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 Post subject: An Admin's Story
PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:54 am 
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One Admin. He is the keeper of peace on the Stupid Mario Bros. Forums. For reasons unknown, Adam disappeared 5 years ago. And now, he has returned...

Adam was surprised to see a giant gate at the entrance of the forums. On top stood several guards, looking down on him.

"Halt! " yelled one of the guards, "Who are you?".

"I'm Adam, the Admin of these forums. Now please let me in!"

The guard smiled down at him. "Is that you Adam?" the guard asked with a even bigger smile. "Fire!"

Before Adam could react, he was lying on the floor face down with a tranquillizer dart in his neck. The guard smirked and yelled to another guard, "Lock him up and report to Trys that we have another Adam!"


When Adam woke up he shook his head confused, his mind began to swirl, so many questions began to form in his head ‘Why did I get tranquilized? Since when did the forums need Guards at the entrance with a gate there too? Am I in a cell…?made out of paper!?’

"Hurray! Another Adam" someone said sarcastically. In the cell, opposite to Adam, someone tall, wearing a red T-shirt was talking down to him.
As Adam looked at the guy up and down, he noticed he had an energetic, kind of spastic way he moved his hands while talking. He also couldn’t help but notice the ever so subtle tiny accent in his voice that could only be...

"Mariomesser?" said Adam stunned.

"That's new; an Adam that actually knows my name. Listen n00b, within 24 hours..." He turned around swiftly, pointing his finger to Adam. "Are gonna..." He stopped, looking at Adam in shock.

When he tried to talk, Adam interrupted him with 3 questions at the same time.

"Where are we?" "Why are you in prison?" "When..."

MM said calm "Ok ok, I'll explain. But eeh...are you the real Adam?

Adam nearly exploded, but got hold of himself. "OF COURSE I AM YOU...*cough* never mind. Please start explaining.”

MM grinned and started to say jokingly, "Well, it all started when the Princess, Mario and I…”

Adam was starting to lose his patience, but tried to remain calm as he said, "Real story please. I've herd that one for over 9000 times."

MM put his hands up as if in defeat and said, "Ok ok, I was just kidding. This is how I remember it, but I've been in this dump for 2 years now."

Adam felt like this was going to be a long story, and made himself comfortable.


"After you left, a void of power need to be filled in." MM continued. "After having a serious almost two day long meeting the mods decided that no one could replace you. So they came to the decision that every sub-forum needed a leader."

"Who are the leaders?" asked Adam.

"I don't know, I've been here for so long! For all I know the old mods may have been replaced with fresher and new people. All I know, is that Trys leads this prison.”

"Why won't he let me out then?"

"Because a lot of impostors tried to obtain your power , and when Trys caught them, they all got banned." MM said in a matter of fact tone.

"Those poor..." Adam suddenly stopped thinking about the imposters when he realized he was going to be feeling the ban hammer soon, "I need to get out of here!"

MM laughed, "Go ahead and try, no one ever escaped from Paperaz."



The next morning the guard entered, "Come with me ‘Adam,’ time for you to know what a ban hammer feels like!"

He opened Adam's cell and....fell to the ground! Adam looked and saw a knife made out of razor blades sticking out of the guards' neck

MM was standing behind the guard and said unhappily, "It took me 5 months to make that thing!"

Adam stared at the knife for about 10 seconds. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get out!" said MM.

Adam grabbed the knife and left his cell. "What about you?" he said.

"I'll be fine here. Just go and make these forums a better place!"

Adam couldn’t understand why anyone would want to stay in prison but he replied, "Ok then."

Adam crashed through the door to the mess hall, stunning everyone in there. Silence. Everyone looked at Adam, guards and prisoners.

Suddenly, all h3ll broke loose. Adam took advantage of the sudden chaos and started to descend to the first floor.

A guard yelled at him, "Hey you N00b, drop the knife and you won't be punished later!"

Adam replied "Ok, I'll drop the knife!" He threw it into the guard’s foot, which started to bleed heavily.

The guard screeched out in pain as Adam pulled the bloody knife out of his foot and ran towards the elevator.

Meanwhile, in the monitor's chamber....

Trys was getting angry. "Who dares to hurt one of MY guards!?" he said. "What prisoner is that?!"

The head guard, JoeBanana tried to talk. "That....that prisoner is Adam...sir."

Trys turned around and spoke intriguing. "That is not AdminAdam. That is someone who thinks he is Adam. And he has a lot of luck too." Trys loaded his gun, while Joe hid in a closet. "But he's out of luck now, because he's facing me!".

The elevator doors opened.

Adam stepped into the room with the bloody knife in his hand.



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 Post subject: Re: An Admin's Story
PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:02 am 
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Location: Cheering at the zombie that's waking up again

"So, you're here." Trys said giving Adam a look of contempt, "You and I both know you're not real. Give it up."

Adam threw his hands up in the air and exclaimed exasperated, "Trys! I am real! I've come back! Please listen to me!"

Trys smirked at Adam and said with a voice full of venom, "I am not listening to your lies. Your little trip ends here. Goodbye." Trys turned around and fired, Adam ducked behind one of the panels.

Trys let out a laugh, "Are we playing hide and seek now? Of course, when I find you..." He ran to the panel Adam was hiding behind and fired twice.

No one was there. Trys smiled. "You can't keep hi..." Adam came out of hiding beneath the panel and stabbed the knife into Trys' foot.

Trys yelled in pain and surprise. He dropped his gun and fell onto the floor while still yelling. The sound of his voice started to shift pitch. It didn't sound normal any more. Adam was stunned and slightly horrified, and he found himself almost whispering, "What is happening to you?"

Trys spoke slowly, "It doesn't matter anymore."

Adam looked down and saw that Trys suddenly stood in a pool of a grey liquid. The pool grew, until Adam realized that Trys was melting!

"Who are you and what have you done to Trys?" asked Adam with the gun pointed at Trys' head. Trys tried to talk, but Adam only saw his lips moving. Suddenly, Trys jumped at Adam with the last of his powers. He was too slow. Adam fired twice, right through Trys heart. Instead of falling to the floor, Trys melted completely before he even reached the floor.



Adam looked at the grey liquid in utter bewilderment; he did not have a single clue as to what he should do next. It doesn't happen every day that an old friend of yours just melts before your eyes. JoeBanana opened the door a bit. It creaked and Adam turned around.

Joe fell on the floor in fear. "Please don't shoot me. Please!

Adam pointed the gun at Joe and said with his old Admin voice of power, "Release Mariomesser and open all the doors!"

Joe crawled to a microphone and spoke stuttering "R-r-release prisoner #106179 and o-o-o-open the main doors." The guards opened the main doors, and MM crashed through his door yelling, "THANKS ADAM!"

Adam pushed Joe away and spoke to MM "Go get us a ride. We need some power to get out of here!"

