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 Post subject: Cursed
PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:53 pm 
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He had done it again. He had shoved scissors though her heart. He had taken his anger out on her. Again. Blood sprayed all over her shirt and the ground. It was one of those times where she was glad of the curse. She hated being the immortal's play thing, but at least he couldn't kill her. After giving a good twist, cutting off the blood to her heart, he pulled it out slowly. If she had been mortal, she would have fallen down dead. But no, she was going to go through this kind of pain repeatly. He tortured her when his rage wished it. Oh man, did he have a temper. Sometimes, when he was just plain bat crap crazy, he pinned her to the wall to use her as a dart board. Even worse, the scars never went away. The friends she had made this century were always asking if she was being abused. The situation was hard to explain. All she could ever do was shake her head. Sometimes it was more diffcult to convince them. They all accused her of pushing them away, that she didn't trust them or she didn't care enought to let them in. In the end, it made her feel like complete and utter goomba. She wanted to tell her friends the truth, but what would she tell them? That she was an Immortal? That this guy, Devin, had a curse over her? What would be harder for them to believe? That she was an Immortal or the fact she was cursed? A spellbound puppet meant for destruction and misery, that was what she was.

Her master grunted, "Go to the healer, Rosalynn."

She nodded and bowed her head in respect. More like so Devin wouldn't start the pain all over again. He had one awful temper and one little tick, boom. So she played the part of a obedient, respectful, cooperative soldier. She left the room and walked down the hall. After taking a right, she entered the second door on the left. Her healer was summoned every time her master, Devin, hurt her. The healer gestured to the examining table, meaning for her to lie down. Rosalynn got on the table. The stab still gave out bursts of pain. He could never cut her real heart. Under the human heart she was created with, a rainbow crystal in the shape of a heart was behind it. It was made of glass that was proteected from everything except magic, gently laid in her chest. It was within this crystal, Rosalynn's true life was. Devin only aimed for her fake heart. It was there so he could have something to hit, something to bleed, to give him pleasure.

"Scoot up your shirt sleeve, Rosalynn. Remember-my hands must touch your skin." Her healer, Francesca reminded her.

Francesca was her only friend here in the dungeon. That's what everyone called Devin's lair. Everyone thought of it a dungeon. Francesca wasn't immortal. Her aging face was filled with winkles; her long snowy hair was always in a ponytail. She wore a lab coat like any other doctor. Her fingernails were always covered in a different color of nail polish. Right now, they were her favorite-crimson red. Although Francesca wasn't immortal, only thing kept her from dying. Her hands, that healed Rosalynn, drained the blood from wounds, letting her drink the nutrients. It gave her life, made her live longer. Enough blood could change the clock of time and made her gorgeous. Rosalynn had seen her in that state a few times, but it never lasted too long. She was used to this version of the wise healer. Anyways, the gray eyes gave away her years and wisdom.

"Sorry, Fran." Rosalynn shoved up her sleeve. Glancing at her shirt, she could see it was horrible. She looked up at Francesca, waiting. The healer laid her hands on her skin, blood flowing into her hand. The pain slowly went away. Rosalynn laid back her head, relaxing as it slowly faded.

"The pain is getting worse, isn't it?"

"Every time he strikes me. What will happen when it becomes too much?"

"You will die." She gave Rosalynn a sad look.

"But I'm an Immortal!"

"Yes dear, but the sorceress. She gave you limits. She created you to unleash Devin's anger only on you. When you die, I assume someone else will take your place. Unless..."

"Unless what?" She stared up at Francesca.

"Unless you take your freedom from his hands." She sighed. "Devin has plans to kill you, so the curse will be no longer. So he can take out his anger on the rest of us. You are our savior."

"Yes, I know. But, this burden is getting too much for me. I have to take back my life. I don't remember much except when Idrew breath. It is as if..someone took my previous life. Sometimes..I have dreams and I can feel...that they're not dreams, but memories..."

"It is not my place to tell you those things, Rosalynn. There is someone else who's suppose to tell you that. I can't fill in the blanks, but I can tell you how much time you have left. The time left to save yourself and gain your freedom from this cage."

She grabbed Francesca's wrist. "How much?"

"You have a month after today."

Rosalynn put down her head in defeat. Francesca put her hand on the Immortal's shoulder. "Rosalynn, it is not too late! You still have time. No matter how many grains are left in the hourglass. You want your life back? Then take it! But, the only way you can do that, is to get the information out of Devin. I happen to know there is a document. A paper that has the rules of your curse. If you find out the rules, why you were cursed, you can beat this. Also, you can find out the answers to your past."

Rosalynn rose to her feet, ready for the battle ahead. "Where is it, Francesca?"

"In Devin's office." Francesca rose to Rosalynn's level. "I believe you can do this, Rosalynn. I'm only afraid Devin will demand something out of you. The possibility of the price being too high."

Rosalynn glanced down at her bloody shirt. She would have to dress right for this fight. "I'm going to make him give me those conditions or else. First, I'm going to change though. Suit up for what might be coming." She left, heading in the direction of her chambers, to change her clothes and to get a few toys.

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 Post subject: Re: Cursed
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 12:11 pm 
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Assuming I'm allowed to comment here, a bit of a dark and strange story (no, not as strange as the trees though ;D). THe slight sense of magic and mystery is present within the limited views and understanding granted to the reader, giving more focus to the protagonist's dispair and unhappiness. Though, nothing of compelling drama, it's enough to make me wonder the detailing involving the pre-story and where it will go from here.

Fun stuff. I actually read this yesterday and it inspired me to give a try at some more dark, short story writing again. I'll see if it's good enough to post here. Thanks, Ashen. ;3



 Post subject: Re: Cursed
PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:55 pm 
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She pushed the door open, slamming the door against the wall. Her leather boots clicked against the floor. The sound made her thoughts blur. She started the think about her life. It was hard living this way, being tortured every night. Not everything was bad, then again it wasn't great. Hell, it never had been a fairytale. Her friends came and went, but she always made new friends. She never fell in love, so that lost wasn't a big deal either. There were plenty of other immortals out there, if she wanted love, she'd fall for one of them. She didn't want to die. She wanted to make more of her life. She wanted someone to care, she wanted family to have her back. Just sometimes, it felt like it was her alone. The lone wolf barking at the moon. A stray lone wolf at that. She didn't know if she had a family or not. It was another thing was wanted to figure out. So, if she could use her curse to her advantage, she'd use it. All she had to do was get through Devin. At the moment, he sat at his desk, on his Dell computer. She could only imagine what he was doing right now. He had a reputation to do filthy things. He rose from his seat, as if he'd confront her. Seeing the short sword at his side, she knew this wasn't going to be easy. She had a dagger in a sheath at her ankle, but what was that against a sword? Unless she could press it up against his throat. It would take strategy.Why hadn't she grabbed more firepower? All she had was a few spell assistants and the dagger. What a stupid move.

"Rosalynn, my pet. What do you come here for?" He raised a brow. His dark black eyes showed a glance of evil. A sly grin was on his face, bangs hiding the side of his face. His long raven hair draped against his shoulders. His wardrobe was simple. There were boots to his knees, everything black except a crimson cape. He almost looked like a vampire, but unlike them he wasn't pretty.

She stood her ground as she told him, "The sheet that holds the conditions of my curse." She hoped her own violet eyes told him determination. At that second, she remembered a spell that could help her. She reached for one of the assistants in her pocket. An assistant helped her greatly with her magic. All she had to do was say the words, hit Devin with it and poof- the spell would work.

"Ah." He reached into one of the drawers. Pulling out a paper, he waved in front of her. "You mean this sheet?"

On the front of the document she could see it in bold, "Details of Curse." Underneath the bold letters she could see her name. Rosalynn Gale. He stepped away from the desk, page still in hand. "I could just give it to you."

"That's what she said. Really, what?"

He chuckled. "Are the rest of you still playing that game? I bet you're the Queen of That's What She Said, aren't you?" He laughed and then said, "There is something I want in return, fair rose."

She sighed, but stayed in her position. If she denied his request, she might still have to fight. Her guard must be up at all times. "What do you wish of me, Devin? For it seems for all eternity, I'll be your puppet."

