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Amusing My Heart

Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:17 pm

Author's Note: This was inspired by a dream I had last night. My creative brain elaborated it a bit though.

I sunk my head into my best friend's lap, my heart bleeding on her pants. Well, not literally. I sobbed openly, feeling the pain every second richeting in my chest. Kelsey knew this old song and tune. I had been dumped. Again. This had been my longest relationship, lasting two years. I guess that is why it hurt that much. Or maybe because I thought it was real love this time. Or perhaps the fact that I would be graduating in two months. All I knew at this moment was the agony. Kelsey handed me a tissue. I blew my nose and dragged my head up. This had been going on for 30 minutes in her car parked in our driveway. We lived together-our parents being crappy and the government being graceful enough to give us our freedom. That was what I felt with Kels-free. She never thought I was a screw up, she never judged me and was always there to pick me up. If she ever woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to hid a body for her, I would. She wasn't just my best friend, she was my family.

It took a night of snotting my face out, a full bottle of Captain and 6 tacos to get me stabilized. So you can imagine my hesitation when Kelsey wanted me to go out with her the night after next. It was Sunday-supposedly the holy day. Still-Keles wanted to go out and party. But this wasn't our usual popsicle stand. Usually, we'd bar hop or go out art stalking on the weekends. We were both blossoming artists-me specializing in paint and Kelesy an amatuar tattooist. Well she had her certicate still with under a hundred jobs done. She had dragged out something stoic, a newspaper ad. Apparently, there was this new spot called, 'Amusement Park Apartments'. It claimed to have all the fun of an amusement park in an apartment building. The picture seemed to look more like a mansion, though. I wasn't buying it, but Kelsey was gun-ho for it.

"Come on, Amber. I know you're still in your grieving period-"

"Grieving period? I don't care about Kent anymore, Kelsey. I'm just having a shut-in period, ok? One of those every once in awhile is completely healthy."

She snorted then came back, "Maybe for healthy people, Am, but you're not healthy. You are an anti-social vamp when you want to be. And right now, if I don't do something soon, it will hit you real quick."

I sighed knowing she was right. No, I wasn't a real vampire, but that was how my personaity was at times when I was depressed. "Alright. But you're paying!" I shot that bullet because I saw it wasn't cheap. That should stop her in her tracks.

Kelsey smirked, then swiped a piece of paper in my face. "The ad came with free 2 passes!"

So that's why she wanted to go so bad. I groaned and stomped into my bedroom. I needed an hour to get ready, never knwoing what was promised in a Kelsey adventure. I would prepare not only hair and makeup, but supplies such as: munchies, money for booze and a back-up tshirt in case of vomit. Classic adventure time.

Re: Amusing My Heart

Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:18 pm

Author's Note: I hope the pacing in this next part is ok. I felt like I was even going a little slow, but I'm not sure.

Parking our Toyota in the lot, I was kinda surprised at the building. I guess what passed for apartments actually meant mansion. At least, that was what it appeared as on the outside. The parking lot was a few hundred yards from the entrancegate. Admission worked similar to a club situation. There were two people at the gate, who stamped hands after receiving payment. When we got in line, I could see that some people flashing passes like ours. Kels was giddy, while I was more on the cautious side. I was still processing Kent’s break up if I was to be honest. Why did Kelsey think this was necessary? Because of your mood swings, Am. Your stupid modd swings.

Although admission was free tonight, everything inside was not. If we bought drinks at a bar or some food, that was coming out of our pockets. Luckily, I had some in my booze fund. I wasn’t an alcoholic, just a social drinker. I drank if Kelsey wanted me to drink with her. Walking up on the sidewalk, we heard screams and giggles. Glancing up, we could see there was a pool on the roof. Of coure. Preppy girls in bikinis laid on pool chairs and saluted with what I assume fru-fru drinks. We were told there was a total of six fllors. The pool was obvious because of the bright lights and loud music. The six floors was also including the basement-which we were warned from strangers was the ‘stoner lounge’.
Kelsey and I had taken the stairs to the second floor, which was techinically the first floor to me. I wasn’t in the mood to mess with bud’friendly group.