MM looked around and saw an armored car; he ran up to it and tried to start the car. Meanwhile, Adam grabbed Joe as a hostage and pushed him in the elevator.

Joe tried to convince Adam not to kill him, "I-i-if you kill me, everyone will look for you."

Adam spoke without any emotion, "If you stay calm and don't resist, you won't die."

The doors opened and Adam held Joe as a living shield, with a gun to his head. Adam yelled, "Everyone on the floor or Joe dies!"

The guards ducked while Adam and Joe passed by them, when they reached the armored car, Adam pushed Joe away and stepped in. MM drove away with spinning wheels.

Joe suddenly regaining his old pompous attitude yelled at the guards, "WHERE ARE YOU WAITING FOR? SANTA CLAUS? GET THEM!"

They drove on a road where there seemed to be nothing but the while jungle on both sides

MM smiled.

Adam asked "What's so funny?"

MM laughed, "The funny part is that I've never driven a car." He stopped laughing when he noticed the bullets fly right past his face, "Whose firing at us?"

Adam looked in the mirror and saw multiple helicopters following them.

He fired at one of them multiple times while MM stepped on the gas in an effort to leave them behind.

"How far is it?"

"It has to be close," replied MM, "Look up front!"

Adam looked and saw a gigantic ray of white light lighting up the forest, about 100 meters ahead of them. Adam tried to fire but quickly withdrawn from a rain of bullets. "How long is thi..."

They drove into the light with full speed.


The environment had changed dramatically. They were driving on a highway in a busy city, lights and neon was everywhere. Though, it wasn't as impressive as the thing they were seeing in front of them. About 1 mile ahead of them, the sky lit up with a golden shine. Adam and MM were both so stunned that they couldn't utter a single word It was.. It was...a giant golden statue of a man, with diamond eyes and a big smile. Adam recognized the man. It was.... MC_GAMER!

Suddenly, Adam yelled. "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!'

MM turned the wheel around and nearly crashed into a car driving in front of them MM relaxed, and took a turn to the left, leaving the highway

Adam turned to look at MM, "Where are we going?"

MM gave a shrug, "I don't know really. I’m just trying to follow my intuition. Look for some signs."

Adam tried to tell MM that he saw a sign, but MM was too fast, "OH LOOK! IT'S JUSE'S BAR!"

MM took a steep turn left and parked exactly in the wrong spot, Employees only.

Adam frowned at him with disapproval and said in a stern voice, “MM! You know you’re not an employee here!”

MM waved his hand and said indifferently, “Oh who cares? I think we’re both in some serious need for a drink.”

Juse's bar was packed with customers and the smell of beer was everywhere. Juse looked up from her work and saw a smiling MM.

MM grinned over at Juse and waved, “Hey Juse? How's the beer?”

Juse grinned back and said, "Its fine. But don't tell me you...wait, you're gonna do it anyway."

MM smiled happily and said, “The beer’s fine, so give me coke!”

Adam was not really in the mood for drinking at the moment so he went over to one of the plasma screens, the news was on.

"And now the 12 o'clock news with Cap" said a serious male voice.

Cap hadn't changed much in those 5 years. His gold burst colored hair and his usual serene appearance never faded, even when giving shocking news, "Two inmates have successfully escaped from Paperaz. They have been positively identified as the notorious convict Mariomesser and someone who claims to be AdminAdam.” He let out a chuckle as he said, “But of course as we all know he isn't."

Juse suddenly looked at Adam with a sudden dawn of realization come across her face, "Are you...?"

Adam cut her off before she could freak out, "Yes. The name's Adam. AdminAdam."

Juse then looked at MM and said, "So that's where you've been the last 2 years."

MM looked around nervously, “Don’t you think it was bad idea to tell you're Adam. I mean...everyone must be looking for us"

Juse waved off that idea right away, and she reassured them, "Don't worry. Most the guys here aren't "perfect" like Cap there.”

Cap continued on a different story, "Our benevolent Lord MC, has so graciously extended our curfew by one minute! We can now be outside until 7:01!”

Juse looked over at the duo and asked casually, "Sooo...what are you gonna do now?"

Adam sighed, "We need to find out what happened after I left....MM isn't a great source because he spent most of his time in jail so we were hoping you could tell us more."

"If it is history whish you seek, go to the museum. It is 3 blocks to the left of here, and you'll get more history then you'd ever like to."

Adam looked at MM, “We should get going then.” MM nodded walked outside to get the car. Adam thanked Juse and drove with MM to the museum. On the left they saw the gigantic building of the forum member updates. Adam was hit by a beam of nostalgia.

"When Trys started it, I would never have known that it would become so....huge!" said Adam.

MM was not listening, "That was the second block! Where is that museum? All I see is MC's....don't tell me. They made a museum in the form of MC's face. The longer I am here, the longer I think that I've never should have escaped from Paperaz." His voice was filled with bitterness.

MM once again parked the car in an employees only spot Adam sighed and felt like travelling with MM wasn't a good idea.



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 Post subject: Re: An Admin's Story
PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:14 pm 
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Adam and MM entered the main hall. It was filled with expositions made in the art forums. Adam walked up to the information counter and asked where the history tour could be found.

The lady at the counter replied happily, "You're in luck, the next tour begins right now. Go to Mr. Kirbyfighter over there and he'll give you a private tour."

MM didn't even wait until Adam returned. Adam looked around and saw him already chatting with Kirby. Adam walked up to the two to hear what they were saying.

"Well, you see. Me and my friend over there would like to hear about the history of the forums."

Kirby looked at him confused, "Why are you acting so weird Mariomesser? I know that that's Adam so whats with the hiding?"

MM was stunned, but quickly recovered. "You haven't been working too much lately. Do I need to complain at your boss?"

Kirby nodded and said "Ok ok, I get it. But doesn't Adam..." MM slapped Kirby so fast that no one noticed.

"We're undercover. Now hurry up and show us the exposition! "

Kirby led them into the first chamber, "What part do you want to see so much?"

MM smiled, "You know, I'd love to se how this museum depicts me.

Kirby frowned, "Are you sure?"

MM hesitated, "...yeah, I think so."

Kirby sighed and said, "Ok then...well I don't think that you're gonna be happy about this ...
Kirby hesitated and tried to buy himself some time. "What about the part when MC.."

MM cut him off and said annoyed, "I-want-to-see-my-part-NOW!"

Kirby acted nervous and stepped in front of MM, "You don’t want to.."

MM pushed him aside and walked into the room he was blocking. What he saw, was so apalling that he couldn't talk. In fact, he exploded with rage.



"WHAT THE ---- IS THIS!" Adam entered and saw multiple statues of MM in different poses.

The first was MM aiming a machine gun at an unarmed swimmer. The second showed him beating up Snertzy, an old friend. The don't wanna know. And it went on and on.

MM was silent. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally spoke. " how MC portrays me in a museum? This is how he thinks about me?"

