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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 7 up!
PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:52 pm 
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Gerosin is standing in front of a dark stairway that led to a deep vortex. The vortex is oozing a dark gray aura. The room is entirely pitch black. Gerosin begins to speak:
“My lord, Lady Ashen is in your dungeon. There is no hope for her now.”
His master’s voice begins to boom from the dark abyss. “She has allies.”
“Yes, they are very strong, my lord. But I have no doubt that you will defeat them.”
“Still…it doesn’t hurt to have advantages.”
“What do you mean my lord?”
“In a chateau a few miles away, lies my true power. It is inside a small capsule. Bring this orb of power to me and I shall reach my full strength.”
“But what if it is dropped among the way?”
“Then it shall transformed into a warrior and attack anything in it’s path. Be careful, Ashen’s allies may attack you on your way.”
“I will my lord.” He leaves the room off to the chateau.
A long day of training goes by and night comes. Everyone decides to rest. They are all asleep, except for Alf. He has other things on his mind.
Laying in bed, he talks to himself. “Why did she give herself up like that? Was it to save us? Was it to find her daughter? To just keep me safe? Or is it something else I have to figure out all together?”
He lays there, looking up at the stars, hoping to God she is alright. Although he can feel in his heart that she is in danger. He has to find her. He can not go to sleep, mindlessly he gets out of his soft grass bed. His feet got ahead of him and took him away from his friends. Suddenly, he hears footsteps in the distance.

“W-who’s there?”
“I see you, Sir Alferion.” The voice hisses at him.
“How do you know me?”
“I know you because my master warned me about you.”
“Your master? Wait..Gerosin! Show yourself?”
“Are you sure you want to die in the middle of the night?” He taunts his foe.
“You think I am powerless! You are wrong! Now that I have something to fight for, you’re for a challenge!”
“Like earlier today with my fire spell?” He cracks a laugh, sounding evil as Darren.
Alf pulls out his sword. “Don’t tempt me! I’m seconds away from slicing you in half!”
Gerosin laughs at him. “You pathetic excuse of a man! Even the love of your Ashen can’t help you this time!”
“LET ME PROVE YOU WRONG!” He dashes at Gerosin.

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:31 pm 
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As Alferion dashes towards Gerosin, his foe holds his hands with his palms facing and blasts two string-like fire blasts. Alf's sword glows for a moment and he slices the first blast into oblivion. During this time, the second blast had snuck behind Alf. Quickly, Alf hit the ground and rolled away. The blast tried to follow him, but couldn't turn in time and it blasted into the ground. Alf got up to his feet fast as he could.

“Hehe. It seems you've attained some degree of skill. Let's see how you cope with this!”

Gerosin digs into his pocket and pulls out a small black star. He throws it at the ground beneath him full force. The star cracks,breaks and black smoke is released from the star. The smoke engulfs Gerosin's body and a dark fog surrounds him.

Alf scratchs his head puzzled. “Why would you do that to yourself?”

Gerosin laughed inside his smoke cloak. “Hehe. Come and find out, LITTLE MAN!!!”

Alf charges towards Gerosin and swipes him with his sword through the heart. Gerosin puffs up for a minute. Alf tries to dislodge his sword from Gerosin's body, but it’s stuck. Gerosin immediately bursts into flames and explodes. Alf forcibly pulls on his sword and it comes out quickly. He then holds his sword toward the explosion in an attempt to block it. The explosion knocks Alf away as Gerosin planned. Gerosin's cape is still perfectly well in the explosion. Slowly, Gerosin reappeared within his cape. He was smiling savagely.

“This is what happens when you challenge me. Give up on defeating my master. Hehe. Hehahahahahahah!”

When the explosion clears up, Gerosin sees Alf standing. He is hurt, but definitely alive.

Muttering through the pain, “I won't ever give up. I will defeat Darren, and I will save Lady Ashen!”

“What?! Where are you getting your power from?”

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:01 pm 
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Alf is truly empowered even more than ever. He feels the extra boost of energy stronger than before. Alf screams out in pain. His sword starts glowing.
“Do me a favor and don't hold back.” He tells Gerosin.

Gerosin looks with surprise at Alf’s glowing sword.
“I have never seen anyone except Darren able to make his sword glow from the power inside him.. Ok, then.. Prepare to be eliminated. Permanately!!”

Alf yells, “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!”
Gerosin blows fire at Alf. Alf simply makes his sword glow stronger and the fire is redirected at the sword. The sword then glows intensely and Alf points the sword at Gerosin. A blast of energy is thrown at Gerosin. Gerosin stares at it and in shock he cannot avoid the blast. He then bellows out in agony.

During this time, Gerosin doesn't notice Alf come up to him. Alf shines his sword even more and chops Gerosin in an uppercut slice, then chops Gerosin in half. The rest of Gerosin bursts into flames.
Alf thinks to himself: “Did I win? Is he dead?”

The smoke from the flames grows and becomes a shape. The shape solidifies into Gerosin. The sword chop was nothing to him, but Gerosin is still recovering from the unexpected blast.

Gerosin breathes heavily a few times and then yells, “I AM GEROSIN. MINNION OF THE GREAT LORD DARREN. I WON'T LOSE TO YOU OR ANYBODY!!”

Gerosin’s rage erupts in his body. His body becomes hot, then scorching, then flames came out of his body. His skin melts off and Gerosin expands. Twin-flames erupt from his back and becomes spread out into wings made of fire. Gerosin is no longer himself.

Gerosin now looks like a dragon who's skin is made entirely of flames. Gerosin's cape has been completely charred away.

Alf sighs, not believing what had just happened. “You're kidding me...Fine, I will win anyway. In the name of Lady Ashen, I will win all the same!!”
At this time, Korgen had heard a great sound at the camp. He saw fire from far away and followed the smoke. Alf was off a few feet from Gerosin. Korgen came to his side, Alf needed help.
“Should I go get the others to aid you?” He asked Alf.
Alf replies, “Not yet.. If it looks like I need help, get everyone else to defeat Gerosin with me.”

Korgen looks at Gerosin and is surprised. “Wait, you had the strength to reveal his true form?!”

“Yes... I can't believe I actually have to fight him... I don't think I can do it.. HE'S MADE OF FLAMES!!”

Alf is standing there and he hears a voice in his head. A familiar voice..

The voice tells him, “Alf, you can do it!! Just keep me in your mind. Remember, you are fighting for me!!”

“Fighting for you? Ashen! Is that you? Ashen, I don’t think I can win this fight. He is too powerful.”
Her voice continues to tell him, “Of course you can! Just believe in yourself like I believe in you. I am the thing inside your heart that gives you the strength. When I am in danger, you can feel it, and you feel a sudden increase in strength. In order to defeat him, you must gain full control of your extra strength. That is the dragon inside you!”

Alf closes his eyes and whispers to himself, “Believe.” His sword begins to glow a light blue and he can feel the power flowing through him.
Gerosin laughs and comes to Alf. “Bravo! Now let’s fight this battle!”

Before Korgen goes to find the others he yells to Alf, “Fight!”
He runs as quickly as he can back to their camp. Everyone is already awake. The sound of the battle a few hundred feet from them started all their dreams. Korgen tells them of Alf fighting Gerosin. The all got to their feet to cheer on their friend. Alferion could not lose this battle.

Jekuthiel stays at the sidelines and tell his companions, “This is his fight. Let him fight it and he shall win.”