After placing the paper on his desk, he came up to her side. He wrapped his arms around her neck and breathed gently into her ear. Shivers ran down her spine. Her enemy was too close. "My dear puppet, Rosalynn. Yes, you will always be mine." He began to cover her face in kisses.

She pushed him away and broke free of his grasp. "Just tell me what you want!"

He shook his head. "Why so feisty, Rosalynn?" He chuckled a bit. "You know how you are bound to me?"

"Yes, I wish you wouldn't remind me."

Again, he laughed. "Exactly how I feel. I am bound to the woman who did this to you. Do you know her name, my pet?"

"No." She shook her head. The first memory she had was drawing breath. Looking at her reflection for the first time she saw: deep violet eyes, ebony hair like Devin's and a body that sceamed, "I don't eat at all!" She still remembered being in the white dress. That was when she first met Francesca. She had been at the door a few minutes later, as if she'd known Rosalynn woke up. Everything else she knew about herself Francesca told her. She saw the healer more as a mother then a friend. She was always there in the aftermath of Devin's attacks. They always tried to make time to talk over tea. They were close. Could Francesca be part of the curse? Could Rosalynn save her friend as well?

"Well, her name is Kathleen, no last name. She lives in her own realm. I will have to draw you a map to get to the gate of her world."

"Why? Tell me what you're asking, Devin."

"I want you to kill her. I hate being bound to her. That's the only thing that will cut the bond. The only other way is if she cuts it herself. I know she won't do that."

"So, if I kill the woman who cursed me, I'll get that sheet? I want to slaughter her anyways for damning me this way!" Rosalynn screamed at the top of her lungs. So that was why she was cursed. Someone thought it was fun to control Devin. And to control him, she had cursed Rosalynn. Sick.

He picked up the paper and held it in one hand. He held out his other hand for her shake. "We have a deal, then?"

She shook his hand. "Deal." He handed over the rules.

"I'll draw the map up while you look at that." She nodded his way.

Rosalynn Gale

I, Kathleen curse Rosalynn Gale's body and spirit.
She is made from my own hands, but she will
be bound to the immortal, Devin. A healer will be appointed to her
who also will be bound to Devin. She will swear loyalty to him. Rosalynn will be an immortal, but when the pain of Devin's anger becomes too much, she will be mortal again. When this happens, Devin can either kill her or keep her alive for his own purposes. When she is dead, someone else will take her place. Rosalynn will be bound to Devin and he will be bound to me. Until I am dead or I decide to cut the ties myself. Under these conditions Rosalynn will be cursed.

Kathleen..Kathleen had made her? With her own hands? Did this mean that Kathleen was her mother? If so, why had she cursed her? Why wasn't she in the other world? Why here? Why this life? Why this horror and harm? "Why did she write this for you, Devin?"
"I think it was to remind me that I'm bound to her." He handed her the map. "Now, this is a map of our town, Shady Oaks. If you follow this, you can find the gate to her realm. After that, I don't know how you'll find her. I am sending my best assassin, Spindel. He'll be under your command. He will do the killing, not you. I'm sure he'll do a better job. No offense, Rosalynn." He looked deep in her eyes. "If you don't do this, when you get back-I promise I'll make life miserable for you."

"Already done. Besides, I have a month before my time is up." She stared back, standing her ground. He needed to know she was strong and wasn't backing down. That she would not lose this battle. Or war.

"Ah, that's what you think." He unsheathed his sword and pressed against her throat.
Rosalynn looked down at her pretty cleasn shirt. She had chosen a lovely olive tunic. It reminded her of Link. "Really, Devin? I just changed my clothes like 15 minute ago! Not to mention I love this shirt!"
He took the blade away from her. He chuckled lightly, then kissed her cheek. "Don't mess up, puppet. I would miss my shiny toy. Then again, you can be replaced. I'll have Spindel meet you in Francesca's lab."

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 Post subject: Re: Cursed
PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:21 pm 
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Spindel was in the training rooms, polishing blood off his blade. The long sword was thick like a machete, covered in Celtic runes. It was something that frustrated him. He wanted to know how it just showed up beside his body. Or how he had just fallen out of the sky. Or at least, that was what he thought happened. He was told differently. That he had walked to where they had found him, that he layed down on the ground, closed his eyes and then woke up confused. The more befuddling thing was that the same thing happened to Rosalynn. Well, she had woke up in a bed. Still, their stories had connections and he couldn't help but think..did I love her in a past life? Did the sword also have a connection to her too?

His thought were stopped short though, Devin was coming his way. That was another gaping hole Spindel wished to fix. Devin's face had always looked so familiar, but Spindel didn't know why. Was Devin a member of his family? It didn't matter anyways. He hated how Devin treated Rosalynn. He was the only one she couldn't fool. He always saw the bruises, cuts and scars. He often comforted her in the emotional aftermath too. They were very close. He sighed and prepared for the worse.

"What can I do for you, my lord?" He bowed his head.

"Spindel, my most trusted assassin, I have a job for you. Actually, a mission."

"What is it, sir?" He stopped the polishing of his sword. He gave his attention to Devin, the master of his every will with every command.

"You know Rosalynn, I assume? I believe all t he subjects know her."

"Of course. She is very dear to me. A close friend, in fact. Why?"

"I have sent her on to the realm of Kathleen."

"You have sent me before, sir. Do you wish that I go with her?"

"Yes. You will obey Rosalynn as if she were me. Do you understand, Spindel?"

Spindel bowed his head one more time. "Yes, sir. It would be a pleasure to serve the fair rose."

"Good. I have sent her now to the healer Francesca's room. You will suit up and meet her there." He left the training area, leaving Spindel to himself.

These orders sort of made Spindel feel lost. He had gone to Kathleen's world plenty of times. Spindel knew most of her subjects very well. LightningStar, her daughter, was a good person. Still, he didn't play on her team. He kind of wished he did, though. Thinking more deeply, he wondered why Devin wanted Rosalynn to come along. He smiled, glad she was coming. This was the best chance to break the news. The fact that he loved Rosa very much, so much sometimes he felt his heart breaking.

Rosalynn easily pushed the door to Francesca's healing room. Her friend was studying something at the moment. Rosalynn knocked twice on the wall. Francesca glanced up at her and smiled. After taking off her glasses she asked, "What can I do for you, my dear?"

"Devin has ordered me to Kathleen's realm." She said softly.

"The Sacred Realm?" Francesca looked shocked for a moment. "Did you get the sheet?"

"Yes. I see you were part of the curse."

Francesca giggled a little. "Not really, Rosalynn. I was appointed when you were cursed, but I was not made of Kathleen's hands." She took a deep breath and sighed. "You know now that Kathleen created you, don't you?"

Rosalynn put her head down and then looked at her friend. "Tell me, she my mom?"

"I can't tell you that. Kathleen has to tell you herself. Why is Devin sending you there, though?"

Rosalynn looked down at her lap. "To kill Kathleen." She wasn't proud of what she had to do now. She had been training for most of eternity, but she never harmed anyone.

Francesca gasped. "Rosa. That would undo the curse. He would hurt all of us if you did that. That's what he wants! He's manipulating you!"

"Is that why he's bound to Kathleen?"

"Yes. Kathleen weakened him by binding him to her. By creating you, cursing you and appointing me as healer."

Rosalynn sighed. She knew it was her job to protect all the other immortals here. Looking at her arm, all she could feel was weary and mournful. She didn't want to be this anymore. She wanted her life. She wanted to know what it used to be. If there was no light here, then it was time to flee the cage. Then..glancing up, she saw Spindel in the doorway. Her heart was skipped a beat when she saw him. His maroon hair was tied up in a ponytail. Still his floppy bangs tried to hide his eyes. It sucke because his best feature was his deep piercing aquamarine eyes. She could just swim in the pool of his eyes. At the moment, he had a look that she couldn't place. Gratitude? Admiration? Respect? She couldn't read him like other people. He walked to her side and deep bowed. That was something new to her.

"Beautiful Rosalynn, it is an honor to be by your side. Devin gave me orders to obey your every command. For the brief time we are on this mission together, my sword is yours to slash."