Suddenly, someone stood behind them. They hadn't noticed at all. "Freeze! Show me your hands and turn around slowly."

Adam turned around and saw two police officers pointing their guns at them. "You too, Mr. tall guy!"

MM, turning to look at the officers he suddenly, found an outlet for all the anger he had just collected, turned around and immediately roundhouse kicked one of the cops in the face, knocking him against his partner.

Adam was surprised, but didn't have time to think about it, as he saw the two agents standing up again. He kicked the first in the privates and smashed the second with two fists together, knocking him out for good!

MM smiled at Adam, "Nice combo!"

Adam didn't smile back, "We need to get out of here! MC's employees are gonna be all over us if we don't move!"

" are we gonna do that without getting too much attention?"

Adam looked around and saw nothing helpful.

"Adam, look!" MM opened a safety door, witch set off an alarm. They heard sudden shouts coming from the main hall, as everybody tried to leave as fast as possible. Adam wanted to ask MM if he were insane, but instead chose to followed MM which had already started to descend from the stairs outside the building. Just before he reached the door, the last guard blocked his path, with his gun drawn.


Adam noticed that the guard was shaking, and decided that he could try something. "AAAAAAAARGH!" Adam yelled as hard as possible and punched the shocked guard with his left fist. He then descended and saw that MM had already started the car.



JoeBanana shook like an leaf on a windy day when MC pointed his attention to him. "Hurry up!
Get back to the rules and guard the prisoners! I want no escapees! EVER AGAIN!"
Joe nodded and ran away, feeling nervous about his current situation to the max.

MC turned around and ordered Cap. "Go live, and give descriptions of both! Get these culprits! Oh…and report that I'm going to the hairdressers today, so that the northern MC road should be clear of ANY traffic today!"

Cap left and went to his studio, he could not help but feel a little nervous.

"Change of plans. We need to report about the two escapees and MC's going to the hairdresser today!"

He sighed. His producer, Vincente, asked "What's wrong? Normally such a thing gets you thrilled and ready to report!"

Cap looked almost shame faced as he confessed, "Those two escapees. They are good friends. Old, but still good friends!"

Vincente nodded, "Yeah I understand. What are you gonna do about it?"
Cap once again sighed he felt completely helpless, "Pray. Hope. And listen to MC. I don't want to go to jail. And I don't think that not telling the people would help...I mean they already know about them. So....let's do this!"

Vincente frowned, but turned on the camera's anyway.

*back at the brawlers*

MM laughed, "You did some fine smashing back there! Where did you learn that?"

Adam didn't have time for the chit-chat, "Later, not now. First we need to leave these forums."

"How long is fruit by the foot?"

Adam wanted to ask him if he had one too many to drink, but noticed that MM had driven them to Juse's bar. In stead he asked, "Why are we back here?"

"Because Juse can help us...I hope, " said MM as he locked the car and crossed the parking lot.



 Post subject: Re: An Admin's Story
PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:02 pm 
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Juse looked at the two brawlers and once again pointed to the flat screens. Once again, Cap was on. This time however, he looked far more nervous.

"And-nd-nd here are the descriptions of the culprits who claim to be Adam and Mario Messer. They are highly dangerous criminals who stop at nothing to get what they want. If you see them, contact the police immediately."

MM watched in disbelief. If this was a anime, his jaw would have dropped onto the floor.


He yelled gibberish at Cap's image. It sounded like complete nonsense to Adam, until he realized that MM was Dutch. Adam assumed that MM was so angry that he had forgotten where he was and shouted furiously in his own language.

MM calmed down after 3 more minutes of yelling, and joined Juse at the counter

"We need some help, getting out of general chat. I hoped that you had something that could help us...please?"

Juse sighed and thought about it for a moment. She said nothing, and led them to the back room.

It was a giant, unorganized mess. Stuff, from what seemed a thousand travels around the entire forums lay around randomly.

Juse was talking to herself: "Let's see. Where did I leave them? I must've left them somewhere around here..."

She was focussing so much that she didn’t notice MM stealing things and stuffing them in his stolen backpack

“And this! And that! And thatta too! This could help! Oh and how about this?” he said excitingly.

Before Adam could wink, three reflectors appeared out of nowhere, levitating just before Juse. She grabbed them with one hand and gave one to Adam, and flung the other towards MM’s face.

MM grinned, and caught it in mid-air. “Thanks a lot Juuuuse!” He said, just to annoy her.

Juse explained to them how to use it, while secretly grinding her teeth. "Just tap the button in the middle and point at the place where you want the reflector field. It can only take a few hits or hold out a while before it vanishes, so time it wisely!"

She then walked up to a bigger shape, covered in some kind of giant blanket, and spoke again. "Blazeens Stormens!" The blanket lifted from the shape and revealed an Airwing, looking as if it was taken straight from the Star Fox games

MM stopped and looked at the airwing "Nice one Juse! I knew that we could count on you! So...who's flying?"

"I am. " said Juse as she took the pilot's seat.

"Wait a minute! An airwing is a two seater, and we're with three! How is that gonna work?" MM asked

Juse looked at MM and smiled, as he suddenly felt very uncomfortable

When everyone got in place, the airwing took of, just fitting through the back door. Juse accelerated and pulled the flightstick up, leaving the city behind her. The police was too stunned to act, but the army had something up their sleeve…



Adam was sitting behind Juse, still feeling thrilled by the fast ascent.

"Nice takeoff. But tell me, where did you get an airwing?" he asked, curiously

Juse smiled. "This is Slippy's. No one noticed that it got missing. Falco might have helped a bit."

Adam laughed, for the first time since he had returned. At the same time he felt very relieved that they got away so easily.
He looked to the left and saw a radar with a red dot getting closer to the middle

"What's that?"

"What's what....Adam...we have a problem." Juse said seriously. "It seems that MC has launched a homing rocket at us.

Adam looked at left in fear. He saw a blue-yellow rocket homing in on them

"It seems? DO SOMETHING" he yelled.

Juse looked back at him, annoyed "SHUT UP! I CAN´T FOCUS WITH YOU YELLING!"

The silence returned, and Juse focussed on the flying. She was desperately thinking of a way to escape.

Suddenly, a voice with a thick Texan accent yelled "DO A BARREL ROLL! PRESS Z OR R TWICE!"

Juse once again looked threatening at Adam, but stopped as he was just as surprised as her.

Then she realized that it wasn't Adam when they heard "HEY YOU! ARE YOU DEAF! I SAID Z OR R TWICE!"

She doubted for a second, but Adam yelling `DO IT!` woke her up

Juse found the Z button and smashed it twice. The plane did a barrel roll, and....nothing happened. The rocket kept moving in, and was not more than 3 feet away.

"That didn't help!" Juse said

"TRY A SOMERSAULT! HIT THE UP-C BUTTON!" the Texan voice yelled

The Airwing accelerated and made a fast somersault, as if it was in a looping. They were now flying behind the threat


Juse opened fire on the now vulnerable rocket. It exploded, shattering its steel hulk into thousands of tiny pieces.