After mentioning this to Kelsey she scoffed and added, “Don’t act like you don’t like bud, Ams. Besides, stoners are like bees, leave them alone they won’t bother you. My first priority is getting a long-island.”

The first floor (to me) did have a bar. The bartender sized us up as we sat down. “Evenin’ ladies, what can I get ya?”

Kelsey leaned in close, letting him get a look at her youtubes. “Can we get 2 long-islands?”

“Strawberry, apple or orange? Orange is the crowd’s favorite. It tastes like a screwdriver.”
“I’ll take strawberry and Ams-?”
“I’ll take orange, please.”

While our drinks were being prepared, I glanced around. The apprence of this floor was mostly the bar. There was a stage in a corner-probably for slam poetry or something. I also saw a piano close to there with a mic stand. There was a long hallway that was at least a few yards away. I thought they were hotel rooms or something. Quite odd, since admission was so high.

When my drink was served, I pointed towards the hallway, “What’s down that hallway?”
“That would be the F-Rooms.”
He sighed, “The rooms where anyone in this building can use. They’re use to uh-you know-f someone. The only rule is knock. If no one is using it, you’re free to use it.”
“WHAT?! Isn’t that-“
“Unsanitary? No. There are clean sheets in the closets. Also plenty of condoms. The apprence is basically that-a hotel room to do stuff in. Also, a red card is put on the door if used. I forgot that detail.”
I peeked again to see at least ten red signed doors. “Is being quiet also another rule?”
“Nope. Just common sense. We do get some screamers. Music is put on in the baar then.” The bartender replied after refilling Kelsey’s glass. I turned to see her on her second glass. Damn.
“Ams, why don’t you go exploring? I’m gonna stay right here…” She winked at the bartender.
I stared at him, wondering if he’d give Kels trouble.
“Don’t worry about her. I’ll cut her off after 4.” He winked at me instead of winking back at Kelsey.
“Aw, you’re no fun. What’s your name anyways?”
“Coby.” He tipped his cowboy hat at her. I rolled my eyes and swam into the sea of people. A blond took my seat and started to compete for Coby’s attention.

At the end of the very long F-Hallway, there was an elevator. The only rider, I made it to the seond floor. Getting off there, it had the qualities of a cheap, but decent restuant. I could smell spices, giving the smell of Spanish cuisine. Booths and tables were everywhere and people chatted away like it was Mcdonalds. The atmosphere of relaxation was think. I wasn’t hungry so I kept going to the third floor. The vibe of the last floor was to relax, while this floor sprayed excitement. I could have sworn it was a rave club. One particular spot of the room drew my eye. There was a blinking neon sign with keep up. Somehow, the floor was become smaller and smaller with the beat of the song. How could a dance floor even do that? The dancers couldn’t keep up to the beat and then out of nowhere, the floor expanded. The dancers wasn’t expecting this and fell on their feet. I laughed even though I probably couldn’t do better.

A guy leaned again the wall by the ‘Keep Up’ section. He was wearing a red and black checkered shirt, black jeans and was hot. He smirked at me to say, “Go ahead, try it’. I found his green-blue eyes mystifying. So, I walked up to the challenge. The game started off slow, giving lots of space to move. Then slowly, it picked up to dubstep sounding beats. I was still able to keep up. The pace picked up every more, then more. Soon there was a 4’inch sliver of space for me to move. The beat picked up once more, but I lost my footing. I began to fall backwards until someone caught me. A kiss was placed on the back of my neck, which alarmed me. I turned around, to see the guy who had been watching me when I cam in.
Panicing, I ran for the elevator.

Re: Amusing My Heart

Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:12 pm

Author's Note: I tried to put the thoughts in italic but when I pasted it into the reply box, it just went back to normal.

