the devil ruling this land.
“Quiet!” Tim snapped as the king came down into the royal courtroom where several members of the organization were handcuffed to the long desk of the accused.
The Commander’s soldiers had their guns pointed at the accused threatening that if one talked, they will be shot on spot.
King Toadstool has spend two years without his wife. He still had yet to find and accuse all those who were a part of Staritas to avenge Rose’s death. Tim stared at King Toadstool seeing the person that was once his friend is a monster. King Toadstool looked at each of the accused from a distance. He was silent as he suddenly realized Tim on the very right side of the desk. He was shocked to see that his old friend would turn against him.

The accused were send into prison until King Toadstool decides who should live or die. However, King Toadstool ordered the Commander to bring Tim to him personally. The Commander questioned him for his safety, but this was because the Commander barely knew Tim, let alone met him in person. King Toadstool told the Commander that if anything happens to him, he can take Tim away. But he wants to talk with him alone.
The Commander didn’t argue with the king because of his change to the dark side destroying a great society that he once supported. Tim was brought into the courtroom where he and King Toadstool were left alone. Tim didn’t have handcuffs on, so it confused Tim why King Toadstool is giving him a chance.
“It’s been a long time old friend,” King Toadstool said.
Tim couldn’t believe that it’s been years since he has last spoken with him and it didn’t make things better that the two were different compared to what they were almost a decade ago.
“So it has Richard,” Tim replied. “So it has.”
“I just want to know Tim,” King Toadstool said trying to keep calm. “Why?”
Tim didn’t know what to reply back. He joined the organization to rebel against King Toadstool’s law, not against his own friend.
“I joined for one reason,” Tim replied, “and one reason only. I wanted to save you.”
“Save me?” King Toadstool questioned in a snap. “How is rebelling against me going to save me?”
“You’re my friend Richard,” Tim murmured trying to make up something that won’t get him in prison. “I joined to spy on them. To know what they are planning against you. If something bad was going to happen, I would have reported it.”
King Toadstool wasn’t sure if he should believe his old friend or not. Looking at him made him sick to be reminded of the days that were good to him that were now lost.
“How long did you join?” King Toadstool asked.
“Richard, please-”
“How long?”
Tim took a breath and replied the truth.
“Two months,” Tim replied.
“Two months?” King Toadstool questioned in disgust. “Two months? For two months and you never bothered to at least mail some sort of information on location or plans? We’ve been looking for this organization for longer and they are still out there!”
Tim wanted to snap back but tried to hide the truth that he was in disgrace of his friend that he would turn against a society that wanted nothing but good for this world. But knowing that telling his true feelings would anger his friend, he replied in a small snap.
“Two months may have seem long Richard, but it was not!” Tim replied in a snappy mood. “It’s not like I join in and I know everything. I just follow from the side that you just captured. Not even they know the location of their organization headquarters, they just get orders or news to rebel against-”
Tim cuts off his sentence not wanting to mention about King Toadstool’s law against Staritas. But King Toadstool knew what Tim was talking about.
“So there’s nothing you can tell me that will help us fight against the terrorists?” King Toadstool asked.
Tim shook his head, but he slightly lied, but whatever more he knew wouldn’t help either side anyway. Tim was really on the organization’s side because he knew Staritas was good. He hated King Toadstool but it’s his friendship that he still wants to be there for him.
“It’s been years Richard,” Tim said. “I never truly gave my sympathy for the kingdom’s loss. For that, I’m sorry I have been anti-social with you. It’s just I thought you needed space when your parents-” Tim cuts off his sentence again thinking that mentioning them is something he would regret. “-but I’ve begged to my parents that I want to see you again, but they kept declining, and for that, I moved out. I’ve never been able to see you again. I wish I did, but I though you deserved to have a life once you got married.”
King Toadstool didn’t know what to make out of Tim’s words since he wasn’t being clear.
“You don’t need to apologize Tim,” King Toadstool replied. “Ever since my father was gone, I didn’t know what to do. Rose was the only person I could depend on for happiness, and we loved each other so much that I have forgotten about you. I should have invited you to my wedding but I didn’t. I’ve been anti-social with you too Tim. I was never the same person when my father vanished. It’s like you never existed. I was angry and I didn’t feel like depending on you. For that, I should be the one to apologize. It’s just when you’re the one running the kingdom, doing anything that is right for the people, I just had no time to contact you again. And now that we need to hunt a flawed society that betrayed our kingdom, my hands have been full. I have to raise my six year old daughter since she was four. I’ve tried calling her old caretaker, but he’s been out of contact. Things have been a mess that I’ve forgotten about you. I admit that it’s great to see you again Tim, but- but this just doesn’t feel the same.”
Tim nodded. But knowing what kind of pressure he had to go through since his father’s presumed death, he felt guilty for not being there for him.
“I should have been there for you Richard,” Tim cried. “I’m truly sorry as well. But I guess it doesn’t matter now does it? Our friendship ended years ago. This is just a reunion that accidentally happened. I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And now I’m seen as a criminal.”