Adam doubted if he should congratulate Juse, or wonder where the voice came from.

"Ok, I've had it. We're landing in the holiday forum. I am not seeing more rockets, but I'm not going to take such risks any more!"

The Airwing dove below the clouds where a beautiful panorama sight appeared. One of little villages, surrounded by mountains. Suddenly it was in the middle of the night, even through they left just after noon. Juse looked for a landing lane as she slowed the decent by throwing open the brake flaps


CHAPTER 11- Saving Private Adam (from a witch, by a fanatic)

soon.....the madness will start soon....just you wait...


 Post subject: Re: An Admin's Story
PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:21 pm 
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(this chapter may contian some faults, but my keyboard flipped once again)

She helped Adam out, and wanted to go to the back of the plane. The sight stopped her in her tracks.

It was a beautiful view of little villages on mountains, with every little house being decorated with Christmas lights. The spirit of Christmas was everywhere and just looking at it made you feel all fuzzy inside. In the middle of the biggest village was a giant decorated Christmas tree, lighting its entire surroundings. Even though they left just before the sun reached it’s highest point, here the moon was high and it shined white light on the lake next to them, making it look like thousands of sparkling crystals.

She opened up the luggage space, only to be greeted by a swarm of words witch I won’t note here.

Reluctantly, she helped MM climbing out of there. The expected follow up swearing never came.

`Thank…you.` MM muttered

Just as the argument seemed to be buried, MM felt how cold it was outside and complained ´JEEZ ARE US! Out of all the places we could’ve flown to, it had to be Freezeeey Peaks!`

`Well maybe if you and Adam would’ve told that you would return with the army chasing you, I could have prepared some more!`

The aforementioned admin stopped the argument by standing between them, and slapping MM and Juse on the backs of their heads.

`Thanks boss`


`You really don´t get it?´

´What am I supposed to get about you thanking Adam for hurting you?`

`It´s a ref..`

`Will you two turtledoves shut up please?`

Juse looked at Adam for a second, and then looked back. One second too long. MM had prepared a snowball earlier and covertly hid it behind his back.

He yelled `FORE!!!` and laughed as the snowball exploded on the side of Juse´s face

´Why you…Moveitup Iceystuff Ballus`

10 perfectly round snowballs floated up, and attacked MM and Adam. MM managed to dodge three, but adam caught them all…with his face.

MM and Adam crossed looks

`30 minutes of base building!`

Juse had her magic as a great advantage over MM and Adam, but it decreased when they started teaming up.

He fort rose quickly, as Juse magically formed blocks of dense snow and placed them on top of each other.

Adam started out with forming a heap of snow, to take cover from incoming snow. But then he noticed that MM had picked out a strategically mutch better position, witch elevated above Adam´s heap and Juse´s fort.

Knowing that he wouldn’t stand a chance against Juse alone, he teamed up with MM

Adam helped MM by forming snowballs, while the messer himself worked on the defenses.

Finally, Juse magically enhanced her voice. ‘The time is up!’. She started her bombardement with the snow flying towards them. It collapsed on their left flank, merely adding snow to it

Adam jumped back when he saw the giant chunk of snow flying towards them.

MM stood up and taunted Juse “HA! HA! IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT?”

A smile was all he got as a reply. And maybe the 20 simultanious snowballs flying at them.
He quickly retreated into his base, and suggested his plan to Adam.

“ seems stupid...but still, what do we have to lose. What movie were you suggesting?”

‘Just think of any D-day movie....or just yell like you’re insane’

“still, she has us outgunned!” said Adam, while ducking for the next wave of snowballs


Yelling like two fanatics, MM and Adam rushed out of their defenses, in their first attempt to break Juse’s defences.

After several charges, and recieving enough snow in their faces, they switched tactics. Well, actually MM ran away and Adam was left behind to defend the fort.

With MM gone, he had finally some time to execute his plan. The one MM was to busy to listen to.


“How about this?”

Chunks of snow flew at him again. Adam stood stationary, waiting for the blow.
In time, he pulled out his reflector and turned it on
Adam had been right. The snow bounced off and returned to sender, effectively blocking Juse’s following bombardments by destorying the source

That wasn’t the last part of her problems. As if reinacting Lord of the Rings, MM stood on top of one of the nearby hills.

“Come out Juse! You do not want me to use it!”

“Use what?”

“I suggest you evacuate”

“I suggest you give up! All your base is nearly destroyed!”

“Ok Juse, we give up!” Adam said, looking at the zounds of snowballs Juse had floating behind her.

“NEVER!” MM yelled, and disappeared out of sight.

“What is he doing?”

Adam raised his shoulders “Beats me”


MM pushed the log with he had been stripping over the edge

Initially, Juse was suprised, but couldn’t hold her laughing as MM’s log stopped moving after a feet.

“Now or never” MM said, not minding possible risks of his next move

He jumped over the edge, and landed standing on the log.

Juse’s smile disappeared. She quickly jumped out of her defenses and started running until she reached a safe distance

The log started to move because of MM’s impact. MM’s weight further accelerated it to a more then sufficent ramming speed.

He jumped off just before the blast. And what a blast it was.

Juse had stacked her bricks so close to each other that there was no space to absorb the shock on the left corner.

The fell apart, as the two waves went through it, pushing the blocks aside. The waves met on the other side and put so mutch force on the last line of blocks that they simply exploded into shards of ice.

MM did a victory dance and imitated a jingle ‘DOMINO DAAAAAY....THA THA!’

He quickly shut up as not only did his joke missed target completely, but Adam and Juse were still trying to figure out what just happened.


 Post subject: Re: An Admin's Story
PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:01 pm 
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Chapter 12- Boardgames and Wargames

When the amazement had disappeared, Juse was the first to jawn

“Let’s go find some place to sleep. I’m tired!”

Without saying anything, MM and Adam followed her towards them main village, witch appeared to be empty

Juse knocked on the door of the first house that they saw. No one answered.

MM bashed the door, and found that it was open (by crashing and tumbling into the living room). The house looked lively enough, but there was no one who lived in it for a while.

MM, Juse and Adam split up and searched for something useable.
Juse descended into the basement and found all sorts of food, stacked onto each other. MM tried to light the fire as Adam was moving pieces of furniture towards itto make it cosy.

When MM was done, he looked if he could help out Juse in the kitchen. She sent him away to wait at the fireplace, not able to use his clumsyness

Adam sat by the fireplace, enjoying the comfort of his chair.

“Never thought that a simple fire could be so…entertaining!” he said.

MM sat next to him and looked at Adam.

“Can you imagine Adam?”

“Imagine what?” Adam asked

“This morning, I was in jail, hoping that I would see Senny someday…I had a life sentence, yknow. Then, on one random day witch seemed to be just like all the others, you pop up. We escaped, and now we’re relaxing at a fire place! Strange where your life can go sometimes.”

