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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 11:50 pm 
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"Get out of here you little rotten, ungrateful, ignorant, murderous twerp!"

The chills. They felt weird to Dezeren. He also recognized the voice. Without turning around, he yelled back: "Well, look at this. It seems like time has only changed you for the worse, now hasn't it?"

She was at a loss for words. Ever since Dezeren killed her husband, all she's done is sit around at home and mope. She never did anything to stimulate her, so her brain was a little weak. She finally came up with a response:

"It hasn't done you much good either!"
Dezeren calmly replied, "Yes it has. I've been to new countries, helped save a town, found my long-lost horse, watched the hometown of yours in it's ruined shape, just trying to rebuild, and, oh yea, Met new acquaintances."

She just shut up.

"See? You can't even make clear comebacks Usami. I guess when I killed Traed, I did you a favor, because now your squeaky voice has finally shut up." Dezeren continued on with.

Usami lashed back to the best of her mental ability: "I thought I taught you better than to insult others!"

The damage to her brain was apparent, as her insults were very weak and flawed.

"Well, last I checked, you're not my mother. So anything you taught me was for not, as I only listen to my family." Dezeren remarked.

Out of nowhere, Usami began to cry in that scraggly, squeaky voice. The noise was hurting Dezeren's ears, but it seemed everyone in town was used to it. With that, Dezeren just started to walk away, but before he could get very far, a rolling pin struck him in the head. At least Usami was still good for something. He merely shrugged the weak hit off, grabbed the rolling pin, and threw it back at her with a much greater force. He struck her in the hip as she was getting up from her weeping, and it sent her to the dirt again.

"You dropped this." Dezeren said with a flat tone as he walked away.

As he walked away, Usami sprung up with more speed then Dezeren gave her credit for. She charged with the rolling pin, but a quick sidestep from Dezeren sent her missing her foll-forced swing and falling back down to Earth. She wept a little bit at the pain she was in, and attempted to swing the pin to knock Dezeren down. This failed, as Dezeren just stepped over the slow moving pin.

"How pathetic. You can't even put up a fighting chance." Dezeren said, with no remorse.

As he walked away again, he delivered a kick to her head. It didn't kill her, but left her unconscious. Some guards came to the scene, and went right for Usami. Some bystanders explained everything, and they left Dezeren alone, as it was self defense. Once the whole situation was under control, and Usami taken to jail, all of the neighbors yelled in joy. They were gone from the banshee's screams. Multiple people came up to Dezeren and thanked him, and some even gave him a few silver coins as thanks. He declined the money, however, and slowly made his way back towards the forest.

After all, he needed to keep an eye on Barthan.

On the way back, he began to think about what he thought the rest of his "family" was doing. He assumed they were all doing better than Usami. But, he though, "You know what would make this better? If they were all dead." That thought brought chills up Dezeren's spine again. He didn't want to kill anymore people unless it was necessary. All of a sudden, Zesat began to enter his mind.

"Thinking of family woes, eh?" Zesat spoke to Dezeren within his mind.
"Not really." Dezeren replied with.
"Well, I just hope your mind calms down and settles. I feel you're mind will need to be at it's peak for some unforeseen events. Plus it pains me to see you like this." Zesat said.

And with that, Dezeren's master left his mind. This puzzled Dezeren. His mind WAS distraught, but he didn't know how to handle it. All of a sudden, Dezeren's mind began to clear up, and he stopped thinking about his bad deeds or his family.

"Just think of this as a favor, young one." Zesat said.

After that, Dezeren felt a lot better. He felt like he could climb a mountain. But no, he had to wait near the Razakai woods for Barthan. "What a bummer" Dezeren thought.

He slowly made his way to the woods again. Now he had to play the waiting game. He hoped he didn't have to play it for too long. Or else his mind might become distraught again. While he waited, he pulled out a knife he's had for a while now, snapped off a piece of a tree (a think branch), and began whittling, making a shape unknown as of now.

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 2:24 am 
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Ether and Gerosin had walked for quite some time without a word to each other. neither had really much to say to the other. there was on occasion that awkward moment when one would try to speak, but neither spoke making things silent again. they continued like this for a ways having just a few more of those moments where one was about to talk but nothing. when a sound broke the silence. it was a small whimper. a whimper of a small boy hidden in the woods just off to the right. the boy was clearly out of sight. but the two warriors could hear him. gerosin looked slowly over to ether. silently the same conversation went through their heads. be prepared for something to happen.

ether holds his hand ready at his hilt and waits for something to happen. he hears a twig break and then he glances quickly in its direction. the small boy came out of hiding and stands staring at the two soldiers not wanting to say anything but also appearing to need something.

Ether: well boy what is it that you need?

the boy looks down at his feet instantly as gerosin just stares at the boy intrigued. the boy looks back up and then steps back shyly then with a burst of encouragement begins to finally speak.

boy: Sir's you both look like warriors, can you help my fam?

Gerosin: what is the matter with your family?

boy: just up ahead me and my family where heading into the city when some men ambushed us. they have my mum and dad and even my sister. i got away

the boy runs up to the two and at this point falls to his knees just at their feet.

boy: please sir's you have to help them.

gerosin helps the boy up and holds him at arm length.

gerosin: we will help your family how far from here are they?

boy: follow me

the boy leads them through the woods to a winding path. up ahead ether and gerosin can see the thief's and a couple figures assumed to be the boys family huddled up against a wagon.

boy: that's them right there.

ether: alright boy you stay back here until we motion towards you and say its safe.

the boy nods approval and then ducks behind a tree to stay out of sight. Ether slinks off to the left as gerosin follows right behind. six men are rummaging through the goods trying to find valuables while a seventh stands off to the side watching over things. watching almost as though dead. not even moving. ether moves behind the wagon. the sister makes eye contact with ether, ether motions for her to look forward and act as though he wasn't there. gerosin sneaks over to the nearest thief and grabs him. instantly the other five thieves stop searching through the packages and pull out weapons the other thief sprints over towards him as well. gerosin pulls out a blade just as the first one strikes. ether pulls into the fray with his own sword making things a little more even.

ether stabs the first of the men he comes into contact with and the man who had been watching puts all his attention onto him. the man swoops in with no emotion on his face at all. ether swings at him. and as though he was almost floating the man sways out of the way almost unnaturally. he swings again and the man dodges again this time by bending his back as though there wasn't a spine. gerosin comes out of no where and stabs the man in the back. as the man is stabbed the blank face that was there before becomes a face of fear and pain. the to the side of ether one of the thieves doubles over in pain he grabs for his head and then straight to the ground he falls with a death curdling scream. the man gets back up again. his face stone. no emotion at all.

gerosin: something is possessing them

Ether: kinda figured that one out myself

the family moves away from the fighting cowering. gerosin removes the blade from the corpse and begins to fight some more. ether goes after the blank faced man as gerosin fights off the others. the man leaps towards ether, without preparing for a leap at all. one minute standing erect the next in the air as though jumped. it tackles ether and pins him to the ground.

man: my dear ether, i thought you would have put up a much better brawl

ether: who are you?

ether tries to force the man off of him but is pinned down

man: lets just say that i have heard great things about you, but its about time i introduced myself.

ether shoves the man off and he scrambles to his feet seeing that he is already standing tall. ether lunges and stabs the man in the chest. the mans face grows full of pain and then goes limp under his blade. ether scrambles around to find which of the soldiers is currently being possessed. just as he is doing so something jumps onto his back he grabs it and throws it over his shoulder onto an upright wagon wheel shard. as the girls body pierces the wagon shard its dull blank face becomes instantly full of fear. of waking up with a wooden shard shattered through her body, still alive. ether looks at disgust at what he had done... what it had done. possessed an Innocent girl. the girl screamed. the scream eventually faded. ether looked around again for whoever no had the stone faced look. not only looking at the three remaining thieves but also at the family. at the same time a thief and the father scream out in pain and almost simultaneously they stand back up both stone faced.