Principal Snyder dials a number on a pay phone that he knew could contact the kingdom. He waited for an answer on the other side.
“Hello?” Wooster’s voice answered on the other side.
“Are you the king’s chief advisor?” Principal Snyder asked.
“I believe you got the wrong number pal,” Wooster replied mimicking a voice.
“Listen!” Principal Snyder demanded telling Wooster that he was an old friend of King Toadstool and that he and his parents were friends of the royal family.

King Toadstool tried to remember how to play the piano but the keys he pressed just presented jibberish. Wooster came bursting into the library. Wooster as usual was always out of breath when it came to him having to run between places of the kingdom. He slowly makes his way to King Toadstool.
“You never seem to be out of things to do,” King Toadstool said. “Is this important?”
“It’s a friend,” Wooster breathed hardly. “Tim or something. He said it was a-”
“Where?” King Toadstool asked instantly on Tim’s name.
“The phone,” Wooster replied. “The phone downstairs.”

Wooster lead King Toadstool to the phone line that Tim was on.
“Tim?” King Toadstool answered nervously on the phone.
Principal Snyder couldn’t believe it when he heard his old friend’s voice coming through the phone. “It’s been eight years old friend.”
King Toadstool couldn’t believe that he’s having another reunion with Tim, but this second time being on phone. It’s been almost a decade since the last time and it’s almost been a decade the time before this one.
“So it has Tim,” King Toadstool replied not realizing he had mirrored Tim’s reply eight years ago. “What happened? I heard you were kidnapped from my military Commander.”
Tim was breathing hard but tried to catch his breath to calm down. Not because he was nervous but because there was a gun pointed behind his head.
“You remember that janitor I worked with for two weeks eight years ago?” Principal Snyder asked.
“I know,” King Toadstool replied. “It’s Dean. I can’t really explain how he’s even alive.”
“Neither can he,” Principal Snyder said breathing hardly. “I’ve managed to get away from him before he could kill me. The worst part is that he wants to- Dean wants revenge.”
King Toadstool quickly got out a pen and paper to write down any notes.
“Why did you call?” King Toadstool asked.
“Dean is not only angry with you,” Principal Snyder replied. “He wants to also kill me for not helping him. I need protection.”
King Toadstool prepared the to write down the reply to what he was going to ask next.
“Where are you?”

King Toadstool got dressed back into the clothes the Commander gave him when they went to the cemetery. However the Commander was more concerned about King Toadstool’s safety when he wants to come to save Tim.
“Your majesty!” the Commander kept on advising. “It’s too suicidal! I know you are friends with this guy as a kid, but you can’t let friendship get in the way of what’s important.”
“Saving Tim from Dean is my main concern right now!” King Toadstool snapped. “I’m coming with you. Because I can’t be losing more than I already have.”
King Toadstool gets into the passenger seat as the Commander gets behind the wheel. But the Commander was still worried about his safety.
“Your majesty,” the Commander said. “This is dangerous. If we go attempt to pick him up, Dean could come out of nowhere and wipe us all out.”
“Then I’d rather be in danger than be the devil I was before!” King Toadstool snapped again. “I’d rather die than be protected. I’d rather die, if it means saving Tim. Now step on the gas pedal or I will drive this myself!”
The Commander didn’t fight back even though he knew that the king was going suicidal. If being in danger was his idea of redemption, then he’s heading in the wrong direction. The Commander kept his argument to himself and stepped on the gas pedal.