Juse walked to the third chair, carrying 3 giant glasses of hot chocolate, and handed them out. She put hers down, and walked back to the kitchen.
She came back, carrying a board game. The next hour passed like they were in the allways perfect world of commercials.

*meanwhile, in Cap’s studio*

“And that’s the last broadcast for today. I’m captain 1986 and this was MC news!” said Cap as the studio lights slowly dimmed and the offpaw played. He waited untill Vincente gave him the off-air sign and walked to his private dressing room.

“Why is the light on? I’m sure that I...”

He was interupted by MarioandLuigi’s voice, witch said.
“Finally you’re here. Hurry up, get in here and be sure that you lock the door!”

Cap closed the door behind him to see ML sitting in his chair.

“ML! Have you got news....about them?” he said, preparing for the worst.

After pausing for effect, ML finally told Cap what happened.
“Adam and MM went to the museum. They fought some of the guards after they got exposed, and then fled to Juse for help.
When I first herd it, I thought that it was the stupidest thing you can do in their situation.
So I sent all we got to Juse’s bar. Direct order. Anyway, when we got there, out of nowhere an Airwing takes off and flies out of range. MC then ordered to fire a homing missile, assuming that Adam was in that Airwing.”

Cap held his breath. “They’ve escaped.”

He felt relieved of the fear that Adam and MM were dead. “Thank heavens!”

He looked up and thanked his Lord in silence. After he was done, ML continued. “MC is furious. He wants them dead, and sent the army towards the south in search of them.

Cap was in a shock. “The army? Invading the holiday forums, with christmas being only a few weeks away? That’s insane! He is gonna lead us into a war someday!”

ML sighed. “Cap. You need to know.”

‘Whatever it it, tell me!” he replied without thinking.

“He IS going to lead us in a war. Last week, he ordered me to create an detailed invasion plan for every forum!”


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CHAPTER 13- Super Adam Brothers 3- World 6

Adam woke up, and saw that MM was gone. He looked around, untill he herd some noise in the kitchen.

MM and Juse were already awake, waiting for him.

´Goodmorning MadmanAdam!` joked MM as Adam sat at the table.

`Did you sleep well?` Juse asked.

`Haven´t slept better since a year ago!` Adam said

After Juse made some breakfast (and prevented MM from blowing it up), they sat by the fire, deciding what they should do next.

`We can´t go back to GC, so...I say that we go south.`

MM added something to Adam´s statement. `If we´re going south, we’re going to the RPG collosseum.”

MM looked hopefully at Adam, who was thinking about the options that they had.
Adam sighed, and said “’s not like we got something else to do.”
Juse agreed, knowing that with MC’s current policies, her bar was now flattened and all her stuff was destroyed.

Adam took a walk, relaxing. Juse lighted the fire once again and MM was chopping down a small tree, using a old and rusty axe he found lying somewhere around. He was back early, throwing some broken sticks in the fire.

“That’s fast. How did you even get something done with that old axe of yours?”

MM looked down of shame , and uttered “Shaft.”

Juse smiled as she saw that MM was covertly holding the axehead in his right hand.

“I’ll think that I’ll go check on Arie. I do not know how Airwings...oh stop it you!” Juse frowned as MM was laughing at the fact that she named her Airwing Arie.

The tires were frozen and it didn’t look like they would ever fly again. Unfreezing them would lead to them overinflating and snapping, so there was no way that they would be leaving the Holiday forums anytime soon. She wanted to turn around, as she felt that someone had hit her with a snowball on the back of the head. She wanted to yell, move and even blink. Then Juse noticed that she was encased in a gigantic block of ice, witch had appeared within the blink of an eye.

She saw two wierd green-yellow figures in the distance, talking about her.

“Hey! That was a nice shot. I wouldn’t have got her from such a distance!” said the bigger one.

The smaller one walked with pride, and he grabbed Juse-in-Ice and carried her away above her head as if she was nothing.

Adam took a deep breath, and stepped on top of the rock that he was climbing. He was greeted by a beuatiful overlook of the valley and a really chilly wind . Nothing feels better than a good morning walk.

“Let’s see what MM and Juse are doing.”

Adam looked at their cabin, and saw MM frantically jumping up and down on top of a slim tree that he had bound to the ground.

Then Adam noticed what happened to Juse. He looked if MM could help her, but he was too busy jumping on the tree.

“HEY! HELP JUSE OVER THERE!” he yelled .

Adam looked around for the fastest way to decend, but he too felt an strange snowball hit him.

He struggled to move, but before he had noticed it, he too was trapped in ice.


He stopped and balanced himself on the tree, listening. He finally smiled when he herd something slowly crack.

“Yes! Come on...nearly there...wait a sec!”

MM turned around to see that the tree wasn’t cracking, but the rope witch bound it to the ground was.
“You double...”

The rope broke, and the tree swung back to its normal shape, launching the shocked MM backwards into the air. Adam saw MM flying and and hoped that he would land softly...or at least, not on...

MM crashed into the frozen Adam, freeing him from his icey prison.

“Err...thanks I guess...” Adam uttered. He stood up and gave MM a hand.

“C’mon, step it up! We gotta save Juse!”

MM didn’t realize what had happened to him, when he and Adam started to decend down to where Juse was abducted.

‘Why does Juse need saving?” MM asked. Adam facepalmed, and started walking faster, running ‘till they had reached Arie. No sign of her, anywhere. Adam did notice that there were a lot of awkward bumps in the snow around the landing lane that weren’t there when they landed.

MM kicked one of the bumps in a burst of anger. “Who does something like that!?! Who randomly frequently kidnaps people for no reason!?!?”

Adam pointed at the bump MM just kicked. The snow partially fell off revealing something brown beneath it

“You just answered your question.”

The goomba’s jumped out of their snow disguises and surrounded Adam and MM.

MM smiled. “Goombas. ORLY?”

“YARLY!” replied Adam.

“NO WAI!” yelled MM as he flattened the first goomba.

Even though the goombas fought fiercely, they were no match for Adam’s feet and MM’s....butt. Adam tried to follow the goomba tracks, but the steady falling snow had already covered them. “How are we gonna find her with the power going out...I mean with no clue where she was taken?” said MM.

Adam looked as if he had missed something.


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Chapter 14-How to save some one who doesn’t need saving but still is saved by a pair of saving saviors.

*meanwhile, in some standard dark prison tower in some standard boss fortress*

Juse moved her arms around, once again speaking in her magic voice.

“Vlammenvuurbal!” Both of her hands lit up in a red fiery blaze to melt the ice surrounding her legs.

“When I’m done and once again able to walk, some koopas are gonna DIE!”

Her anger fed the fire, witch sped up the process. When she was down to her feet, she jumped high into the air, and broke the ice.