Before I could get to the elevator, my arm was grabbed. I turned around to see the same guy, smirking broadly. His grip was firm, but not as to harm me. I just wanted to go back to the ground floor to Kels. Her presence always calmed me, a smooth balm over the skin.
"Hey hey...no need to soar out of sight." He whispered. "I just wanted to say hello. My real name isn't important, most people call me Dark. What's your name, darlin;?"
Dark. What kind of a nickname is that? Well...I'm not going anywhere, so better play this cool. What's something I can give him.....
"Ok Dark, my name is Shadow." She pulled her arm out of his grip and grinned back at him. Take that.
"Glad to meet you, Shadow." He leaned in and laughed softly in her ear. His laugh blew a warm breeze that trickled down to her toes.
"What's so funny?"
"Put us together, we're a dark shadow."
Did I do that on purpose? I thought that would put him back a step....
"What do you want? If you're flirting with me, I'm not looking for a boyfriend."
"Honey, you'd never want me to fill that department." He took a moment to look her straight in the eye. Again, she got lost in the shades of blue and green."If I become anything to you, it will be more then a lousy boy-toy. If you accept me, I would protect you for life. There's something about you, Shadow. Something that draws my attention. I would like to get to know you better." He pushed past her and pushed the down button for the elevator. When the door opened, he gestued for her to go first.

They rode the elevator down to the ground floor, where Kelsey was still at the bar. I wasn't gone for more then ten minutes, I suppose. I made a beeline for the bar and asked, "How many has she had?"
Coby tipped his hat and replied, "Four. She's been cut off."

Kelsey glared at me. "Ams-"
Cutting her off I told her, "Who's Ams? Come on, I'm Shadow, Kels."
She rolled her eyes. "Fine Shadow, make him give me another drink!"
I shook my head and directed my attention to Dark. He kept grinning at me, then took a bar stool next to Kelsey. "Coby, can I get a red?"
Coby passed him one of the littering red signs. Dark then got up and looked at me expecting something. What? Did he seriously think I'd follor him to a F-Room? Hell no. I just met this guy.

"I'm not going in one of those rooms with you."
"It's not like that, Shadow. I just want to talk. Those rooms are the most private settings in the whole building. I promise, I just want to talk."


I turned to see Coby's stern look. "Yeah?"

"He's a resident of the grounds. He can not kiss you on the lips without your word of permission. The terms of residents have many conditions." He gestued to Dark. "I'm sure he will be willing to tell you the details. But, I want to reassure you. There is nothing he can do in that room without your verbal or written permission."

Kelsey jumped off her stool and grabbed my hand. "Don't go. This Jigglypuff sounds serious. I won't be able to keep an eye on you. Stay here."
"I should hear him out, Kelsey. He wants to talk, I want to listen. I will be fine. Just have a good time out here." I squeezed her hand and followed Dark. What rabbit hole was I falling into? On purpose?

Dark clasped my hand and pulled me into the closest room available. He kissed my hand, opened the door for me and stayed there until I stepped inside. He followed and closed the door behind him after putting the sign on the door.

Alright...what does he have to say?

Re: Amusing My Heart

Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:19 pm

Sorry guys I accidently posted under my husband's profile.

Re: Amusing My Heart

Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:30 pm

Coming into the room, I could see that there were two beds. If someone would have special hug in here, why would they need two beds?

Dark’s voice started her. “I know what you’re thinking. There is two beds because this is a resident’s room. I’m sure you didn’t see the R on the door.” He sat on one bed and gestured her to sit on the other.

Sitting down, I could see a tablet of paper on the nightstand. I waited for him to speak. He started pulling up a leg of his jeans and I could see a tattoo there. I could see a black four leaf clover, but every leaf had an intricate design in each leaf. One of the four leaves had a heart, a peace sign, a ying-yang and the last leaf with one single wave.

“The clover symbolizes wealth. This design was created by four of the residents. I created the leaf with the wave, which symbolizes the earth, since it’s mostly covered in water.”
“Why do you keep saying ‘residents’?”
He pulled down his pant leg. “Well, I don’t live here. But, I’m one of the people who helped create this place. One of us is the main architech, but we all play our part. You could say our group is like a fraternity.”
I spread out my hands, firing questions. “A fraternity with a huge fun house? Seriously, what is the purpose of this place? And why can’t you kiss me? And why did you show me that tattoo?”
He grasped one of my hands and studied my palm. “Do you find me interesting Shadow? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have come here. You wouldn’t have played my game of names. You are intrigued by me. Just like I am intrigued by you. I saw a spark within your essence. A spark I know you don’t show everyone, am I right?”