The Commander and King Toadstool make their way to the phone booth where Principal Snyder called from. At first they didn’t see any sign of anybody until Principal Snyder was standing across the street. He was waving for them to go away.
“Tim!” King Toadstool exclaimed as he jumped out of the vehicle.
“No! It’s a trap!” the Commander yelled. But it was too late.
“RICHARD! NO!” Principal Snyder screamed as Dean sneaked up on King Toadstool from behind and smacks the back of his head with the gun knocking the king out. The Commander jumps out of the driver’s seat with his gun and attempts to shoot Dean but Dean was too quick for him and shot his shoulder, arm, and hand with three bullets making the Commander expel his gun out of his hand.
Bill and Steve were behind Principal Snyder during the scene. Dean tossed King Toadstool in the back of a stolen car and closed the tail gate.
Dean turned to Bill and Steve and said, “thank you Tim. But a deal’s a deal.”
Bill and Steve nod well Principal Snyder felt guilty that he helped Dean out. He had the second thoughts that maybe he should have let Dean shoot a bullet into his head rather than lead his childhood friend into a trap. He knew the kingdom is going to make it look like that Tim betrayed the king, and he really felt like he did for real. Because any hour from now, King Richard Toadstool will be a dead man. With this last bit of drama, Bill teleported Steve and Principal Snyder away from the scene. Dean got into the car and drove away before the Commander attempted to shoot Dean. The Commander watched in pain as Dean drove away with King Toadstool. The Commander wondered if he failed to the king or if this is what King Toadstool wanted. The king always wanted redemption. What if he came for the two possible ways this moment could have ended. Either save his friend or die in front of a man who didn’t deserve the humiliation two years ago.

The final warning bell goes off and the Vista Hills High students rush out of their classrooms. Mario meets up with Kerog while he waits for Luigi.
“Hey Kerog!” Mario called out running to him. “How was class?”
Kerog sighed. “To be honest, this day has been going slow, my back is in pain, and my English teacher is an ass.”
“Sorry to hear that,” Mario replied. “Is there anything you want to do today after having ourselves pinned to the ceiling?
Kerog sighed again. He was definitely not himself today after King Toadstool’s talk with Kara and the two anonymous nuclear affected people interrogating them in a painful manner.
“To be honest, I just want to collapse on my bed,” Kerog moaned. “Something that’s at least on the floor and not the ceiling.”
Mario nodded.
“I’ll probably see you guys tomorrow or something,” Kerog said as he walks more faster ahead of Mario.
Mario was silent for the second as Kerog went ahead. He knew Kerog wasn’t feeling well. His anger with people lately just seems to happen, and it gets the best of him.
So as Kerog heads home, Luigi and Kara meet up with Mario.
“Hey Mario!” Luigi said. “Where’s Kerog?”
“He’s already heading home,” Mario replied. “He’s either had a bad day, or he had a late one last night. It seems he wants to be alone for the day.”
“Understandable,” Kara said. “After all, we did have jerks interrogating us six hours ago. Usually not the best way to start off a good morning.”
But the three knew it was mostly because he still hated King Toadstool. The three of them hated him as well, but Kerog just couldn’t accept any method of King Toadstool redeeming himself after what he did to Staritas and their parents. But the three of them just kept that to themselves.
They go to the exact same support room they were interrogated in. It was a disappointment when Bill and Steve (names unknown to them) had stolen the evidence that Eugene Snyder had on them. The only question on their mind is who is really Eugene Snyder and who were the two mysterious people?
The three of them sat down at the table to work on their homework so they can relax in the evening. They work independently together when doing homework. But when Mario, Luigi, or Kerog do homework alone, sometimes they slack off and nothing gets done. It annoys the boys that they get humiliated by the teachers when they don’t complete a homework assignment because of their problems that are unknown to them. Kara, however has a habit of getting things done even though she multitasks on more things than they do.
Twenty minutes later Kara’s phone rings.
“This is why you don’t go spreading your phone number on the web,” Luigi stated.
“I don’t,” Kara said as she answered to the Commanders call. “Hello?”
“Hey, Mario,” Luigi asked. “Did you find the metaphor in this boring short story?”
“Page eight,” Mario replied. “Paragraph two.”
“You’ve been shot!” Kara said in shock.
“Say what?” Luigi asked.
“The king’s been kidnapped!” Kara jumped.
“What!?” Mario and Luigi said in a surprise at the same time.