“Let’s a go! Like the red plumber! Rondenplatenscherp!” Juse said, with the last part in her magic voice.

A sharp green ring appeared and cut the iron bars of the cell door with ease. She walked towards the end of the red-carpeted hall when she saw her first victim.

An armed koopa troopa saw her and ran for a big red button with “ALARM” written on it.

“You like freezing? Here is some ice for you! IJZELKOUDGEENHITTE!”

A cold aura hit the koopa at his legs, and froze him in a ball of ice. Juse looked outside to see that she was in the highest tower of the fortress.

“I’ve allways wanted to bowl, and this time I’m heading for a strike!”

She opened the door to the long stairway and pushed the iceball until it started rolling down the stairs, destroying everything that was in its way.

“If this was a movie, a random explosion would do just fine!”

Juse closed the door and descended untill she was at the ground floor.

Then said in all her fury “SWARZELLONE BOND!”
The prison tower exploded for no reason, leaving behind a yellow flare behind that was visible from miles away.

“What was that?!?” MM jumped as he saw the explosion. Adam smiled. “I guess that that’s Juse. Let’s go.” Adam walked towards the fortress like nothing had happened, while MM was running far ahead of him. “Pleasedontbedeadpleasedontbedead!”

Iggy Koopa spit out five fireballs, trying to hit the levitating Juse.

She dodged four of them and reflected the last. It hit Iggy in his face, only making him angrier.
He grabbed his wand and started to fire magic blasts at Juse. Juse pulled up a magic purple screen witch absorbed al the shot.

When Iggy paused to spit out more fireballs, Juse touched her screen and said “Richtbackatyah.” The Screen absorbed the magic and shocked Iggy inside out. He retreated back into his shell and started spinning around heavily.

Juse nearly got hit , as Iggy was a lot faster then she had expected.

The woman that defeated all the villains in a enemy fortress (minus one) without trying and had the power to summon giant random explosions, just got saved by the hyperactive Dutchlander.

He entered the room and kicked Iggy really hard, while he yelling: “DYNAMIC ENTREEEY!”. Iggy stopped spinning, and dashed at MM in fury.

MM jumped, and landed his arse on top of Iggy’s head.

Juse magically knocked over the axe at the end of the bridge, when she realized that she had made a big mistake.

Trying to kill someone for the last time before he died, Iggy tried to grab MM and push him into the lava first.
MM retaliated by punching him in the face, and used him for a platform.

“JUSE! HELP ME OUT HERE!” MM yelled as Iggy’s empty shell was being consumed by the lava.

Juse levitated towards MM. Once again she made a mistake, as MM nervously clung onto her legs “GET ME UP! GET ME UP! GET ME...!”

MM’s landing was quite rough, just as Juse wanted it to be. She shook him off just after they flew above solid ground.

“What was that for!?!”

“For taking me out of my concentration”

“Concentration! I knew it! You just ha...”

They both silenced at Adam’s entrance. “Did I miss anything?”

“No. Juse just beat them all when I came in. Let’s go.”



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Chapter 15 - Can we land?

MM was the last to awake this morning. He wasn’t a morning person, but he did wake up directly after he fell from the stairs. “ADAAAAAAMN!” he yelled. Juse looked at him, not knowing what to do. “Err...” MM slowly stood up and walked to the kitchen. This time, Adam was making the morning joke. “Goodmorning Breakaleg.” MM laughed really fake. “Ha ha ha. You’re so funny.” He looked at Juse and said: “I want to leave. I’ve seen enough snow and cold for the rest of my life. Let’s take...wha..?” The three looked in disbelief at the events that were unfolding right in front of them. Thousends of totally-armed soldiers ran from the hills, yelling battle cries as they descended. Juse looked at Adam and MM, knowing that she had no choice. She started Arie while MM and Adam grabbed some reserves from the basement. The soldiers were getting close when Adam pushed MM into the luggage space and took a seat behind Juse, witch was doubting the consequences. Doubting time was over when Adam pushed the launch button to flee the Holiday forums. Juse waited untill the ground wasn’t visible any more, before she started explaining that staying there and getting captured, was a better option than the one that Adam had taken.

ML received his first report fifteen minutes after lunch.
“Speak up.”

StupidMarioFanChar brought him the “bad” news. For ML in the role of “loyal to MC MarioandLuigi” it was bad news. For the real ML, it was the best thing that he has herd in weeks.

“They’ve escaped once again. And I have even worse news, sir!” she said

ML acted out his role of the angry commander perfectly

“Dangit! What now? Isn’t it bad enough that they’ve escaped?!?”

SMFC feared for her job, but knew that she had to say it. “According to the radars, they are not stopping in The Series.”.

ML frowned. “That means that we need to invade them first! That takes weeks to get it done! You can go. Oh and if you screw up like this again, you will be spending some time in the rules!”

Upon hearing that comment, SMFC quickly bowed and ran away .

Inside ML, there was a little voice witch said: “Go Adam Go!”. The “fake” ML stayed in character and pushed a vase of flowers over while swearing

Juse sighed.

Adam asked “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy that we made it out of there?”

Juse sighed again.

“Yes and no. Yes, we aren’t chained to a wall waiting for someone to interrogate us. No, because...we will most likely crash upon landing.”

Adam looked like she was making a joke. A really wierd and sick joke, that is.

“Adam! I’m serious! I wanted to tell you, but through what happened last night...”

“What do you want to tell me? The Airwing landed fine the last time.”

“The wheels were frozen over night. I was happy that we even moved! Seems like they can take off....but there’s no way that they will take a landing. Luckily it’s cold here above, but when we get close to the ground...BANG!”

Adam shivered. “Then..what are we gonna do?”

Juse waited untill she got an idea, but in the end she said:
"Let's keep flying as far as possible. I don't think that MC is just gonna stop just at the Christmas Corner Forums"

Adam nodded. "Yeah."

*meanwhile, in a space far to small for the average Dutchlander*

"Yay! I have no reason to say yay!"

MM was slowly turning insane, oh wait, he always was like that

"Always gonna take you down, always gonna sneak around, and hurt you!"

That's pretty much what happened during their 6 hour flight to The Video Game Zone!


The landscape around them changed for the 11th time as they passed through the connection to the Video Game Zone. In fact, the landscape disappeared totally. They were flying in space, with all kinds of planets around them.

Adam felt lucky about the fact that they had an Airwing, imagine what would've happened when they would've ran through the portal, and... He didn't want to continue, and let out a great sigh.

Juse looked all around her for a planet witch they could land on. Tough luck. Most of them were too hot, isolated or simply impossible to land on. Half of them were asteroids.

Then, Juse herd a buzzing sound that she had heard before. When it ended a loud, robotic voice filled the cabin

"This is a message to the one who lives in Nose."

The rest of the message was gibberish, but something about it that sounded strangely....familiar. Adam connected the dots first.

"MM yelled some of these words in GC. It’s Dutch. Can you record it?”