Korgen sighs a bit. “I hope you’re right.”

“Your friends believe in you!” Fravir cheers for Alf.
“Ashen does too!” Stephen cheers with Fravir.
Alf glances over at his friends. “Thanks guys! Let’s do this!”
Gerosin opens his mouth, releases a bunch of ashes and they fly towards Alf. He evades the attack. The ashes begin to melt and vaporize the ground Alf was just standing on.

Gerosin rams towards Alf. Alf blocks with his sword, but the dragon is too strong. Alf is pushed back in the same position.

Alf tells himself, “ for...Ashen!”
Alf's sword glows with extraordinary power. Gerosin is pushed back and nearly flies into the nearby tree, except his wings catch him. During this time, Alf advances towards Gerosin and leaps while drops his sword on Gerosin hard.


Gerosin spins and attacks Alf with his wing. Alf blocks with his sword and counters. Gerosin falls back.


Gerosin blows ashes at Alf again, but Alf swiped it with his sword and the black fog fell apart in midair.

Alf slams his sword through the heart of Gerosin, twists the sword a full 180 degrees and pulls the sword out. There is blood on his sword. Alf holds his sword to his side.

“You... You.. must.. Spare me...” Gerosin barely whispers.

Alf can’t believe his ears. “And why must I do that?!”

“I... I was sent... By Darren.... Himself.... To retrieve... his lost power..... I-I used it.. on myself... in order to defeat you.. but now.. I see that.... It takes more than sheer..... power to defeat someone..... ugh.... who fights for love....”

Alf enraged, “So, you are asking me to spare you because you don't wanna die?! You better give me a better reason in 5 seconds OR YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!”
Alf raises his sword and it glows even brighter than ever before.

Gerosion just sits there breathing heavily not sure of what to say.. Alf raises his sword about to deliver the final blow when Stephen grabs his arm and stops him. Alf looks with flames in his eyes.

Stephen whispers, “It's not worth it. He's too weak.. Let's just move on and try to find her.”

Alf then falls to the ground winded, like he has just got done with a 5 mile run. He drops his sword and a tear rolls down his cheek.

Jekuthial, Fravir, and Stephen all stand around him.

Alf with tears down his cheeks, “We need to proceed along in order to rescue Lady Ashen. It hurts me just to know she’s rottening in that cell. You hear me Ashen? I’m coming for you!!!”

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:20 pm 
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In Darren’s dungeon, Ashen began to lose hope. It was dark and lonely. She had no one but herself and she didn’t like being in the dark alone. She had tried and tried to free herself somehow, but nothing had worked yet. She started to get tired and she couldn’t think of anything else to try. She drew her sword and looked at the hilt. The Shiningstar it was called because of the star-shaped handle. She remembered one of her and Alf’s last nights together. He had told her how much he loved gazing at the stars. Her mind drifted back to him. How was it possible to have fallen in love that fast? But…it had been love at first sight for her. Then she thought of Fravir and Stephen. She wondered how they were doing, if they were safe.

She sighed and muttered to herself, “I can’t be stuck in here forever. Eventually I will be free.”

Slumping down in her cell, she rested her head. She went off into a peaceful slumber and thought of her friends. Her hero swept across her dreams. She missed them all.

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:34 pm 
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Korgen tells Alf, “Impressive Alf!”

Alf mutters, “Thanks...”

Stephen says, “You should rest now Alf.”

Korgen agrees. “Yes do rest, I know a safe and fast route to Ashen. I believe she is held prisoner by Lord Darren himself.”

Alf’s eyes widen.”You do?!”

“Yes I have scaled to and fro, hoping that something or someone would come along to destroy him. This person is you, Alf. With the help of your friends, nothing can stand between you and Lady Ashen.”

Fravir tells everyone, “Alright then lets get some rest, and tomorrow we can set out.”

Korgen says, “I'll be getting my armor ready, while you 3 get some rest.”

Jekuthiel announces, “I'll prepare the supplies for the trip.”

Ashen had woken up and was trying to think of a way out again. She thought of something she had forgot. Her transportion spell. It would take most of her strength, but it seemed like the only way out. Closing her eyes, she concentrated, speaked the magic words and she was able to transport out of her awful cage.

“YES! I'M FREE!” The moment of happiness shifted to dust when she fell to the ground and fainted.

Waking up hours later, everything was blurry. A few seconds afterward, she was able to see straight. Then she came up with a plan.

Talking to herself, “First, I got to find Cassidy, get out and meet up with my friends. She's got to be here somewhere. Once my strength comes back, I'll be able to do anything. I just hope I don't run into trouble. God be with me!!”

Everyone is about to leave when Alf turns around and approaches Gerosin.

“Listen to me. I am willing to give you a second chance.”

Gerosin laughed at him. “Don't even try that!! I will stand by Lord Darren forever!”

“For God's sake... What has Lord Darren ever done for you?! Name one thing!”

“He... Taught me everything.. I know about magic....”

“Besides that!! Do you really feel comfortable around someone who could just kill you at anytime? When he feels that he doesn't need your assistance anymore?”

Gerosin isn’t able to say anything.

Alf keeps trying to persuade him. “Just think about it.. I am willing to give you another chance. To join us, help take him down! Please! With our powers combined, we should have no problem defeating Darren!! Please. I know you have something to fight for! Look deep into your heart and ask yourself "What do I have to fight for?" Everyone has a cause. Everyone has a purpose. You may be an experienced mage, but you still have a heart in pain from not avenging the one thing that was taken away from you!”
Gerosin replies, “I can’t join you, but i don’t have to fight you either. I have Darren's power flowing through my body right now. The urge to cause darkness and destroy light is within me. Besides, If i went back, Darren could just absorb me, for I have is power. I am a part of him. At the same time, I have betrayed Darren. I stole his power from the chateau and used it upon myself. I was supposed to bring it to him, but i didn't. I stole it. I am no longer his minion. I can’t go back..”

Fravir yells from far off, “Come on, Alf! We have to go!”

Alf takes one last look at Gerosin. He walks to where his friend’s voice came from. Gerosin stands there, lost in thought.

“And yet, I feel that I must. There has to be a way to remove his influence...”
The group is walking along the path and Alf is walking slowly behind.

Stephen looks back, “Alf, Let's go!”

Fravir looks back too, but doesn’t agree with Stephen. “Hold on, don't be so hasty. Alf, is there something else on your mind?”

Alf looks up at his friends, unable to hide his thoughts. “It's about Gerosin.. I could sense some good in him. He even had Darren's power flowing through him.”

“What do you mean? Stephen asks.

Alf replies, “Well, when I was fighting him, I could sense that he was intentionally trying to hold back. He didn't want to kill me. I was so overstruck by rage that I couldn't control myself, but I could still sense that there was some good in him.”

Korgen walks up to Alf’s side. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I am positive. I've never felt so sure about something like this before.”

Stephen says, “Well, I hope him the best in his journey to get to know his true self.”

Alf shakes his head. “I fear that won't be enough.”

Fravir tells them, “We'll talk about this later, Alf. We need to rest, in order to regain our strength for our encounter with Darren.”

Alf agrees and says, “Right. Let's go.”

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:04 am 
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Ah yes, ALQ. A true literary classic of the stmb forums.

Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:08 pm 
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Gerosin is inside the chateau that he had found Darren's power. He is searching for something, but he cannot seem to find it.

“Hmmm...Nope....Where is it?!.......Hmm. What's this?”