She took his hand and pulled him up. He now stood beside her. "You don't have to do that. The bowing thing. I know all you guys worship me because of the curse. But please, that doesn't make me any better then you."
He laughed. "You're humble, Rosalynn. That’s another thing I admire about you."

Francesca cleared her throat. "Well if you and Spindel need to go now..." She left and went to the supply closet. She came to Rosalynn with a backpack. "In here is a special set of garments. It will heal you when you need it."

"But what about you?" She looked at Francesca with concern. "Don't you need my blood to survive?"

"Don't worry. Devin will give me another subject to heal. Your blood is special yes, but I can survive on their blood. You shouldn't be gone too long. The Sacred Realm isn't even a full day's journey from here."

Spindel nodded. "She is right, Rosalynn. The Sacred Realm isn't far from Shady Oaks."

Rosalynn looked back at Francesca. "What else is in here?"

"Some food, umbrella, sunscreen, jacket. Compass, cooking oil, a couple knives. But I want this to be at your side." Francesca pulled out a long sword in front of Rosalynn. It wasn't thick like Spindel's. The hilt looked like it was fit just for her. She tied it up against her.

Francesca handed her a lavender staff. "Take this too. It will amplify your magic where you don't have to use assistants. I see you're wearing good footwear. Would you like me to tie up your hair?"

"Yes." Francesca quickly put it in a ponytail. Rosalynn slung the pack over her shoulder. "I guess we're ready to go Spindel." She hugged Francesca. "Be back soon."

"I know."

But, what Rosalynn didn't know was that Francesca was working with Devin. She wanted Rosalynn to feel conflicted, to want to kill Kathleen and then at the same time, not wanting to murder the Immortal Queen. Francesca only wanted Rosalynn's blood so she could be beautiful for all time. Francesca only hoped this plan worked, that the poison would do it's job.

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 Post subject: Re: Cursed
PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:55 pm 
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Ah, and she continues on with the story. Entertaining, I forgot you were one who rather preferred finishing stories than making short snippets, as I do.

Well the further introduction of characters and plot is to be expected. I have to admit though, I falter at points trying to follow along within a world and it's laws that I've yet to grasp. Regardless, the idea of a complex binding and one's search for release is always a fun concept, and the tie in with the possible loss of immortality is also quite a risk. After all, I fear only one thing, and that's death. Had I been in that position, I could possibly see relations to the character's mentality, if not, I'd be in a worse mental state due to my fear.

There's a lot of unknowns to me so far, so it leaves me both questioning things and awaiting to see how things will unfold. In my confusion, I restrain the ideas of plot-holes and such, as I'm holding faith it's because of information I'm unaware of that may, in time, be revealed. Call me an annalist, but that's what I end up doing with most stories.

Aside from the occasional spelling/grammar error, it's also well written and can move the story along at a nice pace. I look forward to seeing more. ;D

(Assuming again, my comments here are of no problem to you, I'll keep giving you feedback where I can. Let me know if otherwise).



 Post subject: Re: Cursed
PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:05 pm 
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Walking next to Spindel, she felt more safe. There had been a couple times where she jumped by a few guys. However, thanks to her immortal powers, she wasn't hurt. She knew he would intimate those guys though. She looked back at the old abandoned hospital Devin used as his headquarters. Devin left the lights on for everyone, so the mortals thought the hospital was haunted. She started to remember the time paranormal invistagors came to her home. She had fun that night, cloaking herself invisible, messing with their heads. It had been a party for them, most of everyone staying invisble. Whispering bits of phrases, touching the mortal's shoulders, making them think paranormal activity infected their home. Immortals knew that ghosts didn't exist. That there were only Whisperers, people who visited in your dreams. It was told that only happened when they needed you to change the future. The held your fate and that was more powerful then souls from the grave.

Some of the rooms were better then others. Most of the outside windows were broken. In wintertime, she knew not to sleep in those rooms. The basement had no windows, so most of them bunked down there in winter. Of course, people like Spindel hate that time, the basement was their training area. She didn't understand why Devin didn't repair the windows. The outside wasn't too colorful, most of the paint had chipped off. In some places it was a faded white, some places a bloody red and some of Devin's subjects had gratiffied it. Trees became their own beings in the night, swaying with the crisp fall air.

"Hey, Rosalynn! Cone on!" Spindel called from a few feet away. Weird, all of sudden, he seemed casual.

She jogged up to him. "What, I can't stop to smell the roses? What's with you, anyways? You don't seem the same guy you were at home." She pointed back at the depressing building.

"Oh. Well, that was just a show for Francesca. I am grateful for everything, that's true. I just feel like I can be myself out here." He spread his arms out to the sky.

"What, a killer?" She scoffed. She wasn't use to seeing this side of Spindel either. Then, she felt ashamed of what she just said. Spindel was in the same boat as her. "I'm sorry, Spindel. I'm just going through a lot right now."

He put his arm around her. "Come on, Rosa. You know I'd never hold anything against you. You're my best friend around here, you know? know I'm more then just that, don't you? I regret all those lives I took." He sighed. "I was Devin's to control. You know how that is like. I know he doesn't torture me, but I do it that to myself. Every night before I go to bed, the flashbacks of their faces hit me. I wak up in cold sweats..there is no way I can recover from this. All I can do it the same, try to flee the cage."

She stared deep into his eyes. Who knew how much he suffered from this? In that moment, she could also see the splitting image of her own soul. Why had she said that? It had cut him deeply. "I'm sorry, Spindel. It won't happen again, I promise."

He gave her shoulders a little squeeze and let her go. "No worries, pretty thing."

Rosalynn could feel her cheeks burn. He just called her pretty. Pretty was only one step down from beautiful. Did he think she was beautiful? Wait, did this mean he had feelings for her? Did she have feelings for him? Could they be together? Her thoughts were interupted with a tapping sound. They had only gone a few blocks from home. She looked straight ahead to see they were in the cemetery. She shivered. This place had always given her the creeps, no matter how many times she went through it. Cocking her head to the right, she saw the reason for the sound. Her heart stopped for a few beats. It was her.

She had been tapping her fingernails on a tombstone. They were sharp, painted red. Rosalynn knew she could draw blood with just a pinch. She had seen mortals with scratchs on their arms, sometimes blood spewing out. Rosalynn put her guard up, she couldn't trust her. Not death's second in command. Not Cinda. Cinda had short cropped hair, the same hue as Spindel's. A white tank top, blotched with what seemed like blood spotchs clothed her. She also wore a pair of faint red skinny jeans. She wore no shoes, her feet covered in cuts, bleeding. Yet, she seemed not to notice. The worst feature of the woman was her eyes. They always looked like they were bloodthirsty. Her crimson eyes shot an ugly look at Rosalynn. Spindel threw himself in front of Rosalynn, blade drawn.

Cinda lifted up her head and laughed. "Is that how one treats a messager? Especially giving warning?"

Rosalynn peeped up behind Spindel, "Is the message for me or Spindel?"

Cinda stared at her once more. "For you, Rosalynn Gale."
Rosalynn gripped her staff tighter. "Move, Spindel. Let Cinda give me her message."
Spindel shot her a look of caution. "Be careful, Rosa. I'll be right behind you. I always have you back."

"Thanks." As Spindel moved aside, she stepped forward towards Cinda. She still didn't want to be pierced by those nails.

Cinda stepped away from the grave marker. "Rosalynn Gale, when you come back from this journey, you will die." She pointed straight at Rosalynn's chest, as if to cast a spell.
"What? By who's hand?"

"Someone you trust. Someone very close to you. But heed my words-this is not certain yet. You can change this decree. You could come back alive. It is up to you."
"By someone I trust? This can only be 1 of 2 people." She glanced back at Spindel, wondering if she had made a mistake.

"I can say no more. Things are not certain in the threads of time yet." She laughed once more. "Be glad I didn't have orders to draw your blood." Smoke bursted out of nowhere, when it disolved Cinda was gone.

"I saw that look you gave me." Spindel's voice rose above everything. "You really believe I'd try to murder you? After I just said you're my best friend? You know what that says? It says you don't trust me!" For a second time, she saw hurt in his eyes.