gerosin: Ether! since when can he do it more than once?

ether: who?

man/father: why me, legion

ether lunges forward just as the father goes to move, anticipating it and swings his sword against the dodge having the father jump straight into the blade of the sword.

gerosin takes out another of the non possessed thieves and then the final one leaving the stone faced thief left. the stone faced thief walks away from the two for a second and walks straight towards the mother. he places a hand under her chin as she tries to cower away but finds herself up against the wagon.

legion: its ashamed that i had to waste something so beautiful as your daughter.

legion looks over to the dead corpse of the daughter.

legion: it wouldnt have happened. as long as these two wanderers hadn't have come across us. you seen how that one there threw your beautiful daughter straight onto the wooden shaft impaling her on contact. not to mention how he brutally carved your husband down as though he was nothing more than livestock. it truly is a pity. such a waste.

legion pulls out a knife and stabs the mother

legion: oh yeah sorry but it was me.

gerosin stabs the remaining legion theif through the back and it crumbles to the ground.

ether: so thats the power of legion? i had no idea that he could posses others as though no more than mere puppets.

boy: you killed them

gerosin and ether both turn around to see the young boy starring at them. blankly.

gerosin: stop charade you demon

legion: why, cant i have just a wee bit of fun? no, then why did i come here? oh yes to leave you a warning.

gerosin and ether look at each other then back at legion

legion: you have come a long ways. and may i say well done

the stone faced boy claps

legion: you came all this way for nothing though, cause where your going i've already been... just hope things didnt get to hot for that librarian though.

the boy leans over picks up a knife and stabs himself. the stone face dissolves and the boys fear is shown

gerosin and ether start to run down the path leaving the dead and broken wagon behind them

 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2012 12:00 pm 
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Korgen and Miriah had set out on their adventure. Their current goal is to find the rest of Korgen's friends. However, they have been having little to no luck at succeeding. The two perched on their horse as they continue to look. Korgen scratches his head as he thinks out loud.

Korgen: I don't get it. It was long ago when I met Brendan... or was it? Bah, I think we've been going in circles to tell you the truth.

Miriah: It may seem like that, but surely you can't go in circles while going in one direction.

Korgen: That's what I thought... but it may prove false otherwise.

After what seems like an hour, the two of them felt something cool and wet hit them. They looked around and then noticed that it was beginning to rain. Korgen now thoroughly annoyed, puts up a small blanket over the two of them to at least keep them somewhat dry.

Korgen: I should've had Alf teach me that Heart to Heart talk when I had the chance. I can't contact anybody. Or make a rendezvous. And this bloody rain will be the death of me.

Miriah: Korgen...

Korgen: I mean seriously I-... Hm?

Miriah points lifting some of the blanket through some of the trees to see a girl. Korgen squinted past the blanket, it has not yet started pouring but a light sprinkle. Just enough for him to notice the girl whom roughly fits the description of Grace. Korgen gave a light smile and calls out for her.

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2012 11:07 pm 
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After explaining the events that occurred since Legion’s enforcers first attacked, (calmly this time, thanks to Lezzen’s intervention with Kathra.) Nadia took sometime to try to figure things out. After all, this was a lot of information to take in, and she needed sometime to think for herself. These were three strangers expecting her to believe everything they said, and some of that information was difficult to believe. The Trio went with Andres as they wandered around the castle, waiting for Nadia to call them back in.

“For the record, I get why you’re pissed at everyone. I’m disappointed that our people had no idea what was going on in the outside.” Andres shook his head. “I don’t blame you for thinking we’re idiots.”

“Good. Then you understand and accept that you are in fact, an idiot. It was completely careless of you to not know what was going on.” Kathra snapped back, which caused Lezzen to hit her elbow into Kathra’s side.

“Lezzen, you got to explain everything calmly to them, okay? So I went a little bit overboard...geez..but what I said is true, and you know it!”

“There’s just one thing I don’t understand…” Andres began to ask.

“What is it?” Brendan asked.

“You’re part of a group of heroes that are trying to stop Legion and Reuben, correct?”

“Yes, we are.” Lezzen responded.

“So… why was your group not hunting down Reuben after these countless attacks you’ve talked about?”

“Dude, you clearly don't understand. We've gone through so much, and had several bumps in the road, so if you could just....” But Andres cut off Kathra.

“No, no. Not you. The rest of your group. You have a ton of knights and warriors. Why weren’t you hunting down my stepbrother if he was that big of a deal? I mean, you guys keep complaining about this old, nameless spirits constantly approaching you to do stuff, but half of your heroes keep ignoring Reuben. I mean, didn’t half of your heroes get involved in a freaking tournament instead of trying to stop my brother, who you keep referring to as a psychopath? Why do half of your heroes keep goofing off instead of at least attempting to beat the bad guys?”

“Uh...I don't freaking know! Maybe they wanted to improve their skills, though with Legion and Loony on the loose, I guess I can't blame them for fooling around in some tournament.” Kathra asked.

“Our Talons got slaughtered by Legion’s men in an ambush. It was after our kingdom was attacked by a group of young warriors controlled by Legion. They went to go find his enforcers and were taken down! We’ve tried to train new Talons, but we don’t have any veterans left to teach the old ways. And without a Gatekeeper in the kingdom, we can’t get instructions from the gods or past Talons to teach the younger fights how to become Talons. The Gatekeeper was the only one who could reach beyond this realm to communicate with them.” Andres growled.

“Hmph, your Talons are weak. First of all, if the Gods were so protective and really cared about your kingdom, then none of this would happen. Second, if the Gods cared, there wouldn't even be a need for a gatekeeper to contact them in the first place! The Gods should know better than that, and they clearly don't, and that's why I keep finding a lot of messed up and flawed stuff! Clearly, there are no Gods watching over this land. Oh yeah, you never explained why you completely were unaware of the destruction that psychopath has caused.” Kathra snapped back.

“Oh right, because your Heroes seemed to handle Legion’s enforcers just as easily right? Seems like you guys struggled just as much as the Talons did. I’d say that would make most of your heroes just as useless as the Talons huh? And by the way, the forest wasn’t always here. It came around not too long after we lost the Talons to protect the kingdom for being completely wiped out. We thought we could train new Talons here after losing them, and needed to make sure no invading forces would wipe them out before they were ready for combat. As for why we didn’t hear about Reuben being alive? Memphis told us he was dead. He found Adalwin’s body scorched in a building and brought it back to us. He said he found another body as well, a child’s body, also scorched as well. However, unlike Adalwin’s body, there was no way it could be brought back over here. Memphis said he saw enough evidence to assume it was Reuben. After that, he told us he would not until he found the people responsible for Adalwin’s and Reuben’s death. We’re not sure what he was doing after that. No one wanted to leave out of fear of being taken by Legion’s forces if they left the barrier.”

“Guess he was stupid enough to fall for the fake body trick. You guys should have examined the fake body better than that. You just made assumptions and came to the conclusion that it was Mr.Loony. You guys are so dumb...” Kathra mumbled.

“Something seems off though.” Brendan muttered.

“Brendan, are you actually able to tell how everything seems way off?”

“No, I agree with Brendan.” Lezzen spoke softly. “Shrow’d said he was being hunted by society for that incident in the town. Memphis told Brendan awhile back that Adalwin was dying of a disease, he wasn’t murdered. Not to mention he had to have heard reports of Shrow’d being hunted. Shrow’d said he was being hunted since he was a child. Memphis had to have some point put two and two together. If he had reason to believe Shrow’d was still alive, why wouldn’t he have reported back to Nadia about this?”

“Can you please stop referring to my son as Shrow’d?”

The group turned around and saw Princess Nadia behind them. She motioned them to follow her back to her quarters.
“As much as I don’t want to believe my son is causing all of this, I have to. Talons, the Kingdom of the Phoenix, the Gatekeeper of Souls. These are all terms that are not known by the common man. Only those who have interacted with Talons know of these terms. Not to mention, you’ve already been vouched for.”