Gerosin pushes a button on the wall. The wall becomes a stairway leading down. Gerosin walks down the stairs for 10 minutes until there’s no stairs left. Gerosin finds himself in a room with beakers and chemicals lining the walls and papers on desks. The room looks like a mad scientist's laboratory. Gerosin walks to a desk and reads a paper with formulas all over. The paper is titled "The Power of Darren."

Gerosin stares at the paper. “Hmmm. It may take some time, but It'll work. I'll be rid of Darren if it kills me.”
Ashen had been searching the dungeon for several hours. Finally, her strength had come back. She searched with her magical sight. At the end of the hall was one cell. She could see Cassidy in it. She was asleep on the floor. Ashen came to her daughter's cage, waking her gently.

“Cassidy, wake up, sweetie. It's me, your mom.”

Cassidy woke up, staring at Ashen. “Mom? How'd you get here? Where's Darren?”

“I don't know, but let's just get you out of here. Do you remember the transportion spell I taught you? It's the only way to get out.”


“Then cast the spell. Once you get out of here, I have some friends we have to meet up with. Maybe we can get home without even facing Darren!”
Korgen informs his friends, “In order to get to Darren's castle we have to go through this forest, into a desert, and in the middle of a Krag.” He sees their confused look and explains, “It’s a purple moon place where I forged my armor. It’s a city we can stop by and after the Krag is a volcanic area. It’s where the core spews out in the Krag, that is where Darren's castle is.”
Stephen sighs. “Sounds far.”

Alf starts to speed up his pace. “Well we better hurry.”

Fravir gets in front of Alf to stop him. “Alf, first let's rest up now while we can.”

“We can take the short cut.” Korgen tells Alf.

“Hmm? Ah yes, you said something of a shorter way.” He stops in his tracks.

“We can skip the desert and get right to the Krag. It’s a little ways from there to the tower. But we have to cross a huge canyon to Darren’s tower.”

“How can we get across?” Fravir asks.

Jekuthiel says, “Simple, we go into the canyon and climb up.”

Stephen asks worried, “What? How?”

Korgen tells him to ease his mind, “The canyon isn't that deep, but it is a threat when fallen in. Honestly, anything around 3 stories is a dangerous fall.”

Stephen, still worried, “What about something to break our fall?”

Alf comes up with an idea. “I know!” We can jump down slowly using a spell!”
Meanwhile, in his dungeon, Darren has received word about Gerosin’s betrayal. However, this news doesn’t upset him that much. He comes up with a new plan.

“ So, Gerosin thinks he can disobey orders like that. Oh well. Looks like I'll have to steal the power myself and destroy him. Guard!”

The guard answers from his post, “Yes, your greatness?”

“Tell Lady Ashen that I'm ready to "negotiate".”

The guard walks down to the cells. He sees that neither Cassidy or Lady Ashen is still there. He comes back slowly to Darren and says, “She is no longer present!”

Darren yells in a full blown fury, “WHAT!! EVERYONE! FIND LADY ASHEN NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!”
Gerosin is inside the bottom layer of the chateau. He is holding a bubbling chemical with a look of satisfaction

“Yes. YES! I've done it. This theoretically can seperate Darren's power from me. I'll be human once more!”

An eerie voice calls out, “You think you can betray me so easily do you?”

Gerosin shakes a little, “It can’t be...Lord Darren! How are you contacting me? My communication device was destroyed in my fight with Sir Alferion.”

Darren replies, “My power is within you, part of me, is still inside. I can now communicate with you easier than when my brain tells my arm to move. I can THIS!”

Gerosin feels a pain in his chest. Small at first, then large, then searing.

Gerosin screams out in pain.

“Why did you steal my power, you insolent, ungrateful...”

Gerosin murmurs through the pain, “It doesn't matter. Sir Alferion will destroy you and send you back to the darkness from which you came!”

“I doubt it. I have obtained Nectavarre.”


Gerosin is in too much pain. Darren is exhausting him and trying to kill Gerosin through his power. Slowly, Gerosin moves his arm to drink the chemical.

“Come to my castle again, I dare you! I'll destroy you like the trash you are!”

Gerosin drinks the chemical. He hears Darren's voice disappear. In moments, the capsule with Darren’s power rips from Gerosin's body. It flies in the air and almost crashes into the floor.

Gerosin remembers what Darren had told him a while ago about his power:

“What should happen if the power is dropped on the way here?”

“Then my power will form itself into a warrior and will attack anything in it's path.”

Gerosin eyes grow wide. “NNOOOO!!”

Gerosin dives for his old master’s power, but it's too late. The capsule shatters and gray aura emerges. It manifests itself into the shape of a human in golden armor. The shape solidifies and the creature looks like a golden knight in with a matching sword and shield.

Gerosin thinks to himself, “Crap! I have to stall for my strength to return. Plus, I have to warn Sir Alf about Nectavarre. Curse you, Darren!”

The knight barely mutters, “Erg. Wha... Where am I?”

Alf begins to tell everyone, “Well.. Ashen once tried to teach me a levatating spell. I wasn’t paying attention all too well, but I can see what I can do. Stephen, throw that rock and I'll see if I can focus my energy onto it.”

Stephen picks up the rock and tosses it. Alf suddenly puts his hands out and begins chanting to himself. The rock is not falling as fast, but still falling.

Fravir complains, “What's happening man? I thought you knew the spell!”

Alf keeps focusing, “No... I vaguely... remember what... she tried... to teach me..”

The rock falls and Alf falls to the ground from lack of energy. Fravir looks at Alf then is looking around.

Fravir says, “We may have to find another way.”

Alf tells him while his head is down, “No! I'm going to try to communicate with her.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“She taught me that. She told me…”

Alf begins to have a flashback of what Ashen told him.

Ashen tells Alf, “Just in case we get seperated along our way to find Lord Darren and my daughter, I want you to use this Communication spell I am about to teach you.”

Alf doesn’t understand at first. “Um.. ok. How is it done?”

“Here's what you do. Close your eyes, focus on your heart and the one person that is inside. It may sound like it will not work, but trust me. If we ever get seperated, you will have a chance to find out. Remember... Focus.”

The flashback ends and Alf opens his eyes. He tells Fravir what he must do.
Fravir not believing him, “Yeah, that might not work.”

Stephen doesn’t believe either. “Are you crazy, Alf? That won't work!”

Jekuthial yells at them. “HEY!!! Let him try! For all we know, it may be our only way to see if it works. If it does, then he might be able to fully learn the levatation spell from her.”

Alf closes his eyes, focuses on his heart and the one person that is most important to him... Ashen.

Alf tries to talk to Ashen. “Ashen, if you can hear me, we need your help!”

Back in Darren’s dungeon…

Darren says to himself, “Hmm... I'm sensing the presence of the Golden Spirit Soldier. That fool has helped me more than he could possibly imagine. It’s time to put my plan into action.”

Darren uses a spell to contact the Golden Spirit Soldier and turn him into a servant of evil.


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 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:05 pm 
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(Ashen gave me permission to do a chapter or two for her. So here's my attempt.)

Darren's Castle is becoming even more eerie by the second. Cobwebs are seen in every corner of every doorway. Ashen is holding Cassidy, who's strength is gone. She begins to hear Alf. He was trying the heart to heart spell. His voice was faint in her head but still she could hear him.