Why was she doing this to him? "I'm sorry, Spindel. I didn't mean that I didn't trust you. I just let you defend me against Cinda. If that doesn't mean I trust you, then what does? You're my best friend too, Spindel! If you're sure you won't be the one of my destruction, then only means..Francesca." Tears started to spring in her eyes. "Why would she do that to me? She's the only mother figure I've ever had.."

He hugged her tight. "I don't know. All I can do is protect you. Like you said, I was about to defend you. I care about you, Rosalynn. After all, you've saved my life. The only reason Devin didn't get rid of me years ago is you." He lifted her head to look at him. "I know the curse has crushed your life. To the rest of us it has been a blessing. We've been allowed to live. Everyone know Devin would like to whack off someone every day. But, because of you, he doesn't. You're our savior, Rosalynn."

"You're right, Spindel. I know this is selfish, me wanting my own life back. But, I'm also willing to find a way for you guys to have protection. There has to be a way. Come on! The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step!"

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 Post subject: Re: Cursed
PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2012 9:54 pm 
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They kept following the map. The gate to Kathleen's domain was at the bridge on the outskirts of town. Now it made since why no one could cross that bridge. Kathleen's guards were probably invisible to the mortal eye somehow. She had heard the stories of how cars came up to the bridge, but stopped-as if a force field was in place. Rosalynn had never tried it out herself, though. Dusk was approaching, they were talking about finding a place tonight to stay. They were still in discussion when Rosalynn heard a howl.
"What was that?" Spindel tried to figure out the sound.

Rosalynn already knew what it was. She braced herself. A mangy husky came running up to them. The dog jumped, front paws on Rosalynn's shoulders. She fell back, her butt hitting with a thump. The husky started licking her face. She laughed, glad to see her old friend, Juneau.

She kept laughing. "Ok, Juneau. That's enough." She pushed the dog away, standing up. She heard a growl from Juneau. She glanced at Spindel, realizing Juneau was growling at him. "No, Juneau! He's a friend!"

"Yeah, what she said." Spindel reached out his hand so Juneau could sniff it. After taking a sniff Juneau paced around Spindel, then stood behind Rosalynn.

"Spindel, this is Juneau."

"Is he your pet?" He came up to Juneau and petted his head.

"Sorta. I've known him forever. But, he can't follow me home. I don't understand why."

"Probably because Devin has a 'no pets' rule. He even has a spell on the hospital. That way no one will break his rules. Controlling." He rolled his eyes.

"I'm taking you have a pet, too?"

"Actually, yes." He let out a high whistle. A beautiful hawk squatted down on his shoulder. Lightning blue streaks highlighted it's wing tips.

"Who's that?" Rosalynn widened her eyes, trying to see everything of the perfect bird.

"This is Gavin. He's especially handy when sending messages. Later I will teach you the whistle to call him, just in case you get in trouble."

"Did Devin make it that way because of what happened to Luke?"

"Yeah." Rosalynn saw Gavin fly off.

Luke had been Devin's huge timber wolf. It had been rumored that Juneau was a descendant of Luke. All of the Immortals bonded with one animal or another. Their animals are a part of them, like an arm or leg. The animal always could tell where they were and shared thoughts with their Immortal. If an Immortal shared blood, as if to have a mate, their mate could hear the animal's thoughts too. Devin had shared blood with a woman named Hailee. While Devin was at the hospital, Hailee was out getting them dinner. On her way home, someone had attacked her. Hailee's animal had been slaughtered years before, so Luke tried to come to her rescue. Luke had rushed to help Hailee, Devin was behind. When Luke came running to help, another punk saw him coming. They threw a dagger, which had hit Luke in the chest. Once Devin got there, Hailee and Luke were dead. This had happened 4 years before Rosalynn was created. Everyone said that is what cracked Devin. That he had been kind before then and that losing both his animal and mate drove him to madness.

Rosalynn patted Juneau gently. His thoughts told her that he was hungry. She giggled, knowing all he ever thought of was food."Spindel, do you mind if Juneau comes with us to get some food?"

"Of course not. What would you two like to eat? I haven't have anything to eat in awhile, so I'm almost famished."

"How about some chinese? Juneau loves stir-fry, don't you boy?" He barked. Then she could hear him think, That's my favorite.

Spindel laughed. "A dog that loves stir-fry. That's a new one."

"Hey! For your information, Juneau's 1/4 wolf." She scratched behind his ears.

They stopped at a place called Kido Noodles. Juneau stayed outside while they ordered take-out. Surprisingly, Spindel gave him an address to deliver the food.

"I come here alot." He explained to her. "I also have an apartment not far away. It's great that Juneau found you here-" He pointed outside. "In my neighborhood."

After walking a couple blocks, they stopped at what was a jumbled up apartment building. She found out that this belonged to one of the immortals. It made her wonder how many of them existed.

"Spindel, how many of us are there?" She asked him as they climbed stairs to his apartment.

"There at least a 100 or more. Actually, I don't know how many there is. I've only been alive four hundred years."

"So we're almost the same age. I'm 500 years old."

"You're 500 years old? Are you sure?" He paused climbing for a second.

"Yes. I didn't age after I turned 21, but I kept the years. My friends always had parties for me and I'd keep my real age to myself. Weren't you created by Kathleen?"

"No...I don't know how I came to be. Just one morning I woke up and...I was on the ground." He pulled out a key after standing in front of a door. "This is me here. Apartment #31." He opened the door for her and she followed in.

Spindel's small home looked much different from outside. The buildings all seemed disorganized, but inside Spindel's space was tidy. On the right when you walk in was the living room, a slim screen tv hung from the wall. A few inches away were two mushroom chairs. Between the chair and the tv was a long glass coffee table. On her left was the kitchen. The floor was hardwood, a circular table with two chairs laid in the middle of the room. All the cabinets were silky white, the only color was the black microwave. Waking her up from her spell, there was a knock on the door. Spindel moved past her to answer it. An asian looking man stood in the doorway with a bag. Rosalynn assumed it was the food they ordered earlier. She heard the man and Spindel exchange words for a brief moment, then Spindel closed the door.

"Impressed with my home?" He put the bag on the table. He grabbed 3 plates out of the cabinet.

Rosalynn nodded. "But who is that?" She pointed at a picture on the coffee table. in the frame was a woman. She looked like she was family to Spindel. Rosalynn heard a heavy sigh come from her friend. "Spindel?" She came to his side and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I don't know who she is. I wish I did. That picture has been here since I moved in. I left it be."

"Moved in?" She watched as he put some fried rice on a plate.

"Yes. Like I said, I woke up on the ground. Devin took me in after that, since his hospital was the closest building. Some how, he knew I was an Immortal. After a day or two, he gave me the key. It had been in the grass next to my body. He told me it was to an apartment. Luckily, the apartment number was on the key. Apparently, I've owned this apartment for some time." He shrugged, then placed a plate of food on the floor. Juneau began to chow down on the plate of stir-fry, fried rice and general chicken.

"Why don't you just ask Kathleen what happened to you? Isn't she like the Immortal Queen? If anyone would know, wouldn't she? Isn't she the one who originally creates us Immortals?" She rationized to him.

He sighed once again. "Devin forbids it. He has spelled my tongue ever since to obey him. But there's a loophole now." He tooke a gulp of rice then leaned close to her. She could almost feel his breath up against her cheek. She felt a blush come on over her face. He laughed.


"You just so cute when you do that. I've never seen you do that before." He laughed a bit more then continued, "Devin told me to obey you."

"He did?" She went back to picking at her food.

"Yes. Would you do me a big favor, Rosa? Will you help me find out where I came from? Please?"

"Spindel..of course I'll help you. Were friends, aren't we?"

He took grasp of her free hand and squezzed it gently. "Yes. Of course."

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Gasp, I come here looking to read on and I find you've already added more. Geez... XD

The progression has done well to allow the two main characters a chance to grow closer, even if despite the looming foreshadowing of betrayal. In a way, it seems a bit silly they aren't anymore stressed out as they are, but that's probably due to their current location and events at hand. As I said, its giving them a good chance to grow closer as friends. As well, the slow filler into the universe/world/setting is interesting to note/see. As things begin to fall in place visually for me, it's allowing me to take in a world unlike anything I would have come to create myself, making it enjoyable to see into it from a more distant perspective.