I can’t say anything. How could this man know so much about me? We have only met, but yet..he has seen my soul. He has glimpsed a part of myself I can’t even see half the time.

“How?” I barely whisper.

He laughs, the room becoming ligher with the sound. “Simple, I noticed you. I saw you laughing at one of the most simple things. Yet, that simple thing brought you joy. An event made you laugh. I bet if you opened up to the world, your joy would bathe other people with joy. But, you let your scars cover you in darkness. You don’t let the light within. I could lay everything out on the table about my people. Where would the mystery be in that?” He lets go of my hand and opens up a drawer. He reveals a pass on a lanyard. “If you are truly intrigued, come back. Talk with me a couple more times. If you are truly worth my time, if you truly are the one for me, I will explain.”

Re: Amusing My Heart

Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:35 pm

Author's Note: Sorry for writing in so long. Also, reading thoughthe story so far, I realized I accidently mixed up the points of viewI will try harder so that's doesn't happen again. Would love some feedback after this section, so I know what I'm doing right or wrong.

Thoughts of Dark tornadoed inside my brain. A few days had passed since our encounter-a Thursday afternoon of class. My last math course, Algrebra II, finished early. I now had 15 minutes to reach my independent art course instead of 5 minutes. The hallway seemed pretty bare around me. Dark was still on my mind.

I don't understand what he meas by if I was the one. I'm not looking for a relationship. I had started the conversation with that point, hadn't I? But does that even matter anymore? I'm being swept into another new ocean. I don't think I can say no if he asks. This is why too soon. Damn Kelsey for taking me out.

"Thinking of me, I hope."

I spinned around and as if I manifested him from my thoughts, Dark is standing there. "Dark? What are you doing here? How did you even know to find me?"

He strolls up and takes my sketch book and brushes from under my arm."Simple. I just chased the shadow behind the darkness." He just smirks at me for a minute, just like the first time. Then cracks a chuckle and continues, "Actually, more like a text chain. I texted Coby, who texted Kelsey, who in return texted me where to find you."

Damn. Damn Kelsey. That night she had not been sure about Dark. But, when you chat your roomate's ear off about a boy, she will do crazy things to shut me up. She and Coby were 'talking' at the moment. I knew where that usually ended up.

"I was thinking about you. I"m sorry, I feel this powerful pull from you and it scares me."
He places a strand of hair behind my ear. "Please do not be afraid. I feel like I am going slow, but obviously you don't feel the same. I can not kiss you until your consent, remember that."
"You can't kiss my lips." I correct him.

I haven't noticed that he has been following me, my body still heading towards the studio in our school. I guess he is walking me to class. Good, I don't want to be late.

"So you are an artist?" He pipes up.
"Yes. I mostly paint, however I need a sketch to plan my compositions so I draw too."
"Of course. I feel like drawing is the most basic art form that sparks otheres."
I stare at him for a second. "You do?"
He nods. "Remember, I helped design the tattoo on my leg."
"And that's like the trademark of your people?"
He nods again. "In a sense."

We come up to the door of the studio. I lean on the wall close to the door frame. After handing over my supplies, he joins me. He turns his body so he can look me in the eyes. Today he smells like a fresh waterfall. I appreciate that he doesn't drown himself with body spray.

"Shadow, please come to the apartments tomorrow night. I will be waiting for you at the doors. Is 8 too late?"
"No, that's fine."
"Good." He passes a small slip of paper. I assume it is his cell number. Before leaving, he takes my hand and gently kisses it. My friend Violas walks up to see the exchange. She wiggles her eyebrows, but enters the studio silently.

Of course Dark had to be a gentleman. And flaunt it in front of people. I take a deep breath and slink inside.