"We are stuck at this point and I need you to tell me how to do that levitation spell. Please, it's the only way that we can reach you.. If you can hear me, please let me know somehow.."Ashen Asks "What is it, my love? What is a matter?" Ashen is now becoming a bit worried. "I need your help, my lady! I can not remember that levtation spell you taught me. We need it!" Says Alf. His voice sounds very shaken up. Ashen then replies with "It's simple really, focus everything on the thing you need to levitate. If you concentrate the strength inside you, you should be able to do it. Once you're focused on that one thing focus on the place you need it to go. I hope it works."

Back with Alf and the others, they are losing daylight as Alf understands Ashen's message. "Alright. Are you ok? Are you safe?" He asks. He continues to concentrate. A few feet away, Korgen backs away from the group and begins to question what is happening. "is such a spell possible?" Korgen hears the others talking about it and begins to wonder a few things. "I wonder if ashen could teach me that spell... Oh I miss my sister Aiesha... its been 4 long years sence she went after Darren for me when I was unmature to the world's dangers..." Ashen then relies to Alf. "Yes, I'm fine. I should meet up with you soon. I love you"

Alf lets out a sigh and it alerts the group, but he is still not talking out loud. "I love you too. Thank God.. Please stay safe. we will be there shortly. I promise!" As Alf starts to stand up, he hears one more message from Ashen. "I know you will. I know you never break a promise." Alf feels rejuvinated as he stands on his feet. He looks at the other and stares down Stephen. "Stephen! Throw another rock! Give me one more try!" Alf orders. Stephen, without hesitation, throws the rock to the cliff and Alf holds out his hand with much concentration. The whole group yells out one word: "WOAH!!!" The rock is floating in mid-air. Alferion starts to smile a little bit and finally feels some accomplishment. He whispers to himself "Thank you Ashen! I owe you one!" Out loud, Alf talks to the group. "One by one, we will step off the cliff and I will slowly levitate you all down."



 Post subject: Re: A Lady's Quest Ch 6 up!
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:54 pm 
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Location: Somewhere.... Um.... What was it again?
Alferion is focused on the task at hand, but Fravir breaks his concentration. "But Alf, what about you? How will you get down?" Fravir asks, a little puzzled. Alferion blinks a few times and sighs. "Didn't even think about that... I got it! If I can get you all down there safely... I might be able to..." Alf starts hesitating as Fravir asks "Might be able to what?" Alf comes back finally. "I might be able to focus my energy on myself last. But not until you are all down there safely. We can't lose one person for if one person is lost, we are one person weaker. Now..." Alferion gulps in fear. "Who's first?" Alf hesitatingly asks. Silence fills the area for a minute before Korgen steps up. "I'll go first." Alferion nods and tries to hide his fear of failing his friends at a time like this. Especially Ashen. Alf then says "Ok... Take one step off the cliff and I will focus my energy on to you." So without Hesitation, Korgen follows the orders given. Sweat drops from his nose as he looks down the cliff. Korgen sighs silently and steps off the cliff covering his eyes. At that very split second, Alf lifts his hand up in front of himself and starts focusing. Korgen uncovers his eyes and sees that he's not falling. He feels as light as a feather. Korgen excitedly says "WOW!! It's working!! Let's go!!"

One by one, Alferion uses the majority of his energy to get his trusted allies down the cliff safely. Alf is covered in sweat. Quite a bit of time passes and he gets Fravir down there safely. The only two left now are Jekuthial and Alf himself. Alf started pointing at Jekuthial signaling him to start walking. But before he could take one more step, an unfamiliar voice roared out in the land. "SIR ALF AND FRIENDS!! TIME TO DIE!!" Alferion turns around and sees a small golden spot far off in the distance. Just then he hears a semi-familiar voice ring out. "WATCH OUT!!!" Jekuthial turns around pondering "Wha--?" But before Jekuthial could finish his question, he was tackled down the cliff by Alf and they land softly using Alf's new levitation spell. Where Jekuthial had just been, there was a Golden sword. "What's going on now?!" Calls out Alf. They all hear that eerie voice again. "DESTROY SIR ALFERION..... AND FRIENDS!!!!!"



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In the distance a voice called out, “Watch out!”!

“Wha-“ Jekuthial gasped.

Alf grabs Jekuthial and they dive down.Then Alf used his new spell to land them softly. In the place of Jekuthial, was a golden sword.

Sir Homkronite yelled,”...DESTROY SIR ALFERION!!...AND FRIENDS..”.

Gerosin appears beside Alf down below. “Sorry, but it appears I brought a friend. On a lighter note, I have vanquished the evils of Darren from my heart. I wish to join your side.”

“Fantastic! Who's your friend?” Alf replied.

“Sir Homkronite. He's literally brainwashed by Darren and I assume he's taken my old job. Watch out though. He's quite strong.”

Sir Homkronite jumps down to their level.

Alf prepares for battle but he doesn't feel any strength after doing that spell so many times.He looks to Gerosin in frustration, “Must we fight now?”

“Don't even try... He won't listen to you.. He's under Darren's spell, not to mention he’s is twice as strong as me.. If you were able to defeat me. You can defeat him easily.”

“But when I was fighting you, I had the rage I needed. You used a spell to teleport Ashen away from me.”

Darren starts talking though Sir Homkronite, “Ah, Sir Alferion.. I have seen your skills. I know your true potential. It is very good, but nowhere near enough to defeat me. Although you would make a good adversary on my side.”

“You must be crazy! I WILL NEVER JOIN YOU!”!

Darren continues to speak, “Then you will witness your precious Lady Ashen murdered. She is not in her cell like she is supposed to be. I would’ve spared her, but she has disobeyed my orders.”

Rage begins to take off Alf. “YOU WILL NEVER LAY A FINGER ON HER!!! FIGHT ME NOW!!!!!”

Darren just chuckles and says,”Very well... Sir Homkronite, ATTACK!!!!”

Gerosin mutters to himself, “Wow, Darren. you just supplied him with the strength he needed. This should be interesting, Hmmm”

Fravir is near Gerosin and he thinks he heard it, “Gerosin, did you say something?”

Gerosin laughs and replies, “Why, of course not. What would give you that idea?”

“Should we help him?” Korgen asks, seeing Alf in such a rage.

Stephen sighs. “It's like last time. We have to let him fight his own battles”.

Fravir makes the point, “Well, where's our battles? We never do anything fun.”.

Sir Homkronite rushes to Alf wish his sword. Alf tries to hold Sir Homkronite off.

“Gerosin! Let me...”

“Are you sure?”

” Yes.... I can't always just let... them stand by and watch only to see if.. I need help. Please. I can't be the only one to fight my... battles. Sometimes friends... need to step in... and help one another.”

Korgen runs up to Alf and his violet armor begins to glow. Korgen takes out his sword and it grows two sizes.”Hmm. We all have different special abilities it seems.”

Sir Homkronite backs away from Alf and directs his attention to Korgen. “Korgen! Hah! This is great! Killing two birds with one stone!”

Korgen snickers back, “Your jokes as stale as ever!

“Can it!”

“I saw the weaknesses of your enemies. Now its my turn to repay my ignorant mistake. Alf! His weak spot is at the heart!”

Alf pushes his sword back in the sky. “Right!”

Stephen comes over next to his friend. “Now lets do this as a team!”

Fravir falls along in line. “All together now!”