And... Dah f*ck? What am I doing there? Well, my name does translate to both "White Forest" and "White Hawk" in Gaelic, so I can see some enjoyment there, but I'm ALMOST miffed it wasn't a raven. That's just me though, very cute of you Ashen. ;3



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After they ate, Spindel led her down the hallway of his little house. It seemed like it could go on forever, but she knew this wasn't possible for a small building. Maybe it was possible by magic, though.

"I prepared a room for you." He pointed to an open door.

Just the door itself was gorgeous. It was one of those door with glass windows. The glass made up a rainbow and in the rainbow was her name. Then looking inside, her breath was taken away. At Devin's, her room was just a twin-sized bed. But here, in Spindel's home, there was a queen bed. She jumped on it, giggling. The comforter had cheerful flowers and peace signs on it. Above it on the wall, was a poster of the Beatles in a yellow submarine. That was just too cool! Then, an easel was posed in the back corner, leaned up against a window. To the right from the bed, was a huge walk-in closet. She walked over, to see the kind of clothes she wore around her friends. ON hangers were tons of graphic tees. Beside that were cubby holes with jeans. She just couldn't believe how amazing this was! Then again, how did Spindel know she was coming? How did he know they'd spend a night at his apartment?

"Wow, I might want to stay here forever."

"Well, you're welcomed whenever you wish to stay. Juneau will keep you safe, right?" He stood in the doorway,, a big smile on his face.

"Of course. Don't worry about me, Spindel. did you know we were going to be here? More did you know I would be here? That you needed to make a room for me.?" She asked him throughly.

"I didn't. The apartment is infused with some kind of magic. Once a guest steps through my door, it makes a room for them. Just, poof!" He made a motion with his hands.

"How'd it know what kind of stuff I like, though?"

"That's another part of the magic. When you walk through the door, it somehow sees a part of you. As if it scans your likes." He shrugged. "I can't explain it. It's just always been like this."

"Well...ok." She jumped back on the bed. "Good night, Spindel. Thank you for everything."

"You're very welcome, Rosa. Good night." He left to his own room.

Rosalynn snuggled underneath the blankets. Juneau rolled up in a ball on the floor. Listening to his loud snoring, she started to fall asleep. Before she knew it, she was dreaming. She saw herself standing in front of Spindel. A sliver thin thread was between their chests.His heartbeat thumped loudly in her ears. With that, she got the feeling that it was her heart too. As if their heart was one. She knew she had to do everything to protect their heart. A precious fragile thing. Then, she saw Cinda with her arms crossed over her chest saying, "You do not know the connection between you two." What was that suppose to mean? Was she and Spindel soulmates?

After Cinda disappeared, Devin appeared. He was about to hit her, when Spindel jumped in front of her. She tried to save him, but she couldn't move. All she could do was watch Devin slowly cut up Spindel. Then, he stabbed Spindel in the hert. Rosalynn fell to the ground, hearing the heartbeat slowly stop. She felt her own heart stop with it, like ticking of clock. When her last few heartbeats came, Devin came to her, took out her heart and took a bite out of it. The blood oozed out on to Rosalynn's face. Bloody tears began to drip down her face. She woke up after that, screaming her head off.

Spindel was in his own kind of unconscienous. He had been here before, he could tell from the deja vu. The room was completely dark except for an eerie glow. Fireflies swam around him, pushing him forward. He laughed a little at the tiny insects. After a couple moments, he saw a mirror. Leaning up against it a man stood. Glancing at his clothes, Spindel thought he looked familiar. Then he remembered a dream he had before like this. Shock filled him when he realized: this was a warning of the future.

Ah, you remember me..Spindel..The man said nothing, but sent his thoughts to Spindel telepathtically.

He thought back, Yes..but I don't remember your name..forgive me..

I will for now. You remember that last time, I warned you of your future.

Yes..after that dream..I woke up on the ground...

Do you remember anything before that?


Good..this is a journey of self-discovery. It would be boring if you knew everything, would it? I will spare the pain of the mirror. I will merely tell you your future. You finally became something to the girl.

Wait..what girl? Rosalynn?

Yes...the one you love so much...

The mirror held Rosalynn's image. Spindel couldn't help but grasp at her beauty. Her raven hair shone in the light and her violet eyes held such fire, as if her soul was a wildfire all on it's own. He was inspired by her, she was his salvation, all these years..she had been so much to him.

We could never be...He stared down at the floor. She must never know.

Ah Spindel..that is where you're wrong. You two are mated by the stars.

Spindel lifted his head to stare at the man. mean we are soulmates?

That is not what I said. The man grinned at Spindel. But she is the road map. She will take you to Kathleen. She will let you ask the questions you have asked for years. The girl, Rosalynn, is destined to die afterwards, but you could save her life.


Stay by her side. Be with her when she returns to Devin. He is planning her death. You can not tell her this. Death's messager told her all she needs to know. Now go.

Wait...please..tell me your name..

My name is Tobias. I will only see you once or twice more. I'm not sure...

The dream faded out and Spindel woke up. He was stretching when he heard it. Rosalynn screaming. It was the most terrifying sound in this world or the next. He ran to the room he made for her. He could also hear Juneau's howl on his way there. Once he made it to her bed, she had stopped screaming. She began to cry, then she started to sob.

"Rosa? What is wrong?" He pulled her into his arms, trying to comfort her. All he could hear was her mumbling, ""

"'s alright. I'm here. Nothing's bad is going to happen. You're safe." He gently rubbed her back, moving his hand in a circular motion. She pulled away, then looked in his eyes. Staring in hers, he could see terror.

After taking a deep breath, she started to explain, "Devin killed you. I had to watch and then he killed me too."

"'s alright, Rosa. Will you do something for me?"


"Just lay back in the bed, but lay on your back."

She did as he asked. He gently laid his hand on her forehead. "It's ok, Rosa. It was only just a dream." Using an old trick of his, he erased the memory of the dream. She shouldn't remember anything about it.

Rosalynn sat up. "What happened?"

Spindel smiled. It had worked! "You had a nightmare. But I made it go away. Can you remember anything about it?"

She closed her eyes, thinking real hard. "No, but thank you for making it disappear." She smiled and hugged him real tight.

After pulling back from her embrace, he said, "We need to get to the bridge on the map. Not too far from there is the gate to The Sacred Realm."

Rosalynn sprung out of the bed, which startled Juneau. "Sorry, Juneau. Spindel! I know someone who can give us a ride! She's been there ton of times!"

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After packing some food and gathering their weapons, they waited on the curb for Rosalynn's friend. It was someone she had known recently, although the friend was only 30. She called herself LightingStar, a name she used in role playing games. That was how Rosalynn met LightingStar, for she liked role playing games too. Rosalynn was explaining this to Spindel as they stood on the curb.
"So when she sees our weapons..." He started to say.
"She'll think they're for a RPG. Short for role play game."
He laughed a bit. "I know what RPG means. Unless you haven't noticed, we sorta live in a kind of reinsuassce world. So, we're probably the best players out there."
"That and the other immortals."
"Some other immortals play?" He toyed with his hair a bit.
"One other question..what about Juneau?" He pointed at the dog/wolf at her side.
"Oh, that's no problem. Juneau comes with me sometimes. He's actually a wolf in the RPG. Sometimes LightiningStar gathers up some other friends and we play. Speaking of LightiningStar, here she comes!"