“Vouched for?” Brendan asked.

Nadia opened the door to her quarters and let them in. Brendan, Kathra, Lezzen and Andres stopped in their tracks once they entered the room. An older spirit, dressed in a talon uniform, was in the middle of the room.

“OH HECK NO! GET AWAY FROM HERE YOU RANDOMLY APPEARING OLD GUY! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE OLD PEOPLE!” Kathra shouted, forcing Nadia to quickly shut the door so no one else in the castle could see what was going on in the room.

“Brendan, my apologies that it has taken until now to see you in person.” The spirit spoke calmly.

“You… You’re the old spirit who instructed me to come here. You’re the voice that’s been talking to me from the very beginning. You’re… Adalwin. Shrow’d’s father.”

“Yes. I’m sorry for being mysterious this whole time, Brendan. With my son being the Gatekeeper of Souls, I couldn’t risk revealing myself unless we were in a safe area. But I think it’s time I clear up a few things.”

“Here comes the very pointless rant from an old random guy.” Kathra moaned. "Not to mention, this guy wasn't the only one. Ever since the beginning of this journey, when it just began with Alf, Fravir, and the other guys going to beat Darren, random old people have been popping up frequently, ranting and raving about random stuff. What's with Miashona and old people..I just don't get it.." Kathra thought to herself.

“Adalwin, Nadia. Please, help us understand. What do we need to do to stop Shr…. Reuben and purify his soul? Why were you withholding information from us all this time, Adalwin?”

To be continued…

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:55 pm 
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Gerosin dashed towards the Drath Records with Ether racing behind him. The taunting words of Legion echoed in Gerosin's head throughout the sprint. "Just hope things didnt get to hot for that librarian though." His meaning became obvious as the library was visible.

The building was burning. The flames looked fresh, but the entire collection of irreplacable books, journals, and other resources was being erased from history before the two heroes. The information on the Ether's Kinji land would have to be recovered immediately. Without a second thought, they burst into the library.

Ether: Any idea where the Kinji books are?

Gerosin: No! I'll check upstairs, you look down!

Gerosin turned and ran, but was intercepted by a man and he almost fell to the floor in surprise. The man showed no expression of rage, or happiness, or sorrow, or anything that could be deciphered. In his right hand was a sword and in his left was a torch. He attempted to stab Gerosin before he could react, but Ether had quickly pulled out his own blade, deflected the man's strike, and slashed him in half. His body dropped as lifelessly as it attacked, but the torch he held started a small fire on the floor where it fell.

Gerosin opened his mouth to thank Ether, but before he could he noticed several men with similar facial expressions and weapons and torches emerged from behind bookcases, the staircase, and from the front door the heroes entered from. All of which had caught fire at this point.

Ether was immediately hacking and slashing at these strange assailants, but although they were as emotionless as the first one, they were far more prepared. They dodged and stretched in flexible and impossible ways. Ether tried to slash one horizontally, and the target limboed so quickly ether heard his bones crack. He came back up and Ether stabbed him in his chest and his emotions returned for a split second before death. He shrieked like a banshee and dropped like a boulder. His torch landed on him, burning his corpse and the Drath Records floor soon after.

Four men began to stockpile around Gerosin. He pulled out his own sword and tried to slash at his enemies, but he couldn't defend himself from all sides at once. He kneeled on the floor and waited for them to stab him. When they were all close enough, Gerosin unleashed a powerful fiery force around him, knocking back all four to the floor back to their human senses, rolling around hopelessly between dragon and torch flame.

Ether: Gerosin, we're not getting anywhere! Get upstairs and search!

Gerosin: But you can't-

Ether: GO!!

Gerosin, in silent agreement that Ethers swordfighting was superior, and more fire wouldn't help an already burning library, ran up the stairs, avoiding pits where the fire was spreading and devouring the floor beneath him. Once he was upstairs, he was relieved to find none of the blank-faced men upstairs, but the selection of books was now half-burnt. He looked upwards at the charred nothingness that was once the third floor, the floor where Gerosin had found information on his father. Gerosin prayed the Kinji information wasn't there. He looked towards the librarians desk and found she was still face down on her desk.

Gerosin: *shaking her* Ma'am, please wake up! Do you know where the Kinji books are?!

She stayed still for a moment, then her blank face rose. She chuckled in a masculine, condescending voice. A voice that echoed through Gerosin's head throughout the sprint towards the Drath Records.

Legion: The information you seek isn't up here.

Gerosin stood there for a moment, half in shock, half in disgust, and in 100% failure. The old librarian lady stood up, her possessed face transforming into a demonic grin. Agrily, Gerosin shot flames at the woman from both hands. He turned around and frantically searched for anything resembling Kinji information. The lady chortled with laughter from within the fire. She found a blade from a nearby fallen puppet and advanced towards Gerosin.

Legion: Must you be in such a rush, dragon? I was hoping to talk a moment.

Gerosin ran through the aisles between burning bookshelves, looking for the word "Kinji" on anything. Fiery debris fell from above. The flaming lady progressed.

Legion: This quest is hopeless. All Kinji are on the verge of destruction.

Gerosin found a book titled, "Kinji Habits and Customs." Close enough he thought. He grabbed it and two books to the left and right of it. Luckily, they were fairly thin. The melting zombie was a few feet away from him.

Legion: Yet you wish to continue this mission. May I ask why?

Gerosin: We can all help this world. We're not defeated yet. *Gerosin puts the books down, preparing to defend himself*

Legion: I regret to inform you there are some parts of the world that you can not hel-

Gerosin would have been curious to hear what the entity in front of him had to say, but the sword its form was wielding was too close to comfort. Gerosin roared a ferocious flame towards the librarian and her burning skeleton and sword dropped lifeless. However, the flames from he body quickly moved to the books Gerosin retrieved.

All around him the library was falling apart at the seams. The second floor was no longer any more stable than the third. While dodging flaming wood from above and embers on the floor, Gerosin grabbed the blazing orange books and crashed through the glass of the second floor window.
Meanwhile, Ether was swatting stone-faced men aside with greater ease. Certainly there were still the couple of puppets who could avoid a sword swipe with a bone-breaking dodge and a painful screech, but their patterns were easier to predict. Also, the waves of new enemies subsided after a while, leaving few men left to attack Ether. Lastly, the burning remnants of old library floors continued to bombard Ether and his attackers.

Ether eventually spotted Gerosin landing on the ground with the help of his dragon wings. Assuming Gerosin had the information they came in for, Ether manuevered around the final puppets and escaped the Drath Records through the front door. He looked behind him, ready to fight those that followed, but nobody did. The men stared at Ether blankly from inside the library. Using their blades, they all systematically chopped their legs off. They were then freed from their possession. All Ether and Gerosin could do was watch as what was once several innocent men, now screaming and bloody cripples struggling around hopelessly as the burning library crashed to the earth around them.

Ether: ...Did you at least obtain the Kinji information?

Gerosin showed him five stacks of embers that used to be legible Kinji books.

Gerosin: Im sorry. I've got a bad history of burning important things like that.

Ether: That was a waste.

???: I disagree.

Gerosin and Ether turned around to face the final man who had a face resembling the ones that were slaughtered within the library. However, instead of a torch and sword, he held out with both hands towards the other two a large volume simply entitled, "Kinji".

Ether quickly snatched the book and then he and Gerosin looked at the man with a confused look. The expressionless man spoke with a familiar voice that echoed in Gerosin's head throughout the sprint towards the Drath Records.

Legion: I've been told that you heroes can "help this world." It wouldn't be very fair of me to dismiss your declaration without an opportunity to prove yourselves.

The man then ran into some hole in the blazing ruins of the library. Within moments, fearful screams were heard. After a while, silence.