Alf takes the role of leadership. “Ok! First, everyone think of something that Darren has taken away from you! Think about that and think how you’re going to avenge them. I finally figured out what got me to feel that hidden rage. It was Ashen being taken away from me. I thought she was dead forever, but I still feel her presence Now I need you all to do the-- GAH!”

While Alf was giving instructions, he didn’t see Sir Homkronite’s attack. He rams Alf to the ground and jams his sword into Alf’s arm. Alf begins to scream in agony.

The group all yell in unison, “Alf!!”

Fravir gets a grip of himself and says, “We need to help him! Everybody, do what Alf said. Think of something that Darren has taken away from you!!”

Gerosin comes behind Sir Homkronite. “I’m sorry I have to do this.” He tries to slice Sir Homkronite in half, but he just reforms himself. “What the?” Gerosin then gets knocked out and barely gets out, “We need help...everyone..please..” He then blows fire on Sir Homkronite. However, the fire is reflected from the golden armor Sir Homkronite is wearing. Gerosin begins to panic, but then pulls out a black star and throws it on the ground beneath him. The smoke covers Gerosin yet again. Sir Homkronite slices Gerosin and a explosion goes off.

“Everybody watch out!!”

Fravir, Korgen, and Alf deflected the blast from them with their swords. Jekuthial teleports away momentarily. Stephen activates a spell and is surrounded by his aura. Gerosin and Homkronite explode. Gerosin reappears and finds Homkronite almost fine. There is a missing piece of gold where his left part of his breastplate would have been. Stephen's spell wares off and Jekuthial teleports back to the area of battle.

Still using Sir Homkronite, Darren complains, “What? Six against one? This is what you call fair? Allow me to level the playing field.”

Darren casts a spell and all of a sudden the are six clones of Homkronite with full strength. He then laughs, “This is more like it!”

Everyone is in shock and Gerosin breaks the silence. “Oh wow. I think we'll have to split this up. Everybody, pick a Homkronite. I've seen Darren use this spell before. Sure there are six of them, but all of them only have one sixth of original power.”

Gerosin picks a Homkronite, unleashing his dragon state and breaths ashes on the Homkronite. The Homkronite takes damage, but is still standing strong. The Homkronite advanced upon Gerosin and stabbed the dragon with his golden sword. Gerosin's body only repaired itself instantly with flames. The stab wasn't powerful enough to do much damage.

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Alf is still on his knees feeling weak. Then he picks up his sword and he moves his arm that was stabbed.. Screaming a bit, he feels Ashen telling him not to give up. He then feels as if he’s back to full strength and says, “I’m ready.”

Korgen is deflecting all of the blows taken at him by one of the clones. The copy of Sir Homkronite attacks Korgen. He begins to lose his patience. “That’s it!” Korgen pulls out his sword, which now is the color of his armor. “Now for my sister!” He gives a blow to the clone’s knees and it falls to the ground. However, it just regenerates, giving Korgen knowledge how to stop it regenerating.

All of a sudden, Fravir shouts, “Watch out!” Another Sir Homkronite that Fravir was fighting, came and slashed Korgen. He then screams in pain.

A chuckling is heard as Darren just mumbles, “One down...”

Now feeling a bit weak, Korgen says to himself, “I’m too old...” He hears anger from Jekuthial as he says, “Blast it Korgen!” The Sir Homkronite is about to deliver the final blow, when Korgen jumps in the air. His body is outlined with a violet Phoenix. He hears complaining again with, “Enough fireworks!”

Korgen just gives a grin and tells them, “I not only identify abilities that my enemies, but I absorb them too!”

“You die now!”

Korgen takes his sword and swirls it slowly to blasts clone 10 ft into the air. He then jumps, slices through him 50 times in 10 seconds. Sir Homkronite gets knocked down with a thrust as it hits the ground and turns into empty armor filled with ash.

Jekuthial exclaims, “Wow! That was one of Darren's moves!”

“I told you I could absorb abilities! He was 1/6 weaker, so it was easy.”

“Well, one less to take care of.”

Alf is examines the playing field and sees his target. He dashes over to his Sir Homkronite clone and starts fighting with him. With rage, he tells his opponent, “You will not stop me from reaching my destination!”

“You are doing very well. Now it is time to-- ah...”
“What the..”

“You... need to help... me rid... Darren's... spell!!”

Alf is not really believing this and stays in his fighting stance. “I thought you were killed!”

“...No, I was .... erg... wounded in the... explosion.. The only way.. I am talking to ... you is Darren.... is distracted by... Ashen..”

“Wait, you can see what's going on?! One more question... are you the only real Sir Homkronite?”

“Yes... Just... ugh... attack the ..... heart..—“ He is taken back by Darren’s spell. “Destroy Sir Alferion and friends!”

Alf goes into a defensive stance and yells,”ATTACK THE HEART EVERYONE!!”

Gerosin, who is still fighting in his dragon form, “THE HEART...”.

Gerosin blows another ash cloud at his clone. He slowly moved out of the way, while Gerosin advanced and caught the knight between his wings. Gerosin flapped his wings and Sir Homkronite was blown into the air lightly. When he fell, Gerosin blew a huge ash cloud at Sir Homkronite. The smoke surrounded Sir Homkronite's heart, seeping through his inner body, he disintegrated instantly. Gerosin changed back to human body. “Another one eats my dust.”

Meanwhile, back in his lair, Darren sees everything through his magic mirror. “My my.... they're stronger than expected,.but that's not saying much.” He laughs. “Little do they know that they're not fighting something far less stronger than normal. For I cloned him the minute that Gerosin brought him into existence. Now, I have the original Golden Spirit Soldier here and I can use the power of the steal spell to make myself even stronger. I just need to find out how.

One of his henchmen stands near “Any other stories you want me listen to? Like the time you went to the doctor?”

“Oh, be quiet, you!”

“Should I fetch the spell book?”

“No. I have a much stronger, powerful book..” He cracks an evil laugh.

Back at the battle field, our heroes continue to fight. Fravir struck Sir Homkronite in the knees, which did minor damage. The clone swung his sword downwards. Fravir jumped and struck the knees upwards from there. Sir Homkronite rammed Fravir desperately, Fravir was knocked back weak and bloody.

“FRAVIR!!” Stephen casts a spell and a bubble surrounds the Homkronite. The copy then explodes within and is destroyed.

Gerosin looks from the sidelines and says to himself, “This isn't working much. Fravir took a heavy hit and we've only taken out half of them. There must be an easier way...” He then gets an idea. “Alf! I think your Homkronite is the original. Destroy him quickly! We're having problems!”

“But... but I thought–“ Alf hesitates.

“Just do it!!”

Alf sighs. “I'm sorry to do this, Homkronite.”. Alf raises his sword, but feels no strength.

“Stop stalling and do it before we all die! If we all die here, you would have broken your promise to Ashen! Do you want that?!” Gerosin tries to motivate him.

Alf then raises his sword and quickly slashes it through Homkronite’s heart. A large puff of black smoke pops out of Homkronite. All the rest of the clones disenigrate. After the smoke all clears and everyone starts coughing, Alf looks down, seeing his sword on the ground. His sword is covered in blood with black powder.

Alf whispers, “I'm sorry I had to do that, Sir Homkronite..

Gerosin comes over to Alf’s side and puts a hand on his shoulder. “You've done the right thing. If you hadn't done what you did when you did it, we'd all be dead right now. There's not much we can do except move on... Oh yeah. There's something I need to tell you.”

“What is it, Gerosin?”