Re: Amusing My Heart

Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:13 am

Kelseywas my best friend in the whole world. She was more like familythen anyone else. She wasn't my only friend. I had met Viola my sophmore year in a poetry elective. I do find poetry interesting, but I did not see a career in it. Viola was an artistic soul like Kels and I. She crashed at the house sometimes. She was loyal, creative, smart and beautiful. If I was in a scrape, I would pick her to back me up.She also had a crurious, nosy; at times mind as well. So, when she saw me with a guy-I automatically saw her mind traveling at lightspeed.
For our crappy little school, we had a good studio. We had a huge emphsis in sketching of course, but there were room for other mediums as well. In front of the huge windows, there were lines of easels in groups of six. There were three other rooms: a storeroom, a smaller studio for ceramics and one other small studio for more specific mediums. The storeroom was sandwiched in the middle of the first and second studio with many different entrances. This made things easier to just grab such as: paper, canvas, pencils etc.[i]

I stode up to my easel, where I had left it yesterday There was a little pipe-clean flower clipped to the top to indicate my ownership. I glanced to see Viola's easel off to right of mine. Great. She's gonna beg for info about Dark. I began setting up my materials. I was starting a new composition today, in which I would portrait myself as a hermit crab. I was propping up my canvas when I heard Viola ask, "So who was that, Brownie?"

I rolled my eyes at her 'adorable' nickname for me."Have you talked to Kels lately?"
"No, why?"
"Just making sure you two haven't gossiped about me. 'Cause if you did, she would have already given you the scoop. And then, what would be the point of repeating it?"
She placed one hand on her hip, a hint of her irritation. "Like I said, I haven't talked to Kels."

While stroking somegesso on my canvas, I explained who Dark was and how we met. I did not tell the deep details of our conversation in the F-Room, but that he could not kiss me.

Her eyebrows rose at this and said, "So, that is why he acts so knightly."
I shrugged . "I guess."
"Well think about it, how can he express that he likes you without kissing you? It is very sweet. You guys have to take me with you tomorrow night!"
"Viola you realize that I will be spending all my time there with Dark? Besides, I don't know if Kels got a pass or if we can bring you with. These are special circumstances. Otherwise, the apartments are expensive to go in. I'm only going to see Dark. And Kelsey is probably going to see Coby."
"but I want a bo too!"

I groaned, knwoing she wouldn't stop begging me. "I'll have Kels text both of them. If we can take you, we will. I'll text you later tonight."

The rest of the day was a blur until I got home. At Kelsey's request, had stpped at a station and picked her up a 24'oz cherry coke.I always felt a little zen going home. The house wasn't huge, but it was big enough for us Outside, there was a long banner of a sunset, with a galloping horse in the foreground. Coming inside, I breathed in the scents of sandalwood and vanilla. Kels had the wax-burner going. Our felines, Jasper and Aqua greeted me. After stroking their heads with affection, I walked into our chill living room, seeing her smug self:feet on coffee table, arms perched behind her head.

"What's going on, Kels?" I placed her coke on the table top.
"Are you the reason I got jumped with texts from V?"
I sighed, "Yeah. You butthurt?"
"Nah, not now since I got a coke." She took a long drag off the straw and continued, "She's convinced if we take her to the apartments, she'll meet someone. I'm not so sure about that, Ams."
"Me either. Are we able to take her?"
Kels glanced up at me, busy petting Aqua's pretty calico coat. "Yeah. The guys are ok with it. Coby warned me to be careful though. He said Dark isn't suppose to have this many guests. That the leader of their people could get upset."
"Wait, is Coby one of them too?"

Kelsey paused, then said, "Yeah."
I sat next to her on the couch, wondering how we got so deep in this. And now we were going to bring in Viola? How far were we going to go down the rabbit ole? What if It consumed us whole? Could we get out? Would we regret it?

Kelsey gripped my shoulder. "Ams, snap out of it. I know. I know we're getting suckedin. Remember, we have brakes. We can slow this thing down at any time. Let's just enjoy the ride until the waves get too rough. No matter wht, you're my sister."
"And you're mine."
"If we keep our bond, we got this. We have always had each other's backs. I won't let you drown, Amber. I love you."
"I love you too, Kelsey." I took a deep breath, then spoke out, "Done being serious?"
She giggled, "Yeah. You know we wouldn't be alive if we didn't do that sometimes. You have to step back and evaulate. We're swimming through this current together. Remember that." She took another drag off her coke and things went back to normal. Well, normal to us anyways.
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