 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:40 pm 
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Meanwhile, Alf struggles to calm himself down. His anger and frustration have been overcoming him since he first joined these series of quest and battles. Ashen looked at him and looked at his essentia stone, then she panned back to hers. Alf clenches his eyes shut, and as he thinks he's falling forever into darkness, a lovely voice rings out.

Ashen: Our two essentia stones together can create a great strength that can not easily be destroyed. The power of love is so underestimated.

Alf's eyes open back up slowly and his anger comes down from a boiling point. Ashen is looking deep into his eyes holding the two essentia stones together.

Ashen: This is proof right here that our love IS able to overcome tough battles and obstacles. But they are right, we can't just rely on that, we need determination as well.

Alf smiles a little bit. He looks at the surroundings and sees Starros a few meters away.

Alf: Thank you, Ashen Night. You truly are a wonderful person. MY wonderful person to be exact.

Ashen blushes.

Alf: *Takes Ashen's hand* Let's go to the inn. We need some rest.



 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Chapter 6: The Forest of Condemnation
PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:47 pm 
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They kept moving onward, their path straight and clear. But there was something muddled in her mind.
Ashen: Tomar, may I ask about your past?

Tomar: Aye, lassie. As you can tell, I am of Scottish ancestors far beyond the sea. When, alas, all my family except for my brother deserted me, I came here. One of my brothers, he had fought by a man named Ryler. He told me of you and I vowed if I met you, I would swear my service unto thee. For you see, Ryler saved my brother. I owe your family a debt that can never be paid.

Ashen: How did Ryler save your brother?

Tomar: My brother Andri came close to Darren's blade. Ryler took the hit instead and then he died. He died in my brother's place.

Ashen: And in my arms....

Tomar:*stopping in his place* Pardon me?

Ashen: He died that day. In my arms. That's how I have this, it belonged to him. *she unsheathes the ShiningStar* He gave it to me to protect myself against Darren..and my daughter.

Tomar: Where is your daughter now?

Ashen: Home. Where she shall always be.

They went into the inn.

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The student looked at his teacher and saw the frustration in his face. Years of traversing the world has led to whatever is in this place. They were so close yet are walking in circles. How could he comfort his master?

Fravir: Teacher, I know you are frustrated, but let us search the other corridors! There are still many left!

Aurelius: We couldst tread until the moon turns red, yet wouldst we ever reach our target...

The old druid spat on the ground in disgust of this labyrinth, purposely created to taunt him, it seems. The knight contorted his own face and walked passed his teacher into a doorway marked "VI." His teacher tapped his staff twice on the ground in quick contemplation then hurried to join his follower.

After lengths of walking in silence, and minutes that felt like hours, the two arrived into another room. This room had a high ceiling, and steps that looked dim yellow in the faint light of the torch-lit walls. The staircase was very wide, filling the room. At the top of the staircase were two statues, identical in appearance, in the likeness of men looking at each other, with blindfolds on their eyes. In one hand, arms raised, they held a large jug tipped on its side so that the opening faced the knight and druid. The other two hands of the statues were outstretched down toward the ground at the top of the stairs, as if there were something else they wanted to hold.

Aurelius: Blasted puzzles! Every corridor tis filled with more puzzles!

Fravir: If there weren't something important to protect, these puzzles would not be here. How do we solve this one?

Aurelius inspected the room. Fravir did as well, walking over to a small ledge on the wall next to the entrance. A weighted red stone, about the size of a hen, sat perched on the ledge. Aurelius walked over to the staircase and tapped the first step with his staff. A faint creaking was heard.

Aurelius: Curious…

Another two taps, with a little bit of force in them caused the step to creak louder, and sink downward into the floor. One more push, and the secret revealed itself.

Aurelius: Knight, this staircase tis a scale.

Fravir: Teacher, I found an odd sto- what? A scale?

Aurelius: Aye, a scale. Thou pushes one end down, the other ascends. It seems to be balanced in the middle.

Fravir: Alright then. What of this stone?

Aurelius approached the stone Fravir spoke of and lifted it after setting down his staff. It wasn't too heavy to carry, but it required both hands. Moving around his teacher, Fravir picked up the blue stone of similar weight and size on another ledge, by the other side of the entrance.

Fravir: Perhaps we have to carry these to those statues?

Aurelius: That would be what it seems; however, with an added challenge. Turn and look, Knight.

At the request of his companion, Fravir turned toward the stairs to see that every other step had crumbled away, leaving holes in the stairs, and a rod in the middle they were all connected to, revealing the scale. The jug held by the twin statues was pouring out a small flow of what looked like water. This liquid fell onto the top step and flowed down the center rod and into the holes of the staircase.
Aurelius: This is not water. Or if it is, then it is enchanted. We cannot use druid abilities on it.

Fravir: Is it dangerous?

Fravir, holding the blue stone. looked over the first hole. There was a sound of the liquid hitting the bottom, and another sound, but it was too dark to see.

Aurelius: We wilst find out. Come, warrior, let us climb. If these are scales then we must balance ourselves accordingly.

The old druid gave one glance to his staff, rested upon the stone's previous perch, then stopped in front of the first scale. His student likewise positioned himself with the blue stone on the other side of the step.

Aurelius: We go on the third count. Once, twice ...

On the old man's shout of "thrice!" both master and apprentice took a step onto the scale. Underneath them the step creaked and rocked from one side to the other.

Aurelius: Maintain your ground, Warrior!

The two of them did their best to remain absolutely still on the scale until it stabilized. The quiet of the room seemed louder than the thoughts going through Fravir's mind. This maze seemed daunting and enormous. The traps are deadly and confusing. Something important must be held here, something dangerous and precious. Of all the adventures the knight had gone on in his life, he knew that this couldn't be a simple maze to protect treasure. The warrior turned to his mentor and began to speak

Fravir: Teacher, this place see-

With an unconscious step towards his master, Fravir tilted the weight of the two slightly to the right, tipping the scale.

Aurelius: Don't be foolish! Questions can wait until we have safely gotten across!

Aurelius quickly stepped closer to Fravir, tilting the scale back in the opposite direction to save them from falling. The knight felt the exasperated look of his teacher and bowed his head in apology and shame.
The next several minutes went by painfully slow, as each step they climbed had to be done in unison. Ten more times "Thrice!" was spoken, and at last the duo were on the final step. Their arms ached from the weight of the stones, their legs sore from jumping and exerting more effort to do so simultaneously.

Aurelius: On the third count...once...twice...Thrice!

The druid leapt to the top, safe from the scale. After catching his breath, he turned to face his follower, except he wasn't standing next to him.

Fravir: Teacher! Help!

Fravir had slipped on the final step, as water had been pouring over the stairs, causing them to be slick. The stone was safely tossed to the platform, but the green knight now held on to the edge of the stair with the grip of ten men. This cause the scale-stair to be completely vertical, Fravir hanging on to the bottom.

Aurelius: Hold fast, Warrior!

Fravir: There isn't much else I can do!

The warrior spat out the water flowing down from the step. He heard it splash not far below him, along with another splash.
Aurelius spied through the darkness a living thing in the rising depths. A fish much larger than normal, with glowering eyes. Keeping himself calm, as not to alarm the warrior, the Druid reached down to him.

Aurelius: You must grab my hand! I shall pull you to safety!

Fravir: I cannot reach you, how will I do that?

Aurelius: You must find a way! And do so quickly!

Fravir thought a moment, and began to swing his body back and forth. Slowly at first, the scale swung with his momentum. The warrior picked up his pace, and through water splashing him and falling off his body in the depths, he pushed and swung until he could almost reach the druid's outstretched hand.

Finally the Knight gripped the hand of his mentor, who struggled with all his might to hold the weight of his student. Fravir was not a light man even without his armor, but now that his armor was full of water it double his weight.

Aurelius lifted his student slowly, scowling and growling as pain shot all throughout his body. The giant fish leapt out of the water and snapped at Fravir's heels, and the knight recoiled his body from the sound.

