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 Post subject: Re: makes no sence!
PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:52 pm 
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Richalvarez wrote:
where-is-my-walrus? wrote:
I asked
if it took so long to get to the table why did it take so long to get back?

how can mario be at master millers house if he's looking for the girl?

if snake and ash were telepoted to merlins table shouldn't link get telepoted to the artifact?

if wario didn't know where the table was how did he take the saber from ash and snake?

and richalvarez responded with
1. Several Hours have passed between episode 41 and 42, allowing time for Ash to use either a teleporting pokemon ora flying pokemon or some other method. It's really not that important.

2. Master Millers house was on the way to 123 Rainbow road.

3. The cut the editor made only effects the time for snakes group.

4. The codec has a GPS device (Play Metal Gear Games) all wario had to do was check his transmitter to see where Snake was.
if the editor cut only effected snakes group how did wario get there so fast?
Why did they go to millers house?
pokemon dont exist!

Who Cares?

Mario And Luigi Were at Masters house so they could tell Snake that Wario wasn't the real one, that's all there is to it.

The Editor cutting the time was a simple joke, used for Parody Purposes, and therefore it should not be looked deeply into, especially since its only purpose was to make you laugh. It's affect on the actual story, or the timing of surrounding events is minimal at best.

Merlin's Table is only like 30 minutes away from where Ash lives, it would be easy for him to get back home, It only took a long time to get there because Ash didn't know where he was going when he was leading them, That's my new official story and I'm sticking to it.

I suggest you all forget about these inconsistencies because they are irrelevant to the point of this show.

It's true that half the questions asked kill some of the show and stuff, its just that people can't help themselves from asking these questions that ruin the comedy. As much as this show was originally meant as a comedy, seasons 2 & 3 turned it into a show with a story plot. Questions will be asked. But it is true that you shouldn't ask about every little thing that happens and u dont get.


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