Juse nodded and pushed a button and the message played again, this time sounding even stranger.

Halfway through it was interrupted by another buzzing sound. Adam looked at Juse as if she was doing something, but she wasn't.

"GIVE ME MY ARIWING BACK YOU THIEVES!" a really annoying voice yelled

Juse looked surprised. She didn’t remember Slippy being so stupid that he didn’t know how to spell Airwing.

They were flanked by two Airwings, a third one was trying to keep up, but it went all over the place.

Adam smiled. "Fox, Falco, and Slippy."

Juse quickly took the smile from his face. "They’re attacking!"

The airwing started to roar loudly as Juse dodged the two rays of blaster shots, and the third ray of missed shots.

Falco gave Fox a sign and waited for a confirmation. When he did, he pushed a purple button. The launch system below his Airwing started to unfold, and launched something made of glass at Juse’s Airwing

"Gas canister!" Adam yelled.

The canister of gas penetrated the glass and released it’s sleepy gas inside. The cockpit was filled with the purple gasses.

Juse felt her muscles trying to relax, but her mind was staying awake trying to land the plane.

She yelled to stay awake. While trying to orientate herself, she hit a green button. The Airwing dropped an EMP bomb witch would disable all radars and communications for a while it also stayed up long enough to give Juse time to land unseen.

The wheels held it because of the fact that it was a cold vacuum outside. The last she saw just before she fell into a deep sleep were grassy surroundings and a round blue door.

MM woke up just after the bomb exploded. Since he had nothing worry about during flight and the luggage space was completely isolated from the cockpit, he had good night’s sleep without any gas being used

"What?!? Can't I sleep like someone in a coma?"

He then felt the landing, and waited for Juse or Adam to get him out of there.

After about 15 minutes, he tried to get out of there. After some wiggeling, MM positioned himself so that he could ram the door with his feet

After 4 hard kicks, MM saw a little hole in there. A wrong move, he later found out The air inside the space was released into the vacuum outside.

The hole ripped open and MM flew outside as if he was hit by a explosion in a cheesy action movie.

He landed flat on his face and tried to yell of annoyance, but noticed that he couldn't.
He was choking to death!

MM calmed down, and forced himself to look around, to find out where he was. He panicked as he recognized where he was. *If I don’t die from suffocation, the monsters will surely finish me! ADAM! JUSE! HEEEELP!

He ran to the front of the airwing when he noticed the empty gas canister. Juse lay face down on the joystick, and Adam didn’t look mutch better.

"THEY ARE DEAD! THEY ARE DEAD!" he tried to yell.

Nothing came out of his mouth, his time was running out.

Then he saw the yellow spaceship, witch had landed nearby. He recognized it, and knew that it was his ticket to safety. He jumped on top of it (using the low gravity) and went down the shaft.

Nearly a minute after he "flew" out of the cramped space, he breathed again, this time, inside the space ship. He didn't know that he had set off a silent alarm, and that the owner of the ship was returning for him. MM was to busy thoroughly enjoying every breath he took. He stood up, when the gears in his head started working again.

“They’re dead. Dead. ....” MM sat in silence, not knowing what to do. Slowly, the tears started rolling. Even though their adventure together was quite short, he both knew them longer. Way longer. Time didn’t matter anymore, as it simply seemed to stop.

Something stopped his sobbing. A pair of metal-on-metal clanks. Someone with metal feet was nearing him.
He stared up at some sort of alien robot. It had a yellow body and a red head.
MM was dumbstuck as the robot’s beautiful green eyes went over him.

The eyes of a woman. First they were full of hatred, but confusion stuck as soon as she saw him in the state witch he was in right now. In front of him, stood a bounty hunter that he knew.


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She removed her helmet. “Why…are you crying?” she said, obviously not used to people crying.

“BECAU….” MM forced himself to calm down “because two friends just died outside!”

“Oh my God...witch I don’t believe in! I’ve got to bury them!” He took a deep breath, and prepared to rush outside, and risk his life again.

Samus stopped him in his tracks “You can’t go outside! There’s no air and monsters are close!”

MM wanted to yell, push the armoured women away and run outside. In stead he backed down into a corner, and started crying again...

END OF CHAPTER (the real end)

Adam yawned. Nothing makes him feel better then a good night’s sleep....on a cold, hard and metal floor. Wait what? He opened his eyes a little, and then closed them in shock. Two near-identical robots, yellow and red, were staring at him. He herd two pair of metal clanks near him, indicating that they were close.

Within one swift move, Adam had stood up and kicked the yellow robot in the privates. The robot fell over and stayed down. The other robot had grabbed Adam’s still-kicking leg and threw him off balance. It then forced him to the ground, holding his arms behind his back.

Adam struggled for a while, until he saw Juse staring at him as if he were crazy. “What do you think you’re doing?!?”


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“I’m trying to get free from the grip of this evil enemy robot!”

The yellow robot stood up, and the red one released Adam

“That was a nice kick.” She said

“Samus? Then, who’s..”

“Remember me?” MM took of the yellow helmet

Adam simply grinned. “Yes I do. Meme joke I presume?”

“E3 2009. Mysterious black dude.”

“Oh yeah! ....mind explaining me what happened?”

“We just saved you. Nothin’ mutch”

“....Juse, what is the damage?”

“Severe glass damage and engine malfunctions. Inable to fly any further.” She said, in a spock-like fashion.
“What are we going to do?”

“You three” Samus said coldly “are going to wait here until I return. Then i’ll drop you off somewhere.”

She put her helmet back on, not noticing the trademarked LadyJuse “evil idea” smile

“Samus! Do you want money? Technically we don’t have any, but we know where you can get some!”

“What do you want?”

“A little assistance breaking in, to get another Airwing. All the collected bounty is yours, and we’re off!”

Juse’s plan worked without any problems. Samus contacted the StarFox crew, telling them that she had captured the three Airwing thieves and wanted some bounty for them.

While she and Fox negotiated about a price, Falco lead them to the holding cells.

“Get your airwing and join Samus. She gets much more money then Fox, and there are less people to get a share. Now go. You don’t want to see what follows.”

Juse gave another one of her evil smiles to MM, as Falco ran away.

“Guess who helped me “steal” Slippy’s airwing.”

“Ok, now to break out. “SCHWARZELLONE BOND” she snapped her fingers five times, witch were followed by 5 explosions around the spaceship.

Samus got the sign, as she shot the baffled Slippy in the back. Fox immediately jumped for cover and returned fire.

“LETHALLAVALAND!” The iron bars in front of her began to heat up, and simply melted into a pool of hot iron. Juse stopped the spell and the iron returned to a normal temperature

Adam took the lead as they headed downstairs to the flight deck, where the battle took place.