Kara drove above the speed limit with Mario and Luigi further behind in their car.
Kara arrived and she got to the doors first before Mario and Luigi had parked.
The three went downstairs into the Emergency Room. Kara shows her identification so she and the Mario Brothers can pass. They were confused since they don’t know what had happened. Even the kingdom is spreading rumors that are not known to be true. Peach knows nothing, and Wooster is confused on what’s going on. The three were brought into the room where the Commander was bleeding all down his arm, shoulder, and hand, and onto the bed. He was about to be send into surgery, but he refused until he has spoken with Kara.
“Sir?” Kara asked.
The Commander spoke in pain, but tried to avoid groaning.
“I need you guys to help the kingdom,” the Commander groaned. “A man name Dean has kidnapped the king.”
“Who’s Dean?” Luigi asked wishing he should have let Kara talk.
“He was killed two years ago,” the Commander replied in pain. “I believe he’s nuclear affected. He was reincarnated in his own grave and escaped to kill the king. Don’t ask why, it’s just a complete misunderstanding that happened two years ago.”
“Where would have Dean taken him?” Kara asked.
“I don’t know,” the Commander replied in a groan. “But he will be a dead king if we don’t get to him in time.”
“What happened?” Kara asked wanting to know everything that happened. The Commander explained the situation. He did mention Tim betrayed the king, but he never stated to them that Tim was their high school principal.
“Well it doesn’t help that this guy can be in one and a trillion places with King Toadstool,” Mario said. “I mean where would Dean want to personally kill him?”

The three came from the ER as the Commander goes for his surgery. The three knew they had a difficult task to perform. As much as they didn’t want to save King Toadstool, they knew it was the only way things would be better.
Kara searched up Dean’s personal records on the military’s database. Mario and Luigi sat beside her as she searches for something that could help.
“He was the Janitor of the Mushroom Kingdom,” Kara says reading though some of the data. “Kind of seems weird since he had a closer connection to the kingdom. And what a coincidence! He was a former member of Staritas after the nuclear explosion happened.”
“Could be the fact Dean was on Staritas’ side at one time and King Toadstool made a wrong move on him or something,” Mario suggested.
Kara expanded the file on his death report.
“Alright, time of death was exactly two years ago and a few days from now,” Kara analyzed. “He died in a private club in Toad Town. He was shot to death by an unseen person, so the killer was never caught. The worst part is that the widow Charlotte who was Dean’s wife witnessed his death. She avoided answering questions and never got married since.”
“Wait!” Mario paused with a brilliant idea. “Where in the club did Dean die?”
“Doesn’t say,” Kara said. “Just in the club. Interior.”
“That’s got to be it!” Mario snapped his fingers.
“What is?” Luigi asked.
“What if Dean’s death has something to do with King Toadstool?” Mario suggested. “I mean, he probably wasn’t there in person, but if Dean died there, what if he has King Toadstool captive there!”
Luigi and Kara nod to Mario’s idea and Kara decides to go with it. She clicks on the club’s location.
“Got the address!” Kara said as she had most of the street names synced in her head.
Mario and Luigi got prepared to go as Kara was closing the files. Luigi paused and wondered something.
“Actually Kara,” Luigi said. “What happened to Dean’s wife?”
Kara turns around and quickly clicks on Charlotte’s name showing her status.
“Oh my god!” Kara said in shock.