A sleek black Nissan pulled up. Inside, a girl with long blond hair sat behind the wheel. But Spindel could see there was lighting bolts and stars in her hair. The steering wheel was covered in a Tinker Bell cover. Rosalynn opened the back seat, letting Juneau in and closing the door. Spindel walked around the front and got in the passenger seat. He repostioned his sword so it wouldn't cut the seat. Behind him, he could see Rosalynn's staff barely poking out. From the driver's smile, none of this wasn't unusual. If only she knew that their mission was for real and not for some game.
"So, where to Rosie?" LightiningStar yelled to the back seat.
"The forgotten bridge." Juneau poked his head towards LightiningStar's way. She patted the friendly animal, then took off.
"So, who's this guy?" LightiningStar pointed at Spindel.
"Oh, that's a friend of mine. Star, this is Spindel. Spindel, this is LightiningStar, but you can call her Star."
Star giggled a little. "Especially a cute guy like you!" She placed her eyes back on the road. "But why the forgotten bridge, Rose?"
"Spindel challenged me to a duel. I picked the forgotten bridge for our battlegrounds. He doesn't know the terrian like I do."
"Can you have back-up?" Star asked. Rosalynn knew she kept her arsenal of weapons in the trunk of her car at all times.
"Sorry, Star. No back-up. No audience either. Spin wants it just to be me and him. We've been rivals for a long time."
Spindel glanced back at her. "Since when have I been Spin?"
"Since you started calling me 'Rosa'."
"Hey! That's a good one!" Star smiled.
"Don't start it, Star. I'm StarRose in our game, remember? Not Rosalynn."
"StarRose? That's beautiful!" Spindel told Rosa, giving her a wink.
She blushed.
The car stopped at the front end of the bridge. "Well kiddies, this is your stop."
"Thanks, Star." Rosalynn opened the door letting Juneau out and getting out herself.
"No problem, StarRose. See ya."

They waited a couple minutes until Star's car was gone. Juneau sniffed the ground, as if tracking something. A mist veiled the actual viewing of the bridge a few feet away. They could hear a stream of running water. MOsquitoes and flies swam in the air, irrtating Rosalynn. She let Spindel lead, since she had never been to this other world.
"Rosa, I have to warn you, there are guards at the gate. But don't worry, I've worked many times as Devin's messager, so they should let us pass." He whispered to her.
"What about the mist? Doesn't it work as a force field?" She asked quietly.
"Only for people who have no mystic powers. That narrows it down to sorcerers, immortals and few mythical creatures that Kathleen uses."

The walked through the mist. She saw a tall long white barred fence, as if the pearly gates of heaven. Only at this gate, wolves and a few guards stood watch. She could see one of them was a dwalf. There was a elf, man and a centaur. Then a strange thing happened, as the got close to the fence, her staff hovered in the air. A flash of lightining hit the staff and a blinding glow flooded the staff. Everyone shielded their eyes except Rosalynn. All she could do was stare in awe. Then, roses began to bloom at the top. Their stems ran down the length of the staff, sharp thorns sticking straight out. The glow disappeared and the staff still hovered in front of Rosalynn. Looking at the thorns, she thought her whole hand would bleed from grasping it.
"Take it." Spindel whispered in her ear.
"But..the thorns."
"Trust yourself, Rosa. Those are your thorns, the fiery embers of your soul. The roses are your true beauty. Your staff shows the true image of you, an independent woman with radience blooming from within."
She blushed, but grabbed the staff. Her hand didn't bleed. Spindel touched the thorns as well, his hand didn't bleed either. She gasped. "Spindel, how can you touch my staff then?"
"Because he can't tell you that." One of the guards spoke for Spindel.
Juneau bared his teeth. Spindel patted his head. "It's ok, Juneau. The guards won't hurt us, will you?"
The man guard stepped forward and pointed towards Rosalynn, "You are the cursed one, are you not?"
She nodded her head. "Yes."
"Our lady, Kathleen, told us you were coming."
"What? Can she tell the future?" Rosalynn grasped her staff even harder.
"No. She heard of this news from a Whisperer in her dreams. You have been granted passage to our world from her. But, watch out for the evil creatures of the sorcerer. He calls himself Ayden."
Spindel stepped from behind Rosalynn and said, "Thank you for warning her. I know of the evil that lurks in this world, but she did not. Now she does."
The guard asked him, "Are you her knight?"
"I am only a friend who wished to protect her."

The other guards laughed. Spindel could tell the knew the real reason. The guards gently pushed the gates open. Juneau was in t he rear of the group as they passed through. His and Spindel's mission were the same: to protect Rosalynn. As the gates swug back to close, Rosalynn and Spindel looked back, to something that scared them. A white foamy light spiraled around Juneau. When the light passed, a human stood in his place. Light brown shaggy hair drifted down to his shoulders, ocean blue eyes stared out at Rosalynn. A short sword layed at his side. His clothes in shades or olive and lime green. His boots were a light gray, unlike their dark black ones.
"Rosalynn, it's me. Juneau."
She gasped once again, then ran into his arms. He embraced her in a tight bear hug. He looked up at Spindel as if to say, "Don't worry." Spindel had to admit, he couldn't help but be jealous of their close relationship.
"How is this possible?" Rosalynn asked as she broke away from his hug.
"I can explain why." A familiar voice spoke loudly. The group spun around to see someone they didn't expect. It was LightningStar.
She smiled real big. "Yeah. I bet you weren't expecting t

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"Come on, you didn't think I was a normal human, did ya?" She smirks at Rosalynn once again. "If only you knew everything."
"How much is there, Star?" Rosalynn hugged her tight, then sat down on a log. LightningStar leaned against a tree, while Spindel sat on her left and Juneau on her right.
Star closed her eyes tightly, then opened them again. "You and I are sisters, Rose."
"Sisters? How?" Her eyes widened, not understanding Star.
"Kathleen has created every immortal. But she created you and I differently. Along with her immortality making magic, she put a bit of herself in both of us. A tiny piece of her soul and heart. What, would it be awful for me to be your sister?"
"No! Not at all, Star! I already considered you my sister. This is's like my hopes coming true, that's all."
"There's just one thing I have to do first, my sister." Star locked eyes with Rosalynn.
"What is it, Star?"
"Stand in front of me, Rose. You being in Devin's control disguised your true form. You are beautiful now, but this is not truely you, Rosalynn. Our mother told me this and that I would be able to bring out your true form."
"Just trust me, little sister." She giggled a bit. "Yes, I am the oldest. Mother created you second."
"How unfair!" Rosalynn protested.

Rosalynn stood as still as she could. LightningStar drew her sword. Rosalynn had a feeling Star was going to hit her with it, but she was to trust Star. Her new sibling knew better. She had been given instructions from their mother, apparently. After Star drew her sword, she whispered some kind of chant to the blade. Then she whacked Rosalynn hard on the noggin. It didn't hurt at all, surprisingly. She could feel a warm feeling surge down to her feet. Staring down at her feet, she could see her skin wasn't the same color. Now it was a bright brownish color, as if she had gotten a tan.
"Here." Star gestured to a full lenght mirror. Rosalynn gasped at herself.

Her raven hair was now a tainted red, auburn shade now. Her eyes were no longer a deep violet, but somehow a lavendar. Not only her hair was a different color, but now it fell down in wavy curls. A rose was tucked back behind her left ear. She could see thorn-like tattoos cover her body.
"Those aren't just tattoos, little sister." Star whispered behind her. "Anyone who means you harm, the thorns will pierce their skin. Someone who wishes just to hug you.." She hugged Rosalynn tightly. "Like me, will not be harmed. Don't worry, it's normal. I have an ability like that as well. I can actually pour lightning from my hair."
"So that's why you have lightning bolts in your hair." Rosalynn gently stroked Star's hair. "My sister..the Star of Lightning."
"And my sister..the Rose." Star leaned in and took a whiff of Rosalynn's rose. "So Spindel, how does she look now?" They both turned to look at him. They could see he was stunned at Rosalynn's newfound beauty.
"Rosa, I have always found you beautiful. But is a new level of your beauty."
She blushed, not expecting that. Or this new family. How could she kill Kathleen now? Now that she found out she's family too? "Star, you know why we're here, don't you?"
She stared at Rosalynn and shrugged. "Actually, I don't."
"I was sent her by Devin, to kill Mom."
"What?! Rose! How can you do that to her? She gave you life, she created us!"
"Yeah and she also cursed me! How could she do that to me, Star? Her own daughter too!"
Star put a hand on her shoulder. "Rose, she did that to save the immortals in Devin's possession. But she day..that you would break free of his hold."
"Still..I've been through so much abuse. She could have saved me. I bet you've been living it to the fullest, while I was been beat up by Devin!"
"I know it's been harder for you, sis. But I've had some hardships too. That doesn't make me any better then you, though. I might not understand, but I love you Rose. Remember that Mom loves you too."
A tear fell down Rosalynn's cheek. "If she loved me, why did she do this to me? I don't want to kill her..but it's Devin's orders."
"Don't worry about it. Mom will figure something out when we get to the house. But first, I told you I'd explain why he's human." Star points at Juneau.
"Why am I human?" Juneau asks.
"It's simple. This domain reveals everything in it's true form. Outside in the human realm, magic binds you to an animal form. But in here, the magic unfolds and shows your true form. Magic is in it's purest form here. There's no point hiding it or anything. That's the english way of putting it." Star giggled. "We need to get going. It won't be long til Ayden's minions hear you're here, Rose."
"Why would Ayden want me?" Rosalynn asked her big sister.
"Because you're new. He probably thinks he can twist your mind and plot you against Mom. He hates her." Star sheathed her sword away. "Sorry, I forget I still had my sword out."
"But Star why does Ayden hate Kathleen? How is Kathleen able to create immortality?" Spindel jumps up from the log, pestering her with questions.
"I'll explain on the way. But, we really need to get going. Mom's house is a day or two away from the main gate. The mist only covers the bridgeway, but in here her world is much more huge."