Fravir: What was that?

Aurelius: Worry not, just focus on getting to safety!

Finally the warrior gripped the edge of the platform, and pulled himself up. The sounds of panting and water continuing to fill the pit, and pouring from Fravir's armor were the only sounds.

Aurelius: Haste... the stones... we must stop the flow...

The flow of water had already caused the entrance down the stairs to flood, the only way to get down there was to swim. The druid's staff still rested, now submerged, on the perch the stones once occupied.

Fravir: Teacher, your staff, it is wood yes?

Aurelius: Not just w-for the sake of the moment aye.

Fravir: It's still down there, why does it not float?

Aurelius: Tis saturated with elemental energies. Those energies are denser than the simple water, causing it to sink. Worry not for the staff, I will retrieve it. Now then, we must complete this blasted puzzle!

Fravir scrambled to his feet, and he and the druid lifted the stones, hurrying over to the statues' outstretched hands. Each stone, red and blue, were then placed in the hands of the statues, and finally the water pouring from the jug ceased to flow.

Fravir: We did it!

The fish with rows of blade-like teeth leapt from the water, now high enough to splash over the edge of the platform. It soared through the air toward the Warrior, mouth agape. The knight went to call his sword, but before he could the fish was smashed into the wall beside them by the druid's staff.

Aurelius: Never let your guard down. And never leave your staff behind!

With a smug look on his face, the druid shook water from his staff and proceeded to the exit. Fravir followed, dumbfounded, shortly behind.

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So turns out he doesn't like whittling, so he stopped shortly after he had begun. Laid back against a tree at it's base, he continued to wait for the man who seemed to dissapear on him at the most inconvinient times... and by that, he means now. What seemed like hours past, and all he did was keep an eye around the trees, throwing a rock every now and again up one to watch the birds flap out in annoyance. He grinned lightly at this. He hated these woods: he really did. They gave him so much grief when he was too young, ill-equipped, and unskilled to deal with it's challenges. Before he knew what befell of him, his eyes closed and he took a short 20-minute nap.

That nap was enough time for someone to stand over him, looking down. He awoke to the sight of thighs in front of him. He moved his eyes up to the face to see a woman standing over him, hands on hips and a smile sewn across her face.

"About time you for up, lazy bum." She remarked to him with a grin.

"Urgh... what?" he grumbled back to her, clearly having forgotten completely who she was.

"Aww... have you forgotten who I am?" she asked, kneeling down a little, her legs over his, her eyes looking into his.

He looked back into her eyes and responded with "I have." with a troubled look on his face.

She grin grew as she was ready to have some fun. "I was your girlfriends before you rudely left us one day."

His eyes widened a little, heart racing all the while. "W-wait... I was!?" he asked, completely shocked by the news he had received.

Laughter was heard from her. She had nearly lost it at his reaction: probably one of the biggest he's had for a really long time. "Oh well of course: we've kissed, had special hug, i'm a mother now, and you're finally back to support the child and I."

Okay, he might be forgetful, but he's not dumb. "Yea right." he said back to her, his shock quickly going away.

"Aww... I was hoping you wouldn't remember that." she said with a small pout across her face.

The woman who stood over him was a little shorter than he, but a lot better looking to boot. She had brown hair that seemed to flow from her head, full of volume and of rich color. Her eyes were a deep blue color. Her face was clean of scars, unlike his. Her body was filled up and plump to boot. She didn't have gigantic breasts, but she isn't as flat as a cutting board either. Her thighs were the best part about her; perfect in every way. Well, to Dezeren, anyways.

She was wearing a scaled chestplate that conformed to her body; gauntlets that protected her hands, but show how delicate the hands really were. The whole suit of armor was really a masterpiece. Of course one drawback was that she had no helmet: she couldn't stand them. Another was her weapon. It showed obvious signs of use and looked like a pile of dung in comparison to her armor.
Her apprearance, while good from what could be seen, hid flaws underneath clothing. For one, her stomach had a huge scar across it. Second, her bones were a little more brittle than most. Third off was that she was heavier, but lost weight too quickly, so she had some sagging skin.

"But where have you been!?" she asked, now acting happy to actually see him.

He looked back and retorted "I've been to other countries, nearly died on numerous occasions, and have gotten intertwined with a greater fate."

She nodded and said "Looks like you've been quite the busy man after you blew up my hometown."

He face went pale and became completely surprised. "W-w-what?" he asked, trying to act like he didn't know.

"Don't play stupid: I knew you shot the arrow that blew everything up, but i've kept it a secret. Now, I think you owe me a little." she snapped back.

He didn't want her upset with him. "Okay, okay... i'll pay you back... uhm..."

"Maryanna, Dezeren." she said, not giving him a last name.

"Oh, right..." he said back, feeling rather dumb now.

These two had gone back quite a while. While Dezeren was the rich kid around, Maryanna was the poor one; always wishing she was Dezeren. That didn't stop them from meeting up under thier parent's noses and becoming friends. They never found a lot of time to see each other outside of the jobs the both of them had. They worked in the same place, and their boss let them work together as much as he could. One could say he was basically her boyfriend until he fled; not wanting to acknowledge the fact abou that. Or maybe it was because the negatives outweighed the positives.

Maryanna was always the better of the two: where Dezeren was pampered, Maryanna was toughened up and spat out by the world. Right now, her physical capabilities far surpassed his, and her archery, while not quite to his caliber, was nothing to sneeze at. Where Dezeren had explored the world and done many things in the past, Maryanna kept to becoming a soldier and guaring the woods and it's inhabitants.

"So, may I ask why you're taking a nap here?" she asked, now standing up over him.
He looked up and replied with "Waiting on someone."

She looked around and said "Well, I doubt anyone is coming soon, so..."

"I know." he said back to her. "But I said I would, so..."

She knelt down and took his hand, yanking him up. "C'mon... there's some business you need to take care of." she said with a straight look across her face.

Deep down, he felt he was going to regret this. He looked at her and asked "That would be...?"

"Well, to apologize and admit what you've done." she said back without hesitation.

"...No..." he said. It would hurt him too much to let everyone know he ruined their lives. He knew he couldn't do it even it he wanted to, because deep down, he was emotionally weak. He couldn't handle telling the truth on a grand scale like this. He just wanted to run away, but he knew Maryanna's grasp on him was too powerful for him to overcome.

"I'm not taking no for an answer." she said back to Dezeren, dragging him along at this point.

Dezere sighed. He knew he had no way out, so might as well face the truth.

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Alf, Ashen and Tomar all make their way through the tethered doorway of the inn. Cye sees them from the table he is sitting at, enjoying a fresh cup or herbal tea. He manages to get himself up onto his feet but nearly falls back to the ground. Tomar happens to see this from the corner of his eye and quickly makes his way over. His legs look as if they have been beaten down with a few dull blades and a mace. His leggings are all torn up and blood stains can be seen dripping from the knees of the leggings. Tomar lends his hand to the poor weakened man.

Cye: Thank you... Kind sir.. I happened to notice Sir Alf and his beloved Lady Ashen arrive. I wanted to greet them at the door, but... alas...

He motions to his legs.

Tomar: Aye, you look vividly wounded.. *he turns himself to Alf and Ashen.* My friends, he needs some assistance.

The two quickly make their way towards Cye.

Alf: Cye, my friend, what happened?

Cye: Well...

The scenery pans out into a fading black and faintly shows a darkened path. Cye is seen walking with a bag of dull blades

and weapons over his shoulder. The rocky terrain is is muddy from the recent rain storm and Cye is easily slipping. He starts

to approach a forest that gives him a sense of unease. the wind suddenly picks up blowing in the opposite direction and the

trees of the forest start losing their leaves. The leaves swipe by Cye's face like razor blades. His sense of unease was

rapidly growing and he felt as if his muscles were losing strength and his body was becoming limp. The scenery fades to

black and comes back to the group in the inn.