King Toadstool woke up with his head in pain. He was handcuffed from behind and was tied in rope hanging from the ceiling upside down.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” King Toadstool pleaded.
“The truth,” Dean replied.
“What have you done to Tim?” King Toadstool asked.
“No need to worry,” the Dean said. “He’s alive. But it’s not like you would care.”
“I’m different!” King Toadstool said.
“You’re a liar,” the Dean snapped. “You’re not saying that because you feel sorry for the members of Staritas, but because you want people to like you just so you can turn your back on them.”
“I would never do that!” King Toadstool snapped. “Going against Staritas was the biggest mistake of my life.”
“You know Richard,” the Dean said. “This sounds really familiar. Not your quote but your actions. Except there’s no descendants you can help to give your forgiveness.”
“WHO ARE YOU?” King Toadstool demanded.
“Don’t you remember me?” the Dean said finally showing his face into the brief light. “You killed me.”
King Toadstool was able to have a look even though his point of view was upside down. He couldn’t believe his very own eyes when he saw him.
“Dean,” King Toadstool answered.
Dean nods as he turns around to load his gun.
“Don’t worry Richard,” Dean said. “This will all be over soon.”
Dean points the gun directly at King Toadstool’s head.
“No!” King Toadstool bagged.
King Toadstool closes his eyes waiting for the trigger to be pulled.
King Toadstool dropped to the ground with his shoulder and back in pain as he was on the ground tied up.
“Time to talk Richard,” Dean said in a deep voice. “Why did you do it?”
“Do what!?” King Toadstool asked.
“Do what?” Dean questioned. “Do what? Do what? Do WHAT!” Dean gives King Toadstool a kick in the stomach. “THE TRUTH YOU DEVIL! EVERYTHING! After all, you only went after me because you wanted a taste of humiliating. Well congratulations Richard, you have ruined my life. But now, it’s my turn. Since God has given me second chance, it’s time to do what is right and kill the devil that runs the kingdom of Mushrooms.”
Dean had the gun pointed at King Toadstool’s head. King Toadstool was holding on knowing that any minute, Dean will kill him.
“Now I get it,” Dean said. “Just because I was a former member of Staritas it was because I still work for them right? And apparently, cleaning the windows wasn’t enough. And just because I flirt with some women at a club doesn’t mean I prefer them over Charlotte. But then, the one day you made her step into that club, my life went down bloody. Or should I say, IT DESTROYED CHARLOTTE!”
Dean spat in King Toadstool’s face on those last words. King Toadstool avoided speaking or interrupting unless he was told to reply something.
“Two years,” Dean spat. “FOR TWO WHOLE YEARS! I have been buried and reincarnated for this moment. I may not have had any heaven or have any experience during those two years, but I remember that club as if it was yesterday. Once I brought myself six feet above, there were three things on my mind. What day is it, kill the monster who did this to me, and find Charlotte so I can be with her again. Number one was checked once I checked the local newspaper. Number two, well let’s just say once I put a bullet in your brain. And Number Three, impossible.”
Dean slaps King Toadstool’s face with the gun. King Toadstool tried to avoid snapping back as he moaned in pain.
“Do you want to know where Charlotte is now Richard?” Dean asked murderously.
“I don’t know?” King Toadstool replied. “I was force to lose any contact with her for protection.”
“Her protection?” Dean snapped. “More like your OWN!” Dean kicks King Toadstool again. Then Dean responds the answer that left a shock on King Toadstool’s face. “She’s dead. She killed herself about a year ago. Right in our own master bedroom.”
King Toadstool felt deep remorse for what he had done. But he knew he couldn’t take it back since Charlotte is dead.
“Can’t forgive yourself now can you Richard,” Dean snapped as he traced the edges of the gun with his left fingers. “Now, there’s only two things in my life list now. First I kill you. Second, I’ll end the chance I was given so I can be with Charlotte again.”

Mario and Luigi went in Kara’s car leaving their car in the parking lot as she drove above the speed limit to the closed down club.
“So what building is it in exactly?” Luigi asked.
“It’s in an abandoned warehouse,” Kara replied as she tries taking short cuts to the warehouse. She even ran a red light in the process.