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"So basically, what you wanna know is how Kathleen makes immortals?" Star gazed back at Spindel, who kept asking here questions.
"Yes. Well, that and why Ayden hates her."
"And why she cursed me!" Rosalynn piped in.
Star placed her hand on Rosalynn's shoulder. "I know the answers to all these questions. Let's travel why we speak. Ayden could have spies surrounding us right now. So it's really important we move."

They could see that Kathleen's world was extraordinary. Unlike their realm, the nature was actually in balance. As if every living thing respected each other in these borders. The grass was not green, but all different colors. Looking at the sky, it looked like when the sun was coming up. Orange, purple, light pink and blue swirled above their heads. There was no sun, just the sky. Yet somehow the plants grew. Some places where there wasn't grass you could see faint blue veins. It must've been the water snaking it's way around the soil. Rocks rolled slowly by like quick paced turtles. The trees branches over their heads overlapped each other, to give hugs to their tree neighbors. It seemed if you climbed a tree, you could walk on their branches like sidewalks.

"Star, what makes your world look like this?" Rosalynn asked her sister quietly.
"It is also your world, sister. Magic makes our world, of course. Everything in this world is alive. The trees, the grass, the rocks. That is why you see them pass by. They have things to do: build bridges, pathways, pillars in our mother's castle. Our domain is much unlike the human realm. You must ask before using materials. We ask the trees and they give us branches instead of cutting them down. No souls die here."
"But what about the human world? Do trees have souls in that place?" Juneau's voice was to be heard this time. He had been quiet til now.
"Yes. When I hear them cry for mercy, I take their soul and take them here. I must not interfere in there, though. The mortals wouldn't understand." She shook her head in frustration.
"What about animals? Do you kill for meat?" Rosalynn wanted to know all about her homeland. She had been enprisoned by Devin so long. She could feel a connection here. Was it possible she was born here, then taken by Devin? But that didn't make sense. Nothing did right now.
"The predators share their meat with us. Like when a bear fishes, he gives some of his fish to us. So no, we do not hunt."
"Do they sometimes don't want to share?"
Star nodded. "But they must remember, this place is santuary to them. In the mortal world, they would be hunted as well. It is their pentence to our mother."
"Speaking of our mother, why does Ayden hate her?" Rosalynn shared a glance of gratitude from Spindel. She knew he was waiting for that answer. Although Rosalynn didn't know why. She thought he only cared about finding out about his origins.
"Ah, this and the answer how can our mother can create are the same." Star smiled at both Rosalynn and Spindel.
"What? What does Ayden have to do with immortal creation?" Spindel's voice sounded hoarse.
"You will understand when I explain. I'm sure you guys know about elfs? There was one at the gate, right?"
"Yeah, why?" Rosalynn stepped over a stump, so she wouldn't trip.
"Well years ago, the elves weren't able to feel. They wished for the ability of emotion. So they created 3 beings who could create immortal life with emotion. However, one of these were mostly human. Our mother, who had the power to feel. Ayden was also one of these powerful sorcerers, to speak. He wanted to use immortal life as a scam to the humans. You've heard of the Fountain of Youth, I'm sure?" She looked back at the pack.
They all nodded in unison.
"That was Ayden's first attempt to sell immortaity to the mortals. But before the humans could find the fountain, he was brought down. Our mother and the other colleage, Nickolas defeated him. But, in the middle of the fight, Ayden destoryed Nickolas. Our mother had only one choice. To create this realm to prison Ayden. That's why I was waiting inside of the gate. I am to make sure Ayden never gets out."
"But who will now you're with us?" Rosalynn shot a look of concern to her sister.
"A friend of mine. Mom knew you were coming, Rosa. There's someone just as strong as me at the gate. The humans must not get their hands on immortal life. They would misuse it, no doubt. They can't know about us either. Ayden keeps trying to leave, to tell the mortal world about us."
"Then why does Kathleen let people in and out of the gate? People like me?" Spindel pointed at himself.
"Many years ago, Kathleen and Ayden got in a war. One of Ayden's commanders, Devin-"
"Devin?" Rosalynn gasped, interrupting her sister.
"Yes, your master Devin. He and some troops escaped to the human world. This was before I was created, before I guarded the inside of the gate. Devin was suppose to tell the message of Ayden, but all he wanted was to live in the mortal realm. He wanted the convenices of that world. In the end, Devin payed for betraying Ayden."
"Ayden killed Hailee, didn't he?" Rosalynn figured out.
"Yes. But Devin doesn't know that. It wasn't Ayden himself, anyways. It was just some of his henchmen that escaped me. But, I went in the real world and brought them back in the barriers."
"Star, why do you go in the real world anyways? Does someone else take your post when you do?" Rosalynn pestered her sister with another question.
"Yes. The same friend who has my post now. I would come to the real world to check on you, little sister. That's how I knew you were beind abused. Remember the time when I helped you?"

Years ago, 5 to be exact, was when she met LightningStar. They were at a RPG meeting. A group activity so everyone could meet each other. Rosalynn had been caught by her weird hair. Those lightning streaks and stars could be found anywhere. Earlier that day, Devin had attacked Rosalynn as usual. It had been just out on the street. Devin had made him and Rosalynn invisible to human eyes, so people couldn't see him harassing Rosalynn. She had no time be healed by Francesca, so a huge bruise stood out on her arm. LightningStar had spotted it.
"Hey, what happened to your arm?" LightningStar asked Rosalynn, but at the time, Rosalynn didn't know her name.
"Uh..I fell." Rosalynn replied, flashing a fake smile.
Star giggled at Rosalynn. "Yeah, right. Come here, I got something for that."
Rosalynn came to the weird blond girl. She put some ointment on Rosalynn's arm, which healed in 5 minutes. Rosalynn had her theories, but she didn't say anything.
"Wow, that healed real quick. Thanks, what's your name anyways?" Rosalynn stared at her hair again.
"LightningStar. Just call me that, ok? Or you can call me Star. Don't worry, I already know your name, Rosalynn."

Rosalynn shook her head, the flashback dissolving. She understood now why Star already knew her name. Plus how she was able to heal that bruise. " still haven't told me why mom cursed me." She whispered softly to her sister.
Star sighed. "When Devin took Hailee's death out on the other immortals in his troop, mom worried about them. She knew Ayden would use Devin to hurt her immortals too. A truce was made before the two sorcerers and there was only one solution. The cursing of you, Rosalynn. Ayden let mom make the conditions, she included a healer to help you. Your memory was wiped of this lovely home and then you were given to Devin." Star hugged Rosalynn tight. "It broke my heart and mom's. We cried for days and nights. But it was the best for some of the immortals. Mom let me check up on you as much as I could. But she figured Devin filled your head with lies about her, so she never visited you."
Rosalynn shook her head. "I didn't know about mom til a few days ago."
"That's good." Star shifted her head in both directions. "We have to run! I can sense that Ayden's spies are close!" Star ran and the rest of the group tried to keep up.

