Combine Petition Division and Forum Support

This is the place to petition for any ideas you have to improve the forums
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09 Oct 2009, 23:38 #1

Okay, as these forums have progressed the line has been drawn thinner and thinner between Petitioning for something and asking for something and asking for help and making suggestions etc.

So I'm reaching out to you, the valued forum members, to come up with a better way of grouping these using main forums and sub forums.

Now let's do this in a sophisticated manner. Use this format:

Category > Forum > Subforum and Subforum


Or something along those lines. Here's an example:

Top'a the Forum > Forum Construction > Forum Support and Member Petitions

The forum support will be for people that need help and the petitons are for people asking for something.

For the record, that plan's not going to work but that's a good format to work with. So post your suggestions here to help out the forum.

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11 Oct 2009, 00:04 #2

Coming from other forums, I've seen a couple of other methods that have worked alright, for the most part.

You could go with

Top o' the forum -> Website Topics (or whatever word you'd like to use for topic)

Then have a few stickies for necessary bits (site bugs, etc.), but otherwise leave the subforum open for requests/problems (and actual problems, not "howz does I makez avatr"). Leave a note at the top to tell people to put "-request" next to the posts of which have requests to improve the site (instead of "petitions"). This way, you yourself can peruse the requests, ignore those that you think won't work/won't be helpful, and delve into those that have more merit.

As for the forum support FAQ sort of thing (not so much as actual problems but rather questions concerning the forum), you may want to place a sticky in newcomer crossing (as well as reword the description of the Newcomer crossing subforum) where new people can ask questions about the forum, thus diverting that traffic away from the website subforum.

Just thought I'd throw out some suggestions. Feel free to use them, ignore them, change them, etc.

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19 Oct 2009, 19:56 #3

This is just me talking, but i think Forum Support should be a subforum of Geek Squad. They're pretty similar 2 me. Also, the petition division is good with me, but if it must be combined with something, Im thinking Rules because these petitions will kind of change the forums which is governed within our amendments of the Rules.