Dean walks over to a power switch and flips it on. The room filled up displaying the warehouse that the club took place in. They were upstairs where King Toadstool brought Charlotte up to witness Dean two years ago. Dean wanted to kill KIng Toadstool where it all started and where Dean died.
“Now before I send you to the angel’s cold arms downstairs, I just want one last thing,” Dean said kneeling down at King Toadstool.
“Just kill me now Dean,” King Toadstool pleaded.
“I get it why you brought Charlotte along,” Dean said. “But there’s one thing that I have always wanted to know. You killed me. So it would only make sense if I deliver you the payback.” Dean pressed the end of the gun on King Toadstool’s neck. “Tell me Richard! What was it like to shoot down a man in cold blood? Huh? I bet you enjoyed watching me fall, and I’ll enjoy watching you suffer in the end. Tell me Richard.”
King Toadstool didn’t reply as he waited for Dean to make his move and pull that trigger.
“TELL ME!” Dean yelled in King Toadstool’s face.
King Toadstool knew the truth, and he figured that if he was going to die, he would have to dispose the one secret to Dean that he’s been hiding from everyone. Everyone.
“Alright fine!” King Toadstool snapped. “You want the truth!? Nobody knows the truth. No one! I’ll tell you what really happened!”


King Toadstool reached inside for his protective handgun.
Everything happened so quick. Since the music was so loud, only a few people noticed what had happened. Dean has been shot in the chest with a bullet. King Toadstool looks behind at Charlotte. Charlotte had a smoking gun in her hand. She shot Dean cold-blooded. Charlotte broke into shock and tears. King Toadstool couldn’t believe his eyes. Charlotte killed her husband to save him. Why? King Toadstool knew that if the cops arrive, he would have to protect Charlotte. He even lied to the Commander that he has no idea who shot Dean.


But as of this day, the truth is finally revealed to Dean.
“No!” Dean replied as he didn’t believe what King Toadstool has said. “NO! YOU JUST TWISTED THE TRUTH UP!”
“THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED!” King Toadstool shouted back. “Charlotte killed you!”
“YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR!” Dean screams kicking King Toadstool with extreme force. “YOU DEVIL!”
Dean kept on kicking King Toadstool making his body ache in pain. King Toadstool felt the pain in his chest and stomach. Dean later kicked his face and King Toadstool barely cried in pain. In fact it was the exact opposite. Dean kept on on kicking him with extreme anger making King Toadstool’s face bleed. Dean completely broke King Toadstool’s nose and didn’t stop kicking. Dean’s anger just didn’t stop. Dean enjoyed the king suffering. But King Toadstool, despite his injuries was laughing. King Toadstool broke out into a series laughs as Dean gave him more pain.

Kara pulls up quickly and silently to the warehouse.
“That’s not the vehicle the Commander described,” Luigi pointed out at the blue truck parked by the side.
“If the kidnapper was smart,” Kara said, “he would have switched wheels to cover up his tracks.”
“Then let’s get into the warehouse now!” Mario said as the three ran over to the door.