Out of nowhere, arrows came from the trees. Star, Juneau and Spindel were hit. They fell to the ground, unable to move. Star lifted her head and screamed, "Rose! Run! He's after you!"
Before Rosalynn could make a run for it, someone blocked her path. She stood frozen in her boots. A old man with grey long hair and a white beard stared at her. He raised a hand and her staff was removed her hands. It hovered beside him. "Don't worry. My warriors only hit them with stun arrows. They'll take a quick nap and move on. Come with me, Rosalynn." He motioned with his hand and she followed him.
Before Spindel's world went dark, he watched her walk off with the stranger. He was able to yell, "Rosalynn!!No!!"

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Luckily, after they woke up, Rosalynn still had a chance of being saved. Spindel knew she couldn't die now, she was suppose to die of the hand of Francesca. Why would Cinda ever be wrong? He woke up, fog in his head, knowing he had to move fast. Juneau was still asleep, but LightningStar was awake.
"Star, do you know where he took her?" He casually asked.
"Probably to his base, which is not good. If I know Ayden, he'll try to get Rose on his side. If she refuses, he'll put her in the web hammocks."
"The web hammocks?"
"Hammocks made out of spider webs. But these aren't any ordinary spiders. They have the ability to seek out a immortal's true heart. They eat through your chest until they break the crystal of your heart. Rosalynn isn't the only one with that, all immortals are."
"I suppose he had her under a spell. That can be the only explanation why she went with him."
"You're right. I have a plan, Spindel, but we need to wake Juneau."
"Leave that to me." Spindel grinned at Star. Using an assisstant, he spelled up a nice juicy steak. Waving it in front of Juneau's nose, he could see Juneau's nose twitching at the sweet scent. The once wolf might be human now, but he still had that dead on sniffer. Juneau woke up, tongue hanging out.Seeing Spindel had the steak, he grabbed it right out of Spindel's hands and started ripping at it, leaving nothing left.
"Good job, Spin. Juneau! We need your help to save Rose!" LightningStar tried to get his attention.
He stiffened and stared at Star. "How do I help? What do you need me to do? You know I would do anything to save Rosalynn."
"I know Juneau. You as faithful as any other dog." She laughed a bit. "Anyways, I need you to concentate and think about your other form. We need you back as a husky to track Rose down. If you think hard, you can do it easily."
"Alright, I'll try." He closed his eyes and in a few minutes, he was a dog/wolf again. He already had his nose on the ground, sniffing out his master's smell. He ran, following the trail. Star and Spindel ran after him, wanting to save their love and sister.

Rosalynn woke up on a scatchy, worn out cot. She was afraid, her breath came in at shallow breaths.
"Now now, dear. Don't be scared."
She look up to see who said that. She saw the old man with the gray hair. He was above her. Her voice came in hoarse, whispering, "What do you want with me?"
He chuckled. "Oh not much. Just what Devin ordered you too, Rosalynn."
"H-how do you know my name?"
"Devin told me. We talk, he's a friend of mine."
"If you're a friend of Devin's, then you're no friend of mine!" She struggled to sit up, seeing her staff a couple inches away. She beckoned it to her hands, grasping it tightly. She raised her staff to him now, as if a threat.
"Oh Rosalynn, you have so much to learn. I drained your magic when I brought you here. So right now, you have no magic. It takes a couple hours to charge. I, on the other hand, have tons of magic right now. Will you at least listen to me, foolish girl?"
She lowered her staff, but she remembered the dagger at her ankle. If this got dangerous, she would need it. She sat back on the cot, letting him speak.
"You and I have the same enemy. Kathleen."
"She is not my enemy, she is my mother." Rosalynn protested. Just like Star said. He's trying to get me to side against mom.
"So you no longer hate her for cursing you? No longer mad at all?"
"No, of course I'm still mad. But she did it for a good reason. I was the sacrifice for our people. I understand that now."
"So you're going against everything you've ever believed all these years? That your cursing was a good thing? That is was needed?"
"Yeah. It was to save everyone else."
"LIke who? The immortals in the borders weren't hurt. Who did you save that was so important?" He fought, trying to push her up against a wall.
"Well..."She sighed deeply and said what her heart was telling her, "Spindel."
"Ah, the assassin of Devin. I've met him a time or two. And you believe his life is worth more then yours, then?"
"Yes." She nodded her head in agreement.
"Why is that?"
"Because I love him."
"You love him?" Ayden chuckled loud. "Love is such a worthless emotion. Why even feel such things for someone else?"
"I use to think the same thing. But that was because I thought no one cared about me. But Spindel always did, even if I didn't know about it. All this time I've been with im on this mission, he's been willing to put his life before mine. I've always did the same all these years. I was abused by Devin while Spindel was ok. Now looking back, I'm happy I was able to do that."
"What a striking revelation. Did that happen why you were trying to awake?"
She stared at him, realizing this came out of the blue. "Yeah, I guess." She looked at the gorund for a moment, then gathering her strength she said, "I'll never work with you to hurt my mom, Ayden!"
"Not even if it meant the lives of Spindel, LightningStar and your little dog?"
"What?" The blood in veins seemed to freeze out of fear. Her mouth went dry and her heart skipped a few miles.
"Oh yeah." He waved his hand and a fog lifted.

Rosalynn could see them tied up and hanging in a tree. They were all gagged. Juneau seemed to be a wolf again, sitting in a cage below the tree. The cage was too small for him and he was whimpering in Rosalynn's head, Help us, Rosalynn..
"They showed up a few minutes before you woke up. Don't worry, they haven't heard our converstaion. I muted us out so they wouldn't persuade you not to help me. Would you like to be hanging by your love?" He chuckled.
"You will pay for this, Ayden. Once we get out of this, I will convince my mom to kill you!!!"
He laughed. "I'd like to see her try." As if with his mind, he hung her by Spindel, ungagging the rest of them. "Enjoy your last few minutes together! Soon your destruction will be upon you!"
"Rosa!" Spindel tried to swing to her side, but it was no use. "I'm glad you're ok!""
"Yeah, but we'll all be dead in a minute or two." LightningStar moped.
"Not if we can out magic Ayden! Rosa, you have the best shot at that! Use your staff!" Spindel told her.
"I can't. Ayden drained me of my magic. Unless I can get more magic then him in less then 5 minutes, we're out of luck."
Juneau? What is it? She looked down at the cage, hoping he was ok. Hoping that cage was hurting him.
I have an idea. I'll give you my magic.
How? Won't that make you weak?
Actually, this will make it where I can't be with you anymore. But what's the point if Ayden's about to kill you guys? I want to save you and this is the only way! So here!

A bright piercing light shone ffrom his cage. The energy spilled into Rosalynn's body. She felt like she could win a marathon. She broke the ropes that tied her in the tree. Then, she broke free Spindel and Star. Lowering to the ground, she grabbed her staff fiercely. "Juneau's help won't go unawarded. Ayden's going down." She ran, as if to charge head on.
"Rose, wait!" Star yelled to her sister.
Rosalynn looked back at her sibling. "What?"
"The better idea would be to go to mom for help. She'd know what to do. She'll know Ayden's weaknesses to bring in down once and for all!"
Spindel nodded. "Star's right, Rosa. I know what you want to get back at Ayden. But the point of what Juneau did was to save you. What would be the point if you ended up getting dead?"
She sighed, hating that they were right. "Ok. Let's get out of here, then. Lead the way, Star."
"Right." She ran off as the leader. Rosalynn and Spindel followed her. As they were running, Rosalynn couldn't help but think, Good thing Spin wasn't listening. I don't know if he'd feel the same. Better to say nothing then get rejected. But if only she knew that part of Juneau was still with her as he said in her head, You're wrong. He loves you with all his heart. Tell him, Rosalynn, before you die.

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double posted accidentally.

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Just letting everyone know that I'm taking a break from writing Cursed. I'm going to be gone for a week or 2 so I won't be able to write. And yes, it's ok to post comments here. Really wish I could get more then just Gavin's comments.

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