“Darren has found the dark blade, Nectavarre.”

“What's that?”

Korgen steps up next to them. “You've never heard of it?”

Alf doesn’t understand and asks, “Should I have?”

Korgen explains,”It's among the most evil weapon alive. It's an incredibly long sword. So long it's practically a lance. The material it is crafted with is pure dark magic, which means it may not be destroyed. Plus, it's so long, it also acts as a bow.”
Gerosin also says, “The blade drinks blood and devours flesh. Be extremely cautious when you fight Darren.”

Darren opens the magical book that he stole from Ashen. He flicks through the pages until he finds what he’s looking for. He laughs, happy that he has found the answer. “Thank you, Ashen. You may not know it, but you just helped me. Henchmen!”

“You called?” He asks in the dark. He yawns, then says, “You know I could’ve told you the answer. I’m great with magic. Not to mention, I use to work with Ashen.”


The henchman rolls his eyes and just replies, “Yes.”

Darren just gets even more angry. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!”


Darren just thinks what he can do and then tells him, “I'm going to us you for a practice skill transfer.”


Darren kills him and begins charging energy in his right hand. “That’s enough.”He then puts his hand over the henchman’s heart. “It worked,. since he had little power, I’m done. The REAL show will be in the morning”

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When the fighting had finally stopped and everything cleared, Alf saw something he couldn’t believe. In the distance he saw two figures, one that looked like it was Ashen. The other was a bit shorter. He began to run towards them. Closer, he could see that it was Ashen. The girl next to her side had to be Cassidy. She looked so much like her mom. The only difference was her eyes were dark crestnut with dirty blond hair. He saw Ashen draw her sword into the air.

“Ashen! It’s me, Alferion!” He stopped in his tracks, a few feet from her.

Ashen slowly dropped her sword. She put the Shiningstar back into it’s sheth and ran to his side. He wrapped her in his arms and hugged her tight. Ashen gently pulled away, looking at Cassidy she said, “This is my new love, sweetie.”

Alf let go of Ashen and stared at Cassidy. It was no doubt she was as beautiful as her mother. “Hello. My name is Alferion Deotrano. I joined your mother on this quest to help save you.”

“Wait...Alf..right? I remember hearing that from you, mom.”

Ashen walks over to Cassidy. “Alf has helped me many times, believe it or not. He went through many obstacles to make sure we were both safe.”

“That must explain the scar on his arm.”

Ashen looks back over to Alf’s arm. She then stares into his eyes. “Alf, what happened?”

“We just fought a battle. Gerosin has even joined our side. He’s a great fighter, Ashen. the middle of fighting, Fravir got hurt.”

“What?! Is he ok?”

“I don’t know.” He glance over to the rest of the group. “Would you like to come check?”

They ran back to the group. When they show up, Stephen is trying to treat Fravir. Everyone is glad to see Ashen safe with Cassidy.

“Will Fravir be alright, Stephen?” Ashen comes to Fravir’s side.

“My magic should be able to heal him, milady. He should be alright.” He smiles at Ashen.

“That's great. If anything happens to any of you, I would blame myself. I'll rest with you guys. But what about Darren?”

“He has declared that he wants to fight tomorrow morning.” Gerosin tells everyone.

Ashen hugs Cassidy. “Cassidy, you must not be anywhere near this fight!”

“I won’t be, mom. I promise.”

“Alright. For right now, I have nothing to worry about.” Ashen walks over to a burned up log. She sits on it to rest for awhile. She can hear random conversation from the group. Cassidy starts to talk to the others. Ashen just stares at the sky until Alf comes to sit by her. Somehow, he looks troubled. She figures he has something to talk to her about.

He voice sound melancholy when he says,”I thought for a few minutes way back there that I lost you forever..”

“Alf, there is no reason why you should of thought that. Look, I made the decision to go with Gerosin, because I knew I’d be ok. I promised you that everything would be alright, didn’t I?”

He smiled. “Yes, you did.”

She just smiled back at him. “Did you doubt me?”

Alf shakes his head. “No.. It's just that when you feel that you have lost sight of someone close to you, you let your hidden power take control and sometimes, you have doubt in the back of your mind.. But thanks to that heart to heart spell that you taught me before we got seperated, I was sure that you were ok. I got everyone here as fast as I could.”

They both look over at the group.

“I never thought all of you could be so strong, especally you Alf.”

“They never knew the real reason that I started this quest with you.. Yes, I did lose my family in Nibelheim a few years back, but I knew I could never get them back after that.. I did not want to lose you too, that's why I joined you on this quest because I know how important Cassidy is to you. And you have no Idea how important you are to me. You’re the reason I’m strong, Ashen. I know we haven’t known each other very long, but I’m already in love with you.”

“I’m in love with you too, Alf. I didn’t know it was possible. I thought I could never love someone again...”

“Again?” Alf turns to look her in the eyes. What did she mean?

She sighed. “I’d rather not talk about it. Anyways, there is something you must always remember, Alf. No matter how dark the evil may become, love will always pull through. Just like darkness vs. light.. light always finds it's way to win the battle.”

Meanwhile, a few yards away from the group, Gerosin is meditating in a tall tree. He sits on a thick branch. He started to think about the fight tomorrow. “This fight, should be quite amusing. Darren, I know how powerful you are... Alf is stronger though..

Stephen steps up to the tree where Gerosin is sitting. Gerosin feels a friendly presence, he looks down to see Stephen. Gerosin jumps down beside Stephen. “Ah Stephen, how’s Fravir?”

“He's doing better. He can stand, but I don’t count on him fighting tomorrow.”

“Alright. Thank you for telling me.”

Stephen nods and leaves Gerosin’s side. Once Stephen is gone, Gerosin is back at meditating. He sits on the ground, questioning his motives and beliefs. He knew it was wrong to follow Darren, he didn’t regret that decision. But unlike the others, he had no one to fight for. That was the thing that was bugging him. Why was he going to fight Darren with the others? Was it revenge? Darren had been cruel to Gerosin, just like all his other henchmen. Perhaps he felt like he couldn’t be free until Darren was dead. He still felt a shred of Darren left. That must have been it. His meditation is broken by an unfamiliar feeling. It wasn’t the aura of any of his friends. He lifted himself up from the ground. He would need back up. Focusing on his friend, Gerosin sent a H2H message to Alf.

Alf is stll with Ashen when he gets the message. At first it feels like a headache. He bows his head like he was in pain.

“Alf? Is something wrong?” Ashen asked him.

“I’m not sure. Gerosin just sent me a message. Something about he needs someone to go with him to check something out. I’ll be right back, alright?” He gently kissed her cheek. “You stay here and look after Cassidy.”

She nodded. “I’ll be here when you get back.”

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Alf runs over to where Gerosin is standing. When he arrives, he asks Gerosin, “What weird presence are you talking about?”

“I don’t know. But it doesn’t feel like anyone we know. It’s coming from over there.” He points to some bushes a few yards away. They hear some loud rustling. They slowly approach the strange sound.
Alf yells out, “Who’s there?”

“I apologize in advance, but I've lost my patience.” Gerosin blasts two fireballs into the bushes.

A skinny old man appears and confronts the flames. The flames dissolve into nothing centimeters away from the man’s body. They see him holding a stick pale as the moon. The man walks toward Alferion and Gerosin.

: “Who are you?” Alf asks.

The old man replies, “Bokriseigel the Mage. I was sent here to oversee the progress in your attempt to defeat Darren.”