Cye: That is all I remember. After that, I must have blacked out. When I awoke, all my weapons and even most of my armor was gone. I must have been out for a good hour or two. I don't remember all too much even after I woke, up. Everything is just all so.... Hazy....

Ashen lays her hand on Cye's hand

Ashen: Your hand... It's shaking.. and it's..... Cold!

Alf: Is Reonear about?

A voice echoes from the end of the hallway. It is indeed recognized as Reonear's voice.

Reonear: I am already one step ahead of you. I seen this man stagger in here and I immediately went to my storage room looking for a blanket and some medicine for his ice cold body.

Cye: Can I please ask the three of you to stay here with me for the night? Just for safe measure?

Reonear: I believe that would be a great idea. Having the company of friends in a time of weakness really does help the wounded soul.

The group agrees and settles in. They must rest themselves up anyway for the events yet to come......



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"... Because Kathra was right," Adalwin stated.

"WHAT?!?!?!" Everyone in the group yelled in shock.

"I withheld information for so long because I thought it wasn't safe, and it is how we as a group have operated for so long."

Before Kathra could open her mouth, Adalwin quickly said "And yes, I know. It is stupid."

"Adalwin, I don't..." But Brendan was cut off before he could continue.

"There has been a change in plans. What I thought... what we thought was the best course of action to free Shrow'd... to free Reuben, is not what we're going to do anymore."

The spirit looked to Nadia sadly. Her face showed a combination of disappointment, sorrow, and a hint of anger. Adalwin closed his eyes and looked down. "I think it is time you talk to your father and your... your husband."

Nadia just nodded. As she walked past the group, she struggled to keep eye contact with her son Andres. The rest of the group continued to stand there, confused and worried, although Kathra just looked towards Adalwin with fury in her eyes. She knew a decision was made that was going to make her head explode, but she kept quiet out of respect for everyone. Or at least would keep quiet long enough to hear what Adalwin would say next.

"Brendan, you no longer need to confront Shrow'd."



Kathra froze. As much as she wanted to rebuttal, some part of her seemed to be preventing her from doing so. Andres, still confused by all the information being thrown at him, spoke up.

"W-Why did you bring them here on a mission to save Reuben if..."

Adalwin sighed. "I'm sorry. I just had a very long conversation with my wif- with my former partner, that... resulted in a lot of wounds opening. And since the time we've last discussed, I've had a lot of time to think over what needed to be done next, and what I, my friends and family, and everyone in my kingdom, since it's creation, has gone through. It put much of what needed to be done in perspective... and it also brought me a lot of pain."

He looked to Brendan in sorrow. "Brendan. You were the only hero who not only believed in my son, but was willing to do anything and everything possible to save him. You have great abilities and courage, and at the time, it made logical sense to have you help us save my son."

Adalwin closed his eyes. "But I can't ask you to for help. My kingdom, and everyone in it, can't have you shoulder this burden... this error, that we must fix ourselves."

"Adalwin..." Andres spoke, "I do not understand. If he is the chosen one, it is his responsibility to..."

"Andres, his responsibility to this land, to the gods, and to his fellow heroes is to fulfill his destiny by joining the other chosen heroes in defeating Legion. To preserve the great land and prevent all the proud creations of the gods from being engulfed by the darkness of Legion." He voiced started to choke up. "We failed the gods long ago. From the time the mortal gatekeeper, the talons that assisted him, and the kingdom that was dedicated to serving the gods at all times was created, we have done nothing but fail time and time again. As mortals, as imperfect creations by design, we were given a job designed for gods. For those who were not imperfect, and could ensure that the responsibilities of that job would never be thrown away or twisted. At the time, it made sense. Those gifted with a limited time to live would understand how precious life is. They would understand the imperfections of others and judge fairly. Even if such a person wasn't perfect in life. But imperfect beings can not be trusted with the powers of immortals. Even if are intents are not with malice, even our best intents can lead to the darkest, cruelest intentions that we believe is logical. Decisions we think are right at the time, in the heat of the moment, could lead to horrible consequences. Things we think don't need to be handled one way were incorrect choices."

He looked to Brendan. "I'm sure you've made mistakes that seemed logical at the time, but looking back were wrong, or even nonsensical as well." He sighed, and confidence returned to his voice.

"In a sense, we do not deserve pity from the gods by asking for others to help. Nor do we deserve the gift of isolation, or the curse of ignorance the gods gave all those in the kingdom who lived under the protection of this forest for so long. It was our duty at the time to expel evil from this world, so that the world would not have to live under fear or worry. Not only have we failed at that job, but it was a job that shouldn't have been handed down to us from the start. It is the responsibility of all those who live in this land to represent themselves, and prove themselves worthy of being mortals who, despite all the hardships, struggles, and times of weakness of the heart and mind, to show at the end of the day that they were as pure as they could possibly be under the circumstances of their entire lives. To avoid pure darkness, corruption, destructive life styles, and the various sins of mortality to the best of their ability. The chosen heroes represent one of many types of mortals of this world. They represent this world itself fighting back against a monster wishing to use an abused, tortured, and messed up puppet to conquer the creations of the gods themselves. An imperfect being wishes to take the throne of an immortal. To act as a god. It is a destiny that is impossible, illogical, and immoral to allow. But in our ignorance and foolish mistakes, we allowed this monster to rise. And worst of all, for me personally, I not only allowed this monster to break apart my family, but to break my son. He broke my son so much, that he misunderstood that for all the wrongs mortals and society has, there is so many more layers. He only sees the consequences and darkness that all mortals hold. For he was indirectly raised by Legion through out his life."

His hand shook slightly. "In my death. In my ignorance. I allowed Legion to indirect manipulate, and in consequence, raise my son. Turning him into a puppet. He should have, for all intents and purposes, attempted to destroy Legion the second he knew who he was. But unlike all of this other subjects, Reuben was, in many senses, raised by him. He molded Reuben into the man he was today. He manipulated situations, even though he physically wasn't there, and created every ideal, thought, and emotion Reuben has had since he was a young boy. How could anyone raised by a "parent" for so long just attack them so easily? Even though he has, and continues to, believed he loved his mother and I deeply enough to destroy the other monsters responsible for splitting up our family and destroying everything he loved, he has forgotten everything but a vague image of both his parents and a few key words we've spoken to him. We're just small pieces of a puzzle he forced together to create an image of what he believes society and mortals are. A means to justify the destructive ideals Legion has forced upon him for so long."

Adalwin sighed and continued. "It is the responsibility of his parents, and the kingdom assigned to serve, advise, and protect the gatekeeper of souls to make sure that what happened to Reuben never happened. Not you, Brendan. Nor your friends, nor the other chosen heroes. It took me awhile to realize this. I am sorry. I am sorry I made you come all this way for nothing. I am sorry I almost made you take on this job. And... And I am sorry for what I am going to request you to do. A request you in no way need to accept or take on."

He looked out the window, which Andres, Brendan, and the others walked over to. Nothing seemed unusual outside. All of the citizens who lived here for so long, acted as they usual did.

"Those people..." Adalwin continued speaking, "are about to leave behind the land they've lived at for so long. I ask, only if you wish to do so, to escort the people of my former home back to the outside world. To a place a little ways south of this former kingdom, that the gods have chosen for us. It will not be a spot where a new kingdom will rise. It will become a new town where my former people will live without ignorance, responsible for themselves and everything around them once more. But they will not hold any title like a kingdom, because those who guided them before hand were foolish enough to ruin the status we once held."

"Adalwin!" Andres shouted in anger. "This is my home. Their home. You can't possibly force..."

