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 Post subject: CSI: Videogame Style
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:14 pm 
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If you don't know about CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, well basically it's a TV series where the crew try and find out what caused a crime to happen through the gathering of evidence, interrogating potential suspects, the victims, those related to the victims and then finally making an arrest.

This RPG is going to be just like that, although instead we'll be using video game characters.

Different cases can use different characters, but try and stick with the same video game series characters within one case. There can be some crossover, but only if the character(s) in question have been in a previous case.

And so we begin...

The First Case - A Cold Murder

*Somewhere in a meat factory*

Sarah: Well it's time to put the meat away, it's almost closing time.
*Sarah packs up the meat and heads to the freezer. As she opens it, a frozen corpse tumbles out*
Sarah: Aaaargh! I-I know him, that's... that's... that's Damien, a worker here!

*Some time later, the CSI team arrive*

Sarah: Glad you could come.
???: Yeah. We deal in all sorts of cases. Well anyway, the name's Cloud Strife. I'm here to see what went on.
Sarah: I found him in the freezer before...
Cloud: Calm down, we got this under control.

*Cloud turns to the rest of the team*

Cloud: Tifa, Vincent, Cid, Sephiroth... come on guys... let's get this sorted.

*They all nod and get to work*

Cloud: So, when did you find him in the freezer, ma'am?
Sarah: It was about 11PM at night.
Cloud: Okay. Anyone else here besides you?
Sarah: No.
Tifa: Cloud, we've got a positive ID on our vic. He's wearing a name tag, name's Damien Riscowe.
Sephiroth: I've also collected blood samples that we can get DNA from.
Vincent: This place is pretty wide open, I'm searching for footprints.
Cloud: Just get on with it.
Sarah: About 10PM I heard some noises behind the main packing area...

*Cloud nods*

Cloud: Yuffie, search the main packing area.
Yuffie: Okay!
Sephiroth: I've lifted a fingerprint from the victim's clothing, and a loose fibre.
Cloud: Evidence is evidence. Keep going.

{------- Case File -------}
== Evidence Obtained ==
Blood sample from victim
Fingerprint from victim's clothing
Loose fibre

== Crime Information ==
Victim found by Sarah at 11PM
Sarah claims she heard noises at 10PM.

== Victims/Suspects ==
Victims: Damien Riscowe
Suspects: Sarah


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