“We’re going to destroy the monster tomorrow. He has put too much innocent people in harm’s way.”

Bokriseigel begins to talk in a possessed voice, “WRONG!!! You can barely scratch him in your condition! You still need training! I've been instructed since Darren became evil to see his doom. That's why your all here right now.”

“What do you mean?” Both the knights are confused.

Bokrisiegel continues to talk as if he’s possessed, ”I was the one who personally made all of your lives like this so that you all may destroy Darren as a team. For example, I was the one who made Darren so angry at Lady Ashen so that you all may be there at her side to eliminate Darren. I took Gerosin away from his family so that he may be where he is today. I burned Nibelheim so that you, Sir Alferion may be here today.”

Rage fills Alf’s veins. “So, it was you that I heard from inside my hut in my home town.. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FAMILY?!!”

“Everyone that was in that town has been destroyed.. I got you out of there because you were destined to be on this quest.”

“Somehow I find that hard to believe!!” He takes out his sword, ready to fight.
Gerosin tries to warm him, “ALF NO!!”

But Alf doesn’t listen to his friend. He dashes at the mage, but is forced back from a powerful wind spell by Bokrisiegel. Alf hits the boulder behind him. He becomes unconscienous.


Ashen can hear Gerosin scream out Alf’s name. She runs to where they are, feeling deep inside that there is danger. She comes to see Alf knocked out. She falls next to his side and holds him in her arms. She had just told Alf that she loved him. She couldn’t lose her hero now. Tears fell down her face. “Alf, wake up! I can’t lose you! Wake up, please!”

Bokrisegel tells them, “I do not want to kill you. I just want to prove to all of you that I am willing to help you out if you are willing to cooperate.”

Stephen, Korgen and Jekuthial join the fight. All look around to see Alf down on the ground and Ashen crying at his side. Behind them, Cassidy trails last. She sees her mom crying and runs next to her.

“Mom, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with Alf?” She can’t bare to see her mother cry.

Through sobs Ashen whispers, “I don’t know. He’s unconsciencous for some reason.”

“What’s going on here, Gerosin? We heard some commotion.” Korgen stands next to Jekuthial. Jekuthial points a finger at Bokrisigel and asks, “Who are you?”

Bokrisiegel ignores the question and tells them, “You all need much training, which is why I'm here. I will transport you all to the Tower of Digrestor. There you will train for 30 days.”

“But Darren’s attacking tomorrow. They don’t have 30 days!” Cassidy tries to say in their defense.

“It will only seem like 30 days. In this universe, it will only count as 8 hours. Are you all ready? If not, too bad, I don’t really care. Oh, one of you must stay behind to watch Fravir. He will not be fighting with you. After that, you will all be split up and train on your own.”

Tempted to throw a fireball at him, Gerosin asked, “Who sent you anyways?”

“It is in the interest of the world that I train you all. Do you people even know what Darren's true intentions are? He doesn't want just Ashen dead. If that was all he wanted, I wouldn't care. Darren wants much more. He wants to enslave the world.”

“If you knew all of this would happen, why can't you defeat Darren? You appear able to do it.”

“I am to dispose of his main army. Although, not all of them will be on the front lines. So anyway, who will stay behind and protect Fravir?”

Jekuthial raises his hand and tells Bokrisiegel, “I will. I am the most skilled in the group, therefore, I don’t need the training.”
“Very well, Jekuthial. The rest of you, Sir Alferion, Lady Ashen, Cassidy, Korgen, Stephen, and Gerosin, prepare to be transported to the Tower of Digrestor. The tower is over two hundred stories high and is as grueling as training gets. Any questions?”

“Alf is knocked out, so he didn't hear anything. Lady Ashen is preoccupied with him.” Stephen said.

“The two will be transported together. Anything else? Good.”

He raised his hands and recited:


A pure bright light shone around the group. They could see themselves being torn apart. In a matter of seconds, they were transported to the tower.

Gerosin wakes up in a room with pillars surrounding him. The room is almost completely white. He growled to himself. Looking around he muttered, “The game has begun, I presume.” A shape solidifies in front of Gerosin and a giant scorpion appears from nowhere. Along with the scorpion, Korgen appears. He seems rather confused.

Gerosin just chuckles a bit and says, “Alright, Korgen, Its you and me against the scorpion. Lets go!”

“Wait! How are we together? Didn't Bokrisiegel say we'd be split up?”

“I don’t entirely get it either. I don’t even know where Stephen and Cassidy are. They're not here. But i think i know what he meant by us being separated. He wants us to split up and scale the tower. Besides, we get stronger individually if we split up and face our own challenges.”

“.I think I get it.”
“Which is why I’m going to train and get stronger right now. I’m going. Personally, I think you should make sure Lady Ashen and Alferion are alright. Besides, you don’t mind fighting that scorpion there by yourself, right? Good luck!” Gerosin jumps into in flames, then disappears.

“Wait! I have to fight the what now?”

The scorpion tries to attack Korgen. He then jumps up and deflects the scorpion’s tail. Korgen then cuts off it’s tail. “Take that!” A screech cuts through the air and he slashes at Korgen. The knight is thrown to the wall. However, he doesn’t hit it, he simply floats then drifts to the floor. He becomes confused, not knowing how it happened. Using his powers, he absorbs the scorpion’s abilities-mostly poison point. He takes a chance at the scorpion, poisoning it. The creature screams, then flees from the battle.

“Finally! I hope that monster dies! Wait...where am I?”

Korgen looks to see he’s not in the original room he fell in. A few feet away, he sees Alf and Ashen. His lady is still by her lover’s side. He sees Alf begin to stir out of unconsciencous.

“Alf! Please wake up!”

He wakes up. He looks into Ashen’s eyes and asks, “Where are we?”

Korgen comes to his friend’s side and says, “Nice to see you alive.. We are in a training session according to Bokrisiegel.”

“Bokrisiegel... Why does that name ring a bell?”

“He's the one that knocked you out! We need your strength, Alferion.”

He tries to move, but is unable to. “I don't feel any strength though.. I feel like I have nothing to fight for.. I don't even know how I got here.”

“This isn't good.. He's got amnesia.. Perfect timing!” Korgen turns around and sees the scorpion coming back. “Oh no! Ashen! Try to get Alf to remember! I’ll try to hold this beast off!”

Ashen takes his face in her hands. How could he have forgotten her? Did there love just dissolve as fast as it appeared? She had to do something. “Alf, please.. tell me you still know who I am! Don’t you remember me? Ashen, the love of your life! The one you fought to protect!” The claw of the scorpion hit her on the head.


The event jogs Alf’s memory. Flashbacks of the first time Gerosin took her filled his mind. Now, he had to protect her as he promised. “ASHEN!! YOU SON OF A.. I'M GONNA DESTROY YOU!!”

Korgen laughs. “Now, you're talking!! Let's do this together. For Ashen!”

They both nod. Korgen's armor begins glowing brighter than ever and Alf's sword then glows unbelievably bright.

“You hurt my love... now.. YOU ARE DEAD!!” !

Alf and Korgen both charge at the scorpion. Together they yell, “DIE!” Alf slashes at the scorpion’s legs with his sword. The scorpion squeals, but knocks at Korgen. His armor starts to glow with a violet aura. Korgen runs and begins to do the move he absorbed from Darren. He kicks the scorpion in the air with some amazing strength. Then, he slashes the bug in some many pieces, lighting fast. In one final cut, it falls to the ground, diced.
He looks at Alf. “Do you get the feeling it’s not over?”