Dean punches King Toadstool several times until he got a black eye. No matter how much pain Dean gave King Toadstool, he has that laugh coming out of him, even when he was silent. King Toadstool never bothered to defend himself, he just allowed Dean to bring the pain onto him. This experience was more painful than his encounter with Erik at the Mushroom Kingdom’s Plant. The only difference is that before, he was worried about anyone else getting hurt, especially his daughter, and that the pain was short. But this pain was something different. It felt like a punishable way of redemption. Dean wasn’t harming the king, he was harming the devil that ruled the land and the devil refuses to defend himself.
“YOUR MAJESTY!” a voice cried out as Mario, Luigi, and Kara enter through the exit that was ajar. They came to a halt once they noticed Dean attacking King Toadstool. Dean points the gun at them but he soon realizes who they are.
“It can’t be!” Dean stuttered as he has learned about the Mario Brothers since his resurrection to know how much has change since he has died. He lowered the gun telling himself not to shoot them. “You’re the brothers who stood up to the kingdom and saved many people from it.”
The three didn’t reply anything but just stood there incase Dean was going to shoot them. But no sudden killer movement was made. They noticed the king is in extreme pain but the king remained silent not looking at anybody. All he cared about is that he got the punishment of his life.
“I got to say to you two,” Dean continued after a long pause, “it’s amazing what you have done for this country at a young age. Let’s just say, I’m a fan. I can definitely see full potential for you all.” Dean paused again and it almost surprised the the three that Dean is not that much of a bad guy. He’s just a victim who wants revenge. The three never bothered to say anything, because one wrong move could be the biggest mistake. But how can they save the king? Dean wanted to say something but just couldn’t think of anything else to say since he knew in a few seconds, the king will be dead and so will he. “If you can make the future better for us and rid the demons that rule this land, I’m sure you’ll become something, amazing. But I won’t be there to see it.”
King Toadstool finally looks at the kids and back at Dean. He seemed to have nodded to all of Dean’s thoughts.
“This will be the dawn of a new day,” Dean said. “Where the people shall raise their voices and fight against the evil that rules the land. The king and the dark soul shall fall.”
Dean loads the gun and points it at King Toadstool’s head. King Toadstool closes his eyes knowing this will be the end for him. Mario, Luigi, and Kara freak out wishing they should have spoken to Dean.
The three freaked as they look away. They failed their mission. Dean has killed King Toadstool. Mario and Kara both look to realize that it wasn’t King Toadstool that got shot. It was Dean. Dean falls over the balcony and lands onto the floor dying in the exact same warehouse he died two years ago under Charlotte’s hands. But who shot Dean this time?
There was no sound or recurrence. Dean is dead for the second time. Mario, Luigi, and Kara kept their guard on incase whoever pulled the trigger came out of nowhere. King Toadstool was in serious pain after being beaten to a bloody pulp. His whole body was in pain, his eye was black, his nose was broken, and his face was bleeding badly. He hoped that Dean shot him but no bullet went through him.
“Well,” a voice said in the shadows. “That was unfortunate.”
Mario decided to take a few steps forwards to help King Toadstool while keeping his guard. Luigi stood on spot while Kara nervously took one step forward. Mario grabs onto the rail and takes the first step up the stairs.
“Mario!” Luigi murmured trying to tell him that this is a bad idea.
Mario continues his steps up to King Toadstool. Kara walked up to the stairs and Luigi nervously took his few steps forward.
“If it’s one thing for sure, the Kam Society really overlooks you,” the voice said as he walked up next to King Toadstool. The others couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the person. Half of his face was burned and he’s escaped from prison. Anthony.
“Anthony!” Mario exclaimed in shock.
“Hello Mario,” Anthony said. “Enjoy life under roofs? Must be nice you know. Ever since your encounter with me, you went up side, and I went down side. Like the new look? Creepy isn’t it? But not as creepy as a bunch of fourteen year olds serving a king.”
Mario didn’t reply anything knowing Anthony is eager to kill the four of them on spot.
“It’s a long time since we met,” Anthony said pointing the gun at Mario. “But trust me I say that this reunion should end bloody. At least that women is dead, but I’m not satisfied yet.”
Dean loads his gun and attempts to shoot Mario. But suddenly a koopa hand appeared on the gun and the gun disappeared from his hand.
“Anthony!” Bill shouts who took the gun away with his teleportation powers. “You know what our orders are!”
“DO YOU THINK I CARE BILL!” Anthony shouts louder with his burned side of his face facing towards Mario, Kara, and Luigi. King Toadstool was just briefly over hearing everything that’s going on as he feels his pain. “THESE THREE ARE THE REASON WHY I LOOK LIKE A HALLOWEEN REJECT!”
“We had our orders,” Bill snapped at Anthony forgetting about the others hearing their conversation. “We were to kill Dean before he kills Richard Toadstool, and we are not to harm the Mario Brothers and his friends!”
“WHY NOT!?” Anthony shouts in anger.
“Because the boss said so,” Bill replied less loudly. “We need these people to help us serve rightful justice to this kingdom.”
“So what?” Anthony snaps. “You expect me to leave these people alive after what they did to me!”
“Well if you hadn’t screwed up on your plan like a disorganized hippie, you wouldn’t look that this!” Bill said.
There was silence between the two as Bill grabs onto Anthony and they teleport out of sight.