"I'm not." Adalwin interrupted. "This has been the will of the gods ever since the Talons were exterminated, Legion was allowed to rise, and Reuben was used as a pawn under their control. When Reuben starting being manipulated into the man he is today, it was not the intent of the gods for him to find his essentia stone. But Reuben, despite being manipulated and tortured for almost his entire life, had enough aspects that allowed for an essentia stone to be created. His will, his belief that he was bringing about justice, the care he held towards the guardian, despite the monstrous being it was, all became twisted versions of the aspects of the twelve heroes. Like quite a few heroes, he found his essentia stone in a moment that shook the course of his life forever. Those twisted versions of those aspects, occuring right as the guardian died, despite the spirit of a powerful talon near by who knew him well enough, and was strong enough, to protect and guide him to safety, let him obtain the essentia stone. That was the final straw for the gods. But even before then, the loss of all those talons, and allowing Legion and his followers to get this far, was enough for the gods to realize we were no longer the right beings for a job as important as this. This kingdom, which once looked grand and powerful, able to defend itself, under the careful manipulation of the gods, became a town disguised to its people as something more. It is nothing more than a weak, ignorant, and insignificant place. And up until today, the gods have been waiting for the right moment to return the people once urged to separate themselves from the matters of the rest of the world. Our people were once proud protectors of the land, given a duty and a system designed to prevent it from being corrupted or destroyed. We've foolishly and disgracefully lost that right. And now, as I've just realized recently, the gods have ordered my people to leave and return the kingdom of the phoenix to the ashes it was born out of. Because a few fools, such as I, in what we believed to be the right thing to do at the time, damned the world and those few precious to us to a potential future of doom and destruction."

Adalwin closed his eyes and recited a poem spoken long ago.

"Twelve heroes which the gods hath selected,
Through fate and fortune they art protected.
They stem from both peasants and nobility,
With the greatest will and the grandest ability.
From beasts to birds, from forests to glades,
From villages, from pillages, from a realm of shades,
From the past to the present, from the sky above,
From royalty, from loyalty, and from… love.
By the light of twelve stones their path is traced,
In moonlight they fight, until all evil is erased.
Let their legacy be history, amidst stars they art drawn,

Adalwin opened his eyes again. "Shrow'd represented a type of mortal no other hero represented. Protected by strong warriors, born from a lineage hand picked by the gods, as well as royalty... and pure love. And on the battlefield where the heroes fought the guardian, by the act of heroes fair and noble, a child manipulated by a demon, who could care for a monster so strong, and have a sense of "justice" so strong he would not falter from it, watched an act of sacrifice and devotion rip away what he thought to be his only means of carrying out that "justice". Until that point he was incapable of truly carrying out that "justice" himself. He lacked that moment that would change him and give him the means to challenge one of the greatest monsters this world has and will ever know.

We allowed Legion to manipulate the offspring of the last line of heroes, handpicked by the gods, into falling into the requirements of the god's requirements from heroes of this land. Legion found a loophole in the prophecy, and manipulated his puppet into qualifying to be one of the very few that could potentially defeat him. He gave him one of the greatest wills coupled with a destined grand ability.

And by allowing this crime to continue, this kingdom must cease to exist, and its people must go and be coupled with the fate of those they neglected, even if unwilling, in this time of crisis. That is why they must leave."

(To be continued shortly due to length of post.)

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Andres fell to his knees. Anger, frustration, and sorrow swirled around in his head.

"This can't... no..."

Adalwin shook his head. "You, of all people, must suffer a burden you do not deserve. And even those it should mean nothing to you, or accepted, I am truly sorry, and ashamed, for what I and my comrades have caused. And for asking you to take on a task you may not want to take."

Andres looked up. "What could you possibly ask of me?"

"Go to your mother, your father, and your grandfather, the former king. It is best they explain this to you. We will discuss more further."

Andres, terribly distrubed by this revelation that he, and all the people in this kingdom he loved, would forever leave their home in disgrace and burn it to a point where it would not be recognized again by history, slowly walked away. Adalwin looked to Brendan and his friends.

"He has been attempting to fight fate for so long. Despite being from a linage of royal members of the kingdom of the phoenix, thanks to being the 'only surviving child of Nadia', never wanted to rule. He has wished to serve his people while holding the same title as them. He never hated those who ruled at all, but I think subconsciously he knew a flaw in the system after being taught its history and values. Its just that the will he gained from his mother to protect the people by any means necessary left him conflicted. He didn't know how to serve the people without being considered higher than them. In the way the chosen heroes are, in a sense. Its why he has been avoiding his mother for so long."

Brendan finally found the courage to speak up. "I don't know what to say."

"It's alright. I know what you are thinking. And again, those it means nothing, I am sorry for making you come all this way. I know you see good in Reuben. I know you were willing to do anything to save him. But I beg you, let us clean up our mess. I know after everything I've told you, we don't seem worthy or capable of doing so. But the plan originally devised to save him wouldn't have given him clarity or a future. His family is the only ones now that can help him break free on his own. And Reuben needs to come to this realization on his own if his essentia stone is to stay strong enough to be used against Legion... and so that Reuben can live the rest of his life not as a puppet of a monster, but as his own man.

Brendan, if you wish, if you are still willing after all I told you, escort my remaining people, Nadia and Andres' family and friends, to where their new destiny lies. Forced to or not, this place of ignorance is, and should not be their home. For as horrible and forced eviction is, this home was not a good home for them. Yes, they lived and were raised here. But this Kingdom is not what it once was. The most enlightened and strong part of the land slowly became closed off from the rest of the world, leaving its people unable to grow, discover, and become capable of all the things I, Nadia, and Andres know they are capable of. This place is nothing more than a toxic, former shell of what it once was. For as terrible as this situation is, in many ways it is better for its people to leave than stay."

Brendan looked at Adalwin with sorrow. "It sounds like Andres isn't going with them."

"No. He is not. Andres' destiny and future lies elsewhere. Unfortunately, we need his help. His mother, rightfully and through duty, had to move on and found another person to spend her life with. Their love created Andres, but fate required him to take responsibility that he had no part in choosing to take. He is Reuben's half brother. He is the last line of former royal members of the Kingdom of the Phoenix. Those who must keep balance and help the Talons and the Gatekeeper keep clarity and morality in check. He is also, if the heroes can defeat Legion, the only one who the gods have allowed to represent, and advise this new world and its next defenders of the legacy of the kingdom, to help them avoid the mistakes this Kingdom has made. Maybe, just maybe, this is why part of him didn't want the throne. Although the current royal line was never aware of this plan until today, or willing wanted him to believe how flawed this kingdom is, I think part of him realized that the duties a royal member would take on would never be his."

Adalwin started to disappear, as he had to prepare for a discussion with Andres, and prepare for his next course of action.

"Brendan, as we speak, Saegan, the former gatekeeper of souls, is waiting for the right time to approach his old friend and his student with both a proposition, and tell them the way that the twelve chosen heroes can gain the essentia stone once we've brought sense to Reuben. I ask you, with this knowledge, whether you choose to take on the task of assisting my people or not, to convince the other heroes to accept Reuben. They don't have to forgive, or care for him. But he has, for most of his life, been a puppet. Acceptance will be the only way he'll be able to move on and not return to the being he once was when this is all over. It is a selfish request to ask of such a selfless person. But it is a request I must ask as a father. My son, and the son of the woman I loved and let down, need a future. I've caused so much sorrow. My beloved found a way to move on, and now must give up a man and life she loved after taking so much pain. My son has been broken to the point of madness. And her other son must give up a one destiny he did not choose, for another he had no choice in. I am just as much a monster as Legion. But the only difference between him and I is that I deeply regret all that has happened, and just want a future for both sons. Please... I beg you. Defeat Legion. Help Reuben find acceptance. And give those two boys a future. A future free from such a horrible past of people who failed the gods themselves. Please. I beg you."

And with that, Adalwin faded away, leaving the heroes alone and free to do as they wish.

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Brendan: I'll do whatever I can to help at this point. As much as I would like to aid Ruben, it appears that only his family can really reach out to him. I'm just glad I was able to at least try to save him from the darkness that has consumed him for so long.