“No why?” Another scorpion comes to the warriors. This one is the shade of midnight black. Alf tells Korgen, “Let me handle this one! Go check if Ashen is ok!” He begins to defeat the second scorpion.

Korgen goes off where Ashen is laying on the floor. He gently picks her up in a sitting position. “Lady Ashen, are you alright?”

She groans then asks, “What happened?”

“The brown scorpion I was fighting hit you with his claw.”

“Is Alf fighting the scorpion now?”

“No,.this is a new one. Alf volunteered to fight it.”

Alf charges at the scorpion and slashes it with his sword. But, the scorpion deflects it and knocks Alf back. Alf gets back up. “Ok, let's see how you handle this!” Alf holds his sword in his hand and instantly concentrates. He levitates the sword while fusing his power with it. The sword begins to fly in mid-air.

Ashen gasps, completely amazed. “Alf... He... Mastered the levitation spell?!”

Alf then sends the sword flying at full speed to the heart of the scorpion. The scorpion almost deflects it, but isn’t fast enough. The sword goes through his skin, stabbing his heart. The scorpion stands there, shaking a little bit. He tries to move his claw to knock Alf back, but he’s unable to. The scorpion falls to the ground. Alf then walks over to Ashen, exhausted and Ashen runs to him. She jumps into his arms and he hugs her as tight as he can.

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Alf stared back into her beautiful eyes, grinning from pride. He was happy that he was able to save his gorgeous love. “Only for you, my lady. Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I'm fine.” She sighed softly. “I'm starting to hate playing the role of the damsel.”

He laughed and played with her hair. “Why? I love playing the hero, that way I can always rescue you.”

Korgen clears his throat. Alf looks back at his companion. He squeezes his friend’s shoulder and tell him, “I couldn’t have done it without you, Korgen. Thank you my friend.” Ashen stands there and laughs at the two. For a split moment, she feels a burst of happiness. .

“Ok.. I though I wasn't gonna get any recognition. Good thing you noticed how much you needed my help.”

The companions stand there and laugh together. Alf breaks the moment asking, “Where’s Cassidy, though? Wasn’t she sent here too?”

Ashen stomps the ground out of frustration. “No! Don’t tell me I lost her again! I just got her back too!”

Alf hugs her tight and rubs her back. “Hey, don’t worry, we’re going to find her. I promise.”

“Believe him, Ashen. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s Alf is a man of his word. He doesn’t break a promise unless he’s forced.” Korgen says, backing Alf up.

Ashen looks at Korgen and nods.”I know. I believe you, both of you. Let's go find her. Where do we go next?”

Alf looks around and sees a set of stairs heading up.”Well, I guess we have to take the stairs.”

“But where does the stairway lead?” She stares up the stairway and glances back to the two men.

The knights say togther, “They go up.” They both look at each other. Korgen chuckles and tells Alf, “Great minds think alike. Let’s head up there and fight whatever comes next.”

The group begins to climb the stairway. Silence fills their company for a few minutes. Then a familiar voice comes through the air. Ashen jumps and Alf holds her close. They stand on the steps, frozen, unable to say anything.

“Nice to see you again...” A shadow comes towards them.

Alf is the first one able to see the figure. He gasps, not believing his eyes. “Sir...Homkronite..?”

“Ah, you remember my face very well..”

Korgen asks, “How did you survive?! Alf killed you!”

“That doesn't matter... Now if you can beat me, then you have a 'slight' chance to face Darren!”

“Wait, we have to fight you?”

“Only one of you. I will allow you to choose my opponent. Only one of you will be able to defeat me. One of you already have, so Alf can not defeat me again. If you all want to be able to have the combined strength to defeat Darren, then every one of you have to fight me alone!”

“So, I can't fight him this time. But, I don't want Ashen to get hurt.” He sighs. “Who wants to go?”

As if the question had been thrown up to anyone in the world, Fravir materialize into their view. The whole group gasped.

“Fravir!” Ashen hugged her friend. “What are you doing here? You’re suppose to be back at camp with Jekuthial!”

“I don’t know. All of a sudden, I showed up here. Is that Sir Homkronite? What is this place? Why are we all here?” He started shooting off all kinds of questions.

Alf came up to Ashen’s side. “You’re in the Tower of Digrestor. Yes, that is Sir Homkronite. We don’t know how he survived. We’re here to train for the battle with Darren.”

“But the battle with Darren is tomorrow!”

“Yes, Fravir, but someone told us time wouldn’t pass as quickly.” Ashen squeezed her friend’s hand. “Fravir, I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Lady Ashen. So, does someone need to fight him again?” He points to Sir Homkronite.

“Yes, Alf can’t fight him because he defeated Sir Homkronite.” Korgen steps to enter the conversation.

“I will do it.”

They all shout in exclamation, “WHAT?!”

“I haven't exactly been on top of my game lately. I want to help you guys more. I want to be there for all of you as you have been there for me. Let me prove myself. I will fight!”

Alf hugs his friend, proud of calling Fravir his ally in combat. He looks to the group and says, “Let him do it! I believe in Fravir!”

“Have you chosen?” Sir Homkronite asks them.

“Are you sure, Fravir?” Ashen looks at him with worry.

“I am, milady. Don’t worry about me.”

Fravir unsheathes his blade, closes his eyes and meditates for a few moments. He then opens his eyes, newly invigorated, his eyes and blade glowing a grassy green. “Bring it on!”

“Let us begin!” Homkronite charges, ready to make the first attack.

The group start talking among themselves. They’re baffled by Fravir’s appearance.

“I thought that he was gonna be left at camp. Wasn't he injured a bit too much?”

Alf shakes his head. “I'm still not able to remember that much.. What exactly happened?”

“I remember, he was injured during the fight against the numerous Sir Homkronites.”

“My only question... how did he get here? Did that old guy teleport him here?”

Ashen says, “He must have.. let's watch the fight. Let's see if he can do it.”

“He can and will. You have to believe in one another. It lets them have the strength to achieve their goal.”
“Ashen there’s been something I’ve been wanting to ask you. Since we have some time to talk about it...will you tell me about being in Darren’s dungeon?”

She sighs and puts her head down. “You sure you want to know? It was pretty horrible.”

“I want to know even more now.. If Darren did anything to hurt you or humiliate you, you know he will be no more after I'm done with him!”

She sighs again. “Alright, here’s the story. Every night Darren came to my cell. It was dark, cold and I was chained to a wall.” She shudders, a chill running down her spine. “He'd beat me every night just about. He left many bruises, but in the daytime I'd spend my time healing my wounds. After she gave you my message, Kayleen came to comfort me after my beatings, didn't you Kayleen?”

The cute tiny fairy crawled out from Ashen’s hair. She sat on her shoulder. The sound of wind chimes tingled as Kayleen said, “Yes, I did! I told you to keep hoping, milady!”

Ashen laughed and smoothed out her pet’s hair. She continue her story,”Many things helped me fight for my life. Kayleen, my love for you, your love for me and this..” The lady knight unsheathed her sword, The Shiningstar. “The handle is in the shape of a star and I thought of you even more.” A fierce fire flooded her eyes. “I am Lady Ashen and no stupid wizard is going to kill me! The fact that I escaped shows how strong I am. I'm strong, once someone truly believes in me!”

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