Samus loaded a charged shot and fired it at Fox. He reflected it, but not directly at Samus. In stead it headed right for the door to the cells

Adam opened it, and had no time to react. The ball of energy hit him in his stomach. He stumbled back and fell down the stairs. Juse caught him halfway


she laid him down and tried one of her healing spells . It had no effect, because she couldn’t focus. Looking at Adam’s burnt shirt took her to a different world

Finally, MM pulled her back to our world, but not forgetting a meme joke ‘THERE IS NO TIME! GET ARI TWO SET FOR LIFTOFF! ILL TAKE ADAM!”

She ran towards Fox’ ariwing, ignoring the shots fired around her.

MM wanted to wait until one of the two got hit. But Adam’s current state forced him to take action. He dragged Adam’s motionless body to the Airwing and lifted him in.


MM opened the trunk, to find that it was filled. “Oh crap oh crapohcrapohcrap! Where do I go where I do go?”

To his surprise, he found a better spot....even though it would turn out to be a worse spot later on!


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Juse fed Adam the rations, and resumed her duty

“A doctor! Come on! There has to be a video game doctor somewhere...”

Then it stuck her. There was a doctor nearby! Immediately the plane roled over to the left, and flew at full speed.

It was quite unusual to fet visitors for this doctor. Not only was his office located in the middle of nowhere, but no one even knew that he was alive

The airwing, as he recognized it, landed on the grass in front of his house/office

“I wonder who that is...maybe Slippy?”

The pilot, a woman, stepped out and let someone else out of the...back?

“Is that...MM? What’s he doing here?”

The state of the person they were assisting , immediately explained that

MM and Juse were relieved by the two...near identical doctor that took Adam inside the operation room. The locks closed, and the surgery started.

MM attempted to sit down “And now we can finally relax!”

Juse yelled in anger “Relax? HOW CAN YOU RELAX WITH ADAM HAVING A SURGERY?!?”




A third yell stopped the fight “WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP! WE CAN NOT WORK WITH THIS NOISE!”

MM and Juse both looked down in shame

“...sorry” Juse was the first to speak

“I understand, but there’s nothing we can do for him now. We’ll just have to wait.”

The following hour(s?) passed in silence. Juse paced back and forth, while MM lay down and stared up at the floor

The door opened, and a docter walked over to them.

“He’s okay. We’ve removed the burnt skin tissue and checked for further wounds. A rib broke, but it didn’t puncture his lung. It’s now back in place”

Juse hugged MM, and he hugged her back

“Can we see him?”

“Yes. I’m sure that he’ll awake any second now. But i’ve got to warn you, he may experience side-effects from the medications.”

He led them to Adam’s room, and left them alone.


(ended....but not finished...hopefully more)


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Adam didn’t move a muscle, and MM moved closer

“SPARTA!” he yelled

Now Adam had moved, he stood up on his bed and punched MM so hard that he hit the floor


“Don’t-EVER-do-THAT-again!” was all he got back from him

Juse first checked if MM was okay (all that got dent were his feelings for Adam), and then hugged Adam. She didn’t got punched, but pushed away.

“I’m fine” he grumbled, and descended from his bed, not even looking at MM who slowly got up...mostly from shock

Adam walked outside (after refusing help from Juse) and stared at Dr. Mario, throwing pills in a pot.

“Oh great! Great job guys! I get shot and where do we go? The worst doctor in the WORLD!” he yelled

“Oi mate, he didn’t save ya, i did!” a thick austrialian accented voice said. The owner of that voice, a porty, and slightly longer then the original Dr. Mario said. Dr. Mario guy walked over to Adam

“How ar ya feelin’?” he asked

“Fine. Thanks by the way”

“No problem, mate”

“Must have been hard, operating me, while Mario throws pills in a pot”

“No no! He helped!”

“He?” Adam shouted in suprise “He can’t do anything?”

Dr. M was getting sick of Adam. “Yes he can. I’ll show you! Mario! 5 grams of hydotoxin and 40 milligrams of Fluorine! To him!” Dr. M pointed at Adam

The real doctor mario turned around and opened his coat. It was filled with pills. He selected two, threw them up in the air and thwacked them right into Adam’s mouth. The velocity was so big, that Adam had no choice but the swallow them

“What the #@%$ was THAT?”

“My extra special anti-flu mixture” Dr. M smiled


MM walked over to Dr. M “Don’t worry. He’s just having one of those pregnancy mood swings!”

Adam returned “THAT JOKE IS OLD!”

“JUST AS OLD AS YOUR MOTHER!” MM yelled back, feeling good

Adam was silent. He walked over to MM and kicked him where it hurts


Adam replied, with another punch to the face. MM got his hand half way and twisted it around. Adam twisted around with it and kicked MM in his side. MM pulled his blaster

Juse had enough “TIMUM SPLITTARS QUATRO!” A force field knocked both fighters back, and MM’s blaster fell on the ground

“That’s enough!”

“Indeed it is. Good day, egotripper admin!” MM grabbed his backpack and started walking down a road

“Juse...Doctor. Stay here! I’ll make up with him!” Adam ran outside and chased MM...for 5 seconds. He give MM’s back the finger, and returned.

Juse was standing in the middle of the room. “What are you doing Adam?”

“Who needs MM anyway...all he does is”

Adam didn’t see the slap, but he sure felt it burn on his cheeks.

Dr. M had enough. “STOP IT! YOU TWO SIT DOWN!” he pointed at Adam and Juse “I’m making diner.”


 Post subject: Re: An Admin's Story
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Next chater- Guilt kicks in

Adam calmed down. The medicines were at the end of their run. Though, his anger towards MM didn’t stop.

He simply enjoyed the food. Rice with chicken in a sour souce.

Silence ruled the conversation. No one really was in the mood for talking, untill

‘So, and where did MM go? Kirby’s adventure, Tetris or might be Luigi’s Mansion?

“Well i’ve seen him walk down a path that ended in dark woords”
Dr.M face immediately lost all happiness and showed concern

“He..did take the left path, didn’t he?”

Adam thought about it, but lied “Yes. He went left!”

“Phew. He went to Luigi’s mansion. Seeing that he’s a big luigi fan, he’ll have no troubles survivaling there.”

Curiously, Juse asked ‘What’s left then?”

“Castlevania. I wouldn’t go there unless I had an army with me. It’s really, really dangerous out there!”

Adam tried not to be nervous, but Juse and Dr. M noticed

“Are you SURE he went left?”


Juse stood up, ready to punch Adam so hard that his head fell off

Dr M stopped her in her tracks. “No! There are more important matters now!”

Adam was still trying to cover himself

“It’s mariomesser witch we are talking about. He’ll simply blast through that horde of zombies or whatever is in there. Don’t....”

MM’s blaster still lay on the ground.

“N-N-No.” He staggered. MM could be dead..and it could have been all his fault...

he stood up, determined “We’ve got to save him. Come on Juse, we’ll use the airwing and search for him!”

They both rushed outside, hearing Dr. M yell “THAT’S THE SPIRIT! NOW GO GET HIM...or something!


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