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 Post subject: Lady In The Snow - Lord Gavin
PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:44 pm 
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So I'm sitting here at work, glancing through my short stories in the Literature Lounge and, what do I find out? I've got nothing to work on. What the heck, I'll writing something up, but what? Well, a quick drop by a random story title generator solved that for me. XD

Taking into account nothing more than the title, I threw this together. Hopefully, it's something good and (in my usual style) enough to keep the reader guessing as to exactly what's going on until the end.

Above all, enjoy.

- - -

For a moment, she was there. The next, she was gone. Like an ember dying within the ashes, life seemingly appeared only to vanish once more in its retreat back into the dark oblivion beyond. It's splendorous form concealed within the veil of blackened obscurity, to lay dormant and invisible to the world, until enticed to return once more.

She knew he was there...

And yet, what was it to him but a figment of his imagination, a subliminal underlining of the mind, or a faint remnant of the once fading light come to play tricks with his eyes. How he would have believed any to be the reality of his situation, had he not already known the truth. No, what he'd seen, what he'd felt, what he knew to be there was all too real enough, and it wouldn't be long before she returned once more for him.

She saw where he stood...

Again, through the chilling air, she appeared to him. There was no doubting it, the she was there, amidst the darkened whirlwind. White as the snow she appeared, he had expected nothing less. Indeed, it was her; it had to be her, taunting the limitations of his mortality beyond the woven sheet of frozen wind. Even in spite of the freezing cold, his heart could only race with anticipation, driving him onwards through the storm as madness broke him free of his mortal limitations.

She came before him...

His eyes locked upon her. Though the darkly lit fragments of her elegance were still tattered amongst the storm, there; appearing as if from no where within the tempest, were her frozen eyes. Motionlessly, she stared out towards him, reawakening his fleeting strength. Fighting against both the raging winds and the aching pain within his legs, he pushed onwards. The deafening howls of the wind drowned out the clarity of his thoughts, yet still, her chilling, beckoning call made it to his ears.

She wanted him...

All of nature's wrath held him back, keeping him away from her. Grinding his teeth in rage, he wouldn't stand for such nonsense. Sharply, he dug his heels into the ice beneath his feet and pushed himself forward. Closer and close he drew to her, coming within mere feet of her at times, only to see her vanish back behind the winds. The cold violently ripped away at his face, leaving his eyes behind in writhing pain and agony. Yet, he wouldn't turn back. Not now; especially with her so near.

She reached out for him...

The delicate cascade of her fingers unfolded towards him, spanning through the wall of darkness that consumed her form. He heard her calling, desperation reaching deeply into her voice as her arm faltered along the edge of his reach. Tears froze along his cheeks as he pulled free his hand from under his coat, aiming to taken hold of her. Inch by inch, they drew closer, closer, until he felt the tip of her fingers brush past his.

She grabbed hold of him...

He suddenly felt the weight behind her body pull against him. Struggling to keep hold of his feet, he dug his legs in once more and pulled her back out of the storm. As she fell in against him, he quickly wrapped up her frozen body under the folds of his coat. Quickly encircling his arms around her, he pressed an ear to hers and told her that he had her and that she would be alright.

She nodded, numbly back to him...

There was no time to waste. If they didn't hurry, they would both surely die within the storm. Amidst the raging storm, he turned against the wind and walked her back along his fading trail, praying they would sooner find their home than meet the breath of death.

- - -

Gavin MacLean



 Post subject: Re: Lady In The Snow - Lord Gavin
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:36 am 
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Nice story

Being Meta since 2010.

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 Post subject: Re: Lady In The Snow - Lord Gavin
PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:09 pm 
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That was a great story.Nice details as well.
Nice job!

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