Mario, Luigi, and Kara quickly got King Toadstool back to the Mushroom Kingdom. More confusion and panic happened all over the castle, but the Commander who has come out of recovery after his surgery told people to calm down and carry on with their jobs so that way news doesn’t get spread out, especially to Princess Peach.
King Toadstool went into surgery to fix up his bloody face that was beaten badly by Dean. The Commander gives his regards and thanks Mario, Luigi, and Kara for bringing King Toadstool back home. They told him everything that they saw from Anthony shooting Dean, and what they could briefly remember from Anthony and Bill’s conversation. Mario, Luigi, and Kara were confused on how anything fits into place. They still don’t know where Principal Snyder is, they don’t know what conflict was set between King Toadstool and Dean, they have no idea how Anthony escaped prison, and they don’t know who interrogated them at Vista Hills High. But finally, The Commander decides it was best to open up and tell them the facts.
The Commander told them that Dean was a part of Staritas but left after the nuclear explosion happened. He has no idea who shot Dean after King Toadstool decided to go against Dean for joining Staritas. He also told them that before their interrogation, the same two people attacked the Mushroom Kingdom military down below along with a nomadimouse to free Anthony out of prison. He has no idea what the names of them were until they said the koopa’s name was Bill. He also decided to admit that Eugene Snyder is a fake name and was used as a coverup for Tim’s true identity, saying that Snyder and Tim are the same person, who was King Toadstool’s old friend, and was used to lure King Toadstool in to Dean.
But even after The Commander’s explanation, it was still confusing for everybody.
The Commander’s team brought Dean’s body into the kingdom to be kept a secret. He decided to cremate Dean’s lifeless body and place his ashes somewhere hidden in the kingdom incase his nuclear powers bring him back to life again.
Peach may eventually have to know what happened to her father, but it was kept a secret from her for now as King Toadstool recovers to his normal state. Mario, Luigi, and Kara returns back home to eventually tell Kerog the next day what happened. Kerog couldn’t believe their principal was a disguise for a friend of King Toadstool and that Anthony is breathing fresh air again.
Mario, Luigi, Kerog, and Kara decide to just carry on with their lives like they’ve been trying to do while keeping on guard that Anthony could be anywhere wanting to kill them. But the real question is, who’s orders were Bill and Anthony following, and what is the Kam Society?


“I should have been there for you Richard,” Tim cried. “I’m truly sorry as well. But I guess it doesn’t matter now does it? Our friendship ended years ago. This is just a reunion that accidentally happened. I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. And now I’m seen as a criminal.”
King Toadstool nodded and wished he could do something for Tim.
“It doesn’t have to be this way Tim,” King Toadstool replied trying to hide his tears.
“What choice do I have?” Tim asked when a cry choking his own voice. “The record is valid. Maybe it will be best if you just accused me as a criminal and kill me right in front of your eyes.”
“No!” King Toadstool said instantly. “I will never kill you Tim, never.” Tim continues to cry as King Toadstool tries to think of a possibility. “How do you like cleaning floors?”
“What?” Tim replied in confusion.
“I can place you under community service with the help of my janitor,” King Toadstool explained trying to get rid of the sadness that is dripping tears beside his face. “And in the meantime, I’ll give you a whole new identity to protect you and wipe off your current identity. I can’t guarantee if it will work out, but it’s the only way I can possibly save you Tim.”
“But, Richard-”
“Please Tim,” King Toadstool pleaded. “I don’t want to kill you for a printed mistake. Please, let me help you.”


Meanwhile in an unknown location, Principal Snyder now addressed by his real name Tim, is back in a society that wants his friend dead. The Kam Society. He hopes he can be redeemed for following Dean’s deal. He still has yet to know from the others if King Toadstool is dead or alive. But one thing that is for sure is that the boss didn’t like the fact Steve and Bill agreed to Dean to kill him.
Tim sits down and wonders, can King Toadstool be saved from the people that want to kill him for his misuse of power?

Next Episode, "Spear."

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