Lezzen: Your right Brendan. Sometimes it takes the work of fellow loved ones to bring another member out from his suffering.

Kathra: ..........>:-(.... (Kathra's Theme)

Kathra appeared infuriated.

Brendan: What's wrong Kathra?

Kathra: Ugh! I cannot believe this! We spent all of this time chasing after Mr. Psychopath! What did this all lead up to in the end? NOTHING!!! I'm just infuriated at all the running around we had to do. What even possesed us to go after him, if we were told in the end to practically not even worry about it? SCREW ALL OF THEM! Screw his family, screw the magically appearing old guy, and screw their Gods! I could care less what happens to them at this point. I can't believe they would give Brendan, my love, such a daunting task of freeing Shrow'd from his darkness, and then slap him across the face like that! It's not right! It's just stupid! It's foolish! Curse them all!

Lezzen: Kathra! Get ahold of yourself! I know your upset, but try to calm down and be understanding!

Kathra: NO! You shut your mouth! Do you not get it Lezzen? We wasted our time! We went on a meaningless quest, full of nothing but nonsense! If anything, this has been one huge, sick trick! If I had known this was going to happen, I would've made sure we had done something more productive, like I don't know, making preperations for our fight with Legion!

Lezzen: Kathra....

Brendan: Do not worry. I understand she is angered. It does seem like a complete waste of time, but in reality, our efforts were not in vane. We have done our job, not we shall leave the rest to his family. Kathra, we did manage to make a big impact on the efforts towards freeding Ruben. In fact, without us, Nadia and her family would not know that they were needed to help free Ruben.

Kathra: So...What your saying...Is that we were just messengers?

Brendan: No, this wasn't a mere quest to inform Nadia of Ruben. Remember all the times we faced Ruben? None of those encounters and battles we had with him were a complete waste. Our actions and our words towards Ruben helped open his eyes, even just a little, towards the light.

Kathra: If that's what you want to believe, go ahead, but in reality, it's been nothing but a waste. Sorry love, but that's just the way it is. So...Now what?

(End Kathra's Theme)

Brendan: We'll head to an Inn in an nearby town and rest there for the night. Tomorrow morning, I'll figure out what we'll do next.

Lezzen: Okay Brendan. I'm ready when you are!

Kathra: Hmph!

Thanks ML MAH BOI!

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And so, after the heroes evacuated the rest of the townspeople, it was said that the kingdom itself burned for days until it turned to ashes. The path that once led to the kingdom was destroyed, ensuring the sacred land, and its knowledge, would never be touched by mortal hands ever again.

All accounts on what specifically happened to Adalwin, the spirits, Nadia, and Andres afterwards are only legend, as is what happened to Shrow'd himself, who never appeared on the fateful day in the future. The only thing that was known was that after his trials, a certain hero who served two split spirits found the Shrow'd's chosen gem at the end of the trial before the fateful day.

The Legend has it that Nadia and Andres, with the help of the spirits of the Talons, used their energy to purify Shrow'd from the dark one's grasp. This forced the sacrifice of the spirits and Nadia, who sacrificed their entire existence, both in this realm and the realm of the gods, to free their son. Shrow'd, weak after the encounter, covered with the blood of so many victims, could not continue his duty as the gatekeeper of souls. He willingly exiled himself to a place in the afterlife where he would pay for his crimes, or so the legend says.

The legend also says that Andres, furious of what this title and job did to his family, his people, and the world, took the duty of Gatekeeper of Souls in order to ensure that when he died, no further mortal would be selected, thereby ending the line of mortals taking the title. During his reign, he vowed to make up for the crimes Shrow'd performed, including restoring the deaths of those who were still needed in the mortal world. But that story won't come into play until later. Rest assured, the legend says Andres did what he could to ensure that the heroes had all that they needed to confront the dark one when the time came, and that if they were successful, he would personally make sure Legion payed for his crimes in the next world.

In the end, the new gatekeeper, part mortal and part damned soul, continues his existence in both the realm between and the mortal realm. It is said he rests in the one area mortals barely visit, a quiet little forest with weird looking trees and wind that brings a melody that sounds eerily similar to a tune his mother used to whistle when he was but a baby.

The End (Of the Shrow'd story)

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Some time has passed since the tired group at the inn finally managed to attain some rest. The wind was beating heavily on the sign out front causing Cye to awaken from his slumber in a midnight sweat. As he awoke, his body felt as limp and damaged as it did upon entering the forest. He could not put the puzzle together as to why this was occurring on a night that was predicted to be peaceful.The star light was bright enough for Cye to see the sign outside banging against the shutters. The wind did not have a murderous feeling to it, rather a calm sensation to the average human body. To Cye, though, there was something hidden in the whispers of the wind... A message he could hear. Cye hears the past of an individual staying in the inn with him. A past hidden too well... until now...

A joyous day is being celebrated as two individuals stand in front of a wondrous kingdom. A union of two in love.

King: Do you, Tomar accept to be in wed with Judi-mae?

Tomar looks around to notice a barrage of fire in the distance, but thinks nothing of it. He looks back to Judi-Mae and accepts.

Tomar: Aye!

King: And do you, Judi---

The ceremony is abruptly ended with a flaming arrow flying in the kingdom and piercing the king dead in the chest. Judi-Mae drops her flowers she picked from the field and goes for her weaponry just inches away. Tomar tries to stop her from proceeding.

Tomar: No! Don't be reckless!

Judi: I will be what I am. And I am protecting my kingdom, but more importantly, I am protecting you! You already wounded yourself in battle while I stayed home worrying and keeping our home clean. No more! My turn to prove I can be a strong wife for you!

Tomar: You are crazy if you think we are doing this alone! The vows even said "Fight together". I repeat myself! You will not fight alone!

Judi: You can try to act strong through a courtesy of love, but right now, we need to put this all aside. Yes, The vow did say that, but we are not officially married yet! This is my chance to prove you made the right choice by marrying a warrior, not a home cleaner! You wounded your hand in battle 2 months ago and you are still unable to lift anything with your hand! Do not even try!

Tomar: I can do it though..

Judi: NO!!! STAY HERE!! ...please... I can do this..

Before he can say another word, Judi-Mae sprints into battle. She opens the gate of the kingdom and runs out. As the gate closes, Tomar is standing frozen. He then tries to equip his Battle-Axe, but his wounded hand mends him unable to grab his weapon. He swallows hard and runs to the gate to proceed through, however, archers upon the top of the gate are seen aiming at Tomar. He backs away slowly and begins to breathe heavily. The archers then begin to shoot their arrows at the approaching army. The archers are quickly killed though, and Tomar sprints to the gate and goes through. He sees Judi-Mae fighting off a couple horsemen. Tomar begins rapidly running towards her.

Tomar: I'm coming, Judi-Mae!!

Judi-Mae turns for a moment to see him running towards her.

Judi: No, Don't--

Her weapon falls to the ground and Judi-Mae is lifted into the air by a familiar figure.

???: At last, I will conquer this land and pronounce this land mine!

Tomar: NO! JUDI!!

Silence fills the air as he begins weeping for is almost wife. He begins trembling in anger and fear, but breaks into anxiety from the image seen before him.

???: You can save her, warrior. She will not be harmed at all if you follow my demands.

Judi: *Struggling to breathe* Tomar... why did you... leave the kingdom walls...?

Tomar: Don't hurt her... What are your terms?

Judi: NO!!

???: This land shall now belong to me, and shall be named after the great wizard you see before you... Remember this name, boy! For it shall be the name you will hear most in your life from this day on... Darren!

The army then gallops away from the once great kingdom with Judi-Mae as a prisoner. The sound of galloping slowly transitions into the sign getting beat against the shutters at the inn. Tomar awakes from his slumber and looks at his wounded hand. He begins whispering to himself.

Tomar: One day... I will overcome this handicap... and I will find you... *the scenery begins fading to black* Judi-Mae.



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